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Session Start (VAdm Blackthorne:ussatlantis): Tue Mar 28 19:08:03 2006

[19:08] MajDougMcKnight: Admiral.

[19:08] VAdm Blackthorne: Ah, that worked. I was stuck in a room alone. :(

[19:08] Kiley Airell: Hey J

[19:08] ltcdraverylassen: ::nodnod::

[19:08] ltcdraverylassen: Heya.

[19:09] VAdm Blackthorne: Well, this is looking up.

[19:09] *** CmdrShelev has joined the chat.

[19:09] VAdm Blackthorne: Ah, there's my XO.

[19:09] CmdrShelev: what

[19:09] ltcdraverylassen: Hello to you too.  :-)

[19:10] ltcdraverylassen: ::laughs::

[19:10] ltcdraverylassen: And my new assistant is on his way.

[19:10] ltcdraverylassen: :-D

[19:10] *** Chase Seavers has joined the chat.

[19:10] ltcdraverylassen: Heya Chase. 

[19:10] Chase Seavers: hi :)

[19:10] LCdr TKirr: Hi, Chase.

[19:11] Chase Seavers: hi hi... brb

[19:11] LCdr TKirr: I only have an hour break between painting tonight.

[19:11] VAdm Blackthorne: Folks, we have an engineering department.

[19:11] MajDougMcKnight: Sweet.

[19:11] VAdm Blackthorne: Welcome aboard Ensign Chase Seavers.

[19:11] Chase Seavers: back.. thanks

[19:11] MajDougMcKnight: 7 people?  Holy shit, it's a mad house.

[19:12] VAdm Blackthorne: Alright, Commander, let's get this started.

[19:12] CmdrShelev: ::TWEEEEEEEEEEEEET::

[19:12] MajDougMcKnight: ::AA::

[19:12] LCdr TKirr: ::AA::

[19:12] Chase Seavers: ::AA::

[19:12] ltcdraverylassen: ::@@::

[19:13] Kiley Airell: ::AA::

[19:13] VAdm Blackthorne: Alright, Atlantis is currently escorting a mostly civilian Xindi fleet through hostile Machen Bren territory, as they have been granted asylum on a Federation world following a disaster on their own.

[19:14] VAdm Blackthorne: After a long series of engagements with the Machen Bren, we're currently trying to resolve fleet internal affairs among the Xindi.

[19:14] VAdm Blackthorne: Their leader, Tagan, has gone MIA and a hatchery ship has turned on its crew.

[19:14] VAdm Blackthorne: Marines are in force aboard the ship Tagan has been tracked to, while Science and Medical are investigating the hatchery ship.

[19:15] VAdm Blackthorne: So, a long story short for the new crewmembers. Questions?

[19:16] ltcdraverylassen: Yeah.  ::raises hand::

[19:16] ltcdraverylassen: What's the status of the fighters?  Have they been retrieved?

[19:16] VAdm Blackthorne: Yes.

[19:16] VAdm Blackthorne: The fleet is plodding along at warp two at present.

[19:16] ltcdraverylassen: Are they piles of scrap metal?

[19:17] VAdm Blackthorne: Well, three were shot down and are lost, piloted by Airell, T'Kirr, and myself.

[19:17] VAdm Blackthorne: The others are relatively fine.

[19:17] VAdm Blackthorne: the planet with the Machen Bren installation on it where we were shot down was basically leveled from orbit.

[19:17] ltcdraverylassen: Okay.

[19:17] ltcdraverylassen: Thanks.

[19:17] VAdm Blackthorne: Any others?

[19:17] CmdrShelev: it was not levelled it was submerged into the void :v:

[19:18] VAdm Blackthorne: Either way they died.

[19:18] VAdm Blackthorne: So, if you have any other specific questions, feel free to IM me.

