7:02:00 PM DrunknGunbunny: Hey guys.

7:02:16 PM DrunknGunbunny: Mike says he'll be here in about five minutes.

7:02:33 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Heya

7:02:35 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Thanks

7:02:50 PM DrunknGunbunny: Also, Halloween tomorrow! Wewt!

7:02:58 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Awwwww yeah

7:03:17 PM VAdm Blackthorne: beer and steak

7:03:20 PM DrunknGunbunny: Although I can't find my freaking bandana. This makes the pirate costume not quite so badass.

7:03:20 PM VAdm Blackthorne: oh and candy

7:03:24 PM DrunknGunbunny: Lol.

7:03:45 PM DrunknGunbunny: Don't forget freaking out little kids.

7:03:54 PM VAdm Blackthorne: bah, I don't bother with them

7:03:55 PM DrunknGunbunny: That's the best part.

7:04:05 PM DrunknGunbunny: O.O But...potentially scarring them for life!

7:04:07 PM VAdm Blackthorne: They interrupt my beer drinking and steak eating.

7:04:09 PM DrunknGunbunny: So much fun!

7:05:11 PM MajDougMcKnight: Wow, sure didn't expect to ACTUALLY mean five minutes.

7:05:24 PM MajDougMcKnight: I mean...as promised!  As if there was any doubt.

7:05:26 PM DrunknGunbunny: Nor did I, I MEAN>

7:05:30 PM DrunknGunbunny: *whistles*

7:05:47 PM cmdr shelev: needs more vulcan

7:06:20 PM MajDougMcKnight: Indeed.

7:06:34 PM VAdm Blackthorne: I sent her a text, hopefully it's the right number :v

7:07:58 PM cmdr shelev: did you just say INTERNET SPACESHIP

7:08:10 PM VAdm Blackthorne: I said "sim" because it was faster to text

7:08:25 PM VAdm Blackthorne: I hate texting

7:09:55 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Anyone still have her number? I'm not sure that one was right.

7:10:19 PM MajDougMcKnight: Sorry, if so, no idea where I saved it.

7:12:45 PM MajDougMcKnight: Looks like you had it right though.

7:13:03 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Hey hey

7:13:09 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Just left you a voicemail :v:

7:13:11 PM LCdr TKirr: Hey...

7:13:14 PM LCdr TKirr: I heard

7:13:25 PM cmdr shelev: doink doink

7:13:39 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Okay, firstly, everyone got the log posting right? So we know the google thing works?

7:13:46 PM cmdr shelev: I got it

7:13:48 PM cmdr shelev: :emo:

7:14:09 PM VAdm Blackthorne: oh shush, you deal with that situation better

7:14:23 PM LCdr TKirr: Just for the record, I'm out of sorts, dunno what's going on. =P

7:14:33 PM cmdr shelev: ian not home. spaceship turn off

7:14:34 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Shelev broke the ship.

7:14:45 PM VAdm Blackthorne: I left him in command and he broke my goddamn ship.

7:14:46 PM cmdr shelev: well that happens every week so we need more detail

7:14:53 PM VAdm Blackthorne: SHELEV WHAT DID YOU DO.

7:15:01 PM cmdr shelev: We'll find out later

7:15:31 PM LCdr TKirr: We were out shopping for monitors =X

7:15:47 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Anyway, Blackthorne goes on vacation, Shelev :v: and Harper :j: are left in command to tow Horizon home.

7:16:01 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Atlantis suddenly loses power for no explicable reason (as of yet.)

7:16:44 PM LCdr TKirr: Kay.

7:16:49 PM VAdm Blackthorne: When last we left Harper was on the bridge, Percy and McKnight were trying to figure out what the fuck, and Shelev was in search of you.

7:17:18 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Questions? (And did the rest of you get the google log notice or not?)

7:17:41 PM DrunknGunbunny: Was this notice sent out just today?

7:17:46 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Last night.

7:17:51 PM LCdr TKirr: Hm

7:17:57 PM LCdr TKirr: No.

7:18:07 PM DrunknGunbunny: Ah. Yeah, I got it.

7:18:08 PM MajDougMcKnight: I have no idea what notice you're talking about.

