7:00:44 PM vadmblackthorne: Hey T'Kirr

7:14:04 PM misterboxingbear: Sorry about that.

7:14:25 PM vadmblackthorne: T'Kirr, you back?

7:16:14 PM lcdrtkirr: ?

7:16:21 PM vadmblackthorne: You were shown as away.

7:16:27 PM lcdrtkirr: Oh

7:16:35 PM vadmblackthorne: Well, it looks like just us three tonight.

7:16:41 PM lcdrtkirr: In another window, waiting.

7:17:57 PM vadmblackthorne: McKnight had suggested we get to the colony and begin our preparations, which I think we can manage with only three. You game?

7:19:09 PM lcdrtkirr: Okay

7:19:39 PM vadmblackthorne: Alright then. Let's keep it simple and say we're already in orbit.

7:20:22 PM vadmblackthorne: Formalities are already past us. We're the first ship to arrive.

7:20:37 PM vadmblackthorne: Anything else you want to establish, McKnight?

7:22:02 PM misterboxingbear: Sorry, one sec.

7:22:16 PM misterboxingbear: No, I'm good.

7:22:43 PM vadmblackthorne: Okay then.

7:22:45 PM vadmblackthorne: BEGIN SIM

7:22:46 PM vadmblackthorne: BEGIN SIM

7:22:47 PM vadmblackthorne: BEGIN SIM

7:23:24 PM vadmblackthorne: ::sitting on the bridge, reading a PADD with the latest reports from the rest of the inbound fleet::

7:23:49 PM lcdrtkirr: ::at Science, monitoring orbit, fleet traffic, etc::

7:25:04 PM vadmblackthorne: ::looks up and turns back to T'Kirr:: Commander, I should take my Mustang out on a check-out ride. It's been a while.

7:25:25 PM lcdrtkirr: ::stares back at Blackthorne, eyebrow rising::

7:25:34 PM misterboxingbear: ::McKnight was already on the surface with a small detachment of marines and a considerably larger group of Xindi surveyors, investigating a system of natural caves his study of the local topography had uncovered some 30 miles from

7:25:38 PM misterboxingbear: the main settlement.::

7:26:06 PM vadmblackthorne: Well, it has been.

7:26:46 PM lcdrtkirr: ::if she was anyone of lesser rank, she would have acknowledged immediately, but knowing Blackthorne a bit better, makes him wait for it:: Aye, sir.

7:27:05 PM vadmblackthorne: I assume she's flight-ready?

7:27:27 PM lcdrtkirr: Ready when you are, Admiral.

7:27:34 PM vadmblackthorne: Care to fly wing?

7:27:51 PM lcdrtkirr: ::cocks her head in agreement and closes up her station::

7:28:55 PM vadmblackthorne: ::smiles and heads to the TL, noting that Shelev is oddly quiet, but hands the bridge over to him anyway::

7:29:27 PM lcdrtkirr: ::joins Blackthorne in the lift::

7:29:41 PM vadmblackthorne: It'll be good to get back in the cockpit.

7:29:48 PM vadmblackthorne: Assault BAy.

7:29:49 PM lcdrtkirr: Indeed.

7:30:57 PM lcdrtkirr: ::steals a furtive look up and down Blackthorne when he's not looking, otherwise standing casually professional with hands behind her::

7:31:13 PM vadmblackthorne: ::as the TL whizzes along:: I hope you have had time to enjoy some of that tea.

7:31:23 PM misterboxingbear: ::Walking along a passageway large enough to accomodate several men walking abreast, which leads into a pleasingly massive cavern, a handheld flashlight illuminating the area:: 

7:31:27 PM lcdrtkirr: I have.  Last night, in fact.

7:31:39 PM lcdrtkirr: Before...

7:32:22 PM lcdrtkirr: ...you were taken.

7:33:05 PM vadmblackthorne: I imagine that diminished the enjoyment a bit.

7:33:35 PM lcdrtkirr: ::says nothing::

7:33:56 PM vadmblackthorne: ::TL arrives and the door opens::

7:34:24 PM lcdrtkirr: ::follows Blackthorne towards bay::

7:34:39 PM vadmblackthorne: ::enters the bay and heads to his locker::

7:35:48 PM lcdrtkirr: ::reaches her locker and lifts out her flightsuit and assorted gear::

7:36:03 PM vadmblackthorne: ::opens his locker and smiles, having not been there in a while::

7:36:15 PM vadmblackthorne: :takes out his flight suit and helmet::

7:36:32 PM misterboxingbear: ::And as he does so, he looks back at his closest companions, a Marine first lieutenant, and Rodney Quinn, my engineer peon, speaking to each respectively.::

7:37:54 PM vadmblackthorne: ::takes off his uniform jacket and hangs it up, pulls the flightsuit on over his uniform pants and undershirt::

7:38:06 PM misterboxingbear: O'Grady, take as many men as you need, and put some order to this place.  Signs, guard posts, barriers, whatever it takes to make sure people can get through this place fast, without getting lost.