[19:18] VAdm Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM

[19:18] VAdm Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM

[19:18] VAdm Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM

[19:18] VAdm Blackthorne: ::enters the bridge from the ready room::

[19:18] ltcdraverylassen: ::starting a diagnostic in Engineering::

[19:19] ltcdraverylassen: ::checks his work schedule, noting that the fighters are due for some rudimentary checks:: 

[19:19] VAdm Blackthorne: ::looks toward Science::

[19:19] LCdr TKirr: ::stands at Science busily working and takes note of the Admiral's arrival::

[19:19] ltcdraverylassen: Chase!  ::looks around::

[19:19] Chase Seavers: ::turns around from console:: sir?

[19:19] VAdm Blackthorne: Commander T'Kirr. Status of the hatchery investigation?

[19:20] ltcdraverylassen: We've got fighter detail.  ::tosses him a PADD::  Nothing major.

[19:20] ltcdraverylassen: Let's get on it. 

[19:20] Chase Seavers: ::nods and grabs a repair kit on the way out::

[19:21] LCdr TKirr: Doctor Airell has analyzed the hull fragment from the hatchery ship.  So far, we only know that the very youngest have been infected, while those six months or older have not been affected.

[19:21] ltcdraverylassen: ::walks alongside his subordinate:: 

[19:21] ltcdraverylassen: I'm not quite happy that they destroyed three of our fighters. 

[19:21] VAdm Blackthorne: So there is an infection. Can it be cured?

[19:21] Chase Seavers: I dont think any of us are, but we got even ::gives a reassuring nod::

[19:22] LCdr TKirr: We do not yet know.  Doctor Airell is analyzing the sample further at this time to determine if one is possible.

[19:22] ltcdraverylassen: ::Shrugs::  Whatever.  ::enters turbolift::  The sooner this mission is over the better.  I don't like feeling on edge all the time.  Fighterbay, Deck Seventeen.

[19:23] Kiley Airell: ::in sickbay, working on curing the infected stuff::

[19:23] Chase Seavers: ::simple nod::

[19:23] VAdm Blackthorne: ::frowns::

[19:23] VAdm Blackthorne: If nothing else, I would like to know if it's possible to quarantine the infected.

[19:23] ltcdraverylassen: You know that sensation that makes you feel as if you could be vaporized at any given moment?

[19:24] LCdr TKirr: I would assume a hatchery ship is quite capable.  At least, one working in correct order.

[19:24] Chase Seavers: ::smirks:: if I did, sir, I wouldn't be standing here

[19:25] ltcdraverylassen: ::smiles::  Chase, stop it.  You don't have to call me sir.

[19:25] Chase Seavers: ::gives a shrug and a smile:: it's fun, it certainly makes gets you to relax a bit

[19:25] VAdm Blackthorne: Xindi insight on the matter would be helpful, of course.

[19:25] LCdr TKirr: ::nods once:: Agreed.

[19:26] ltcdraverylassen: Relax?  I'm the prime example of relaxed. 

[19:26] ltcdraverylassen: ::Steps out onto the deck and starts down the corridor::

[19:26] VAdm Blackthorne: Perhaps Tagan can enlighten us when he is... found.

[19:26] ltcdraverylassen: You should've seen Daniels during the last attack.  One photon torpedo overloaded an EM relay and I swear he thought the core had been hit.  ::chuckles::

[19:26] Chase Seavers: ::follows and taps Avery on the arm:: you were just talking about vaporization, and you're relaxed?

[19:27] ltcdraverylassen: It's just a feeling!  Not that I can't handle it.

[19:27] Chase Seavers: ::rolls eyes:: at least Daniels has a warrant to worry

[19:27] MajDougMcKnight: @::Stalks down the Matis' tight corridor, rifle at the ready, another fully armored marine at his side, and 3 more behind them, one of whom clears his throat briefly before speaking up::

[19:27] ltcdraverylassen: Did I mention he cried?

[19:27] VAdm Blackthorne: ::takes a PADD from a yeoman with the latest department reports::

[19:28] Chase Seavers: now you're just defending yourself ::holds a laugh::

[19:28] CmdrShelev: ::Returns to the bridge of the Matis, where one marine is keeping things under watch.::

[19:29] CmdrShelev: Status.