7:18:19 PM VAdm Blackthorne: argh, it was an email notice to the string

7:18:19 PM cmdr shelev: these people are wrong I got it

7:19:13 PM LCdr TKirr: Vulcan liar ftw

7:19:19 PM VAdm Blackthorne: You got it?

7:19:43 PM LCdr TKirr: Nope.

7:19:53 PM LCdr TKirr: Not in my junk either

7:20:03 PM DrunknGunbunny: Odd.

7:20:05 PM MajDougMcKnight: This should be in my e-mail?  Cuz all I've found so far is three presumably old messages telling me about their failure to send me stuff.

7:20:58 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Damn, you both show undeliverable warnings in the group control panel.

7:21:18 PM MajDougMcKnight: Ah.

7:21:18 PM LCdr TKirr: tkirr@hotmail.com, write it down.

7:21:29 PM VAdm Blackthorne: that's what it's set to

7:21:35 PM LCdr TKirr: Yeah I know

7:21:38 PM LCdr TKirr: Just being an ass

7:21:56 PM VAdm Blackthorne: You're both on hotmail :tinfoil:

7:22:15 PM MajDougMcKnight: Am I supposed to know what any of these :Nonsense: things mean?

7:22:19 PM LCdr TKirr: I sure wish I could see whatever smiley that is.

7:22:36 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Ah, here

7:22:38 PM VAdm Blackthorne: PERM_FAILURE: SMTP Error (state 12): 550 SC-004 Mail rejected by Windows Live Hotmail for policy reasons. A block has been placed against your IP address because we have received complaints concerning mail coming from that IP address. If you are not an email/network admin please contact your E-mail/Internet Service Provider for help. Email/network admins, we recommend enrolling in our Junk E-Mail Reporting Program (JMRP), a free program intended to help senders remove unwanted recipients from their e-mail list: http://postmaster.live.com

7:22:42 PM LCdr TKirr: It's secret Blackthorne/Shelev code.

7:22:47 PM VAdm Blackthorne: PERM_FAILURE: SMTP Error (state 12): 550 SC-004 Mail rejected by Windows Live Hotmail for policy reasons. A block has been placed against your IP address because we have received complaints concerning mail coming from that IP address.

7:22:53 PM VAdm Blackthorne: If you are not an email/network admin please contact your E-mail/Internet Service Provider for help. Email/network admins, we recommend enrolling in our Junk E-Mail Reporting Program (JMRP), a free program intended to help senders remove unwanted recipients from their e-mail list: http://postmaster.live.com

7:23:04 PM VAdm Blackthorne: PERM_FAILURE: SMTP Error (state 12): 550 SC-004 Mail rejected by Windows Live Hotmail for policy reasons.

7:23:11 PM VAdm Blackthorne: A block has been placed against your IP address because we have received complaints concerning mail coming from that IP address.

7:23:12 PM cmdr shelev: emoticons from somethingawful forums

7:23:20 PM VAdm Blackthorne: If you are not an email/network admin please contact your E-mail/Internet Service Provider for help. Email/network admins, we recommend enrolling in our Junk E-Mail Reporting Program (JMRP), a free program intended to help senders remove unwanted recipients from their e-mail list: http://postmaster.live.com

7:23:29 PM MajDougMcKnight: Ah.

7:23:34 PM MajDougMcKnight: Also, that's gay.

7:23:36 PM LCdr TKirr: Um.

7:23:45 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Hotmail blocks google groups. Wonderful!

7:23:46 PM cmdr shelev: yah block googlegroups.com that works well

7:24:04 PM LCdr TKirr: /snarl

7:24:28 PM MajDougMcKnight: So...can we still SEND stuff?

7:24:47 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Theoretically.

7:25:09 PM MajDougMcKnight: Ah.  There goes my excuse to not write any more logs.

7:25:14 PM MajDougMcKnight: That is to say, huzzah!

7:25:45 PM DrunknGunbunny: ...

7:25:47 PM DrunknGunbunny: *shanks*

7:26:05 PM cmdr shelev: you gonna get shivved

7:26:25 PM VAdm Blackthorne: I'll have to look into whether or not this is fixable. You obviously got the other emails from the board, the one Trysa sent, since you replied.

7:26:27 PM LCdr TKirr: Oh and Jason, I thought you lost my number

7:26:30 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Maybe it only blocks the automated one

7:26:45 PM VAdm Blackthorne: It was still in my call history from when you texted that time

7:27:11 PM LCdr TKirr: Sneaky.

