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(6:58:44 PM) cmdr shelev entered the room.
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(6:59:03 PM) LCdr TKirr entered the room.
(6:59:18 PM) cmdr shelev: I am setting the mood for a prison break by watching the most recent film of the count of monte cristo :v:
(6:59:34 PM) cmdr shelev: I can't find the 1972 richard chamberlain version anywhere :(
(7:00:05 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: I meant to see the version of that your uncle wrote
(7:00:37 PM) cmdr shelev: it is presently unfinished
(7:00:55 PM) cmdr shelev: you did not miss much; it was just showing off a handful of the songs he wrote for it
(7:01:11 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Ah, no wonder it only ran for a weekend
(7:01:15 PM) cmdr shelev: the rest is still being written
(7:01:26 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Molly gave me a flier for it, though. :)
(7:01:35 PM) cmdr shelev: yes she was very good
(7:01:58 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: As always.
(7:02:28 PM) cmdr shelev: I believe she played Mercedes
(7:02:41 PM) cmdr shelev: well played as in sung the mercedes song :v:
(7:03:03 PM) cmdr shelev: this is one of those stories that is so damn good that no one can make a bad movie of it
(7:03:34 PM) cmdr shelev: because it has fucking EVERYTHING so there is bound to be SOMETHING the filmmakers can do right
(7:03:44 PM) MisterBoxingBear entered the room.
(7:03:56 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Well, there's four, any chance for five tonight I wonder?
(7:03:58 PM) MisterBoxingBear: Sorry, gonna have to be an improper SN night.
(7:04:04 PM) MisterBoxingBear: Haven't seen Rach today.
(7:04:29 PM) LCdr TKirr: I'm sorry, who are you?
(7:04:34 PM) LCdr TKirr: =P
(7:05:05 PM) LCdr TKirr: In other words, no need to apologize, we all know who you are!
(7:06:00 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: wait who
(7:07:27 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Okay, let's get going.
(7:08:12 PM) cmdr shelev: THERE ARE 5,119 BRICKS IN MY PRISON CELL, ABBE.
(7:08:27 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: That wasn't your line.
(7:08:37 PM) cmdr shelev: ::TWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET::
(7:08:53 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: There you go.
(7:08:57 PM) LCdr TKirr: ::AA::
(7:09:41 PM) MisterBoxingBear: ::AA::
(7:10:09 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: OK, so this week, Blackthorne and Shelev have been captured by the Machen Bren in a stealth raid, and it's y'all's job to save us. :(
(7:10:27 PM) LCdr TKirr: =X
(7:10:28 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: So get to it!
(7:10:32 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM
(7:10:34 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM
(7:10:35 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM
(7:11:14 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: ::in his cell, eyeing every corner for a way out::
(7:11:57 PM) LCdr TKirr: ::at Science, starting off another scan and finding a moment to breathe:: Anything?
(7:12:05 PM) cmdr shelev: {{Can you pick a lock?}}
(7:12:33 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: {{No, been a long time since I've even seen a mechanical lock.}}
(7:13:22 PM) cmdr shelev: {{Good, I didn't want to snap my glasses in half for no good reason.}}
(7:14:55 PM) MisterBoxingBear: ::Frowns.:: Not yet. Still scanning around the last detectable warp point.
(7:15:07 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: {{I'd say they'll come up with a way to track this ship since we have one on board.}}
(7:15:11 PM) cmdr shelev: ::Whistles totally fucking pointlessly.::
(7:15:22 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: {{Though I certainly wouldn't object to flying another one home.}}
(7:15:35 PM) cmdr shelev: {{I wouldn't be surprised if this thing had exhaust fumes.}}
(7:16:02 PM) MisterBoxingBear: (Guh, I'm sorry. BRB.)
(7:16:17 PM) cmdr shelev: {{S}}
(7:17:25 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: I spy, with my little eye, something that starts with B.
(7:17:45 PM) cmdr shelev: Boxes.
(7:18:44 PM) LCdr TKirr: EnsLogan> ::comes around from the back and hands T'Kirr a padd::
(7:19:23 PM) MisterBoxingBear: (Okay, back.)
(7:19:29 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Nope.
(7:19:31 PM) LCdr TKirr: ::looks up to McKnight, pondering::
(7:19:37 PM) cmdr shelev: Bars?
(7:19:44 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Yep.
