7:01:31 PM MisterBoxingBear: Hey hey.

7:01:40 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Hiya

7:02:38 PM MisterBoxingBear: Rachel is 5 or 10 minutes out.

7:02:54 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Shelev's gonna be late too.

7:04:03 PM MisterBoxingBear: Okay...any word about T'Kirr?

7:05:40 PM MisterBoxingBear: AKA your pointy eared ho?  :-)

7:05:48 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Oh shush you

7:06:25 PM MisterBoxingBear: I do so only because I failed to think of a followup joke.

7:07:08 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Like you didn't see that one coming.

7:08:35 PM MisterBoxingBear: Well, maybe I can think of a FEW hints.  You know, totally in retrospect.

7:09:10 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Yeah, we'd been planning it for probably 18 months now

7:09:46 PM MisterBoxingBear: That's what happens when you don't have a plot mandated one night stand.

7:10:04 PM VAdm Blackthorne: oh hi cervantes

7:10:35 PM MisterBoxingBear: "I frankly think the idea of a disease that totally suspends free will is pretty sketchy."

7:10:49 PM MisterBoxingBear: "Perhaps, but you go along with it for the storytelling value of the plot."

7:10:54 PM MisterBoxingBear: "But the plot sucks."

7:11:08 PM VAdm Blackthorne: checkmate!

7:12:30 PM Lt Percy Busard: Haha?

7:12:37 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Hiya Percy

7:12:44 PM Lt Percy Busard: Hoy thar cap'n.

7:13:24 PM MisterBoxingBear: So, turns out you're not the only one running a little late.

7:13:33 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Yep. :-/

7:13:46 PM Lt Percy Busard: Sucks. And I had an excuse and everything!

7:13:54 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Shelev has an excuse too.

7:14:04 PM Lt Percy Busard: Oh good.

7:14:07 PM Lt Percy Busard: :-P

7:15:00 PM Lt Percy Busard: Heya!

7:15:00 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Hiya T'Kirr

7:15:30 PM VAdm Blackthorne: We're waiting on Shelev, he told me he'd be late.

7:15:35 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Shouldn't be too much longer.

7:16:23 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Did y'all all get the log announcement that the group sent?

7:16:36 PM LCdr TKirr: Ah okay.  Yeah I just got back from Die Hard 4... awesome movie.

7:16:44 PM LCdr TKirr: And um.. checking.

7:16:49 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Yeah, I saw it, it kicked so much ass.

7:17:12 PM MisterBoxingBear: Indeed!

7:17:15 PM LCdr TKirr: Yes, I did get it... while I was gone, lol.

7:17:20 PM MisterBoxingBear: Not QUITE as good as the first one, but way up there.

7:17:26 PM Lt Percy Busard: Does it have lots of the shooting and actiony fun?

7:17:29 PM MisterBoxingBear: Timothy Olyphant rocks.

7:17:30 PM LCdr TKirr: I have to go back and see the others now.=P

7:17:31 PM Lt Percy Busard: Because I have yet to see it.

7:17:40 PM LCdr TKirr: Yeah man, he's in Lost right?

7:17:50 PM Lt Percy Busard: ...There's a guy with the last name Olyphant?

7:17:53 PM VAdm Blackthorne: I go to see Bruce Willis kick ass and blow shit up, and the movie delivered.

7:17:58 PM MisterBoxingBear: Um...no, not unless he showed up some time in season 3.

7:18:06 PM LCdr TKirr: I've seen him in something...

7:18:10 PM MisterBoxingBear: He starred in Deadwood...

7:18:14 PM LCdr TKirr: Nah...

7:18:20 PM MisterBoxingBear: The Girl Next Door?

7:18:24 PM LCdr TKirr: Nope.

7:18:30 PM MisterBoxingBear: He was the only tolerable part of that movie.

7:18:34 PM LCdr TKirr: How 'bout I look it up. =P

7:18:42 PM MisterBoxingBear: He...was in some stupid romance movie with Kevin Smith.

7:18:49 PM MisterBoxingBear: And...Jennifer Garner, maybe?

7:18:58 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Speaking of Kevin Smith

7:19:06 PM VAdm Blackthorne: He was funny as hell too

7:20:09 PM MisterBoxingBear: Yes he was.

7:20:13 PM LCdr TKirr: Gonna read your log while we wait, lemme know when Shelev's in.