[19:29] VAdm Blackthorne: Tactical overlay, main viewer please.

[19:29] MajDougMcKnight: @Marine> Sir, 3 life signs up ahead.  Tightly grouped.  All armed, phaser pistols from the looks of it.

[19:29] CmdrShelev: @Bridge Marine> No change, sir.

[19:29] ltcdraverylassen: You're an absolute horror of a human being, you know that?  ::smirks, parting the doors and walking into the bay:: 

[19:30] CmdrShelev: +Blackthorne+ Blackthorne, Shelev

[19:30] LCdr TKirr: ::sets the latest scan results of the hull sample aside and begins to study the integrity of the hatchery ship's quarantine protocols::

[19:30] VAdm Blackthorne: +Shelev+ Go, Commander.

[19:30] Chase Seavers: You do just fine putting up with me ::puts repair kit on a free console::

[19:31] MajDougMcKnight: @::Frowns at the lack of a fourth life sign.  He gets the feeling this really isn't going to end well.  Ah well, at least the place is reasonably well lit this time.  No need for optics.  Raising his rifle into a ready firing

[19:31] CmdrShelev: +Blackthorne+ Is there room in the brig for three Xindi?

[19:31] ltcdraverylassen: I have to, it's my job.  ::sets his repair get on a cargo container::  You take the left row, I'll take the right.  Simple overview diagnostics.  Note anything that needs to be fixed.

[19:31] LCdr TKirr: +Kiley+ T'Kirr to Doctor Airell.

[19:31] VAdm Blackthorne: +Shelev+ From my understanding. Who are the lucky guests?

[19:31] Kiley Airell: +TKirr+ Go ahead TKirr

[19:31] MajDougMcKnight: position, he gives a terse nod::  Alright boys, let's go be neighborly.

[19:32] CmdrShelev: +Blackthorne+ We need to get the xindi that were on the bridge of the Matis off of it so we can rest easy at night.

[19:32] LCdr TKirr: +Kiley+ Have you found anything relating to a cure yet?

[19:32] Chase Seavers: ::nods and hands a tricoder:: dont take forever... ::walks off with a grin::

[19:32] VAdm Blackthorne: +Shelev+ You're thinking of a direct transport to the brig.

[19:32] VAdm Blackthorne: ::wonders if Shelev is on the bridge talking about this in front of these Xindi::

[19:32] MajDougMcKnight: (Not a problem.  There's a transporter in security.  Usually used to deploy rapid response teams.)

[19:33] CmdrShelev: +Blackthorne+ Any reason to do otherwise? We already got em unconcious and stuffed in a closet.

[19:33] Kiley Airell: +TKirr+I think I found a chemical that will inhibit the growth.

[19:33] ltcdraverylassen: ::rolls eyes and begins his scan:: 

[19:33] CmdrShelev: +Blackthorne+ Dragging them down the hallway would be hell.

[19:33] VAdm Blackthorne: +Shelev+ Easy enough, then.

[19:33] ltcdraverylassen: ::Shouting over the row of fighters::  Why don't you take the fighter certification tests?  You know you're more than capable to fly one of these things.

[19:33] Chase Seavers: ::begins scanning, walking slowly around the vessel::

[19:33] CmdrShelev: +Blackthorne+ Shelev out.

[19:34] CmdrShelev: @To marine on bridge> Open it.

[19:34] VAdm Blackthorne: ::nods to the Security lieutenant at Tac to execute Shelev's plan::

[19:34] Chase Seavers: ::shrugs to self:: I dunno, I haven't decided if I should or not

[19:34] CmdrShelev: ::The marine opens the door. Three unconcious xindi tumble out.::

[19:34] Chase Seavers: I like engineering, I dont wanna be a pilot

[19:34] MajDougMcKnight: @::As the marines come around the corner, they give the surprised Xindi the standard warning to drop their weapons, which is of course ignored.  The first idiot to raise his weapon is shot down long before he can use it.::

[19:34] CmdrShelev: So long, boys. +Tactical+ Three to beam to the brig, engage.

