Conversation with ussatlantis at 9/26/2006 6:38:59 PM on VAdm Blackthorne (aim)

(6:39:00 PM) VAdm Blackthorne entered the room.
(6:58:17 PM) MajDougMcKnight entered the room.
(6:58:21 PM) MajDougMcKnight: Evening.
(7:03:34 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Hey
(7:04:22 PM) MajDougMcKnight: This is not an encouraging start.
(7:04:30 PM) MajDougMcKnight: And to think, I was early for once.
(7:04:33 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: No, not at all.
(7:04:55 PM) MajDougMcKnight: Shelev all done moving yet?
(7:05:36 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Yeah, but he can't make it tonight.
(7:07:01 PM) MajDougMcKnight: Fair enough.
(7:07:59 PM) MajDougMcKnight: Haven't heard anything from Kiley and T'Kirr?
(7:08:33 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: No, I expected they would be here.
(7:10:32 PM) MajDougMcKnight: Hmmm...well, there's one.
(7:10:44 PM) MajDougMcKnight: We kind of need T'Kirr for this though.
(7:10:52 PM) Kiley Airell entered the room.
(7:11:01 PM) MajDougMcKnight: Hey, Kiley.
(7:11:08 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Hi Kiley
(7:11:12 PM) Kiley Airell: hi
(7:11:39 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Been watching the BSG webisodes, Mike?
(7:12:23 PM) MajDougMcKnight: Oh, no. I think I saw a brief mention of those, but figured it was just behind the scenes stuff.
(7:12:38 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: No, it's actual plot.
(7:12:43 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Resistance on New Caprica.
(7:12:54 PM) MajDougMcKnight: Oh, wow. Are they archived?
(7:12:59 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Yep!
(7:13:16 PM) MajDougMcKnight: Nice. That's on
(7:13:20 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Yep!
(7:13:27 PM) MajDougMcKnight: I'll have to go take a look.
(7:13:36 PM) MajDougMcKnight: Is Tigh already sporting the badass eyepatch?
(7:13:49 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Not yet.
(7:14:12 PM) MajDougMcKnight: God, Adama must feel like such a dick for insisting he go down there.
(7:14:44 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Haven't seen him yet though, it's all the people on the planet.
(7:15:09 PM) MajDougMcKnight: Well, no. The Adamas need to get back into ass kicking mode first.
(7:15:19 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Yes. Yes they do.
(7:15:24 PM) MajDougMcKnight: Old man Adama just needs to shave, but Lee needs to lose some weight.
(7:15:30 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Truly.
(7:15:57 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: They probably will to get back into ass-kicking mode.
(7:16:19 PM) MajDougMcKnight: Absolutely.
(7:16:25 PM) MajDougMcKnight: You know who Lee reminds me of?
(7:16:44 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Who?
(7:16:55 PM) MajDougMcKnight: Becky's character on Cervantes. PInstant promotion through 3 pay grades because she was Rachel's buddy.
(7:16:59 PM) MajDougMcKnight: Instant
(7:17:05 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Hahahaha
(7:17:40 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Same goes for Dualla it would seem. :v
(7:18:08 PM) MajDougMcKnight: I didn't pay much attention to her. Had she been promoted to Colonel or something?
(7:18:30 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Well, note in the finale that she's wearing a regular officer's uniform and not CPO fatigues.
(7:18:37 PM) MajDougMcKnight: Ah, true.
(7:18:46 PM) MajDougMcKnight: Well...Dualla's hot.
(7:18:53 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: True that.
(7:19:20 PM) MajDougMcKnight: Not quite at Grace Park level though, in my opinion. Too bad she had to be a Cylon.
(7:19:51 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Yeah, poor Boomer. :(
(7:21:50 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Season 2.5 is out on DVD.
(7:23:05 PM) MajDougMcKnight: much as I'd like to be able to re-watch some of those episodes, not sure I'll buy any of those DVDs.
(7:23:19 PM) MajDougMcKnight: On principle, you understand. Paying for half a season? Come on.
(7:23:36 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Extended cut of Pegasus.
(7:24:57 PM) MajDougMcKnight: Oh? Anything good?
(7:25:41 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Haven't watched it yet.
(7:26:01 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Deleted scenes too. Some were good and just cut for time.
(7:26:15 PM) MajDougMcKnight: Yeah, shame when that happens.
(7:26:48 PM) MajDougMcKnight: I DO have the mini-series on my hard drive.
(7:26:56 PM) MajDougMcKnight: That battle at Ragnar Anchorage was badass.
(7:27:11 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Oh god yes.
(7:28:12 PM) MajDougMcKnight: I DO have to wonder just how much ammo Galactica still has onboard. They sure don't hold back with those guns.
(7:28:38 PM) MajDougMcKnight: But then, it's supposed to have missiles too, isn't it?
(7:28:38 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Well, some of the ships in the fleet were producing stuff, weren't they?
(7:29:16 PM) MajDougMcKnight: Well, there did seem to be prodiction facilities for Viper bullets, yes. I suppse it's not out of the question that they could produce larger stuff.
(7:29:20 PM) MajDougMcKnight: production
(7:29:36 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: They did find ore and stuff as they went along too.
(7:29:53 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Well, it's safe to call this sim a wash, I think
(7:30:10 PM) MajDougMcKnight: Yeah...well, thankis for the heads up about those webisodes.
(7:30:13 PM) Kiley Airell left the room.
(7:30:30 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Sure thing.
(7:30:38 PM) MajDougMcKnight: Later then.
(7:30:39 PM) MajDougMcKnight left the room.