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7:07:33 PM lcdrtkirr: Ah, there's one.

7:07:38 PM lcdrtkirr: Oh, two. =P

7:07:38 PM vadmblackthorne: Hiya.

7:08:03 PM majdougmcknight: Sorry I'm late.

7:09:08 PM majdougmcknight: At least I remembered it was Tuesday night.  Almost forgot again.

7:09:57 PM lcdrtkirr: How was everyone's 4th?

7:09:59 PM vadmblackthorne: Heh, I forgot where I put Kiley's cell number

7:11:57 PM majdougmcknight: My 4th was alright.  Not too eventful, but that's usually fine with me.

7:11:59 PM majdougmcknight: How about yours?

7:12:11 PM vadmblackthorne: It was great, barbeque, beer, and blowing shit up.

7:12:26 PM lcdrtkirr: Good, saw a nice show.  I wasn't here, obviously. =P

7:18:03 PM majdougmcknight: The three Bs, huh?  Gotta love it.

7:18:16 PM vadmblackthorne: Absolutely.

7:18:19 PM majdougmcknight: I managed two out of three.

7:18:54 PM vadmblackthorne: Fireworks smuggled in from Wyoming, can't beat those.

7:19:12 PM majdougmcknight: Has Wyoming some particular skill at making them?

7:19:13 PM lcdrtkirr: Three B's?

7:19:21 PM majdougmcknight: VAdm Blackthorne<!-- (10:11:38 PM)-->: It was great, barbeque, beer, and blowing shit up.

7:19:26 PM vadmblackthorne: No, it's just that the fun ones are still legal in Wyoming.

7:19:34 PM majdougmcknight: Ah, gotcha.

7:19:41 PM lcdrtkirr: Oh, heh...

7:19:41 PM vadmblackthorne: Where in the communist state of California, everything fun is illegal.

7:20:18 PM lcdrtkirr: That's how it is here... people always going to Indian reservations or WA to get the big stuff and bringing it back down to Oregon

7:20:32 PM vadmblackthorne: Shows how effective the bans are

7:20:42 PM lcdrtkirr: They're stupid, really

7:20:58 PM lcdrtkirr: But then, wouldn't be the first stupid ban

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7:21:19 PM lcdrtkirr: Hey, Shelev

7:21:59 PM vadmblackthorne: Anyone else have Kiley's number?

7:22:46 PM lcdrtkirr: Yeah I'll call

7:22:55 PM vadmblackthorne: I have no idea which chatlog manager it's in.

7:23:53 PM lcdrtkirr: Got answering machine.

7:25:21 PM vadmblackthorne: Apparently she didn't make it to the phone

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7:25:35 PM lcdrtkirr: Hey =)

7:25:47 PM vadmblackthorne: I think your call woke her up at least!

7:25:50 PM lcdrtkirr: Just called you, Kiley.

7:28:46 PM vadmblackthorne: I should get all of the phone numbers in a central place somewhere

7:28:55 PM lcdrtkirr: Like... your cell phone?

7:29:04 PM vadmblackthorne: Yeah, really

7:29:07 PM vadmblackthorne: They're all in chatlogs

7:29:20 PM kileyairell: yeah, I couldn't reach the phone, but it woke me up ;)

7:29:27 PM cmdrshelev: cell phones are not for storing phone numbers

7:29:51 PM cmdrshelev: they are for playing solitaire and reading internet forums

7:30:00 PM lcdrtkirr: To each his own. =P

7:30:21 PM vadmblackthorne: Okay, we might as well get going now that we're all awake!

7:31:36 PM cmdrshelev: ::tweeet: etc etc

7:31:40 PM lcdrtkirr: ::AA::

7:31:45 PM kileyairell: ::AA::

7:31:48 PM majdougmcknight: ::AA::

7:34:06 PM vadmblackthorne: Okay, when we left, the Machen Bren battle group we engaged around the neutron star had a damaged cruiser and four destroyers remaining with reinforcements inbound.

7:34:55 PM vadmblackthorne: The starfleet contacts we picked up were also hightailing it to our position, and we sent the civilian fleet on ahead.

7:35:17 PM cmdrshelev: are we there yet

7:35:29 PM vadmblackthorne: No. Don't make me turn this starship around!