7:20:17 PM VAdm Blackthorne: k

7:20:36 PM Lt Percy Busard: What the fuck? I just realized the speakers on my computer aren't working. Gonna restart quick.

7:20:43 PM MisterBoxingBear: Kay.

7:27:31 PM MisterBoxingBear: Gonna get some coffee, long as we're waiting.

7:27:36 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Okay

7:31:16 PM LCdr TKirr: Hm, interesting.  Replies email, too.

7:31:37 PM LCdr TKirr: Oh, I see it, now.. your reply was the first to mail out

7:31:58 PM LCdr TKirr: So I received your reply in the mail, but not notification of the story post itself?

7:32:13 PM VAdm Blackthorne: The story itself isn't emailed out.

7:32:22 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Just a notice that a new story is up.

7:32:27 PM LCdr TKirr: I didn't get that, though

7:32:33 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Hmmm

7:32:35 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Junk mail?

7:32:36 PM LCdr TKirr: Or is what you tagged at the end a reply?

7:33:16 PM VAdm Blackthorne: I'm not sure what you're asking

7:33:34 PM LCdr TKirr: It looks like there's two replies to your story atm... yours and mine

7:33:50 PM LCdr TKirr: I got both in the mail, but not a notice about the story being up

7:34:12 PM LCdr TKirr: I mean, obviously your reply was saying how it's up

7:34:39 PM VAdm Blackthorne: The first reply has a link to the story in it.

7:34:46 PM VAdm Blackthorne: That was emailed to the group.

7:34:56 PM LCdr TKirr: So the first reply is part of setting it up?

7:35:15 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Yes, when you post a "Page" it asks if you want to notify the group

7:35:31 PM VAdm Blackthorne: You can write what you want in that notification, which is what you got for the first reply including the link to the story.

7:35:32 PM LCdr TKirr: Ah okay.. and it goes into the form of a reply on the post.

7:35:54 PM VAdm Blackthorne: It gave you a link though right?

7:36:03 PM LCdr TKirr: Yes.

7:36:09 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Good

7:36:56 PM MisterBoxingBear: WB

7:36:59 PM Lt Percy Busard: Guh. Also, thanks.

7:37:04 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Percy, the google group emailed you about the log I posted, right?

7:38:32 PM Lt Percy Busard: Yeah, it did. Haven't had time to read it yet, though. I'll do that now.

7:38:51 PM VAdm Blackthorne: It's alright, I just wanted to make sure the method works.

7:38:58 PM VAdm Blackthorne: We've waited on Shelev long enough.

7:39:13 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Tonight's sim will be somewhat different in format.

7:39:55 PM VAdm Blackthorne: I'll be playing Ian.

7:40:12 PM VAdm Blackthorne: You will be handed roles by McKnight to play, since your characters are in jail and don't have much to do.

7:40:47 PM Lt Percy Busard: Uh...okay.

7:41:06 PM LCdr TKirr: You make it sound like there's... more than two of us. =P

7:41:15 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Well Shelev was supposed to be here too.

7:43:21 PM MisterBoxingBear: One moment.

7:44:02 PM VAdm Blackthorne: And there he is.

7:45:34 PM VAdm Blackthorne: You ready Major?

7:47:05 PM MisterBoxingBear: Not just yet.  One more moment.

7:47:12 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Mmmkay

7:47:16 PM cmdr shelev: ok

7:47:28 PM cmdr shelev: I can relax for a shitload of innings until bonds is back up

7:51:03 PM VAdm Blackthorne: the crowd at pacbell seems bored as hell now that bonds isn't up

7:52:05 PM cmdr shelev: well no shit other than bonds it's a fucking giants game

7:52:22 PM VAdm Blackthorne: lol failure

7:52:31 PM cmdr shelev: plus half the crowd is probably in the bathroom or the bar between bonds at-bats

7:53:56 PM cmdr shelev: I like kuiper

7:54:02 PM cmdr shelev: "SWWWWWIIIIING andamiss"

7:54:14 PM MisterBoxingBear: Okay!  So, this little get together is theoretically in the same system we were captured in, so we would of course ask for an encore performance as the Emperor Cartagio.

7:54:28 PM cmdr shelev: ok

7:54:31 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Summon Hedonismbot!

