(6:57:40 PM) VAdm Blackthorne entered the room.
(7:04:05 PM) MajDougMcKnight entered the room.
(7:04:08 PM) MajDougMcKnight: Hey.
(7:04:11 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Hey
(7:05:09 PM) LCdr TKirr entered the room.
(7:05:14 PM) MajDougMcKnight: Evening.
(7:05:53 PM) LCdr TKirr: Hi, McKnight.
(7:06:17 PM) LCdr TKirr: Hey if Shelev isn't here tonight, I wanna do somethin' with you, if you're up for it.
(7:07:14 PM) MajDougMcKnight: Don't see why not.
(7:07:17 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Where's Kiley?
(7:07:27 PM) MajDougMcKnight: Somewhere that's else.
(7:07:32 PM) LCdr TKirr: lol
(7:07:41 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: :(
(7:14:02 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Hm, looks like this is it. The thing is, we can run with this.
(7:14:25 PM) MajDougMcKnight: I'm willing to give it a shot.
(7:15:08 PM) LCdr TKirr: I don't want to give you the physical, should save that for Kiley =P
(7:15:32 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Yes, of course.
(7:16:54 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Okay, let's get going then.
(7:17:11 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: We're on our way to the core world of the secessionist colonies, still a bit of time out.
(7:18:21 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Not much else can go in the brief.
(7:18:26 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Questions?
(7:18:46 PM) LCdr TKirr: Newp!
(7:18:50 PM) MajDougMcKnight: I'm good.
(7:19:22 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM
(7:19:23 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM
(7:19:25 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM
(7:19:35 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: ::in his ready room::
(7:19:40 PM) LCdr TKirr: <<Should I call Kiley?>>
(7:19:46 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: ((Sure))
(7:20:39 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: ::simply looking out the window, thinking, looking displeased::
(7:21:05 PM) LCdr TKirr: <<got machine, maybe she heard it like last time>>
(7:21:45 PM) LCdr TKirr: ::stands on the Bridge, mostly idle, but attempting to busy herself with keeping an eye on long range sensors::
(7:21:53 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: +T'Kirr+ Commander T'Kirr, report to my ready room.
(7:22:37 PM) LCdr TKirr: +Blackthorne+ I'll be right there. ::almost jumps from her station for a reason to do something::
(7:23:07 PM) MajDougMcKnight: ::In the locker room adjoining the deck 23 swimming pool, toweling himself off after the post swim shower. There's nothing for stress like good old fashioned physical activity, and 20 laps are as good an outlet as any::
(7:23:47 PM) LCdr TKirr: ::enters the RR when she's let in, eyes finding Blackthorne and stands, waiting::
(7:24:23 PM) LCdr TKirr: <<Lookin' sexy there, McKnight>>
(7:24:24 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Commander.
(7:24:35 PM) LCdr TKirr: ::dips her head:: You wished to see me?
(7:24:44 PM) MajDougMcKnight: (Gotta maintain that manly figure.)
(7:24:47 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Yes. I need to speak with you about Dugahn.
(7:25:23 PM) LCdr TKirr: ::brow twitches, but voice remains calm and curious:: What about?
(7:26:17 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: It's a bit convenient, don't you think?
(7:27:04 PM) LCdr TKirr: ::glances sidelong at the wall in thought, then back to him:: I don't understand.
(7:27:20 PM) MajDougMcKnight: ::Nods to a few odd crewmen who'd come to the same idea before pulling on a plain blue t-shirt, shifting a bit where the cotton sticks to his still slightly damp torso. Shoving a few personal effects in his small gym bag, he makes
(7:27:39 PM) MajDougMcKnight: his way out onto deck 23 proper, ultimately bound for his quarters to change into a fresh uniform::
(7:27:40 PM) Unable to send message: The message is too large.
(7:28:09 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: An old friend shows up, presumably just for a celebration.
(7:28:28 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Yet he just happens to have great information about the mission we just happen to be conducting.
(7:28:38 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: That's damned convenient.
