7:00:18 PM majdougmcknight: Evening.

7:00:24 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Hiya

7:00:43 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Hey Percy

7:00:45 PM majdougmcknight: Hey hey.

7:00:52 PM ltpercybusard: Hoy thar, mateys.

7:02:17 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Need a green woman and a blue man.

7:02:38 PM ltpercybusard: T'Kirr is green?

7:03:57 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Well, no, but early on, TV stations would occasionally adjust the color to make Spock appear green.

7:04:16 PM ltpercybusard: Really? Huh, I'd not noticed that.

7:04:24 PM VAdm Blackthorne: you wouldn't, now.

7:04:31 PM ltpercybusard: This is true.

7:08:07 PM VAdm Blackthorne: hay Shelev.

7:08:13 PM cmdrshelev: wot

7:08:25 PM ltpercybusard: Heya.

7:09:56 PM VAdm Blackthorne: We'll give T'Kirr a few more minutes

7:10:15 PM majdougmcknight: In that case, I'm gonna go get some coffee.  BRB.

7:11:16 PM VAdm Blackthorne: 15 after or so we'll start

7:13:04 PM ltpercybusard: 'Kay.

7:13:27 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Y'all get the LotM award email?

7:13:54 PM cmdrshelev: yep

7:14:15 PM ltpercybusard: Verily.

7:14:22 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Grats!

7:15:07 PM ltpercybusard: Thank'ee. :-P

7:15:46 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Okay, it's 15 after.

7:16:11 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Tonight, we are trying to get a 200 year old starship back to Atlantis.

7:16:49 PM ltpercybusard: While simultaneously revelling in the coolness of it?

7:16:56 PM VAdm Blackthorne: This will come with various problems.

7:17:55 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Also, I've thought about it and figured we're all on duty the whole trip home.

7:18:07 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Since there's only 5 of us to run the whole ship, there's no room for downtime.

7:18:35 PM ltpercybusard: Awww. 'kay.

7:19:01 PM cmdrshelev: you can't tell the difference with percy

7:19:17 PM VAdm Blackthorne: And Blackthorne has the helm. Someone has to drive :v

7:19:56 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Questions?

7:19:59 PM majdougmcknight: Um...depriving your whole crew of sleep?

7:20:10 PM majdougmcknight: Is that smart?

7:20:11 PM VAdm Blackthorne: It's not a trip of days.

7:20:18 PM VAdm Blackthorne: We're talking like 12-16 hours

7:20:18 PM ltpercybusard: OR IS IT?!

7:20:20 PM majdougmcknight: Ah, fair enough.

7:20:22 PM ltpercybusard: Aw. Damn.

7:20:47 PM VAdm Blackthorne: I mean, we got there in a small stealth ship

7:21:17 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Any others?

7:21:23 PM majdougmcknight: Nope.

7:21:49 PM majdougmcknight: Oh, though technically, it's 8 of us.  :-)

7:21:52 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Remember, no replicators, only food resequencers. Comms are on the wall.

7:22:08 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Liz isn't qualified to operate a starship and Ross is 10 and not wesley crusher.

7:22:18 PM majdougmcknight: Fine, ten.

7:22:23 PM majdougmcknight: I was talking about the marines.

7:22:30 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Oh right!

7:22:32 PM ltpercybusard: There are three of them? I thought there were two.

7:22:34 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Yes, they can help :v

7:22:52 PM majdougmcknight: Bronson, McQueen, Coburn.

7:23:09 PM ltpercybusard: Oh, right.

7:23:13 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Still, it's a crew of 8 for a starship designed for a couple hundred.

7:23:43 PM majdougmcknight: And half of those people don't even know most of the ins and outs of an up to date starship, so...good luck getting me to do anything useful.  :-)

7:24:02 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Polarize the hull plating! Fire the phase cannons!

7:24:14 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Keep in mind, this thing was what succeeded the NX class from Enterprise.

