Cmdr Shelev joined the chat (7:38:38 PM)

7:38:48 PM vadmblackthorne: Because we're the only two online :(

ZMordonnon joined the chat (7:40:03 PM)

7:40:08 PM cmdrshelev: lol

7:40:08 PM vadmblackthorne: Hiya, Ensign.

7:40:32 PM zmordonnon: Evening Ian....

7:40:52 PM zmordonnon: Cmdr Shelev...:::nodding:::

7:42:37 PM vadmblackthorne: Well, not looking good for tonight. :(

7:43:16 PM zmordonnon: ::::ready and raring to go::::

7:43:53 PM vadmblackthorne: 3 tonight, maybe next week will fetch six. :)

7:45:04 PM zmordonnon: I just came from an Academy....would LIKE to keep GOING, but oh well.

7:45:21 PM vadmblackthorne: It's always tough getting started again after a break.

7:45:28 PM cmdrshelev: so would we since we have big evil plans

7:45:52 PM zmordonnon: Sounds FUN.....

7:47:51 PM vadmblackthorne: Yes, I think it will be.

7:47:57 PM vadmblackthorne: And these plans are not just evil...

7:48:04 PM vadmblackthorne: They're delightfully evil.

7:49:24 PM zmordonnon: delightfully so......DEFINITELY LIKE THAT....

7:49:45 PM vadmblackthorne: Now, we just need a crew. :)

7:51:19 PM zmordonnon: That would HELP....

7:51:35 PM cmdrshelev: I hear they have these web sites where you can pay women to go into chat rooms

7:51:41 PM vadmblackthorne: We're working on it. We may have a new CEng coming.

7:52:33 PM zmordonnon: Think we need help THAT much Shelev?

7:53:00 PM cmdrshelev: no it's ian's problem

7:53:04 PM vadmblackthorne: Feh.

7:56:04 PM zmordonnon: I am STILL on the HUNT for my OLD bio....don't like to HAVE to reinvent details I already have.

7:57:14 PM vadmblackthorne: Well, so much for this week. Promotion point for you, Zel. :)

7:57:30 PM zmordonnon: Thank you Ian....

7:57:48 PM vadmblackthorne: Dismissed!