Cmdr Shelev joined the chat (7:28:35 PM)

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7:29:02 PM zmordonnon: Admiral......Ms TKirr

7:29:08 PM vadmblackthorne: Evening.

MajDougMcKnight joined the chat (7:29:11 PM)

7:29:24 PM majdougmcknight: Hey all.  Sorry about the no show last week.

7:29:40 PM vadmblackthorne: S'alright.

7:29:44 PM lcdrtkirr: Same. =/

7:29:53 PM zmordonnon: Sokay....a toothbrush and the nacelles are waiting...

7:30:12 PM zmordonnon: :::wicked grin:::

7:30:20 PM lcdrtkirr: And this week, I had to go and mess with my computer again and now it can't connect to the Internet.  *rolls eyes*

7:30:32 PM vadmblackthorne: Internets

7:32:02 PM lcdrtkirr: Any of you use AIM Triton?

7:32:25 PM vadmblackthorne: What is that?

7:32:31 PM zmordonnon: At least you are able with AOL....TKirr...could have been NADA...

7:32:47 PM lcdrtkirr: The latest version... I don't have AOL.

7:33:01 PM vadmblackthorne: I don't use the official clients.

7:33:08 PM lcdrtkirr: Oh.

7:34:00 PM vadmblackthorne: They're awful anyway. :)

7:34:10 PM lcdrtkirr: As opposed to....?

7:34:20 PM vadmblackthorne: Trillian, for example.

7:34:56 PM lcdrtkirr: Used that at one time.. but it messed something else up.

7:35:19 PM vadmblackthorne: Try it again, it's much better now than it was back in the day

7:35:30 PM lcdrtkirr: I'm sure

7:36:31 PM lcdrtkirr: Anyway, don't have my files on this computer... feel kinda lost.

7:38:39 PM zmordonnon: I can relate to that....this is a friend's set up....but I was able to load my account on here.

7:39:35 PM vadmblackthorne: A moment, folks, we'll be starting shortly.

7:41:37 PM cmdrshelev: (jason is playing wow)

7:41:58 PM vadmblackthorne: I am in WoW but that doesn't mean I'm PLAYING WoW.

7:42:19 PM cmdrshelev: Oh I thought you were in bwl

7:43:11 PM vadmblackthorne: No, I won't raid on Atlantis nights.

7:43:15 PM zmordonnon: I am Chuzzling on Yahoo.....but I check back....once we get going will BE HERE

7:43:29 PM lcdrtkirr: Chuzzles!

7:43:29 PM vadmblackthorne: I'm queued for AV, but if I get in I'll idle and suck up rep. :v:

7:44:17 PM lcdrtkirr: I'm staring at the chat window.  So...

7:45:11 PM vadmblackthorne: Working on it.

7:45:28 PM zmordonnon: Them Chuzzles....they blowed up REAL GOOD.....LMAO!

7:45:47 PM cmdrshelev: what

7:45:49 PM lcdrtkirr: I like teasing 'em ^_^

7:45:59 PM lcdrtkirr: Or make 'em dizzy...

7:46:10 PM zmordonnon: oh yeah....they go bald...

7:46:24 PM zmordonnon: when you poke'em enough

7:47:17 PM zmordonnon: The BIG ones in the DELUXE DL version...they BURP when you poke them...

7:47:25 PM lcdrtkirr: Yeah

7:48:04 PM zmordonnon: Silly schit....can't HELP but laugh...

7:48:17 PM lcdrtkirr: Yeah, the sound effects are way silly, hehe.

7:49:03 PM zmordonnon: Friend of mine claims it is the "Tribble Factor" is WHY I like them so much...

7:49:42 PM vadmblackthorne: Okay, let's get this rolling. Commander?


7:49:59 PM lcdrtkirr: ::AA::

7:51:13 PM zmordonnon: @A

7:51:32 PM majdougmcknight: ::AA::

7:52:45 PM vadmblackthorne: Alright, several of the older Xindi ships have had to drop below warp to cool their engines, so the whole fleet has done likewise.

7:54:00 PM vadmblackthorne: We're passing through a star system with two terrestrial planets, scanning them for any usable supplies.

7:55:44 PM vadmblackthorne: Questions?

7:56:29 PM zmordonnon: ::::maintaining the set course, waiting for a report of which planet MIGHT yield usable items::::

7:57:03 PM vadmblackthorne: We haven't started yet. :)

7:57:12 PM cmdrshelev: OWNED

7:57:17 PM vadmblackthorne: But, I'll take that as a no and figure that everyone remembers what's generally going on.

7:57:52 PM cmdrshelev: It's only ben 6 weeks.

7:57:59 PM vadmblackthorne: Okay then.

7:58:00 PM vadmblackthorne: BEGIN SIM

7:58:01 PM vadmblackthorne: BEGIN SIM

7:58:02 PM zmordonnon: (anxious to get the show on the road)

7:58:03 PM vadmblackthorne: BEGIN SIM

7:58:16 PM lcdrtkirr: ::at Science, scanning away::

7:58:46 PM cmdrshelev: ::Walks onto the bridge from the conference room, where he just got off comms with the Xindi flagship::

7:59:25 PM vadmblackthorne: Commander, report.

7:59:59 PM cmdrshelev: Targan is nowhere to be found and the Serdith isn't responding to anything.

8:00:26 PM cmdrshelev: Three ships are at critical reactor temperature and we're stuck at warp 2 for about three hours.