7:24:50 PM VAdm Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM

7:24:51 PM VAdm Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM

7:24:53 PM VAdm Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM

7:25:01 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::at helm, trying to keep the damn thing straight::

7:25:30 PM ltpercybusard: ::In the engine room, simultaneously geeking out to the extreme and trying to remember exactly how everything works in these kinds of ships::

7:26:20 PM cmdrshelev: ::Helping Percy in engineering by turning a large crank of some sort.::

7:26:32 PM majdougmcknight: ::Presumably down in the engine room as well,  in case something heavy needs lifting::  So...I'm thinking if you need anything, I'll be over here, trying to look busy.

7:26:48 PM cmdrshelev: Blow the lunchtime whistle

7:26:59 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> The ship sputters to a halt.

7:27:06 PM ltpercybusard: Hush, both of yo- What the hell?


7:27:51 PM majdougmcknight: Well, look on the bright side.  Looks like we'll have plenty of time to soak up all this history.

7:28:20 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::preses the comm button: Engine room! What happened!

7:28:45 PM ltpercybusard: +Bridge+ Uh...I'll figure it out?

7:28:49 PM cmdrshelev: ::Turns crank faster.::

7:29:20 PM ltpercybusard: ::Goes to the main control panel thing, and tries to figure out what the hell is wrong.::

7:29:26 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::pressing other buttons, trying to get her to turn over::

7:30:40 PM cmdrshelev: Percy, does this crank do anything?

7:31:09 PM majdougmcknight: I wonder if this heap makes donuts.

7:31:21 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Liz and Ross> ::in NPCland::

7:31:24 PM ltpercybusard: Oh! I see now. ::Pushes a few other buttons, and pulls a lever, hopefully reactivating the thrusters. Then turns to Shelev:: I honestly don't know.

7:31:37 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Warp Engine> ::coughs::

7:32:14 PM ltpercybusard: Oh come on! ::Push push push the buttons slightly frantically:: Um...there?

7:32:40 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Warp Engine> ::splutter::

7:33:17 PM cmdrshelev: ...

7:33:39 PM cmdrshelev: ::Lets go of the crank. It continues turning on its own.::

7:33:45 PM cmdrshelev: Welp,

7:34:06 PM cmdrshelev: Doug, kick something.

7:34:18 PM ltpercybusard: Oh goddamnit. ::Looks at her toolbelt, hoping to god that her equipment will work with this engine, before opening a panel and practically diving into it's contents:: Okay, wire goes here....maybe if I...::continues tinkering::

7:34:33 PM VAdm Blackthorne: :f5:

7:35:02 PM majdougmcknight: ::Shrugs, looks around a moment, and picks up a suitably heavy looking wrench before bashing it against the side of the warp reactor.::

7:35:04 PM cmdrshelev: ::Pulls a handle hanging from a cable.::

7:35:12 PM majdougmcknight: ::Um...the metal part.::

7:35:13 PM cmdrshelev: Warp Engine> :toot:

7:35:33 PM cmdrshelev: We found the lunch whistle!

7:35:41 PM majdougmcknight: Well, guess I don't need that book learnin'.

7:36:13 PM ltpercybusard: :-Ducks out briefly:: Stop that! Stop that right now!

7:36:21 PM cmdrshelev: Warp Engine> :effort:

7:36:46 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Liz> ::enters the bridge:: Ian? Are we stopped?

7:36:55 PM cmdrshelev: I don't think you should have used the wrench, man.

7:37:03 PM cmdrshelev: She seems to be upset.

7:37:05 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::looks up, half grinning::

7:37:52 PM VAdm Blackthorne: They'll get her started again.

7:38:30 PM ltpercybusard: ::Percy keeps looking for faulty connections before finally:: Oh, well THAT would help. The fuel connection got unplugged! Stupid shoddy upkeep ::Mutter mutter, reconnects said fuel connection::

7:38:40 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Warp Engine> :dance:

7:38:57 PM cmdrshelev: Warp Engine> :woot:

7:39:03 PM cmdrshelev: :w00t:

7:39:22 PM majdougmcknight: Fine.  Do we have a spanner?

