Session Start (VAdm Blackthorne:ussatlantis): Tue Aug 01 19:00:54 2006

[19:02] VAdm Blackthorne: test

[19:05] Kiley Airell: pass

[19:05] Kiley Airell: sorry, I was afk

[19:06] *** misterboxingbear has joined the chat.

[19:06] *** CmdrShelev has joined the chat.

[19:07] misterboxingbear: (Hey, folks.  Sorry, can't switch to the McKnight account just yet.)

[19:09] VAdm Blackthorne: No worries.

[19:13] *** LCdr TKirr has joined the chat.

[19:13] LCdr TKirr: Hi, lost track of time. =P

[19:17] VAdm Blackthorne: Okay.

[19:18] VAdm Blackthorne: So, we're parked at Earth.

[19:18] CmdrShelev: woot

[19:18] VAdm Blackthorne: The question is...

[19:19] VAdm Blackthorne: We had talked about moving to more character driven plots, focused on a particular character.

[19:20] misterboxingbear: Indeed we had.

[19:20] LCdr TKirr: Yup!

[19:21] VAdm Blackthorne: So, I can't make those up about your characters for you.

[19:21] LCdr TKirr: I should say not

[19:22] Kiley Airell: I think he's trying to hint that we need to start coming up with the plots ;)

[19:22] VAdm Blackthorne: Exactly.

[19:22] VAdm Blackthorne: We are at the point where this change can begin.

[19:23] CmdrShelev: The last time I came up with a plotpoint the entire sim got derailed for weeks so I'm  not going to start

[19:23] misterboxingbear: Yeah...I'd like to help, but I still haven't come up with anything yet.

[19:23] VAdm Blackthorne: T'Kirr, Kiley? Any ideas?

[19:24] LCdr TKirr: Well, I have one for me, as I discussed with Blackthorne at an earlier date... T'Kirr's 50th birthday *grin*

[19:24] CmdrShelev: Only 50?

[19:24] LCdr TKirr: It seems more of a subplot, but I don't have anything else in mind for a main plot, though

[19:24] Kiley Airell: Hell, I'm still half asleep and trying to get the cobwebs out of my brain

[19:25] LCdr TKirr: Yeah, only 50

[19:25] LCdr TKirr: Um... guess I haven't thought more on the subject. =/

[19:25] VAdm Blackthorne: Aside from that, there's shoreleave on Earth as a possibility.

[19:26] CmdrShelev: voted t'kirr goes to las vegas

[19:26] LCdr TKirr: lol

[19:26] misterboxingbear: Oh, sure.  If we're doing that, then how about post-mission debriefing?  I was going to talk about that in a backdated log anyway.

[19:26] Kiley Airell: las vegas is soooooo overated

[19:27] CmdrShelev: yes now the new hotness is richard burton's casino airplanes

[19:27] Kiley Airell: and Kiley needs to talk to the Admiral

[19:27] LCdr TKirr: This week went by so fast... log didn't even come up =/

[19:27] misterboxingbear: I mean, martial law, burning off a planet's atmosphere if that made it to the record...someone would be interested in looking over all those details.

[19:27] VAdm Blackthorne: Did you have ideas for the debriefing?

[19:27] CmdrShelev: O god I forgot about that atmosphere thing :(

[19:27] LCdr TKirr: Too true

[19:28] LCdr TKirr: McKnight the idea man.

[19:28] misterboxingbear: Well, I was just going to have McKnight debriefed by Starfleet Security, so he could share what he knew about the Machen Bren.

[19:28] VAdm Blackthorne: Not sure how much of that actually made it in Blackthorne's report. ;-)

[19:30] VAdm Blackthorne: What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

[19:30] LCdr TKirr: Yeah, huh *hides*

[19:30] CmdrShelev: Including your money.

[19:30] LCdr TKirr: So... they work in latinum, now?