7:27:38 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Easy answer is to get the hell off hotmail, it sucks anyway :v

7:28:03 PM LCdr TKirr: Yeah it's just that I've had it so long and everything goes there. =P

7:28:03 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Anyway, let's get started. Everyone remember what's up?

7:28:14 PM LCdr TKirr: Except googlegroups.

7:28:16 PM cmdr shelev: I'll explain to t'kirr in-game

7:28:42 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Okay then

7:28:45 PM VAdm Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM

7:28:47 PM VAdm Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM

7:28:48 PM VAdm Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM

7:29:14 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> ::has the goddamn bridge::

7:29:25 PM cmdr shelev: ::Goes up to the doors of T'Kirr's quarters. The door panel is off, so...::

7:29:30 PM cmdr shelev: ::BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG::

7:29:52 PM LCdr TKirr: Come--  ::cuts off and goes to the door, manually opening it::

7:30:13 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> ::at this point, isn't sure what to goddamn do with it::

7:30:15 PM MajDougMcKnight: ::Has finally come to realize they're not going to let him opt for the hoping this has gone away when he wakes up strategy, and after grimacing at using it for such a purpose, has used the claymore hanging on his wall to wedge the

7:30:25 PM DrunknGunbunny: ::-Digging around in the circuitry in Engineering::

7:30:45 PM cmdr shelev: Hi! :V

7:31:06 PM LCdr TKirr: ::hugs her pajamas to herself:: Problem?

7:31:09 PM MajDougMcKnight: door to his quarters open a tad.  The sword now rests against the wall as he muscles it open the rest of the way.::

7:31:14 PM cmdr shelev: ::Looks around.::

7:31:22 PM MajDougMcKnight: ::Or he just pulls a lever, if we can do that.  Either one's good.::

7:31:28 PM cmdr shelev: Ship broke. Me dumb. You fix.

7:31:34 PM cmdr shelev: :[

7:31:49 PM LCdr TKirr: ::sleepily:: 'Kay.  ::shuts the door::  Be right back.

7:31:55 PM LCdr TKirr: ::muffled::

7:32:06 PM cmdr shelev: :[ :[

7:32:28 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> ::doing mental math about how much battery power they have left::

7:32:34 PM LCdr TKirr: ::goes about finding a uniform::

7:32:35 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> ::isn't liking the results::

7:33:24 PM LCdr TKirr: ::once freshened up and in active attire, opens her door again, finding Shelev in the exact same spot, like a lost puppy::

7:33:48 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> +Busard+ Engineering, any good news?

7:33:52 PM cmdr shelev: Thank you < :)

7:33:59 PM LCdr TKirr: Let's go.

7:34:08 PM cmdr shelev: Aye, ma'am!

7:34:14 PM DrunknGunbunny: +Bridge+ If there's good news, you'll be...probably the second to know.

7:34:19 PM MajDougMcKnight: ::Makes his way down to security VIA various emergency access ladders, and takes stock of who all is there::  Okay, people.  I know actually FIXING this problem is a little out of our league, but let's try and keep busy anyway. 

7:34:21 PM cmdr shelev: ::Wanders towards a TL to help T'Kirr get to Engineering.

7:34:25 PM LCdr TKirr: ((::is stronger than McKnight and doesn't need a claymore::))

7:34:39 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> +Busard+ I'm figuring only an hour or two of battery power. How close am I on that?

7:35:29 PM cmdr shelev: ::Pries the door to the TL open.:: Ladies first.

7:35:32 PM DrunknGunbunny: ::Finally starts digging through the panel that controls fuel injection:: +Bridge+ I'd say fairly close, if not a little-wait a minute. ::-Dig dig dig::

7:35:42 PM cmdr shelev: Before you ask, I don't know what I did either.

7:35:43 PM LCdr TKirr: ::blinks at Shelev:: These work?

7:35:51 PM cmdr shelev: No, but the ladders do.

7:35:54 PM LCdr TKirr: ::nods::

7:36:05 PM LCdr TKirr: ::enters and begins climbing in the downward direction::

7:36:14 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> ::frowns::

7:36:22 PM cmdr shelev: ::Shines his light down the shaft to help out as much as he can, being an idiot andorian.::

7:36:28 PM MajDougMcKnight: We'll be conducting a deck by deck head count.  Just to make sure no one's hurt.  O'Grady will give out assignments while I have a chat with whoever's on the bridge.