7:39:30 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::presses the start button frantically and is amazed when the engines power::

7:39:33 PM VAdm Blackthorne: See, told you.

7:39:39 PM majdougmcknight: ::Yes, he doesn't even know those are the same damn things.::

7:39:42 PM VAdm Blackthorne: +Engine Room+ Good work, keep it up.

7:39:49 PM majdougmcknight: ::Or at least doesn't care to admit he does.::

7:39:53 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::throttles up to warp five::

7:40:10 PM ltpercybusard: ::Sighs in relief before giving McKnight and Shelev a very evil eye::

7:40:13 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> The lights turn green.

7:40:13 PM ltpercybusard: Get back to work.

7:40:24 PM majdougmcknight: Yes, maam.

7:40:30 PM majdougmcknight: ::Goes looking for a food processor.::

7:40:39 PM cmdrshelev: ::Looks at the crank, which is moving very fast on its own.::

7:41:11 PM ltpercybusard: ::Sigh:: Okay fine. Go...get food, or something.

7:41:22 PM majdougmcknight: ::::Looks up at the lights, then casts a quick glance back at the now green tinted chick in the slave outfit.::  Heh.

7:41:23 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> The lights turn blue.

7:41:24 PM majdougmcknight: ::Walks off.::

7:41:31 PM cmdrshelev: ::Pulls the whistle thing again.::

7:41:38 PM cmdrshelev: Warp Drive> :toot:


7:41:44 PM cmdrshelev: Lunchtime!

7:42:14 PM ltpercybusard: ::Mutter mutter hate you all mutter::

7:42:17 PM majdougmcknight: (Says the one guy who has actually gotten shot down in character.)

7:42:26 PM VAdm Blackthorne: (Both literally and figuratively.)

7:42:33 PM majdougmcknight: (True!)

7:42:43 PM cmdrshelev: ((I have no comment))

7:42:44 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Liz> What's with the lights?

7:43:04 PM VAdm Blackthorne: There's bound to be ghosts in a ship this old. Electrical ones that ist.

7:43:17 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> The lights turn plaid.

7:43:30 PM cmdrshelev: ::Starts looking for food cards to use with said food processor that McKnight will hopefully find::

7:43:58 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Though the usefulness of lights that CAN turn plaid is beyond me. I don't even think Atlantis's can do that.

7:44:20 PM cmdrshelev: ((It is a simple matter of programming!))

7:44:24 PM VAdm Blackthorne: What, did they have a plaid alert?

7:44:40 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> The lights turn chartreuse!

7:44:46 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Liz> ::smirks::

7:44:59 PM VAdm Blackthorne: How's Ross?

7:46:24 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Liz> Napping, he's fine.

7:46:39 PM cmdrshelev: ACTION> The lights form a smiley face for a brief moment.

7:47:22 PM ltpercybusard: ::Is really not sure if she should be fixing this::

7:48:47 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> The temperature starts to rise, bit by bit.

7:48:55 PM VAdm Blackthorne: We have a bit of talking to do.

7:49:40 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Liz> Yeah, I suppose we do...  is it getting hot in here?

7:49:58 PM majdougmcknight: ::Comes back in a few minutes later, having apparently succeeded at both his and Shelev's immediate tasks, though from the look on his face as he sips out of a grey plastic mug, it's not exactly his proudest accomplishment::

7:50:33 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::takes off his jacket:: Yeah, it is. +Engine Room+ Busard, is something up with life support?

7:50:41 PM cmdrshelev: ::Trails behind with a giant tray of something of which the only identifiable component is carrots.::

7:50:53 PM majdougmcknight: ::Places a tray with a plate of sandwiches on the deck near enough to where Percy's working for her to reach one if and when she comes out.::  So, who else knew that coffee came in battery acid flavor?