8:00:49 PM cmdrshelev: I'm not sure which of those three is most distressing, but that's why you're an admiral.

8:01:26 PM vadmblackthorne: The Serdith is still in formation?

8:01:30 PM majdougmcknight: ::Sits at his bridge station to which he has become disconcertingly familiar with these past weeks, scowling at the tactical scanners::  T'Kirr, can you get anything over there?  Sensors I'm using can barely make out a damn thing

8:01:54 PM majdougmcknight: through all that magnetic interference in the closer planet's atmosphere.  It's like pea soup.

8:01:56 PM cmdrshelev: Yes, but they're not talking to anyone.

8:02:20 PM lcdrtkirr: I'm reading little of anything, either.

8:02:22 PM vadmblackthorne: Alright, worry about them after this star system. T'Kirr, what do you make of these two planets?

8:04:03 PM zmordonnon: ::::COMM-ing Yeoman Ryan,"lunch is about due, deliver the boxes", while adjusting course:::

8:04:35 PM lcdrtkirr: I can scan one of them, but it seems to have very little of use.  My sensors aren't penetrating the ionosphere of the other, however.  Reason unknown.

8:06:05 PM vadmblackthorne: Any way that can be naturally caused?

8:07:18 PM lcdrtkirr: Some type of natural radiation could be interfering, yes, but it's difficult to tell just what at this range.

8:07:19 PM zmordonnon: Yeoman Ryan> ::::quietly and unobtrusively, placing a box lunch at EACH of the Bridge stations:::

8:08:05 PM vadmblackthorne: Ensign Mordonnon, alter course to approach the second planet more directly. Send word to drop from warp when in sensor range.

8:08:38 PM zmordonnon: >Ian> Aye Captain....adjusting course now.....

8:08:47 PM majdougmcknight: ::Waves Ryan away from his station.  Right now, he doesn't want any clutter on his console::

8:09:04 PM zmordonnon: ::::sending the COMM message:::::

8:10:24 PM vadmblackthorne: ::finds the lunch on the arm of his chair:: Hm.

8:10:57 PM zmordonnon: Yeoman Ryan>::::moves on from McKnight:::

8:11:24 PM vadmblackthorne: Sensor range. Signal the fleet to drop from warp.

8:11:49 PM zmordonnon: >Ian> Acknowledged Captain....

8:12:00 PM zmordonnon: (er Admiral...)

8:12:30 PM vadmblackthorne: Planet onscreen.

8:12:53 PM lcdrtkirr: ::scanning again, looks up at display::

8:13:00 PM zmordonnon: >ALL> ON Screen.....::::flipping the proper switch:::

8:14:33 PM vadmblackthorne: ::looks at the planet on the screen, it's atmosphere dusky red but not opaque, several continents and oceans are visible::

8:14:53 PM cmdrshelev: My throat hurts just looking at that.

8:15:57 PM majdougmcknight: I can't tell much, but from what I AM getting, I'd say the place is more or less M Class.  Commander T'Kirr, do you concur?

8:16:05 PM vadmblackthorne: That's breathable?

8:16:18 PM lcdrtkirr: Yes.

8:16:32 PM cmdrshelev: Liar.

8:17:06 PM zmordonnon: ::::looking, but raising an eyebrow at Shelev's comment::::

8:17:12 PM vadmblackthorne: But we can't scan through it.

8:17:39 PM lcdrtkirr: Sensors are still having trouble penetrating the atmosphere.  Detailed scans are impossible.

8:17:56 PM vadmblackthorne: ::Watches the planet rotate slowly as they approach.

8:18:16 PM lcdrtkirr: This could be a sensor glitch...

8:18:46 PM zmordonnon: Yeoman Ryan>::::taking a seat at the rearmost station and eating her tuna salad sandwich:::::

8:19:10 PM vadmblackthorne: What is it?

8:19:15 PM lcdrtkirr: ::eyebrows furrowed:: I'm picking up a dense source of an alkaloid on the southernmost continent... I would say it would be quite large, if sensors were to pick up on it through all the interference.

8:19:28 PM lcdrtkirr: ::looks up:: _If_ it's not a sensor glitch.

8:20:18 PM vadmblackthorne: Distance from the planet?

8:21:42 PM zmordonnon: >Ian> Coming into standard orbit in two minutes Sir...

8:21:51 PM vadmblackthorne: That's close enough for the fleet.

8:21:58 PM vadmblackthorne: Order all stop throughout the fleet.

8:22:20 PM zmordonnon: >Ian> Acknowledged Admiral.....

8:22:35 PM zmordonnon: :::::putting out the FLEETWIDE STOP::::

8:23:41 PM vadmblackthorne: Bring us in to standard orbit.

8:24:13 PM vadmblackthorne: Mr. McKnight, have the Xindi warships assume a tighter protective formation around the civilians.

8:24:48 PM majdougmcknight: ::Frowns::  Aye, sir.  Also, suggest we launch a few shuttles to conduct high altitude sob-orbital sensor sweeps of the surface?

8:25:17 PM majdougmcknight: It's the only guaranteed way to cut through that atmospheric interference, and until we do, I can't say with any confidence that this planet is as empty as it looks.

8:25:44 PM lcdrtkirr: ::looks from McKnight to Blackthorne::

8:25:49 PM zmordonnon: ::::setting a standard orbit course:::::

8:25:51 PM vadmblackthorne: Agreed.

