7:21:31 PM Jason Belcher: Okay what the hell

7:21:37 PM cmdr shelev: intenet

7:21:40 PM Jason Belcher: Same thing that happened two weeks ago

7:22:05 PM LCdr TKirr: Yeesh. =/

7:22:17 PM Jason Belcher: Okay, let's start this before the internet breaks even harder

7:22:30 PM DrunknGunbunny: 'Kaaay.

7:23:47 PM Jason Belcher: Also, I noticed that I don't have the end of last sim, my log stopped when I switched screen names.

7:23:52 PM Jason Belcher: Does anyone have the full log?

7:23:56 PM LCdr TKirr: Yeah

7:24:14 PM Jason Belcher: Please send it to me, and log tonight's as well, because I don't think my logging is working

7:24:33 PM Jason Belcher: Okay, here we go

7:25:05 PM Jason Belcher: Tonight, Atlantis is online and operational again after two weeks in spacedock.

7:25:08 PM Jason Belcher: All crew have been recalled.

7:25:27 PM Jason Belcher: Captain Shelev has been given orders from Blackthorne to get the ship ready for departure while he meets with Admiral Zuriyev.

7:25:40 PM cmdr shelev: We are all doomed

7:25:42 PM cmdr shelev: as per usual

7:25:43 PM Jason Belcher: Questions?

7:25:50 PM LCdr TKirr: Can I transfer pls

7:25:57 PM Jason Belcher: yeah, to the Horizon :v:

7:26:05 PM LCdr TKirr: 'Kay that'll work.

7:26:08 PM Jason Belcher: :(

7:26:09 PM LCdr TKirr: <_<

7:26:12 PM MisterBoxingBear: Captain Shelev...wow, that's chilling.

7:26:28 PM Jason Belcher: ::cackles::

7:26:32 PM Jason Belcher: Okay then.

7:26:34 PM Jason Belcher: BEGIN SIM

7:26:34 PM DrunknGunbunny: Aw man, I'd forgotten about that.

7:26:37 PM Jason Belcher: BEGIN SIM

7:26:38 PM Jason Belcher: BEGIN SIM

7:26:57 PM Jason Belcher: A routine scientific survey, Alexi? We're being laid low.

7:27:06 PM Jason Belcher: Zuriyev> Da, and for your own good, Ian.

7:27:26 PM DrunknGunbunny: ::Sitting on the Bridge, making some last adjustments:: So, how's that sunburn going, T'Kirr?

7:27:50 PM cmdr shelev: ::Sitting in the big center chair, having received his own passkey.::

7:28:10 PM MisterBoxingBear: ::Standing outside his office, sipping at the first new mug or raktajino::  Yep, ship's fixed.  That is my expert professional assessment.

7:28:12 PM Jason Belcher: Zuriyev> You are currently seen as a hero to the Federation. There is even talk of you getting a fourth star.

7:28:21 PM LCdr TKirr: ::looking neatly uniformed and otherwise unremarkable, bears a bluish-green complexion she can't very well hide, and mutters under her breath:: Doctor Airell is preparing a treatment.

7:28:35 PM Jason Belcher: I don't want a fourth star, because it'll mean a desk job. I have all the rank I need.

7:28:58 PM MisterBoxingBear: (You can probably order someone else to take the desk job.)

7:29:07 PM Jason Belcher: Zuriyev> Good, because I do not know how I would deal with no longer outranking you anyway. My point is that we do not want anything to happen to endanger that reputation as a hero.

7:29:17 PM DrunknGunbunny: ::Snickers:: Should have taken the sunblock,

7:29:25 PM Jason Belcher: Zuriyev> Such as what you and I both know happened regarding your wife's sudden release from the Orion.

7:29:36 PM LCdr TKirr: ::doesn't answer, looking busy at Science::

7:30:02 PM LCdr TKirr: ((Dunno, that was pretty heroic to me =P))

7:30:04 PM Jason Belcher: Fine, fine, we'll lay low.