7:51:20 PM ltpercybusard: +Bridge+ I...can check? ::Looks at the life support panel:: Oh...yeah, uh, hold on a second.

7:51:41 PM cmdrshelev: Doug, kick something. It worked last time.

7:51:56 PM ltpercybusard: ::Goes about manually setting the temperature to something more comfortable:: Don't. Touch. Anything.

7:52:05 PM cmdrshelev: ::Pulls his favorite handle.:: Warp Drive> :toot:

7:52:52 PM majdougmcknight: ::Shrugs as he leans on a disuses console, trying not to sit on any actual buttons, and grimaces in a less pronounced fashion this time as he takes another sip.::  Seriously though, drink up.  It'll help wash down the chicken.  At

7:53:26 PM majdougmcknight: least, I think it's supposed to be chicken in those sandwiches.  Chicken that crossed the road to go breed with cardboard, anyway.

7:54:03 PM cmdrshelev: It better be fuckin' chicken or I'm turning this starship around and taking it back for a refund.

7:54:33 PM ltpercybusard: Could we not do that? And say we didn't?

7:55:08 PM cmdrshelev: Ok, we didn't do it.

7:55:17 PM ltpercybusard: ::Reaches a hand up to grab a sandwich anyway, while she worked::

7:55:41 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> The temperature calms down.

7:56:01 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> But mariachi music starts playing over the speakers.

7:56:21 PM majdougmcknight: Okay, those I know how to fix.

7:56:39 PM majdougmcknight: ::Does the air quote thing as an afterthought, as if anyone needed the extra hint.::

7:56:41 PM cmdrshelev: The Smithsonian would disown you.

7:56:56 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::doesn't even bother calling engineering on this one::

7:57:01 PM majdougmcknight: The Smithsonian would never have to know.

7:57:29 PM cmdrshelev: Second problem: Ian can't call us.

7:59:37 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::waits for the noise to stop, looking at Liz with a "ain't my fault" look::

7:59:53 PM majdougmcknight: I could keep yelling at Percy to fix it.

8:00:03 PM ltpercybusard: I could hurt you.

8:00:34 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Warp Drive> :dance:

8:01:01 PM ltpercybusard: ::Goes about looking for wherever the hell the systems for playing mariachi music could be::

8:01:07 PM majdougmcknight: See, that would impede you fixing it.

8:01:31 PM cmdrshelev: ::There is literally absolutely nothing Shelev can or wants to do in this situation.::

8:04:04 PM ltpercybusard: ::Eventually finds the stereo systems, and unplugs the section for playing music:: Please work. Please please please.

8:04:13 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> Silence.

8:04:27 PM ltpercybusard: YES!

8:04:33 PM cmdrshelev: ((and that's when the helicopter gunship appeared))

8:04:38 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Oh thank goodness.

8:04:59 PM majdougmcknight: Does this thing do Reggae?

8:05:09 PM ltpercybusard: Not anymore.

8:05:12 PM cmdrshelev: :(

8:05:18 PM ltpercybusard: (Bwahaha)

8:06:07 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> Atlantis appears on sensors!

8:06:33 PM majdougmcknight: ::Looks down as a console beeps, and takes a look::  Well, thank God.

8:07:17 PM ltpercybusard: ::Gets up from the stereo systems panel, looking at that...other console:: Yes. A lot.

8:07:46 PM VAdm Blackthorne: +Atlantis+ USS Horizon to USS Atlantis. ::smirks, wondering what Harper's thinking right now::

8:08:06 PM majdougmcknight: ::Is so going to go play Reggae as soon as he gets back to his quarters.::

8:08:15 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> :wtc:

8:08:31 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> Atlantis, Commander Harper here. Sir, is that you?

8:09:27 PM VAdm Blackthorne: In the flesh. We found a lost sheep.

8:09:44 PM majdougmcknight: Well, it's been fun.  I'd better go inform my men.  See you back on civilization.

