Conversation with ussatlantis at 1/6/2009 9:54:16 PM on VAdm Blackthorne (aim)

(9:54:16 PM) VAdm Blackthorne entered the room.
(9:58:14 PM) TKirr entered the room.
(9:58:20 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Hey hey
(9:58:25 PM) TKirr: Hey
(9:59:06 PM) Charity Suite entered the room.
(9:59:10 PM) CptHacker entered the room.
(9:59:19 PM) Jusstin Case entered the room.
(9:59:24 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Hey folks
(9:59:44 PM) CptHacker: Hello
(9:59:52 PM) Jusstin Case: ZOMG
(9:59:57 PM) Charity Suite: ::drags the boys in::
(9:59:59 PM) CptHacker: Rob
(10:00:12 PM) Jusstin Case: Good to see you again. :-)
(10:00:17 PM) CptHacker: Been a long time
(10:00:25 PM) Jusstin Case: Yep.
(10:00:29 PM) CptHacker: so, how the heck do I make a new AIM screen name?
(10:00:56 PM) TKirr:
(10:01:02 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: I think so, yes.
(10:01:33 PM) CptHacker: nice and their registration server failed. BAM
(10:02:10 PM) DrRoxanneCarre entered the room.
(10:02:12 PM) CptHacker: because it doesn't work with Firefox
(10:02:15 PM) Charity Suite: ::fixes her hair::
(10:02:27 PM) Jusstin Case: ::straightens his collar::
(10:02:29 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Hiya doc
(10:02:34 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: Evening
(10:02:54 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: notes shes just a teensy bit late ::
(10:02:57 PM) Charity Suite: Hiya, Miz Boss-Lady!
(10:04:04 PM) TKirr: Welcome, all. ^_^
(10:04:04 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: Suite, you use hair gel? We might need some..
(10:04:57 PM) Charity Suite: ::flashes a grin:: Mah Aunt Daisy-Mae's a hair dresser back ta home. Ah could call her up fer some tips.
(10:05:11 PM) Jusstin Case: ::laughs!::
(10:05:49 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: whispers :: You know hes never coming back to sickbay dont you?
(10:06:06 PM) Charity Suite: She kin make hair as big as th' winder ovah there!
(10:06:36 PM) Jusstin Case: What's a winder?
(10:06:36 PM) Charity Suite: (w) Isn't that our goal?
(10:07:07 PM) CptHacker: okay I made a new SN
(10:07:09 PM) CptHacker: EnsRyanCarter
(10:07:14 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Get in here then :)
(10:07:16 PM) TKirr: Great. =)
(10:07:19 PM) CptHacker: which I should be logged in as...
(10:08:06 PM) Jusstin Case: I dunno. I was always fond of CptHacker.
(10:08:44 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: EnsRedShirt299 wasnt a whole lot of fun.
(10:08:52 PM) CptHacker left the room.
(10:09:18 PM) ColDougMcKnight entered the room.
(10:09:24 PM) ColDougMcKnight: Evening!
(10:09:25 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Hiya
(10:09:35 PM) TKirr: Evening, Doug.
(10:09:51 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: Evening!
(10:10:12 PM) TKirr: Hm, we got 4 guys and 4 chicks now.
(10:10:18 PM) Charity Suite: Hell, we had lotsa fun with RedShirt299 ... or was that 297?
(10:10:21 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Had to restore the balance somehow.
(10:10:38 PM) TKirr: Maybe we had fun with both?
(10:10:44 PM) Jusstin Case: ...
(10:10:51 PM) Jusstin Case: What sort of "fun" are we talking about?
(10:11:11 PM) Charity Suite: ::looks at Jusstin:: Don't you have a red shirt?
(10:11:22 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: I think Glenn got lost
(10:11:29 PM) TKirr: If not, I'll allow his replicator to make one.
(10:11:48 PM) Jusstin Case: Nope! I'm one of the boys in blue!
(10:12:07 PM) Charity Suite: Doesn't your player have a red shirt, then?
(10:12:14 PM) Jusstin Case: Oh ...
(10:12:16 PM) Jusstin Case: Well ...
(10:12:19 PM) Charity Suite: A really cool one?
(10:12:20 PM) Jusstin Case: ... yes.
(10:12:28 PM) Charity Suite: Not just one from UMD
(10:12:49 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: sees red fishnet in her head ::
(10:12:50 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Well once we get everyone rounded up in here...
(10:13:36 PM) CptHacker entered the room.
(10:14:13 PM) Jusstin Case: Glink.
(10:14:36 PM) LtCmdrBusard entered the room.
(10:14:49 PM) TKirr: Hi, Percy!
(10:14:51 PM) CptHacker: Note: Never try and put two AIM names on Trillian
(10:14:52 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: And we're all here!
(10:14:56 PM) LtCmdrBusard: Hoy! Sorry guys, this compy is a little slow :-P
(10:15:16 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Tonight we resurrect an old simming convention since we have a lot more people than we used to.
(10:15:31 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: ::hands T'Kirr a dusty box labeled "Property of Sullivan Ruffian"::
(10:15:37 PM) TKirr: Let the madness ensue!
(10:15:41 PM) Jusstin Case: ... Free scotch?
(10:15:42 PM) CptHacker: anyway, I'll just use this name for tonight.
(10:16:00 PM) TKirr: ::receives the box with doe eyes::
(10:16:08 PM) TKirr: ::pops the lid::
(10:16:13 PM) TKirr: !
(10:16:23 PM) Jusstin Case: Once you pop, you just can't stop.
(10:16:27 PM) TKirr: ::pulls out a shiny whistle::
(10:16:36 PM) Charity Suite: Owwwww!
(10:16:41 PM) TKirr: Attention!
(10:16:57 PM) Jusstin Case: ::AA::
(10:17:00 PM) Charity Suite: ::blinks:: Huh?
(10:17:02 PM) CptHacker: ::aa::
(10:17:03 PM) Charity Suite: Oh!
(10:17:05 PM) Charity Suite: ::AA::
(10:17:07 PM) TKirr: <_<
(10:17:10 PM) TKirr: >_
(10:17:10 PM) LtCmdrBusard: ::AA?::
(10:17:12 PM) ColDougMcKnight: What, like...we're professionals or something?
(10:17:12 PM) TKirr: >
(10:17:17 PM) ColDougMcKnight: Lame.
(10:17:25 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: AAA ::
(10:17:46 PM) TKirr: That'll do... for now.
(10:17:47 PM) ColDougMcKnight: ::AA = Anime Addict::
(10:17:50 PM) TKirr: ::turns:: Admiral?
(10:17:54 PM) Charity Suite: Yes?
(10:17:58 PM) Charity Suite: Whoops
(10:18:00 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Thank you, Commander. Suli would have been proud.
(10:18:00 PM) Jusstin Case: ::snicker::
(10:18:05 PM) ColDougMcKnight: It always pissed me off when Andy did that, so now I ressurect it.
(10:18:10 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Alright then, tonight we're sneaking into the Orban system to hide behind their asteroid belt. Our plan is to attach fighters to the asteroids and use the deflector to throw them at the planet.
(10:18:34 PM) EnsRyanCarter entered the room.
(10:18:43 PM) EnsRyanCarter: <got it!>>
(10:18:46 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: (Welcome!)
(10:18:48 PM) Charity Suite: (w) Awww ... an Ensign! How cuuuuute!
(10:18:58 PM) EnsRyanCarter: (Pigin to the rescue)
(10:18:59 PM) TKirr: ::shuffles the Ensign in line::
(10:19:10 PM) EnsRyanCarter: ::AA::
(10:19:15 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Sickbay's still working on fixing the Admiral, and the ship is ready to get our people back from the surface. Quesitons?
(10:19:46 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: Anyone have hair gel?
(10:19:55 PM) Charity Suite: ::grins suddenly:; (w) We git ta 'fix' th' Admiral?
(10:20:05 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: /facepalm
(10:20:11 PM) TKirr: >_>
(10:20:27 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Alright then, let's get ready to rummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmble!!!!
(10:20:28 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM
(10:20:29 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM
(10:20:30 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM
(10:20:46 PM) Jusstin Case: ::sitting at the science station on the bridge, musing over the new plan::
(10:20:54 PM) Jusstin Case: Hmm ... this might actually work!
(10:21:04 PM) EnsRyanCarter: ::sitting in engineering, I suppose::
(10:21:09 PM) TKirr: Hail the Hemingway.
(10:21:20 PM) LtCmdrBusard: ::Blam blam blam:: Die goddamnit!
