AIM Chat with WillFMarlowe, Kiley Airell, Lt TKirr.

7:31 PM

LtCdrHDucaine has joined this chat.

LtCdrHDucaine: I'm good, you?

Lt TKirr: I'm well... Shelev could be better I guess

LtCdrHDucaine: Heya Admiral!

Kiley Airell: Hey J

Ian Blackthorne: Hey folks.

Kiley Airell: I'm doing well

Lt TKirr: Hiya B

Cmdr Shelev has joined this chat.

Cmdr Shelev: test

Kiley Airell: wb (again) Commander

LtCdrHDucaine: Pass

Kiley Airell: pass

Cmdr Shelev: fail

LtCdrHDucaine: You passed just fine.

LtCdrHDucaine: A +

Cmdr Shelev: A++++++++++++++++++++++ WOULD SIM AGAIN GREAT SELLER

LtCdrHDucaine: What? ::stares::

7:35 PM

Ian Blackthorne: You must have used ebay before.

Cmdr Shelev: ebay put me through college :v

LtCdrHDucaine: ::grins::

MajDougMcKnight has joined this chat.

Lt TKirr: Hey McKnight

Ian Blackthorne: Okay, let's get this show on the road.

MajDougMcKnight: (Hey.)

Ian Blackthorne: Commander, if you will?

Cmdr Shelev: ::tweeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeet::

Lt TKirr: ::AA::

LtCdrHDucaine: ::@@::

Kiley Airell: ::AA::

MajDougMcKnight: ::AA::

WillFMarlowe: ::AA::

7:40 PM

Ian Blackthorne: Alright, we successfully defeated a Machen Bren cruiser and carrier last week and have resumed our breakneck pace through their space.

Ian Blackthorne: No contacts on sensors as of yet.

Ian Blackthorne: Questions?

Ian Blackthorne: test

Ian Blackthorne: ((Nice lag))

Cmdr Shelev: fail

MajDougMcKnight: No questions.

Lt TKirr: <<Ew>>

Kiley Airell: (pass)

Ian Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM

Ian Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM

Ian Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM

Ian Blackthorne: ::in his ready room, the yellow alert tracer lights on the wall coloring the room every couple seconds::

Cmdr Shelev: ::In turbolift, heading for marines' area of the ship to attempt renewing his small arms certification::

Kiley Airell: ((brb . . . need to reboot))

WillFMarlowe: ::in sickbay, looking over an ankle twisted in the fight::

Kiley Airell has left this chat.

Lt TKirr: ::In the fighter bay finishing repairs::

LtCdrHDucaine: ::walks across the fighterbay and to the fighters, gazing at his work order::

WillFMarlowe: All right. The fluid suppressant should keep the swelling down, and I repaired a strained tendon. Try to take it easy, hm?

Cmdr Shelev: ::Turbolift opens on deck 7, wanders around peering at doors trying to read the DAMNED TINY print::

Lt TKirr: ::peeks out from behind Blackthorne's fighter::

WillFMarlowe: Alswaer> Yeah, right. We haven't gone off yellow alert since the day before yesterday. And I don't think someone on the bridge just forgot to turn it off.

7:45 PM

Cmdr Shelev: ::Finds armory 1, punches security code, enters::

Cmdr Shelev: Anyone home?

Ian Blackthorne: ::studying fleet strength and tactics used in the last fight::

LtCdrHDucaine: ::whistling as he starts tapping away on one of the fighter's panels::

WillFMarlowe: ::sighs a little:: I hadn't noticed. Do your best, then>

WillFMarlowe: ?

Dan Duc Williams has joined this chat.

Dan Duc Williams: ((::appears magically from class and into the sim room:)

Ian Blackthorne: ((Welcome Dan!))

Cmdr Shelev: ((wb chap ))

Kiley Airell has joined this chat.

WillFMarlowe: Alswaer> I'll do my best. Thanks, doc. ::leaves sickbay, still favoring her right leg::

Dan Duc Williams: ::hops into engineering::

WillFMarlowe: ::turns to Northe:: Anyone else?

LtCdrHDucaine: {{Fashionably late... }}

Dan Duc Williams: ::looks around, wondering what he's supposed to be doing atm::

LtCdrHDucaine: ::changes a couple of the internal parts around as ordered, and reseals the fighter's hull compartment::

LtCdrHDucaine: Jeddin> Newbie! ::to Dan::

WillFMarlowe: Northe> Nope. I'm a little surprised, but I'm not going to complain.

