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7:05:25 PM lcdrtkirr: Greetings, Admiral.

7:05:32 PM vadmblackthorne: Hiya, T'Kirr.

7:06:56 PM vadmblackthorne: Well, this isn't looking too good. Again. :/

7:07:37 PM vadmblackthorne: We still have seven on the roster. Imagine the sim we could have with all of them here.

7:07:49 PM lcdrtkirr: Aye

7:17:09 PM vadmblackthorne: Feh, guess we try again next week. I'll shoot McKnight an email, at least.

7:17:23 PM lcdrtkirr: Okay.  No worries.

7:17:40 PM vadmblackthorne: Thanks for coming even for nothing. :)

7:17:51 PM lcdrtkirr: ^_~

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