(7:29:09 PM) LCdr TKirr: Dugahn> ::stands outside a door on Deck 23, peering inside, but looks up quickly as McKnight rounds the corner::
(7:30:50 PM) LCdr TKirr: ::stands a bit more stiffly, lowering her blinking gaze in a knowing fashion:: It is convenient, yes. I've thought about it myself, but it does happen.
(7:31:28 PM) MajDougMcKnight: ::Stops up short, and for a moment is silent as he regards this unexpected encounter with a raised eyebrow:: Got lost on your way to the holodeck, Mr. Dughan?
(7:31:57 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Rarely, I find.
(7:32:10 PM) LCdr TKirr: <<What's up with my type, it keeps switchiing sizes>>
(7:32:23 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: There's something about him, Commander, that isn't right.
(7:32:44 PM) LCdr TKirr: <<Nm, I get it...>>
(7:33:59 PM) LCdr TKirr: Dugahn> ::recovers quickly:: Ah, actually, I was looking for what's labeled the Recreation Area. I think I took the wrong lift. Could you direct me?
(7:35:31 PM) LCdr TKirr: ::gazes fixedly on Blackthorne for a long moment, her voice dropping in tone somewhat:: I've known him for some time. I don't know why you would suspect him of anything other than a helpful ally.
(7:36:46 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: ::breathes deeply: It's an empathic vibe I'm getting, that his intentions aren't good. Of course I can't read him fully.
(7:37:32 PM) MajDougMcKnight: ::Before answering, directs his gaze to the label by the door, then glances sideways at Dughan. He doesn't bother to point out the difficulty of mistaking "Recreation Area" and
(7:37:48 PM) LCdr TKirr: ::inclines her head:: If I may speak frankly.
(7:37:59 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: You may.
(7:38:33 PM) MajDougMcKnight: "Auxiliary Secondary Systems Computer Core" without eyesight that Shelev might pity. Instead, after a moment, he gestures with both hands off to the right.:: Of course. Right this way.
(7:38:48 PM) LCdr TKirr: Are you sure it's 'him' there is something about?
(7:39:56 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: What do you mean?
(7:40:17 PM) LCdr TKirr: Dugahn> ::nods:: Thank you. I was hoping to find someone about to ask. It is fortunate I found someone I know.
(7:41:44 PM) LCdr TKirr: I am curious to know if you would feel the same way about him if it weren't for Dugahn's and my friendship.
(7:42:43 PM) MajDougMcKnight: Indeed. I wouldn't have expected to find you here.
(7:43:42 PM) Unable to send message: The message is too large.
(7:44:07 PM) LCdr TKirr: Dugahn> ::starts off down the hall, looking about casually, as if hoping to spot his destination::
(7:44:10 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Presumptive words, which I will give the benefit of the doubt.
(7:44:13 PM) LCdr TKirr: Dugahn> T'Kirr invited me to take some time to rest until I am needed on the Bridge. I decided to find out what this recreation area offered.
(7:44:30 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: My hunches are usually correct, and I listen to them. ::taps his temple:: This has won me a lot of poker games.
(7:46:08 PM) LCdr TKirr: With all due respect, Admiral, you must understand my position. If I may say, your rank is very well earned.
(7:46:31 PM) MajDougMcKnight: As I said, it's a surprise, you being Vulcan and all. I've kinda figured fun for a Vulcan is sitting on the floor and staring at a meditation candle for a few hours.
(7:46:42 PM) LCdr TKirr: However, I believe it's possible to at times deceive one's self, unintentionally.
(7:47:02 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: It's alright. I expect you to question my judgement in matters such as this.
(7:47:49 PM) LCdr TKirr: Dugahn> ::arches an eyebrow:: Indeed. It was more a fascination with how the crew spends off-hour time than mine I wished to explore.
(7:48:00 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Just never publicly, of course.
(7:48:22 PM) LCdr TKirr: ::nods, apparently pleased he is seeing her side of things, but still keeping a suspicious eye on him::
(7:49:29 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Still. It is quite easy to distinguish external senses from internal feelings.