(7:19:45 PM) MisterBoxingBear: don't suppose they'd have their comm on, waiting for instructions or something like that?
(7:20:23 PM) LCdr TKirr: It's possible... if we could obtain the frequency...
(7:21:20 PM) LCdr TKirr: What would the chances of our stealth ship having the same access codes?
(7:21:28 PM) cmdr shelev: {{Permission to make tons of racket?}}
(7:22:22 PM) MisterBoxingBear: I have no idea...but it probably uses similar communications frequencies. You're the science wizz, so you tell me. If we could contact that ship, could you beam some sort of high energy pulse into their systems? Just enough to
(7:22:28 PM) MisterBoxingBear: make it stand out for a moment?
(7:23:07 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: {{Oh sure, go right ahead.}}
(7:23:23 PM) cmdr shelev: ::Removes his glasses and puts them on the cot.::
(7:23:25 PM) LCdr TKirr: I would need to take a closer look at our stealth ship to know for sure.
(7:23:38 PM) LCdr TKirr: ::moves away from her console:: You have the Bridge.
(7:23:49 PM) cmdr shelev: ::Gets a running start and jumps into the bars with his shoulder, making a loud KLANG.::
(7:24:06 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: ::winces::
(7:24:08 PM) cmdr shelev: HELP!
(7:24:41 PM) cmdr shelev: {{My shoulder's fine. Elbow ain't. Shoulder's fine.}}
(7:25:03 PM) LCdr TKirr: EnsLogan> ::takes over Science, dealing with the mess as best he can::
(7:25:33 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: ::sits back and watches::
(7:25:51 PM) cmdr shelev: ::Kicks the bars once more for good measure.::
(7:26:14 PM) cmdr shelev: {{Ok, if this ship has no guards on it, never let me forget this.}}
(7:26:37 PM) LCdr TKirr: ::takes the express route down to the bay with their stolen ship::
(7:26:55 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: {{They may not care.}}
(7:27:25 PM) MisterBoxingBear: ::Keeps scanning, hoping to get lucky if and when the ship has to make a minute course correction.::
(7:27:29 PM) cmdr shelev: {{Why kidnap then?
(7:28:10 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: {{They may not care about your shoulder, I mean.}}
(7:28:25 PM) cmdr shelev: {{... Ok just fuck off then.}}
(7:28:27 PM) LCdr TKirr: ::approaches the solitary stealth ship, pries open a panel, starts pulling stuff out, and connects the computer directly into the comm system::
(7:28:45 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: ::smirks::
(7:29:19 PM) LCdr TKirr: ::extracts herself from the mess, reminding herself she needs to work quickly, and jogs over to the console to start accessing the protocols::
(7:29:45 PM) cmdr shelev: ::Gives up on his shoulder and turns his attention to the cot.::
(7:30:28 PM) LCdr TKirr: ::tapping away madly at the console, finds a moment to slap her combadge:: +Bridge+ T'Kirr to McKnight.
(7:30:41 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: ::subconciously focusing on maintaining the mental link to Shelev, it being an effort::
(7:30:45 PM) MisterBoxingBear: +T'Kirr+ McKnight here!
(7:30:53 PM) cmdr shelev: {{::Circus music::}}
(7:32:11 PM) LCdr TKirr: +McKnight+ I'm sending to your terminal our way in, although the way their technology is configured, it will only receive the pulse at the intensity we need for the first six seconds of the transmission.
(7:32:16 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: ::actually sees a clock drip over a wall in Shelev's mind and isn't suprised::
(7:33:45 PM) MisterBoxingBear: +T'Kirr+ Commander, that'll be more than enough. Of course, there is one thing it's technically my duty to remind you of.
(7:33:54 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: {{You may not want to destroy your bed.}}
(7:33:55 PM) cmdr shelev: {{Tell me if this works. ::Imagines a slingshot using the elastic rim of the bottom bedsheet on his cot, primed to fire one of the long bars off the bedframe at the first thing to come through the door.::}}
(7:34:08 PM) LCdr TKirr: +McKnight+ Yes?
(7:34:20 PM) cmdr shelev: {{I have no intention of sleeping on it, Admiral. Neither should you.}}
(7:34:30 PM) MisterBoxingBear: +T'Kirr+ We've been ordered not to take any action without approval from Admiral Zuriyev. I just want to make sure we're on the same page. The page with all the not caring.