7:30:17 PM Jason Belcher: Zuriyev> Good man. There is one more thing, Ian.

7:30:18 PM MisterBoxingBear: (And there were grenades.  That's always awesome.)

7:30:26 PM Jason Belcher: ((Hell yeah it was, but it was kinda illegal. :v: )

7:30:44 PM Jason Belcher: ... What.

7:30:50 PM LCdr TKirr: ((Just a little bit, yeah))

7:31:34 PM Jason Belcher: Zuriyev> Because of some curiosity by the rest of the Admiralty that I was unable to quell, Starfleet has decided to put an engineering inspector on Atlantis.

7:31:51 PM DrunknGunbunny: ::Whistles amusedly::

7:31:53 PM DrunknGunbunny: (SHIT)

7:31:55 PM cmdr shelev: (( :gonk: ))

7:31:56 PM Jason Belcher: (DAMMIT





In the chat room: Tod Weitzel (xarphxarphlol@gmail.com)


7:41 PM Tod: You've been invited to this chat room!

7:42 PM Rachel has joined

 Tod: ok we're getting there

 Rachel: Woo.

7:43 PM Tod: jason talk in here instead of aim

 me: test

 Rachel: Test?

 Tod: ok

 me: Okay now we need our non-gmail heathens in here

7:44 PM Rachel: Hooray, heathens!

7:48 PM Tod: jason give this to t'kirr http://www.google.com/support/talk/bin/answer.py?answer=60155&topic=1188

 me: she did that

7:49 PM Tod: she has been invited

 lcdrtkirr@gmail.com has joined

 Rachel: Woo!

7:50 PM Tod: internet

  mike is slow

 lcdrtkirr: Hm

  Who do I show up as?

 Tod: tkirr@hotmail.com

 me: tkirr@hotmail.com (lcdrtkirr@gmail.com)

 lcdrtkirr: Pfft

 Tod: he wins

7:51 PM lcdrtkirr: I need a name like you guys heh

 Tod: you can tweak all that shit in the full client I think

 lcdrtkirr: Okay.

 me: Yeah, let's just get everyone in here and get moving

7:52 PM michaelroylance@gmail.com has joined

 me: Ah, okay, we're all in!

 Tod: ok if we're lucky this won't be any more pants than it is

 michaelroylance: This vast expanse of white depresses me.

 Tod: install other im client problem solved

 michaelroylance: I felt you should all know that.

 me: Yeah, and I miss my fonts, but at least it works.

7:53 PM So, what was the last thing everyone saw?

 Tod: hell I don't remember

  we were farting around the bridge

 michaelroylance: T'Kirr leaving right after Zuriyev mentioning the engineering review.

7:54 PM That's the last thing I saw, anyway.

 Rachel: Me too.

 me: Okay, let's resume there.



  Zuriyev> Because of some curiosity by the rest of the Admiralty that I was unable to quell, Starfleet has decided to put an engineering inspector on Atlantis.

  Ian> To what end?

 lcdrtkirr: Err

  I left?

7:55 PM Why'd I leave?

 Rachel: Because AIM sucks

 michaelroylance: (Same reason we all did, I suspect.)

 Tod: ::Pages a yeoman to the bridge with beverages since as a captain he can get away with such things::

 Rachel: (Pretend I used parentheses)

 lcdrtkirr: ((I thought you meant my character... nm))

7:56 PM Tod: ((this will probably not be a permanent chat arrangement; just a fallback on weeks when AIM shits itself))

 me: Zuriyev> ::shakes his head:: I am not sure. Lack of confidence in your engineering staff, perhaps. A couple of Admirals were insistent, at least.

 Rachel: ::Whistling whilest she works::

7:57 PM me: Zuriyev> Commander Damien Marcus will be reporting aboard Atlantis soon. You will allow him the access he requires.

  Ian> Aye, sir.