8:26:23 PM majdougmcknight: (D'oh.  Sub-orbital...unless you're nos supposed to hyphenate that.)

8:26:58 PM majdougmcknight: ::Nods before getting on the horn, relaying Blackthorne's redeployment orders to the armed ships of the Xindi fleet::

8:26:58 PM zmordonnon: ::::breaking into his box lunch, pulling out a Kafarian apple and taking a bite::::

8:29:45 PM vadmblackthorne: Yellow alert.

8:30:04 PM cmdrshelev: +Shipwide+ Yellow alert.

8:30:45 PM zmordonnon: :::::flipping appropriate switches to place HELM in Yellow Alert status::::

8:31:03 PM vadmblackthorne: ACTION> Atlantis approaches the planet, and a large cannon blast emerges from the atmosphere, striking the leading edge of the saucer's shields::

8:31:21 PM lcdrtkirr: ::braces::

8:31:28 PM zmordonnon: :::::taking EVASIVE manuevers::::

8:31:52 PM vadmblackthorne: Red alert!

8:31:58 PM cmdrshelev: +Shipwide+ Red alert, battlestations!

8:32:03 PM majdougmcknight: ::Grips the edge of his console as the ship shakes::  +Shuttlebay+ Shuttlebay 1, you can go ahead and forget that launch order for now.

8:32:07 PM cmdrshelev: ::Peels himself off the floor::

8:32:10 PM vadmblackthorne: ACTION> Another cannon blast, and multiple contacts on sensors emerging from the atmosphere.

8:32:25 PM lcdrtkirr: The inhabitants appear to have no trouble with _their_ sensors...

8:32:37 PM cmdrshelev: Admiral, I recommend we start shooting.

8:32:38 PM zmordonnon: ::::recalculating manuever patterns, bracing himself :::::

8:32:47 PM lcdrtkirr: Incoming craft!

8:33:09 PM majdougmcknight: Sensors are tracing back those cannons to their source...projecting gun emplacements on viewer now.  Permission to start eliminating them?

8:33:44 PM vadmblackthorne: ACTION> Multiple cannon blasts begin firing as the planet rotates further.

8:33:54 PM vadmblackthorne: Granted.

8:34:09 PM vadmblackthorne: Signal the Sharks, launch Mustangs.

8:34:23 PM vadmblackthorne: ::sees the incoming fighters on the viewer::

8:34:39 PM cmdrshelev: +Launch Bay+ Launch fighters!

8:35:03 PM majdougmcknight: ::Quickly types in a firing solution, and instantly, a spread of quantum torpedoes is away, bound for a perceived cannon cluster, as second long phaser bursts target individual emplacement::

8:35:04 PM zmordonnon: :::::setting shield modulations to maximum rotation and programs for offensive course manuevers::::

8:35:05 PM vadmblackthorne: Shelev, you have the bridge.

8:35:18 PM vadmblackthorne: T'Kirr, let's go.

8:35:23 PM lcdrtkirr: ::relinquishes her station to the ensign and follows Blackthorne out::

8:35:27 PM cmdrshelev: McKnight, do what you do best.

8:35:56 PM vadmblackthorne: ::enters the TL::

8:35:59 PM vadmblackthorne: Assault bay.

8:36:00 PM lcdrtkirr: <<NPC wingmen, or just us two?>>

8:36:01 PM cmdrshelev: I want those guns eliminat-

8:36:10 PM zmordonnon: Yeoman Ryan> ::::collects the remains of the box lunches and retires to her RED ALERT station:::::

8:36:20 PM cmdrshelev: ACTION> The Serdith breaks formation and heads towards the planet.

8:37:12 PM cmdrshelev: Signal the Xindi to break off attack. I have no idea what they're trying.

8:37:23 PM vadmblackthorne: <<NPCs>>

8:37:24 PM zmordonnon: :::::muttering his standard battle prayer and getting on with the business of flying::::

8:37:48 PM vadmblackthorne: ::exits the TL, grabs his helmet and flightsuit::

8:37:58 PM lcdrtkirr: ::enters Assault Bay, pulls on her suit in record time, and rushes out to her fighter, helmet in hand::

8:38:12 PM majdougmcknight: ::Swears silently as he's greeted with silence::  Oh, son of a bitch.  Commander, Serdith has broken formation, enroute to the planet.  I have no idea what they're thinking, but it's going to get someone killed. 

8:38:23 PM vadmblackthorne: ::changes and gets to his fighter::

8:38:36 PM majdougmcknight: Suggest disabling their sublight engines, and towing them back as close as we can get them infor formation.

8:38:39 PM cmdrshelev: And we have no Tagan.

8:38:53 PM majdougmcknight: (into)

8:38:54 PM lcdrtkirr: ::drops into the cockpit of her newly-built fighter and begins preflight::

8:38:55 PM cmdrshelev: If you can spare some fire that won't get us killed, do it.

8:39:13 PM cmdrshelev: And pray they don't shoot back/.

8:39:21 PM vadmblackthorne: ::climbs into Great White and goes through a quick preflight::

8:39:55 PM cmdrshelev: +Serdith, all frequencies+ Serdith, this is Atlantis. You are ordered to return to the fleet or you will be fired upon. We do not need your help and you're only going to get us all killed.

8:40:04 PM cmdrshelev: Ok, they've had their one warning.

8:40:22 PM vadmblackthorne: +Sharks+ Sharks, Shark One, commcheck.