7:35:37 PM lcdrtkirr: :-X

7:35:52 PM vadmblackthorne: Okay then.

7:35:54 PM vadmblackthorne: BEGIN SIM

7:35:55 PM vadmblackthorne: BEGIN SIM

7:35:57 PM vadmblackthorne: BEGIN SIM

7:36:17 PM vadmblackthorne: ::at helm, throwing everyone around since he killed the intertial dampeners to increase maneuverability::

7:36:36 PM cmdrshelev: ::Back in engineering, trying to keep things from falling off shelves.::

7:36:47 PM majdougmcknight: (Sure, turning the crew into chili is totally going to increas maneuverability.)

7:36:55 PM vadmblackthorne: (Shush you)

7:37:02 PM majdougmcknight: Alright, ventral shields re-initialized.!  Equalizing power distribution!

7:37:44 PM lcdrtkirr: ::still leading the swarm of tiny ships around space, speeding towards a new target::

7:38:14 PM majdougmcknight: We've got 40% shield power, which is more than I can say for that battlecruiser!  Firing full phasers!

7:38:18 PM kileyairell: ::in sickbay, trying to deal with all the patients with the inertial dampeners offline, muttering about killing the person who took them off::

7:38:46 PM lcdrtkirr: <<Ah ah, I think that's against a doctor's code to kill someone...>>

7:38:58 PM vadmblackthorne: Take her out, Major!

7:39:00 PM majdougmcknight: (Fortunately, it's a marine's friggin job.)

7:39:04 PM vadmblackthorne: ::comes about and gives him a clear shot::

7:40:18 PM kileyairell: ((maybe it is, maybe it isn't ;)  I'll go figure it out AFTER I deal with the person ))

7:40:33 PM majdougmcknight: ::The full power phaser beam lances out through space between the two craft, and punches through the shields, impacting with trained precision on the ship's main deflector::

7:40:51 PM majdougmcknight: Well, someone's not getting those shields back.

7:41:05 PM vadmblackthorne: What do we have left for torpedos?

7:41:13 PM vadmblackthorne: ::pulls up hard and flips around for another pass::

7:41:55 PM majdougmcknight: ::Clutches his console for dear life::  Jesus!  We DO have aft launchers, you psychopath!

7:42:07 PM lcdrtkirr: +Mustangs+ All fighters, engage Destroyer Four.  Remember, keep to its ventral side if you want to go home to Atlantis.

7:42:09 PM vadmblackthorne: Yes, but we have more forward launchers!

7:42:39 PM cmdrshelev: ::Falls to the other side of engineering.:

7:42:58 PM lcdrtkirr: <<If he wasn't flying, he'd prolly be shoving the torpedos into the tubes manually thinking they'd cycle faster>>

7:42:58 PM cmdrshelev: EdJ> Can we mutiny yet?

7:43:33 PM majdougmcknight: ::Fires off two photons, impacting just behind the bridge::  At this point, the number of launchers is fast becoming a non-issue.  We're down to 18 quantum torpedoes.  10 photons.

7:43:56 PM vadmblackthorne: Yikes.

7:43:58 PM majdougmcknight: The good news is we're not going to hear any more from that battlecruiser.  Sensors confirm the bridge has been completely obliterated.

7:44:54 PM vadmblackthorne: ACTION> The cruiser begins listing hard to the side.

7:45:02 PM lcdrtkirr: ::begins picking at D4's slowly-draining ventral shielding, cycling through her comparatively puny phasers while her torps load::

7:45:28 PM vadmblackthorne: That got it. Time to Machen Bren arrivals?

7:45:40 PM lcdrtkirr: <<You mean Fed?>>

7:46:34 PM vadmblackthorne: ((Both))

7:46:53 PM lcdrtkirr: <<I've forgotten about MB reinforcements :-(>>

7:47:22 PM majdougmcknight: As of last sensor contact, we'd have...10 minutes, maybe less.

7:47:25 PM vadmblackthorne: ACTION> The cruiser finally shudders and falls apart.

7:47:33 PM vadmblackthorne: Let's get as many of those destroyers down as possible.

7:48:30 PM kileyairell: ::is lucky not to have many seriously injured patients . . . yet::

7:48:48 PM majdougmcknight: Aye, sir.  Recommend we hold off on torpedoes.  We're going to need every last one of them when that next wave gets here.