(7:36:47 PM) LCdr TKirr: +McKnight+ ::stops tapping away for a moment:: I believe, due to our configuring our comm system for the specific needs of sending the pulse, we may have trouble receiving transmissions from Starfleet.
(7:36:49 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: {{You won't get enough power from that elastic to put enough force onto a bar of that weight to actually hurt anyone.}}
(7:36:55 PM) LCdr TKirr: +McKnight+ I will check momentarily with Busard about the 'problem'.
(7:37:08 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: {{Also, there is a very real possibility that we may have to sleep here, and keeping well rested is important.}}
(7:37:11 PM) MisterBoxingBear: ::Grins.::
(7:37:25 PM) LCdr TKirr: ((Damn message was too long, dontcha hate that))
(7:37:26 PM) MisterBoxingBear: +T'Kirr+ Commander, you're beautiful. Sending one hell of a
(7:37:46 PM) cmdr shelev: {{Right. Any other ideas how to injure myself for our benefit?}}
(7:37:56 PM) LCdr TKirr: ::proceeds to relay their troubles to Busard in Engineering::
(7:38:18 PM) MisterBoxingBear: ::And with that, a super high energy transmission is sent along the frequency T'Kirr gave him, hopefully overloading the hell out of the stealth ship's comm array.::
(7:40:10 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: {{You could always lose another antenna. :v: }}
(7:40:51 PM) MisterBoxingBear: ::Laughs like Jem'Hadar have balls, and he just saw one get kicked in them as his sensor board light up.:: Positive contact! Heading 144, mark 245!
(7:41:08 PM) MisterBoxingBear: (lights)
(7:41:40 PM) LCdr TKirr: EnsLogan> Tracking that signal, sir! ::big grin on his face::
(7:41:58 PM) LCdr TKirr: ::hears the news and starts making her way back up to the Bridge::
(7:42:38 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Zuriyev> ::knows damn well the Atlantis crew is disobeying his orders, just hopes they cover it up well enough since he had to appear to give that order::
(7:43:41 PM) MisterBoxingBear: Keep watching those sensors, Ensign. In another few seconds, I'm going to light up your board.
(7:43:48 PM) MisterBoxingBear: ::Preparing a firing solution.::
(7:44:18 PM) LCdr TKirr: ::pops onto the Bridge, pleased to see they're on course and, overhearing McKnight, takes Science from Logan, who skulks away into the back::
(7:45:37 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: ::the engineer in him senses the hum of the engines change::
(7:45:38 PM) MisterBoxingBear: ::Gets on the comm.:: +Security+ McKnight to security.
(7:45:42 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: {{Something's happening.}}
(7:46:01 PM) MisterBoxingBear: Captain Montrose> +McKnight+ Go ahead, sir.
(7:46:10 PM) cmdr shelev: {{Also I am the King of Tholian Space.}}
(7:46:15 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Harper> ::sitting at HOps, making a helluva case for a busted comm system to give to Starfleet.
(7:46:56 PM) MisterBoxingBear: +Montrose+ I plan to give our stealth ship some company, Captain. Have a full security detail waiting in shuttlebay one.
(7:47:36 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: {{Either a course change...}
(7:48:59 PM) MisterBoxingBear: ::Without waiting for Montrose's response, McKnight presses the firing button, and a full spread of torpedoes go screaming out into the void. Seconds later, the gravometric charges onboard go off, flooding the area with massive
(7:49:34 PM) cmdr shelev: {{Please board before shooting... please board before shooting...}}
(7:49:39 PM) MisterBoxingBear: pressure waves. Not massive enough to endanger Atlantis, or even the stealth ship, but it'll rock the latter, and create a disturbance effect Atlantis' sensors will be able to detect.::
(7:49:56 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: ::jolted off his cot::
(7:50:01 PM) LCdr TKirr: ::grabs onto the resulting signature:: I've got it!
(7:50:30 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: {{Hi Atlantis! At least I hope that was Atlantis.}}
(7:50:58 PM) LCdr TKirr: Opening a channel.
(7:51:37 PM) cmdr shelev: {{It is probably the romulans knowing my luck.}}
(7:51:38 PM) MisterBoxingBear: Send it my way, and I'll tractor that sucker.
(7:51:57 PM) LCdr TKirr: ::sends it over::
(7:52:03 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: {{Tell me you don't owe them money too.}}
(7:52:07 PM) LCdr TKirr: +Kidnappers+ Machen Bren stealth ship, this is the USS Atlantis. I highly suggest you respond.