[19:35] VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> The three Xindi stuffed in the closet on the Matis are beamed into Atlantis's brig.

[19:35] ltcdraverylassen: That's what's great about Atlantis - you can be both.  Engineering for your primary duty station and you can be a support pilot if they need one.

[19:35] Kiley Airell: +TKirr+ Or at least slow it down to just above zero.

[19:35] ltcdraverylassen: ::checks an irregular flow on one of the fighter's primary exhaust ports::

[19:35] LCdr TKirr: +Kiley+ So we can treat them, but no cure yet?

[19:35] CmdrShelev: +Blackthorne+ Bridge of the Matis is secured, Admiral. As soon as McKnight gets back we should get a permanent officer driving this thing. I don't trust these guys anymore.

[19:35] Kiley Airell: +TKirr+ Correct.

[19:36] VAdm Blackthorne: +Shelev+ You never did. Situation understood, Atlantis out.

[19:36] MajDougMcKnight: @::A second of this all Reptilian group manages to get a shot off.  Though set at a level disconcertingly higher than stun, it utterly fails to deter the marine hit with the beam, protected as they all are by the heavy armor they're

[19:36] Chase Seavers: Like I said, I haven't decided.  It's still a responsibility.  ::tricoder bleeps:: this one needs its inertial dampeners realigned

[19:36] LCdr TKirr: +Kiley+ Excellent work.  Admiral Blackthorne wishes to quarantine, but perhaps we may not have to.

[19:37] ltcdraverylassen: Yeah, this one needs a new flow regulator on the port exhaust port.  Start a work list for Gamma Shift.  I'm sure the night crew has nothing better to do than to work with these things.

[19:37] MajDougMcKnight: all wearing.  He too is promptly laid low by a hail of return fire, as it the third as he tries to surrender::  God, I love the stun setting.  Makes "Shoot first, as questions later" more than a sick joke.

[19:37] Kiley Airell: +TKirr+ My only concern is possible long term effects on the eggs.

[19:38] Chase Seavers: will do..::checks second fighter::

[19:38] MajDougMcKnight: @Simmons, with me.  The rest of you, secure these wastes of air.

[19:38] LCdr TKirr: +Kiley+ If we can slow the growth of the infection as much as you say, then we will have time to possibly come up with a cure.  Will we be able to innoculate those that have not been infected yet?

[19:38] CmdrShelev: ::Unlocks the computer that he secured earlier and brings the Matis back into formation. Finally.::

[19:39] ltcdraverylassen: I heard that Trent was pissed at you for leaving him with a mess load of EM relay replacements the other day.  It made me laugh.  ::smirks, checking the navigation systems on his second fighter::

[19:39] Chase Seavers: ::puts a note for fighter two to have weapons checked and reloaded::

[19:39] VAdm Blackthorne: ::sees the tactical overlay and Matis move back in line:: Amazing how that works.

[19:40] Chase Seavers: He can whine til the end of the universe for all I care, if he doesn't clean up his mess, I'll keep giving him harder tasks

[19:40] Kiley Airell: +TKirr+Not yet.  We'll probably have to quarentine those already infected.

[19:41] ltcdraverylassen: ::chuckles:: 

[19:41] VAdm Blackthorne: Zoom out tactical display, all Machen Bren space.

[19:41] LCdr TKirr: +Kiley+ All right.  I'm working on quarantine procedures now.  I'll update the Admiral.

[19:41] MajDougMcKnight: @::Punches the door control on the cell they've found, and steps through the doorway, grimacing at the crumpled form of what used to be a Xindi primate awaiting him.  Kneeling to turn the body face up, he waits a beat as Simmons

[19:41] ltcdraverylassen: ::leans around the fighter, looking at Chase::  You should take the test...

[19:41] MajDougMcKnight: runs a scan::

[19:42] ltcdraverylassen: What could be more exciting than being a wingman to the Vice Admiral and Commander of the Third Fleet? 