7:54:50 PM LCdr TKirr: *giggles*

7:55:03 PM MisterBoxingBear: I will reprise the earlier role of Tyrus, AND introduce a lord we've never met, but have a passing familiarity with.

7:55:15 PM MisterBoxingBear: As for the others...role call time!

7:55:47 PM cmdr shelev: I APOLOGIZE FOR NIBBLING

7:56:32 PM Lt Percy Busard: *is reminded of MST3K. Not sure why*

7:56:35 PM MisterBoxingBear: Er...role call PLEASE?

7:56:41 PM LCdr TKirr: Okay um, Jex Sevurian here.

7:56:47 PM cmdr shelev: no too busy watching futurama on youtube

7:57:11 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Ahem!

7:57:12 PM Lt Percy Busard: Oh, right...Xavian hereish.

7:58:08 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Okay then, I think we're good to go.

7:58:13 PM MisterBoxingBear: Indeed.

7:58:15 PM LCdr TKirr: Let's go Machen Bren, heavy on the tail end of the alphabet. =P

7:58:16 PM VAdm Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM

7:58:21 PM cmdr shelev: ((ho ho ho))

7:58:21 PM VAdm Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM

7:58:23 PM VAdm Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM

7:58:39 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::pacing anxiously in his jail cell::

7:59:23 PM cmdr shelev: Is it possible to go on missions where we don't end up in jail?

7:59:30 PM cmdr shelev: Though at least you're wearing a shirt this time

7:59:37 PM VAdm Blackthorne: (I'm alone, doof)

7:59:43 PM cmdr shelev: ((oh ffs

7:59:59 PM cmdr shelev: ((sue me for being in the wrong frame of reference))

7:59:59 PM VAdm Blackthorne: (I'm in the Very Important Prisoners wing)

8:00:00 PM LCdr TKirr: (Shelev's just talking to himself in his cell again, he does that, apparently)

8:00:08 PM cmdr shelev: ((what she said))

8:00:37 PM MisterBoxingBear: ACTION> Just then, with a sound of a disengaging force field outside, the sound of a key in the lock can be heard in Blackthorne's cell.

8:00:41 PM LCdr TKirr: (One antenna talks to the other, we wouldn't understand.)

8:01:06 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::turns toward the door, eyeing the bearer of the key::

8:03:38 PM MisterBoxingBear: ACTION> With the door open, a pair of burly Machen Bren soldiers enter, seemingly in full dress uniform, green with gold trimming.  The swords that hang at their sides could be mistaken for ceremonial.  The rifles the hold could

8:04:24 PM MisterBoxingBear: not.  And behind them enters a third figure in a deep scarlet robe, lacking the rifle, but not the sword.  This third man now approaches him.

8:04:53 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::looks the important looking fellow directly in the eye::

8:06:15 PM MisterBoxingBear: Vice Admiral Ian Blackthorne.  How fitting that we finally meet in person.  We are, after all, old acquaintances.

8:06:51 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::raises his eyebrows and waits for the ILF to continue::

8:08:19 PM MisterBoxingBear: I am Lord Hykon.  Don't tell me you don't recognize the name.  We have an entire planet in common.  Or more appropriately, we HAD such a planet.

8:08:33 PM MisterBoxingBear: ::Elaborates on that one, with a vicious punch to the gut.::

8:09:47 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::doubles over, grimacing as he slowly straightens back up:: Ah yes, I spent some time sloughing through the red forests. Wouldn't recommend it for a vacation.

8:11:41 PM MisterBoxingBear: No, lifeless rocks hurtling purposely through the void lack a certain charm.  Particularly when they bear the ghosts of thousands snuffed out in an instant.

8:12:25 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Spare me the drama, that planet was only military and we both know it.

8:13:29 PM cmdr shelev: (( PAUSE SIM FOR BONDS ?! ))

8:13:44 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ((NO)

8:15:01 PM MisterBoxingBear: ::Unsheathes his sword with a practiced speed, and brings the tip of the blade to Blackthorne's jugular with a snarl::  Yes, soldiers all, and all recipients of an unworthy death.  A death that its architect shall share.

8:15:45 PM VAdm Blackthorne:  Your commander would have done the same to me. Everyone there was trying to kill the other side. ::unflinching::

8:16:58 PM cmdr shelev: ((this is where you blame your XO :v: ))

8:17:15 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ((do you honestly think this guy cares?)