7:48:49 PM vadmblackthorne: Coordinate with the Sharks, they're hitting Destroyer 4.

7:49:14 PM majdougmcknight: And then some...::Muttered to himself, under his breath::

7:49:42 PM vadmblackthorne: Agreed.

7:51:08 PM lcdrtkirr: ::guns her engines to keep out of firing range as the destroyer starts to rotate, trying to shake them off::

7:51:08 PM majdougmcknight: How about turning those inertial dampeners back on?  We're not going to beat those destroyers on maneuverability, no matter how many ribs we break trying.

7:51:27 PM vadmblackthorne: Every little bit helps.

7:52:06 PM vadmblackthorne: ::comes to bear on Destroyer 4 as Atlantis shakes with a few direct hits::

7:52:54 PM lcdrtkirr: EnsPippin> ::stumbles into Sickbay, holding his head::

7:52:56 PM majdougmcknight: ::Winces as he notes one of the obligatory console explosions, somewhere to the back of the bridge::  Returning fire.

7:53:19 PM vadmblackthorne: That goes without saying. ::rolls to avoid a volley::

7:55:10 PM lcdrtkirr: EnsPippin> ::rushes headlong into a biobed as he's flung across the room, barely catching himself:: Oof!

7:56:44 PM lcdrtkirr: ::peers over at her sensor display, noting a weakened area of shielding and comes around toward it, setting up her target::

7:58:12 PM vadmblackthorne: Shield status?

7:58:43 PM majdougmcknight: 30%, uniform.

7:58:53 PM lcdrtkirr: MustangFour> ::finds himself too far from D4 to keep up with its rotation and hurries to get out of weapon range, but isn't fast enough::

7:59:07 PM vadmblackthorne: ::flies in a wide circle around four, giving plenty of phaser firing arc::

7:59:28 PM lcdrtkirr: MustangFour> ::takes a direct hit:: +Mustangs+ Ahhh!

8:00:09 PM kileyairell: ::looks over to the ensign, sighs as she tries to maintain her own balance::

8:01:15 PM lcdrtkirr: ::listens over the comm and quickly checks the display, whispering quietly to herself:: No..

8:01:27 PM majdougmcknight: ::Takes full advantage of that arc, bringing every relevant phaser bank to bear.  The thing dodges and weaves like nobody's business, but nevertheless, the Destroyer takes several direct hits, leaving that weakened stretch of

8:01:44 PM majdougmcknight: shielding on the verge of failure for the fighters' attack run.

8:01:44 PM kileyairell: ::thinks that sickbay needs it's OWN set of inertial dampeners, moves over to the Ensign as quickly as she can::

8:02:41 PM vadmblackthorne: There you go, T'Kirr.... hit em.

8:02:47 PM vadmblackthorne: ::under his breath::

8:03:57 PM lcdrtkirr: ::notices the failure and pulls up, clenching her jaw, heading straight for the opening::

8:05:48 PM lcdrtkirr: ::sceams past the shield barrier and banks sharply, flying along the destroyer's hull, compensating for forward motion and rotation::

8:06:23 PM vadmblackthorne: ::comes about and sets up for another strafe::

8:06:34 PM lcdrtkirr: ::arrives at her target, sending two torps away and gets the heck out of dodge::

8:06:43 PM majdougmcknight: She's in!  Nothing more we can do here without risking hitting her!  Suggest you move us on to another target.

8:07:42 PM vadmblackthorne: Acknowledged.

8:09:18 PM lcdrtkirr: ::forces all her power into the engines, falling back in her chair as her ship struggles to maintain speed away from the doomed destroyer:: +Mustangs+ All Mustangs away, it's gonna blow!

8:09:47 PM majdougmcknight: (BRB)

8:11:02 PM vadmblackthorne: ACTION> Destroyer 4 flies apart.

8:11:11 PM lcdrtkirr: EnsPippin> ::spots Kiley:: Doc, I tell you, those Machen Bren got a lucky shot.  Who knew they would target the inertial dampeners!

8:12:07 PM vadmblackthorne: ::takes aim at Destroyer 3 in his arc::

8:12:38 PM kileyairell: What seems to be the troubles with you today?