(7:49:58 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Allegations of jealousy aside, I know what I'm reading from him. I felt it the moment I met him.
(7:50:15 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Were I not certain I would not have confronted you about him.
(7:51:39 PM) LCdr TKirr: ::swallows, taking on the stance of one chastised:: Of course. However, knowing more about him, I can't tell you that I agree. What do you wish to do?
(7:52:01 PM) MajDougMcKnight: ::At length, comes to the appropriately labelled door:: Well, observe away. Here we are.
(7:52:50 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: For now, we watch him. If he is up to something, then I wish to know what. Tipping my hand at this point would be folly.
(7:52:59 PM) LCdr TKirr: Dugahn> ::with all Vulcan gratefullness possible:: It was kind of you to make sure I found my way.
(7:53:47 PM) LCdr TKirr: ::nods in agreement, if only for obedience's sake::
(7:54:21 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: I am asking you not to decieve yourself. If you do see something out of the ordinary, report it.
(7:55:28 PM) LCdr TKirr: Of course, Admiral. ::pauses, then adds meaningfully:: After all, I know you better than I do him.
(7:56:43 PM) MajDougMcKnight: I have some time before my next duty shift, if you'd like the guided tour.
(7:56:56 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: ::nods in appreciation:: Thank you, T'Kirr.
(7:57:08 PM) Kiley Airell entered the room.
(7:57:13 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: ((Kiley!!)
(7:57:33 PM) LCdr TKirr: Dugahn> ::mouth thins subtly:: No, that won't be necessary. I thank you for the offer.
(7:57:48 PM) LCdr TKirr: <<Welcome, Kiley!>>
(7:58:23 PM) LCdr TKirr: ::starts to turn, then stops:: Was there anything else?
(7:58:26 PM) MajDougMcKnight: Well then, I suppose I'll see you on the bridge.
(7:58:45 PM) LCdr TKirr: Dugahn> Most assuredly. ::bows his head::
(7:59:02 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: That is all, dismissed.
(7:59:34 PM) LCdr TKirr: ::holds her gaze on Blackthorne while she turns, then steps out the door of the ready room::
(7:59:41 PM) MajDougMcKnight: ::Reciprocates with a slight nod, and begins walking back the way he came::
(8:00:39 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: ::watches her leave::
(8:01:33 PM) LCdr TKirr: ::steps out onto the Bridge, returning to her station, lost in thought::
(8:01:43 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: ::turns back to the window when she does::
(8:05:39 PM) MajDougMcKnight: ::Once around a corner, and presumably out of earshot even for a Vulcan, McKnight frowns as he stares back in the general direction of the auxiliary computer core::
(8:06:31 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: ::thinks back on her words to ensure that she wasn't right::
(8:07:46 PM) MajDougMcKnight: ::Reaching into his bag, McKnight affixes the comm badge to his t-shirt as he steps into the turbolift and depresses it.:: +Engineering+ McKnight to main engineering.
(8:08:28 PM) MajDougMcKnight: Quinn> ::Responds in the middle of a warp coolant pressure check:: Lieutenant Quinn here. What can I do for you, Major?
(8:09:13 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: ::after some deliberation, reaffirms his initial stance and trusts his hunch:
(8:11:18 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: ::nods in satisfaction, paying it no more mind::
(8:11:26 PM) Kiley Airell: ::steps out of the TL onto the bridge and heads to the Captain's RR::
(8:11:42 PM) Kiley Airell: ::chimes the door::
(8:11:44 PM) MajDougMcKnight: ::Selects deck 8 as he speaks into the comm badge:: At your earliest convenience, I'd like you to check the access logs for the auxiliary secondary systems computer core over the past...2 hours. Let me know what you find.
(8:12:01 PM) LCdr TKirr: ::Kiley's passing pulls her out of her thoughts, and she watches::
(8:12:07 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Enter.
(8:12:43 PM) Kiley Airell: ::enters the RR and smiles to the captain:: Greetings.
