AIM Chat with LtCdrHDucaine, Kiley Airell, Cmdr Shelev, Lt TKirr.

7:33 PM

Kiley Airell: Hey J

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Ian Blackthorne: Hey folks.

Kiley Airell: Hey McKnight

MajDougMcKnight: Evening, folks.

Cmdr Shelev: Gday Major

Cmdr Shelev: OK can I shout Admiral on the bridge again?

Kiley Airell: sure


Cmdr Shelev: ok I feel much better now.

LtCdrHDucaine: ::nods and claps:: Nicely done.

Ian Blackthorne: Is it fulfilling, all that shouting?

7:35 PM

Cmdr Shelev: Ask the marine over there.

LtCdrHDucaine: He called Admiral in the Shuttlebay earlier.

MajDougMcKnight: It has its moments.

Kiley Airell: yelling is very theraputic

Cmdr Shelev: I saw "VAdm Blackthorne" has come online and thought that meant he was in the room. Plus I was watching Jerry Orbach throw some perp up against a fence on TV.

Ian Blackthorne: Okay, that'

Ian Blackthorne: that's valid.

LtCdrHDucaine: Dan said he may not be here tonight.

Ian Blackthorne: Okay, let's get this started.

Cmdr Shelev: ::tweeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeet::

LtCdrHDucaine: ::@@::

Kiley Airell: ::AA::

MajDougMcKnight: ::AA::

Lt TKirr: ::AA::

Ian Blackthorne: Okay, tonight the Xindi leadership has come aboard the Atlantis for a conference to discuss how we're going to get out of this mess.

Ian Blackthorne: Senior staff should be reporting to conference room one.

Ian Blackthorne: Questions?

Cmdr Shelev: May we assume they made it to the conference room intact already?

Ian Blackthorne: We'll just all begin in the CR.

MajDougMcKnight: ::Raises hand::

Ian Blackthorne: Doug?

7:40 PM

MajDougMcKnight: Will you want McKnight there, since the esteemed Major Zinthys seems to be running late?

Ian Blackthorne: Yes.

MajDougMcKnight: Alrighty.

Ian Blackthorne: Any others?

Ian Blackthorne: Guess not.

Ian Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM

Ian Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM

Ian Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM

Lt TKirr: ::in her chair, waiting patiently::

LtCdrHDucaine: ::standing against the wall, having given up his chair to one of the Xindi people::

Kiley Airell: ::sitting in the conference room::

Ian Blackthorne: ::at the head of the table in the CR::

Cmdr Shelev: ::sitting around, just sitting around::

Ian Blackthorne: Tagan, if you'd like to outline the most severe problems, we can begin addressing them.

MajDougMcKnight: Tagan> Of course, admiral. Our paramount concern, of course, is removing ourself from the Machen Bren sphere of influence at the earliest opportunity. Now, a good part of our present

7:45 PM

MajDougMcKnight: over-crowding problem owes to that concern. Any ships not warp capable were abandoned at the outset. However, you have observed some battle damage suffered during our last skirmish with the Machen Bren forces. A total of 12

MajDougMcKnight: ships are at present warp incapable.

Ian Blackthorne: We'll work with you to restore warp capability to those ships that have lost it.

Ian Blackthorne: ::looks to Houston:: Commander, that falls to you.

LtCdrHDucaine: ::nods:: 12 ships is going to take some time, sir.

MajDougMcKnight: Tagan> ::Frowns:: Our own mechanics will of course be at your disposal, as will any technical specs that may be useful in expediting the process.

7:50 PM

LtCdrHDucaine: I apologize for not getting around to looking in depth at your specifications on your ships. A half a day at the earliest.

LtCdrHDucaine: Modest estimate, of course.

Ian Blackthorne: How many ships have had their warp capability damaged?

MajDougMcKnight: Tagan> ::Looks over his PADD:: Most of the damage was incurred during the last strike, which was thankfully contained before it could spread to the rest of the fleet. 17 ships have suffered at least some loss. However, the

MajDougMcKnight: masters of those additional 5 vessels have expressed confidence that their damage can be repaired with the resources on hand within the next 12 of your hours.

Ian Blackthorne: That's good to hear.

Ian Blackthorne: Moving on.

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Lt TKirr: <<Welcome, Will >>

Ian Blackthorne: ((Hey, Doc! We're all in the conference room.))

Ian Blackthorne: The next issue at hand?

WillFMarlowe: <<Hello. Sorry I'm late.>>

MajDougMcKnight: Tagan> Yes, of course. Next on the agenda...our numerous injuries suffered as a result of the cataclysm which we were fleeing. We have 3 hospital ships in the fleet, providing what aid they can. However, the facilities are

7:55 PM

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MajDougMcKnight: less than ideal, at least for a crisis of this scope. The staff is stretched thin, as are our supplies of a myriad of medical supplies. Talan?