(7:52:30 PM) MisterBoxingBear: ::Wee! Tractor beam!::
(7:52:42 PM) cmdr shelev: {{No.}}
(7:52:52 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: MB ship> ::much commotion is heard over the channel with what is probably swearing, but makes the universal translator make a sound like shifting without a clutch::
(7:53:18 PM) LCdr TKirr: ::eyes McKnight::
(7:54:02 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: MB guy> +Atlantis+ Go away.


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(7:54:55 PM) cmdr shelev entered the room.
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(7:55:01 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: (Did I miss any lines?)
(7:55:16 PM) LCdr TKirr: ((Depends on when you stopped receiving them))
(7:55:27 PM) MisterBoxingBear: Marines are in place. Let me just turn sensors WAY up to scan for any weapons hardpoints, and then we can bring them onboard, and open that ship up like a sardine can if need be.
(7:55:27 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: (I didn't, I just accidentally closed the window.)
(7:55:49 PM) LCdr TKirr: +MB Ship+ Stealth vessel, this is Commander T'Kirr of Atlantis. You have taken two of our officers, and we intend to recover them. How civilized the extraction takes place is up to you and how well you cooperate.
(7:56:36 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: MB Commander> ::with a tone in his voice that sounds like he really doesn't want to say this:: We have no such prisoners.
(7:57:01 PM) LCdr TKirr: ((Lol I so badly wanna say... 'Is that your final answer?'))
(7:57:40 PM) MisterBoxingBear: ::Maybe, just MAYBE if you believe in that ESP stuff, someone on that ship will almost FEEL the Atlantis' powerful sensors trying to penetrate the ship's hull and lay its secrets bare.::
(7:59:15 PM) LCdr TKirr: +MB Ship+ Admiral Blackthorne and Commander Shelev were abducted by transporter with a Machen Bren signature. Tell me, is it likely another vessel of your faction is within range to perform such an act?
(8:00:10 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: MB Commander> They are now lawful prisoners of the Machen Bren Star Kingdom, charged with attempted genocide.
(8:01:07 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: {{I think we'll be leaving soon.}}
(8:01:24 PM) MisterBoxingBear: I'm reading some low grade weapons emplacements...not too worried about it denting our armor, but the inside of our shuttlebay is another story. Permission to take them out?
(8:02:05 PM) cmdr shelev: {{My bags are packed.}} ::Puts his glasses back on.::
(8:02:18 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: {{At least you had a shirt.}}
(8:02:32 PM) cmdr shelev: {{ :v: }}
(8:03:16 PM) LCdr TKirr: ::feels the weight of a political disaster on the horizon:: +MB Ship+ The Federation does not observe your law. If you return them immediately, we can then talk about working this out with our two respective governments.
(8:03:18 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: {{Not to mention shoes.}}
(8:03:23 PM) LCdr TKirr: +MB Ship+ This is your last chance for a peaceful option before negotiations become less comfortable.
(8:03:52 PM) LCdr TKirr: (( I know, I'm being far too lenient, but give the new captain a break eh))
(8:04:11 PM) Unable to send message: The message is too large.
(8:04:23 PM) MisterBoxingBear: (Eh, it works.)
(8:04:43 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: MB Commander> Interfering with prisoner transport will only make things worse, as it is a further violation of our laws.
(8:04:54 PM) LCdr TKirr: ((rofl...))
(8:05:08 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: MB Commander> ::sounds like he's reading from a script::
(8:05:12 PM) LCdr TKirr: ::merely nods to McKnight, who's no doubt been watching her with held breath::
(8:06:14 PM) MisterBoxingBear: ::TOTALLY doesn't grin just a little bit as low powered phasers hits rock the stealth ship. Some structural damage to their hull is unavoidable, but he manages to avoid causing a hull breach, and all the weapons emplacements are so
(8:06:33 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: ::tossed about again::
(8:06:41 PM) MisterBoxingBear: much twisted scrap metal.:: They're neutered. Bringing them in now.
(8:07:04 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: MB Commander> ::doesn't flinch or even look suprised, just complacent::
(8:07:23 PM) cmdr shelev: ::Thud::
(8:07:55 PM) LCdr TKirr: ::visibly wilts before recovering, the Vulcan form of adrenaline tapering off just a bit::
(8:08:16 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: MB Commander> ::cuts the comm and slams back a stiff drink::
(8:08:33 PM) MisterBoxingBear: You handled that magnificently, Commander. Now then, would you care to accompany me to greet our new guests?