Dan Duc Williams: ::laughs:: Yes old one?

Kiley Airell: ::walks onto the bridge and heads over to take her usual seat::

LtCdrHDucaine: Jeddin> I need you to scrub clean the plasma intake valves. ::throws him a PADD and turns away::

Lt TKirr: ::peers at Ducaine for a moment while she works on a minor hull repairs:: You must be Lieutenant Commander Ducaine. Our new chief engineer?

LtCdrHDucaine: ::nods and looks over to her:: Yes, ma'am.

MajDougMcKnight: Corporal Murdock>::Snaps to attention, as does the other guard on duty:: Sir

Dan Duc Williams: ::reads it and cracks a smile:: Don't we have NCOs that do this sorta thing?

7:50 PM

LtCdrHDucaine: Jeddin> ::stares:: Do I need to ask again?

Cmdr Shelev: ::nods:: Corporal

Lt TKirr: Welcome aboard. ::concentrating on sealing with her microtorch::

Dan Duc Williams: ::smiles again, ever so nicely:: Well of course I'll get around to it, I'm just wondering if all of our NCOs are off playing cricket on the holodeck or something, sir.

MajDougMcKnight: Murdock> Can we help you, sir?

Ian Blackthorne: ::carries his PADD out onto the bridge, relieving the officer in command::

Ian Blackthorne: ::sits down and nods to Kiley:: Counselor.

Cmdr Shelev: Can you spare a man for a few minutes? I need to renew my small arms cert

WillFMarlowe: Northe> Kellys--that new nurse--hasn't been out of that lab since her shift started.

Kiley Airell: Hello Admiral, how are ou?

Cmdr Shelev: ::lying:: Last ship didn't have a range available..

LtCdrHDucaine: Jeddin> You do what I want you to do, got it? That's what a Starfleet officer does: follow orders.

WillFMarlowe: Well, go see what she's up to. We might need her out here on a moment's notice.

LtCdrHDucaine: And you might be...? ::looks at her with a smirk::

WillFMarlowe: Northe> Right.

Ian Blackthorne: Fine, thanks.

MajDougMcKnight: Murdock> Sorry sir, but I'm just here to guard the ordnance. You'll want to talk to Major McKnight in C&C.

Ian Blackthorne: ::looks up from the PADD: You?

WillFMarlowe: Northe> ::walks over to lab 3 and steps in::

Dan Duc Williams: ::chuckles again:: Did I ever say I wasn't going to do them? ::wanders off to go scrubin'::

WillFMarlowe: Northe> ::the doors hiss shut behind her::

Lt TKirr: ::glances to him for a moment:: Lieutenant T'Kirr. ::finishes, shutting off the microtorch, and turns to him:: Chief Science Officer.

Cmdr Shelev: Right, I knew that... where's C&C?

Kiley Airell: Not too bad m'self

MajDougMcKnight: Murdock> Just next door, sir. If he's not out there when you get in, just head right out past the control center. His office is the first on your left.

Cmdr Shelev: Thank you, Corporal ::turns and exits::

MajDougMcKnight: Murdock> Sir.

Cmdr Shelev: ::hooks a left into C&C::

Ian Blackthorne: Good to take the Mustangs out again, wasn't it?

LtCdrHDucaine: Pleasure to meet you, Lieutenant. ::nods:: You a pilot as well? ::motions to the craft::

LtCdrHDucaine: Jeddin> Navy brat...

7:55 PM

Kiley Airell: Definately. Can't wait to play again.

Lt TKirr: ::glances up at the fighter she was working on, pulling her protective visor off:: Yes. This is the admiral's. ::points behind him:: That one is mine.

Dan Duc Williams: ::settles down to start cleaning:: Whats that? Talkin' without using the brain again? ::hums as he starts cleaning::

LtCdrHDucaine: Jeddin> ::fights a glare::

LtCdrHDucaine: Nice fighters, both of 'em.

Lt TKirr: Could I have your opinion on something? ::steps over to a console, picking up a PADD::

MajDougMcKnight: ::Stands looking at the display screen, where the security situation is being monitored. At present, 2 marines patrol each deck, just in case::

MajDougMcKnight: ::Mug of raktajino in hand, of course::

Ian Blackthorne: It's oddly quiet. ::eyeing the center sensor display::

Cmdr Shelev: ::Pokes head in:: Major?