(10:21:20 PM) TKirr: ::stands up from The Chair expectantly::
(10:21:27 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> ::sitting in the Boudica running through preflight, careful not to mess anything up::
(10:21:43 PM) Charity Suite: ::discharges several aptients with strict orders to get some rest that will likely be completely ignored::
(10:22:03 PM) LtCmdrBusard: Sid> ::Runs through preflight, somewhat less careful about messing things up::
(10:22:09 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: is all excited about the stats coming from the patients bio bed ::
(10:22:18 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> ::hopped up on stims from sickbay with a hypo to spare::
(10:22:25 PM) Jusstin Case: +Hemingway+ Hemingway, this is Atlantis. Come in, please.
(10:22:30 PM) EnsRyanCarter: Jvar> ::still with Ragnor on the surface::
(10:22:47 PM) EnsRyanCarter: <<BTW, Blackthorne do you still want me to play Jvar?>>
(10:22:51 PM) ColDougMcKnight: Thar> Sits in his cockpit with a small bottle of Andorian Ale:: Impulse manifolds are a go. We're going from zero to drunk in 20 dollars. I mean, credits. I mean...ah, screw it.
(10:22:54 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: (Sure, if you want to!)
(10:23:08 PM) EnsRyanCarter: ((might as well finish what I started))
(10:23:17 PM) LtCmdrBusard: Sid> Ha ha.
(10:23:20 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> +Sharks+ Firefly to Sharks. Standby for launch, then afterwards, proceed at low power to designated asteroids and power down.
(10:23:57 PM) ColDougMcKnight: ACTION> Cue Gerard sitting in his chair on the Hemingway bridge, appearing on screen.
(10:24:19 PM) ColDougMcKnight: Gerard> Problems?
(10:24:33 PM) Jusstin Case: ::turns to T'Kirr:: You're on, Captain.
(10:24:44 PM) TKirr: Captain, our Mustangs are standing by. What is your status?
(10:25:15 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> ::sits somewhat anxiously in the Admiral's fighter, preflight complete, determined not to buy the farm this time::
(10:25:16 PM) Charity Suite: ::walks over to stash the PADDs on a shelf, then turns to see Roxanne:: How's he doin', Boss?
(10:26:57 PM) EnsRyanCarter: ::still getting used to his workstation and hoping that this assignment doesn't get him killed::
(10:27:10 PM) Jusstin Case: [Ah, I remember those days.]
(10:27:21 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: His stats are rising, looks like BHMF-i-i-Pos might actually fix him up.
(10:27:47 PM) ColDougMcKnight: Gerard> Sellers is impatiently waiting for me to open the bay doors. All Peregrines are fueled and ready, all shuttles have been mobilized as well.
(10:28:03 PM) Charity Suite: He'll be powerful glad ta git outta here, Ah'm thinkin'.
(10:28:37 PM) EnsRyanCarter: Jvar> ::still reeling from getting punched in the gut, thinks to himself, when did trying to fake choke, but really choking, ever work as part of an escape plan?::
(10:29:34 PM) Charity Suite: Ain't he gonna need fisscal therapy from lyin' on that bed like a lump o' lead?
(10:29:40 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> +Sharks+ Sharks, Firefly. Good hunting out there. And, if you see Andre Shore... blow his traitorous ass out of the sky.
(10:29:40 PM) TKirr: All right, as soon as the fighters are positioned on their respective asteroids, we'll move.
(10:29:49 PM) EnsRyanCarter: Jvar> ::doesn't want to give up the goat...even though he's on the diner floor still looking for another way out of his predicament, but taking on a Klingon and a bunch of 'fleet marines doesn't seem to smart::
(10:30:10 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: I'm thinking he may have an issue with the previous solution we tried. :: considers how to make it more acceptable ::
(10:30:22 PM) Charity Suite: Ah'm thinkin' there's gotta be a real s.o.b. trainer holo-program. ::big grin::
(10:31:19 PM) Jusstin Case: ::running deflector diagnostics, to ensure that this plan doesn't result in a lot of crispy fighter nuggets::
(10:31:29 PM) EnsRyanCarter: ::going through the new officers manual and workstation setup and engineering orientation. Takes longer than you might expect it too::
(10:32:03 PM) EnsRyanCarter: ::and watching over vital systems since the sh-- might hit the ff--::
(10:32:08 PM) ColDougMcKnight: ::Waits in the gutted third floor of what he presumes is supposed to be some office building or apartment complex, grimly looking through the sight of a trilithium rocket launcher, while 1 floor up, on the roof, their photon mortar keeps the mob at bay with well placed bombardment::
(10:32:15 PM) ColDougMcKnight: Come on, you bastard, come on...
(10:32:32 PM) TKirr: +Harper+ T'Kirr to Firefly, you're go for launch.
(10:32:49 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: Statis should have kept the muscular degeneration to a minimum, there may be some residual weakness, but it shouldnt be too noticeable.
(10:32:53 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> +T'Kirr+ Roger that, actual. Sharks away. +Sharks+ Sharks, Firefly, launch!
(10:33:30 PM) Charity Suite: Mebbe he'll be so happy ta jus' be alive, he won't notice his ... er ... hair?
(10:33:48 PM) LtCmdrBusard: Sid> Acknowledged. Crazy horse, launch!
(10:33:54 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Harper>::for once, doesn't slam the throttle forward, and instead gently flies out of the assault bay::
(10:33:58 PM) ColDougMcKnight: ACTION> As if on cue, 20 of the regular complement of 24 Peregrines zooms out into the void, rapidly seeking out and clamping onto their designated rocks before powering down. A small fleet of shuttles from Hemingway do likewise.
(10:34:34 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> ::targets the selected asteroid and eases down, engaging clamps::
(10:34:39 PM) ColDougMcKnight: Thar> ::Tosses the emptied bottle out onto the launch bay floor before shutting the cockpit and jamming on his helmet:: Chaka, launch!
(10:35:12 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: Its :: coughs :: ...fluffy. Maybe if it was less "poofy" he wouldnt notice.
(10:35:26 PM) Jusstin Case: ::monitoring the tiny ships on sensors:: Looks like they're doing all right so far.
(10:35:34 PM) TKirr: ::turns to Case:: Are the deflectors calibrated and ready, Lieutenant?
(10:35:50 PM) Jusstin Case: (m) Guess I lose the science team pool.
(10:36:03 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> ::powers down and waits::
(10:36:05 PM) LtCmdrBusard: ::Has gotten her hands on a sniper scope now, and is on the roof of another building providing cover for the photon mortar. She's actually getting quite good at it.::
(10:36:06 PM) Jusstin Case: Yes, Captain. Whenever you give the word.
(10:36:33 PM) ColDougMcKnight: ::Smiles grimly as, just as expected, an enemy fighter comes swooping in to scour the roof of the Federation artillery. The smug bastard takes a nice, easy approach trejecdtory, warming up its phasers...
(10:36:56 PM) TKirr: All fighters are mounted. Initiate the deflectors.
(10:37:05 PM) Jusstin Case: Activating now....
(10:37:15 PM) Jusstin Case: ::presses the appropriate buttons::
(10:37:19 PM) TKirr: ::turns to watch the main viewer::
(10:37:50 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: eyes stats :: This is going to take awhile, I'm going to grab some caffine.
(10:38:04 PM) Charity Suite: ::grins:: Ah gots it, be right back.
(10:38:07 PM) ColDougMcKnight: Boom, fucker. ::At that, the trilithium rocket roars out into the blue, locking onto the fighter's engine signature, and tears off its wing.::
(10:38:10 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> ::holds on for the ride::
(10:38:23 PM) Jusstin Case: ... I *think* it's going well.
(10:38:32 PM) LtCmdrBusard: Sid> ::Holds on::
(10:38:41 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Ian> ::stops drooling::
(10:38:45 PM) ColDougMcKnight: Not so big now, are you, ya flyboy bastard? You...shit.
(10:39:44 PM) LtCmdrBusard: ::Looks on with more than mild horror:: +McKnight+ Uh, sir, it is my professional opinion you should run like hell. Please.
(10:39:58 PM) Jusstin Case: ::blissfully unaware of the fighter pilots' monologues::
(10:40:14 PM) Charity Suite: ::comes back with a tea and a lsrge cafe mocha, with *extra* whipped cream::
(10:40:24 PM) ColDougMcKnight: If I had time, I'd totally be firing back with a "duh" right about now. ::-Drops his launcher down onto the street below as the doomed fighter careens toward his building, and runs like a bat out of hell for the strairway::
(10:40:54 PM) Charity Suite: Ah axed fer yer favorite drink, and th' machine gave me this. ::hands Roxy the mocha::
(10:42:13 PM) TKirr: ACTION> After a joint effort of "flinging" asteroids into momentum between Atlantis and Hemingway, the collection of Trojan horses sail towards the planet's atmosphere below at gradually increasing speed.