8:40:22 PM zmordonnon: >Doug> I can get us into range to get a clear shot Major.....disable, not destroy....

8:40:50 PM lcdrtkirr: +Sharks+ Shark Two, ready.

8:41:01 PM vadmblackthorne: Sixgun, launching.

8:41:04 PM cmdrshelev: +Blackthorne+ Admiral, Serdith's broken formation and is making a run at the planet. Mcknight is going to try to disable the engines. Don't let them shoot you.

8:41:15 PM vadmblackthorne: ::lifts the fighter and shoves the throttle forward::

8:41:20 PM majdougmcknight: Static, sir.  Time to show those hard headed bastards just who they're stonewalling.

8:41:37 PM zmordonnon: +Sharks+ Shark 3 READY sir....

8:41:42 PM cmdrshelev: Do it. We'll tow the bastards until we scrap it.

8:41:47 PM majdougmcknight: ::Fires a spread of photons into the path of the incoming fighters, hoping in vain that it will scare them off their run, as a low power phaser beam arcs out and strikes the Serdith's main impulse drive::  Direct hit, sir.

8:42:07 PM lcdrtkirr: ::follows out of Atlantis, falling into formation::

8:42:07 PM cmdrshelev: Resume attacking the surface guns.

8:42:43 PM cmdrshelev: ACTION> The Serdith stops dead in space. A quarter of the enemy fighters break for the now defenseless Xindi ship.

8:42:53 PM zmordonnon: ::::setting a course that will AID in the neutralization of the surface cannons::::

8:43:06 PM cmdrshelev: (( s/ defenseless/motionless/ ))

8:43:10 PM cmdrshelev: (( they can still shoot ))

8:43:12 PM vadmblackthorne: +Shelev+ Acknowledged, Commander.

8:43:25 PM vadmblackthorne: +Sharks+ Form up.

8:43:43 PM vadmblackthorne: ::points toward the Serdith::

8:44:01 PM zmordonnon: +Sharks+ 3> Acknowledged Sir....

8:44:06 PM majdougmcknight: ::Activates the tractor beam, moving the Serdith aside and firing phasers in rapid bursts as it gets out of the way, hoping the intense field of fire will keep some fighters at bay::

8:44:08 PM lcdrtkirr: ::takes in the scene on her sensory panel::

8:45:06 PM majdougmcknight: ::Scowls as he notes something on his display::  Oh, I don't like the looks of that.

8:45:08 PM vadmblackthorne: ::gets a microtorp lock on a fighter as they approach and fires::

8:45:18 PM cmdrshelev: ACTION> The Serdith's guns open on the incoming fighters. Another salvo comes from the planet, split between both ships.

8:45:30 PM zmordonnon: :::::plotting FURTHER EVASIVE manuevers::::::

8:46:19 PM vadmblackthorne: ::watches that one explode::

8:46:34 PM cmdrshelev: ACTION> The shots aimed at the Serdith miss due to the tractor beam; the other salvo hits the port nacelle pylon's shields.

8:46:48 PM lcdrtkirr: ::locks phasers on an enemy fighter's port engine and burns it down::

8:46:52 PM zmordonnon: ::::monitoring SHIELD status and working in compensations to keep HIGHER status shields toward the fray::::

8:47:02 PM vadmblackthorne: ::gets another torplock and fires::

8:47:29 PM majdougmcknight: ACTION> ::Surprisingly, that fighter made no effort to evade the microtorpedo.  In fact, the entire first wave makes no evasive movements at all, simply getting into range, firing a salvo of missiles at the outnumbered

8:47:31 PM zmordonnon: (our Nacelle or the Serdith's)

8:48:10 PM majdougmcknight: Mustangs, and breaking off, looping up and away to make way for a rapidly approaching second wave::

8:48:27 PM cmdrshelev: ((ours ))

8:48:38 PM vadmblackthorne: ::pulls up hard to avoid the fire::

8:48:39 PM zmordonnon: (Gotcha)

8:48:41 PM vadmblackthorne: Gaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh.

8:48:42 PM cmdrshelev: (( I never envisioned the serdith as having conventional pylon design ))

8:48:47 PM lcdrtkirr: ::rolls out to avoid fire::

8:49:23 PM majdougmcknight: ACTION>::And as the Mustangs break, as they'd predictably have to in the face of that kind of fire, the second wave swoops in, saturation disruptor fire aimed at the 2 lead Sharks::

8:49:31 PM zmordonnon: :::::frowning, but punching buttons to adjust for lower shields on the port nacelle pylon::::

8:50:21 PM vadmblackthorne: ::Takes several hits, trying to roll out erratically::

8:50:23 PM lcdrtkirr: EnsLogan> ::at Science, maintaining PST shielding on the Mustangs::

8:50:32 PM majdougmcknight: ::Frowns as he glances the fighter battle out of the corner of of his screen.  Unfortunately, they're not lines up to aid with any torpedoes, which are busy bombarding the gun emplacements::

8:51:20 PM zmordonnon: >Shelev> The port nacelle's sheilding is taking a beating Commander....

8:51:25 PM lcdrtkirr: ::evades as best she can, but takes several glancing hits to a wing and hull::

8:51:45 PM vadmblackthorne: That hurt.

8:51:50 PM vadmblackthorne: ::gets his bearings and finds a target::

8:51:58 PM cmdrshelev: I gathered, ensign. It'll hold.

8:52:15 PM cmdrshelev: Spin around so they can beat on the other one.