(8:08:37 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: MB Commander> ::knew he shouldn't have accepted this promotion and assignment::
(8:08:59 PM) LCdr TKirr: ::nods and begins making her way to the lift:: I most certainly would.
(8:09:44 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: MB Commander> Two rank promotion and I get a suicide mission, I should have bloody known.
(8:10:01 PM) MisterBoxingBear: ::His station being a bit closer, he just barely beats her into the lift.:: Deck 18.
(8:10:18 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: ::stands up looking as distinguished as possible when you're only wearing pajama pants::
(8:10:33 PM) cmdr shelev: WOULD YOU MIND LETTING US OUT NOW
(8:10:46 PM) LCdr TKirr: ::stares off at the wall of the lift, thinking about how badly things could have gone had they not found the stealth ship as soon as they did::
(8:11:03 PM) LCdr TKirr: ((pajama pants? What'd I miss?))
(8:11:27 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: I was abducted out of my bed!))
(8:11:42 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Ahem, yes, it's time to go.
(8:11:46 PM) MisterBoxingBear: Damn good thing you managed to get that frequency so fast.
(8:11:57 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Guard> I ain't lettin' no one out until da boss says so, so shaddup
(8:12:21 PM) LCdr TKirr: ::swallows subtly and supresses a shudder:: Indeed. We could have lost them.
(8:12:25 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Look, if you cooperate, my crew won't kill you.
(8:12:39 PM) cmdr shelev: Our brig is much nicer!
(8:12:44 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: ((They could have at least got me with my robe on. :( ))
(8:12:45 PM) cmdr shelev: We even have sinks!
(8:13:11 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Guard> ::gears turn::
(8:13:19 PM) LCdr TKirr: ((Our brig's a friggin' Hilton))
(8:13:39 PM) MisterBoxingBear: ::Considers the hopefully supportive hand on shoulder thing, but thinks better of it. Vulcan and all.:: Well, we did our jobs, and they're back. That's all I care about.
(8:13:51 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Guard>> Righto. ::unlocks the doors:: Come wif me.
(8:14:07 PM) cmdr shelev: {{:::dance:::}}
(8:14:24 PM) LCdr TKirr: ::hopes this is actually the end of it, and not just a big bloody beginning, as the lift slows and stops, doors swishing open::
(8:14:28 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: {{I'm dropping this link now, it's exhausting. Thanks for the surrealist circus.}}
(8:15:22 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Guard> ::leads the two out of the brig to a side ramp, where the commander waits::
(8:15:49 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: MB Commander> ::looking completely like he's already accepted his execution, and slightly drunk:: Admiral, Commander.
(8:16:23 PM) cmdr shelev: Care to join us? You've been a lovely host.
(8:16:31 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Dispense with the pleasantries.
(8:16:34 PM) MisterBoxingBear: ::Steps out of the lift and into the shuttlebay, where the stealoth ship rests, moored to the deck with a dozen phaser rifles pointed at the hatch.:: No sign of life yet?
(8:16:42 PM) MisterBoxingBear: Montrose> No, sir.
(8:16:46 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> The ramp descends.
(8:17:07 PM) MisterBoxingBear: ::Nods.:: Alright...never mind what I was about to tell you.
(8:17:13 PM) MisterBoxingBear: ::Draws his sidearm.::
(8:17:14 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Guard> Sorr he said dey won't kill us if'n we helps em, roight.
(8:17:54 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Guard> And gettin' killed don't pay nuffink to me, yeah.
(8:18:17 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: MB Commander>> Yes, yes. ::walks down the ramp, hands up and all, gesturing for them to follow::
(8:18:50 PM) MisterBoxingBear: ::Said commander is immediately seized, frisked, and put in restraints.::
(8:18:59 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: ::walks down the ramp, bare feet slapping on metal::
(8:19:00 PM) LCdr TKirr: ::stands just slightly behind and to the left of McKnight, hands clasped behind her, watching the seizure::
(8:19:35 PM) LCdr TKirr: ::takes in Blackthorne's and Shelev's appearance::
(8:19:44 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: MB Commander> ::wishes he had taken another shot;;
(8:19:53 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Guard> ::follows them down, hoping not to be killed::
(8:20:00 PM) MisterBoxingBear: Dontcha just hate it when this crap happens off duty?