7:38:59 PM lcdrtkirr: ::zips up her flightsuit and grabs her helmet, making her way onto the flight deck, pleased to see the work she had ordered is completed::

7:39:14 PM misterboxingbear: ::Only barely axknowledging the "Yes sir."::  And Quinn, I need you to scrounge as many engineers as Busard and the other ships on the way can spare.  We're going to need to get as much of this place as humanly possible

7:39:28 PM vadmblackthorne: ::tucks his helmet under his hands after strapping on his kneeboard::

7:39:45 PM vadmblackthorne: ::walks out to the flightdeck, and looks for his Mustang::

7:41:06 PM vadmblackthorne: There she is. ::finds Boudica and smiles::

7:41:28 PM lcdrtkirr: ::hops up into her fighter, looking down to see Blackthorne approaching his::

7:41:42 PM misterboxingbear: properly braced and reinforced.  Even with the shield generators in place, we're going to feel it if an orbital bombardment starts up.  Also, while you know how it bruises my delicate ]

7:41:56 PM vadmblackthorne: :::climbs into Boudica and starts pre-flight like he never stopped::

7:42:11 PM vadmblackthorne: +Sharks+ Comm check, Great White reporting.

7:42:17 PM misterboxingbear: ego to talk about it, we're going to need to plan for an evacuation too.  That means pattern enhancers, and lots of them.

7:42:40 PM lcdrtkirr: +Sharks+ Sehlat by.

7:43:02 PM vadmblackthorne: ::closes his canopy:: +Sharks+ Stand by for launch, Sehlat.

7:43:03 PM misterboxingbear: Also, whoever gets back to the ship first, would you please tell someone in sickbay to get their butt down here so they can stake out a place to start putting bio beds?

7:43:04 PM lcdrtkirr: ::runs through preflight::

7:43:14 PM vadmblackthorne: ::finishes pre-flight and logs it to the kneeboard::

7:43:15 PM lcdrtkirr: +Sharks+ Standing by.

7:43:31 PM vadmblackthorne: ::gets launch clearance from Shelev on the bridge::

7:43:48 PM vadmblackthorne: +Sharks+ We are go for launch. Shark One, away.

7:44:06 PM vadmblackthorne: ::lifts Boudica up off the deck floor and shoots out through the shielded entrance::

7:44:51 PM vadmblackthorne: ::finds himself exceedingly happy to be out in open space::

7:44:59 PM lcdrtkirr: +Sharks+ Shark Two, away.  ::zooms out in pursuit::

7:45:36 PM lcdrtkirr: ::takes in the view of the planet::

7:46:23 PM vadmblackthorne: ::rolls the fighter in jubilation::

7:47:07 PM lcdrtkirr: ::rotates slowly, watching the reflection of the atmosphere form high contrast shadows through her cockpit::

7:47:38 PM lcdrtkirr: +Sharks+ How's she flying, sir?

7:47:51 PM vadmblackthorne: ::flips upside down for the view, finding the planet quite pretty::

7:48:06 PM vadmblackthorne: +Sharks+ Like I never left. ::pride evident in his voice::

7:49:26 PM lcdrtkirr: ::takes the reply in silence and briefly considers adopting a flight plan, but hesitates, deciding they really don't need one::

7:49:26 PM vadmblackthorne: ::starts running through systems checks::

7:49:36 PM vadmblackthorne: ::arms all weapons:: Check.

7:49:43 PM vadmblackthorne: Targeting computer, check.

7:49:59 PM vadmblackthorne: Shields, check. ::raises them::

7:50:46 PM vadmblackthorne: Sensors, check.

7:51:28 PM misterboxingbear: ::Once the two officers scurry off the see to their individual logistical nightmares, McKnight turns to the local government liason.::  As promised, we're only giving recommendations now, not orders.  But I strongly suggest you get

7:51:45 PM vadmblackthorne: +Sharks+ She's looking good, everything checks out. Let's see how she flies.

7:51:57 PM vadmblackthorne: ::throws the throttle full forward and pulls up hard::

7:53:12 PM misterboxingbear: anyone too too stupid to evacuate ready for transport to this site without a whole lot of notice.  We're looking at out best bet for both bunker AND shelter.