8:18:06 PM cmdr shelev: (( well bonds isn't up so now I'm paying attention ))

8:18:49 PM MisterBoxingBear: The difference, Admiral, is that when we mean to kill, we don't insult the enemy or ourselves by claiming our intentions are somehow nobler.  That is YOUR famous perfidy at work.  All the same, it seems you've won an advocate.

8:19:19 PM VAdm Blackthorne: An advocate? Judging by the sword tip, I take it you're not him.

8:19:44 PM LCdr TKirr: (lol!)

8:21:11 PM MisterBoxingBear: ::Smiles:: My, you're a warrior AND a scholar, aren't you?  No, you've spoken with the one I speak of.  It appears your WORDS were noble enough that Lord Tyrus has convinced several men and women of standing not to execute you for

8:21:25 PM VAdm Blackthorne: :wtc:

8:21:35 PM cmdr shelev: uhm

8:21:43 PM cmdr shelev: BONDS

8:21:44 PM cmdr shelev: ?

8:21:50 PM LCdr TKirr: Um... am I here?  I'm receiving...

8:21:53 PM cmdr shelev: wait what

8:21:56 PM LCdr TKirr: But says I'm not!

8:21:59 PM VAdm Blackthorne: what the hell

8:22:04 PM LCdr TKirr: ?!??!?

8:22:05 PM VAdm Blackthorne: it says everyone but me and shelev left

8:23:30 PM cmdr shelev: RELOG

8:24:01 PM MajDougMcKnight: (Ah, finally.)

8:24:07 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Well I see you

8:24:19 PM MajDougMcKnight: Shit.

8:24:23 PM MajDougMcKnight: Also, hi.

8:24:35 PM LCdr TKirr: 'Kay, says I'm here now, lol

8:24:46 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Now we just need Busard and we can resume

8:25:02 PM MajDougMcKnight: Just sent her an invite.

8:25:13 PM MajDougMcKnight: And we're golden.

8:25:18 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Beautiful.

8:25:19 PM MajDougMcKnight: Until that happens again.

8:25:22 PM Lt Percy Busard: Well, that sucked ass.

8:25:22 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Do go on, Major.

8:25:29 PM MajDougMcKnight: (Right, where was I?)

8:25:52 PM VAdm Blackthorne: (Tyrus has convinced several not to execute me for)

8:26:11 PM MajDougMcKnight: (Ah, right.)

8:26:52 PM MajDougMcKnight: for your crimes until AFTER you make whatever sales pitch you made to him to all of us.

8:27:58 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::smiles inwardly:: Glad to hear it.

8:29:29 PM MajDougMcKnight: ::Smiles OUTWARDLY, as he yanks the sword abruptly away from Blackthorne's neck, leaving a very shallow cut a few inches long, more painful than dangerous, before re-sheathing his sword.::

8:29:49 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::swallows:: That's not what I meant when I asked for a razor.

8:30:49 PM MajDougMcKnight: That was to ensure you don't get too comfortable with your momentary repreive.  After your lies have failed to sway the others, you WILL die.  And it shall be at my hand.  That said, let's go witness your finest moment, shall we?

8:32:37 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Of course. I've swayed one. What makes you so sure there isn't truth to my words? Are you so quick to dismiss your colleague as a fool?

8:32:45 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::begins walking with his escort::

8:34:37 PM MajDougMcKnight: ::Leading him down a series of long, seemingly stone corridors, ultimately toward a set of large wooden double doors::  He doesn't KNOW you.

8:34:48 PM VAdm Blackthorne: You don't KNOW me, sir.

8:35:02 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Believe me, I hold no false sense of nobility about what happened on that planet.

8:36:00 PM VAdm Blackthorne: It was a military decision to end a conflict, to save my men. Your commander would have done the same. Any would.

8:37:22 PM MajDougMcKnight: Your men were already evacuated from the surface.  It was murder, plain and simple.  I don't care about your excuses, I don't care about your alleged philosophy, and I'll thank you not to try and provide me the names of your beloved

8:37:47 PM MajDougMcKnight: boyhood pets.  We're past all that.

8:38:19 PM MajDougMcKnight: ::With that, he pushes the double doors open, revealing a long, semi-circular table at which four other Lords sit, two of whom Blackthorne will by now know.::

8:38:42 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::snorts at whatshisname and walks in the room, standing straight::

8:39:01 PM LCdr TKirr: Lord Sevurian> ::looks up, a severe expression showing his impatience:: Ah, finally.  So, this is the man.