8:52:22 PM majdougmcknight: ACTION> ::Those hits scored, the second wave breaks off to make a beeline at the Serdith.  A third wave, however, now comes in and finally breaks, seeking individual targets, many Machen Bren fighters to a Federation opponent::

8:52:32 PM zmordonnon: ::::nodding, and enacting ANOTHER evasive manuever:::::

8:53:22 PM majdougmcknight: While you're at it, give us some forward thrust.  Those fighters are going after the Serdith, so let's get ourselves between them.

8:53:28 PM lcdrtkirr: ::speeds toward a fighter head-on and lets loose a microtorp, but misses as she has to evade fire at the last second::

8:53:44 PM zmordonnon: >Doug> You got it Major.....::::punching it::::

8:54:00 PM vadmblackthorne: ::rolls behind one and fires another torp, taking it down::

8:54:19 PM vadmblackthorne: ACTION> Three Mustangs are shot down in various fashion

8:54:22 PM cmdrshelev: ::muttering:: There's 750 on that ship. We can't get them all off in time.

8:55:09 PM cmdrshelev: What do we need to get that thing out of the planetary field of fire?

8:55:09 PM lcdrtkirr: ::hits two Machen Bren with her rear phasers as she passes under them, still rolling evasively::

8:55:24 PM vadmblackthorne: ::frowns, firing omni-D phasers as he passes by a fighter::

8:55:28 PM majdougmcknight: That's why we need to get them out of here!  Permission to signal a few Xindi ships, get them to tow the Serdith back into formation!  We need to get to those fighters!

8:55:40 PM cmdrshelev: Granted.

8:55:41 PM vadmblackthorne: ::Cuts engines, flips  and throws the throttle forward::

8:56:08 PM vadmblackthorne: ::and fires more phasers at the target he passed::

8:56:14 PM lcdrtkirr: ::finally manages to tail a fighter and scores a direct microtorp hit, pulling up hard to avoid the explosion::

8:56:27 PM cmdrshelev: +Xindi Fleetwide+ Any ship that can tow, come into range to tow the Serdith back into fleet.

8:56:54 PM vadmblackthorne: ACTION> The Mustangs are drawn further from the Atlantis.

8:56:55 PM zmordonnon: ::::puts the Atlantis between the Serdith and oncoming fighters, allowing the fleet to takeover towing duty:::

8:57:06 PM majdougmcknight: ACTION> ::T'Kirr does indeed avoid that detonation, but unseen until too late, a second micro torpedo streaks through the explosion, fired by a Machen Bren fighter, and nails T'Kirr's right wing::

8:57:14 PM cmdrshelev: ACTION> A small Xindi Aquatic tug breaks formation and chugs towards the battle.

8:57:16 PM vadmblackthorne: Action> Two more Mustangs are shot down.

8:57:27 PM lcdrtkirr: EnsLogan> Sir... the Mustangs are reaching the outer PST field.

8:57:44 PM lcdrtkirr: ::rocks as her wing is sheared::

8:57:47 PM cmdrshelev: +Blackthorne+ Tug en route to the Serdith. Can you spare any escort at all?

8:58:05 PM vadmblackthorne: +Shelev+ Negative, it is too hot out here.

8:58:12 PM zmordonnon: :::::cursing under his breath, watching the Mustangs go down::::

8:58:15 PM vadmblackthorne: ::Takes another hit:: Bloody hell.

8:58:22 PM cmdrshelev: Shit, shit, shit.

8:58:47 PM cmdrshelev: ::Muttering:: Or whatever the pinkskin equivilant is.

8:59:01 PM lcdrtkirr: ::concentrates on dodging phaser fire and shrugging off torps, her engines screaming::

8:59:02 PM majdougmcknight: Commander, those Machen Bren fighters are too many, and too organized.  I'll try to pull away from the Serdith slowly, keep us in the way of any shots aimed at it, but we need to get in there!

8:59:16 PM cmdrshelev: ::Sighs.::

8:59:16 PM vadmblackthorne: There's too damn many of them.

8:59:17 PM cmdrshelev: Go.

8:59:28 PM vadmblackthorne: And they're trying to cut us off.

8:59:44 PM vadmblackthorne: +Sharks+ Sharks, Sixgun, begin strategic retreat to Atlantis.

8:59:57 PM cmdrshelev: Tug> This is the Kthir, preparing to tow vessel 'Serdith.'

9:00:12 PM zmordonnon: Shark 3>::::taking aim and scoring a kill, but two others come to replace it::::

9:00:29 PM vadmblackthorne: ACTION> Shark 3 buys the farm in a hail of disruptor fire.

9:00:40 PM majdougmcknight: +Kthir+ Less talky, more towey, Kthir!

9:00:43 PM lcdrtkirr: ::arcs wide, still avoiding fire::

9:00:49 PM cmdrshelev: ACTION> The Kthir ducks behind the side of the Serdith to get minor cover from the fire.

9:00:57 PM zmordonnon: +Sharks+ 3> Acknow.....:::::::>KA-BOOM!!<:::::::

9:01:20 PM vadmblackthorne: Bloody hell!

9:01:23 PM cmdrshelev: ACTION> The serdith begins moving back to the fleet.