(8:20:10 PM) LCdr TKirr: Welcome back Admiral... ::eyes linger, then turn to Shelev:: ...Commander.
(8:20:23 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: I would have killed for a dress uniform, and I never thought I'd say that.
(8:20:26 PM) cmdr shelev: Yeah, yeah, don't pay attention to the one with clothes on.
(8:20:55 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: ((hey it worked for Picard :v: ))
(8:20:55 PM) cmdr shelev: ((I AM KIROK))
(8:21:08 PM) LCdr TKirr: ((Surprised you didn't Action that))
(8:21:31 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Guard> Hay, dis's a pretty noice ship ya got here, roight?
(8:21:56 PM) MisterBoxingBear: Get those two down to the brig.
(8:21:59 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: ::gestures back to the Guard:: Go easy on that one, he's along for the ride.
(8:22:22 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> A few more Machen Bren crew file down the ramp, hands up, having secured their stations.
(8:22:33 PM) LCdr TKirr: ::nods at the guard and leaves him to their more than capable security force::
(8:23:28 PM) LCdr TKirr: ::eyes Blackthorne again, looking him up and down before catching herself and turning to McKnight instead::
(8:23:38 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: ::walks over to T'Kirr and McKnight:: Nicely done.
(8:23:54 PM) MisterBoxingBear: ::And cue the marines leading them all down to security as McKnight himself takes a moment to look over the stealth ship.:: Busard's going to have some time fixing this thing up.
(8:24:10 PM) MisterBoxingBear: She's a wizz with a comm array, sir.
(8:24:26 PM) LCdr TKirr: Thank you, Admiral... we didn't have much time to find you. We're fortunate to have had one of their ships in our bay.
(8:24:47 PM) MisterBoxingBear: (Figure we'll be going long enough for there to be any point inviting Rach?)
(8:24:55 PM) MisterBoxingBear: (Who unfortunately forgot it was a Tuesday.)
(8:24:55 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: (We're ending soon.)
(8:25:32 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Quite, yes. Thank you, that cell was getting old, fast.
(8:26:12 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Any contact from Starfleet? ::on a hunch::
(8:26:47 PM) MisterBoxingBear: ::Just smiles almost imperceptaibly as he looks to T'Kirr. She came up with the BS, she gets to present it.::
(8:26:58 PM) LCdr TKirr: ::takes in a deep breath, probably the first all night:: No, our... comm system was compromised while tracking you. They probably couldn't get through. ::poker face::
(8:27:28 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: ::has pulled that trick so many times that he's not fooled at all:: Right. I'd better raise Admiral Zuriyev right now, this has deep implications.
(8:27:47 PM) cmdr shelev: Remember, they gave us back willingly.
(8:27:50 PM) LCdr TKirr: ::nods:: I'll check with Busard. I'm sure she's gotten the system almost repaired by now.
(8:28:16 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: But, it's only been 3-4 hours if I'm not mistaken. Get some sleep, it's still the middle of the night.
(8:28:41 PM) LCdr TKirr: Yes, and you should as well. After all, you were... 'interrupted'.
(8:28:50 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: That's putting it lightly.
(8:29:14 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: But, I have to make a call, willing return or not. I trust Busard will have the comm system up by the time I get back to my quarters.
(8:29:25 PM) LCdr TKirr: ::nods:: Of course, sir.
(8:29:44 PM) LCdr TKirr: ::backs up a step to let the Admiral lead::
(8:30:03 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: That'll be all then. Dismissed. ::walks out toward his quarters for the second time tonight::
(8:30:05 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM
(8:30:06 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM
(8:30:09 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM
(8:30:19 PM) LCdr TKirr: Bah you so cut me off =P
(8:30:23 PM) LCdr TKirr: ::paused::
(8:30:38 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Go ahead and send it, it's cool
(8:31:10 PM) LCdr TKirr: Okay well *cough*
(8:31:51 PM) LCdr TKirr: Dude, forget it.. I can't do it on this side of the spam lol
(8:32:00 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Oh yes you can, you have to now.
(8:32:05 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: ::taps foot::
(8:32:05 PM) cmdr shelev: PRES BUTAN
(8:32:07 PM) LCdr TKirr: No it's oddness
(8:32:18 PM) MisterBoxingBear: Just tell him you love him, you green blooded fool!
