6:59:59 PM ltpercybusard: Hey guys!

7:00:15 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Hey hey

7:01:17 PM VAdm Blackthorne: I'm using an Adama reference in Atlantis tonight as a celebration of this week

7:01:38 PM ltpercybusard: Heh, noice.

7:01:51 PM ltpercybusard: Hiya there! :-)

7:02:01 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Hiya Mike

7:03:07 PM majdougmcknight: Hey hey.

7:04:05 PM majdougmcknight: I'm playing a shitty but addictive Flash game.  Someone IM me when the blue guy shows?

7:04:27 PM ltpercybusard: 'Kay.

7:04:28 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Heh, right on

7:04:37 PM ltpercybusard: What flash game?

7:05:22 PM majdougmcknight: Spider Monkey.

7:05:36 PM ltpercybusard: Eeenteresting.

7:08:29 PM VAdm Blackthorne: WTB Andorian

7:09:36 PM tkirr: WTS Blue Imitation

7:10:33 PM ltpercybusard: WTE Souls

7:10:48 PM tkirr: o_O

7:10:59 PM ltpercybusard: :-D

7:11:57 PM VAdm Blackthorne: 4 more minutes before we start without him

7:15:57 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Okay, let's roll

7:16:25 PM ltpercybusard: 'Kay.

7:16:40 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Major, if you'll do the honors?

7:17:57 PM majdougmcknight: Okay, since we left off...well, it's kind of like how we left off.  A large detachment of Atlantis' marines are holed up in a multi-story parking structure which, as the tallest structure in the immediate vicinity, allows them to

7:18:51 PM majdougmcknight: threaten any Nyberrite approaches with mortar fire.  Eager to move through in force to break the encirclement of their headquarters, they have begun their seige.

7:19:05 PM majdougmcknight: And...am I missing anything?

7:19:31 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Aboard Atlantis, preparations are underway to ensure tip-tip battle readiness.

7:19:44 PM VAdm Blackthorne: tip-top, even.

7:20:22 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Questions?

7:20:29 PM majdougmcknight: None from me, obviously.

7:20:30 PM tkirr: I remember you asking me to ready fighters...

7:20:36 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Yep.

7:20:39 PM tkirr: 'Kay.

7:21:10 PM VAdm Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM

7:21:12 PM VAdm Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM

7:21:13 PM VAdm Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM

7:21:27 PM VAdm Blackthorne: +Busard+ Lt. Busard, report to the Flag Office.

7:22:03 PM ltpercybusard: +Blackthorne+ Aye sir. ::Leaves her station after ensuring it will be filled, and heads for the Flag Office::

7:22:50 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> ::perched in the center seat, her collar sparkling::

7:23:35 PM majdougmcknight: ::Crouched on a nice little stretch of reinforced concrete on the fourth floor, firing away at any targets of opportunity.  They're taking casualties, as small sections of the building are blown away by heavy infantry weapons, but

7:23:42 PM tkirr: ::in the Fighter Bay, making things fit in the most efficient manner::

7:24:05 PM ltpercybusard: ::Passes Harper, wondering briefly why she so resembled a peacock showing off its feathers at the moment, before pushing the chime at the Flag Office door::

7:24:37 PM majdougmcknight: so far, the defenders still have the advantage, shooting at any advancing mercs from behind cover.  Mostly, the real fighting consists of shooting duels with more mercs who've taken up firing stations in neabry buildings.::

7:24:50 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Come in.

7:25:11 PM ltpercybusard: ::Enters:: You called for me, sir?

7:25:39 PM VAdm Blackthorne: How's the ship?

7:26:07 PM ltpercybusard: Atlantis is functioning in ideal conditions, sir.

7:26:24 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Absolutely ready should this turn even more violent?

7:27:08 PM majdougmcknight: ::Grimaces as he catches movement in a window out the corner of his eye, and slams a palm down on his comm badge, communicating with the men on the roof.::  Snipers, remember, shoot to wound when possible.  Harder to shoot to stun

7:27:29 PM ltpercybusard: We have systems ready to provide optimum power to phasers, torpedoes and shields, sir.

7:27:37 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Excellent, well done.

7:27:39 PM majdougmcknight: with bullets, and if the body count starts to skyrocket, it will not be on our account! 

7:27:45 PM ltpercybusard: Thank you, sir.

7:27:54 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::stands and circles around his altar-like desk::

7:28:10 PM VAdm Blackthorne: At ease a moment, Percy.

7:28:30 PM ltpercybusard: ::Quirks an eyebrow slightly, before standing at ease.::

7:28:31 PM majdougmcknight: Estebez> +McKnight+ Understood, sir!  Photon mortars still set to heavy stun!

7:29:06 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::sits on the edge of the desk::

7:29:22 PM VAdm Blackthorne: I realize that you and I don't necessarily see eye to eye on the means to achieve a necessary end, and even if that doesn't change, I recognize the effort you've made to respect and uphold the best traditions of the uniform.

7:30:06 PM VAdm Blackthorne: The price of wearing the uniform can be high - sometimes too high - but you have held yourself to its standards with absolute resilience.

7:30:26 PM ltpercybusard: ::Pauses for a moment, looking slightly shocked.:: ...Thank you, sir.

7:30:52 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::clasps his hands in his lap:: Starfleet Command has recommended you for a promotion, which like every promotion in Third Fleet requires my approval.