7:37:10 PM LCdr TKirr: ::wishes Blackthorne was here to clean up this mess, and while musing, suddenly finds the little number next to the ladder indicating they've reached the appropriate floor::

7:37:13 PM MajDougMcKnight: +Harper+ McKnight to bridge.  Level with me, please.  What exactly are we running on?

7:37:29 PM DrunknGunbunny: ::Gestures to Quinn:: Come over here a minute. ::Indicates a small box-like device in the back of the fuel injection power grid thing:: Do you recognize this?

7:37:36 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> +McKnight+ We got about an hour and a half of juice left, I believe Major.

7:38:01 PM MajDougMcKnight: ::Frowns, thinks a moment, and replies::  +Harper+ Has anyone checked the shuttles?

7:38:27 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> Not yet, but good call.

7:38:36 PM cmdr shelev: ::Kicks the TL door to get a slight opening, then starts pushing the door open.::

7:38:49 PM LCdr TKirr: ::helps::

7:39:13 PM MajDougMcKnight: +Harper+ If nothing else, they should have enough juice to buy life support some more time.

7:39:30 PM cmdr shelev: I can tell from the shouting that we have the right deck.

7:39:40 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> +McKnight+ Can you get someone down there to check them?

7:39:42 PM LCdr TKirr: ::slips through the opening and into the chaos::

7:39:53 PM MajDougMcKnight: Quinn> ::Grimaces, as if ill.::  Oh, McKnight is never going to let us hear the end of this.

7:40:10 PM cmdr shelev: ::Follows and gets stuck in the door. No one really expends the effort to help.::

7:40:46 PM DrunknGunbunny: ::Frowns deeply:: I THOUGHT not. Great, just great. ::Starts examining the device closer:: And if I'm not mistaken....::mutters to self as she tries to open it::

7:41:07 PM MajDougMcKnight: +Harper+ We're mobilizing down here for a general head count.  I'll head down the the shuttlebay myself.

7:41:12 PM LCdr TKirr: ::looks around for a working console::

7:41:24 PM MajDougMcKnight: +Harper+ No sense distracting an engineer before we know if there's a point.

7:41:33 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> +McKnight+ That was the idea. Thanks Major.

7:41:37 PM cmdr shelev: ::Finally gets freed and looks for hurricane Busard.::

7:42:16 PM MajDougMcKnight: Quinn> In our defense, if we missed it, I doubt a squad of marines tearing up the place would have had better luck.

7:42:31 PM LCdr TKirr: ::finds a couple of consoles, no doubt powered by precious battery power, but they're swarmed with engineers looking quite busy, so she passes them for now::

7:43:05 PM cmdr shelev: ::Engineering is such madness that the best Shelev can accomplish is meandering around looking lost and disjointed like Hunter S. Thompson at Circus Circus.::

7:43:17 PM MajDougMcKnight: ::Grabs a flashlight, one of those awesome ones that straps to the wrist, makes his way to the nearest access hatch, which is thankfully left wide open at this point, and starts on down.::

7:43:34 PM LCdr TKirr: ::as she passes a cluster of engineers, a panel goes out, followed by a string of curses::

7:43:49 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Helmsman> ::bored out of his damn mind since there's nothing to do as a helmsman on a dead ship::

7:44:11 PM DrunknGunbunny: ::Looks back at the console that just went out:: Well, shit. Let's work on getting this thing off, then, and then seeing how much damage it did.

7:44:36 PM LCdr TKirr: ::looks for Busard::

7:44:37 PM cmdr shelev: ::Almost running headfirst into the warp core.:: What thing?

7:45:22 PM DrunknGunbunny: ::Looks over at Shelev, and then T'Kirr:: The Machen Bren apparently left us a little treat that went unnoticed. I'm guessing it cut off power somehow.

7:45:25 PM LCdr TKirr: ::hears Shelev and follows his gaze to Busard::

7:45:48 PM cmdr shelev: It isn't a bomb is it?

7:45:49 PM LCdr TKirr: ::perks an eyebrow::

7:46:23 PM DrunknGunbunny: Well, judging by the lack of beeping, ticking, or flashing lights...and the fact that it isn't showing any sign of exploding...I'd say no.