[19:42] Kiley Airell: +TKirr+ Okay

[19:42] VAdm Blackthorne: ::walks up to the display and grimaces, looking at their progress, or lack thereof::

[19:42] Chase Seavers: ::shakes head with a smile:: give it up, it's my decision, and I haven't made it

[19:42] Chase Seavers: dont be a peer pressure

[19:42] LCdr TKirr: ::returns to her studies of the hatchery ship's systems::

[19:42] Chase Seavers: ::smiles and disappears to scan another fighter::

[19:42] MajDougMcKnight: @Simmons> Sorry sir, but the initial tactical scan didn't miss anything.  He's dead; has been for hours now.  You can guess at the cause of death without this.

[19:44] ltcdraverylassen: If I could go back I'd join the Fighter Squadron.  Passed up on this ridiculous promotion to Chief Engineer and done something worth while.  ::moves to fighter number three::

[19:44] MajDougMcKnight: @::Nods, acknowledging the large phaser burn on his chest before activating his comm device::

[19:45] MajDougMcKnight: +Shelev+ Commander, we've located Tagan, but it looks like we got here about 5 hours too late.  He's gone.

[19:45] Chase Seavers: that was you, a persistent bug

[19:45] VAdm Blackthorne: Tactical display off.

[19:45] VAdm Blackthorne: ::snap turns and walks back to his seat, annoyed::

[19:45] CmdrShelev:  +McKnight+ Acknowledged. Hate to say I'm unsurprised. I'll tell the Admiral.

[19:45] ltcdraverylassen: What?

[19:46] CmdrShelev: +McKnight+ Secure what you can. Shelev out.

[19:46] LCdr TKirr: ::uploads data concerning the quarantine effort onto a PADD and steps around her console to quietly approach Blackthorne::

[19:46] CmdrShelev: +Blackthorne+ Blackthorne, Shelev. McKnight found Tagan's body.

[19:46] VAdm Blackthorne: +Shelev+ And I assume it wasn't breathing at the time.

[19:46] Chase Seavers: what? ::tricoder bleeps:: oh, you would've, thats you. but dont get all indirectly persistent

[19:49] VAdm Blackthorne: ((test))

[19:49] *** You have been disconnected. Tue Mar 28 19:49:08 2006.

[19:49] VAdm Blackthorne: ((test))

[19:49] MajDougMcKnight: (This is odd.)

[19:49] VAdm Blackthorne: ((So everyone got that.))

[19:49] LCdr TKirr: <<last I saw was Seaver's 'indirectly persistent'>>

[19:49] MajDougMcKnight: (I was spared, somehow.)

[19:49] *** CmdrShelev has joined the chat.

[19:49] VAdm Blackthorne: ((That's what I saw last too.))

[19:49] *** ltcdraverylassen has joined the chat.

[19:50] VAdm Blackthorne: ((Okay, we're all back, resume from Chase's line.))

[19:50] CmdrShelev: ((oh good it wasn't just me ))

[19:50] MajDougMcKnight: (Yeah, that was last.)

[19:50] ltcdraverylassen: {{What'd I miss?}}

[19:50] VAdm Blackthorne: (annnnd... Action!))

[19:50] LCdr TKirr: <<Nothing heh>>

[19:50] VAdm Blackthorne: ((You didn't miss anything, we all crashed out.))

[19:50] ltcdraverylassen: ::checking hte fighter::

[19:50] LCdr TKirr: ::stands over the Chair, listening to the news of Tagan::

[19:51] ltcdraverylassen: Well, I wanted to be a pilot.  But, I got promoted and promoted again and I ended up here.

[19:51] VAdm Blackthorne: +Shelev+ And I assume it wasn't breathing at the time.

[19:51] Chase Seavers: this fighter needs a fix on its sensors, it's minor but.. ::gives the 'you never know' shrug::

[19:51] Chase Seavers: like you dont like heading engineering

[19:51] ltcdraverylassen: Granted, serving on a Sovereign-class class ship is awesome and all... and a flagship of a fleet is even better, but it's still not as good as soaring through the stars.