7:31:17 PM majdougmcknight: ::Frowns::  Something's not right.

7:31:25 PM VAdm Blackthorne: This may come as a surprise to you, given our interactions as of late, but my decision to address this matter was clear and quick.

7:31:30 PM majdougmcknight: Red shirt off to the side> Sir?

7:32:22 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Lieutenant, I have no reservations neither about your abilities as an engineer, nor the trust I place you in to perform the most crucial tasks in the line of duty.

7:32:27 PM majdougmcknight: They're being too conservative.  Sure, a straight up charge probably won't work, but they know we're not shooting at full power.  They should be trying to make their way across with improvised cover.  Hover cars, park benches...

7:33:01 PM majdougmcknight: They're waiting for something.  Reinforcements, maybe.  Hold fast, corporal.

7:33:03 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::takes a closed box from the top of his desk::

7:33:04 PM VAdm Blackthorne: With the animosity and mistrust in the air on Atlantis right now, I think we could all do with a reminder of that trust - a clear vote of confidence.

7:33:14 PM majdougmcknight: Red shirt> Sir.

7:33:41 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::stands, opening the box and taking out a half-pip, holding up in two fingers between them::

7:33:43 PM VAdm Blackthorne: It is my hope that this pip will serve as such a reminder for you every time you pin it on.

7:33:46 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Ten-hut!

7:34:15 PM ltpercybusard: ::It took her about half a moment to jump to attention again::

7:34:26 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::pins the pip on her collar:: Persephone Busard, I hereby grant you the rank of Lieutenant Commander, with all rights and privileges thereof.

7:35:19 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::stands to in front of her and salutes:: Congratulations, Commander.

7:35:25 PM ltpercybusard: ::Is silent for a moment, before offering the beginnings of a smile, and quietly:: Thank you sir....very much.

7:35:48 PM tkirr: ((Congratulations!))

7:36:04 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ((Drinks on Percy after the sim!)

7:36:10 PM ltpercybusard: (Thanks!...Does this mean I have to change my SN now? :-P)

7:36:12 PM VAdm Blackthorne: You've earned it. ::returns the smile::

7:37:07 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Now, there's a job to do - time for celebration afterwards. Dismissed.

7:38:03 PM ltpercybusard: ::Salutes:: Aye, sir. ::And then exits, heading back to the engine room with a bit less helplessness than she'd been feeling previously.::

7:38:54 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::strides out onto the bridge:: Report.

7:39:15 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> Our troops are holding their ground, Admiral.

7:40:22 PM majdougmcknight: ::Frowns once again, this time with the expression accompanied by a sinking feeling in his stomach, as his ears pick up the distant but closing whining sound of high powered anti-grav units.::

7:40:32 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> Atlantis is reporting one hundred percent readiness.

7:40:44 PM majdougmcknight: +Estebez+ Estebez, remember what I told you a second ago about the body count?

7:40:57 PM majdougmcknight: Estebez? +McKnight+ Yes, sir?

7:41:01 PM tkirr: ::hauls herself off the trailing edge of a noteworthy fighter's right wing, tearing her eyes away from the PADD in her hand::

7:42:03 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::would give anything to have Discovery with them about now, but hey::

7:42:22 PM majdougmcknight: +Estebez+ Forget it.  Set photon grenades to maximum safe power for mid-range bombardment..

7:43:21 PM majdougmcknight: Estebez> +McKnight+ Yes, sir!

7:43:36 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Very well, keep me appraised if the situation changes.

7:43:52 PM majdougmcknight: +Atlantis bridge+ Atlantis, this is McKnight.  Please respond!

7:44:11 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> +McKnight+ Atlantis here, go ahead.

7:45:03 PM majdougmcknight: +Harper+ Commander- and congrats on the promo, by the way- unless my ears are playing tricks on me, we've got Nyberrite armor inbound!  Can you confirm?

7:45:08 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::pauses::

7:45:25 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> ::eyebrows fly up, looks to tactical:: Stand by.

7:45:37 PM VAdm Blackthorne: I'd say that qualifies as a change in the situation.

7:45:41 PM majdougmcknight: Tac guy> ::Nods grimly::

7:45:56 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> +McKnight+ Confirmed, Major.

7:46:09 PM VAdm Blackthorne: They're going to need air support.

7:46:31 PM VAdm Blackthorne: +T'Kirr+ Commander, prepare to launch Mustangs. I'll be flying this one.

7:46:52 PM majdougmcknight: +Harper+ In that case, any assistance you can render will be appreciated.  We've got artillery standing by, but at the power settings we can safely use here, their shields may be able to take a pounding before they buckle!

7:46:58 PM tkirr: +Blackthorne+ ::looks up at nothing:: Aye, Admiral.

7:47:05 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> +McKnight+ The Admiral is bring air support, Mustangs are launching.

7:47:32 PM majdougmcknight: +Harper+ We'll be waiting to cheer them on!  McKnight out.

7:47:39 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::to Harper:: Commander, the ship is yours. Do. Not. Engage. the Hemingway unless it fires first, stay at red alert. Is that clear?

7:47:58 PM tkirr: +Sharks+ T'Kirr to Mustang pilots, prepare for immediate launch.

7:47:59 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> Aye, Admiral. ::her face grim and resolute::

7:48:23 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::exits to the TL:: Fighter bay.

7:48:46 PM VAdm Blackthorne: I have to see this battle myself.