[19:30] VAdm Blackthorne: Anyway, so the idea I'm getting is aboard Atlantis, in the downtime.

[19:31] misterboxingbear: Yeah?

[19:32] VAdm Blackthorne: Good for everyone? Bring your own plot in this case, I'll be around for people to talk with.

[19:32] LCdr TKirr: Missed something... you're doing what aboard Atlantis?  Just chillin'?

[19:32] VAdm Blackthorne: Lots of paperwork, probably.

[19:33] Kiley Airell: Kiley's already requested to speak with the Admiral

[19:33] VAdm Blackthorne: That'll happen too.

[19:33] Kiley Airell: She's just waiting for him to have a few moments

[19:33] LCdr TKirr: Hm, what to do... what are your plans, Shelev?

[19:33] VAdm Blackthorne: Okay then, looks like we can go with that. Think on more ideas for your characters to have plots about.

[19:33] LCdr TKirr: Will do.

[19:34] VAdm Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM

[19:34] VAdm Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM

[19:34] VAdm Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM

[19:35] VAdm Blackthorne: ::in the ready room::

[19:35] CmdrShelev: ::Organizing shore leave for several hundred people.::

[19:35] VAdm Blackthorne: +Airell+ Blackthorne to Airell.

[19:37] Kiley Airell: +B+ Airell here Admiral.

[19:37] misterboxingbear: ::Walks out of his office, having stuffed a few padds into a regulation duffel bag that he now has slung over his shoulder, and looks around at the crowd of marines with the same idea in mind, just locking up before heading out.::

[19:37] LCdr TKirr: ::finding a break in all the post-mission bustle, catches up on some reading in the dim, warm atmosphere of her quarters::

[19:37] VAdm Blackthorne: +Airell+ You wanted to speak with me? I'm in my ready room if you have time.

[19:38] misterboxingbear: Lt. O'Grady> So, got any plans, Major?

[19:38] Kiley Airell: +B+ You sure you don't want to come down to sickbay sir?  That way I don't have to lug everything up t here?

[19:39] VAdm Blackthorne: +Airell+ Alright, on my way.

[19:40] VAdm Blackthorne: ::exits the RR onto the quiet, dimly lit bridgE::

[19:40] VAdm Blackthorne: ::crossed to the TL:: Sickbay.

[19:41] Kiley Airell: ::tries to clean up the mess on her table, leaving behind only the PADDs and information that she needs::

[19:41] VAdm Blackthorne: ::rides down and enters sickbay::

[19:42] Kiley Airell: ::in her office, still having several PADDs laying around on her desk, and even more on the floor by her feet, hopefully hidden by the desk::

[19:43] VAdm Blackthorne: ::walks to the CMO's office::

[19:43] VAdm Blackthorne: Doc.

[19:43] Kiley Airell: ::looks up:: Please come in.

[19:43] misterboxingbear: ::Grins::  Oh, nothing too fancy.  We didn't manage to get shot up quite bad enough for a REAL layover.  I figure I'll just head on down to Springfield.  I've got a debriefing with Star Fleet security in the morning.

[19:44] Kiley Airell: Have a seat ::indicates the chair on the opposite side of the desk::

[19:44] LCdr TKirr: ::hears a soft beep, locks her eyes on the terminal sitting on her desk, and gets up to see what it wants::

[19:45] VAdm Blackthorne: :sits down, looking like he expects to be scanned with something::

[19:45] LCdr TKirr: <<grin>>

[19:47] Kiley Airell: ::looks at the admiral then the PADDs:: I've been going over a lot of the reports of morale issues on our ship since we started that last assignment.

[19:48] VAdm Blackthorne: ::nods:: Go on.

[19:48] Kiley Airell: There are a few that do concern me, as they show a negative downward pattern.

[19:48] Kiley Airell: I would recomend that they all have their physicals and psych evals down now, along with all persons in high risk positions.

