9:57:55 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Hey Hey

9:58:54 PM TKirr: Hey. McKnight and Busard are going to be late.

9:59:07 PM VAdm Blackthorne: How late?

9:59:26 PM TKirr: Oh well, hello.

9:59:36 PM DrRoxanneCarre: *waves* hi guys!

9:59:38 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Hi y'all

9:59:57 PM DrRoxanneCarre: 6:59!!!11one1!

10:00:00 PM DrRoxanneCarre: >.>

10:00:21 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Carre learned to tell time!

10:00:32 PM DrRoxanneCarre: No, my phone did. :D


10:01:16 PM TKirr: That kinda thing?

10:01:21 PM DrRoxanneCarre: Yeah pretty much.

10:01:33 PM DrRoxanneCarre: It starts warning me at 6.

10:01:35 PM VAdm Blackthorne: OMG SIM

10:01:36 PM VAdm Blackthorne: OMG SIM

10:01:37 PM VAdm Blackthorne: OMG SIM

10:01:42 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Better than me having to do it. :v

10:01:58 PM DrRoxanneCarre: True...you're far more grumpy.

10:02:20 PM LtCmdrBusard: Blargh honk blargh

10:02:31 PM TKirr: lol

10:02:49 PM ColDougMcKnight: Evening, all.

10:02:54 PM TKirr: Oh come on, at least let it play a happy little Star Trek tune.

10:03:13 PM VAdm Blackthorne: My computer starts playing Battle in the Mutara Nebula at 9:55 on Tuesdays.

10:03:15 PM DrRoxanneCarre: I want the tricorder sound.

10:05:16 PM DrRoxanneCarre: ...so I can point my phone at people and 'examine' them. >.>

10:05:21 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Let's give the stragllers a few minutes.

10:05:32 PM VAdm Blackthorne: You'd probably make it have an X-Ray camera.

10:08:32 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Hiya Charity.

10:08:45 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Hiya Rob.

10:08:47 PM Jusstin Case: ::straightens his collar::

10:08:53 PM Charity Suite: ::fixes her hair::

10:08:54 PM Jusstin Case: I didn't do it.

10:08:59 PM Charity Suite: Hi, y'all!

10:09:03 PM VAdm Blackthorne: I finally get Glenn's bio up on the website and he's not here!

10:09:04 PM TKirr: Hey, everyone.

10:09:05 PM LtCmdrBusard: ::Puts on her pants::

10:09:17 PM Charity Suite: ::grins::

10:09:22 PM LtCmdrBusard: (I just wanted to feel included :-P)

10:09:30 PM VAdm Blackthorne: What's with the nakedidity lately around here?

10:09:31 PM Charity Suite: Looks like Ah missed a pahty!

10:09:41 PM LtCmdrBusard: Nakedidity is awesome.

10:09:42 PM TKirr: o_O

10:09:46 PM LtCmdrBusard: That is what is with it.

10:09:52 PM LtCmdrBusard: Also, it's shore leave. Fuck off.

10:10:00 PM Charity Suite: Woot!!

10:10:11 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Righto!

10:10:12 PM Charity Suite: Ah wawna be her when Ah grows up.

10:10:20 PM Jusstin Case: Wait ...

10:10:24 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Alright then, we'll go ahead and start without Glenn.

10:10:48 PM TKirr: ::TWEEEEEEEEEEEEEET:: Attention!

10:11:02 PM Jusstin Case: ::AA::

10:11:05 PM Charity Suite: ::AA::

10:11:16 PM ColDougMcKnight: ::Sort of AA::

10:11:18 PM LtCmdrBusard: ::AA! Hi my name is Percy, and I'm an alcoholic::

10:11:27 PM DrRoxanneCarre: : aa (horizontally) :

10:11:43 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::kicks Carre as he walks up and down the line::

10:11:52 PM Charity Suite: (Oh, that's right .. you spent the week in bed!)

10:12:07 PM VAdm Blackthorne: When last we left, Suite, Case, and Carter had witnessed a murder behind the Shoney's down on Calaphaltra!

10:12:38 PM VAdm Blackthorne: A man was seen running from the scene with a briefcase, and the victim was shot through the heart with a conventional gun. (cue Bon Jovi)

10:13:22 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Starbase Alexandria security has been notified to come provide some Law and Order. (Choom-choom)

10:13:25 PM Jusstin Case: I didn't do it.

10:13:26 PM ColDougMcKnight: (Like...21st century conventional?)

10:13:30 PM VAdm Blackthorne: (yep)

10:13:45 PM DrRoxanneCarre: :: ponders Bon Jovi hair vs. Billy Idol hair ::

10:13:50 PM VAdm Blackthorne: The rest of us are going about our various shore leave activities...

10:14:06 PM VAdm Blackthorne: While the ship gets repairs and Jvar is secured in his new home.

10:14:11 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Questions?

10:14:22 PM LtCmdrBusard: Yes. Am I going to actually get shore leave?

10:14:35 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Yep, if you wanna delegate. :D

10:14:51 PM LtCmdrBusard: Hooray! Administrative positions RAWCK.

10:14:58 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Also you have Starbase personnel at your disposal.

10:15:09 PM LtCmdrBusard: ...Mwaha....mwahahaha....MWAHAHAHAHAA!

10:15:13 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Any others?

10:15:16 PM TKirr: o_O

10:15:17 PM DrRoxanneCarre: And desserts on the way!

10:15:24 PM LtCmdrBusard: :-D

10:15:38 PM Charity Suite: Unlimited Bacon

10:15:45 PM VAdm Blackthorne: (Best Thing Ever)

10:15:53 PM Jusstin Case: Mmmm ... !

10:16:01 PM VAdm Blackthorne: OK then!

10:16:02 PM VAdm Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM

10:16:03 PM VAdm Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM

10:16:04 PM VAdm Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM

10:16:29 PM Jusstin Case: ::securing::

10:16:45 PM Jusstin Case: ::making sure nobody disturbs the crime scene::

10:17:21 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> Three Alexandria Security officers beam down, just in time to see the victim gasp for air, then get up and flee.

10:17:31 PM Charity Suite: ::standing off to one side ... ravenously hungry, but completely unable to go get something to eat::

10:17:41 PM Charity Suite: Wait, what?

10:17:51 PM Jusstin Case: ::whirls around::

10:17:55 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Security Goon 1> I thought this was a murder.

10:17:57 PM Jusstin Case: Wow!  Nice work, Charity!

10:18:05 PM Charity Suite: Stop that dead person!

10:18:15 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Security Goon 2> Eh, whaddyagonnado.

10:18:23 PM Jusstin Case: Ryan> ::runs off in search of the victim::

10:18:40 PM TKirr: ::steps off the lift of the public transport with Blackthorne and looks out over an ocean as the vehicle zooms away with a receding hum::

10:18:44 PM Charity Suite: ::blinking::  jusstin ... are we seein' things?

10:18:52 PM Jusstin Case: Well, technically, yes, Charity.

10:18:54 PM Jusstin Case: These are all things.

10:18:59 PM Charity Suite: ::gives him a look::

10:19:12 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Security Goon 3> ::turns to the Atlantis people:: I tought youse said dere was a moida.

10:19:17 PM Jusstin Case: ::coughs:: Err, but yes.  That's a strange thing we just saw.

10:19:33 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::clad in wetsuit and a pair of kickin' shades:: Nice place huh?

10:19:38 PM Jusstin Case: Dere was! -- I mean, there was!

10:19:55 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Goon 1> But the victim just left.

10:19:56 PM Charity Suite: ::turns to the goon::  He waz shot.  Ah'm a doctah, and Ah *know* what a dead person is s'posed ta do!

10:20:23 PM TKirr: ::blinks contentedly in the sunlight and nods, taking her companion's hand::

10:20:26 PM Jusstin Case: [Chill out by the watercooler and wait 'til the script calls for another red shirt?]

10:20:27 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Goon 2> Obviously! C'mon boys, make sure not to end up in HER sickbay! ::cackles::

10:20:45 PM Jusstin Case: ::rolls up his sleeves as the goons turn to leave::

10:20:55 PM Jusstin Case: (m) I'll teach them a thing or two ... !

