AIM: Celestial Prime

7:29 PM

Cmdr Shelev went offline before accepting your invitation.

7:30 PM

Cmdr Shelev has joined this chat.

Cmdr Shelev: uhm

Cmdr Shelev: I think our internet is broken

Ian Blackthorne: which internet is this

Cmdr Shelev: the long one with the wavy leaves on it

Ian Blackthorne: hey this isn't bad for my first omelette attempt

Cmdr Shelev: I'm broke. go out and buy us a new internet plz

Ian Blackthorne: internets are expensive

Cmdr Shelev: I made a giant ass roast

Ian Blackthorne: never had an ass roast

Cmdr Shelev: donkey is very lean

Ian Blackthorne: I copied Fernando's omelette technique

Ian Blackthorne: watching him make one closely this morning

Cmdr Shelev: also I wonder if new orleans will cease smelling like a toilet now

Cmdr Shelev: jason where are your internets

Ian Blackthorne: flood waters smell awful

Cmdr Shelev: nawlins already smelled like urine

Cmdr Shelev: this should wash the urine out to sea

7:35 PM

Kiley Airell has joined this chat.

Ian Blackthorne: Hiya, Kiley

Kiley Airell: Hey J, Commander

Kiley Airell: I kind of lost track of time

Cmdr Shelev: So I am going to have to edit the parts about new orleans being a giant toilet when I send this transcript out?

Ian Blackthorne: i lost that part when the internets disappeared

Cmdr Shelev: spawn more internets

Ian Blackthorne: insufficient internets

Cmdr Shelev: this is indeed insufficient internets

Cmdr Shelev: /ooi

Ian Blackthorne: I've heard from McKnight and Ducaine, where the hell is everyone else?

Cmdr Shelev: what did ducaine say

Ian Blackthorne: something about an audition

7:40 PM

Ian Blackthorne: We'll wait til 745

Kiley Airell: And here I thought I was going to be late

LCdr TKirr has joined this chat.

LCdr TKirr: Yeeps, where is everyone O.o

Ian Blackthorne: Hiya, T'Kirr.

Ian Blackthorne: Hopefully not in Nawlins.

LCdr TKirr: Ohhhh...

LCdr TKirr:

Cmdr Shelev: Nawlins don't exist no more

LCdr TKirr: I'm at my mother-in-law's... swear she had AIM installed on her computer... had to reinstall it.

7:45 PM

Ian Blackthorne: Well, looks like we're gonna have to cancel.

Cmdr Shelev: fnor

LCdr TKirr: Aye... it's so sad...

Ian Blackthorne: First time in a while.

Cmdr Shelev: sim cancelled on account of insufficient internets

LCdr TKirr: Surely not so many of us could be located there...

Kiley Airell: awwww

Cmdr Shelev: actually two of em are just AFK

LCdr TKirr: Maybe they're distracted by news and such...

Ian Blackthorne: two internets are afk?

Cmdr Shelev: yes

Ian Blackthorne: Get the internets back at their keyboard

Cmdr Shelev: what do you think I can send a hook through the internets

LCdr TKirr: They could not even be home, though.

Ian Blackthorne: Okay, looks like we're cancelled. We'll try again next week.

Cmdr Shelev: failure

LCdr TKirr: At least the cool people showed up.

Cmdr Shelev: I am not cool

Cmdr Shelev: I am room temperature

LCdr TKirr: Sure you are.. cooler than the rest of us. I mean, you look simply freezing.

Cmdr Shelev: oh I left the AC on

LCdr TKirr: Sorry I was late, guys... and sorry we couldn't sim.

Ian Blackthorne: It happens.

LCdr TKirr: Pray for peeps.

LCdr TKirr: Night.

Ian Blackthorne: Night!

Cmdr Shelev: night

Ian Blackthorne: GET OUT

LCdr TKirr: O.o

LCdr TKirr has left this chat.

Cmdr Shelev: shotop

Ian Blackthorne: actually wot

7:50 PM

Kiley Airell: night night

Cmdr Shelev: sundar actually gave me this internet

Cmdr Shelev: night

Cmdr Shelev: ok late

Ian Blackthorne: G'night

Cmdr Shelev has left this chat.