(10:42:28 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: eyes the overflowing cup :: I thought I reprogrammed that, I like a lot of whipped cream but this is ridiculous.
(10:42:52 PM) Jusstin Case: So far, so good, Captain. I'm showing that the "asteroids" are de-orbiting as planned.
(10:43:10 PM) Jusstin Case: ... Let's just hope the locals don't know how to play "Asteroids."
(10:43:31 PM) TKirr: ::perks a brow::
(10:43:57 PM) Charity Suite: Ah grabbed some extra napkins ... like seven ...
(10:44:01 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> ::watches the planet careen in and out of her windows::
(10:45:55 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: watches as glob of whipped cream falls on Ian's head :: Can I have a couple of those. :: mutters about mechanically created items ::
(10:47:04 PM) ColDougMcKnight: ACTION> The locals do their damnedest to play Asteroids, scrambling to intercept. Their weapons soon go active, as they blast away the first asteroids to rubble. Fortunately, those asteroids are empty.
(10:47:15 PM) Jusstin Case: ::winces::
(10:47:24 PM) TKirr: ::watches in anticipation::
(10:47:37 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> ::waits for it.... waits for it:::
(10:47:39 PM) Jusstin Case: Well, looks like our Trojan horses will have a rougher ride than expected.
(10:47:42 PM) ColDougMcKnight: Sellers> ::Grins and activates his comm:: Alright, that's our cue. Seadogs, power all systems and form up on me. Sharks, follow us in.
(10:47:45 PM) Jusstin Case: No casualties so far.
(10:48:00 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> ::powers up and blasts off::
(10:48:32 PM) TKirr: ::nods, half to Case and half to herself::
(10:48:45 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> ::forms up behind the Peregrines with the other Sharks::
(10:48:48 PM) Charity Suite: ::puts her tea down and hands Roxy several napkins:: Well ... at least it's ... not gonna eat a hole through his skin. Heh. :;trying to find a bright side::
(10:49:00 PM) ColDougMcKnight: Sellers> ::Leads by example, zooming out through the debris cloud, launching microquantums and full power pulse phasers at the lead ship. Ten fighters do likewise, while the other half target the second closest ship. Within moments, both surprised vessels are burning in space, losing power.
(10:49:07 PM) LtCmdrBusard: Sid> ::Blast off! Takes formation by Harper::
(10:49:45 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> ::as the surprised fighters break, she dives after one in pursuit::
(10:50:16 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: tries to wipe up the mess :: This is...hmm...interesting...
(10:50:29 PM) Charity Suite: Ah mean, th' mocha's hot ... and woulda burned him, while th' whipped cream ... is ... :;trails off and picks up her tea::
(10:51:47 PM) TKirr: Power up the engines!
(10:52:00 PM) ColDougMcKnight: Sellers> This is where it gets interesting. Seadogs, break and converge on the two cruisers. Don't worry about the fighters. Sharks have our back.
(10:52:04 PM) Jusstin Case: Aye, aye!
(10:52:23 PM) TKirr: +Hemingway+ T'Kirr to Hemingway, let's do it.
(10:52:27 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> +Sharks+ Sharks, Firefly. Keep the fighters off the Peregrines, mop this mess up!
(10:52:56 PM) Charity Suite: Wow, that's some stubborn cream, Boss. Wawnt me ta go git some water an' towels an' wash it out?
(10:53:02 PM) LtCmdrBusard: Sid> ::Starts picking off fighters, specifically ones firing at Peregrines:: Mama's gotta do some dusting! ::Ratatatat::
(10:53:05 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Shore> +Broadcast+ Shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarks....
(10:53:40 PM) TKirr: ACTION> Atlantis and Hemingway shudder into full impulse toward the planet.
(10:53:43 PM) ColDougMcKnight: Gerard> ::Grins as Hemingway warps in again:: Yipee kiyay. Captain Dex, by all means, power all launchers, and fire at will.
(10:53:51 PM) LtCmdrBusard: Sid> ::Frowns:: Hey cockbite. Not dead yet?
(10:53:52 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: wipes the sticky mess off her fingers, picks up a PADD and retrieves a picture, shows it to Charity :: I was looking through the archives when this picture came up...notice any similarites?
(10:53:53 PM) ColDougMcKnight: ::Er, impulse I mean.::
(10:53:59 PM) TKirr: Ready weapons. Pick your targets.
(10:54:21 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> The remainder of the Orion battlegroup gives a collective WTF as they figure out what's happening.
(10:54:40 PM) TKirr: +AT+ Atlantis to McKnight, come in.
(10:55:29 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Shore> +Sharks+ No, but your CAG is... or is that you now?
(10:55:44 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> +Shore+ Alive and well, which is more than you'll be able to say tomorrow.
(10:55:52 PM) LtCmdrBusard: Sid> Ehehehe
(10:56:03 PM) ColDougMcKnight: ::Emerges out on the street, coughing up a cloud of drywall:: +T'Kirr+ Ugh, fuck! Sorry, go ahead. My lungs will just need a second.
(10:56:06 PM) LtCmdrBusard: (*+Shore+)
(10:56:17 PM) TKirr: +McKnight+ Colonel, how are you doing down there? We're lighting up some fireworks over your head.
(10:56:29 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Shore> +Sharks+ I must not have finished the job. Glad I get a second chance! Allez!
(10:56:52 PM) ColDougMcKnight: +T'Kirr+ You've engaged the battlegroup? Are you winning?
(10:56:54 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> ::waxes a fighter and goes hunting::
(10:57:02 PM) LtCmdrBusard: Sid> +Shore+ Well, you know the saying. If at first you don't succeed, get blown.
(10:57:10 PM) TKirr: ::lets out a breath, McKnight's voice indicating he's still alive::
(10:57:19 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> A battlecruiser breaks for Atlantis, guns blazing.
(10:57:48 PM) Jusstin Case: Captain! Incoming battleship!
(10:57:48 PM) ColDougMcKnight: ACTION> A Peregrine takes a glancing hit, which sadly sends it spinning and unable to dodge as a second hit blows it to bits. For the most part though, the cruisers are getting mauled by the maneuverability and vicious firepower of the Peregrines.
(10:58:08 PM) TKirr: +McKnight+ So far. You able to get out-- ::turns to Case::
(10:58:12 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> +Sharks+ Keep to the mission, focus on Shore only if you get the opportunity.
(10:58:45 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Syvek> Firing all weapons.
(10:58:47 PM) ColDougMcKnight: +T'Kirr+ Sorry, Commander, but if you're on your way, I need to call you back. Good hunting.
(10:58:54 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Ian> ::eyes flutter::
(10:59:01 PM) Charity Suite: ::finishes choking on her tea and mops up her face, laughing:; Oh mah stars an' garters!!!
(10:59:16 PM) LtCmdrBusard: ::Percy, worried a little more than usual about McKnight, finally gets up:: +Squad+ Someone cover me! ::And with that, she runs for McKnight's location::
(10:59:17 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: ...I dont think we'll need to wash this out. :: adds a bit more cream to strategic places ::
(10:59:20 PM) Charity Suite: (sorry for the delay, had to let the dogs out)
(10:59:30 PM) ColDougMcKnight: +All points on ground+ McKnight to all points, fall back. I repeat, fall back to the diner!
(10:59:32 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: (No one quote that song!)
(11:00:02 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: (who let the dogs out? woof! woof! woof!)
(11:00:06 PM) TKirr: Evasive maneuvers.
(11:00:16 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> ::gets in behind another Orion that's breaking to defend the cruisers::
(11:00:25 PM) Jusstin Case: ::swerves as the ship does::
(11:00:41 PM) TKirr: +Hemingway+ Atlantis to Hemingway, looks like we attracted the big guns.
(11:00:44 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Syvek> ::lets the cruiser have it with all phasers and quantum torpedoes::
(11:00:49 PM) LtCmdrBusard: ::And after hearing McKnight's voice, her direction changes and she heads to the diner.::
(11:01:20 PM) EnsRyanCarter: Jvar> ::overhears the combadge on one of the starfleet marines, cracks his knuckles:: Looks like we're gonna see some action.
(11:01:55 PM) Charity Suite: ::grinning:; Wow, lemme get some pictures o' that ... fer th' archives.