 Tod: ::And good thing too; this place was starting to become lousy with commanders.::

 me: Zuriyev> You sure you don't want that fourth star, Ian?

7:58 PM Ian> ::smirks:: Like I said, I have all the rank I need, because I sure as hell don't want YOUR job.

  Zuriyev> Take care of my ship.

  Ian> My ship. Give Brooke and the kids my regards.

7:59 PM michaelroylance: (MY regards.)

 lcdrtkirr: ::dinks around at Science, not really thinking about what she's doing and pondering when she'll be called to Sickbay::

 me: ::turns and heads out of Alexi's office:: God. Dammit.

  Zuriyev> I wonder if I should have told him...

8:00 PM Zuriyev> No, it will be more interesting this way.

  Zuriyev> Payback for the last pool game I lost to him! ::Cackles heartily::

  Ian> ::makes his way to the Atlantis's boarding ramp::

8:01 PM Rachel: ::Gets up from her work to get a raktagino:: Coffee...

 michaelroylance: ::Some random marine nods to him, guarding this approach until the final all aboard notice::

 me: ::nods to said Marine as he boards Atlantis::

8:02 PM Tod: ::Poke button, make noise, look serious.::

8:03 PM michaelroylance: ACTION...sort of> Before Blackthorne is far past the airlock, however, he is theoretically stopped by a precise, somewhat imperious sounding voice from behind.

  Marcus> Admiral Blackthorne.

 me: ::stops and turns:: Yes?

8:04 PM lcdrtkirr: ::gets a call from Sickbay::

 michaelroylance: ::There stands a well groomed man with jet black hair, complete with especially groomed moustache, wearing the yellow Star Fleet uniform complete with three pips.:: Commander Marcus, sir. DAMIEN Marcus.

  ::Twirls moustache::

8:05 PM Tod: (( oh god ))

 Rachel: (Heeheehee)

 michaelroylance: Ahem, anyway...I believe you were informed of my most recent appointment.

 me: Mm, yes, Commander. I am Admiral Ian Blackthorne, welcome aboard.

8:06 PM lcdrtkirr: Captain.

 me: ::places a tiny emphasis on the ranks::

 lcdrtkirr: ((That's you now, Shelev))

8:07 PM Tod: Commander?

 lcdrtkirr: I'll be down in Sickbay.

8:08 PM ::looks a rather unhealthy blue::

 Tod: ::Does a shitty version of the vulcan eyebrow raise.:: Acknowledged. Dismissed.

 Rachel: Feel better ::Drink drink drink drink the lovely coffee!::

 me: ((okay the smilies have to stop!! Argh!)

 lcdrtkirr: ::departs the Bridge, shortly reaching Sickbay, where she is treated by a smirking Kiley Airell::

8:09 PM michaelroylance: ::Smiles in a manner that conveys no warmth whatsoever at the rank emphasis, in the manner of a man who knows the other man's approval is for the moment irrelevant, and steps over the threshold:: My thanks. I shall require office space, as well as full access to all ship's duty logs dating back no less than these past six months.

  (Or whenever Percy took over the job. Whichever was more recent.)

8:10 PM me: Indeed. My executive officer will provide them.

8:11 PM lcdrtkirr: Nolan> ::joins Kiley, scrutinizing T'Kirr with amusement and ill-disguised interest:: Ah, no sunblock? You look almost Andorian.

  ::glares at Nolan dangerously::

8:12 PM michaelroylance: Excellent. I'm sure light will be shed on this untidy matter most promptly. As you know, I have no small experience with the "methodology" of the officer in question.

 me: I'm sorry, I've not been briefed on that.

 Tod: (( If looks could kill, T'Kirr's would be manslaughter in the second. ))

 Rachel: ((Aw, not murder in the first? That's so much cooler))

 lcdrtkirr: ((He's my character, I could drop him dead if I wanted to.))

8:13 PM Tod: (( Vulcans are passive-aggressive. Compare: romulans.))