10:20:58 PM Charity Suite: (Usually you get fitted witha prosthetic nosebridge, first)

10:21:01 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Goon 3> Yeaaaaaah!

10:21:12 PM VAdm Blackthorne: (Hiya Glenn)

10:21:17 PM Charity Suite: ::hauls Jusstin back  Hey, it's okay!

10:21:19 PM EnsRyanCarter: (Hey hey)

10:21:22 PM VAdm Blackthorne: (I think Case sent you off chasing the murder victim who got up and left.)

10:21:30 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> The Alexandria goons beam up.

10:21:39 PM Jusstin Case: [I found the Ryan remote on the sofa in your ready room.]

10:21:40 PM EnsRyanCarter: ::chasing the murder victim who got up and left::

10:21:42 PM Charity Suite: (Heya, Glink!)

10:22:15 PM EnsRyanCarter: ((uh... wait... murder victim... got up and left... I'll go with it...)

10:22:19 PM DrRoxanneCarre: :: lounges in a whirlpool tub, a frosty margarita in her hand, bubbles everywhere :: So, did you have plans for us? Beside the obvious ones. :: wicked grin ::

10:22:26 PM ColDougMcKnight: ::McKnight, meanwhile, is standing in Jvar's new quarters, pointing out the comm unit.::  This unit is, of course, at your disposal 24/7, but don't get any ideas.  It's a closed circuit.  Any call you make goes right to security.  If it's deemed not to pose any security risk, we can then relay it wherever you need.

10:22:27 PM Jusstin Case: [Yes, we find it weird, too.]

10:22:39 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Jvar> Better than the brig.

10:22:50 PM EnsRyanCarter: Murder Victim> ::amazingly spray for a guy who just (may have gotten) murdered::

10:23:26 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::walks towards the big sign that says Jetski Rentals:: That's the place.

10:23:26 PM LtCmdrBusard: (He's a zombie! Kill 'im!)

10:23:28 PM EnsRyanCarter: <spry, even>

10:23:40 PM EnsRyanCarter: ((oh sweet, are we gonna have a zombie outbreak??))

10:23:52 PM Charity Suite: (It's the Zombie Apocalypse!)

10:23:53 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ((You've been playing too much Left 4 Dead))

10:24:03 PM Jusstin Case: [The Zombocalypse?]

10:24:05 PM EnsRyanCarter: (( no I haven't... RELOADING!))

10:24:20 PM EnsRyanCarter: ((but seriously, don't startle the witch))

10:24:37 PM LtCmdrBusard: (*makes little girl whimpering sounds*)

10:24:50 PM ColDougMcKnight: Our brig is a hotel by the standards of almost any other galactic power you can think of, and you know it.  Still, I'll admit you're looking at a little more leg room now.

10:25:12 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Jvar> I once ended up in a Ferengi jail. That... well... yeah, you get the ida.

10:25:15 PM VAdm Blackthorne: *idea

10:25:28 PM Jusstin Case: ::to Charity:: So ... do we report this?

10:25:30 PM TKirr: Mr. Jetski> ::looks up from the counter:: Hello there! What can I getcha?

10:25:36 PM EnsRyanCarter: Murdered D00d> ::running through the promenade, doing parkour and shit::

10:25:42 PM Charity Suite: Ah ... don't know.

10:26:09 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Two please, for the day.

10:26:11 PM Charity Suite: Ah mean ... well ... mebbe it were for a movie?

10:26:20 PM Jusstin Case: I don't see any cameras.

10:26:32 PM Charity Suite: Hmm.  True.

10:26:37 PM EnsRyanCarter: Carter> ::running, in good shape for a starfleet officer, but isn't this dude::

10:26:57 PM Jusstin Case: Is there any blood?

10:27:06 PM DrRoxanneCarre: Male> :: lounging at the other end of the tub :: Mmmm, I thought I'd take you out dancing,  I had a couple of your gowns sent up. I like the blue one. :: waggles brows ::

10:27:10 PM Charity Suite: ::walks over and looks down at the ground::

10:27:12 PM EnsRyanCarter: Murdered D00d> ::jumps over a bench, slips between some shoppers::

10:27:21 PM TKirr: Mr. Jetski> ::nods and hands Blackthorne a digital pad:: A pair of skis for the young couple! Both of you sign the waiver, please.

10:27:48 PM LtCmdrBusard: ::Percy, meanwhile, was just finishing up any duties that other people on staff couldn't do as competently. After a few more circuits were completed, she left the remainder of the work for her underlings to work on, and headed to get a good shower. After that, she planned on surprising someone with pizza.::

10:27:55 PM TKirr: ::shares a look with Blackthorne::

10:27:58 PM EnsRyanCarter: Carter> 'cuse me.. coming through... could someone stop that guy!

10:28:10 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::turns to grin at T'Kirr as he signs::

10:28:13 PM Charity Suite: Wel, Ah'm hopin' that this puddle ain't syrup.  ::points at the pool of blood on the ground::

10:28:24 PM EnsRyanCarter: Someone> ::tries to stop the murdered dude, but gets a face full of elbow and collapses, murdered d00d just keeps going::

10:28:26 PM ColDougMcKnight: Anyway, vids, books, X-rated versions of the above, we honestly don't give a crap.  You have free reign of any non-restricted material in our database.  Just know that however you use your computer terminal, it's being monitored in C&C.  Any creative interpretation of what restricted means, and we'll know about it immediately.  And then, you'll have plenty of time to get really fucking good at "I spy."

10:28:48 PM TKirr: ::takes the pad and signs also, then returns it to the vendor::

10:28:59 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Jvar> I get the idea.

10:29:16 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Young enough to enjoy jetskiing, at least!

10:29:20 PM Charity Suite: (Did the Security goons beam out?)

10:29:24 PM EnsRyanCarter: Carter> (m) Dammit... +station security+ Hey I'm still pursuing this guy... could use a little help!

10:29:25 PM VAdm Blackthorne: (yep)

10:30:15 PM EnsRyanCarter: Carter> ::getting pushed around and falling further and further back::

10:30:28 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Alexandria Security> +Carter+ Who are you pursuing and why? Would you like to report a crime?

10:30:41 PM Jusstin Case: This is peculiar.  Well, can we run a DNA test on the blood and see if the guy was Starfleet?

10:30:56 PM EnsRyanCarter: Carter> +security+ I don't know... he got killed and now he's running down the promenade. You honestly don't see this on your sensors?

10:31:24 PM TKirr: Mr. Jetski> ::takes the pad back and glances at it briefly before scrutinizing Blackthorne and laughs:: Well, when you get to be my age, it's still fun.

10:31:25 PM Charity Suite: +T+ Atlantis, this is Doctah Suite. Ah need a team o' Security Goons an' a crime scene collekshun kit beamed down, please.

10:32:02 PM ColDougMcKnight: As far as scenery goes, chaperoned use of the gym and, when it's available, the holodeck is authorized.  Just speak to one of the guards on duty, and we'll make the arrangements.

10:32:19 PM VAdm Blackthorne: I'm Betazoid, I'm probably older than you, but the compliment is always welcomed.

10:32:31 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Jvar> Certainly more than I expected!

10:33:18 PM Jusstin Case: ::looking around for clues, but finding none::

10:33:25 PM EnsRyanCarter: Carter> ::sees a mob of people up ahead and even the murdered d00d can't get through that easily... thinks he can actually catch up now::

10:33:36 PM Jusstin Case: Were we the only witnesses?  I feel like this sort of thing probably doesn't happen every day, right?

10:33:46 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Alexandria Security> Unless you have a crime to report, please don't tie up the line. *thweep*

10:33:55 PM ColDougMcKnight: Yeah, well Blackthorne's an accomodating guy, so long as he's in a good mood.  See to it you never put him in a bad one.

10:34:03 PM TKirr: Mr. Jetski> ::steps out from the counter and stares at Blackthorne:: You're Betazoid? Really? Well that would explain it. I couldn't tell, with your eyes so light. ::gestures to T'Kirr:: I could tell your friend is Vulcan. My mistake!