9:01:42 PM cmdrshelev: ACTION> ((Under tow from Kthir, durrr ))

9:02:12 PM majdougmcknight: ::As the Atlantis makes way for the surviving Mustangs, McKnight continues scoring precision phaser hits to the gun emplacements, while firing off relatively short range, high yield torpedo bursts into its own path, trying to clear

9:02:14 PM vadmblackthorne: ::Trying to cover the retreat, using up microtrops left and right::

9:02:18 PM lcdrtkirr: ::tries to speed toward Atlantis, but makes slow progress, still dodging and weaving enemies on her tail::

9:02:22 PM majdougmcknight: a fast way through the swarm of fighters::

9:03:00 PM cmdrshelev: ACTION> The Serdith finally passes out of the planetary defense range. Several gun batteries on the ship are aimed at Atlantis, but nothing is fired.

9:03:00 PM zmordonnon: :::::using the Atlantis to run interference and assist McKnight in his tactics::::

9:03:00 PM vadmblackthorne: +Atlantis+ Atlantis-Actual, prepare the fleet for retreat.

9:03:17 PM lcdrtkirr: ::drops a string of microtorps in her wake::

9:03:36 PM cmdrshelev: +Xindi Fleetwide+ Prepare for retreat, waypoint echo. Warp 3 on our mark.

9:03:57 PM vadmblackthorne: Too bloody many of them...

9:04:01 PM zmordonnon: ::::prepping for Warp 3:::::

9:04:15 PM cmdrshelev: ACTION> The Kthir releases its tractor beam and repositions itself to push the larger ship through warp.

9:04:20 PM majdougmcknight: ACTION> ::As Blackthorne leads the way, a small group of fighters, about a half dozen strong are the first to get in the way.  The lead pilot takes a micro torpedo hit to the wing, but manages to keep his craft steady

9:04:34 PM lcdrtkirr: ::gains some speed as the torps detonate in succession among the Machen Bren::

9:04:50 PM majdougmcknight: and unleashes a hail of disruptor fire which manages to punch its way through Blacxkthorne's shields, and nail his starboard thruster assembly::

9:04:54 PM cmdrshelev: +Blackthorne+ Fleet's ready.

9:05:30 PM vadmblackthorne: +Sharks+ Sharks, Sixgun, shields penetrated.

9:05:35 PM vadmblackthorne: ::fighting for control of his fighter::

9:05:45 PM zmordonnon: ::::calculating course and setting up for the order to go to Warp::::

9:05:48 PM majdougmcknight: ::Curses as a fresh wave of fighters throw themselves at Atlantis, unleashing a missile salvo, obviously aimed at delaying Atlantis' arrival in the thick of the battle::  Incoming!

9:05:59 PM lcdrtkirr: ::pulls away slightly as Blackthorne's Mustang comes too close::

9:06:02 PM cmdrshelev: +Transporter One+ Transporter one, get a preemptive lock on the Admiral in case we need it.

9:06:49 PM vadmblackthorne: ::Finding himself farther from Atlantis, in the thick of things::

9:06:59 PM majdougmcknight: ACTION> ::As T'Kirr moves to evade Blackthorne, the momentary distraction is enough to allow a second micro torpedo hit to the aft section::

9:07:17 PM lcdrtkirr: <<Mine?>>

9:07:26 PM majdougmcknight: (Fraid so.)

9:07:47 PM vadmblackthorne: ::fires phasers at a fighter that ends up in his sights, taking it out::

9:08:06 PM majdougmcknight: ::Takes another look at his display::  Excuse me.  Nukes, incoming!

9:08:25 PM vadmblackthorne: ::sees some of the Mustangs making it back, at least::

9:08:27 PM cmdrshelev: ::Incredulous:: Nukes?!

9:08:30 PM zmordonnon: >Doug> Maybe they are, but HERE WE GO.....::::bringing Alantis hard to starboard::::

9:08:46 PM lcdrtkirr: ::struggles to hold course, her engines failing::

9:09:25 PM majdougmcknight: ACTION> ::The nuclear warheads don's actually do all that much damage, but it quickly becomes apparent that they have another design.  These are "dirty" bombs, designed to throw out an ungodly amount of radiation,

9:09:49 PM lcdrtkirr: <<Hm, wonder what happened to their atmosphere...>>

9:09:59 PM majdougmcknight: which monentarily blinds sensors...and yes, that includes the transporter lock between Atlantis and the fighter group.::

9:10:09 PM cmdrshelev: Evacuate impact zone, close bulkheads and send DC teams.

9:10:24 PM cmdrshelev: +Blackthorne+ Admiral, I'm afraid we must be going.

9:10:42 PM zmordonnon: ::::NOT envious of the squadron outside the ship:::::

9:10:43 PM vadmblackthorne: +Atlantis+ Atlantis, I didn't copy that.

9:10:59 PM vadmblackthorne: ::commlink is static-y as all hell::

9:11:06 PM cmdrshelev: +Blackthorne+ RETREAT.

9:11:09 PM lcdrtkirr: ::sputters toward Atlantis, dividing remaining power between engines and aft shields::

9:11:17 PM majdougmcknight: ::Manages to obliterate much of that attacking wave as they retreat from the effects of their own radiation cloud, despite firing with targeting sensors on the fritz::

9:11:24 PM vadmblackthorne: +Atlantis+ Atlantis, we are trying to retreat. Get the fleet out of there!

9:11:47 PM cmdrshelev: +Blackthorne+ We were waiting on you to warp with them, but fine.

9:11:56 PM zmordonnon: >Shelev> Course is laid in and ready to go to WARP on your order Commander....