Lt TKirr: EnsLogan> ::looks up from Science::

Kiley Airell: ::chuckles:: Isn't that a GOOD thing Sir?

LtCdrHDucaine: OF course. ::steps over::

LtCdrHDucaine: Potter> You missed a spot... ::points at Dan's work::

MajDougMcKnight: ::Turns his head, and comes to attention, though not too rigidly:: Commander. What can I do for you, sir?

Dan Duc Williams: No, thats just your reflection. ::smiles innocently and continues cleaning::

Cmdr Shelev: At ease.. I don't think we've formally met, Major. ::offers handshake::

Ian Blackthorne: We just destroyed a cruiser and a carrier and are moving at breakneck speed.

Ian Blackthorne: They have to have noticed.

8:00 PM

WillFMarlowe: Northe> ::emerges from the lab:: She says she'll be right out. She's working on something.

Lt TKirr: ::hands the PADD to him:: In the past, we have mostly used the fighters for planetary assaults. Our last engagement was in close quarters to the Atlantis. It will no doubt be our last.

Lt TKirr: I've been designing a method to enhance the fighters' shielding, as they could come under heavy firepower from cruisers.

MajDougMcKnight: ::Relaxes his posture, and takes the Andorian's hand:: I imagine you're correct. Doug McKnight. And when Major Zinthys is off at tactical, this is my little castle. You'll find everything's in order.

WillFMarlowe: ::arches a brow, moving from the console at which he was working toward his office::

WillFMarlowe: Northe> I thought Science was the only department with this problem. Now we have nurses worrying more about publishing than nursing?

Lt TKirr: I call it Parent Sensory Triangulation Shielding, or PST Shielding. It still needs a great deal of testing, but I think by tying the sensors of Atlantis together with those of the fighters', we can increase the shields' ability to-

Kiley Airell: True

Lt TKirr: -deflect incoming phaser fire.

WillFMarlowe: I'll speak with her later. In the meantime, I believe you're due for some rest.

Cmdr Shelev: Ah, this isn't an inspection. I've been off a serious military ship long enough I wouldn't know what to look for.

Cmdr Shelev: Which brings me to the reason I came down here... do you have a man to spare to help out this old XO renew his small arms certification?

LtCdrHDucaine: It would, but the harmonics of the Atlantis shields don't initially match those of the fighters. ::points:: You'ld be using more power for the triangulation than the fighter's shield buffer can withstand.

Lt TKirr: Its optimal range would only be a few kilometers from Atlantis, but I think it would be of use in our current situation.

Ian Blackthorne: ::leans back in his chair and summons a cup of tea from a yeoman::

WillFMarlowe: Northe> Now what drew you to that most astute conclusion? The rings around my eyes? Perhaps my shoulders, slumped from fatigue?

MajDougMcKnight: ::Grins before bringing his mug to his lips for another sip:: Sure. You're looking at him.

Dan Duc Williams: ((Will i cant seem to IM you for some reason))

Dan Duc Williams: ::gets up as he finishes his cleaning:: Ahh, good and good, shiny as can be.

Cmdr Shelev: ::Stifles an urk:: Ah, alright.. have time at the present moment?

LtCdrHDucaine: Potter> ::rolls her eyes and moves away::

WillFMarlowe: ::furrows his brow:: The time. And lieutenant--get used to it. ::the corners of his lips turn upward in a small, knowing smile::

Ian Blackthorne: ::sips at the tea, eyeing the tactical sensor display::

LtCdrHDucaine: ::looks over the schematics:: Nice design, though. If we double the capacity of the shielding buffer, we should be able to use the plan. But that modifications are extensive, including a new set of relays and power converters.

8:05 PM

Dan Duc Williams: ::shouts over to Potter:: I never said anything about the reflection being a dirty spot though! ::chuckles to himself::

WillFMarlowe: Northe> ::backpedals, on her way out:: Yes, sir. ::the doors slide shut after she leaves::

LtCdrHDucaine: Potter> ::ignores him::

LtCdrHDucaine: Jeddin> ::looks at Dan:: Oh, that's smooth...

MajDougMcKnight: I can't guarantee it'll stay that way, Murphy;s Law being what it is and all, but everything seems to be under control at the moment.