 Rachel: ((Aah, yes))

8:14 PM michaelroylance: ::Turns back with an arched eyebrow:: Oh? Well, isn't that a bother.

 lcdrtkirr: Nolan> ::keeps something to himself, except what is frustratingly clear on his face, and moves off to finish something Kiley is shooing him to do::

8:15 PM ::is finished being treated, and proceeds to hop off the biobed and bound for the exit::

 me: A bother. Out with it, Commander.

8:16 PM michaelroylance: Suffice it to say, her name has not always been Busard. Particularly not in a regrettable two year period some years ago during which time I knew her as Mrs. Persephone Marcus.

8:17 PM Tod has left

 me: Then, Commander, I expect not one iota of unprofessional behavior regarding Lieutenant Busard, is that clear?

 lcdrtkirr: ((gasp!))

 Tod has joined

 Tod: what

 me: (get back in the internet)

 Tod: ((what happen))

8:18 PM me: (you left)

 lcdrtkirr: ((shaceship crashed))

 Tod: (( internet :( ))

 Rachel: ((And Earth asploded))

 lcdrtkirr: ((omg cool smiley!))

 michaelroylance: ::Smiles insufferably:: As glass. Sir.

8:19 PM lcdrtkirr: ((Look, here's T'Kirr! x-( ))

 Rachel has left

 me: (where'd she go :(

 lcdrtkirr: ::reenters the Bridge, appearing a lighter shade of green than before::

8:20 PM ((I think my smiley scared her away))

 me: I must get to the bridge and launch this ship, so if you'll kindly excuse me.

  ::enters the TL::

 michaelroylance: Of course. It shall be a good journey. I'm sure of it.

  ::Twirls moustache::

8:21 PM lcdrtkirr: ((I could not be any more turned off =P))

 me: Bridge! ::glad the TL doors closed because he wanted to punch the smarmy bastard in the face::

8:22 PM (tod reinvite her, it won't let me)

8:24 PM Rachel has joined

 me: (WB)

 michaelroylance: (What he said.)

 me: ::Arrives on the bridge::

  I have the bridge, report Mr. Shelev. ::terse::

 Rachel: (That was extremely irritating. What did I miss))

 Tod: ::stands:: Admiral on the bridge!

8:25 PM Aside from the marines, all aboard. We are ready to depart.

 lcdrtkirr: ((We're all on the Bridge now))

 me: Recall the marines and stand ready for departure

 lcdrtkirr: ::stands ready::

8:26 PM Tod: Aye, sir.

  +McKnight+ Bridge to McKnight; recall marines, all aboard.

8:27 PM michaelroylance: +Shelev+ Aye, sir.

8:28 PM Rachel: ::Finishes her diagnostic, before heading down to main engineering::

8:29 PM michaelroylance: +Marines+ Lynch, Dawkins, we're casting off. Grab the guns, and bring the cat in.

 lcdrtkirr: ::assembles the last of the scan results, along with inventory and maintenence diagnostic reports, etc::

 michaelroylance: Lynch> +McKnight+ Yes, sir.

  Dawkins> ::Closing up behind them:: What the fuck is that supposed to mean, anyway?

 lcdrtkirr: Cat> ::runs in the cat door::

 michaelroylance: Lynch> ::Shrugs::

8:30 PM Dawkins> ...oh.

 me: Mr. Shelev, we have a guest aboard.

8:31 PM michaelroylance: Marcus> ::Examining his moustache in a shiny panel::

 Tod: Sir?

8:32 PM me: We've been given a routine planetary system survey mission and an engineering inspector.

8:33 PM Tod: ::Blanches at the thought of the sort of survey shit he transferred to Atlantis to get away from.::

 lcdrtkirr: ::mood drops, remembering the last couple guests they've had aboard::

 Tod: Survey... mission.

 me: ::picks up a PADD, types, "The engineering inspector is Lt. Busard's ex-husband." and hands it to Shelev::

 Tod: And is there something wrong with the ships engines that has not been inspected over the last two weeks?

