LCdr TKirr joined the chat (6:58:54 PM)

6:59:01 PM vadmblackthorne: Hiya T'Kirr

6:59:45 PM lcdrtkirr: Hiya

Cmdr Shelev joined the chat (7:00:34 PM)

7:04:40 PM vadmblackthorne: Well this  looks promising

7:13:05 PM vadmblackthorne: asdfasdjflksjd;lkjadslfkj

7:13:35 PM lcdrtkirr: =/

7:14:52 PM cmdrshelev: lol east coast people

7:21:00 PM vadmblackthorne: Well, looks like we're hosed. Again

7:23:09 PM cmdrshelev: shit happens

7:23:29 PM vadmblackthorne: Thanks for coming you two. We'll try again next week.

7:24:09 PM lcdrtkirr: Sure.

7:24:13 PM lcdrtkirr: *hug*

LCdr TKirr left the chat. (7:24:23 PM)