7:49:05 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> ::remains perched in the center seat, but not preening::

7:49:12 PM majdougmcknight: Gerard> ::As it happens, has already given a similar order.  He knows that unlike on the surface, once shooting starts up here, the conflict will not be containable.::

7:49:17 PM tkirr: ::already in her flightsuit, tosses the PADD at the standalone console and sweeps up the helmet under her fighter on her way up to the cockpit::

7:49:35 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::runs out of the TL and into the assault bay::

7:49:44 PM tkirr: Sharks> ::begin pouring into the fighter bay, those not already rushing about::

7:50:28 PM tkirr: ::spots Blackthorne out of the throng immediately, pausing in donning her helm::

7:50:43 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::darts into the locker room and pulls on his flight suit, grabs his helmet, and runs out::

7:50:53 PM majdougmcknight: ACTION> McKnight's concerns are well founded.  As the marines watch, a trio of tanks approach in triangular formation, 2 squads of mercs already in position between them as their phaser cannons glow brightly and discharge.

7:51:05 PM tkirr: Sharks> ::start mounting the fighters and switching through preflights::

7:51:22 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::jumps into the Boudica and begins a fast pre-flight::

7:51:33 PM VAdm Blackthorne: +Sharks+ Sharks, this is Shark One, commcheck when ready.

7:51:59 PM tkirr: +Sharks+ Sehlat, check.

7:52:11 PM tkirr: Sharks> ::various voices pipe through the comm at intervals::

7:52:36 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::closes his canopy:: +Bridge+ Shark One to bridge, Mustangs away.

7:52:43 PM VAdm Blackthorne: +Sharks+ Launch!

7:52:47 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::slams his throttle forward::

7:52:52 PM majdougmcknight: ACTION> This time, the hole made in the structure is a fair sight bigger.  Several marines are killed in the blast, while the rest in the immediate area are forced to fall back.  Meanwhile, their shields all extended around the

7:52:55 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> +Blackthorne+ Roger that.

7:53:15 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::shoots out of the assault bay and dives toward the planet's surface::

7:53:23 PM majdougmcknight: entire formation, the tanks advance on the parking garage's ground level, even as photon grenades rain down upon their shields.

7:53:25 PM ltpercybusard: ::Looks at the display panel for the fighters as she is alerted to them entering preflight mode, then talks to her officers.:: Alright folks, I want at least three of you prepped for Mustang

7:53:26 PM ltpercybusard: repairs at all times, starting now. The rest of you, find a station and stay there unless told otherwise.

7:53:45 PM VAdm Blackthorne: +Sharks+ Our main targets are their armor that is hitting our marines, avoid collateral damage, is that clear?

7:53:50 PM ltpercybusard: Puddington: ::Puts down his sandwich with a frown, and gets to work.::

7:53:52 PM tkirr: Sharks> ::string out of the bay, loose at first and coming in tighter around Shark One::

7:54:16 PM tkirr: +Sharks+ Roger that.

7:54:49 PM VAdm Blackthorne: +Sharks+ Keep eyes open at all times for planes from the Hemingway, I'm sure she'll launch shortly after us.

7:55:07 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::coming up fast on the surface::

7:55:14 PM majdougmcknight: Shit!  ::Once again, thumps his comm badge::  All ground floor units, fall back to the second story entrance!  Anyone with a heavy weapon, get down there!  Sooner or later, they're going to blast a big enough hole to bring the armor

7:55:15 PM majdougmcknight: in!

7:55:38 PM tkirr: ::pushes planetside in Blackthorne's wake::

7:56:08 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::gets a lock on a tank and long range and launches a microtorp::

7:56:40 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::pulls up, leveling off, fast above the surface::

7:56:51 PM tkirr: ::winces at seeing Blackthorne fire so soon, remembering the order about collateral::

7:57:25 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::had a target lock: :V

7:57:34 PM tkirr: ((You're just that good))

7:57:42 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ((You damn right, I built these things))

7:58:02 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> His torpedo slams into a tank, weakening its shields considerably.

7:58:17 PM majdougmcknight: ACTION> The tanks' communal shielding shudders under the impact, but holds.  Meanwhile, the first two squads are already inside, with more advancing under the cover of their now withering weapons fire.  Speaking of which...

7:59:58 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::Gets a better lock as they approach, fires a salvo::

8:00:00 PM majdougmcknight: ACTION> True to Blackthorne's word, a Nyberrite squadron comes up behind the Mustangs, and launches a volley of micro quantums into the midst of the shark formation.

8:00:04 PM tkirr: ::comes in closer and breaks off slightly left, dropping a torp to pound next to the first before trailing phaser fire across anything in her sights as she shoots by::

8:00:15 PM VAdm Blackthorne: +Sharks+ Break, break, bandits on our six!

8:00:25 PM tkirr: ::rolls away::

8:00:26 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::pulls up hard::

8:00:33 PM tkirr: Sharks> ::scatter::

8:00:34 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::glad he got that salvo off::

8:00:58 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Microquantums, huh, so you want to play rough.

8:01:06 PM majdougmcknight: ACTION> And as the Shark squadron scatters, a SECOND Nyberrite squadron comes screaming down from above, unleashing a punishing rain of pulse phaser fire down on the fighters before they can resume formation.

8:01:10 PM VAdm Blackthorne: +Sharks+ The use of microquantum torpedos is authorized, weapons free.