MajDougMcKnight: ::Gestures back to the armory:: After you, Commander. Captain Montrose, you have C&C!

MajDougMcKnight: Montrose> Yes, sir.

Lt TKirr: Yes, I realize there would be significant modification to the fighters. I am no engineer, but I have studied the workings of these fighters in the last week.

Lt TKirr: If you agree the design is sound, I will take it to Admiral Blackthorne for consideration.

Cmdr Shelev: ::nods:: Heads back to the Armory, rubbing his slightly trembling wrist.

Dan Duc Williams: ::sighs to himself:: Oh it was, smooth just like that haircut you got. ::smiles back at Jeddin:: I hope your ready to get used to this by the way.

LtCdrHDucaine: It's more than that though. Because of the variances in the shield buffer, it'll react differently to different energy discharges. The type of protection from a Cardassian Galor could be better than that of a Breen cruiser.

MajDougMcKnight: So, away from the military proper, were you? I don't suppose you were involved with Operation Rinacita?

LtCdrHDucaine: Jeddin> She was flirting with you and you totally blew it, man. If you want me to get use to that, I can learn to laugh at you. ::returns to his console::

Lt TKirr: Agreed. We would use the tactical data from our last encounter with the Machen Bren to use specifically against them.

Cmdr Shelev: Nope, just a boring science vessel collecting dust in more ways than one.

Dan Duc Williams: ((note to self, learn the gender of the NPCs))

LtCdrHDucaine: ::nods:: Well, other than that, it looks like it would be a good idea.

Ian Blackthorne: Damn. I don't like this.

Dan Duc Williams: ::smiles at Jeddin:: Well, while were at a low in the moment, mind if I pop down and get my physical done, sir?

Lt TKirr: ::nods::

MajDougMcKnight: Ah. Well, I can feel your pain, sir. Do a computer search, keywords marine, bored. U.S.S. Cervantes is sure to pop up there somewhere.

8:10 PM

Cmdr Shelev: I've heard the stories.

Kiley Airell: Admiral, relax. We are well prepared if something should happen. You can't change anything, so why worry?

WillFMarlowe: Kellys> ::finally walks out of lab 3::

WillFMarlowe: Nurse Kellys?

Ian Blackthorne: Because I feel that we're flying right into a trap.

MajDougMcKnight: Well...some of those are entertaining enough, I'm told. It's got the sex anyway.

WillFMarlowe: Kellys> ::turns and fixes the doctor with a disinterested look:: Yes, sir?

LtCdrHDucaine: Jeddin> ::nods:: Sure...

WillFMarlowe: What were you doing in that lab for so long?

Lt TKirr: ::points with her chin behind Ducaine:: I could use your help with the port warp manifold of my Mustang. It sustained minor damage in our last attack.

Dan Duc Williams: ::smiles and heads out:: Thank ya sir.

Cmdr Shelev: ::Flat antennae:: Yes, charming.. ::grumble::

Dan Duc Williams: ::into the TL:: Sick...bay!

WillFMarlowe: Kellys> Research. I'm sorry, sir. I'll try to pay more attention to my duties in the future.

MajDougMcKnight: ::Having entered the armory, and nodded to the two guards, opens up one of the many phaser type 1 lockers. Take your pick, sir, and we'll get started.

LtCdrHDucaine: ::nods:: OK... ::heads that way:: Anything specific?

LtCdrHDucaine: Jeddin> ::looks at Dan:: Got to be a virgin... ::chuckles to himself::

Kiley Airell: And if we are? Worrying is just going to make us sloppy Sir

Cmdr Shelev: ::Pulls second phaser from the right, inspects the current settings::

WillFMarlowe: ::furrows his brow again, but this time without the lightheartedness:: See that you do. ::looks as though he wants to say something else, but can't seem to remember what it was::

Cmdr Shelev: Looks good enough for fleet work.

Dan Duc Williams: ::wanders out of the TL and makes his way into sickbay:: 'Allo there, anybody around?

MajDougMcKnight: I wouldn't tolerate it in my armory if it wasn't.

WillFMarlowe: See to that patient. ::nods to Williams::

Lt TKirr: I've only done a preliminary scan. I coul tell immediately that it needed an engineer's expertise. ::points to the scanner she used on a nearby cargo container::

WillFMarlowe: Kellys> ::heads over to Williams:: Can I help you?