(11:01:57 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Shore> ::drops in behind Harper:: +c+ Hi Katie.
(11:02:08 PM) LtCmdrBusard: ACTION> ::As she's fleeing, Percy takes a shot to the meat of her calf and tumbles::
(11:02:12 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Ian> ::eyes open and strain for focus::
(11:02:48 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: Hello there! Welcome back to the land of the living! :: frantically cleans off her fingers ::
(11:03:07 PM) Charity Suite: ::gasps:: It's aliiiiiive!
(11:03:11 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> :pulls up hard and loops:: +c+ That's not even my name, not that you could pronounce the real one.
(11:03:32 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Ian> ::doesn't even recognize Suite having not met her:: Doctor?
(11:03:33 PM) LtCmdrBusard: +Squad+ Shit! I'm hit! Aaagh
(11:03:42 PM) ColDougMcKnight: ::As the perimeter defenders abandon their positions, McKnight grips a remote detonator, and depresses the trigger. A split second later, strtagically posotioned photon grenades explode at full yield, causing a half dozen buildings to collapse and slide down into the streets::
(11:04:11 PM) ColDougMcKnight: (strategically, even.)
(11:04:23 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: Nice to see you finally pulled through, you've been out for a while. :: checks stats :: Looks like you're feeling much better now.
(11:04:48 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Ian> I feel like I've been hit by a truck. ::tries to sit up:: How long was I out?
(11:05:00 PM) LtCmdrBusard: ::Tries to crawl farther towards the diner, and succeeds somewhat slowly::
(11:05:15 PM) ColDougMcKnight left the room.
(11:05:17 PM) EnsRyanCarter: Jvar> ::can hear the explosions ringing down the streets, leans against the diner wall, whistles:: That is some mighty fine work.
(11:05:45 PM) ColDougMcKnight entered the room.
(11:05:51 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Syvek> We are holding up against the cruiser.
(11:06:01 PM) Charity Suite: ::smiles and pats her hair, glad she put on fresh lipstick:: Doctah Suite, Suh. Ah'm new here, an' Ah jus' wawna say that it's a real pleasure ta be here, an' th 'Lantis is a purty ship ... ::talks for quite some time, actually, giving Ian a chance to look around::
(11:06:06 PM) TKirr: How's the cruiser holding up against us?
(11:06:08 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> +Sharks+ The peregrines look covered. Crazy Horse, Chaka, form up with me. Bring down Shore.
(11:06:20 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Syvek> It is a fair fight, unfortunately.
(11:06:25 PM) LtCmdrBusard: Cubit> ::Looks on with glee:: Whirrr!
(11:06:40 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Ian> ::zones out a bit as she goes on::
(11:06:53 PM) LtCmdrBusard: Sid> +Sharks+ Aye aye. ::Takes formation to the right of Harper::
(11:06:55 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: Five, no make that six, days. :: helps Ian sit up :: This is my new assistant.
(11:07:02 PM) Jusstin Case: Hard to tell, Captain, but I believe we're winning.
(11:07:05 PM) Jusstin Case: ... I? think.
(11:07:20 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> ::knows she can't do this alone and tries to herd Shore into her wingmen::
(11:08:01 PM) ColDougMcKnight: ::Snaking a hand under her armpit, McKnight is able, with Lopez' help, to scoop Percy off the ground with his other hand cupped under her ass, in effect giving her a crude moving seat:: By all means, once the painkillers kick in, feel free to make whatever lame jokes you want about this later.
(11:08:07 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Syvek> A bit permature to make that call, Mr. Case.
(11:08:09 PM) TKirr: ::nods and sits fully as Atlantis swerves and dips, occasionally shaking as its shields are hit::
(11:08:34 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Ian> ::feels the ship shake:: Are we in combat?
(11:08:39 PM) Jusstin Case: Can't blame a guy for being optimistic. ::smiles weakly::
(11:08:52 PM) Charity Suite: ::feels the shaking:: Uhmmm ... usually.
(11:08:52 PM) LtCmdrBusard: ::Percy chuckles somewhat painedly:: Ugh, heh.
(11:09:43 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: Most likely, a small issue came up while you were out. Suite give me a hypo with some Vitalizer B.
(11:09:52 PM) LtCmdrBusard: Sid> ::Tries to aim a couple shots at Shore's propulsion systems. If he can't move, he's dead, she figures::
(11:10:00 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: ::starts to stand:: Then I need to get to the bridge.
(11:10:01 PM) EnsRyanCarter: ::things rattle around him, wakes up:: Woah... ::looking down at his new officers manual, mumbles:: Finally, something else.
(11:10:13 PM) ColDougMcKnight: ::As McKnight and Lopez carry Percy into the diner, most of the marines have already climbed down the sewer access out back. Two, however, remain stationary, their weapons pointed at Jvar. Some 200 meters in the distance, a phaser beam lances into the pavement, throwing up a huge cloud of dust and atomized concrete::
(11:10:18 PM) Charity Suite: You betcha, Boss. ::hands her the proper hypo::
(11:10:41 PM) EnsRyanCarter: ::shifts the new officers manual aside and focuses on the terminal::
(11:11:05 PM) ColDougMcKnight: Mr. Jvar, you see that? That's what it looks like when your friends have decided to cut their losses rather than let you become a liability. Your choices now are come with us, or stay here and die. You choose.
(11:11:08 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Shore> ::deftly rolls out and tries to take a bead on Sid::
(11:11:10 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: Holds Ian back :: Hold on there, you should probably be concious for more than 2 minutes before you run off. This will help some. :: uses hypo ::
(11:11:29 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Ian> ::glares, but sits back down::
(11:11:36 PM) EnsRyanCarter: Jvar> Welp...
(11:11:48 PM) EnsRyanCarter: Jvar> Let's get the fuck out of here.
(11:11:54 PM) EnsRyanCarter: Jvar> ::grins::
(11:12:03 PM) ColDougMcKnight: ACTION> As Jvar thinks, the phaser fire from space intensifies. The shooting's pretty bad, given the chaos up there, but they don't have long.
(11:12:04 PM) LtCmdrBusard: Sid>::Takes evasive maneuvers, weaving back and forth as she continues to try to get a lock on him.::
(11:12:07 PM) ColDougMcKnight: Good choice.
(11:12:13 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Ian> I have a headache the size of Betazed.
(11:12:29 PM) EnsRyanCarter: Jvar> You guys gonna be pointing those guns at me the whole time? Makes things slower.
(11:12:59 PM) Charity Suite: ::winces:: Well, at least y'all have a head, Suh. Ah ain't gonna lie to ya, we 'bout gave up hope fer ya.
(11:13:00 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> ::dives in behind Shore, hoping that Sid can keep him at bay::
(11:13:27 PM) ColDougMcKnight: ::Grins as he hands Percy off to another marine, and the two help her into the sewer:: Force of habit. Nothing personal. Now let's move. You first.
(11:14:03 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: picks up Cubit and places him in her pocket :: The hypo should help that some. Feelin a bit steadier now?
(11:14:14 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Syvek> ::notes a weakening in their shields and drives a QT through it::
(11:14:22 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Syvek> Direct hit to their engines.
(11:14:24 PM) LtCmdrBusard: ::Percy smiles faintly:: Heh, urgh, never thought all I'd have to do is get shot to get my ass grabbed so much...urgh...
(11:14:25 PM) EnsRyanCarter: Jvar> Alright. ::heads into the sewer::
(11:14:52 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> ::lights up his rear shields with phasers and a couple of microtorps::
(11:15:03 PM) TKirr: Very good, Mr Syvek.
(11:15:05 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Shore> ::breats off the pursuit of Sid and dives after Chaka::
(11:15:14 PM) LtCmdrBusard: Cubit> ::eyestalks peek over the top of the pocket, watching the scene and occasionally whirring curiously::
(11:15:30 PM) ColDougMcKnight: ::As he watches Jvar disappear into the sewer, accompanied by McKnight's last remaining man, McKnight himself remains for just a moment, grinning at the crater being formed from this square:: Nice try, you bush league shits.
(11:15:33 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Ian> ::stands::
(11:16:01 PM) Charity Suite: ::eyes Cubit warily, still not comfortable after the tampon-wielding the little robot did at her::
(11:16:06 PM) ColDougMcKnight: ::With that, he jumps down into the sewer, and the entire away team, Hemingway and Atlantis troops both, haul ass away from the original extraction site::
(11:16:16 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Ian> ::performs the Picard maneuver and eyes the door::
(11:16:26 PM) LtCmdrBusard: Sid> ::Accelerates to stay at Shore's side, trying to limit his options of escape::
(11:16:36 PM) EnsRyanCarter: Jvar> ::running along with the AT to get away from the combat zone::
(11:16:39 PM) Charity Suite: Whoah, big feller. One step at a time. Slow steps, too.