10:34:40 PM Charity Suite: Well, there's that oldah couple.  ::points to a pair of at least octogenarians on the bench near the sidewalk, in plain view of the alley::

10:34:55 PM VAdm Blackthorne: It's alright, no offense taken.

10:34:57 PM EnsRyanCarter: Carter> +Case, Charity+ Hey I'm still following this guy, uh... or was I just seeing things?

10:35:17 PM Jusstin Case: +Ryan+ Only if it was a shared hallucination; we saw it, too.

10:35:21 PM Charity Suite: (And that shocking white hair with the HUGE pouffy bangs isn't normal for a Betazoid)

10:35:27 PM VAdm Blackthorne: (the hair was fixed!)

10:35:37 PM TKirr: Mr. Jetski> Well, now that I feel completely embarrassed that I've been treating you like kids... follow me to your jetskis!

10:35:41 PM Jusstin Case: [It regrouped.]

10:35:43 PM TKirr: Mr. Jetski> ::walks off down the dock::

10:35:46 PM DrRoxanneCarre: Did you remember the cigars? Ian said he had something to trade for them, I dont remember exactly what but it sounded like something you'd like. :: At her companions nod, she stands up, rinses off the soap and exits the tub :: Guess I'd better make myself presentable.

10:35:58 PM Charity Suite: (It was spayed?  Ouch)

10:36:18 PM VAdm Blackthorne: (/facepalm)

10:36:57 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::follows with T'Kirr, feeling young::

10:37:37 PM EnsRyanCarter: ::working his way through the throng of people... notices it's mostly teenagers and they're cheering and yelling at something, keeps pushing his way through and catches glimpses of the murdered guy up ahead::

10:37:43 PM ColDougMcKnight: ::Scowls at his comm badge as it beeps, then nods tersely to Jvar::  Excuse me.  I have to take this. 

10:37:45 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Murdered Guy> ::ducks into a bar::

10:37:53 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Jvar> By all means.

10:37:57 PM TKirr: Mr. Jetski> ::gives the pair a quick lesson on safely using the hyperskis before hurrying back to help another customer::

10:38:10 PM EnsRyanCarter: ::gets out of the crowd, looks around::

10:38:17 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Well that's always a pleasant mistake for someone to make.

10:38:18 PM EnsRyanCarter: Dammit...

10:38:20 PM Jusstin Case: Hm, well.

10:38:39 PM ColDougMcKnight: ::Ducks out, and a minute later, after the nature of Charity's relayed request is explained to him, he comms back::

10:38:50 PM TKirr: ::clips on her safety cord:: Indeed. You sound as if it doesn't happen often.

10:39:00 PM ColDougMcKnight: +Suite+ Doctor, this is McKnight.  What exactly is going on down there?

10:39:04 PM Jusstin Case: We should probably take statements from those elderly folks, before they dash off, too, right?

10:40:01 PM EnsRyanCarter: +Case, Charity+ I think I lost the guy... ::thinking to himself, "where would I go to hide?" Sees a GAP, Gamestop, family restaurant, and a bar..:: What the hell...

10:40:18 PM Charity Suite: +McKnight+ Well ... Case, Carter an I saw this guy git shot, and when Ah 'xamined him, he were dead as a doornail.  But about four minutes ago, he popped up an' ran off!

10:40:50 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Yeah. They're my grandmother's eyes, I'm told.

10:40:59 PM ColDougMcKnight: +Suite+...

10:41:12 PM EnsRyanCarter: +Case, Charity+ I'm going to check out this bar by the GAP. I think maybe our guy went in there.

10:41:14 PM Charity Suite: +McKnight+ Carter's chasin' him, but there's a pool o' blood here, and we need someone ta take a sample.

10:41:16 PM ColDougMcKnight: +Suite+ So far, this sounds more like a matter for the medical board.

10:41:20 PM Jusstin Case: +McKnight+ And the local yokel security force hasn't been helpful at all.

10:42:18 PM EnsRyanCarter: +Case, Charity+ Bar's called McFishy's Pub... seriously... McFishy's? ::enters the pub::

10:42:53 PM TKirr: ::switches the ski on and it jumps to life, humming as she pulls it out of the slip::

10:43:05 PM Jusstin Case: [Yeah, McFishy's.  I hear the house specialty is the steak.]

10:43:15 PM EnsRyanCarter: ::walks inside the bar and takes a look around at the patrons::

10:43:16 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Murdered Guy> ::attempting to look inconspicuous drinking a beer::

10:43:34 PM EnsRyanCarter: Bartender> What can I getcha? ::to Carter::

10:43:41 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::yelling over the engines:: Just turn the right handle to give it throttle!

10:44:01 PM TKirr: ::nods and does so, speeding off into open water::

10:44:18 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::follows, hopping waves::

10:44:20 PM EnsRyanCarter: Carter> ::sits down:: Uh, well. What the hell. I'll take a beer. Oh and you wouldn't have happened to see some guy... splattered in blood run in here? You know, by chance. Maybe.

10:44:37 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Bartender> ::points over to the blood-spattered guy in a discreet fashion::

10:44:49 PM TKirr: ((Rofl))

10:44:50 PM ColDougMcKnight: +Suite, Case+ Alright, give me a few minutes.  Most of my men are on leave, but I'll gather a small team and beam down with the proper equipment.

10:44:59 PM Charity Suite: (Hahahaaa!  There's a conversation opener!)

10:45:14 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Bartender> ::shrugs and pours a beer::

10:45:39 PM Jusstin Case: [I'm going to use that line on the next woman I meet in a bar.  That's a sure winner, right there.]

10:45:41 PM EnsRyanCarter: Carter> Why didn't I see that. ::takes the beer:: And heads over to the murdered d00d::

10:45:56 PM EnsRyanCarter: [I want to hear how that goes Rob]

10:46:04 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Murdered Guy> Look, what do you want? ::looking around nervously:: Who are you?

10:46:05 PM Jusstin Case: [If I survive, I'll let you know.]

10:46:07 PM Charity Suite: (I want to hear that you went to a bar)

10:46:19 PM LtCmdrBusard: ::Gets out of the shower, dressing nicely before replicating a pepperoni pizza and a six pack of beer. She then heads towards security with a little spring in her step.::

10:47:08 PM EnsRyanCarter: ::sits down and sips his beer:: You got shot... your pretty mobile for a...guy who got shot.

10:47:09 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::loving the salt air as he pulls alongside T'Kirr, the jetskis flying:

10:47:19 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Guy> Just tell me who you are!

10:47:32 PM Charity Suite: ::walks over to the older couple::  'Scuse me ... but did y'all see what happened ovah there?  ::points towards the blood puddle::

10:47:34 PM EnsRyanCarter: Case. Justin Case.

10:47:43 PM TKirr: ::notices Blackthorne catch up and throttles it to full::

10:47:44 PM Jusstin Case: [Oh, you're a punk.]

10:47:48 PM Charity Suite: (HAHAHAAA)

10:47:52 PM EnsRyanCarter: You are?

10:47:59 PM Jusstin Case: Old Guy> Eehhhh??!  What's that, dearie?

10:48:01 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Just in case what happens?

10:48:13 PM VAdm Blackthorne: (Murdered Guy> )

10:48:31 PM EnsRyanCarter: Just... ::sighs:: Just call me Justin. Okay.

10:48:43 PM EnsRyanCarter: You are?

10:48:46 PM Jusstin Case: Old Guy> I don't hear quite as good as I used to!

10:48:51 PM TKirr: ((I totally didn't notice that about your name. =P))

10:49:02 PM ColDougMcKnight: ::A few minutes later, McKnight and two of his own men beam down to the crime scene with their sidearms and a sample collector::

10:49:27 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Evaz. Dr. Evaz, perhaps you've heard of me.

10:49:38 PM Charity Suite: (louder) Ovah there ... did y'all see ennythin' strange?

10:49:40 PM LtCmdrBusard: ::And soon after, Percy ducks into security, only to find McKnight not there:: Erm...computer, locate Colonel McKnight.

10:49:46 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::laughs and goes to full throttle::

10:50:00 PM EnsRyanCarter: (Is Evaz the murdered guy?))