7:53:49 PM vadmblackthorne: ::rolls the fighter as she climbs, then cuts power, flips using the thrusters and dives toward the planet::

7:54:11 PM lcdrtkirr: ::watches Blackthorne's Mustang intently::

7:54:39 PM vadmblackthorne: ::throws her sideways and skids into a turn, then full power again::

7:57:17 PM vadmblackthorne: ::rolls into another steep climb::

7:57:26 PM lcdrtkirr: ::coasts lazily, watching::

7:57:40 PM vadmblackthorne: +Sharks+ You're free to enjoy your flight, Sehlat.

7:57:58 PM lcdrtkirr: +Sharks+ Of course, and I am.

7:58:13 PM vadmblackthorne: +Sharks+ ::Chuckles:: As you will.

7:58:46 PM vadmblackthorne: ACTION> As T'Kirr coasts, a faint sensor fluctuation appears off to her starboard.

7:59:41 PM lcdrtkirr: ::stirred out of her peace, investigates the readings::

8:00:04 PM vadmblackthorne: ::flips with another thruster turn::

8:01:10 PM vadmblackthorne: ::yaws hard while moving forward::

8:01:26 PM lcdrtkirr: ((What am I looking at?))

8:04:56 PM vadmblackthorne: ((Check your IM))

8:05:12 PM lcdrtkirr: +Sharks+ Great White, I'm getting a strange energy reading.  Getting closer to investigate.

8:06:13 PM lcdrtkirr: ::flips about with her thrusters and eases the engines up, towards the energy source::

8:06:31 PM lcdrtkirr: ((Sorry was half-afk for a min))

8:07:06 PM vadmblackthorne: +Sharks+ Roger that, coming to you.

8:07:17 PM vadmblackthorne: ::thruster-flips and hightails it toward T'Kirr::

8:08:31 PM lcdrtkirr: ::eyes trained on her sensor readings, looks up quickly through the canopy, swearing she'd seen something in her peripheral vision::

8:08:55 PM vadmblackthorne: ::getting closer, he checks his sensors::

8:09:17 PM vadmblackthorne: +Sharks+ Sehlat, sporadic energy paralleling you to starboard.

8:09:20 PM lcdrtkirr: ::studies the space, seeing nothing but stars and the curve of the planet's atmosphere, resumes watching the readout::

8:09:59 PM lcdrtkirr: +Sharks+ ::confused:: Parallel?

8:10:29 PM lcdrtkirr: ::keeps her fighter steady, observing::

8:11:08 PM lcdrtkirr: ::cranes her neck right::

8:11:26 PM vadmblackthorne: ::squints as he approaches::

8:12:07 PM lcdrtkirr: +Sharks+ I don't see anything!

8:12:14 PM vadmblackthorne: ::catches the telltale distortion of a cloaked ship against the atmosphere:: +Sharks+ It's a cloaked ship, roll out hard!

8:12:21 PM misterboxingbear: ::And with some basic arrangements made for the caves, McKnight returns to the settlement to scout for the best location to deploy Federation ground forces.::

8:12:27 PM lcdrtkirr: ::immediately rolls port::

8:12:47 PM lcdrtkirr: +Sharks+ Don't lose it!

8:12:51 PM vadmblackthorne: ::fires phasers at the distortion, striking what looks like a smaller version of the Machen Bren stealth ship::

8:13:06 PM lcdrtkirr: ::comes about::

8:13:08 PM vadmblackthorne: +Sharks+ Machen Bren fighter, weapons free!

8:13:22 PM vadmblackthorne: ACTION> Three more Machen Bren fighters decloak in various positions.

8:13:36 PM lcdrtkirr: ::increases to fighting speed::

8:13:44 PM vadmblackthorne: ::has a long attack run at the one that was near T'Kirr and blows it apart::

8:13:59 PM lcdrtkirr: +Sharks+ We've got company!

8:14:18 PM vadmblackthorne: +Sharks+ Some check out ride.

8:14:26 PM lcdrtkirr: ::locks onto the nearest decloaker and makes a run at it, phasers blazing::

8:14:29 PM vadmblackthorne: ::finds one on his tail. Shit.

8:14:40 PM vadmblackthorne: ::bobs and weaves:

8:14:41 PM lcdrtkirr: +Sharks+ Your timing is impecable.