8:39:31 PM MajDougMcKnight: If you insist on ascribing such a title to him.

8:40:08 PM VAdm Blackthorne: I am a man who has risked everything to try to save potentially millions of lives.

8:40:31 PM LCdr TKirr: Lord Sevurian> ::waves his hand dismissively, appearing bored, looking Blackthorne over with a sidelong glance::

8:40:56 PM MajDougMcKnight: Lord Tyrus> ::Sits silent, since he's heard much of what he expects to hear here already.  It has nothing to do with Mike being too lazy to thoroughly play two characters at once.::

8:41:13 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ((Oh come on, someone has to speak up in my defense!))

8:41:35 PM MajDougMcKnight: (Ugh, fine.)

8:41:57 PM LCdr TKirr: ::looks expectantly at Tyrus, as if to say, 'Is this all you've got?'::

8:42:07 PM MajDougMcKnight: Tyrus> Come now Sevurian, you should listen.  You've come all this way for the oratorical skill if nothing else, have you not?

8:42:34 PM LCdr TKirr: Lord Sevurian> ::actually grins, nodding::

8:43:13 PM VAdm Blackthorne: It would seem I have a reputation to live up to.

8:44:23 PM Lt Percy Busard: Xavian> Or die up to. Can one die up to a reputation? I'd much prefer that, personally.

8:44:29 PM MajDougMcKnight: Tyrus> Live being the operative word, as I'm sure you're aware.  I suggest you choose your words well, Ian.  There is little I can do for you at this point, if you do not light a fire under SOMEONE.

8:44:55 PM VAdm Blackthorne: The fact that you're all here and that I still yet live makes me think you're all more open minded than you appear.

8:44:55 PM cmdr shelev: ::The Emperor Cartagio pays little attention to the proceedings, instead contenting himself with peeling a piece of fruit and occasionally talking to it.::

8:45:21 PM LCdr TKirr: ((damn, he's here with us?))

8:45:29 PM MajDougMcKnight: (It IS his house.)

8:46:19 PM cmdr shelev: ((he probably thinks this is a pleasant dinner party he is obligated to attend))

8:46:33 PM LCdr TKirr: ((for some reason I had thought it a secret meeting, nm))

8:46:44 PM cmdr shelev: ((mike says I am there so here I am))

8:46:48 PM MajDougMcKnight: (Oh, it is.  He's just in on it, in theory.)

8:47:43 PM MajDougMcKnight: Alright Blackthorne.  They're all interested to hear what you have to say.  So begin, before they lose interest.

8:47:52 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Very well.

8:47:57 PM LCdr TKirr: Lord Sevurian> ::palms on table, indulgent::

8:48:26 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Gentlemen, this war will take from us hundreds of thousands of our best. Your tacticians must have run the probabilities by now and came to the same conclusions our have.

8:48:49 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Set aside your pride and realize that this war will not be ideal, no matter who wins.

8:49:02 PM VAdm Blackthorne: It will be a long drawn out knock down bloody brawl that needn't happen.

8:49:48 PM VAdm Blackthorne:  We'll lose our sons and daughters, and for what?

8:50:26 PM MajDougMcKnight: Hykon> Oh, you know how receptive I am to whatever you say, Ian.  But the king disagrees.  Do tell us how we remedy that obstacle.  I'm dying to hear that part.

8:50:49 PM VAdm Blackthorne: You're all here. Meaning on some level, you disagree with the decision to declare war.

8:51:20 PM cmdr shelev: DSHADIOSGHgiogioehjqr

8:51:20 PM cmdr shelev: ghw;ioergio;ewkyGL

8:51:21 PM cmdr shelev: }wf; eqr

8:51:24 PM MajDougMcKnight: Hykon>::Would have preferred Blackthorne and Shelev brought back to his space and fed hot shards of glass.::

8:51:24 PM cmdr shelev: oh shit wrong window

8:51:37 PM LCdr TKirr: ((As if that would mean something in ANOTHER window.))

8:51:44 PM cmdr shelev: (( IT DOES ))

8:52:26 PM cmdr shelev: (( :siren:: ))

8:53:27 PM Lt Percy Busard: Xavian> Or, alternatively, we want to see you executed up close. I think that's another conclusion we can possibly come to.