8:10:00 PM cmdrshelev: I am going to miss this whistle :(

8:10:10 PM ltpercybusard: Oh! Right! I almost forgot.

8:10:21 PM ltpercybusard: ::Walks up to Shelev and slaps him across the face. Hard::

8:10:28 PM ltpercybusard: You said I could.

8:10:52 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> ::looking at the LR sensors:: :psyduck: Daedalus class?

8:11:15 PM cmdrshelev: Ok, I guess I earned that one.

8:11:29 PM ltpercybusard: ::Nods, then gets back to work::

8:11:53 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Yes, lost 200 years ago. We found her drifting in space!

8:11:55 PM majdougmcknight: ::As he leaves::  But I haven't given you permission to do squat, so...good luck getting back to your room without anyone seeing you in that getup!

8:11:57 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> Remarkable sir!

8:12:04 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> Truly you will be heralded a hero!

8:12:18 PM cmdrshelev: (( :( ))

8:12:52 PM ltpercybusard: ::Mutter mutter jerk mutter::

8:12:59 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Liz> ::had found a uniform and put it on:: :v:

8:13:33 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> Mission accomplished, sir?

8:13:40 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Yes, Commander. Be there shortly. Horizon out.

8:15:08 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> Atlantis looms closer on sensors.

8:15:34 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::studies the controls to ensure he doesn't run into his ship::

8:16:14 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::gets in visual range and puts Atlantis on the viewscreen:

8:16:14 PM ltpercybusard: ::Looks forward to the idea of clothes that actually function as clothes::

8:16:34 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::drops out of warp::

8:18:34 PM majdougmcknight: ::Has collected his rifle.  That's...pretty much it for him.::

8:19:58 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::Eases up along side Atlantis, looking very out of place::

8:20:14 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::presses the shipwide button:: We're home, folks.

8:20:58 PM cmdrshelev: Warp Drive> :toot:

8:21:07 PM VAdm Blackthorne: +shipwide+ Secure your stations and contact Atlantis for beamout.

8:21:48 PM ltpercybusard: ::Sighs in relief, collecting her things and making sure the stations were in order::

8:22:14 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::signs off the conn and stands, grabbing his jacket::

8:23:25 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::smiles at Liz:: Go wake Ross and let me know when you're ready. You don't want to use this ship's transporters.

8:24:25 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Liz>> ::nods and walks out::

8:24:26 PM VAdm Blackthorne: PAUSE Sim

8:24:27 PM VAdm Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM

8:24:29 PM VAdm Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM

8:24:34 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Warp Drive> :dance:

8:25:04 PM ltpercybusard: Woo!

8:25:07 PM VAdm Blackthorne: We're home!

8:25:10 PM VAdm Blackthorne: New plot time!

8:25:15 PM ltpercybusard: ...Crap.

8:25:40 PM cmdrshelev: this next plot is not my fault

8:25:51 PM VAdm Blackthorne: yes it is

8:25:56 PM ltpercybusard: It is?

8:26:07 PM VAdm Blackthorne: We have a short interlude coming up, a couple weeks of a diversionary comedy plot.

8:26:11 PM ltpercybusard: Oh good.

8:26:21 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Two weeks, I'd say.

8:26:46 PM ltpercybusard: Alright. At least I don't have to write one up during midterms week.

8:26:54 PM VAdm Blackthorne: When's that?

8:27:04 PM ltpercybusard: Next week.

8:27:10 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Okay.

8:27:27 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Looking forward to something after that though. :)

8:27:40 PM ltpercybusard: You shouldn't. :-P

8:27:54 PM ltpercybusard: I mean-I will totally have an awesome plot for you. Totally.

8:28:06 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Good! That's the spirit!

8:29:19 PM VAdm Blackthorne: That's all for this week.

8:29:25 PM VAdm Blackthorne: See you next week for comedy interlude!

8:29:37 PM majdougmcknight: Alrighty.  Next time then!

8:29:39 PM majdougmcknight: Night, all.