10:50:04 PM LtCmdrBusard: Computer> Colonel McKnight is not aboard the ship.

10:50:07 PM VAdm Blackthorne: (Yes, forgot the tag, sorry)

10:50:18 PM Charity Suite: (N00b)

10:50:25 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ( I'm new to this :( )

10:50:41 PM Jusstin Case: [Haven't you been simming for, like, a decade?]

10:50:59 PM EnsRyanCarter: Evaz... Evaz. It kinda rings a bell... I feel like I may have come across a white paper... or was that Chavez...

10:51:03 PM VAdm Blackthorne: (14 years now almost)

10:51:10 PM Jusstin Case: Old Guy> Ohhhh, yes!

10:51:20 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Evaz> I'm a geneticist.

10:51:28 PM LtCmdrBusard: ::Slumps a little with a disappointed sigh, then looks down at the pizza and beer. After a moment, she places it down next to the security doorway for anyone who wants it. Then, with no spring in her step, she heads out of the ship to go find a bar.::

10:51:44 PM Jusstin Case: Old Guy>  The weather is nice today, isn't it?

10:51:51 PM TKirr: ::checks behind her and changes direction, speeding away as fast as the ski will let her::

10:51:55 PM ColDougMcKnight: ::Gestures to the blood puddle, and Sergeant Estebez goes to work setting up the equipment.::  Alright, we're here.  Now, maybe one of you can explain to me how one mistakes a man for stone cold dead.  Is this guy John Doe the Highlander?

10:51:59 PM EnsRyanCarter: That's right... I ran across some of your stuff at Daystrom.

10:52:09 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::forever a fighter pilot, he drops in on her six::

10:52:28 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Evaz> It's nice to be known. ::sighs::

10:52:30 PM Jusstin Case: [Usually before I do that, I buy the girl a drink first.]

10:52:40 PM Charity Suite: ::blinks at the old guy, and notices his gaze has been fixed on her neckline the whole time::  (m) Men.  They are all hopeless.

10:52:57 PM DrRoxanneCarre: :: Appears dressed to the nines in a slinky blue gown, hair in a sleek french twist, views her husbands full-dress uniform with trepidation :: Is this going to be business or pleasure?

10:53:00 PM EnsRyanCarter: ::takes a sip:: Yeah so... you got shot? You need to see a Doctor, Doctor?

10:53:07 PM Jusstin Case: Old Guy>  It's been nice talking to you, dearie!

10:53:14 PM Jusstin Case: Old guy> ::gets hit by his wife::

10:53:14 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Evaz> No, I don't. For anything. Ever.

10:53:28 PM EnsRyanCarter: I was with one, we can... ::looks at his blood stained shirt:: You don't need to see a doctor?

10:53:52 PM EnsRyanCarter: Ever?

10:53:54 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Evaz> ::pulls up his shirt to bare his chest, which is in perfect shape::

10:54:16 PM EnsRyanCarter: ::nods:: But that's your blood.

10:54:20 PM Charity Suite: ::except for the tassles::

10:54:30 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Evaz> Sure is. You're starfleet, maybe you CAN help.

10:54:38 PM TKirr: ::somehow manages to lose water on her pursuer, and, seeing going flat out isn't working, starts to weave around, causing her craft's humming to change pitch and throw enormous wakes across the surface in a zigzagging pattern::

10:55:01 PM EnsRyanCarter: Yep, I sure can.

10:55:11 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::gunning the throttle to max as he hits each wave, catching mad air yo::

10:55:16 PM DrRoxanneCarre: Mr. Carre> Pleasure of course, the uniform is just for kicks. Unless, you'd rather stay in?

10:55:20 PM Jusstin Case: [Eww.  Old scientist nipples with tassles.  Thanks for the mental pic, Charity. :-P ]

10:55:39 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Evaz> Did you see the man that shot me?

10:55:44 PM Charity Suite: ( :-D )

10:56:11 PM EnsRyanCarter: We saw someone running by us. But I didn't get too terribly great of a look. Maybe one of my friends did.

10:56:23 PM VAdm Blackthorne: (His chest is actually rather sculpted since he doesn't appear to be a day over 25!)

10:56:55 PM Jusstin Case: Other bar patrons>  ::leave in disgust::

10:56:55 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Evaz> My briefcase, he took it. It is imperative that I get it back before it falls into the wrong hands!

10:57:05 PM LtCmdrBusard: (I think "ew, tassled nipples" would have done the trick)

10:57:25 PM EnsRyanCarter: why what's in it?

10:57:30 PM EnsRyanCarter: ::sips his beer::

10:57:36 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Evaz> My... research.

10:57:38 PM TKirr: ::seeing she's still not shaking him, turns too sharply and her jetski suddenly flips, throwing her off, killing the engine::

10:58:15 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::cuts his own engine and coasts up alongside::

10:58:32 PM EnsRyanCarter: Your gonna have to excuse my ignorance. I did a lot of AI and robotics, not much genetics. What did you focus your research on?

10:58:35 PM Charity Suite: (You can get banned off of EQ2 for saying the word 'nipple' in the chat channel.  Just a random note, and no, it didn't happen to me.)

10:58:42 PM Charity Suite: (For a week)

10:58:46 PM EnsRyanCarter: (( nipple nipple nipple ))

10:58:47 PM Jusstin Case: [Riiight.]

10:58:50 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::dives in the water, not even losing his kickin' shades::

10:58:59 PM VAdm Blackthorne: (Wow, I'll bet that came from Melinda.)

10:59:17 PM TKirr: ((...seriously?))

10:59:32 PM Charity Suite: (Kenny used to be a Guide)

10:59:37 PM TKirr: ::surfaces and whips her head to clear her eyes, smoothing her hair back with a hand::

11:00:08 PM TKirr: ::blinks and glances around, finding the nearest jetski and swimming towards it::

11:00:12 PM EnsRyanCarter: ::thinks for a second:: wait... is it... because your research has to do with that? ::points to his blood stained shirt::

11:00:15 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::treading water:: Confirmed kill!

11:00:29 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Evaz> I am a geneticist, as I said.

11:00:47 PM TKirr: ::latches onto the side of the ski, glaring at Blackthorne:: How many times have you done this?

11:01:03 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Never, I swear!

11:01:04 PM Charity Suite: ::turns to Mrs Old Guy::  Ma'am, did y'all happen ta see what happened back there?

11:01:06 PM LtCmdrBusard: ::Percy walks, oddly enough, into the very same bar that Carter and the murder victim are in. She however, seems to pay them no attention, and instead makes a beeline for the bar, sitting down with a little bit of a huff and a slump.:: Scotch on the rocks, please.

11:01:08 PM EnsRyanCarter: ::leans in close:: So what you found some way to self-repair the human body?

11:01:52 PM Jusstin Case: Mrs. Old Guy> Yes, I did.  Sorry about my husband.

11:02:06 PM Jusstin Case: Mrs. Old Guy> He's ... well, he's not quite right.

11:02:18 PM Charity Suite: ::grins::  Not a problem.  At least he waz lookin' at me, an' not mah friend, here.

11:02:20 PM Jusstin Case: Old Guy>  Dragonflies?

11:02:21 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Evaz> I'm not human, but the knowledge may be applicable.

11:02:37 PM Charity Suite: ::smiles and looks at Jusstin::

11:02:50 PM Jusstin Case: ::probably bending over to pick up a penny, or something::

11:02:58 PM TKirr: ::perks an unbelieving brow at him and looks at the ski:: Is there a specific method to turning it back over?

11:03:00 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Bartender> ::grabs a top shelf single malt and pours it for Percy:: Rough day?

11:03:20 PM Jusstin Case: Mrs. Old Guy>  That nice young man who got shot.  Is he all right?

11:03:37 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Just a little nudge, they usually self-right. ::swims over to help::

11:03:44 PM Charity Suite: We ... we don't know.  He jus' ran off.

11:03:49 PM LtCmdrBusard: ::Sighs:: Just boy trouble. You know how it goes.