9:11:58 PM cmdrshelev: +Xindi Fleet+ Fleet, mark.

9:12:18 PM majdougmcknight: ACTION> ::Just then, a Machen Bren fighter manages to close with Blackthorne.  Literally close with him.  Killing its speed as much as possible, it begins exerting its own thrusters, nudging Blackthorne further into the planet's

9:12:22 PM majdougmcknight: gravity well::

9:12:38 PM lcdrtkirr: ::pushes sticks in a deathgrip::

9:12:41 PM vadmblackthorne: What the hell is he doing... ::fighting the tcontrols::

9:12:44 PM cmdrshelev: ::Hammers armrest with his fist and flings a PADD at the wall.::

9:13:02 PM zmordonnon: :::::ducks the PADD::::

9:13:04 PM cmdrshelev: ACTION> A quarter of the fleet is away.

9:13:15 PM vadmblackthorne: :::throws the throttle forward, pulling up::

9:13:30 PM vadmblackthorne: ::realizes what the Machen was doing as he can't get altitude::

9:13:46 PM lcdrtkirr: ::squints out to starboard at Blackthorne::

9:13:47 PM vadmblackthorne: +Atlantis+ Atlantis-Actual, Sharks - Sixgun. I am going down on the planet.

9:13:54 PM cmdrshelev: Like hell.

9:14:11 PM cmdrshelev: +Transporter One+ Transporter room, do you still have lock on Blackthorne?

9:14:18 PM vadmblackthorne: ::angles for entry so he doesn't fireball::

9:14:24 PM zmordonnon: ::::GLAD that Yeoman Ryan had taken the lunch remains, he could have had sticky pates all over him::::

9:14:45 PM vadmblackthorne: T1> +Shelev+ Negative, Commander, the radiation makes it impossib.e

9:15:23 PM majdougmcknight: ACTION> ::Just then, a flaming wreck of Machen Bren fighter performs its last service for the Star Kingdom, keeping itself on course to collide with T'Kirr's fighter, knocking her into a wild spin toward the planet::

9:15:30 PM cmdrshelev: Ensign, Major, can we get there in time?

9:15:50 PM cmdrshelev: ACTION> The Xindi are away.

9:15:51 PM lcdrtkirr: ::is collided with:: Aaaahhh!

9:15:52 PM majdougmcknight: ::A comforting lie dies on his lips::  Not a chance.

9:15:55 PM vadmblackthorne: ::watches the exterior of the ship heat up::

9:16:23 PM cmdrshelev: ::grabs his forehead.::

9:16:32 PM cmdrshelev: Ensign, warp 3, waypoint echo. Mark.

9:16:46 PM zmordonnon: ::::hearing and swallows HARD, the Admiral MAY be becoming stranded:::>Shelev> Aye sir.....

9:16:47 PM lcdrtkirr: ::attempts to pull out of the spinning dive::

9:16:48 PM cmdrshelev: ((assuming the rest of the fighters are recalled))

9:17:05 PM vadmblackthorne: +Sharks+ Sehlat, get that spin under control or you'll burn up.

9:17:43 PM zmordonnon: ::::engaging to Warp 3 and joining the Xindi Fleet at the rendezvous::::

9:17:44 PM majdougmcknight: Sir, those fighters are not warp capable.  The moment we make sure the fleet is in one piece, we'll be back here to commence a search, correcyt?

9:17:47 PM majdougmcknight: (correct)

9:18:01 PM cmdrshelev: Aye, major.

9:18:14 PM lcdrtkirr: ::enters the outer atmosphere, managing to angle up enough, yet wonders how she'll land with such a damaged craft::

9:18:28 PM majdougmcknight: (How indeed?  :-))

9:18:54 PM vadmblackthorne: ::breaks through the outer atmosphere and tries to aim for something soft::

9:19:00 PM cmdrshelev: (( I am retconning that we waited for the surviving sharks to get on board because it slipped my mind. ))

9:19:31 PM vadmblackthorne: ::gets the glide slope under control, losing altitude as slowly as possible, and prepare to eject::

9:19:52 PM lcdrtkirr: ::breathing hard, straining to keep her fighter at a safe trajectory::

9:20:37 PM cmdrshelev: Ensign, get an account of the fleet. Tell me if anyone else is missing.

9:20:44 PM vadmblackthorne: ::gets it down to about ten thousand feet and pulls the ejection handle hard::

9:21:06 PM vadmblackthorne: ::is slammed upwards, hard, cracking some ribs, as the canopy peels away::

9:21:32 PM zmordonnon: >Shelev> Aye Commander....+Fleetwide+ Report in ....status of ALL ships...

9:21:55 PM cmdrshelev: Major, the instant we drop out of warp, we will rearm, refuel, get backup, and go back there. I am not signing an admiral's death warrant.

9:21:57 PM vadmblackthorne: ::pulls his ripcord once he's righted and is snapped by the parachute:: That never stops hurting like a bitch.

9:22:02 PM lcdrtkirr: ::smooths out, yet her ship is too hot::

9:22:39 PM majdougmcknight: I have no intention of letting you, Commander.

9:22:58 PM cmdrshelev: Glad we're clear on this.

9:22:59 PM vadmblackthorne: ::Watches the Great White form a smoking crater in the forest below::

9:23:09 PM vadmblackthorne: ::looks around as he falls for T'Kirr's ship::

9:23:13 PM cmdrshelev: Figure out what we need while we're en route.