[19:53] CmdrShelev: +Blackthorne+ You assume right. McKnight is mopping up any resistance down there; we need to get some semipermanent guys on the rest of these ships since no one's driving anymore.

[19:53] MajDougMcKnight: @::Grabs a transporter tag from a pouch at his belt::  Might as well get the body tagged for transport to the morgue.  Simmons, you take McDonald and head back to Atlantis with these prisoners.  See that they're unarmed, but don't

[19:53] Chase Seavers: ::shrugs:: I suppose ::looks at the pilot seat of craft 3::... alright, I'll take the test...

[19:53] ltcdraverylassen: ::smiles internally::

[19:53] VAdm Blackthorne: +Shelev+ Commander, I am declaring martial law throughout the fleet.

[19:53] MajDougMcKnight: bother seperating them just yet.  I have a feeling our brig is going to get crowded in the next little while.

[19:54] Chase Seavers: you better not be grinning over there, you're a bug ::walks over to fourth fighter::

[19:54] ltcdraverylassen: ::thinks::  Your code name could be ... something dark.

[19:54] VAdm Blackthorne: ::stands::

[19:54] ltcdraverylassen: Twilight

[19:54] ltcdraverylassen: ::smirks::

[19:54] ltcdraverylassen: ::scans the fighter::

[19:55] LCdr TKirr: ::backs up a step and watches Blackthorne::

[19:55] Chase Seavers: why do I feel like I sound like a Christmas song?

[19:55] CmdrShelev: +Blackthorne+ That's nice. I'm going to need maybe five groups of five to personally deliver the message to every ship in the fleet.

[19:55] VAdm Blackthorne: +Shelev+ Secure that ship first, then there will be an official broadtcast to the fleet.

[19:55] Chase Seavers: ::has a silent night song in head now, mumbles to self:: greeat...

[19:55] CmdrShelev: ((Retcon - delete my last message ))

[19:55] CmdrShelev: +Blackthorne+ Acknowledged. Out.

[19:56] VAdm Blackthorne: ::frowns::

[19:56] ltcdraverylassen: ::moves to his last fighter:: 

[19:56] CmdrShelev: +McKnight+ McKnight, the Admiral declared martial law, as if we didn't see this coming. We need to start securing ships, starting with this one. How many do we need to sweep this vessel?

[19:56] VAdm Blackthorne: ::turns to T'Kirr:: Commander, tell me you have good news.

[19:57] ltcdraverylassen: We should, at some point, look at that shuttle in the shuttlebay.

[19:57] LCdr TKirr: ::takes her cue to hand Blackthorne the PADD:: Doctor Airell has found a way to greatly retard the growth of the infection, which will give her time to search for a cure.

[19:57] ltcdraverylassen: {{::snickers::  She said 'retard'.}}

[19:57] Chase Seavers: do we have to? let night crew do it ::chuckles::

[19:57] VAdm Blackthorne: ::takes the PADD and skims it:: Summary please.

[19:58] MajDougMcKnight: +Shelev+ We can do that with the men we've got, sir.  Maybe 2 dozen to get it done in a hurry.  As for the rest of the fleet...well, I'm not going to wats your time bitching about out non-existent manpower now, but suffice it to say

[19:58] MajDougMcKnight: that'll be happening sooner rather than later.

[19:58] MajDougMcKnight: (our non-existent manpower)

[19:58] ltcdraverylassen: Are you kidding?  Blackthorne would have me crucified if I delegated that duty to anyone but myself.

[19:59] MajDougMcKnight: (And...waste.  Whaddya know, I AM tired.)

[19:59] LCdr TKirr: ::nods toward the PADD:: I believe a chemical injection of the hatchery ship in a specific location may be able to prompt the ship to undergo quarantine, if the infected insectoids are in the proper place at the time.

[19:59] Chase Seavers: ooh

[19:59] LCdr TKirr: However, I cannot be sure.  I would like to speak with one of the species.

[19:59] ltcdraverylassen: You want a Vice Admiral on YOUR case?