8:12:51 PM lcdrtkirr: ::lets out a held breath:: +Mustangs+ Good work, Mustangs.  Let's find ourselves our next target.

8:13:30 PM lcdrtkirr: EnsPippin> ::winces as he presses a palm to the side of his head:: I flew against a wall, that's what.

8:14:24 PM vadmblackthorne: ACTION> The MAchen Bren Reinforcements arrive. A carrier and two light cruisers.

8:14:29 PM kileyairell: Have a seat on the biobed, I'll enable to the feild if you'd like so that you don't have to worry about falling off

8:15:04 PM lcdrtkirr: EnsPippin> Yeah, that'll be great.  ::hauls himself onto the biobed::

8:15:15 PM vadmblackthorne: We've got company.

8:15:28 PM vadmblackthorne: +Sharks+ Sehlat, Atlantis Actual, stand by for incoming fighters, they have another carrier.

8:15:37 PM lcdrtkirr: ::looks down at the warning sounds of new targets::

8:15:43 PM majdougmcknight: Admiral, we need to get some distance!  That's too many ships for us to go toe to toe with at this point.

8:15:53 PM kileyairell: ::enables the feild to lock the ensign onto the biobed . . . takes out a medical tricorder and scans the person::

8:16:01 PM vadmblackthorne: No arguments here.

8:16:14 PM vadmblackthorne: ::floors it out of the pack::

8:16:21 PM vadmblackthorne: Time to third fleet's arrival?

8:17:28 PM lcdrtkirr: +Mustangs+ We've got a carrier out there, now.  Form up!  Stand by to engage whatever they launch at us.

8:17:36 PM majdougmcknight: No way of telling, sir.  This neutron star radiation fouls up our long range sensors, just like theirs.

8:17:48 PM vadmblackthorne: Bloody hell.

8:19:04 PM lcdrtkirr: ::glances at her microtorp count and grimaces::

8:19:25 PM majdougmcknight: ::Notes the formation of an attack group forming among the Machen Bren fighters, heading for Atlantis::  Wonderful.  Looks like you'll get your chance to cause a few more concussions.  I think we're in for a missile attack.

8:20:46 PM vadmblackthorne: Shields forward.

8:21:01 PM kileyairell: Looks like you have a mild concussion.  I'll give you something to take the pain away.  But I'd like you to remain in sickbay for a few hours.

8:21:49 PM lcdrtkirr: EnsPippin> ::sighs deeply, trying to calm himself as he lies on the biobed:: Yeah, all right.  Do you think they'll get the dampeners online soon?  I wonder how damaged they are.

8:21:57 PM vadmblackthorne: Time to use those torpedos, Major.

8:22:00 PM vadmblackthorne: Target the carrier.

8:22:15 PM majdougmcknight: ::His console registers a radiological alarn::  Missiles incoming!

8:22:35 PM vadmblackthorne: Shoot them down if you can.

8:23:03 PM majdougmcknight: ::Shifts shield power forward, and does his best to intercept the majority of the missiles with phaser fire as Atlantis charges toward the carrier, straight through the fighter group::

8:23:21 PM kileyairell: ::injects the Ensign with a pain killer:: I don't know how long.  At least on this biobed you won't fall

8:23:25 PM majdougmcknight: Brace yourself.  They're coming in too fast to get them all!

8:24:00 PM lcdrtkirr: EnsPippin> ::smiles up at Airell as the pain eases:: I guess that makes me lucky, huh.  How have you been dealing with it?

8:24:12 PM vadmblackthorne: ::turns the dampeners back on temporarily::

8:24:18 PM kileyairell: Not very well

8:24:26 PM kileyairell: it's hard to treat patients like this

8:24:59 PM majdougmcknight: ::Thanks God for the lack of jolt as two missiles strike the forward shields before the fighters are forced to scatter as the Atlantis bowls right through their formation::

8:25:02 PM lcdrtkirr: EnsPippin> ::pauses as the sense of motion seems to disappear:: Hey, looks like they fixed it!

8:25:26 PM lcdrtkirr: ::scatters with the rest of the fighters::

8:25:33 PM majdougmcknight: Torpedo range in 3, 2, 1...commencing fire, all forward launchers!