9:23:23 PM cmdrshelev: And find us some guns.

9:23:23 PM lcdrtkirr: ::seeing no other choice, pulls the eject, the Mustang exploding from overheating seconds later::

9:23:40 PM vadmblackthorne: ::sees a fireball in the sky::

9:23:40 PM zmordonnon: >Shelev> That's OPS job sir...and I am on it....

9:23:58 PM vadmblackthorne: ::in his helmet-comm:: +T'Kirr+ Sehlat, Sixgun, respond.

9:24:05 PM lcdrtkirr: ::gasps in the thin atmosphere, timing her parachute with the increased elevation::

9:24:33 PM cmdrshelev: Major runs the armory and if we don't need ground support for this then we're too good for this mess to happen in the first place.

9:24:41 PM vadmblackthorne: +T'Kirr+ Sehlat, respond.

9:25:09 PM lcdrtkirr: +Blackthorne+ Stand by.  ::pulls chute::

9:25:33 PM vadmblackthorne: ::figures he's now at about 1000 meters::

9:25:52 PM vadmblackthorne: ::steers the chute toward a more open area::

9:26:29 PM zmordonnon: ::::running a re-supply list thru the secondary screen on helm:::::

9:26:53 PM zmordonnon: :::letting the Major worry about weapons::::

9:27:03 PM lcdrtkirr: ::spots the dot of Blackthorne's parachute far below, almost landed::

9:27:09 PM majdougmcknight: ::They've got plenty.  Believe me.::

9:27:27 PM vadmblackthorne: +T'Kirr+ Good to know you're still with me, Sehlat.

9:27:39 PM lcdrtkirr: +Blackthorne+ ::gasping:: I'll make it, Admiral.  Are you okay?

9:27:51 PM vadmblackthorne: +T'Kirr+ I'm alive.

9:28:23 PM vadmblackthorne: ::gets ready to land::

9:28:27 PM lcdrtkirr: +Sharks+ I jumped too soon.  I had little other choice.

9:28:49 PM lcdrtkirr: ::attempts to steer towards Blackthorne's landing point::

9:28:53 PM vadmblackthorne: +T'Kirr+ You're alive, you jumped at the right time.

9:29:00 PM vadmblackthorne: +T'Kirr+ Stand by.

9:29:26 PM vadmblackthorne: ::lands hard, running until he skids on his knees and falls over::

9:29:35 PM vadmblackthorne: Ow. Gravity must be higher here.

9:30:11 PM lcdrtkirr: ::time ticks by as she floats downward, beginning to breathe easier, coming in to land::

9:30:30 PM vadmblackthorne: ::untangles himself from his chute and looks skyward, feeling some nagging pains here and there::

9:31:19 PM lcdrtkirr: ::minutes later, overshoots Blackthorne's position, landing half a kilometer away::

9:31:36 PM vadmblackthorne: ::grabs his chute and pack and gets moving toward T'Kirr's landing site::

9:31:45 PM vadmblackthorne: +Atlantis+ Atlantis, come in. ::Eats static:: Figures.

9:31:47 PM lcdrtkirr: ::cringes at the hard landing::

9:32:23 PM zmordonnon: ::::at the rendezvous with the Fleet, taking reports as they come in::::

9:32:25 PM vadmblackthorne: ::moves the half a click pretty quickly and finds her:: Commander, are you alright?

9:32:56 PM lcdrtkirr: ::rubs lightly at a forming bruise, unclipping her lines:: Yes, I'll be fine.

9:33:11 PM cmdrshelev: (( next week: "Previously, on LOST" ))

9:33:15 PM lcdrtkirr: ::looks around anxiously::

9:33:26 PM majdougmcknight: (Heh...I love that show.)

9:33:34 PM lcdrtkirr: <<Wish I had gotten into it, honestly>>

9:33:38 PM zmordonnon: ( I don't watch that...)

9:33:44 PM vadmblackthorne: Get what we can salvage from these chutes and let's get moving, we need cover.

9:34:16 PM lcdrtkirr: ::turns and begins gathering it up::

9:34:19 PM vadmblackthorne: PAUSE SIM

9:34:21 PM vadmblackthorne: PAUSE SIM

9:34:22 PM vadmblackthorne: PAUSE SIM

9:34:23 PM lcdrtkirr: ::pauses::

9:34:30 PM zmordonnon: pawsed

9:34:30 PM majdougmcknight: ::paused::

9:34:38 PM cmdrshelev: ::p::

9:35:30 PM vadmblackthorne: Well, now there's a good start back to Atlantis.

9:36:21 PM cmdrshelev: says the admiral now standed on a deserted planet with a female vulcan science officer.

9:36:27 PM vadmblackthorne: And I'm certainly glad to see it back with a vengeance. Get the rest of those slackers here and see if we can't find some new blood.

9:36:31 PM majdougmcknight: Worked for Archer.

9:37:09 PM zmordonnon: Interesting....I had only experienced atmosphere jumping as written by a friend of mine....

9:37:40 PM vadmblackthorne: Okay then, see you all next week for more Atlantis! Commander?

9:38:02 PM zmordonnon: MAD Scotsman in Outer Space.....

9:38:10 PM cmdrshelev: Dismissed!

9:38:19 PM lcdrtkirr: ::collapses::

9:38:20 PM vadmblackthorne: Bravo, see you next time!

9:38:29 PM zmordonnon: :::nodnod:::