(11:16:57 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Syvek> ::watches the ship list horribly:: They are disabled.
(11:17:13 PM) TKirr: Lieutenant Case, what are the fighters' status?
(11:17:14 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: I'll just keep an eye on him. I dont think we'll be able to keep him from the bridge.
(11:17:19 PM) LtCmdrBusard: ::Percy goes hobble hobble hobble::
(11:17:32 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> ::stays with him, diving and weaving among the battle::
(11:17:41 PM) Charity Suite: ::nods and starts to tidy up::
(11:17:54 PM) Jusstin Case: There's a lot of interference from the asteroid fragments and the ubiquitous weapons fire....
(11:18:02 PM) Jusstin Case: Attempting to sort through it now....
(11:18:13 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Ian> Perceptive of you.. and thank you, doctors.
(11:18:23 PM) ColDougMcKnight: Chaka> ::Weaves in and out of Shore's targeting solution like a champ, keeping him from getting too cocky with repeated love taps from his omnidirectional phasers""
(11:18:27 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> ::even through her adrenaline, she starts to feel drowsy::
(11:18:30 PM) ColDougMcKnight: ::
(11:18:32 PM) Jusstin Case: It looks like we have the upper hand ... for now.
(11:18:56 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: eyes flick up to Ians hair :: I'm sure you'll have questions about your...condition.
(11:19:05 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Ian> My what?
(11:19:10 PM) EnsRyanCarter: Jvar>::still in the state of trying to escape his new friends, but the better option is to live to fight another day::
(11:19:19 PM) Charity Suite: ::quickly slips out the door at that comment::
(11:19:20 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: The toxin that you inhaled.
(11:19:27 PM) Charity Suite: ::not taking the fall for that one::
(11:20:03 PM) TKirr: Mr. Syvek, find something else to pick off, if you would.
(11:20:11 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> :::grabs the hypo from sickbay and jabs her neck with it, but loses Shore::
(11:20:29 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Syvek> We have volunteers, Captain. The two remaining cruisers are moving this way.
(11:21:10 PM) TKirr: Status of the Hemingway?
(11:21:32 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Syvek> ::eyes dart over the console:: They are holding up well.
(11:21:43 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: It was genetically altered and I'm not convinced its worked its way out of your system.
(11:21:51 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Ian> So what do I need to know?
(11:22:06 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> Damn! ::dives after him::
(11:22:23 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: Well, I'd start by NOT smoking any of your remaining cigars.
(11:22:35 PM) Charity Suite: ::decided that T'Kirr should prolly be aware that Ian's awake:: +T+ Case, is now a good time ta talk to yer boss?
(11:22:37 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Ian> Naturally.
(11:22:47 PM) ColDougMcKnight: ACTION> THE Hemingway's dual reactor powered shields once again prove their worth as she swiftly gets the better of an Orion destroyer in a slugout.
(11:23:03 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Ian> Brief me later.
(11:23:12 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Ian> ::exits sickbay into the TL:: Bridge!
(11:23:18 PM) ColDougMcKnight: (I totally means to caps lock that The.)
(11:23:29 PM) ColDougMcKnight: (meant. God dammit.)
(11:23:38 PM) Jusstin Case: +Charity+ Err ... there's a bit of ... exploding going on right now. May I take a message?
(11:23:51 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> ::falls into a bit of a zone and finds Shore, sticking on him like glue:: +Sharks+ Crazy Horse, Chaka, bring this sunnuvabitch down!
(11:23:52 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: follows after grabbing a hypo ::
(11:23:56 PM) LtCmdrBusard: (Don't you mean "God damnit?" :-D)
(11:24:27 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Ian> ::boldly strides on to the bridge:: Report!
(11:24:50 PM) LtCmdrBusard: Sid> ::Fires everything she's got at Shore::
(11:24:56 PM) Jusstin Case: ::whirls::
(11:25:10 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Shore> +c+ It'll take more than tha- ::loses rear shields and shuts up, climbs hard::
(11:25:14 PM) Jusstin Case: ::wonders who the heck this guy is::
(11:25:16 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> +c+ Stay with him!
(11:25:17 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: slides inside the bridge door just in time to see faces ::
(11:25:28 PM) TKirr: ::turns in astonishment at Blackthorne's voice, and proceeds to stare in at his head::
(11:25:40 PM) Charity Suite: +Jusstin+ Uhmm ... just tell ... The Boss is on the way up.
(11:25:42 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Syvek> Shields at 50% Admiral, weapons fully operational. ::not missing a beat::
(11:25:50 PM) TKirr: ...Ian?
(11:25:51 PM) ColDougMcKnight: Chaka> ::Peels back and climbs after him fast, launching a barrage of micro quantums.::
(11:25:54 PM) Charity Suite: ::knows he'll hear the capitalized The::
(11:26:28 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Ian> ::grins:: Where are we and who are we fighting?
(11:26:36 PM) LtCmdrBusard: ::Pulls up hard, climbing and keeping on feeding Shore's ship with an assful of torpedo::
(11:26:40 PM) EnsRyanCarter: Carter> ::working on keeping the weapons fully operational, making sure that the power conduits are still operational::
(11:26:41 PM) LtCmdrBusard: (*Sid>-)
(11:26:43 PM) Jusstin Case: +Charity+ What?! Oh! Uh ...
(11:26:46 PM) Charity Suite: (Good gods ... seven weeks in a coma, and you can't give a girl an entire minute before you pop onto the Bridge? :-P )
(11:27:05 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> ::herding him when he tries to get away::
(11:27:09 PM) TKirr: The Orions... ::continues to stare:: What happened to your hair?
(11:27:13 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> +c+ Looking a bit thing there Andre.
(11:27:16 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: *thin
(11:27:17 PM) EnsRyanCarter: Jvar> ::following the marines through the sewer::
(11:27:18 PM) Jusstin Case: ::clears throat:: Uh, Captain T'Kirr? Sick bay reports that Admiral Blackthorne is on the bridge.
(11:27:29 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: (I had to be dramatic!)
(11:27:32 PM) Jusstin Case: ::coughs::
(11:27:33 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Ian> My what?
(11:27:48 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: Silently blesses Suite for covering her ass ::
(11:28:17 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Shore> +c+ I'll make it, I always do. ::breaks hard right, narrowly missing Chaka's fighter::
(11:28:32 PM) ColDougMcKnight: Ragnar> ::Leads the way, bat'leth ready, flanked by two riflemen, just in case they run into any Orion parties before they can be beamed out.::
(11:28:44 PM) TKirr: ::shakes her head and turns back to the viewscreen:: McKnight has a team on the planet below. As soon as we're able, we're beaming them up and getting out of here.
(11:28:58 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Ian> How long until we can extract them?
(11:29:02 PM) LtCmdrBusard: Sid> ::Tails him, spinning so that the bottom of his fighter is exposed to her and opening fire again::
(11:29:25 PM) Charity Suite: +Jusstin+ Just an FYI, Cutie, th' Admiral's gonna think he has more strength than he does. Get him into a chair ASAP.
(11:29:49 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Shore> ::takes several hits to his unshielded aft and curses, climbing hard::
(11:30:00 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: Fills out the rest of her report on her PADD, sends copies to Ian, T'Kirr and the med files ::
(11:30:02 PM) TKirr: As soon as both we and McKnight are clear for transport. As you can see, there's a lot of incoming fire at the moment.
(11:30:37 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Ian> Focus all fire on the lead cruiser and bring it down. Relay that to the fighters.
(11:30:41 PM) Charity Suite: ::grins across the table at Roxy:: Mebbe th' Admiral won't notice his hair.
(11:31:02 PM) LtCmdrBusard: Sid>::Chuckles, pulling up again and climbing fast::
(11:31:11 PM) Jusstin Case: +Charity+ Right ... I'll see what I can do.
(11:31:25 PM) Jusstin Case: +Charity+ ... Has his head always looked like that?
(11:31:39 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> ::climbs hard and follows, getting a microtorp lock, fires all six that she has left::
(11:31:40 PM) TKirr: ::nods, finding it suddenly strange to be carrying out orders instead of initiating them::
(11:31:52 PM) Charity Suite: +Jusstin+ Prolly not a good idear to stare.