8:53:56 PM LCdr TKirr: Lord Sevurian> ::smirks and leans back in his chair::

8:54:00 PM VAdm Blackthorne: At this point it would do no good. The war would go on, hundreds of thousands die, and in the end nothing happens.

8:54:59 PM LCdr TKirr: Lord Sevurian> Oh, I don't know... us winning would be something happening.

8:55:12 PM VAdm Blackthorne: You know that the outcome isn't certain.

8:55:30 PM LCdr TKirr: Lord Sevurian> ::bites his lip silently, watching Blackthorne::

8:55:32 PM Lt Percy Busard: Xavian> Then what precisely do you propose? We put our names on a treaty, shake some limb, and become the best of friends?

8:55:45 PM Lt Percy Busard: ::Completely sarcastic::

8:56:45 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Or at the least, leave each other alone.

8:56:56 PM VAdm Blackthorne: But, a treaty would require your King's consent.

8:57:25 PM VAdm Blackthorne: And I know that isn't going to happen. However, Kings only rule so long as their local rulers support their reign.

8:57:48 PM MajDougMcKnight: Tyrus>::Sighs::  And here, we come to the impasse once more.

8:58:09 PM MajDougMcKnight: Tyrus> For that line of thought pre-supposes we can afford an enemy like Argelev and his Orion allies.

8:58:13 PM VAdm Blackthorne: You all knew I was going to say it.

8:58:34 PM VAdm Blackthorne: And you all know that King Argelev has been played by the Orion.

8:59:27 PM MajDougMcKnight: Hykon>::Snorts in amusement::  Ah, yes.  He's quite the victim. 

9:00:03 PM MajDougMcKnight: ::Yay sarcasm!::

9:00:32 PM VAdm Blackthorne: You hide behind sarcasm, but I think you know that I'm right.

9:01:29 PM VAdm Blackthorne: After all, they're the ones that stand to gain from this war. Not either of our peoples.

9:01:58 PM LCdr TKirr: Lord Sevurian> ::shares a look with the others in turn, settling on Tyrus:: You trust what he says?  When he proposes such a thing only out of fear?  What sort of ally is that?

9:03:38 PM MajDougMcKnight: Tyrus> Let us be rational about this.  He most certainly did not venture alone into our space out of cowardice.

9:03:46 PM MajDougMcKnight: Treachary perhaps, but not cowardice.

9:04:21 PM LCdr TKirr: Lord Sevurian> ::bobs his eyebrows in thought, looking at the table::

9:04:58 PM MajDougMcKnight: Tyrus> Shall I summarize the problem here, before honored Hykon finds a ruder way to say it?

9:05:54 PM Lt Percy Busard: Xavian> ::Nods slightly, a deep frown creasing his face.::

9:06:32 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::stands proudly, head held high, and lets Tyrus speak, thinking he might finally be getting somewhere::

9:07:40 PM MajDougMcKnight: Whatever legitimacy the Star King may or may not possess, we most certainly are NOT the legitimate governors of the entire kingdom.  In order to act as though we are, we must BE such men.  And will anyone here, human or Machen Bren

9:07:58 PM MajDougMcKnight: claim there is any way but one, that THAT end may be achieved?

9:10:41 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::damn that was eloquent::

9:11:08 PM Lt Percy Busard: Xavian> That may be, but are you so comfortable with an idea that is being encouraged by someone that, at least up until very recently, has been a sworn enemy of our people? ::He quirked an eyebrow::

9:11:53 PM VAdm Blackthorne: You stand to gain as much from this proposal as we do. If we continue to fight, only the Orion will gain.

9:12:02 PM cmdr shelev: Hark! I sense a foreboding treachery at this table! There shall be no talk of it in my residence.

9:12:23 PM Lt Percy Busard: X> I did not ask YOU, human. ::To Blackthorne::

9:12:58 PM MajDougMcKnight: Fine.  The conflict in which he acquired that title was profoundly stupid on every level, and you know it.

9:13:26 PM cmdr shelev: Nay must I say to any who propose undermining our established Ruler, being an occupied province or no.

9:14:15 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::shuts up

9:14:17 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::

9:16:16 PM MajDougMcKnight: (BRB)

9:16:19 PM LCdr TKirr: Lord Sevurian> ::looks wearily at the king, intimidated into keeping his thoughts to himself::

9:16:46 PM cmdr shelev: May I offer you a cattor fruit?