7:46:37 PM VAdm Blackthorne: (Now that's a scientific diagnosis.)

7:46:43 PM DrunknGunbunny: (Totally!)

7:46:57 PM DrunknGunbunny: ::Hasn't had her raktagino yet this morning.::

7:47:14 PM LCdr TKirr: Well, let's find out what it is.

7:47:15 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Helmsman> Got a deck of cards? :q:

7:47:16 PM MajDougMcKnight: Lord Hykon> ::Snickering like a madman.  Somewhere, somehow, he KNOWS.::

7:47:31 PM cmdr shelev: All the same, let's clear the immediate area.

7:47:44 PM cmdr shelev: No one ever died by being paranoid unless they asked for it.

7:47:49 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> Not now, oi.

7:48:41 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Helmsman> We've coasted to a stop at least.

7:48:44 PM DrunknGunbunny: Alright, you do that. ::Manages to pry the device loose, carefully...but doing so makes things spark all dramatic-like. Also, all spark-like:: SHIT!

7:48:57 PM cmdr shelev: :[

7:49:14 PM LCdr TKirr: ::tenses up::

7:49:44 PM cmdr shelev: How did it spark if everything is turned off?

7:50:08 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> That's good news.

7:50:23 PM DrunknGunbunny: There's a couple things apparently not turned off. Like life support. Let's pray I didn't just knock THAT out.

7:50:30 PM cmdr shelev: :[ :[

7:50:42 PM LCdr TKirr: ::having no better scanning device available, pulls out the ever-present tricorder::

7:50:46 PM cmdr shelev: ::Looks for a handle that goes :toot: but no dice.::

7:50:53 PM DrunknGunbunny: ::Thank god::

7:51:10 PM MajDougMcKnight: +Harper+ McKnight to bridge.

7:51:20 PM VAdm Blackthorne: +Harper+ Bridge here.

7:51:24 PM DrunknGunbunny: ::Also, hands the device over to T'Kirr, so she can use that handy dandy tricorder better::

7:51:52 PM cmdr shelev: Ok, we have this big ship that is turned off. We have little ship that is also turned off but can be turned on. I am going over to the little ship to see if it can turn on.

7:51:53 PM LCdr TKirr: ::puts on her scientist face as she scrutinizes the object::

7:52:04 PM MajDougMcKnight: ::At a shuttle's controls, smiling.::  So, where I am, the lights are on, and it's properly heated.  How about you?

7:52:15 PM cmdr shelev: Worst case scenario, I break the little ship and we're no worse off.

7:52:24 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> You're a cruel man, Major.

7:53:07 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Helmsman> ::snickers::

7:53:10 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> Shut up.

7:53:23 PM cmdr shelev: +Harper+ Shelev to bridge. Please see if anyone is in the shuttle bay who can get the doors open. And send the helmsman down there too; this ship isn't going anywhere.

7:53:51 PM VAdm Blackthorne: +Harper+ Why, amazingly, Major McKnight is down there!

7:53:52 PM MajDougMcKnight: +Harper+ A WARM, cruel man.  That's key.  Anyway, looks like the shuttle's are fine.  What you want to do with them is your call, but I'd have an engineering team down here to see what they can do about getting them tied in with

7:53:57 PM MajDougMcKnight: ship's power.

7:54:10 PM cmdr shelev: ::Leaves engineering, probably causing about fifty people to simultaneously exhale.::

7:54:20 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> +McKnight+ Stand by, Commander Shelev is en route to you.

7:54:35 PM cmdr shelev: ::Crowbar -> TL -> ladder schtick again.::

7:54:44 PM cmdr shelev: ((Comedy headcrab option))

7:54:54 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> He'll need that shuttle to try to get to the Horizon. Can you get the bay doors open?

7:55:01 PM VAdm Blackthorne: (that was to McKnight)

7:55:57 PM LCdr TKirr: Busard.

7:55:59 PM MajDougMcKnight: +Harper+ ...Maybe.  Should I go looking for an EV suit then?

7:56:21 PM DrunknGunbunny: ::Looks up:: Yes?

7:56:32 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> +McKnight+ ... probably. So much for being a warm cruel man. I'm sending the helmsman down to fly the bloody thing.