8:34 PM ::Reads PADD. Thinks "fuck" in loud, colorful, typographically obtuse letters.::

 me: Do we have everyone aboard?

 michaelroylance: Marcus> Well...to the salt mines, then.

8:35 PM Rachel: ::Now examining the warp core. Wooo::

 Tod: Stand by.

  +McKnight+ Major, status please.

 michaelroylance: +Shelev+ Everyone's accounted for. Including the cat. We're good to go.

 Tod: Ship is secure, Admiral.

8:36 PM lcdrtkirr: Cat> ::lapping at bowl of milk::

8:37 PM me: ::relieves the helm officer:: Let's see what our inspector thinks of this.

 Tod: .oO{ Oh. Fuck. }

  ::Sits down in the chair. Prays.::

 me: ::sits down:: Transferring to internal power.

 Tod: +Shipwide+ All hands, prepare for departure.

 me: ACTION> The lights dim momentarily as we cut over to internal power.

8:38 PM Might want to let them know it's a Blackthorne departure, Captain.

  Clearing all moorings.

 lcdrtkirr: ::holds onto her console::

 Rachel: ::Is wondering precisely what's going on, but follows departure proceedure anyhow::

 me: ACTION> All docking ramps and umbilicals retract.

 michaelroylance: ::Sighs and braces himself. The man who assigned him is never short of reasons to hate Blackthorne, and he knows them all.::


8:39 PM Tod: .oO{ He was driving, officer! }


  Dockmaster> ::frantically pressing buttons to open the doors::

  ::calmly backs Atlantis out of her berth on thrusters, and turns toward the doors::

 Tod: Dockworkers> FLOOR THAT SHIT!

8:40 PM me: Dockmaster> +Atlantis+ You're clear for departure for what it's worth but ferchrissake gimme a second on the doors!

  +Dockmaster+ I have no idea what you're talking about.

8:41 PM Spacedoors> ::opening::

 michaelroylance: Marcus> ::Has, by this point, made his way into a turbolift, and is headed for you know where::

 me: Zuriyev> ::watching from his office, knowing exactly what's happening::

  Harper> ::Sleeping soundly in her quarters, oblivious::

8:42 PM Rachel: ((And obviously dreaming of Phantom of the Opera))

 me: Blackthorne> ::as soon as he gauges that the doors have juuuuuuuust enough clearance, he guns it to half impulse::



 lcdrtkirr: Cat> ::lands on all fours against the wall, helplessly uninformed::

 me: ACTION> Atlantis shoots out the doors with inches to spare, turns to a new heading on the fly, and jumps to warp seven in one fluid motion,

8:43 PM There, by bloody hell.

 lcdrtkirr: ((Could a departure hold any better suspense?))

 me: Dockmaster> ::collapses on the floor::

8:44 PM Rachel: ::Eyes go wide as she notes what the admiral was doing...but so long as the engines can take it, she doesn't complain::

 me: Zuriyev> ::holds up a sign to his office window that reads "9.6" ::

 lcdrtkirr: ((hahaha))

 michaelroylance: ::Walking into engineering, infuriatingly lacking in even a single mussed hair from Blackthorne's maverick flying:: Needless wear and tear on an engine. Quite distasteful. Wouldn't you agree, Lieutenant?

 Rachel: ::EYETWITCH::

8:45 PM What. Are you. Doing. HERE.


 Tod: Warp Drive> :toot:

 Rachel: Unfortunate Ensign # 15> ::Flinches::

8:46 PM me: ::stands up and lets the helm officer have his seat back::

8:47 PM lcdrtkirr: ::tucks scan log of their recent most undocking into the appropriate 'Blackthorne Departures' log::

 michaelroylance: ::Continues as though she hadn't spoken. And who knows? Maybe he didn't notice.:: Of course, I can hardly cite you for being under the command of a man who thinks he lives in a war movie, but we'll just have to see if all recent events hold you so blameless. I look forward to it.