8:01:33 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::takes a few hits in that barrage:: Bloody hell

8:01:50 PM tkirr: ::corrects quickly to avoid collision with incoming fire, screaming horizontally along the building, shattering windows::

8:01:53 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Peregrines, and upgraded to hell.

8:02:06 PM ltpercybusard: ::Notes the fighters taking damage:: Shit!

8:02:17 PM majdougmcknight: ACTION> Damn straight.  These are the kind of phasers that groups use to go after capital ships.

8:02:20 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::comes about hard, outturning a Nyberrite to get a phaser lock, and fires::

8:02:36 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> ::tapping the center seat's console, watching the surface battle:

8:03:16 PM tkirr: ::locks on the first Nyberrite in her evasion path and fires a quantum::

8:03:31 PM VAdm Blackthorne: +Sharks+ These are Peregrines that he's no doubt upgraded, remember they outgun us, but we have the maneuverability advantage. Don't go toe-to-toe, dogfight them.

8:03:52 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::rolls out as someone tries to go toe to toe with him just then::

8:04:07 PM tkirr: Sharks> Loud and clear, Shark One.

8:04:21 PM tkirr: ((That was + +))

8:04:30 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::pulls up and Immelmans to reverse direction, and waxes the one he phasered with a microquantum::

8:04:44 PM majdougmcknight: Yet again, ACTION> Blackthorne's first target dutifully shows off the flare of its shielding taking the hit, before abruptly turning damn near on a dime.  A maneuver that, even with inertial dampeners, really piles on the Gs,

8:05:18 PM majdougmcknight: so that it can be facing the right way to fire off a pair of microquantums at the Boudica before accelerating to find a new target.  Just then, Blackthorne's comm activates.

8:06:00 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::climbs to avoid the torps::

8:06:04 PM majdougmcknight: +Blackthorne+ Admiral, I was hoping you'd show up yourself!  Shane Sellers here.  Circumstances or no, just wanted to say, it's an honor.

8:06:35 PM VAdm Blackthorne: +Sellers+ Hate to meet you like this, but likewise.

8:06:49 PM tkirr: ::levels off at ground level, releasing a succession of torps at a cluster of tanks, hoping the result will shake the fighter hot on her tail before she banks off::

8:06:54 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::takes the moment to order Sharks 4-6 to attack a specific tank out of the scrum::

8:07:38 PM majdougmcknight: ACTION> The first microquantum screams past Blackthorne's plane, but the first gets a good lock, and adjusts course.  Only the shields save his wing from being sheared right off.

8:07:39 PM tkirr: Sharks 4-6> ::peel off and aim for the doomed tank::

8:07:45 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::winces::

8:08:15 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::comes back around, barrel rolling, and gets a MQ lock, lets it fly::

8:08:28 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::while phasering another target he passed::

8:09:00 PM majdougmcknight: ACTION> As for T'Kirr, no such luck.  Her pursuer is gutsy, and pretty reckless.  Holding his course at just meters off the ground, he unleashes a torrent of pulse phaser fire at her aft thrusters.

8:09:53 PM tkirr: ::charged by blaring alarms, rolls desperately, then darts one way, then the other::

8:09:56 PM majdougmcknight: ::Meanwhile, McKnight himself is also at the second story entrance, trying to hold off the merc infantry that is now on the first floor in force.::

8:10:54 PM ltpercybusard: ::Eyes go wide when she sees T'Kirr's fighter take a hit. Quietly prays that she recovers alright.::

8:11:03 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::winces and loops up around::

8:11:09 PM majdougmcknight: ACTION> T'Kirr's pursuer can't match those tight turns, and he knows it.  So, he goes for something a little less subtle.  Transferring all power to forward shields, he simply guns the accelerator, and rams her from behind. 

8:11:35 PM majdougmcknight: ACTION> Hoping to take out her shields in such a way, he regardless fires off his phasers yet again at point blank range.

8:12:04 PM tkirr: ::cries out in surprise and alarm::

8:12:17 PM ltpercybusard: No!

8:12:42 PM majdougmcknight: ACTION> And in Blackthorne's corner, having identified him as one of the real threats, a pair of Peregrines now swoop in after him, weapons blazing.

8:13:12 PM tkirr: ::quickly weighing her options, drops to the ground, using it as a physical break as sparks shower upwards from massive friction::

8:13:23 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::his rear shields take a beating::

8:14:06 PM majdougmcknight: ACTION> That DOES get the Peregrine off her tail, as the pilot struggles to right himself, shields taking a hit as they help him bank off a nearby building's now trashed 5th and 6th floors.

8:14:19 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::flip-turns and charges right through::

8:15:19 PM majdougmcknight: ACTION> Blackthorne won't evade THIS attack so easily.  One of the pilots is fast enough to catch him head on with a tractor beam, the link causing both craft to spin wildly out of control.

8:15:22 PM tkirr: ::manages to keep enough momentum to angle airborne again and attemps to restart her shields, but they merely flicker in response::

8:15:37 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::strains against the G-forces to right his fighter::

8:16:40 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::comes up under the other guy and flicks off a torpedo::

8:16:57 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> ::frowning::

8:17:05 PM tkirr: ::spares a glance at her sensor readings as her ship limps for cover, assessing the battlefield::

8:17:59 PM majdougmcknight: ACTION> Taking a glancing hit, the Peregrine finally disengages his tractor, causing both vessels to spin away from each other.  But Blackthorne gets no respite.  The second of the duo comes screaming back in, nailing him with

8:18:01 PM majdougmcknight: phaser fire.