(8:32:18 PM) LCdr TKirr: I had to open my big mouth
(8:32:25 PM) LCdr TKirr: Shush pawn
(8:32:55 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Okay okay. For letting you get away with that, you've gotta write a log.
(8:32:57 PM) LCdr TKirr: She was just gonna say welcome back sir, and be slightly emotional about it. Curiousity sated?
(8:33:04 PM) LCdr TKirr: But yeah need to anyway yeah
(8:33:25 PM) LCdr TKirr: Now everyone stop lookin' at me! >_O
(8:33:41 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Pff.
(8:34:10 PM) cmdr shelev: arse
(8:34:20 PM) LCdr TKirr: *claps* Wayta go McKnight, we make a good team... meanwhile CO and XO locked in tells
(8:34:36 PM) MisterBoxingBear: Indeed.
(8:34:45 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Y'all did a great job coming up with that on the fly.
(8:34:56 PM) LCdr TKirr: Oh you SO hinted at it and you know it.
(8:34:59 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: And not even scratching the paint on my ship.
(8:35:22 PM) LCdr TKirr: Yeah.. came to sim and was like, oh crap, I'm friggin' captain, what the hell am I gonna do
(8:35:26 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: I didn't intend to hint at anything really.
(8:35:45 PM) LCdr TKirr: I don't think I would've remembered that stupid ship if you hadn't said anything
(8:35:47 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Except for GET US OUT OF HERE
(8:36:01 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Oh, McKnight knew about that ship all along.
(8:36:06 PM) MisterBoxingBear: That stupid ship saved your ingrate ass.
(8:36:31 PM) LCdr TKirr: McKnight knew eh? Tell him that...
(8:36:53 PM) MisterBoxingBear: I knew it was THERE. I just had trouble thinking of a way to make that useful.
(8:36:54 PM) LCdr TKirr: Err wait, what? You mean the one we were chasing or the one we had locked up
(8:37:12 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: The one we had locked up.
(8:37:14 PM) MisterBoxingBear: The latter. The one that got us off Taris.
(8:37:20 PM) MisterBoxingBear: I mean...soda bottle planet.
(8:37:27 PM) LCdr TKirr: Oh well yeah, just sayin' Blackthorne's mentioning it kinda made it our ticket to finding you
(8:37:57 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Oh, that wasn't my intent. I mentioned it offhand to explain how calm he was.
(8:38:12 PM) MisterBoxingBear: Still, good thing he did then.
(8:38:16 PM) LCdr TKirr: Anyway, I had fun threatening the MB
(8:39:20 PM) LCdr TKirr: And we learned that Shelev's mind is rather colorful on the inside
(8:39:34 PM) LCdr TKirr: I mean seriously, some 2-yr old took a box of crayons to it
(8:39:39 PM) LCdr TKirr: =P
(8:40:00 PM) cmdr shelev: no, he did
(8:40:02 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: It explains a lot.
(8:40:13 PM) cmdr shelev: 64 crayon box with built in sharpener, bishes
(8:40:30 PM) LCdr TKirr: Just call him Mr. Crayola.
(8:41:42 PM) LCdr TKirr: My mind is running away with this so I'm gonna stop it right there.
(8:42:09 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: That's okay. I demand to see T'Kirr getting emotional in a log. Must see Vulcan wall break!
(8:43:09 PM) LCdr TKirr: Meh, how rude!
(8:43:13 PM) MisterBoxingBear: It'll be traumatic. And on this ship, trauma always means drinking.
(8:43:25 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Mmm, drinking.
(8:43:30 PM) MisterBoxingBear: But knowing T'Kirr doesn't do that, magnanimous sort that he is, McKnight can do that part for her.
(8:43:37 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: How noble!
(8:43:37 PM) cmdr shelev: MORE FOR US
(8:43:48 PM) MisterBoxingBear: I drink because I care!
(8:43:56 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Right!
(8:44:00 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: I drink because it's Tuesday!
(8:44:31 PM) MisterBoxingBear: I also drink because I have both rum and a pirate movie on hand.
(8:44:46 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: You can't NOT drink in those situations.
(8:44:55 PM) MisterBoxingBear: It'd just be wrong.
(8:46:47 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Well then, great job tonight.
(8:47:06 PM) MisterBoxingBear: Alrighty, night everyone! Till next week!
(8:47:13 PM) LCdr TKirr: Next week!
(8:47:14 PM) MisterBoxingBear left the room.