MajDougMcKnight: (WB)

WillFMarlowe: <<Sorry--AIM issue>>

WillFMarlowe: ::steps into the conference room, too deep in thought to be much embarrassed::

WillFMarlowe: ::quietly takes his seat::

MajDougMcKnight: Talan> ::With a nod, the fleet's de facto quartermaster slides the list of needed supplies, as well as the required quantities across to Blackthorne::

Ian Blackthorne: ::looks over the supply list::

Ian Blackthorne: Doctor Marlowe, how can we assist in this?

WillFMarlowe: ::glances over the list for a moment::

MajDougMcKnight: Tagan> I regret that as you can see, our need is...ample.

WillFMarlowe: Most of this we can replicate. I'm concerned about our replicators' ability to produce your blood type, though.

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LtCdrHDucaine: ::taps a PADD diligently deciding how best to set up his teams for AT work::

Ian Blackthorne: Perhaps with some engineering modification?

MajDougMcKnight: Tagan> In that, at least, we may not have a problem. Disaster breeds camaraderie. if you can supply the equipment, we shall not hurt for donors.

8:00 PM

MajDougMcKnight: (test?)

Ian Blackthorne: ::nods:: Well, according to the good doctor, we can provide.

Ian Blackthorne: Moving along, then.

Kiley Airell: (test)

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MajDougMcKnight: Tagan> Very well...lastly, there remains the problem of unrest among out civilian population.

LtCdrHDucaine: {{Pass everyeone. }}

WillFMarlowe: <<Grrr.>>

LtCdrHDucaine: ::moves some people around, still half-listening to the conference::

Ian Blackthorne: Security and counseling, then.

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Lt TKirr: <<AIM no likey today.>>

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8:05 PM

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LtCdrHDucaine: {{::claws his way back in:: It's contagious!}}

MajDougMcKnight: Tagan> Indeed. Simply put, we have thus far managed to provide food and potable water in adequate quantity for mere survival, but not satisfaction. Our rationing program has not proved a great success asmong our people.

Ian Blackthorne: ((Revolving door tonight!))

kyrrtreow: <<It's Marlowe, trying a different program>>

Ian Blackthorne: T'Kirr, see what we can do about providing additional food.

MajDougMcKnight: Tagan> Our hope is that the supplies you have provided may soon ameliorate this situation, but for the moment, the problem persists. There have been reports of wide-spread demonstrations across the fleet. Two of our larger

Lt TKirr: ::nods::

MajDougMcKnight: supply ships, the Degra and the Ten'gala have already been paralyzed by open riots. We have anticipated this situation to escalate, not deflate, unless something is done soon.

Ian Blackthorne: Mr. McKnight, we'll need the Marines to keep this situation under control.

LtCdrHDucaine: ::still befuddled on the warp fixing problem::

Ian Blackthorne: Also, Counselor, I'd like you to see what you can do to ameliorate the cause of this unrest. See what you can learn about improving morale.

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MajDougMcKnight: ::Frowns and shakes his head:: I'll do what I can, but sir, it's my duty to remind you that even with our reinforcements, we number 500 soldiers. Even in conjunction with the Xindi peacekeeping forces, we can't hope to police

MajDougMcKnight: tens of least, not with the niceities we're used to.

MajDougMcKnight: (niceties)

8:10 PM

Ian Blackthorne: Which is why I want the Counselor working on improving morale so that such policing won't be as crucial.

Kiley Airell: That should be interesting

MajDougMcKnight: And my hope is that these efforts will prove successful...but I should raise the possibility that if it's not, our only choice may be to implement some form of martial law. I turst we're all well aware what that will mean.

MajDougMcKnight: Tagan> Perhaps you might humor me anyway, Major.

Ian Blackthorne: ::looks to Tagan::

MajDougMcKnight: ::Frowns again:: The only way that 500 can pacify 100 times its number is by example. That means that when I see an uprising, I put it down. We'll keep our weapons to stun, but you can't do something like this without SOMONE

MajDougMcKnight: getting hurt. And once it's quiet, the only way I can keep it quiet is by going through, and detaining anyone who so much as looks at me cross-eyed.

WillFMarlowe: ::purses his lips and looks at the table::

Ian Blackthorne: ::knows that's necessary at times, but wonders what Tagan will say::

WillFMarlowe: Marlowe>*

LtCdrHDucaine: ::mutters:: Or the use of forcefields is a good thing.