8:18:16 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Bloody hell...

8:18:21 PM tkirr: ::grits her teeth as she manages to erect bits of her shielding, knowing full well her ventral shield emitters are melted, if even still present::

8:18:44 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::fires back with some phasers of his own::

8:19:23 PM ltpercybusard: ::Gets an idea, and turns to an engineer:: Take my station for a moment. +Harper+ Busard to Harper.

8:19:31 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Harper>  +Busard+ Go ahead.

8:19:45 PM tkirr: ::soaring over a couple tanks and noting a small stretch of open sky above, rolls upsidedown to keep her what's left towards ground forces::

8:19:56 PM tkirr: ((shields somewhere in there))

8:19:58 PM majdougmcknight: ACTION> There, Blackthorne finally catches a break.  Having been peppered constantly with Mustang fire, the Peregrine's shields are weakened enough to let a single beam through.  Enough to score carve a shallow but serious gash

8:20:15 PM ltpercybusard: +Harper+ I'd like to suggest a defense strategy to aid Commander T'Kirr. It involves tiny robots that explode and the people around her.

8:20:35 PM majdougmcknight: the side of his plane, forcing him to break off and limp away.  Of course, his wingman comes in with a fresh attack to prevent him from pressing his advantage.

8:21:08 PM ltpercybusard: (Uh...pretend I said "Troops" instead of "Commander T'Kirr")

8:21:21 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> Suggest away.

8:21:38 PM tkirr: ((I'm trying very hard not to explode.))

8:22:09 PM majdougmcknight: ACTION> Good idea, T'Kirr.  Those tanks have microtorps of their own to engage air targets, though they haven't had a chance to use them much.  One does, however, now start closing with her.

8:22:23 PM tkirr: ::finds the tail of a Nyberrite chasing a Shark and unleashes a brutal barrage::

8:22:39 PM ltpercybusard: I have the robots in my quarters. They have a defense setting that forces them to attach to nearest enemy targets and self-destructing. It looks like we could use everything we've got down there right now.

8:22:54 PM ltpercybusard: I can have them beamed down in less than five minutes.

8:22:59 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::flips about and persues the wingman::

8:23:26 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> +Busard+  Get on it, get them near those tanks.

8:24:05 PM majdougmcknight: ACTION> The wingman is in somewhat better shape than his partner, alas, and is thus able to fall back on the hardier design of his plane to try the tactic used on T'Kirr in reverse.

8:24:37 PM ltpercybusard: +Harper+ Aye, ma'am. ::Rushes to her quarters, directing all of her "pets" to the Transporter room, before telling the crewman the coordinates to beam down to. Before they are beamed down, she utters::

8:24:39 PM tkirr: ((wait, what))

8:24:50 PM majdougmcknight: ACTION> He simply transfers power to his aft shields, and slows down abruptly to cut down on time Ian has to land his shots.  Hopefullly, this should force him to break off, so as to avoid the collision.

8:25:09 PM ltpercybusard: Command: Seek and Destroy, target: Tank.

8:25:23 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> ::monitoring the plan::

8:25:48 PM ltpercybusard: Robots>::Beep beep, transport::

8:25:56 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::forced to break off, swearing::

8:26:31 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::finds a tank in his line of fire and gives it another salvo::

8:27:13 PM majdougmcknight: ACTION> And with less forward momentum, the Peregrine is able to turn around quickly, and fire off yet another mircoquantum at his adversary.

8:27:27 PM tkirr: ::notices her tail end is getting better at attracting the nose ends of bandits::

8:27:39 PM ltpercybusard: R> ::Once transported, target and seek to attach to any point of tanks possible, before exploding::

8:28:39 PM majdougmcknight: ACTION> By this point, heavy bombardment has finally managed to reduce 2 of the three tanks of the iniatial group to slag.  And then, the fucking robots.

8:29:04 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::dives in on the bandit that's trailing T'Kirr and gives him what for::

8:29:05 PM tkirr: ::mutters:: Screw it.  ::flicks off her already failing shields and, rushing past gaps in the building, pulls tightly off at a tangent, powering through one of the gaps into the depths of the crumbling building::

8:30:08 PM majdougmcknight: ACTION> Most of the robots are destroyed by small arms fire from the surprised infantry, but eventually, enough robots explode against the weakened shields to allow contact with the chassie.  Needless to say, the crew

8:30:43 PM majdougmcknight: scrambles out in a hurry as their vehicle is destroyed around them.  One armored squadron down, but a mostly intact second one to go.

8:30:51 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> Good job. ::to the air::

8:31:05 PM majdougmcknight: ACTION> Admittedly, more distant from the parking garage, and thus the lesser threat.

8:31:34 PM VAdm Blackthorne: +Sharks+ Get those last tanks ASAP!

8:31:42 PM ltpercybusard: ::Once their impact is confirmed, rushes back to Engineering to resume her duties::

8:31:49 PM majdougmcknight: ACTION> In the air, it's like a conga line.  Blackthorne manages to catch his man, but his pursuer is still coming in from behind HIM, pulse phasers pulsing.