9:17:22 PM LCdr TKirr: Lord Sevurian> ::splayed fingers to his chest:: Moi?

9:19:40 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::watches the hedonistic display::

9:20:04 PM Lt Percy Busard: X> ::Makes that deep frown again, eyes examining Blackthorne in a rather critical manner:: But how is it that you know

9:20:05 PM Lt Percy Busard:  we can trust you, human? Words alone often mean little, especially coming from one of our ::carefully does not use the word "enemy":: adversaries?

9:20:23 PM MajDougMcKnight: I'd LOVE a cattor fruit, emperor.

9:20:34 PM Lt Percy Busard: (*we know we can)

9:20:56 PM Lt Percy Busard: (*adversaries. Goddamnit, I suck tonight)

9:21:15 PM VAdm Blackthorne: I am no pawn, Lord Xavian. If this had been a mission of deception on Starfleet's behalf, a flag officer would not have been sent, much less one with my history.

9:21:19 PM cmdr shelev: Ah! Splendid! A man that respects hospitality and avarice!

9:21:34 PM cmdr shelev: ::Passes the bowl to Tyrus::

9:23:25 PM MajDougMcKnight: Tyrus> ::Takes a piece of fruit, and begins to eat it as he thinks::  Admiral.  Let's cut right to it, as I attempted before.  I'm sure you'd prefer to phrase it differently, but you are in fact, here for no less than to

9:23:36 PM MajDougMcKnight: forment a full out civil war, yes?

9:23:57 PM LCdr TKirr: Lord Sevurian> ::obediently extends a hand to receive the bowl from Tyrus, putting a fruit in his lap and, with a hesitant glance at it, further ignores it::

9:24:13 PM VAdm Blackthorne: (("regime change"))

9:24:59 PM VAdm Blackthorne: That much I can not deny.

9:25:47 PM Lt Percy Busard: X>::Takes a piece of fruit from the bowl, provided that it's offered, and munches on it. Munching, of course, in a conflicted and potentially devious way.::

9:26:00 PM Lt Percy Busard: ::Because you can totally munch like that!::

9:26:48 PM MajDougMcKnight: Hykon> Ha!  Perfidy!

9:26:54 PM MajDougMcKnight: Tyrus> Progress.

9:28:49 PM MajDougMcKnight: Civil War.  It is, in effect, trading sure destruction for...sure destruction at the hands of and inflicted on a different enemy.  The only real difference is that one is somehow better for us, more advantageous.  How so?

9:29:18 PM Lt Percy Busard: X> Wait, let me see if I understand you correctly. You mean to end a war...by starting ANOTHER war that you won't be involved in as much?

9:29:48 PM VAdm Blackthorne: A war, that in all likelihood, will be settled quickly.

9:30:27 PM VAdm Blackthorne: A war that will leave the Machen Bren better off than this one.

9:31:05 PM Lt Percy Busard: X> And do you plan on aiding a side of this war? Because otherwise, I'm afraid this plan simply sounds like an attempt to get us fighting one another so we can focus less on fighting you.

9:31:39 PM cmdr shelev: He shall aid us or be sent to the gallows!

9:31:53 PM cmdr shelev: They are very nice gallows. Expensive wood. Don't want to break them.

9:31:55 PM cmdr shelev: Carry on.

9:32:05 PM LCdr TKirr: Lord Sevurian> So, if we were to agree to such a thing... hypothetically... how would we know the Federation is, in reality, backing us?  Who would make the first move?

9:32:32 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::has taken to ignoring the emperor:: I am not at liberty to promise such aid at this time, but I also can not say that's out of the realm of possibility.

9:32:58 PM LCdr TKirr: Lord Sevurian> ::slaps the table, giving Tyrus an 'I told you so' look::

9:33:09 PM VAdm Blackthorne: I simply lack the authority to make such a decision.

9:33:10 PM VAdm Blackthorne: However.

9:34:32 PM VAdm Blackthorne: My superior officer would be able to make such a decision. Perhaps we could call him?

9:35:20 PM MajDougMcKnight: Tyrus> ::Arches an eyebrow::  You would provide us with the means to open such a channel?  A secure channel?

9:35:44 PM VAdm Blackthorne: It would be the securest of channels. Your highest encryption and mine, together.