Lt TKirr: ::arches an eyebrow and turns her eyes to Tagan::

Cmdr Shelev: ::leans back in his seat and folds his arms::

MajDougMcKnight: Tagan> ::Looks down at the table for several long moments before replying:: I...I see. Well, as your commanding officer said, let us hope it does not come to that.

8:15 PM

MajDougMcKnight: Tagan> If it does, then it is, sadly, the survival of my people I must seee to first. After this is over, I shall accept the judgement of my people for the means I authorized to ensure that.

Ian Blackthorne: We'll do what we must to get these people to safety.

Ian Blackthorne: T'Kirr, have the remainder of science assist with the logistics of replicating these medical and food supplies.

Lt TKirr: ::thinks it should be obvious to anyone that causing a stir warrants aggressive action, but doesn't say anything::

Lt TKirr: ::nods::

LtCdrHDucaine: ::watches the scene unfold, still tapping idly at his PADD::

Ian Blackthorne: I believe that is everything, Tagan?

MajDougMcKnight: I believe so, unless...Talan, Jinan?

MajDougMcKnight: Tagan> ::After a sotto voce reminder from Jinan, assumes an emberassed expression:: Oh, of course. We should, I believe, discuss the future disposition of our combined military assets?

Cmdr Shelev: ::Adjusts his posture to avoid falling asleep::

8:20 PM

Ian Blackthorne: Once we get moving, you mean?

MajDougMcKnight: Well, assuming we manage that before the Machen Bren return, of course. But in any case, it would seem your ship represents the backbone of whatever defense we can mount. I am prepared to consider placing our escort ships under

MajDougMcKnight: your direct command, if you believe that would yield a more efficient tactical response.

Ian Blackthorne: I would ask that you do so, if you're willing. I am experienced at commanding multiple ship in battle, as I am in command of our Third Fleet.

MajDougMcKnight: Tagan> Very well. I shall issue the order immediately upon returning to my ship.

Ian Blackthorne: ::nods:: Thank you for your trust. If that is all, this meeting is adjourned.

8:25 PM

Ian Blackthorne: You all have your assigned duties.

Lt TKirr: ::stands::

Ian Blackthorne: Doctor, get your staff briefed on the various Xindi physiologies as quickly as possible.

WillFMarlowe: ::stands:: Understood.

Cmdr Shelev: ::stands and surreptitiously tries to shake life into his sleepy leg::

LtCdrHDucaine: ::moves to the door and bursts onto the bridge::

WillFMarlowe: ::heads for the door and quickly crosses the bridge into the turbolift::

Kiley Airell: ::atnads and heads to the bridge::

Lt TKirr: ::follows out and stops by Sci::

MajDougMcKnight: ::Stands slowly, clearly not happy about this assignment, but hardly surprised::

Cmdr Shelev: ::To Xindi:: If you're ready to return gentlemen.. ::gestures to the exit::

LtCdrHDucaine: ::gets into the turbolift with Will:: Well, that was fun. ::as the doors close::

MajDougMcKnight: Tagan> Nods silently and rises, along with his entourage:: After you, Commander.

Ian Blackthorne: Commander, see to our guests.

Cmdr Shelev: As always, Admiral.

Cmdr Shelev: ::Leads the Xindi towards the TL::

Ian Blackthorne: ::nods to the three Xindi::

WillFMarlowe: I'm not looking forward to the next several days.

LtCdrHDucaine: Me either. At least, for the most part, you'll get to stay on Atlanits.

LtCdrHDucaine: ::sighs and rubs his eyes::

WillFMarlowe: When Tagan asked about military assets, I didn't know whether to laugh or scream.

MajDougMcKnight: Tagan> ::Pauses briefly:: I am surprised to discover my delight at discovering the limits of my ancestors' wisdom in fleeing the proliferation of your organization, Admiral.

LtCdrHDucaine: ::grins:: Yeah, I hear ya.

WillFMarlowe: You know what kind of shape they're in. Seems to me, they haven't got any.

Lt TKirr: +Marlowe+ T'Kirr to Doctor Marlowe.

8:30 PM

WillFMarlowe: +T'Kirr+ Marlowe here.

Lt TKirr: +Marlowe+ I'm considering Cargo Bay Two as the most efficient location to begin replicating. We could transport supplies from there to the convoy as well. Unless you feel the medical bay would be better?

Ian Blackthorne: ::smiles:: Thank you, Tagan. I'm sure your people will thrive in their new homes, as well.

Cmdr Shelev: We don't fault you, Tagan. We probably would have done the same, but we owed them.