8:31:58 PM VAdm Blackthorne: :rolling through weapons fire::

8:32:22 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::has some shields left, somewhere::

8:32:39 PM tkirr: ::calls upon every shred of reflex in her being and thruster in her fighter to navigate broken support beams, charred remnants, and falling chunks worked loose by her vehicle--

8:32:46 PM tkirr: --before she finds open air out the backside of the Swiss cheese ruins::

8:32:56 PM VAdm Blackthorne: +McKnight+ Blackthorne to McKnight!

8:33:12 PM majdougmcknight: ACTION> Abruptly, a large group of Peregrines break off their engagements.  The reasoning is immediately clear, as the tanks now have clear shots at the incoming Sharks, and unleash a swarm of anti-aircraft torpedoes.

8:33:13 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::in a headspace, dodging fire by instinct::

8:33:26 PM majdougmcknight: +Blackthorne+ McKnight here, sir!

8:33:41 PM VAdm Blackthorne: +McKnight+ Can you get more artillery on that last armor squadron? We're getting pounded!

8:33:49 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::pulls up hard to avoid the AA torps::

8:34:54 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> +Busard+ Good work with the robots, Commander.

8:34:59 PM majdougmcknight: +Blackthorne+ We've had to retreat from the roof, sir!  Nyberrites making strafing runs!  But if you can keep them away from us, we can have those mortars back and place and locked on again in under 2 minutes.  Scout's honor!

8:35:17 PM VAdm Blackthorne: +McKnight+ Alright, here goes.

8:35:20 PM majdougmcknight: (back IN place, that is.)

8:35:37 PM VAdm Blackthorne: +Sharks+ Keep the fighters busy and do not let them strafe the building our troops are in.

8:35:46 PM tkirr: ::comes around the corner, the mass of tanks springing into view, and fires as many quantums as she can before fire starts her way, and she retreats behind the building again::

8:35:47 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::flips about and goes in low::

8:36:16 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> ::deeply furrowing her brow watching the fighters get pounded::

8:36:51 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::catches a pair of Peregrines about to strafe and lets them know he's there with his last MQs::

8:37:28 PM majdougmcknight: ACTION> As Blackthorne goes in low, a Peregrine comes in high, meeting him with attempted death by phasers from above, even though the street below him gets churned up to high holy hell as well.

8:37:50 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::all power to forward shields and phasers back as he cuts off the would-be strafers::

8:38:20 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::sees amazingly in the 0.5 seconds he has to glance at the squadron readout that they're all still in the air::

8:38:24 PM tkirr: +Sharks+ ::searches for Peregrine strafing activity and spots the fighter closing on Shark One, and aims a heavy volley of phaser fire at it::

8:39:26 PM majdougmcknight: ACTION> The Peregrines, amazingly enough, can claim the same.  They're hardy bastards.  However, they're all still working on downing one for good.  A few phaser pulses manage to power past

8:39:28 PM majdougmcknight: Ian's shields, raining down on the hull.

8:39:41 PM tkirr: ::three forths of her shields visibly jumping, does her best to keep her vulnerable side protected::

8:40:04 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::winces, that's gonna leave a mark, as something sparks in his cockpit::

8:40:07 PM tkirr: +Sharks+ Ian!

8:40:13 PM tkirr: ::comes around::

8:40:46 PM VAdm Blackthorne: +Sharks+ Don't count me out.

8:40:47 PM majdougmcknight: ACTION> Just then, true to McKnight's word, the scrambling marines start firing again.  It's a rush job, and one or two grenades initially miss, but soon enough, the ordnance is pounding the Nyberrite shields.

8:41:05 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::is out of MQs but gives that fighter a load of MTs::

8:41:14 PM tkirr: ::phasers blazing, snatches at the shields of several Peregrines, but they're too hardy to notice::

8:42:12 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::flips up and throws a cluster bomb forward into the air at the three fighters in front of him::

8:42:43 PM majdougmcknight: ACTION> The tanks, however, DO notice.  They're turning around, though not before launching one more volley of microtorps to discourage pursuit by fighter.

8:42:46 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::the inertia carries it out of its launcher at high speed in an arc::

8:43:21 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> C'mon, go Sharks..

8:44:35 PM tkirr: Sharks> ::strain against the toughness of the Peregrines, darting about like deadly bees::

8:44:39 PM ltpercybusard: ::A wish echoed in Engineering:: Come on...come on...

8:45:06 PM majdougmcknight: ACTION> Two of the Peregrines break off, managing to avoid the brunt of the blast.  But the third is just too stubborn, and instead guns it, racing past the blast at insane speeds.  His hull is scored anyway by the blast,

8:45:28 PM majdougmcknight: mostly aft, but he does fire off his phasers at Blackthorne in retaliation, all out of torpedoes.

8:45:37 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Sellers, you magnificent bastard, that had to have been you.

8:46:13 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::gets a momentary lock on the tanks and gives them a smart bomb::

8:46:52 PM VAdm Blackthorne: :then flips about and rolls out of the phaser fire::

8:46:55 PM tkirr: ::the explosion of the cluster drawing her attention, watches the brazen pilot on her readout::

8:47:03 PM VAdm Blackthorne: +Sharks+ Stores report, does anyone have any torpedoes left?

8:47:13 PM majdougmcknight: ACTION> That tanks's shields fail, but the armor saves it.  Its left side DOES, however, start to scrape loudly across the pavement as it continues its retreat.

8:47:58 PM majdougmcknight: ACTION> The Peregrines, for their part, start to regroup, forming a shield for the retreating tanks.  Just try any more potshots at them.