[19:49] VAdm Blackthorne: ::nods:: Physicals usually hurt morale. ::smiles::

[19:49] Kiley Airell: ::chuckles:: so do deaths because someone has a panic attack.

[19:50] misterboxingbear: After that...just spend a few days with the family, I guess.  But I'll probably swing by the cabin one of these days.  Maybe even bring the old man along this time.

[19:50] LCdr TKirr: ::alights softly on the black desk chair, tapping the "Transmission Received" message away and reading the Vulcan script::

[19:50] VAdm Blackthorne: Certainly true.

[19:50] misterboxingbear: O'Grady> ::Grins::  Guess you've got a few more war stories to swap, eh?

[19:50] VAdm Blackthorne: For whom do you suggest these evals, primarily?

[19:51] misterboxingbear: ::Laughs::  Not as many as you might think.  My dad's a haberdasher.

[19:52] Kiley Airell: ::hands him a list with names of those who showed some warning signs:: Along with them, also all senior staff, all fighter pilots, all marines/security officers who are staying on this ship and had direct contact with the fighting.

[19:52] VAdm Blackthorne: That's a lot of physicals and psych evals.

[19:53] Kiley Airell: agreed . . . which brings me to my next topic

[19:53] Kiley Airell: I'm not sure I can continue as both the counselor and chief medical doctor.

[19:54] VAdm Blackthorne: Mmmmm...

[19:54] VAdm Blackthorne: Which role is preferable to you?

[19:55] Kiley Airell: well, I origonally started as the CMO, but the reasons that I changed to councelor are no longer valid . . . so I think I'd prefer to stay as CMO

[19:56] misterboxingbear: O'Grady> ::Is unable to hide the blank look that sweeps across his face::  A what, sir?

[19:56] LCdr TKirr: ::stares past the screen for some time after having read the message over::

[19:56] VAdm Blackthorne: Alright. Finding another Counselor will be difficult.

[19:57] misterboxingbear: ::Smiles::  A purveyor of men's clothing.  I may not have taken any shit, but don't think I wasn't the best dressed kid on the block.

[19:58] Kiley Airell: *nods* yeah, but I'd recommend that we do it before we leave Earth

[19:59] VAdm Blackthorne: Alright.

[19:59] Kiley Airell: And, since you're down here.  We might as well get your physical and eval out of the way.

[19:59] VAdm Blackthorne: I knew you had an ulterior motive.

[20:00] VAdm Blackthorne: Aside from the whole giving up Counselor thing.

[20:01] Kiley Airell: ::chuckles:: of course

[20:01] Kiley Airell: You are one of the HARDEST people to get to come and do their physical

[20:01] VAdm Blackthorne: Might as well, then.

[20:01] VAdm Blackthorne: Well, I am fairly busy. Whole fleet to run and all that.

[20:02] Kiley Airell: yes, but you want to set a good example

[20:02] VAdm Blackthorne: I do that by keeping people alive as best I can.

[20:02] misterboxingbear: O'Grady> Well, I guess I'll know to stop in Springfield if I ever need a new suit, sir.

[20:02] misterboxingbear: ::Grins::  Seeya next week, O'Grady.

[20:02] Kiley Airell: That's a start

[20:02] LCdr TKirr: ::blinks aware and stands, moving back to her couch and picking up her book::

[20:03] Kiley Airell: (okay, I have to run . . . )

[20:03] VAdm Blackthorne: ((Okay, bye Kiley.))

[20:03] misterboxingbear: (Alrighty, night Kiley.)

[20:03] VAdm Blackthorne: But it will have to wait.

[20:03] LCdr TKirr: <<Aw okay, see you then>>

[20:04] VAdm Blackthorne: I have to meet with Admiral Zuriyev.

[20:05] *** Kiley Airell has left the chat.

[20:05] VAdm Blackthorne: And I don't think he'll take a doctor's note.