MajDougMcKnight: ::Nods once more to Blackthorne before turning to follow Shelev::

Cmdr Shelev: ::Squeezes into the TL between the members of the Xindi entourage right before the dore closes::

WillFMarlowe: +T'Kirr+ You're right--they need those supplies now. I'll send a technician to reconfigure the replicator there. Can your people take it from there?

Ian Blackthorne: ::smirks, recalling the Vulcan-Andorian tensions of the 22nd century::

Lt TKirr: +Marlowe+ Yes, although we would need your direction over the quantity and locations to beam the medical supplies.

Ian Blackthorne: ::steps down onto the bridge and assumes command again::

LtCdrHDucaine: {{Hey, all, I gotta jet. I'll see you all next week! ::waves and runs like hell::}}

WillFMarlowe: <<'Night!>>

Lt TKirr: <<See ya next week>>

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8:35 PM

MajDougMcKnight: Tagan> Commander...I would never ask you to betray a confidence, but your commander was vague when I asked about the expected arrival time of the Federation fleet.

WillFMarlowe: +T'Kirr+ I'll upload the data to Cargo Bay 2 as soon as possible.

MajDougMcKnight: Tagan> We're going to be on our own for some time, aren't we?

Lt TKirr: +Marlowe+ Understood.

Lt TKirr: ::gathers her handful of staff and directs them to CB2::

WillFMarlowe: ::steps off the turbolift and strides into sickbay::

Cmdr Shelev: Let's just say we had to change course to get here on time.

Ian Blackthorne: ::orders a cup of tea from a yeoman, and reads the PADD with the latest 3F positionings on it::

Cmdr Shelev: It was either arrive too late or too early and we picked too early.

WillFMarlowe: Mr. Wilkstein.

WillFMarlowe: Wilkstein> Sir?

WillFMarlowe: Go to Cargo Bay 2 and reconfigure the replicator there for medical-grade supplies.

WillFMarlowe: Wilkstein> Right. Give me three hours--

WillFMarlowe: --Thirty minutes or I'll have that Ensign's pip--

WillFMarlowe: Wilkstein>--Thirty minutes and it'll be done, sir.

Cmdr Shelev: ::TL doors open:: But that's better than too late, isn't it?

WillFMarlowe: Wilkstein> ::hightails it out of sickbay, toolkit in hand::

Lt TKirr: ::redirects sensory alerts to duplicate any notifications to CB2 and leaves the console, entering the TL::

Lt TKirr: ::heads straight for CB2 and enters, preparing for the replication process::

MajDougMcKnight: Tagan> In the short term, certainly. For the first time, since the cataclysm, my people have tangible hope. It remains to be seen, however, how long that hope will stand up to a Machen Bren battle group.

Cmdr Shelev: The first two weren't a problem.

WillFMarlowe: Wilkstein> ::arrives in CB2 and starts working on the replicator::

WillFMarlowe: ::coordinates replication and transport from the small medical bay adjacent to sickbay::

8:40 PM

Ian Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM

Ian Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM

Ian Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM

Lt TKirr: ::pauses::

Kiley Airell: ::pauses::

WillFMarlowe: ::pauses::

MajDougMcKnight: ::pauses::

Cmdr Shelev: ::pauses for good measure::

Ian Blackthorne: ::nods to Shelev::

Cmdr Shelev: No comments this week?

Ian Blackthorne: The whistle, commander.

Cmdr Shelev: Last time you yelled at me for whistling too early.

Lt TKirr: <<The AA one...?>>

Ian Blackthorne: Call them to attention.

Cmdr Shelev: ::tweeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeet::

Kiley Airell: ::AA::

MajDougMcKnight: ::AA::

Lt TKirr: ::AA::

WillFMarlowe: ::AA::

Ian Blackthorne: Okay, we have a lot of work ahead of us to get this convoy moving.

Ian Blackthorne: I want us moving by the end of next sim.

Ian Blackthorne: Questions?

Lt TKirr: ::raises hand::

Ian Blackthorne: T'Kirr?

Lt TKirr: Is it okay if Sci is unmanned

8:45 PM

Ian Blackthorne: As long as you're off working somewhere else.

Ian Blackthorne: And I don't mean "working" in the holodeck.

Lt TKirr: I have 2 sci people and they'll be replicating, heh.

Lt TKirr: Anyway, that's all.

Ian Blackthorne: Anyone else?

WillFMarlowe: Do you see my username as WillFMarlowe?

Cmdr Shelev: Yes

Lt TKirr: Yes

WillFMarlowe: Thanks.

Ian Blackthorne: Okay, that's all for this week. Commander?

WillFMarlowe: (AIM screwed me up so bad I don't know my own name.)

Cmdr Shelev: Dismissed!

Kiley Airell: night all

WillFMarlowe: G'night everyone!

Cmdr Shelev: night

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