[19:59] Chase Seavers: this fighter took light damage... ::makes a few notes on padd::.. and of course not

[20:00] CmdrShelev: +McKnight+ Admiral says we're going to broadcast, and we'll just have to hit the ones that don't buy it. I'll stay on the Matis until things are cleared out down there.

[20:00] Kiley Airell: (okay . . . I have to get going)

[20:00] VAdm Blackthorne: That's unlikely, Commander

[20:00] ltcdraverylassen: {{Night Kiley!}}

[20:00] VAdm Blackthorne: ((Bye doc! See you next week!))

[20:00] LCdr TKirr: <<Bye, Kiley--me, too, soon>>

[20:00] MajDougMcKnight: (Night.)

[20:00] VAdm Blackthorne: You believe the response will be automated?

[20:00] *** Kiley Airell has left the chat.

[20:01] LCdr TKirr: Since the ship is not responding to normal commands, I assumed we would need to find a way to force it.

[20:02] VAdm Blackthorne: Sounds valid to me. MAke it happen.

[20:03] VAdm Blackthorne: ((Test))

[20:03] *** You have been disconnected. Tue Mar 28 20:03:34 2006.

[20:04] *** MajDougMcKnight has joined the chat.

[20:04] *** ltcdraverylassen has joined the chat.

[20:04] MajDougMcKnight: (Drat.  I guess it was too much to hope for that I wouldn't have a turn.)

[20:04] *** Chase Seavers has joined the chat.

[20:04] *** CmdrShelev has left the chat.

[20:04] *** LCdr TKirr has joined the chat.

[20:04] LCdr TKirr: <<bleh>>

[20:04] *** CmdrShelev has joined the chat.

[20:05] CmdrShelev: ((how do i explod aim))

[20:05] VAdm Blackthorne: I think that''s our cue to stop for the night.

[20:05] ltcdraverylassen: Ugh.  ::sighs::

[20:05] LCdr TKirr: Maybe my mother-in-law's computer is virusing the chat server. =D

[20:05] VAdm Blackthorne: So pause sim and all that.

[20:06] LCdr TKirr: ::pauses::

[20:06] CmdrShelev: ::explode::

[20:06] VAdm Blackthorne: This is certainly pleasing though.

[20:06] LCdr TKirr: ::nods in agreement::

[20:06] MajDougMcKnight: Indeed.

[20:06] VAdm Blackthorne: We'll resume next week with a declaration of martial law and the aftermath of that.

[20:06] CmdrShelev: bout time

[20:07] MajDougMcKnight: Easy for you to say.  You're not the one who has to enforce that.

[20:07] VAdm Blackthorne: You'll figure it out.

[20:08] VAdm Blackthorne: That's all for this week. Dismissed!

[20:08] MajDougMcKnight: I suppose I will.  Should be fun.

[20:08] LCdr TKirr: Oh, by the way, I've decided to become a helicopter pilot. ;-)  I tell you, flight school is gonna put me into some serious debt.

[20:08] ltcdraverylassen: Are you serious?

[20:08] VAdm Blackthorne: Oh my, that's really coool.

[20:08] LCdr TKirr: I am.

[20:08] ltcdraverylassen: That's ROCKS.

[20:08] MajDougMcKnight: Wow.

[20:08] CmdrShelev: thats boulders

[20:08] LCdr TKirr: I took an intro flight, and I can't wait to go back up.  I felt more comfortable than in a car lol

[20:09] LCdr TKirr: Pilot said I was a natural when he let me use the cyclic.

[20:09] VAdm Blackthorne: Awesome!

[20:09] CmdrShelev: that is because people who fly aircraft are usually better at it than most people who drive

[20:09] LCdr TKirr: We both had a laugh when I said it's prolly due to video games lol

[20:09] CmdrShelev: I am living proof that anyone can get a driver's license

[20:10] VAdm Blackthorne: Well, I wish you the best.

[20:10] *** You have been disconnected. Tue Mar 28 20:10:53 2006.

Session Close (ussatlantis): Tue Mar 28 20:11:08 2006



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