(11:32:08 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Shore> ::sees the six incoming torps and his eyes go wide:: No!
(11:32:13 PM) Charity Suite: (whoops, sorry Roxy! edit my last comment to you out)
(11:32:20 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> Shore's fighter scatters into flaming bits before he can eject.
(11:32:29 PM) TKirr: +Harper+ Atlantis to Firefly, status report.
(11:32:46 PM) EnsRyanCarter: Jvar> ::tunnel shakes and debris flakes off the walls and mist the air:: So when are we gettin' out of here?
(11:32:51 PM) LtCmdrBusard: Sid> Yeehaw! That was a hell of a chase!
(11:32:56 PM) ColDougMcKnight: (Maybe he can still get his revenge by haunting Blackthorne's fighter or something.)
(11:33:09 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> +Atlantis+ Firefly here, just a few more to mop up and we're out of bandits. Also pleased to note the death of Andre Shore.
(11:33:16 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> ::sounding very, very smug::
(11:33:29 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: hopes Ian sits down before he falls down ::
(11:33:57 PM) TKirr: +Harper+ ::takes in the information with a glance to Ian:: Concentrate your fire on the lead cruiser. We need to bring it down.
(11:34:30 PM) Jusstin Case: Um ... Admiral? ::clears throat::
(11:34:35 PM) LtCmdrBusard: ::Percy gets herself a field dressing for her leg and chugs some painkillers:: Mmm...
(11:34:37 PM) TKirr: ::moves aside from the chair, motioning for Ian to sit::
(11:34:41 PM) ColDougMcKnight: ACTION> Hemingway comes in from behind, hammering the cruiser from behind with a full phaser spread while Atlantis hits it from the front.
(11:34:45 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> +Atlantis+ Roger that actual. +Sharks+ Form up with the Seadogs and attack the lead cruiser. Chaka, stay on the fighters attacking us.
(11:34:58 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Ian> Yes... Lieutenant?
(11:35:25 PM) LtCmdrBusard: Sid> ::Attack, attack, attack the lovely cruiser!::
(11:35:28 PM) EnsRyanCarter: Jvar> ::can also hear footsteps pounding the ground and the muffled sound of voices, as they pass by drainage grates, the people in the city are running in a panic or looting. Almost wishes he could be up there lootin' with them::
(11:35:31 PM) Jusstin Case: I have word from Sick Bay ... ::still trying not to stare::
(11:35:41 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Ian> ::remembers Shore from the squadron, wonders::
(11:35:45 PM) Jusstin Case: The doctors request that you ... um ... sit down, sir.
(11:36:06 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Ian> ::sits:: Shore is dead?
(11:36:07 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: rolls her eyes...waits ::
(11:36:33 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> ::fired up from killing that bastard, swoops across the capital ship, firing at will::
(11:37:41 PM) TKirr: ::tries not to distract herself with Ian's hair, telling herself it's just hair, yet can't help but wonder the implications::
(11:38:10 PM) ColDougMcKnight: Sellers> ::Gathers the 18 remaining Seadogs into a full fighting wing as the entire squadron descends on the cruiser with a withering hail of pulse phaser fire to avenge the 6 destroyed Peregrines.::
(11:39:15 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> The cruiser can't stand up to the firepower of the Atlantis, Hemingway, and both of their fighter squadrons, and falls apart in an ungraceful flaming heap.
(11:39:24 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: notices T'Kirr staring, pokes a few buttons on the PADD and sends an amended report with attached picture ::
(11:39:53 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Hail the second cruiser.
(11:40:29 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> ::grinning madly as she loops around and picks off one of the few remaining Orion fighters::
(11:40:47 PM) ColDougMcKnight: ::Looks up through one of the grates:: The bombardmen't stopped. I'm sure hoping that's good news for us.
(11:41:03 PM) LtCmdrBusard: ::Percy crosses her fingers::
(11:42:20 PM) EnsRyanCarter: Jvar> Too bad, I was hoping to see a little more action.
(11:42:32 PM) TKirr: They're responding, Admiral.
(11:43:01 PM) ColDougMcKnight: No offense, Mister, because I'm sure you like things nice and shady...but this place is a hole.
(11:43:17 PM) TKirr: Onscreen.
(11:43:43 PM) Charity Suite: Random Bridge Person> ::momentarily blinded by Ian's hair, trips down the ramp::
(11:43:51 PM) EnsRyanCarter: Jvar> I had some good deals go down here. Good times. Too bad I won't be coming back any time soon, well, ever.
(11:44:12 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: This is Admiral Ian Blackthorne of the Atlantis. You've lost the battle, with only one cruiser, two destroyers, and no fighters left. Stand down what remains of your fleet, allow us to retrieve our men, and we'll be on our way without blowing you to hell. You have thirty seconds to decide.
(11:45:04 PM) EnsRyanCarter: Jvar> ::hopes that the bombing also got rid of some business associates::
(11:45:04 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> A tense few seconds pass...
(11:45:09 PM) ColDougMcKnight: You cut the right deal, and you might be surprised what's possible.
(11:45:18 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> And then the remains of their battlegroup moves away.
(11:45:35 PM) Jusstin Case: They're -- they're withdrawing!
(11:45:40 PM) EnsRyanCarter: Jvar> I didn't think Starfleet was in the deal cutting business.
(11:45:40 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Drop shields, beam out our team. Recall the Mustangs.
(11:45:50 PM) TKirr: +Atlantis+ T'Kirr to McKnight.
(11:46:00 PM) TKirr: ((Erm))
(11:46:10 PM) TKirr: +AT+ Stand by for transport.
(11:46:14 PM) Charity Suite: Random Bridge Person>::wincing, getting up and retrieving their stuff:: (m) I think his hair scared them away ...
(11:46:26 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: +Sickbay+ Blackthorne to sickbay, prepare for possible incoming wounded.
(11:46:27 PM) ColDougMcKnight: It's not what we're known for...but only half of us are Star Fleet.
(11:46:37 PM) ColDougMcKnight: +T'Kirr+ McKnight here.
(11:47:01 PM) ColDougMcKnight: (Oops, sorry.)
(11:47:10 PM) LtCmdrBusard: ::Percy smiles at hearing it's time to transport:: Woo!
(11:47:30 PM) TKirr: ACTION> The Away Team plus its special guest is beamed aboard.
(11:47:38 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: standing on the bridge :: Aye sir. I'm thinking you might want to retire to your quarters fairly soon, that hypo's going to wear off.
(11:47:45 PM) EnsRyanCarter: Jvar> Well then, things are looking up and up ::transported up to the Atlantis::
(11:48:01 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: ::eyes Carre:: Soon.
(11:48:16 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: +Harper+ Atlantis to Firefly, recall Mustangs.
(11:48:52 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> ::hears Blackthorne's voice and perks up:: +Atlantis+ AYE SIR! +Sharks+ Return to base!
(11:48:53 PM) EnsRyanCarter: ::even before the battle's died down, already has a manifest of all the things that he needs to go and repair, gets to work on that::
(11:48:53 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: approaches and hypos him up again :: You have about 30 minutes before this one wears off, you'll want to be horizonal. :: heads for sickbay ::
(11:49:11 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Ian> ::pinches his brow and surveys the scene::
(11:49:42 PM) EnsRyanCarter: Jvar> ::appears in the Atlantis' transporter room with the away team::
(11:49:50 PM) ColDougMcKnight: ::Nods to Jvar, as well as two of his men:: If you'll follow me, we're headed for the safest place in this entire sector. Complete with a hot meal and a nice, soft bed.
(11:49:54 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> ::lands in the Atlantis's assault bay and powers down the Boudica::
(11:50:09 PM) TKirr: ::turns to look at Ian and is only slightly successful in hiding how grateful she is to see him conscious, but it's somewhat subdued by the shock of the sight of him::
(11:50:21 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: ::looks to T'Kirr::: Do they have him?
(11:50:37 PM) EnsRyanCarter: Jvar> Safest place in the sector, huh?
(11:50:47 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> ::jumps out of the fighter and cheers::
(11:51:00 PM) LtCmdrBusard: ::Percy watches the big men leave and waits patiently as possible for the med team. She'll be damned if she's hobbling her ass to Sick Bay::
(11:51:01 PM) EnsRyanCarter: Jvar> ::glancing around the transporter room:: Not bad...
(11:51:12 PM) TKirr: Yes.
(11:51:36 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Are all fighters back aboard their respective ships?