8:25:37 PM kileyairell: Yeah, fixed it . . .  ::moves on to another patient::

8:26:43 PM majdougmcknight: ::Throws almost literally everything they've got at that carrier, but Atlantis pays for it.  Both light carriers are able to pour a punichihs amount of fire into Atlantis' rapidly deteriorating shield bubble::

8:26:54 PM vadmblackthorne: Hang on girl, hang on...

8:27:00 PM majdougmcknight: (God, I cannot type tonight.  Punishing.)

8:27:03 PM lcdrtkirr: ::forms up in Atlantis' wake, some fighters still struggling to return to their positions::

8:28:08 PM majdougmcknight: ::Alas, too much is being asked of the girl this time.  As the carrier struggles to get out of Atlantis' firing solution, it's the Sovereign's shields that give up first, multiple disruptor hits striking the primary hull::

8:28:33 PM vadmblackthorne: ::grimaces as he pulls up hard for a withdrawal::

8:28:50 PM lcdrtkirr: ::winces as Atlantis' hull exhibits several explosions::

8:29:15 PM vadmblackthorne: Damage Report!

8:29:37 PM vadmblackthorne: ::hightails it out of there::

8:30:14 PM majdougmcknight: ::Breathes a muted sigh of relief as he reads off the computerized damage report::  No hull breaches!  Ablative armor's holding, for now! However, it looks like they struck an ODN line.  We've lost primary power to decks 8-10.  

8:30:47 PM kileyairell: ::wonders when this madness is going to end::

8:31:13 PM cmdrshelev: DCs, decks 8-10!

8:32:26 PM vadmblackthorne: +Engineering+ Bridge here, need those shields back!

8:33:27 PM majdougmcknight: ::Grimaces as a few more hits sound against the saucer section, despite evasive action.  Meanwhile, he focuses all his return fire on the weakest section of that carrier's shields he can identify::

8:33:50 PM lcdrtkirr: ::dives into action as a carrier begins phasering at their squadron::  +Mustangs+ Evade!  Break formation!

8:34:07 PM cmdrshelev: +Bridge+ Tall order, working it.

8:34:12 PM vadmblackthorne: ACTION> A Xindi cruiser falls apart from light cruiser fire.

8:35:02 PM cmdrshelev: Will someone get those safeties back on line?!

8:35:42 PM vadmblackthorne: ACTION> Third Fleet warps in, the USS Discovery followed by the Gemini, Soyuz, Grissom, Columbia, Buran, and Apollo.

8:36:29 PM vadmblackthorne: Cavalry is here!

8:36:50 PM cmdrshelev: (( :dance: ))

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8:36:53 PM majdougmcknight: ::Shouts to be heard over the sound of explosing consoles::  Confirmed, sir!  6 ships, Star Fleet transponder codes!

8:36:55 PM vadmblackthorne: +Discovery+ Captain Santiago, you're late! Have all fire brought on that carrier!

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8:38:29 PM majdougmcknight: ::Grins widely.  That carrier's shields, already weakened, are no impediment at all to that much combined firepower, headed up by a Galaxy Class ship's guns::

8:38:30 PM lcdrtkirr: <<::boggles>>

8:38:41 PM vadmblackthorne: ACTION> The carrier flies apart in short order.

8:38:53 PM lcdrtkirr: <<Okay well what i was gonna send is moot now =P>>

8:39:23 PM lcdrtkirr: ::stares at the new blips on her screen::

8:39:36 PM vadmblackthorne: Bring the Mustangs home.

8:39:54 PM lcdrtkirr: ::breathes a sigh of relief as the other pilots whoop and cheer over the channel::

8:40:31 PM vadmblackthorne: ACTION> The remaining destroyers and cruisers obviously try to make a run for it at full impulse, in a direction opposite the civilian fleet.

8:41:26 PM lcdrtkirr: ::receives the order:: +Mustangs+ All Mustangs, return to Atlantis.  ::pauses, then adds quietly:: We're going home.

8:41:50 PM vadmblackthorne: +Mustangs+ Atlantis Actual here, come on home.

8:42:05 PM vadmblackthorne: +Fleetwide+ All ships, this is Admiral Blackthorne. Do not pursue the enemy ships.