8:48:03 PM tkirr: ::peers a moment at her salvo:: +Two quantums, five MT's+

8:48:20 PM tkirr: ((Damn I'm half asleep, +Sharks+))

8:48:35 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Tac NPC> The remaining tanks are retreating, ma'am.

8:48:53 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> +Blackthorne+ Shark One, Atlantis Actual, the tanks are in retreat.

8:49:13 PM VAdm Blackthorne: +Sharks+ Return to base, mission accomplished.

8:49:13 PM tkirr: ::grimly realizes she'd be out if she'd done more fighting and less fleeing::

8:49:37 PM VAdm Blackthorne: +McKnight+ The armor is in retreat, major, that's all we have for you.

8:49:52 PM tkirr: +Sharks+ Roger, Shark One, climbing home.

8:49:58 PM VAdm Blackthorne: +Harper+ Actual, Shark One - Mustangs returning to base.

8:50:27 PM tkirr: Sharks> ::pull from various angles into a makeshift, smoky formation, funneling up towards Atlantis after Shark One::

8:50:28 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::watches all of his planes climb skyward and takes up the rear, making sure there's no pursuit::

8:51:10 PM ltpercybusard: ::Sighs in relief, though the show wasn't over yet. Still, she nodded to the engineers assigned to Mustang duty, and made sure her tool belt was full before leading them to the Mustang bays.

8:51:12 PM ltpercybusard:  She was going to have one hell of a workload.::

8:51:16 PM tkirr: Mustangs> ::move on ahead::

8:51:17 PM VAdm Blackthorne: +Sellers+ Good flying, Sellers.

8:52:36 PM majdougmcknight: Sellers> +Blackthorne+ Hot damn.  First time I've ever had anyone try shooting me down with air to ground weapons.  Pretty damn slick, sir.

8:53:23 PM tkirr: ::approaches the Assault Bay doors, easing in best she can::

8:53:27 PM VAdm Blackthorne: +Sellers+ First time I've ever seen anyone charge through it. Hope to talk about it over a beer next time. Blackthorne out.

8:53:37 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::lands in the assault bay::

8:53:39 PM majdougmcknight: McKnight> ::Never responded to Blackthorne, being treated for multiple disruptor hits to the chest and abdomen.  He'll be fine, of course.  Thank God for good armor.

8:53:44 PM majdougmcknight: ::

8:54:14 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::steps out of Boudica and looks over the damage:: By the Holy Rings and the Sacred Chalice of Rixx, and godDAMN.

8:54:35 PM ltpercybusard: ::Approaches Blackthorne and T'Kirr's ships.:: Welcome back. ::Nods to engineers to get to work::

8:54:49 PM tkirr: ::settles unsteadily on the bay floor, clunking heavily to one side slightly as she drops her engines off::

8:54:57 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Thanks, Commander. I trust you can fix her. ::gestures to the battered fighter::

8:55:36 PM majdougmcknight: Montrose> +Harper+ Atlantis, this is Captain Montrose.  Thanks for the help.  Without their armored support, the Nyberrites can forget about taking this structure.  Not that I doubt they're going to make a damn fine try of it

8:56:05 PM majdougmcknight: anyway.  They're darn secure on the ground level.  Even managed to push into level 2 a ways.  Damn tough men.

8:56:12 PM ltpercybusard: ::Looks over the damage:: She'll recover, sir...how are the troops down there?

8:56:16 PM tkirr: ::climbs out of her cockpit and stripping off her helmet, grimacing at the angle and how close the right wing clears the ground::

8:56:36 PM VAdm Blackthorne: That's enough of this, for sure. I'm ready to talk.

8:56:54 PM VAdm Blackthorne: +Harper+ Blackthorne to Harper. Withdraw all of our ground forces immediately.

8:57:00 PM tkirr: ::takes a deep breath and spots Blackthorne, walking to him::

8:57:04 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> ::blinks:: +Blackthorne+ Aye, Admiral.

8:57:22 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> ::responds to Montrose:: +Montrose+ Captain, stand by for evac.

8:57:26 PM ltpercybusard: ::Nods, then looks to T'Kirr, and with a smile of relief to see her okay, heads to start work on the fighters::

8:57:36 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::smiles at T'Kirr::

8:57:52 PM tkirr: ::shares a look with Percy before she walks off, then turns to Blackthorne::

8:57:53 PM majdougmcknight: Montrose> +Harper+ I'm sorry, could you repeat that, Commander?

8:58:04 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> ::gesturing to the Ops officer to start mass transport::

8:58:10 PM tkirr: Thank you for not dying.

8:58:22 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> +Montrose+ The Admiral is withdrawing all ground forces.

8:58:33 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Likewise. Tricky flying with your shields there.

8:58:52 PM tkirr: Sharks> ::a bustle of talk and activity amongst the landed Mustangs::

8:59:17 PM VAdm Blackthorne: I'm just glad we all made it back.

8:59:30 PM tkirr: ::nods:: You were pretty showy yourself.

8:59:39 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Ops NPC> :::begins coordinating mass-beamouts::

8:59:48 PM majdougmcknight: +Harper+ ...Very well.  We'll give the Nyberrites a couple of grenades, then haul ass to the next level before they can catch us.  I'll be damned if anyone gets shot trying to hand this place over.

8:59:52 PM VAdm Blackthorne: I was out of torpedos, had to throw something at them. A rock wouldn't do.

9:00:16 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> +Montrose+ Sickbay is standing by.