8:15:11 PM vadmblackthorne: +Sharks+ Part of the job, I suppose. ::as he's trying to shake the bastard off his six::

8:15:12 PM lcdrtkirr: ::loses her target as the stealth ship drops speed::

8:15:25 PM lcdrtkirr: +Sharks+ These things are fast!

8:15:32 PM vadmblackthorne: ::starts into an immelman turn but fakes it::

8:15:44 PM vadmblackthorne: +Sharks+ They have us in speed and maneuverability, but we have them in armor and firepower.

8:15:57 PM vadmblackthorne: +Sharks+ Take them straight on, try not to dogfight.

8:16:32 PM vadmblackthorne: ::Gets away from the one that was on his six and flip-thruster-turns to charge him straight on:: Gotcha, sucker.

8:16:44 PM vadmblackthorne: ::unloads all phasers::

8:16:46 PM lcdrtkirr: +Sharks+ Roger.  Our strength, their weakness.  ::speeds off to get better range::

8:17:12 PM vadmblackthorne: :flies through a cloud of dissipating flame and debris::

8:18:02 PM lcdrtkirr: ::flying off does nothing, as one is tailing her, so she leaves a microtorp in her wake, and the Machen Bren ship barely misses it, but is caught by the edge of its explosion and stalls::

8:18:16 PM vadmblackthorne: ::comes about to find another target::

8:18:58 PM lcdrtkirr: ::slows and turns, locking on and piercing its hull with so many phaser blasts::

8:19:42 PM lcdrtkirr: ((I think we've got one more))

8:19:50 PM vadmblackthorne: (Yep)

8:20:27 PM vadmblackthorne: ACTION> The last fighter goes to warp.

8:21:27 PM lcdrtkirr: ::quickly cuts speed when the blip poofs and turns to meet up with Blackthorne instead:: +Sharks+ Well there's no doubt they're here at the colony, now.

8:21:43 PM vadmblackthorne: +Sharks+ That was just a recon squad.

8:22:01 PM lcdrtkirr: +Sharks+ Yes, and more importantly, they know WE are here.

8:22:04 PM vadmblackthorne: +Sharks+ But it highlights our need to cut through that stealth.

8:22:47 PM lcdrtkirr: +Sharks+ Have you contacted Atlantis?

8:23:08 PM vadmblackthorne: +Sharks+ Oh yes, Shelev was watching the show.

8:23:34 PM vadmblackthorne: +Sharks+ I directed him to let us handle them and document every little sensor reading he could about those ships.

8:24:30 PM lcdrtkirr: ::imagines Logan had his work cut out for him::  +Sharks+ Good, I'm eager to examine them myself.

8:24:55 PM vadmblackthorne: +Sharks+ Let's return to base then. I'd say that's a successful checkout ride.

8:25:04 PM vadmblackthorne: ::heads toward Atlantis::

8:25:13 PM lcdrtkirr: ::follows::

8:25:33 PM vadmblackthorne: +Sharks+ Nice technique, especially the microtorp present.

8:26:39 PM lcdrtkirr: +Sharks+ Nice to know you had attention to spare to watch my performance.

8:26:51 PM lcdrtkirr: +Sharks+ ::pauses:: Your form wasn't bad, either.

8:27:16 PM vadmblackthorne: ::flies into the Assault Bay and lands Boudica:: +Sharks+ Let's start a mutual admiration society. ::Chuckles as he begins to power down::

8:28:45 PM vadmblackthorne: ::runs quickly through the checklist, dutifully logging everything::

8:28:54 PM lcdrtkirr: ::lands softly on the deck and starts to extract herself::

8:29:39 PM vadmblackthorne: ::climbs down as the canopy opens::

8:31:04 PM lcdrtkirr: ::jumps down from her fighter, helmet in hand, and walks quickly to meet up with Blackthorne::

8:32:53 PM vadmblackthorne: ::watches her approach and takes off his helmet:: Hopefully all that data will give us some clues. They've managed to miniaturize the technology further, so that may have some flaws.

8:33:00 PM lcdrtkirr: ((Poor McKnight, all alone))

8:33:20 PM cmdrshelev: ((what))

8:33:38 PM lcdrtkirr: ((Wow, do I know how to time it or what))

8:34:21 PM vadmblackthorne: ((Shotop))

8:34:26 PM lcdrtkirr: Hopefully, if we cross reference the data with what Busard has found, we'll find a way to reliably detect these ships.

8:35:24 PM lcdrtkirr: ::strolls into the locker room::

8:36:37 PM vadmblackthorne: ::follows, unconsciously watching her walk:: Yes, and that data could be the factor that wins us this war in the quickest amount of time.