11:03:54 PM EnsRyanCarter: Sorry you looked human, just... :trails off:: Uh... ::has no idea how security would deal with this:: So look. Let me level with you. I'm an engineer. I don't chase guys, but I'm from the USS Atlantis, and we can help you.

11:04:17 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Evaz> I need that briefcase. More than anything...

11:04:31 PM Charity Suite: (::laughing::  Hi, I'm an engineer, and I don't chase guys>-)

11:04:41 PM VAdm Blackthorne: (and I gots all my teef!)

11:04:46 PM TKirr: ::in a humored voice:: Usually? Sounds to me like you have more experience than you're letting on.

11:04:57 PM LtCmdrBusard: (That's what she said)

11:05:00 PM VAdm Blackthorne: I've never shot pool either, I swear. ::laughs::

11:05:00 PM EnsRyanCarter: Sure fine, but all I'm saying is that there are people on the Atlantis who can do that. Better than I can.

11:05:08 PM Charity Suite: Didja git a good look at him, or th' man what shot him?

11:05:33 PM Jusstin Case: Mrs. Old Guy>  I certainly did!  Quite the studly fellow!  Not nearly as handsome as your friend, though.

11:05:42 PM ColDougMcKnight: ::Rolls his eyes, somewhat put out by the growing impression that his presence here may not be all that dire after all.  Noting the collection complete, he picks up the specimen collector and shoves it into Case's arms::  Glad I could help.  As long as I'm down here, I'm going to go see if I can find some blackjack.

11:05:48 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Evaz> Who was with you? I saw two others before I left.  ::decides to trust this starfleet::

11:05:54 PM Charity Suite: ::wonders if there's something in the water here::

11:06:08 PM Jusstin Case: Case> Err ... thank you.

11:06:19 PM TKirr: ::nudges the jetski, and it flips back over with a splash::

11:06:24 PM DrRoxanneCarre: No, you said dancing and I'm holding you to it! I'm also pretty sure you made reservations. :: picks up a small beaded evening bag :: Ready when you are.

11:06:27 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Jvar> ::has replicated a giant feast and is currently pouring gravy over his head as he's immersed it in mashed potatoes::

11:06:37 PM Charity Suite: D'y'all think y'all could give a description to th' Security Goons?

11:06:44 PM Jusstin Case: Mrs. Old Guy>  Yes indeed!

11:06:45 PM Charity Suite: ::points at said goons::

11:07:04 PM Jusstin Case: Mrs. Old Guy>  Ooh, the one on the left is handsome!

11:07:18 PM Jusstin Case: Mrs. Old Guy>  ::actually staring at a lamp post::

11:07:31 PM Jusstin Case: Mrs. Old Guy>  ::doesn't have very good vision::

11:07:40 PM Charity Suite: Ma'am ... ovah there ... a lil' more to yer right.

11:07:47 PM EnsRyanCarter: Well... There was Doctor Charity Suite, she was the girl with us. And... I'm gonna have to level with you again... My name's not really Justin, it's Ryan. I just made up that stupid name, because I didn't trust you, and I figured you didn't trust me, so sorry, but I'm Ryan. ::takes a sip:: Oh and the other guy with me and Charity was Justin. Hope that straightens things out.

11:07:51 PM Jusstin Case: Mrs. Old Guy>  Hm?  Oh, yes.

11:08:02 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Evaz> ... right.

11:08:17 PM TKirr: ((hah))

11:08:21 PM Charity Suite: (Ha, stupid name)

11:08:32 PM EnsRyanCarter: ((hehehe))

11:08:55 PM TKirr: ::starts to climb back up, but the attempt looks half-hearted::

11:09:09 PM Jusstin Case: [You are so boned when you get back.]

11:09:36 PM EnsRyanCarter: You wanna go back and meet them? I think they're trying to investigate, or shopping for shoes. ::shrugs:: You need a new shirt or something? Or...does that happen a lot?

11:09:42 PM Charity Suite: (boned?)

11:09:53 PM Jusstin Case: [in trouble]

11:09:56 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::treading water:: Getting back on can be a bit tough, though!

11:10:13 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Evaz> Yes, I routinely get shot behind Shoney's.

11:10:28 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Evaz> You'd think I would stop going there. But sure, let's go find your friends.

11:10:31 PM Jusstin Case: [Happens all the time at the one in College Park!]

11:11:15 PM EnsRyanCarter: I hear they have good breakfasts at Shoney's. ::gets up and grabs the tab for both of them::

11:11:29 PM TKirr: ::returns to the water, still hanging on by an arm and eyes him:: So what does your assured lack of experience tell you is the best way to get back on?

11:11:34 PM ColDougMcKnight: ::Looks back to Estebez and Consone::  If you two don't mind sticking around to help, I'm sure it would be appreciated.  Just remember.  Not our jurisdiction, not our responsibility...at least, not unless it gets interesting.

11:11:43 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Evaz> ::finishes his beer::

11:12:05 PM EnsRyanCarter: ::notices someone that looks like Percy, but figures... nah, it can't be Percy::

11:12:14 PM Charity Suite: ::walks over to McKnight::  We tried ta see if there waz enny witnesses, but none that could help.

11:12:16 PM EnsRyanCarter: ::why would Percy come to a bar called "McFishy's"::

11:12:19 PM ColDougMcKnight: ::You will seldom see McKnight so laid back about security matters, but screw it.  As of right now, he's on vacation.  In fact, he even unbuttons his fatigues!::

11:12:29 PM Jusstin Case: Mrs. Old Guy>  ::hobbles over and begins talking to the lamppost next to Consone::

11:13:04 PM VAdm Blackthorne: You generally want to pull yourself up from the back of it and slide on, belly first, then plant your legs. Or... so I'm told!

11:13:14 PM LtCmdrBusard: (It can't be Percy! She's not wearing a tool belt!)

11:13:36 PM ColDougMcKnight: ::Shrugs::  So...we're essentially dealing with a murder that doesn't result in anyone dying?

11:14:03 PM EnsRyanCarter: (( so it's another NPC your playing? ))

11:14:10 PM Charity Suite: Ah guess so.  Jus' a plain assault an' battery.  Or jus' battery.

11:14:27 PM Charity Suite: A shootin'.

11:14:32 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Evaz> I could use some breakfast. Aside from the beer.

11:14:36 PM LtCmdrBusard: (Yup. Her name is Percie)

11:14:48 PM EnsRyanCarter: +Case, Charity+ Hey guys, I'm bringing my new friend back. We'll meet you outside of Shoney's.

11:14:58 PM ColDougMcKnight: ::Sighs::  Okay, I suppose blackjack can wait a few more minutes.  What kind of weapon?

11:15:05 PM Jusstin Case: +Ryan+ Oho!  Well, now we should certainly get some answers!

11:15:19 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Evaz> I figured this planet would be safe, as remote as it is.

11:16:40 PM EnsRyanCarter: True, but technically your on Alexandria. Which is a little different. So I read anyway. ::walking with Evaz back to Charity and Case::

11:16:42 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::lurking beside her jetski, tethered to his so it doesn't float away::

11:16:53 PM Jusstin Case: [Nothing's ever safe when Atlantis is on the prowl!]

11:16:54 PM VAdm Blackthorne: (heh, I figured y'all were on the planet all this time)

11:17:09 PM EnsRyanCarter: (I thought we were on Alexandra! :) ))

11:17:24 PM EnsRyanCarter: (( so if we're on the planet, my bad)

11:17:30 PM TKirr: ::nods and moves around to the back of the craft, hauling herself up, managing to stretch over the seat and reaches for the handlebar::

11:17:37 PM ColDougMcKnight: Doctor?

11:17:45 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::tiiiiiiiips the jetski as she tries to get on::

11:18:02 PM Charity Suite: Well ... it looked like a reg'lar ol' gun.

11:18:12 PM ColDougMcKnight: Like...the kind that shoots bullets?

11:18:15 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ((Let's say it's the planet... harder to imagine a Shoney's on a starbase!))

11:18:23 PM TKirr: ::squeals in surprise and is dumped unceremoniously back into the water::

11:18:29 PM Charity Suite: Yeah, not an' energy pistol, a reg'lar one.