(8:12:58 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Doctor. ::smiles and nods::
(8:13:28 PM) LCdr TKirr: ::attempts to glimpse Blackthorne while the door is open, but he's not in view, being next to the window::
(8:14:22 PM) MajDougMcKnight: Quinn> Uh...certainly, sir. Just let me finish up this diagnostic, and I'll get right on that.
(8:14:37 PM) MajDougMcKnight: +Quinn+ Thanks, Rodney. McKnight out.
(8:14:44 PM) Kiley Airell: How are things going?
(8:16:00 PM) Kiley Airell: ((afk))
(8:17:02 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: The situation is interestinig, as always.
(8:19:56 PM) Kiley Airell: ((bak))
(8:20:14 PM) Kiley Airell: Yeah, but you seem to have some freetime here.
(8:20:27 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: ::looks at his coffee cup longingly:: I do?
(8:20:43 PM) LCdr TKirr: <<LOL>>
(8:23:15 PM) Kiley Airell: Yes, you do.
(8:23:39 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: If you insist.
(8:23:46 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: ::chugs the remainder of the coffee::
(8:25:23 PM) Kiley Airell: I think it's time to get your physical done Captain. Who knows when we'll have another chance . . .
(8:25:39 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: ::nods:: Alright, doctor, you drive a hard bargain.
(8:26:21 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: ::stands::
(8:27:28 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: ::tugs on his tunic as he starts toward sickbay::
(8:28:09 PM) Kiley Airell: ::follows the Captain, to make sure that he gets to sickbay
(8:28:30 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: ::walks with Kiley to sickbay and looks around::
(8:28:33 PM) MajDougMcKnight: Quinn> ::As good as his word, the engineer logs the results of the last pressure check (Pressure's normal, of course.), and then pulls up a chair at the nearest science station:: Computer, display access log of auxiliary
(8:29:05 PM) MajDougMcKnight: secondary systems computer core...last 5 hours. Authorization Quinn Sierra Gulf One.
(8:30:23 PM) Kiley Airell: have a seat on the bio bed Captain. This shouldn't take too long
(8:31:58 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: ::sits down apprehensively:
(8:32:36 PM) Kiley Airell: I don't know why you all seem to hate physicals. They really aren't that big of a deal.
(8:32:46 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: I have good reasons.
(8:33:02 PM) Kiley Airell: And what would those good reasons be?
(8:33:34 PM) Kiley Airell: ::picks up a med tricorder and walks back over to the Admiral::
(8:33:45 PM) MajDougMcKnight: (His dad died of a disease contracted from a dirty stethoscope!)
(8:34:05 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: ::smirks:: They are my own.
(8:36:56 PM) MajDougMcKnight: Quinn> ::After a few moments, the computer turns up no results at all in the stated timeframe, prompting Quinn to go one better, and track down the most recent recorded system access from that particular terminal::
(8:36:58 PM) Kiley Airell: I'm sure they are.
(8:37:26 PM) Kiley Airell: You seem to have a lot of pent of issues. ::scans the Admiral::
(8:37:41 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: ::thinks back to being grounded because of night-blindness, found on a physical::
(8:38:18 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: I've lived a lot in my time, doctor.
(8:40:48 PM) Kiley Airell: No arguments there. When was the last time you ran two miles?
(8:41:03 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: ::thinks:: Last week.
(8:41:24 PM) MajDougMcKnight: Quinn> +McKnight+ Major, I have the results of that check.
(8:41:46 PM) Kiley Airell: How often do you run two miles?
(8:42:17 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: At least once a week, sometimes more.
(8:42:40 PM) Kiley Airell: Good, then you're due for one. ::she smiled::
(8:42:41 PM) MajDougMcKnight: ::By now, is in his quarters, buttoning up the shirt of his black marine fatigues, glad that though a Star Fleet type marine duty uniform DOES exist, it's not the standard garb for his department:: +Quinn+ That was quick. And?
(8:42:51 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Due for what?