(11:51:41 PM) LtCmdrBusard: Sid> ::Powers down her fighter, grinning as she exits it with a thumbs up to Harper::
(11:51:50 PM) TKirr: ::nods:: All ships and personnel aboard.
(11:52:18 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Relay these coordinates to the Hemingway. Set a course, warp eight.
(11:52:25 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: ::cites of coordinates::
(11:52:29 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: *off
(11:52:29 PM) ColDougMcKnight: Thar> ::Jumps from his cockpit:: This calls for a drink! No, wait. Two drinks. It's Tuesday!
(11:52:44 PM) LtCmdrBusard: Sid> I'll drink to that!
(11:52:48 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> ::high fives Sid:: Good shooting Sharks!
(11:53:05 PM) LtCmdrBusard: Sid> ::is high-fived!::
(11:53:07 PM) TKirr: ::types them in, quietly:: Aye, sir.
(11:53:16 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Execute.
(11:53:39 PM) TKirr: ::bleep--->whoosh::
(11:53:39 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> Atlantis and Hemingway warp off into the black, leaving behind a very sore Orion fleet.
(11:53:41 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM
(11:53:43 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM
(11:53:44 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM
(11:53:50 PM) TKirr: ::pauses::
(11:53:53 PM) Jusstin Case: ::pauses::
(11:53:55 PM) LtCmdrBusard: ::Percy sits for a VERY LONG TIME::
(11:53:59 PM) Charity Suite: ::paused::
(11:53:59 PM) LtCmdrBusard: ::pauses:: :-P
(11:54:10 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: WOW we got through all of that. Sorry to run so late, but it needed to get done!
(11:54:13 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: Paused
(11:54:51 PM) EnsRyanCarter left the room.
(11:54:58 PM) CptHacker left the room.
(11:55:06 PM) CptHacker entered the room.
(11:55:14 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Great work everyone!
(11:55:31 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Next week we'll wrap up the loose ends from this so we'll be clear to move on to something else the following sim.
(11:55:33 PM) TKirr: /pant
(11:55:36 PM) EnsRyanCarter entered the room.
(11:55:40 PM) Jusstin Case: ::nod::
(11:55:44 PM) Jusstin Case: That'll teach 'em!
(11:56:05 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: Hope we have a barber on board. >.>
(11:56:19 PM) Jusstin Case: But for now, this science officer needs to get to bed. I'll catch you all next week!
(11:56:20 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Now he'll actually need dye :(
(11:56:24 PM) Charity Suite: Ah kin call mah Aunt Daisy-Mae
(11:56:29 PM) TKirr: See you, Case. Thanks =)
(11:56:35 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Night Rob!
(11:56:35 PM) Jusstin Case: Ta ta!
(11:56:36 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: Night guys
(11:56:43 PM) Jusstin Case: And good to see you again, Glenn. :-)
(11:56:49 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Anyway, that was hectic and very well done. Good work. You've earned a Lost Harbor sim.
(11:56:50 PM) EnsRyanCarter: good to see you too Roberto
(11:56:57 PM) Jusstin Case left the room.
(11:57:11 PM) ColDougMcKnight: Woo, Lost Harbor!
(11:57:19 PM) EnsRyanCarter: Lost Harbor?
(11:57:20 PM) LtCmdrBusard: Hooray! Lost Harbor on a cane! ;-P
(11:57:34 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: I'm sure you'll get fixed up during the wrap up next week!
(11:57:39 PM) ColDougMcKnight: Remember that holodeck program where Janeway dated a hologram, because she fails at life?
(11:57:52 PM) LtCmdrBusard: WE MADE A BIGGER ONE
(11:57:53 PM) TKirr: =/
(11:57:53 PM) EnsRyanCarter: I try to block Voyager out of my mind.
(11:57:55 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: Poor Percy, hope you dont get stuck there for too long. Cubit will make sure you get rescued!
(11:58:07 PM) LtCmdrBusard: Yay! Valiant little robot, go!
(11:58:21 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: I'm adding Cubit to the NPC list.
(11:58:25 PM) EnsRyanCarter: but you mean that little village they used to go too?
(11:58:25 PM) LtCmdrBusard: Yay!
(11:58:30 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: cheers ::
(11:58:54 PM) ColDougMcKnight: Anyway, it's kind of like that. A continuously running holodeck program, of a South Pacific island, circa 1935 or so.
(11:59:02 PM) EnsRyanCarter: oh...
(11:59:16 PM) ColDougMcKnight: We basically based it on Cape Suzette. Or at least I did. Because I miss Tale Spin.
(11:59:17 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: There's a bar.
(11:59:23 PM) EnsRyanCarter: ahhh
(11:59:28 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: And a lighthouse.
(11:59:33 PM) LtCmdrBusard: And a stables!
(11:59:39 PM) EnsRyanCarter: a romantic getaway
(11:59:43 PM) LtCmdrBusard: And an awesome Mexican restaurant.
(11:59:50 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: And a bar!
(11:59:56 PM) ColDougMcKnight: And possibly Others. There's a jungle over the mountains we haven't made use of yet.
(12:00:07 AM) EnsRyanCarter: Others?
(12:00:11 AM) VAdm Blackthorne: I'm trying to map the island but I suck at the photoshop
(12:00:15 AM) ColDougMcKnight: You've never watched Lost?
(12:00:18 AM) DrRoxanneCarre: Other bars of course!
(12:00:22 AM) EnsRyanCarter: I figured that was a lost reference
(12:00:30 AM) EnsRyanCarter: nope, I have never watched an episode of Lost.
(12:00:33 AM) LtCmdrBusard: Carre, you alcoholic!
(12:00:37 AM) Charity Suite: I thought they moved the island ...?
(12:00:54 AM) VAdm Blackthorne: I never watched Lost
(12:01:01 AM) ColDougMcKnight: Yes, they did. It'
(12:01:04 AM) ColDougMcKnight: s...weird.
(12:01:08 AM) Charity Suite: Me either. But AIM had some blurb about it.
(12:01:19 AM) EnsRyanCarter: yeah the Casmir Effect
(12:01:32 AM) EnsRyanCarter: some time travel/space-time moving deal
(12:01:40 AM) VAdm Blackthorne: How bizarre.
(12:01:48 AM) ColDougMcKnight: Anyway, I think I'd like to lie down a bit, maybe get some coffee. So, I'll see you all next week. Night, folks!
(12:01:56 AM) EnsRyanCarter: night Mike.
(12:01:56 AM) DrRoxanneCarre: Night Doug
(12:02:06 AM) VAdm Blackthorne: There's a few logs set in Lost Harbor in the google group, as well as a couple of chatlogs around August-September timeframe if you're curious.
(12:02:11 AM) VAdm Blackthorne: Night Mike.
(12:02:13 AM) DrRoxanneCarre: Night everyone, see ya next week.
(12:02:16 AM) TKirr: Night, Doug, good job. =)
(12:02:18 AM) VAdm Blackthorne: Night Roxy
(12:02:22 AM) EnsRyanCarter: it'll be more fun as a surprise.
(12:02:23 AM) ColDougMcKnight left the room.
(12:02:24 AM) DrRoxanneCarre left the room.
(12:02:40 AM) EnsRyanCarter: :)
(12:02:40 AM) LtCmdrBusard: Damnit, Mike's absconding with my bed! Away!
(12:02:44 AM) LtCmdrBusard: ::Flees::
(12:02:58 AM) LtCmdrBusard: 'Night guys :-P
(12:03:02 AM) TKirr: Night. =P
(12:03:03 AM) VAdm Blackthorne: Night Rachel
(12:03:09 AM) Charity Suite: ::chuckles:: Night
(12:03:10 AM) LtCmdrBusard left the room.
(12:03:22 AM) VAdm Blackthorne: I'm so glad to be awake :V
(12:03:23 AM) CptHacker left the room.
(12:04:41 AM) Charity Suite: My pillow's calling, and I have to answer. I think it keeps Ken awake.
(12:04:47 AM) Charity Suite: Then he gets crabby.
(12:04:50 AM) EnsRyanCarter: I need to eat dinner
(12:04:51 AM) VAdm Blackthorne: Night Gem! :D
(12:04:54 AM) Charity Suite: No one likes when Ken gets crabby.
(12:04:58 AM) VAdm Blackthorne: Noooooo
(12:05:02 AM) TKirr: Hehe, goodnight
(12:05:04 AM) EnsRyanCarter: and then...kill some zombies.
(12:05:13 AM) VAdm Blackthorne: I think I need to kill Geth.
(12:05:14 AM) Charity Suite: Night, all y'all. Nice hair, Ian.