  Such is my purpose here. ::Nods with a smile:: Lieutenant.

 me: ::walks over to T'Kirr:: Commander, we'll be cataloging the lifeforms in a newly discovered star system.

8:48 PM lcdrtkirr: ::eyes light up::

 me: I trust that you'll enjoy yourself. ::smiles::

 Tod: (( SCIENCE! ))

 lcdrtkirr: I look forward to it, sir.

 Rachel: ::Turns around, glaring Murder 1 daggers at him:: Of course, sir.

 michaelroylance: ::Turns to walk away, his gaze all of a sudden catching upon a poor random engineer:: Ensign, I'm certain those aren't scuffed boots I see on your feet.

8:49 PM lcdrtkirr: ((Oh... my ... god.))

 me: In the meantime, be prepared to provide any sensor logs that our guest requests.

 lcdrtkirr: ::hesitates:: Of course.

 Rachel: #15> ::Looks like he's about to wet himself:: Uh...no sir...I mean...I'll clean them right away sir.

8:50 PM michaelroylance: Quite right.

 lcdrtkirr: ((Oh no, he's English))

 michaelroylance: ::Walking away:: I can see I have my work cut out for me.

  ::Yes, twirls moustache::

8:51 PM Rachel: ::Eyetwitch stays constant as he leaves::

 me: Captain Shelev, tend to our guest's requests for duty logs, and maybe give him a set of quarters. Down about on deck 22 if possible.

 Tod: Noted.

 me: ((Harper likes English guys :v )

 Rachel: ::Once he's out the door:: +Blackthorne+ Admiral.

8:52 PM lcdrtkirr: ((Don't blame him, but he's no likey))


 me: ::knew this comm was coming:: +Percy+ Lieutenant, you might as well come up to my ready room and spare the comm chatter.


 Rachel: +Blackthorne+ ...Yes sir.

  ::Storms up to the bridge::

8:53 PM me: Captain, the bridge is yours. I have a fire to put out.

 lcdrtkirr: ::stands semi-useless at Science, looking forward to their next mission, but wondering what the hell's going on::

 Tod: Aye, sir.

 me: ::walks into the ready room and waits::

8:54 PM Welcome back from vacation, Ian.

 Tod: ::Stays in his damn chair. Starts looking for quarters underneath the sewers.::

 Rachel: ::Comes in relatively shortly afterwards, completely ignoring the bridge except to mutter "Captain" as she passed Shelev. Once inside the ready room::. Sir. What is that man doing on this ship.

8:55 PM me: Percy, calm down, I had no control over it.

8:57 PM Rachel: ::Stops looking like her head is going to explode, and instead now simply looks like she's going to burn the world down:: ...Fine. How did he come to be put on this ship?

8:58 PM me: Admiral Zuriyev dropped it on me right before we left. Some other members of the Admiralty were insistent that we be... inspected.. after all the problems.

 Rachel: ...Right.

 me: Now I don't know how they could possibly believe there's not a conflict of interest here.

8:59 PM But it looks like Zuriyev had to cave to some loud voices, and that's their man. I'm sorry.

9:00 PM Rachel: ::She stayed silent for a few very uncomfortable moments::I see, sir. ::And then a couple more:: Is that all?

9:01 PM me: ::walks from around his desk to stand in front of her:: Percy, I believe in you, otherwise you wouldn't be my chief engineer. Don't forget that.

9:02 PM I want complete professionalism from you. Go completely by the book, in fact, out-regulation him.

9:03 PM Rachel: ::Quirks an eyebrow:: That...will be difficult, sir, but I'll try.

 me: Conversely...

  If he does anything that isn't completely professional in his behavior toward you, let me know and I'll be all over his ass so fast that he'll think transwarp was a success.