(8:43:21 PM) Kiley Airell: ::moves over and grabs a small device:: Due for a run soon. You said that you run at least once a week, sometimes more . . . and the last time you ran, was last week.
(8:43:47 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Well, yes, in the next couple of mornings I had planned to run.
(8:44:32 PM) Kiley Airell: ::holds the device out to the Admiral:: Well, the next time you run, place this over your heart. It will automatically stick . . . Then return it to me. I expect it back in 48 hours.
(8:45:14 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: ::takes the thingamabob:: Alright, doc. Thought you were going to make me treadmill it.
(8:45:38 PM) Kiley Airell: Naw, no point if you are going to run it here shortly anyways. HOWEVER.
(8:45:53 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: ::blinks twice:::
(8:46:05 PM) MajDougMcKnight: Quinn> +McKnight+ Nothing at all in the past 2 hours, sir. In fact, the last time that terminal was accessed was at 0600. The primary terminal was undergoing maintenence, so I sent Ensign Banks to recalibrate the long range
(8:46:06 PM) Kiley Airell: If that device isn't back within 48 hours WITH readings from your two mile run, I will hunt you down and make you run the treadmill.
(8:46:53 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Yes, of course, of course. Wouldn't want that.
(8:47:03 PM) MajDougMcKnight: tranceiver array, what with the comm problems you folks reported. It's Banks' password, and the systems check confirms that the appropriate software was accessed, sir.
(8:47:25 PM) Kiley Airell: No, you wouldn't. Because, as I'm sure you know, I will be relentless.
(8:47:31 PM) MajDougMcKnight: +Quinn+ Alright, guess I'm just getting paranoid again. Thanks for the assist, Lieutenant.
(8:48:10 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Oh, I'm well aware of that.
(8:48:25 PM) Kiley Airell: Now . . . how have you been feeling over the last month or so . . . physically?
(8:48:35 PM) MajDougMcKnight: (Pfft. Just send it down to engineering, have someone hack the thing.)
(8:48:42 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Aside from the normal stress, just fine.
(8:48:46 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: (My plans exactly)
(8:48:53 PM) Kiley Airell: ((You don't think Kiley's thought of that? *smirks*))
(8:49:03 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: I'm 42 and don't feel like it. ::smiles::
(8:49:13 PM) Kiley Airell: What? You feel like your 60?
(8:49:27 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Though I suppose I'll live longer because of the Betazoid blood than most humans.
(8:49:41 PM) Kiley Airell: Not too much longer though.
(8:49:58 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: No, I feel younger than I am.
(8:50:08 PM) Kiley Airell: That's good.
(8:50:30 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: It's the cigars and gin.
(8:50:40 PM) Kiley Airell: Now, you are free to go for the moment. I am giving you a temporary passing grade on your physical, pending the run results.
(8:50:47 PM) Kiley Airell: I'm sure it is Admiral, I'm sure it is.
(8:50:57 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: You'll have them in the morning.
(8:51:03 PM) Kiley Airell: Good.
(8:51:20 PM) MajDougMcKnight: Quinn> +McKnight+ Any time, sir. Quinn out.
(8:51:40 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: ::stands and straightens his tunic, taking the whatsit::
(8:52:36 PM) Kiley Airell: don't lose that thing Admiral . . . it'll come out of your pay check, and they aren't the cheapest things.
(8:52:48 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Oh, I'm sure. Thanks doc. ::smiles and exits::
(8:53:24 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM
(8:53:26 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM
(8:53:28 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM
(8:53:42 PM) Kiley Airell: ::pauses::
(8:54:25 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Well, that went well despite starting with three people.
(8:55:09 PM) MajDougMcKnight: Indeed. I was impressed.
(8:55:22 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: When we're on, we're on.
(8:55:52 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Anyway, that's all for this week.
(8:55:59 PM) VAdm Blackthorne: Dismissed and all that jazz!
(8:56:08 PM) MajDougMcKnight: Alrighty. Till next time, folks.
(8:56:30 PM) MajDougMcKnight left the room.
(8:57:30 PM) Kiley Airell left the room.