Lt TKirr: <<*could>>

WillFMarlowe: Kellys> ::her tone is flat and unwelcoming::

LtCdrHDucaine: ::nods and runs a scan:: The primary control unit was destablized. Must have been rocked hard to do that. It'll need to be replaced, but I don't have the equipment on me for that. I'll have someone repair it ASAP.

Cmdr Shelev: I'd hope so. You should have seen the cobwebs on the Saint High..lare..

8:15 PM

Dan Duc Williams: ::smiles brightly:: Well, sure! Me thinks I need to do my physical 'ere. I imagine you'd be quite the lass to help me with that.

Cmdr Shelev: Wow, I think that's the first time I pronounced the first half of that right.

Ian Blackthorne: ::sips his tea:: Worrying will keep me alert.

MajDougMcKnight: ::Picks up a PADD as he steps over toward the shooting range, smiling as he does so:: We'll start you off with some basic target practice. What would you like to shoot at right now?

Lt TKirr: Thank you. ::puts the PADD down and picks up the scanner next to it, looking over her recent work on Blackthorne's fighter::

Kiley Airell: ::grins:: I think that Tea will keep you awake

LtCdrHDucaine: Anything wrong with his? ::motions to the Admiral's fighter::

Ian Blackthorne: That's the idea.

WillFMarlowe: Kellys> This way, please. ::leads him over to biobed 1 and gestures for him to sit down:: I'll need to conduct some preliminary scans. . . . ::picks up a medcorder from a tray nearby and starts the scan::

WillFMarlowe: Kellys> Have you been in good health?

Cmdr Shelev: Let's start with the 5 meter test.. I should be able to hit that..

Lt TKirr: Not anymore. ::flips closed her scanner. Just a minor hull fracture, but I've repaired it.

MajDougMcKnight: You betcha.

Kiley Airell: ::chuckles and shakes head::

Dan Duc Williams: ::sits on the biobed:: As far as I can tell, yuup. You don't sound to chipper for working at the moment. Am I really that uninteresting? ::smiles again::

Cmdr Shelev: ::Puts phaser down on the bench briefly while he wipes down his glasses on a handkerchief::

LtCdrHDucaine: Very good. Anything else you need of me?

Cmdr Shelev: Ready when you are. ::Points phaser downrange::

MajDougMcKnight: ::Grins slyly:: Computer, load program 13-A.

MajDougMcKnight: ::At that, the holographic image of a sturdily built Vulcan male appears 5 meters distant::

WillFMarlowe: Kellys> ::looks up at him:: Yes. ::returns to her medcorder:: I'll let the doctor know you're here.

Lt TKirr: No, I believe that is all. Thank you, Mr. Ducaine.

Cmdr Shelev: ::Smiles:: Oh, you're good.

WillFMarlowe: Kellys> ::disappears into Marlowe's office::

MajDougMcKnight: ::Grins:: I try my best.

Cmdr Shelev: ::Fires...::

LtCdrHDucaine: ::nods again, as if it were his custom:: Pleasure to have met you. ::heads for the door::

Cmdr Shelev: ::Misses vulcan's head by 10cm::

Lt TKirr: ::picks up the PADD again, making a few notes::

Cmdr Shelev: That was warmup.

WillFMarlowe: ::walks out of his office:: Good morning, Mr. . . . ?

MajDougMcKnight: ::Grimaces and records it on his PADD:: Maybe it'd be best to start off with the torso. Just to get the rhythm going.

8:20 PM

Dan Duc Williams: ::blinks, still over the utter rejection:: Ducaine-Williams Doc.

Cmdr Shelev: ::Relieved that McKnight didn't pick up that he WAS aiming at the torso::

MajDougMcKnight: (Oh dear.)

Lt TKirr: <<rofl>>

LtCdrHDucaine: ::looks at her butt quickly and then walks out:: Damn...

WillFMarlowe: ::checks over a PADD:: I see. New engineer?

Cmdr Shelev: ::Aims carefully::

Dan Duc Williams: Yes sir.

Cmdr Shelev: :: Hits vulcan's left shoulder::

Cmdr Shelev: (( gogo 1d12))

Ian Blackthorne: ::finishes his tea and stands:

LtCdrHDucaine: ::enters the turbolift:: +Jeddin+ Ducaine to Engineering.

LtCdrHDucaine: Jeddin> +Ducaine+ Go ahead.