11:18:35 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Gotta watch those things, they're dangerous!

11:18:37 PM Jusstin Case: Yes, the kind that open gaping wounds in someone's chest and splatter blood everywhere.

11:18:54 PM EnsRyanCarter: ::can see Shoney's coming up, really enjoying that Calphatran air::

11:19:06 PM ColDougMcKnight: Okay...which way did the victim fall?  Do you have any idea what direction the shot came from?

11:19:16 PM TKirr: ::surfaces and, recovering quickly, squints at Blackthorne murderously and goes for the zipper of his wetsuit::

11:19:20 PM EnsRyanCarter: (( Oh, I guess that would explain why Alexandria's security couldn't give a rats ass...))

11:19:28 PM Charity Suite: 'Specially on th' ground.  ::looks at the puddle which has seeped into the dirt/grass/wood chip landscaping material by now::

11:19:43 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ((Pretty much!)

11:20:01 PM Jusstin Case: [Yeah, but I hear that's what they're like about everything, anyway.]

11:20:09 PM DrRoxanneCarre: Mr. Carre> :: walks off the elevator to the in-house restaurant/bar arm-in-arm with Roxanne :: Reservations for Carre for dinner.

11:20:16 PM EnsRyanCarter: So is Calaphatra a nice place to live?

11:20:31 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Evaz> Aside from the being murdered bit, yes.

11:20:35 PM Jusstin Case: And the bad man ran off in that direction. ::points::

11:20:53 PM EnsRyanCarter: How many times have you been murdered? If you don't mind me asking?

11:21:04 PM LtCmdrBusard: ::-Decides that after her couple of stiff drinks, some unhealthy but delicious fried food would hit the spot. Off to Shoney's!::

11:21:16 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::cackles as he's attacked::

11:21:21 PM Charity Suite: ( All the cool kids are at Shoney's)

11:21:28 PM EnsRyanCarter: ::can see Justin and Charity in the distance... and maybe some guys that look like Atlantis security he's never met before:: Those are my friends there. ::waves::

11:21:41 PM Charity Suite: There's Ryan!

11:21:55 PM Jusstin Case: And he's got the, uh ... murder victim ... with him, too.

11:22:00 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Evaz> ::smells bacon. unlimited bacon even!::

11:22:09 PM EnsRyanCarter: Hey!

11:22:20 PM EnsRyanCarter: ((that reminds me, have you guys ever seen the BAcon Explosion? ))

11:22:26 PM EnsRyanCarter: (brb)

11:23:05 PM TKirr: ::after a great deal of splashnig, manages to get Blackthorne's zip halfway down before being subdued and instead tries to dunk him::

11:23:10 PM Jusstin Case: Good to see you again, Ryan.

11:23:13 PM Jusstin Case: Who's your friend?

11:23:20 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Evaz> ::walks up to the Atlantis people:: I'm Dr. Evaz.

11:23:40 PM Jusstin Case: [What are you doing with Blackthorne's zip, T'Kirr?!?!]

11:23:55 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::goes under way too easily and instead goes after her zipper::

11:23:59 PM TKirr: ((Unzippifying it!))

11:24:15 PM EnsRyanCarter: He's Doctor Evaz. Geneticist.

11:24:21 PM LtCmdrBusard: (Eeww, lake scum in bad places!)

11:24:30 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Evaz> Yes, geneticist is my last name, actually.

11:24:31 PM DrRoxanneCarre: Maitre d'>This way Vice Admiral, we've reserved you the best table in the house!

11:24:59 PM VAdm Blackthorne: (Ocean scum in this case!)

11:25:02 PM ColDougMcKnight: Okay, here's what you need to do.  Call up Alexandria's security office, and tell them that Admiral Blackthorne is none too amused about a sniper running loose right under the nose of Star Fleet troops, and suggests it would be in their best interest to send a detachment to scope the area immediately.

11:25:09 PM EnsRyanCarter: Wow... Doctor Evaz Geneticist... is that why you became a Geneticist?

11:25:11 PM Charity Suite: Uhmmm ... Ryan ... who's yer ... friend?

11:25:28 PM ColDougMcKnight: ::Flashes a thumbs up.::  And don't worry.  Blackthorne loves it when an officer shows the initiative to throw his name around like that.

11:25:40 PM Charity Suite: ::looking at the blood-spattered guy with the gunshot hole in the middle of his shirt::

11:25:48 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Evaz> Might as well, but my childhood friend, Bob Sewercleaner didn't fare so well.

11:25:52 PM Jusstin Case: Sounds like a plan, Colonel.  Thanks for the tip!

11:25:57 PM TKirr: ::squeals again and grabs the jetski, attempting to push Blackthorne off::

11:25:59 PM Jusstin Case: ::puts in the call, per his suggestion::

11:26:06 PM EnsRyanCarter: ::nods:: Bad family name to have.

11:26:32 PM EnsRyanCarter: ::looking at Charity:: It looks like she really likes your fashion sense.

11:26:36 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Evaz> My briefcase must be recovered. What it contains can not fall into the wrong hands.

11:26:59 PM Jusstin Case: +Alexandria Security+ Hello, secuurity?  This is Lieutenant Case, of the Atlantis.  You know?  Admiral *Blackthorne's* Atlantis?

11:27:13 PM ColDougMcKnight: Hey, wow.  Sounds like some heavy stuff.  In fact...do I smell chicken and waffles?

11:27:16 PM ColDougMcKnight: ::Wanders off::

11:27:28 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Security> +Case+ Yeah and I'm General Patton.

11:27:49 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::stuck like glue::

11:28:14 PM LtCmdrBusard: ::Notices the others in front of the Shoney's, and perks up a little:: Hey.

11:28:17 PM EnsRyanCarter: ::sniffs:: Chicken and waffles. Should we eat? I mean, Evaz doesn't need a Doctor, really. He just needs a new shirt later.

11:28:34 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Evaz> Wouldn't mind some bacon, either.

11:28:51 PM Jusstin Case: +Patton+ I'm sure you are.  Admiral Blackthorne is none too amused about a sniper running loose riight under the noses of Starfleet troops.  He suggests it'd be in their best interests to send a detachment down here and get to the bottom of it immediately.

11:29:12 PM Jusstin Case: Hey, waffles do sound pretty tasty right now.  We missed lunch earlier, didn't we?

11:29:38 PM EnsRyanCarter: Your combadge is still on right, Justin?

11:30:02 PM TKirr: ::having no success, stops struggling and instead drops panting back into Blackthorne's arms, meeting his eyes::

11:30:04 PM Charity Suite: Yeah, Ah'm starvin ... Hey!  Percy, right?

11:30:20 PM EnsRyanCarter: ::sees Percy:: Hello Commander.

11:30:24 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Alexandria Security> +Case+ Look buddy, there was no murder when we got there, so maybe you should stop bothering us, Admiral.

11:30:42 PM ColDougMcKnight: ::Looks to Case a moment::  May I, ensign?

11:30:56 PM Jusstin Case: [Lieutenant, but who's counting?]

11:31:01 PM Jusstin Case: Certainly. ::smiles::

11:31:03 PM LtCmdrBusard: ::smiles a little:: That's me. Were you guys going inside? Because I don't know about you, but I could really do with some bacon and waffles.

11:31:06 PM ColDougMcKnight: (Oh, really?  Sorry, my mistake.)

11:31:12 PM TKirr: ((Sokay I did the same thing lol))

11:31:22 PM Jusstin Case: [No problem.  After this mission, I'll probably be busted down anyway. :-D]

11:31:36 PM EnsRyanCarter: Yeah let's go. I want to know more about this research that the Doctor here is doing. ::enters Shoney's::

11:31:44 PM VAdm Blackthorne: (That's actually why I started you at LtJG, so I could demote you!)

11:31:52 PM Jusstin Case: [I knew it!]

11:32:17 PM Charity Suite: C'mon, we'll get a big ol' table!

11:32:29 PM Jusstin Case: ::following the Shoney's crew::

11:32:40 PM TKirr: You win.

11:32:50 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::hanging onto the jetski with one arm and T'Kirr in the other, the only sound this far out the lapping of the water against the jetskis::

11:32:56 PM Charity Suite: ::seating Guy::  Hell, welcome to Shoney's.  How many in your party?