[20:05] VAdm Blackthorne: ::smiles and scoots out of sickbay unharmed::

[20:05] LCdr TKirr: <<lol>>

[20:05] VAdm Blackthorne: ::lied through his teeth about Zuriyev::

[20:05] misterboxingbear: (lmao.  Score.)

[20:06] VAdm Blackthorne: ::goes to Ten-Forward::

[20:06] VAdm Blackthorne: Jack> ::hands Ian a gin and tonic as he walks in::

[20:06] VAdm Blackthorne: Thanks Jack.

[20:06] VAdm Blackthorne: Jack> Heading off to Earth any, Ian?

[20:07] LCdr TKirr: ::after realizing she hasn't absorbed one word further of her book, closes her eyes and takes a deep breath while setting the book down on the end table::

[20:09] VAdm Blackthorne: Probably, not sure.

[20:09] VAdm Blackthorne: Jack> Now there's a flag officer's answer.

[20:09] VAdm Blackthorne: ::grunts and takes a drink::

[20:09] LCdr TKirr: <<rofl>>

[20:10] VAdm Blackthorne: ::spins around to see 10-F is empty::

[20:11] VAdm Blackthorne: Jack> It's a jumping place when we're out there, but everyone's out having fun on Earth.

[20:13] VAdm Blackthorne: I know, I know.

[20:13] LCdr TKirr: ::rises from the couch and, not sure where to go, wanders silently around her quarters, thinking more than looking at anything::

[20:13] VAdm Blackthorne: ::stands and runs his hand along the bar::

[20:14] VAdm Blackthorne: Jack> You're milling about like a father whose children have all left home.

[20:14] VAdm Blackthorne: Jack, just because you're a civilian doesn't mean I can't court-martial you.

[20:14] VAdm Blackthorne: Jack> ::laughs::

[20:16] VAdm Blackthorne: ::finishes the drink::

[20:16] misterboxingbear: ::Enters his quarters, and as the door swishes shut behind him, he lays the bag on the floor::  Alrighty, you fuzzy bastard.  You're getting in that cat carrier, and we both know it.  Whaddya say we skip the part where you piss me

[20:16] VAdm Blackthorne: You should take your own advice and get the hell off this ship.

[20:16] misterboxingbear: off making me chase after you for the next ten minutes?

[20:17] misterboxingbear: ::Hobbes, to the surprise of no one, declines, jumping off the back of McKnight's chair and bolting::  Son of a bitch.

[20:18] VAdm Blackthorne: Jack> Probably.

[20:19] VAdm Blackthorne: Anyway, thanks for the drink. Have a good break.

[20:21] misterboxingbear: ::Ten minutes and numerous scratch marks later, McKnight sets off for transporter room one, duffel and occupied cat carrier in tow::

[20:21] VAdm Blackthorne: ::walks out of 10-F::

[20:22] LCdr TKirr: ::having stared out the window at the curve of Earth for some time, turns back towards her desk, seats herself slowly, then writes a return letter::

[20:23] VAdm Blackthorne: Jack> ::goes back to cleaning up the bar::

[20:23] VAdm Blackthorne: ::heads for his quarters::

[20:27] VAdm Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM

[20:27] VAdm Blackthorne: PaUSE SIM

[20:27] VAdm Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM

[20:27] LCdr TKirr: ::pauses::

[20:27] CmdrShelev: I think we're all asleep chief

[20:28] LCdr TKirr: Heh working hard on bits for a log, etc

[20:28] VAdm Blackthorne: Yeah, that was quiet, like the ship.

[20:28] CmdrShelev: glass half full woot

[20:29] VAdm Blackthorne: We may have something better to go with next week.

[20:29] misterboxingbear: Quite possibly.  Anyway, have a good night, folks.

[20:29] CmdrShelev: niite

[20:30] *** misterboxingbear has left the chat.

[20:31] VAdm Blackthorne: Night!

[20:31] *** CmdrShelev has left the chat.

[20:31] LCdr TKirr: Night!

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