Dan Duc Williams: ((a hand phaser is 1d12?? wow))

LtCdrHDucaine: +Jeddin+ I need someone to replace the port warp manifold stabilizer on a Fighter in the fighterbay.

Cmdr Shelev: (( no I'm just rolling to see if he hits something ))

LtCdrHDucaine: Jeddin> +Ducaine+ Which one, Commander?

Dan Duc Williams: ((ahhh, excellent))

LtCdrHDucaine: +Jeddin+ The one with the callsign... ::looks at his PADD:: ...Sehlat.

Kiley Airell: would it make you feel better if you were the aggressor Admiral? If you went hunting them?

LtCdrHDucaine: Jeddin> +Ducaine+ Aye, sir.

Ian Blackthorne: We have to get to those Xindi.

WillFMarlowe: Well, the scans didn't pick up anything extraordinary, so I believe that's all. ::looks up from the PADD:: Do you have any questions?

LtCdrHDucaine: ::looks up:: Bridge.

MajDougMcKnight: ::Records a few points, though not so many as would be awarded for a dead center hit.:: Alright...but let's see if we can't keep it focused on the upper chest area.

Dan Duc Williams: ::smiles:: Not that I can think of, aside from I should try to not get hurt.

Kiley Airell: We are going as fast as we can

Lt TKirr: ::picks up the other PADD sitting on the console and stacks it with the other, then strides across the bay towards the door::

Cmdr Shelev: ::sigh::

Lt TKirr: ::rides nearest TL to the Bridge::

LtCdrHDucaine: ::Steps out onto the bridge and beelines for his terminal::

WillFMarlowe: ::chuckles:: Indeed.

8:25 PM

Cmdr Shelev: ::Tries harder to aim, which of course makes his aim even worse, then fires::

Dan Duc Williams: ::hops off the biobed:: Allrighty then, I'm outa here. ::heads back outa sickbay and into the TL::

WillFMarlowe: ::walks back to his office, making a few notes on his PADD::

Cmdr Shelev: ::Miraculously hits... 5cm closer to target from his last shot::

Lt TKirr: ::enters the Bridge, holding a hand up to Logan to indicate he stay put, as she steps down to the Admiral and Kiley::

MajDougMcKnight: Good...Maybe it'd help if I let you in on a select little factoid, sir. If things get hairy out here, you'll be expected to strap one of those suckers on, whether or not you can hit the broad side of a barn.

LtCdrHDucaine: ::looks at T'Kirr and then looks back at his diagnostics he has running::

Ian Blackthorne: Lieutenant.

Kiley Airell: Greetings TKirr

MajDougMcKnight: Even lookinf like a threat is better than nothing most of the time. A wespon's at its most effective when you don't have to use it.

MajDougMcKnight: (looking)

Cmdr Shelev: Thank you, Major. I appreciate the.. factoid.

Dan Duc Williams: ::hops outa the TL and heads into engineering:: Did ya miss me? ::to Jeddin::

Lt TKirr: ::nods to Kiley, then hands two PADDs to Blackthorne, the top one being an update on fighter status::

MajDougMcKnight: Don't mention it, sir. You can thank me by hitting the target.

Cmdr Shelev: ::Looks at the target.::

Cmdr Shelev: ::Looks at McKnight::

Ian Blackthorne: ::takes them, looks over the fighter status::

LtCdrHDucaine: Jeddin> About as much as a dental patient misses a root canal...

Ian Blackthorne: ::nods approvingly::

MajDougMcKnight: Look at it this way. It just said your mother was a sehlat.

Ian Blackthorne: ::goes to the next one:: Hmmmm, what's this.

Cmdr Shelev: ::Looks at the target again, grabs phaser off the bench, and fires without even trying to aim for more than a second::

Dan Duc Williams: Hmm... well was it at least a nasty root canal? ::grins::

Cmdr Shelev: :: Nails the vulcan in the neck.::

LtCdrHDucaine: Jeddin> ::doesn't even respond to it::

Ian Blackthorne: Summary, Lieutenant?

Lt TKirr: A new defense design for the fighters. In close proximity to Atlantis, it would enhance the fighters' shields against phaser attacks.

Dan Duc Williams: ::heads over to a console and taps oddly:: So, got any jobs for me bossman?

8:30 PM

Cmdr Shelev: << I just rolled a 1, so you don't think I'm trying for a cliche here..>>

MajDougMcKnight: (Heavens, no.)