11:33:13 PM Charity Suite: (lololol ... hello, even)

11:33:18 PM ColDougMcKnight: ::Helps himself to Case's comm badge::  Hey there, buddy.  Let's cut the crap, shall we?  This is Colonel McKnight.  Name, rank, and serial number, please.

11:33:19 PM VAdm Blackthorne: (Why hell, welcome!)

11:33:26 PM Jusstin Case: [No, I think for shoney's the "hell" is more appropriate.]

11:33:32 PM EnsRyanCarter: ::looks back at everyone:: A lot.

11:33:37 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Alexandria Security> <w> Oh shit they got a Colonel... get ours!

11:33:42 PM Charity Suite: (He hates his job)

11:34:05 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Good for me. ::smiles and kisses her::

11:34:36 PM TKirr: ::returns it eagerly::

11:34:37 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Col. North> +McKnight+ What's the meaning of this, Colonel McKnight?

11:35:40 PM TKirr: ((Kick some ass, McKnight))

11:35:44 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Though I don't think I would have minded losing, either.

11:36:04 PM Charity Suite: ::sits at a large table and scoots around to make room for everyone::

11:36:11 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Evaz> ::joins the Starfleet party::

11:36:16 PM EnsRyanCarter: ::sits next to Charity::

11:36:23 PM Jusstin Case: ::sits next to Charity::

11:36:26 PM TKirr: ::perks eyebrow:: Remember you said then next time, when I win.

11:36:31 PM Charity Suite: ::to the waiter::  Ah think we're all havin' th' buffet.  Ah'd like some tea, though.

11:36:38 PM TKirr: ((*that))

11:36:42 PM Jusstin Case: I'd like a bacon meatshake.

11:37:13 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Evaz> Coffee, strong and black.

11:37:19 PM LtCmdrBusard: ::Sits on the outer edge of the group, since everyone seems to want to sit next to Charity:: Just water for me, thanks.

11:37:27 PM VAdm Blackthorne: I don't think I'll need to be reminded. ::smirks:;

11:37:33 PM EnsRyanCarter: I'll have a water.

11:38:50 PM ColDougMcKnight: +North+ Meaning?  Well, let's see.  About a hundred feet behind me, there's a rather large puddle of some poor SOB's blood driving away tourists, the gunman responsible is still at large, and we have reason to believe he's in possession of extremely sensitive material.

11:38:51 PM Charity Suite: So ... Ryan ... introduce us to yer ... friend.

11:38:58 PM EnsRyanCarter: Alright.

11:39:19 PM ColDougMcKnight: +North+ So, does that sound like your cup of tea, or should I just be looking for the goddam janitor before I give Admiral Blackthorne a call?

11:39:35 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Col North> +McKnight+I see your point.

11:39:37 PM VAdm Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM

11:39:39 PM VAdm Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM

11:39:41 PM EnsRyanCarter: So, everyone, this is Doctor Evaz Geneticist, who's a... Geneticist. He got shot earlier, but he's alright. We should toast to that.

11:39:41 PM VAdm Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM

11:39:45 PM TKirr: ::pauses::

11:39:48 PM Charity Suite: ::paused::

11:39:50 PM EnsRyanCarter: ::paused::

11:40:02 PM DrRoxanneCarre: :: paused ::

11:40:11 PM Jusstin Case: ::pauses::

11:40:21 PM Jusstin Case: ::raises his meatshake::

11:40:27 PM LtCmdrBusard: ::paused::

11:40:33 PM Charity Suite: (m) Dammit, another sim paused, and I *still* didn't get any food.

11:40:49 PM VAdm Blackthorne: I must say this is the first murder mystery involving a Shoney's and a meatshake that I've ever seen!

11:40:52 PM TKirr: You guys keep talking about food and you're driving me bonkers

11:41:00 PM EnsRyanCarter: I'm hungry

11:41:03 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Also, Evaz was being sarcastic about his last name and probably just facepalmed.

11:41:03 PM EnsRyanCarter: for food.

11:41:20 PM Charity Suite: I so have to make cream biscuits tomorrow and slather them with butter. 

11:41:21 PM EnsRyanCarter: well he's Evaz Geneticist now :)

11:41:26 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::drools::

11:41:34 PM Charity Suite: Thanks, *Percy*.  ::glares::

11:41:41 PM DrRoxanneCarre: :: pities the poor hotel delivery guy trying to track down Percy ::

11:41:42 PM LtCmdrBusard: Haw.

11:42:06 PM LtCmdrBusard: Aww.

11:42:16 PM EnsRyanCarter: no one has seen this: http://www.bbqaddicts.com/bacon-explosion.html

11:42:19 PM LtCmdrBusard: Well, maybe he can just ship them to the ship?

11:42:36 PM TKirr: I haven't, carter, no

11:42:38 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Oh yes I've seen that!

11:42:46 PM DrRoxanneCarre: For the price I'm paying he better track you down!

11:43:13 PM Jusstin Case: I want this now.

11:43:17 PM LtCmdrBusard: O.O

11:43:19 PM LtCmdrBusard: My god.

11:43:22 PM LtCmdrBusard: So much bacon.

11:43:25 PM VAdm Blackthorne: So awesome.

11:43:27 PM Charity Suite: Oh my god ...

11:43:34 PM ColDougMcKnight: So THAT'S how Harper dies.

11:43:47 PM VAdm Blackthorne: I contemplated putting her in the shoney's.

11:43:59 PM LtCmdrBusard: Shoveling bacon into her mouth?

11:44:01 PM VAdm Blackthorne: But between Jvar and Evaz I was a bit strained on the NPCs.

11:44:07 PM LtCmdrBusard: With a trowel?

11:44:10 PM EnsRyanCarter: and have you guys seen this... http://www.heartattackgrill.com/

11:44:20 PM TKirr: Holy bacon

11:45:04 PM EnsRyanCarter: there's a video too... http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=4632991n

11:45:07 PM EnsRyanCarter: from CBS

11:45:14 PM TKirr: At one point I made a rating system with bacon, like something really yummy was so many bacons, and something kinda yummy was fewer bacons...

11:45:32 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Man I wanna try that place

11:45:35 PM Charity Suite: That makes sense to me.

11:45:35 PM Jusstin Case: And people wonder why our great nation faces an obesity epidemic.

11:45:59 PM VAdm Blackthorne: I carry around bacon salt.

11:46:09 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Bland food? No problem, fixed with bacon salt!

11:46:10 PM EnsRyanCarter: we're not obese, just big boned.

11:46:29 PM LtCmdrBusard: I carry around a wrench.

11:46:40 PM LtCmdrBusard: They are less digestable than bacon.

11:46:46 PM Charity Suite: Er, yes.

11:46:47 PM Jusstin Case: But more nutritious.

11:46:56 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Everyone should have bacon salt.

11:47:00 PM LtCmdrBusard: I guess they do technically have iron in them.

11:47:40 PM Charity Suite: I've actually never heard of bacon salt.

11:47:40 PM VAdm Blackthorne: I added Carter's bio to the website... leaving only TWO people without bios!

11:47:45 PM Charity Suite: Is it a southern thing?

11:47:52 PM VAdm Blackthorne: http://www.baconsalt.com/

11:48:01 PM Charity Suite: You're kidding ...

11:48:02 PM VAdm Blackthorne: You can get it in the spice section of most grocery stores!

11:48:19 PM VAdm Blackthorne: And it really tastes like bacon!

11:48:38 PM VAdm Blackthorne: No calories, no fat, and it's even kosher!

11:48:43 PM Jusstin Case: Sorry to cut short, all, but I have to be in work by 7 tomorrow. :-\

11:48:49 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Anyway, you TWO PEOPLE without bios need to get to work!

11:48:52 PM TKirr: Ew =/

11:49:04 PM Jusstin Case: You might get one in March. :-\

11:49:09 PM Jusstin Case: Have a book to write first.

11:49:41 PM VAdm Blackthorne: I have to go to work at 1 tonight. :v

11:49:49 PM EnsRyanCarter: where are you working?