9:36:18 PM Lt Percy Busard: X> ::-Does not look comfortable with this idea at all, but chooses not to voice such disagreement.::

9:36:26 PM VAdm Blackthorne: My credentials would be necessary to guarantee acceptance of such a commlink.

9:36:34 PM MajDougMcKnight: I, for one, would submit to the group that this is an avenue well worth exploring.

9:37:11 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::to the rest of the group:: My superior is Admiral A.C. Zuriyev. Four pips. ::points to the three on his collar:: Director of Alpha Quadrant Operations for Starfleet.

9:37:19 PM LCdr TKirr: Lord Sevurian> ::doesn't speak up, instead waiting to see what everyone else is thinking::

9:37:35 PM MajDougMcKnight: Hykon>...Agreed.

9:37:51 PM MajDougMcKnight: ::After a beat::  If only because I tire of listening to this one.

9:38:06 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ::smirks:: You'll love the Admiral.

9:38:21 PM LCdr TKirr: Lord Sevurian> ::looks at Xavian, having heard the other opinions::

9:38:44 PM MajDougMcKnight: Tyrus> The fruit was exquisite, emperor.

9:38:53 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ((Are y'all wanting to end the sim soon or should we keep playing this out?))

9:39:07 PM Lt Percy Busard: X> ::After a moment:: I feel that perhaps we may be moving too quickly on this subject. I realize that such decisions should be made with haste, but...if it is the wish of the

9:39:07 PM Lt Percy Busard: rest of my fellow lords, I am willing to listen. I am simply not comfortable with this at present.

9:39:14 PM MajDougMcKnight: (Eh, if they're going to start a whole new discussion, it might be best to call it a night at this point.)

9:39:33 PM Lt Percy Busard: (Yeah, looks like a good stopping point)

9:40:13 PM VAdm Blackthorne: ((Okay then))

9:41:01 PM VAdm Blackthorne: If you'll permit me, I'll give you instructions for calling, and provide my credentials when prompted.

9:41:45 PM LCdr TKirr: Lord Sevurian> ::as the other lords look to him, grimaces and waves a hand to go ahead with it, as if just to see how it plays out::

9:42:23 PM MajDougMcKnight: Very well, Admiral.  We make the call.

9:42:32 PM VAdm Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM

9:42:35 PM VAdm Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM

9:42:36 PM VAdm Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM

9:42:38 PM LCdr TKirr: ::pauses::

9:42:39 PM cmdr shelev: BONDS

9:42:49 PM MajDougMcKnight: ::Paused as well::

9:42:49 PM Lt Percy Busard: ::pauseth::

9:42:59 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Nicely done!

9:43:13 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Y'all really established characters for people you've never played.

9:43:34 PM LCdr TKirr: Thanks. =P

9:43:40 PM Lt Percy Busard: Thank 'ee kindly.

9:43:44 PM MajDougMcKnight: Yeah, that was fun.

9:44:46 PM VAdm Blackthorne: We'll wrap up this hearing next week and see if we can get our ship back!

9:44:54 PM Lt Percy Busard: Hooray!

9:44:57 PM cmdr shelev: guns

9:45:10 PM LCdr TKirr: and lawyers

9:45:13 PM VAdm Blackthorne: and money

9:45:17 PM LCdr TKirr: =P

9:45:22 PM Lt Percy Busard: And pants?

9:45:25 PM LCdr TKirr: No

9:45:31 PM Lt Percy Busard: Damn.

9:46:19 PM LCdr TKirr: Gotta leave for work in 6hrs, really wish I didn't have to go. =/

9:46:30 PM Lt Percy Busard: Fie on work!

9:46:36 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Aww.

9:46:40 PM LCdr TKirr: Psshyeah

9:46:42 PM Lt Percy Busard: *shakes fist at it all dramatic-like*

9:46:42 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Well then get to sleep already.

9:47:12 PM VAdm Blackthorne: That's all for tonight. I'll try to get all of our logs up on the google group, and you all do have permissions to post new ones - just use the same format for the page title.

9:47:19 PM VAdm Blackthorne: That way they can be sorted by date.

9:47:26 PM LCdr TKirr: 'Kay.  Was fun, let's do it again next week, kk?

9:48:01 PM VAdm Blackthorne: yase

9:48:11 PM VAdm Blackthorne: Well, see y'all next week!