Lt TKirr: Mr. Ducaine agrees it would work, however it would require extensive modifications.

Ian Blackthorne: Modifications? To my design? ::smirks::

Cmdr Shelev: ...How much was that worth?

Kiley Airell: ::listens::

MajDougMcKnight: ::Records:: More than the shoulder.

LtCdrHDucaine: ::looks up:: Yes, sir. ::smirks:: It's good, but nothing is perfect.

Lt TKirr: It would be specifically designed to absorb Machen Bren phaser fire.

Ian Blackthorne: ::nods:: Do it.

Cmdr Shelev: I'll rephrase; how am I doing so far?

LtCdrHDucaine: Jeddin> Yes, actually... ::tosses him another PADD:: I need the port warp manifold stabilizer changed on the fighter marked 'Sehlat' in the fighterbay. Chop chop, we don't know how much time before we may need them again.

Lt TKirr: ::nods, glancing at Ducaine on her way out::

LtCdrHDucaine: ::again, looks at her butt::

Lt TKirr: <<Pfft>>

Lt TKirr: ::returns to Assault Bay::

Cmdr Shelev: <<There is a larget than normal quantity of vulcan posterior in this sim>>

Dan Duc Williams: ::chuckles:: Hey, I love working on fighters! ::not sarcastic this time as he grabs a kit and heads on down to the bay::

Ian Blackthorne: ::puts the changes aside to read for later.

LtCdrHDucaine: Jeddin> Would someone tranq him?

Kiley Airell: why not read them now Admiral? There's plenty of time.

MajDougMcKnight: Don't miss again. A head shot, or 1 to the chest and 2 to the abdomen, and you're golden.

Lt TKirr: <<He's brooding.>>

8:35 PM

LtCdrHDucaine: Kendricks> Sir?

Dan Duc Williams: ::enters into the bay where the fighters are at, humming a tune to himself::

Cmdr Shelev: ::Exhales::

LtCdrHDucaine: Jeddin> He's too... peppy.

Kiley Airell: ((LOL))

Cmdr Shelev: ::stares the holographic vulcan down::

Dan Duc Williams: ((peppy! i resent that! ))

LtCdrHDucaine: {{No, you RESEMBLE that...}}

Lt TKirr: ::runs into Duc Williams just inside the bay doors:: You must be the engineer assigned to repair my Mustang.

Ian Blackthorne: Not necessary. I trust my crew.

Cmdr Shelev: ::mutters "Greenskin ears bowl haircut spying little.."::

Cmdr Shelev: ::Yanks phaser from the bench and fires without hesitation::

Dan Duc Williams: ::looks over and smiles:: I would be, assuming your mustang's got the name Sehlat on it.

Kiley Airell: ::chuckles:: Mind if I take a look?

Ian Blackthorne: Have at it. You'll be flying one with this change.

Lt TKirr: ::perks a brow:: Indeed.

Cmdr Shelev: ::Shoots the holographic vulcan in the crotch.::

Ian Blackthorne: I'll double check the engineering of it later.

Kiley Airell: ::takes the PADD and starts looking over the changes:: Thank you Sir.

Ian Blackthorne: ((HAHAHAHA))

Lt TKirr: <<Didn't see THAT coming...>>

LtCdrHDucaine: ::finishes his diagnostics report and stands, moves to the turbolift::

MajDougMcKnight: Well...ouch.

Cmdr Shelev: ...How much was that worth?

Dan Duc Williams: ::nods:: Well then, mind pointing it out to me ms...?

MajDougMcKnight: Not quite enough. 2 to the chest, or a head shot.

Cmdr Shelev: ::sigh::

Ian Blackthorne: The idea seems sound enough though. I designed the Mustangs with not having a capital ship for immediate support.

Lt TKirr: Just T'Kirr. ::motions with her eyes at the bow of the fighter above William's head::

Cmdr Shelev: ::spends a few seconds moving his glasses around::

Cmdr Shelev: Ah, there we go.

WillFMarlowe: ::realizes Kellys hasn't yet had a physical and exits his office:: Nurse Kellys?

Cmdr Shelev: ::Goes back to carefully aiming the phaser downrange, fires::

8:40 PM

Kiley Airell: It definately seems interesting

WillFMarlowe: Northe> She's not here. It's her lunch break.