7:56:34 PM LCdr TKirr: ::pivots her tricorder so she can see:: Am I right in assuming this is very bad?

7:56:38 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Helmsman> What.

7:56:50 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> Get down there mister.

7:57:00 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Helmsman> Oh goddammit.

7:57:05 PM DrunknGunbunny: ::Looks at it...and would go white if she wasn't already so pasty and pale:: ..Shit on a stick with extra crap-sauce.

7:57:08 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> Move it!

7:57:23 PM cmdr shelev: ::stops at the shuttlebay deck and crowbars the door again.::

7:57:26 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Helmsman> ::buggers off down the ladder:: :(

7:57:27 PM cmdr shelev: This is getting old.

7:57:35 PM LCdr TKirr: ::perks brow::

7:57:53 PM DrunknGunbunny: ::Notes the brow:: I mean, yes. Yes that is very bad. Just a second.

7:58:08 PM DrunknGunbunny: +Bridge+ Engineering to Bridge. We have a major problem.

7:58:19 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> ::is now alone but in command goddammit:: +Busard+ Oh, yes, do tell.

7:58:24 PM MajDougMcKnight: ::Sighs, gets out of the shuttle, and goes looking for the EV suit locker.  Once finding it, he takes his time getting it on.  After all, he can't open the bay doors until everyone's down here and suited, and this section is

7:58:42 PM cmdr shelev: ::Enters the shuttle bay.::

7:58:45 PM MajDougMcKnight: sealed off from the rest of the ship.  No environmental force field is a bitch, and so is explosive decompression.::

7:59:16 PM MajDougMcKnight: Commander.  Suit up.  Your yacht awaits, if we can find a way to get the doors open.

7:59:33 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Helmsman> ::arrives in the shuttlebay:: Hay guys.

7:59:34 PM cmdr shelev: I take it my crowbar ain't gonna work.

7:59:47 PM DrunknGunbunny: +Harper+ Yeah...so, remember how the marines checked for signs of Machen Bren meddling? Well, they missed a pretty big one. One that

7:59:48 PM cmdr shelev: Shut up and find a way to open the door.

7:59:49 PM DrunknGunbunny:  just completely destroyed the connections in the power conduits AND the connection between the fuel and engine sections.

8:00:08 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> ::swears in swahili::

8:00:12 PM cmdr shelev: ::Starts getting an EVA suit on.::

8:00:20 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> Is there anything you can do to fix it?

8:01:01 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Helmsman> Si. Fly.

8:01:07 PM MajDougMcKnight: Quinn> ::Shifts uncomfortably, and fails to mention just then that engineering talked McKnight into letting the engineers handle the sweep of engineering on their own.::

8:01:08 PM DrunknGunbunny: +Harper+ I could, if I had the supplies available to me. But this kind of damage? I don't think we have that many spare parts on hand.

8:01:33 PM cmdr shelev: ... Right.

8:01:39 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> Fuck.

8:01:50 PM DrunknGunbunny: Exactly.

8:02:08 PM cmdr shelev: Alright, get that bulkhead sealed. We're leaving.

8:02:43 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> +Busard+ Then we can at least assume that the Horizon can be powered. Start preparing to evac down there before we run out of juice.

8:03:14 PM MajDougMcKnight: ::Nods, and begins waddling off out of the shuttlebay to find the bulkhead.  Once he does, it's manually closed by some hydraulic lever, since I can't think of a way to do that with a claymore.::

8:03:14 PM DrunknGunbunny: +Harper+ Aye, sir.

8:03:36 PM cmdr shelev: ::Gets in the shuttle and lets McKnight think about two handed longswords.::

8:03:58 PM LCdr TKirr: ((claymores are sexy.))

8:04:08 PM DrunknGunbunny: ::turns to the other engineers:: Alright, people, I'm pretty sure everyone in here knows we have a situation. We're going to have to evacuate, and I mean now. So...get on that.

8:04:14 PM DrunknGunbunny: (Yes, they certainly are.)

8:04:22 PM cmdr shelev: (( :gonk: ))

8:04:34 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Harper>  Shit. +Shelev+ Commander Shelev, come in.

8:04:43 PM cmdr shelev: +Harper+ Go.