11:50:07 PM Jusstin Case: At my job. :-D

11:50:29 PM EnsRyanCarter: mm... yes. I meant Jason though :)

11:50:37 PM ColDougMcKnight: Well, I need to head out.  Have a good night, everyone!

11:50:40 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Datacenter provider with fully managed services.

11:50:43 PM LtCmdrBusard: Me too.

11:50:47 PM LtCmdrBusard: Later guys!

11:50:48 PM VAdm Blackthorne: G'night those that are leaving

11:50:56 PM Jusstin Case: G'night, all!

11:50:59 PM DrRoxanneCarre: Night

11:51:48 PM TKirr: Damn it, I want a burger now. =/

11:51:54 PM EnsRyanCarter: hahaha

11:51:57 PM EnsRyanCarter: a bacon burger

11:51:57 PM VAdm Blackthorne: We extend peoples' IT departments with very skilled remote hands.

11:52:05 PM VAdm Blackthorne: And I'm thinking of stopping at Wendy's on the way in for a burger.

11:52:14 PM EnsRyanCarter: haha, nice.

11:52:24 PM TKirr: 1am, ew =/

11:52:31 PM TKirr: I haven't worked nightshift in years

11:52:44 PM VAdm Blackthorne: This is my first time working it.

11:52:44 PM Charity Suite: That's interesting, the barbecued bacon thingie, I mean.

11:52:47 PM VAdm Blackthorne: It feels uncivilized.

11:53:00 PM TKirr: That's a good way to put it.

11:53:17 PM VAdm Blackthorne: The notion of a computer being important enough to care about in the middle of the night is just funny.

11:53:24 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Unless said computer is at a hospital or something, but yeah.

11:53:30 PM TKirr: Hah

11:53:45 PM EnsRyanCarter: yeah... people and their data.

11:53:55 PM EnsRyanCarter: I built a new computer over the weekend.

11:54:06 PM EnsRyanCarter: and messed around with Ubuntu.

11:54:11 PM Charity Suite: Well ... is it just American companies, or can they be anywhere?

11:54:11 PM EnsRyanCarter: and ATI drivers.

11:54:18 PM VAdm Blackthorne: It's mostly American.

11:54:26 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Other people couldn't give a shit in the middle of the night about work.

11:54:35 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Which is really the way to be. :)

11:54:46 PM Charity Suite: Well, my point was that it's not the middle of the night in Japan.  :-)

11:54:48 PM EnsRyanCarter: so is this data center in an underground bunker?

11:54:59 PM DrRoxanneCarre: OMG that meal to die for video is hysterical!!! I'm gonna wet myself!

11:55:04 PM EnsRyanCarter: I ask, because apparently EA has one that is.

11:55:11 PM VAdm Blackthorne: I think we're all American.

11:55:12 PM TKirr: It made me hungry =(

11:55:16 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Not underground.

11:55:18 PM EnsRyanCarter: yes, that video is hilarious.

11:55:22 PM VAdm Blackthorne: But we do have the 5 9's of uptime

11:55:26 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Going for 100% this year.

11:55:28 PM TKirr: I think it would make T'Kirr get sick over her console

11:56:10 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Better than Andorian Jazz tea.

11:56:20 PM TKirr: I knew that would come up. -_-

11:57:29 PM EnsRyanCarter: http://www.inhabitat.com/2009/01/29/bird-island-by-graft-lab/

11:58:43 PM EnsRyanCarter: I'm just going to be posting random shit until I'm reading in my RSS until I decide to get up and eat :)

11:58:50 PM Charity Suite: I just watched that video on the Heart Attack Grill ...

11:58:56 PM VAdm Blackthorne: I'm debating that Wendy's stop

11:58:57 PM EnsRyanCarter: yeah?

11:59:09 PM Charity Suite: I may never eat a hamburger again.

11:59:25 PM TKirr: Why are you debating?

12:00:22 AM VAdm Blackthorne: My diet!

12:00:30 AM DrRoxanneCarre: Bacon diet?

12:01:14 AM VAdm Blackthorne: Mmm, bacon diet.

12:02:09 AM Charity Suite: 8,000 calorie hamburger ... that's obscene!

12:02:15 AM VAdm Blackthorne: Good god

12:02:16 AM EnsRyanCarter: I know.

12:02:30 AM EnsRyanCarter: Fries are fried in lard!

12:02:45 AM Charity Suite: Glenn, you never saw the food, you were looking at the waitresses.  :-P

12:02:55 AM EnsRyanCarter: yes I was.

12:03:19 AM VAdm Blackthorne: And the problem with that is?

12:03:21 AM EnsRyanCarter: but I also did see the food which appeared occassionally between video of the waitresses.

12:04:06 AM EnsRyanCarter: but anyway, I thought a Chipotle chicken burrito was bad....

12:04:11 AM TKirr: Night all, I'll be in AIM a while, probably. ^_~

12:04:22 AM VAdm Blackthorne: STEAK

12:04:34 AM Charity Suite: Chipotle is delicious, please don't tell me that it's bad!

12:04:40 AM EnsRyanCarter: okay so...

12:04:51 AM EnsRyanCarter: the chicken burrito... is 1200 calories fully decked out.

12:04:57 AM Charity Suite: Holy bananas

12:04:59 AM VAdm Blackthorne: Jesus HOW

12:05:14 AM Charity Suite: Their rice is soooo good.

12:05:21 AM EnsRyanCarter: they are a subsidiary of McDonalds I believe.

12:05:47 AM EnsRyanCarter: their chicken burritos are so good.. :)

12:06:01 AM EnsRyanCarter: but after we learned they were all 1200 calories we stopped going to Chipotle.

12:06:06 AM VAdm Blackthorne: :(

12:06:31 AM Charity Suite: Hmm.  Closest one to me is in NYC ...

12:06:39 AM EnsRyanCarter: I'd have that, then a bag of chips and Guacamole, and then a coke.

12:06:42 AM Charity Suite: But I always go when I visit Maryland.

12:08:12 AM Charity Suite: Their guacamole is great, too.

12:08:25 AM EnsRyanCarter: http://www.geeksaresexy.net/2009/02/02/star-trek-2009-super-bowl-trailer/

12:08:34 AM EnsRyanCarter: it is great.

12:08:34 AM VAdm Blackthorne: That was a good trailer.

12:08:48 AM EnsRyanCarter: I'm looking forward to seeing it. It's nice to have some Trek back

12:08:59 AM EnsRyanCarter: I still need to catch up on Stargate Atlantis and BSG

12:09:13 AM Charity Suite: It looks really good.

12:09:17 AM VAdm Blackthorne: This season of BSG has been nail-chewing.

12:09:19 AM EnsRyanCarter: and did you know Brannon Braga is on 24 now?

12:09:46 AM VAdm Blackthorne: Is he going to get shot? :D

12:09:56 AM EnsRyanCarter: he's, unfortunately, a writer.

12:09:59 AM EnsRyanCarter: or producer.

12:10:01 AM EnsRyanCarter: or something.

12:10:03 AM VAdm Blackthorne: Dammit

12:10:08 AM EnsRyanCarter: I kinda stopped caring about 24.

12:10:47 AM DrRoxanneCarre: O.O Star Trek by 'Bad Robot'...so gonna be good!

12:11:05 AM EnsRyanCarter: you know... I still haven't seen Lost.

12:11:17 AM VAdm Blackthorne: Me neither.

12:11:26 AM EnsRyanCarter: I did see the episode with the island disappearing

12:16:41 AM Charity Suite: I'm gonna get going.  Ken's sick.  ::grin::  Not sure he can manage to find his way around the house at the moment.  ;-)

12:16:47 AM VAdm Blackthorne: Awww, poor guy!

12:16:54 AM DrRoxanneCarre: Awww, night!

12:16:58 AM VAdm Blackthorne: Night Gem!

12:17:01 AM EnsRyanCarter: night Bernadette.

12:17:05 AM EnsRyanCarter: I'm going to eat dinner

12:17:05 AM Charity Suite: See you guys later.  :-)

12:17:07 AM EnsRyanCarter: night guys!