Dan Duc Williams: ::spins and sees the fighter. spins back around and smiles:: Well then T'Kirr, it was a pleasure meeting you, and I do believe that your fighter will be in tip-top shape after I do some work on it. Name's Dan. Dan Ducaine-Williams.

Cmdr Shelev: ::Shot grazes the vulcan's right ear. If he were human, it would've missed.::

Cmdr Shelev: Headshot!

Lt TKirr: ::approaches the console nearest to Blackthorne's Mustang and brings up the PSTS design::

WillFMarlowe: Ah. She hasn't had a physical yet. Let me know as soon as she returns.

WillFMarlowe: Northe> You got it.

Lt TKirr: ::looks up:: Yes, I remember your name from the roster. ::pauses:: Welcome aboard, Ensign.

MajDougMcKnight: Sorry, sir. I imagine that'd be enough to piss even Lieutenant T'Kirr off, but not enough to incpacitate. And for a Vulcan...that's a cheap shot.

Dan Duc Williams: ::decides that since he's 3 for 3 on the rejection list that it's just not a good sign:: Thank ya ma'am. ::turns to the fighter:: Alrighty then Mr. Mustang, lets get you patched up. ::heads over to the mustang and starts fiddling::

LtCdrHDucaine: ::rides the turbolift down and then steps into Engineering::

LtCdrHDucaine: God, and people wonder why I stay down here.

LtCdrHDucaine: Jeddin> ::smiles:: Agreed, sir.

Cmdr Shelev: ::sigh:: Today's not my day I guess. I take it I can try again tomorrow?

MajDougMcKnight: ::The simulation shuts down automatically:: By all means. In the meantime, I'd suggest a stronger prescription, or failing that, practice.

Ian Blackthorne: :sits back down and summons another cup of tea::

MajDougMcKnight: In fact, if you ignore everything else, remember that last word there.

Cmdr Shelev: I'll take it in mind, Major.

8:45 PM

MajDougMcKnight: Is there anything else I can help you with, sir?

LtCdrHDucaine: I have junior up working on the Sehlat Mustang. He's got a damn good work ethic and a damn annoying personality.

Cmdr Shelev: I guess I'll check out a lane tomorrow for a few hours. ::Powers off phaser, hands it to McKnight:: No, that should do it, Major.

LtCdrHDucaine: Jeddin> *

LtCdrHDucaine: ::smiles:: Yeah, but you can't have both, Major.

Lt TKirr: ::looks after Williams for a moment, her internal social meter alerting her:: So... ::uncomfortable pause:: ...I assume you are related to Mr. Ducaine?

LtCdrHDucaine: Jeddin> I do... ::laughs::

Cmdr Shelev: Enjoy your raktajino.

MajDougMcKnight: ::Nods as he replaces the weapon in the locker:: Give the Admiral my regards.

Dan Duc Williams: ::looks over with a questioning look:: I'm related to a Duncaine yeah, but how do you know about him?

Cmdr Shelev: I will. ::Nods and exits::

Ian Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM

Ian Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM

Ian Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM

Kiley Airell: ::paused::

Dan Duc Williams: ::pauseded::

Lt TKirr: ::pauses::

LtCdrHDucaine: ::paused::

WillFMarlowe: ::pauses::

MajDougMcKnight: ::paused::

LtCdrHDucaine: ::screeches to a halt::

Ian Blackthorne: Commander.

Cmdr Shelev: ::tweeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeet::

Dan Duc Williams: ::At Attention Sah!::

Lt TKirr: ::AA::

Kiley Airell: ::AA::

WillFMarlowe: ::AA::

8:50 PM

LtCdrHDucaine: ::@@::

Ian Blackthorne: Good job tonight, everyone. A little lull in the action, but the subplots carried well.

Ian Blackthorne: We really are on track again.

Cmdr Shelev: Summarizing all that is going to be a pain ><

Ian Blackthorne: More to come next week, as Blackthorne's suspicions might prove true...

Ian Blackthorne: Commander, if you will?

Lt TKirr: ::gulps::

Cmdr Shelev: Dismissed.

Lt TKirr: ::runs away screaming::

Dan Duc Williams: ::flees!::

LtCdrHDucaine: ::laughs:: We'll see you all next week, guys! ::waves and runs::

Kiley Airell: night all

Lt TKirr has left this chat.

Ian Blackthorne: ::Cackles evilly as he leaves::