9:00:19 PM tkirr: ::amused, perks a brow instead of a smile::

9:00:58 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::gestures to their planes:: Worst shape I think I've ever made it back in, though.

9:01:19 PM tkirr: ::nods, following his line of sight:: Agreed.

9:01:29 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Let's get to the bridge. We're ending this.

9:01:32 PM majdougmcknight: Gerard> ::Getting the reports coming in.::  Well, I'm sure as hell not paying to fix up downtown.

9:01:45 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> All Atlantis Marines are beamed off the surface. Only poor Shelev is left down there.

9:01:55 PM tkirr: ::nods and follows in his steps::

9:02:16 PM VAdm Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM

9:02:17 PM VAdm Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM

9:02:20 PM VAdm Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM

9:02:24 PM tkirr: ::pauses::

9:02:41 PM ltpercybusard: ::Pauses::

9:02:47 PM majdougmcknight: ::Pauses as well.::

9:03:03 PM VAdm Blackthorne: HotDAMN what a sim

9:03:18 PM ltpercybusard: Eheeehee, that was buckets of fun.

9:03:33 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Congrats to Percy!!

9:03:37 PM VAdm Blackthorne: She also wins Log of the Month!

9:03:41 PM tkirr: Where's my drink

9:03:46 PM tkirr: Oh, double grats!

9:03:47 PM majdougmcknight: Woo!  Look at the big brain on Percy!

9:04:01 PM ltpercybusard: *hands out drinks*

9:04:04 PM ltpercybusard: Heh, thanks :-)

9:04:13 PM VAdm Blackthorne: But now there's a ritual.

9:04:22 PM VAdm Blackthorne: That everyone must go through on their first Atlantis promotion.

9:04:35 PM ltpercybusard: ...Whuh oh.

9:04:36 PM tkirr: <.<

9:04:43 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Major, please do the honors.

9:05:04 PM majdougmcknight: Righto!

9:05:48 PM majdougmcknight: ::Pulls a platter teeming with assorted crawling critters from nowhere, and holds it out with a grin::

9:05:52 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Eat.

9:05:53 PM VAdm Blackthorne: A.

9:05:54 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Bug.

9:05:57 PM majdougmcknight: Eat a bug!

9:05:58 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Eat.

9:06:00 PM VAdm Blackthorne: A.

9:06:00 PM ltpercybusard: LMAO

9:06:02 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Bug.

9:06:07 PM majdougmcknight: Eat a bug!

9:06:09 PM tkirr: EAT A BUG!

9:06:10 PM VAdm Blackthorne: EAT A BUG!

9:06:11 PM VAdm Blackthorne: EAT A BUG!

9:06:13 PM ltpercybusard: Woohoo! ::Eats lots of bugs::

9:06:23 PM tkirr: ::claps wildly::

9:06:24 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::Cheers!::

9:06:44 PM ltpercybusard: Mmm, devouring helpless life...:-D

9:06:44 PM majdougmcknight: ::Holds his drink in his teeth, so he can clap.::

9:06:48 PM tkirr: ...Hakuna Matata?

9:06:53 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Slimy, yet satisfying?

9:07:01 PM tkirr: ::gags::

9:07:03 PM ltpercybusard: Hell yeah!

9:07:07 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::Cheers::

9:07:17 PM ltpercybusard: ::-Does a happy dance::

9:07:29 PM tkirr: Careful, um...

9:07:31 PM tkirr: That pink one.

9:07:40 PM tkirr: It's from Rigel IV.

9:07:53 PM tkirr: And uh... has certain neurotoxic properties...

9:07:59 PM tkirr: >_>

9:08:08 PM ltpercybusard: ...Whoops. I think I ate, like, three of those.

9:08:12 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Like a certain Andorian tea?

9:08:13 PM tkirr: O_O

9:08:26 PM tkirr: You did what

9:08:28 PM ltpercybusard: ::Thud::

9:08:32 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Maybe next week, we'll get Shelev back.

9:08:32 PM tkirr: ::gasps::

9:08:52 PM ltpercybusard: Maybe!

9:09:54 PM tkirr: Mayhaps...

9:10:07 PM VAdm Blackthorne: I'll have Percy's log on the website very soon. Maybe THIS could convince her to send me a bio, hmmmmmmmm?

9:10:16 PM ltpercybusard: ....OOPS.

9:10:19 PM tkirr: Hah.

9:10:24 PM ltpercybusard: Um..sure. I'll get right on that.

9:10:53 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Pleeeeeeeeease

9:11:26 PM tkirr: Omg, he's begging!

9:11:31 PM tkirr: ::grabs a camera::

9:12:39 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::crosses his arms:: No.

9:12:41 PM ltpercybusard: Fine, fine. Probably won't get it until next week, though. This one's got a lot of school crap.

9:12:48 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Okay, that's cool.

9:13:07 PM tkirr: School crap stinks.

9:14:22 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Percy's already promoted on the website!

9:14:40 PM majdougmcknight: Wow, nice.

9:14:45 PM ltpercybusard: Huh, cool!

9:14:58 PM ltpercybusard: Anyway, I has to go. Promised a friend to go for a walk while the weather's nice.

9:15:48 PM VAdm Blackthorne: And the log's up

9:15:54 PM ltpercybusard: Woo!

9:16:05 PM ltpercybusard: Well, awesome sim guys. Talk to you all later!

9:16:07 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Later!