8:36:56 PM lcdrtkirr: ::stows her helmet and strips her flightsuit off::

8:37:17 PM vadmblackthorne: ::chucks his helmet into his locker and gets out of his flightsuit, pulls on his uniform jacket::

8:37:45 PM lcdrtkirr: It was their mistake in showing themselves.  At first sign of being detected, they should have fled.

8:38:13 PM vadmblackthorne: Well, it was a natural reaction from me shooting one of them. They wanted to try to help their squadmates.

8:38:14 PM lcdrtkirr: Again, they underestimate us.

8:38:29 PM vadmblackthorne: Just like we would.

8:38:52 PM lcdrtkirr: ::looks at Blackthorne questioningly::

8:39:18 PM lcdrtkirr: ((Oh right))

8:39:27 PM vadmblackthorne: Would you leave me behind if we were flying that mission and I got shot?

8:39:41 PM lcdrtkirr: ((Chat delay, thought you were responding to me))

8:39:58 PM vadmblackthorne: ((Ah, okay, disregard))

8:40:23 PM lcdrtkirr: ::clicks shut her locker and heads out::

8:40:33 PM lcdrtkirr: To the Bridge?

8:40:42 PM vadmblackthorne: ::follows: Indeed.

8:40:45 PM vadmblackthorne: PAUSE SIM

8:40:46 PM vadmblackthorne: PAUSE SIM

8:40:48 PM vadmblackthorne: PAUSE  SIM

8:40:50 PM lcdrtkirr: ::pauses::

8:40:54 PM cmdrshelev: what

8:40:58 PM vadmblackthorne: shotop

8:41:04 PM cmdrshelev: :(

8:41:23 PM vadmblackthorne: We detected four Machen Bren stealth recon fighters over the Xindi colony while on a checkout flight.

8:41:39 PM vadmblackthorne: Three were killed, one ran like hell.

8:41:44 PM cmdrshelev: the devil you say!

8:42:01 PM lcdrtkirr: Just like the Machen Bren to ruin a date.  *sigh*

8:42:25 PM lcdrtkirr: Outnumbered two to one, who rules!

8:42:27 PM vadmblackthorne: That's not what I meant by "Checkout Flight" :v:

8:42:38 PM lcdrtkirr: *laughs*

8:42:46 PM lcdrtkirr: Hadn't thought of it that way, that's funny

8:43:02 PM vadmblackthorne: Poor McKnight was surveying a cave to turn into a bunker.

8:43:25 PM lcdrtkirr: Sounds fascinating.

8:43:54 PM lcdrtkirr: But then, what better man to do the job

8:43:58 PM vadmblackthorne: Anyway, presumably next week we'll have Shelev and Busard back.

8:44:12 PM lcdrtkirr: Yah, that was the quietest I've heard that Andorian ever

8:44:29 PM lcdrtkirr: Although he was pretty quiet on my birthday... =X

8:44:48 PM lcdrtkirr: Being in a drunken sleep on the table and all

8:45:13 PM vadmblackthorne: I had Shelev documenting every little sensor detail about the entire fight with the stealth fighters.

8:45:24 PM lcdrtkirr: Oh yeah, you might wanna know that aprt.

8:45:26 PM lcdrtkirr: *Part

8:45:28 PM vadmblackthorne: And keeping Atlantis out of it because he can't shoot.

8:45:49 PM vadmblackthorne: He'd nuke the planet's atmosphere or something.

8:45:51 PM lcdrtkirr: Bad aim, side-effect of recently regrown antennae. =/

8:46:19 PM vadmblackthorne: SHELEV

8:46:23 PM vadmblackthorne: ARE YOU THERE SIR

8:46:25 PM lcdrtkirr: *POKE*

8:46:38 PM cmdrshelev: what

8:46:54 PM cmdrshelev: I was trying to open a blister pack sue me

8:46:57 PM lcdrtkirr: Important things being said.

8:47:03 PM cmdrshelev: I read

8:47:08 PM lcdrtkirr: kk

8:47:12 PM cmdrshelev: what did we learn out of the sensor readings

8:47:28 PM lcdrtkirr: We'll send 'em to Busard and study them at Sci and let ya know =P

8:47:46 PM cmdrshelev: ok

8:48:05 PM vadmblackthorne: Well, that should be all for this week.

8:48:25 PM vadmblackthorne: Next week, more crew present, more action!

8:48:36 PM lcdrtkirr: Yay!

8:48:51 PM cmdrshelev: zomg

8:48:57 PM vadmblackthorne: See y'all then. Dismissed!