9:04 PM Rachel: ::Cracks a little bit of a smile at that:: Aye, sir.

 me: ::smiles:: He may be representing a four-star Admiral, but he's still just a Commander and I can bust his chops. Dismissed.

9:05 PM Rachel: ::Nods, and exits back to engineering. While in the turbo-lift, she makes sure her shoes aren't scuffed::




 lcdrtkirr: ::Pauses::

 Rachel: ::Le-paused::

 lcdrtkirr: Awesome way to end

 michaelroylance: Yes, I'm sure Percy will get out of this without any blood pressure issues whatsoever.

 me: Atlantis posse gotta watch out for each other

9:07 PM lcdrtkirr: lol

 Rachel: Totally.

 Tod: This spaceship does not have sewers.

 lcdrtkirr: Yeah, I was wondering about that.

 Rachel: Just shove him out the airlock then :-P

 lcdrtkirr: And who brought quarters on board

 Tod: I will order sewers to be constructed so prissy englishman can be billeted next to them

9:08 PM Rachel: And until then, he can live in a bathroom so as to get used to the smell?

 lcdrtkirr: Please order the ambient temperature to be raised five degrees wherever he sets foot

 me: Deck 22:

9:09 PM Deck 22: Storage Areas 350 - 400, Turbo Lift Maintenance, Deuterium Holding Tanks

 Rachel: Aw man, no way. Then he can make the "is it hot in here, or is it just me?" joke and it'll be TRUE.

 lcdrtkirr: No, see, it'll counteract the cold he brings in

 michaelroylance: How unseemly.

 Rachel: Ahh, this makes sense to me.

 lcdrtkirr: I'm guessing the best spot for him would be one of the storage areas.

9:10 PM Rachel: Or the Brig.

 lcdrtkirr: I meant on Deck 22

 me: I dunno, I prefer the deuterium tanks.

 Rachel: Ah yes.

 lcdrtkirr: Well yeah but... you gotta return him

 Tod: Science exploration is dangerous work

  something might happen

 lcdrtkirr: In roughly the same state

 Tod: like his atmosphere will be boiled away

 me: what

 lcdrtkirr: Oh yeah damn... that's why surveys pay well

 me: how

9:11 PM Tod: but only if he has a military base

 lcdrtkirr: Michael... less than a month... Christmas special... squee

9:12 PM me: what are you talking about.

 Rachel: Hm?

 michaelroylance: Oh, right.

  Doctor WHO.

9:13 PM me: (Percy construct a military base on Damien's head so Shelev can boil his atmosphere off without it being a war crime.)

 michaelroylance: Christ, I need to put season 3 on my Christmas list.

 Rachel: (Yes, sir)

 michaelroylance: And get seasons 1 and 2 back from my freaking brother's house.

 Tod: I just finished season 3 and it was GLORIOUS

 lcdrtkirr: You saw it, too?

  Did you see the Children in Need

 me: I haven't seen s3 yet :-/

 michaelroylance: I definitely need to watch it start to finish. Thus far, I've only seen a few episodes, and I have yet to warm up to Martha.

 Tod: who here besides jason has not finished season 3 so I can yell spoilers in all caps

9:14 PM Rachel: I have not watched the new Doctor Who.

 Tod: jason doesn't watch television so I don't have to spoil it

 lcdrtkirr: Oh yeah, who taught him Star Trek?

 Tod: star trek was invented before wow

  so he knows about it

 me: hey now

 lcdrtkirr: Oh right yeah

 Tod: it's like the movie momento

  he can't remember anything after wow came out

9:15 PM Rachel: Aw man. Not WoW :-(

 lcdrtkirr: Screwed up his medula oblongata eh

 me: BSG came out after WoW

 michaelroylance: And it took a year of badgering to get you to watch an episode.