8:43:13 PM lcdrtkirr: ::pulls her squadron together and speeds toward Atlantis' fighter bay, where they slow down and file in, one by one::

8:43:47 PM vadmblackthorne: ::slows the battered Atlantis to a stop::

8:44:24 PM majdougmcknight: Looks like Discovery made it just in time.  We should be able to accompany Third Fleet home under our own power.  Hull integrity is still sound enough to support a jump to warp.

8:44:37 PM vadmblackthorne: Full damage report.

8:44:42 PM lcdrtkirr: ::sets down and shuts down the fighter, which seems to settle audibly with the same relief she feels::

8:44:58 PM vadmblackthorne: I imagine we're fairly hurt after that last barrage.

8:46:29 PM vadmblackthorne: +Fleetwide+ Apollo and Soyuz, meet up with civilian fleet ahead of us. ::Sends coordinates::

8:46:56 PM lcdrtkirr: ::stands by as the pilots slowly leave their spent fighters and congregate around her, and proceeds to say something somewhat encouraging, for a Vulcan::

8:48:03 PM vadmblackthorne: ACTION> USS Apollo and USS Soyuz head off at impulse and warp when they clear the starfield. About that time the remaining Machen bren ships warp away.

8:48:10 PM vadmblackthorne: +Shelev+ What's going on down there, commander?

8:48:13 PM majdougmcknight: Well, let's just say we're not getting those shields back without a lengthy stay at a starbase.  Power distribution systems are blown all over the ship.

8:48:24 PM kileyairell: ::is glad to hear the stand down, but still has a million patients left to treat::

8:48:50 PM lcdrtkirr: Mr. Arthur was a good pilot, and he fought well.  He will be remembered as a hero, helping to save the Xindi civilians.

8:49:24 PM cmdrshelev: +Blackthorne+ I hope we have a few months to pick up the pieces.

8:49:58 PM lcdrtkirr: More will be said later, but for now, return to your regular stations.  You will be relieved at the discretion of your superiors.  That is all.

8:50:20 PM vadmblackthorne: At least we still have warp power.

8:50:39 PM vadmblackthorne: +Fleetwide+ Form up and prepare to move out.

8:51:17 PM vadmblackthorne: ACTION> A leftover MB fighter that looked dead suddenly regains power and flies paniced in the other direction

8:51:34 PM lcdrtkirr: ::after stashing her flightsuit and helmet, walks out of the bay and heads toward the lift to take her to the Bridge::

8:51:47 PM lcdrtkirr: <<rofl!>>

8:52:04 PM vadmblackthorne: ACTION> The fleet forms up around Atlantis and impulses out of the neutron star's effect, then warps off toward the civilians.

8:52:05 PM vadmblackthorne: PAUSE SIM

8:52:08 PM vadmblackthorne: PAUSE SIM

8:52:09 PM vadmblackthorne: PAUSE SIM

8:52:10 PM lcdrtkirr: ::pauses::

8:52:30 PM kileyairell: ::pauses::

8:53:03 PM cmdrshelev: ::pauses more than he was paused::

8:54:02 PM vadmblackthorne: Well done.

8:54:31 PM majdougmcknight: Yes, good to have that chapter closed.

8:54:51 PM vadmblackthorne: We'll have a wrap up  next time.

8:55:11 PM vadmblackthorne: But next week, there will be no sim. My Mom is coming to visit and I haven't seen her since Christmas.

8:55:52 PM lcdrtkirr: Kay.

8:56:28 PM lcdrtkirr: You don't have to make up excuses, really, your word is law.

8:56:42 PM vadmblackthorne: Bah.

8:56:45 PM lcdrtkirr: J/K ;-)

8:56:46 PM vadmblackthorne: We have five people.

8:56:53 PM vadmblackthorne: You're all just as important as me.

8:57:03 PM lcdrtkirr: I'm just messin'

8:57:08 PM vadmblackthorne: I'm just playing a role that happens to be in the center seat.

8:57:09 PM cmdrshelev: ok internet

8:57:23 PM majdougmcknight: Heh, but time with your family is more important than a sim.  Have a good time.

8:57:36 PM vadmblackthorne: See you all in two weeks. :)

8:57:46 PM lcdrtkirr: See you, hehe

8:57:47 PM vadmblackthorne: Dismissed!

8:57:47 PM cmdrshelev: ta ta

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