8:04:46 PM LCdr TKirr: ::goes about packing the device into a container to take it off the ship to study it more::

8:05:00 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> +Shelev+ Machen Bren sabotage and it's irreparable until we can get to space dock

8:05:45 PM MajDougMcKnight: ::After a minute, waddles back into the bay, rejoining Shelev in the shuttle just in time to hear that comm from Harper and swear loudly in his helmet.::

8:06:02 PM LCdr TKirr: ::dodging people running this way and that, makes her way into the line evacuating up the ladder::

8:06:08 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ((Did you feel that quake Shelev?

8:07:22 PM DrunknGunbunny: ::Is, of course, the last to leave, because of honor and all that crap.::

8:07:36 PM cmdr shelev: Sim's over.

8:07:42 PM cmdr shelev: My shit just fell down

8:07:50 PM LCdr TKirr: Thought maybe =/

8:07:51 PM VAdm Blackthorne: It wasn't that big :v

8:08:21 PM DrunknGunbunny: o.O

8:08:21 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Okay though, pause sim on account of the fucking ERF

8:08:33 PM DrunknGunbunny: *so confused*

8:08:37 PM LCdr TKirr: Fast forward, we've evacuated.

8:09:00 PM LCdr TKirr: They had an earthquake.

8:09:12 PM DrunknGunbunny: OH. Oh man. That sucks ass.

8:09:28 PM LCdr TKirr: They didn't bother with the (( )) 's

8:09:40 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Yeah, it wasn't a big one, everything should be fine

8:09:43 PM MajDougMcKnight: Wow.  Okay...don't die, guys.  That'd totally ruin the comedic interlude.

8:09:54 PM DrunknGunbunny: Are you guys on the west coast or something?

8:10:04 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Yes, SF bay area

8:10:08 PM DrunknGunbunny: O.O

8:10:10 PM LCdr TKirr: I miss earthquakes. =/

8:10:15 PM DrunknGunbunny: You...you live near my old home.

8:10:21 PM VAdm Blackthorne: They can fuck themselves, fuck earthquakes

8:10:21 PM DrunknGunbunny: *nostalgic moment*

8:10:32 PM LCdr TKirr: Now all I got is thunderstorm city and the occasional hurricane

8:10:43 PM MajDougMcKnight: I have...winter?

8:10:52 PM DrunknGunbunny: We have winter in SPADES.

8:10:55 PM DrunknGunbunny: *nod nod*

8:11:26 PM DrunknGunbunny: Also, if the San Andreas gets all blowed up, I'm blaming Lex Luthor.

8:11:36 PM VAdm Blackthorne: plz no :(

8:13:25 PM DrunknGunbunny: Well, alright.

8:13:27 PM LCdr TKirr: I JUST got your txt msg, Jason...

8:13:50 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Nice delay.

8:15:00 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Okay next week we'll have started the evac.

8:15:12 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Which is where I was gonna pause tonight anyway

8:15:37 PM LCdr TKirr: kk

8:15:38 PM MajDougMcKnight: Can McKnight come on the shuttle?

8:15:43 PM MajDougMcKnight: He's all dressed up and everything.

8:15:54 PM MajDougMcKnight: Also, I want to be there when Shelev gets yelled at.

8:16:21 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Blackthorne won't be back next week yet :v

8:16:31 PM LCdr TKirr: Yeah wouldn't think so

8:16:50 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Shelev, trip report plz

8:18:02 PM VAdm Blackthorne: The evac will be conducted using the shuttles so it'll go rather annoyingly slow

8:18:52 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Also, for those that didn't get the log announcement (fuck hotmail) there's a log up at the google group :v

8:19:03 PM LCdr TKirr: Okay.

8:19:08 PM MajDougMcKnight: Ah, alrighty.

8:20:02 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Explains  just what Blackthorne is up to while y'all fumble around in the dark.

8:20:50 PM MajDougMcKnight: Ah, nice.

8:20:54 PM DrunknGunbunny: Yup, he's busy fumbling at other things.

8:24:01 PM VAdm Blackthorne: That is all for this week. Though i would like to hear from shelev.

8:26:01 PM LCdr TKirr: Kay, night, late here -_-

8:26:07 PM VAdm Blackthorne: G'night!

8:26:31 PM MajDougMcKnight: Night.  Now, more Avatar!  Wee!