 Tod: you didn't watch it until the servers crashed while robert and I were over


9:16 PM Gem doesn't have TV anymore so I couldn't watch it, torrenting it now though :V

 Tod: anyway the main villian at the end of season 3 of new doctor who made me open up random IM windows to people and type HELL YES over and over

 lcdrtkirr: I want torrent on my wi-fi =(

 Tod: even people I haven't talked to since high school

 lcdrtkirr: >.<

 Tod: they were very confused

 me: so that's what that was about

 lcdrtkirr: Lol Tod

 michaelroylance: Oh, well fortunately, that's one of those few episode I DID see.

9:17 PM The first part, anyway.

 lcdrtkirr: Omg you didn't see the last two?

 Rachel: Sooo lost

 lcdrtkirr: Sokay, go watch it

 Rachel: But..but I have school...

9:18 PM lcdrtkirr: Sokay there's only 12 episodes to a bloody series

9:19 PM Rachel: Hmm...perhaps this is something that winter break shall be good for.

  Alternatively, the cake is a lie.

 me: We only have two more sims before Christmas.

9:20 PM So everyone make sure to come because the 25th and the 1st are both Tuesdays!

  Two more sims and then two weeks off, so let's make them count.

 lcdrtkirr: How about that

 Tod: I will be doing special log during christmas season

9:21 PM Rachel: Will it be a Yule log?

 me: ::groans:

 Tod: it will a "meanwhile in the other parts of the galaxy that we well and truly cocked up earlier"

  that is awesome

  I think I will use that joke

 me: Never use that joke

 Rachel: Well damn.

9:23 PM lcdrtkirr: Not to bring it up again, but... okay, bringing it up again.

 me: Yes, he's a Captain, and no, I won't demote him back to Commander.


 Tod: I hope martha knocks her the fuck out

9:24 PM lcdrtkirr: Okay, nevermind.

 me: rofl

 lcdrtkirr: And why would you ever demote Shelev...? What has he EVER done to earn a demotion?

9:25 PM michaelroylance: He DID start a war.

 Tod: no they started it

  I finished it

 lcdrtkirr: Oh sorry, I forgot my sarcasm tags.

 me: ohhhhh snap

 Tod: I just got us arrested for war crimes

  that is very different from starting a war

9:26 PM me: Well he was either gonna be promoted or court-martialed after that last plot

9:27 PM I forgot to have Harper lose a bet on that actually

 Rachel: Aw damn.

 Tod: don't worry I'll cock something else up right good before too long

 Rachel: Oh good.

 Tod: I also forgot to mention the cane but that's ok

9:28 PM me: Plenty of time for that.

 Tod: so does anyone else in this sim have a copy of elite force laying around still

9:29 PM me: Harper at least came out of the last plot sane, I don't know about the rest of y'all

 Rachel: ::Twitch::

9:31 PM That in mind, I now must go read a book about murder.

 me: Woot!

 Tod: research?

 michaelroylance: And I must go buy eggnog before attempting to make a fire to read by.

9:32 PM Rachel: ...God damn you, Mike.

 michaelroylance: A book not about murder per se, though I'm sure it's featured.

 Rachel: :-(

 me: Mmmm, eggnog.

 Tod: what the fuck is going on in this channel

 Rachel: ::Mutter mutter:: Kill you all...::Mutter mutter::

9:33 PM michaelroylance: Well, night folks. Good sim.

 michaelroylance@gmail.com has left

 Tod: ta-ta

9:34 PM lcdrtkirr: Now how the heck do you save this thing.

  Crap, it's Flash

 Rachel: Erm...copy & paste?

 Tod: it is automatically logged into gmail accounts

  I can email it to you

  which address do you want it at

 lcdrtkirr: Uh.. okay.

9:35 PM tkirr@hotmail

 me: Murder and eggnog

  I got this one tonight T'Kirr don't worry about emailing it to me

 Rachel: Oh right. On to the murder...


  Later guys.

 Tod: sent

9:36 PM Rachel has left

 lcdrtkirr: Nah, wanted it for myself

 me: k

9:37 PM lcdrtkirr@gmail.com has left

  Tod has left