(12:05:17 AM) VAdm Blackthorne: Shush you!
(12:05:21 AM) Charity Suite: ::smirks and runs::
(12:05:28 AM) VAdm Blackthorne: ::shoots a rubber band after her::
(12:05:28 AM) Charity Suite left the room.
(12:05:42 AM) TKirr: Good to have you... Glenn, is it?
(12:05:47 AM) EnsRyanCarter: yes,
(12:05:52 AM) EnsRyanCarter: it's Glenn.
(12:05:55 AM) VAdm Blackthorne: Or Glink
(12:05:59 AM) EnsRyanCarter: Glink too.
(12:06:02 AM) TKirr: /snicker
(12:06:06 AM) EnsRyanCarter: Akira, Tombs
(12:06:14 AM) EnsRyanCarter: whatever is easiest for you. :)
(12:06:15 AM) VAdm Blackthorne: omg Tombs
(12:06:19 AM) VAdm Blackthorne: That's old school
(12:06:25 AM) EnsRyanCarter: that's 1995 old school
(12:06:28 AM) VAdm Blackthorne: Yup yup
(12:06:39 AM) TKirr: Hah.. I was 14 then. o_O
(12:06:40 AM) VAdm Blackthorne: That's the year I joined too
(12:06:47 AM) EnsRyanCarter: I was 15
(12:06:51 AM) VAdm Blackthorne: I was also 15, oi
(12:07:01 AM) VAdm Blackthorne: Never thought I'd be still doing this pushing 30
(12:07:08 AM) TKirr: No joke
(12:07:14 AM) EnsRyanCarter: I'm 28 now...
(12:07:17 AM) EnsRyanCarter: I make games, play games...
(12:07:23 AM) EnsRyanCarter: all about games.
(12:07:23 AM) TKirr: ::shakes fist at a certain recruiter::
(12:07:30 AM) VAdm Blackthorne: ::snickers at T'Kirr:
(12:07:46 AM) TKirr: You make games? Cool.
(12:07:56 AM) EnsRyanCarter: yeah
(12:08:16 AM) TKirr: I make art. >_> Or try to. Pick at it, anyway. Until it turns into something. And play games.
(12:08:21 AM) TKirr: Mostly play games.
(12:08:24 AM) VAdm Blackthorne: Glenn, you were an original Atlantean, right?
(12:08:28 AM) EnsRyanCarter: I was.
(12:08:29 AM) TKirr: Mostly one game. -_-
(12:08:32 AM) EnsRyanCarter: Joined July 14 1997
(12:08:36 AM) VAdm Blackthorne: I snagged you along with half the Gamma crew
(12:08:37 AM) EnsRyanCarter: or whatever date we started.
(12:08:43 AM) VAdm Blackthorne: June 14, but yes
(12:08:45 AM) EnsRyanCarter: I seem to remembered it was Bastille day
(12:08:50 AM) EnsRyanCarter: ahh... June 14th
(12:08:53 AM) EnsRyanCarter: I'm on the plaque.
(12:08:55 AM) EnsRyanCarter: I can't believe that.
(12:09:00 AM) VAdm Blackthorne: You designed the damn plaque
(12:09:01 AM) EnsRyanCarter: that's been around so long.
(12:09:05 AM) EnsRyanCarter: I know.
(12:09:06 AM) TKirr: Oh yeah!
(12:09:14 AM) EnsRyanCarter: and the frame for the "other woman"
(12:09:19 AM) EnsRyanCarter: and the logo on the front page.
(12:09:21 AM) VAdm Blackthorne: And the graphic logo
(12:09:31 AM) EnsRyanCarter: and that starfleet badge thing.
(12:09:48 AM) EnsRyanCarter: It was fun man, it'll be fun again
(12:09:57 AM) TKirr: Sure will.
(12:09:59 AM) VAdm Blackthorne: I hope you enjoy being back
(12:10:23 AM) EnsRyanCarter: it's nice to find time to do something creative again.
(12:10:37 AM) EnsRyanCarter: since I'm trying to do some more writing in my off time from work.
(12:10:47 AM) EnsRyanCarter: although I think in March-April-May things will get crazy at the office.
(12:10:48 AM) VAdm Blackthorne: Oh, we like writing.
(12:10:56 AM) EnsRyanCarter: but we'll see how things go.
(12:11:06 AM) EnsRyanCarter: the last project wasn't bad, so maybe this one won't be.
(12:11:11 AM) TKirr: Making anything I know?
(12:11:22 AM) EnsRyanCarter: Do you own a Wii?
(12:11:27 AM) TKirr: No. -_-
(12:11:29 AM) VAdm Blackthorne: Oh I do I do!
(12:11:38 AM) EnsRyanCarter: the last game I worked on was MySims Kingdom
(12:12:10 AM) EnsRyanCarter: unless your like 9 years old you probably won't be going nuts for it.
(12:12:20 AM) TKirr: Mm.
(12:13:05 AM) EnsRyanCarter: what games do you play?
(12:13:21 AM) TKirr: EQ2
(12:13:34 AM) EnsRyanCarter: not WoW?
(12:13:42 AM) EnsRyanCarter: like everyone else on the face on the planet? :)
(12:13:43 AM) TKirr: 'Cause I played EQ1
(12:13:47 AM) EnsRyanCarter: ahhh
(12:13:51 AM) EnsRyanCarter: I tried EQ2
(12:13:54 AM) EnsRyanCarter: but I never got into it.
(12:13:59 AM) EnsRyanCarter: mainly to play the game with Charity
(12:14:08 AM) VAdm Blackthorne: I haven't logged into WoW since I got my 360 :v
(12:14:11 AM) TKirr: I hope to play Aion when it releases here
(12:14:21 AM) EnsRyanCarter: where's here?
(12:14:26 AM) TKirr: The US
(12:14:40 AM) EnsRyanCarter: oh ok
(12:14:46 AM) TKirr: Since it's Korean
(12:15:00 AM) EnsRyanCarter: ahh, I don't know that one.
(12:15:02 AM) TKirr: Amazingly beautiful
(12:15:07 AM) EnsRyanCarter: I mainly play games on my 360
(12:15:12 AM) EnsRyanCarter: although I got L4D for Steam
(12:15:18 AM) EnsRyanCarter: and was checking that out last night.
(12:15:51 AM) VAdm Blackthorne: zombiezombiezombie
(12:15:58 AM) TKirr: I don't have money to buy console systems and games for them. =/
(12:16:11 AM) EnsRyanCarter: oh NCSoft
(12:16:13 AM) TKirr: Let alone computer upgrades I need
(12:16:41 AM) EnsRyanCarter: 360s are getting cheaper
(12:16:47 AM) EnsRyanCarter: and I think more stable.
(12:17:01 AM) TKirr: Does it need a TV, 'cause I don't have one. =P
(12:17:10 AM) EnsRyanCarter: oh... yes it does.
(12:17:19 AM) TKirr: Just my trusty monitor
(12:17:21 AM) EnsRyanCarter: unless your monitor supports HDMI, component, or something.
(12:17:34 AM) TKirr: Hm, not sure
(12:17:35 AM) VAdm Blackthorne: Many LCDs do
(12:17:55 AM) TKirr: What's component? Composite?
(12:18:05 AM) EnsRyanCarter: composite is yellow, red, and white
(12:18:10 AM) EnsRyanCarter: component has 5 wires.
(12:18:13 AM) TKirr: Right, what's compone... oh
(12:18:14 AM) EnsRyanCarter: red, white, yellow, blue, green
(12:18:28 AM) TKirr: TV's have those? o_O
(12:18:39 AM) EnsRyanCarter: yeah :)
(12:18:54 AM) EnsRyanCarter: what kind of art do you do?
(12:19:11 AM) TKirr: Nothing professional, just a hobby
(12:19:20 AM) TKirr: Drawing Blackthorne atm
(12:19:25 AM) EnsRyanCarter: cool.
(12:19:28 AM) TKirr: Heh... I say "drawing"...
(12:20:36 AM) EnsRyanCarter: I still draw every now and then.
(12:20:40 AM) TKirr: Anyway, I had to wake up really early to jump in a lake after not sleeping much. -_- Think I'm gonna go crash.
(12:20:48 AM) EnsRyanCarter: yeah I need to eat
(12:20:58 AM) EnsRyanCarter: goodnight Jason, T'Kirr
(12:21:10 AM) TKirr: Night. =)
(12:21:12 AM) VAdm Blackthorne: Night Glenn!
(12:21:21 AM) EnsRyanCarter left the room.