AIM Chat with ltcdrhducaine, Lt TKirr, MajorAZinthys, Kiley Airell, WillFMarlowe, ltmirriedunton.

7:28 PM

Lt TKirr: Have we met, Mirrie?

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MajDougMcKnight: (Evening, folks.)

Lt TKirr: There's Ellis.

7:30 PM

ltmirriedunton: :: shakes head :: I do not think so...

Ian Blackthorne: Evening, Everyone.

Lt TKirr: ::nods:: Admiral.

Kiley Airell: Hey J

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Lt TKirr: WB, Ellis

Lt Dakota Ellis: thanks

Kiley Airell: Hey Ellis

Lt Dakota Ellis: Kiley

LtCdrHDucaine: Welcome back, Dak!

MajorAZinthys: ba dum ching

Ian Blackthorne: Good LAWD it's Ellis!

Lt TKirr: No more blobs, Dak

Lt TKirr: Space Jello ::grins::

Lt Dakota Ellis: ::laughs:: Good to kn ow

Lt TKirr: I wish everyone's name was the same color from week to week

MajorAZinthys: Why?

Lt TKirr: A lot of people confuse me (O.o)

LtCdrHDucaine: Where is my assistant...? ::looks around::

Lt Dakota Ellis: isn't that what the colored fonts are for? lol

Ian Blackthorne: He was liquidated.

Lt TKirr: I suppose.

7:35 PM

LtCdrHDucaine: Oh...

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CmdrShelev: I didn't do it

MajorAZinthys: ::hides his phaser rifle::

Lt TKirr: Ew, the blueskin.. I mean, hi, Commander. O.o

CmdrShelev: Hello, greenskin.

Lt TKirr: Hey, my skin's not...

Ian Blackthorne: Okay, what a crowd!

Ian Blackthorne: Let's get rolling. Commander?


Lt TKirr: ::AA::

MajDougMcKnight: ::AA::

MajorAZinthys: ::comes to attention with a "thump"::

LtCdrHDucaine: ::@@::

Kiley Airell: ::AA::

Lt Dakota Ellis: ::AA::

Ian Blackthorne: First of all. This attendance. This is what I like to see. This makes me proud.

WillFMarlowe: ::AA::

Ian Blackthorne: Atlantis is back with a vengeance.

Ian Blackthorne: In case you didn't read the log, Drake swapped over to Ducaine there.

CmdrShelev: I could tell from the way he stood at attention, sir.

Ian Blackthorne: Indeed.

LtCdrHDucaine: ::waves::

Ian Blackthorne: And now for the brief.

7:40 PM

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Ian Blackthorne: Atlantis is en route to rendezvous with the USS Discovery.

Ian Blackthorne: We'll be transferring the majority of our Science dept. off and taking on additional Marines for the trip through hostile Machen Bren territory to escort the Xindi refugees to our space.

Ian Blackthorne: Additional doctors and engineers will be coming aboard as well.

Ian Blackthorne: We are on a constant state of yellow alert.

Ian Blackthorne: Questions?

Ian Blackthorne: I take that as a no.

Ian Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM

Ian Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM

Ian Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM

LtCdrHDucaine: ::with bag over his shoulder, heads to the bridge::

Ian Blackthorne: ::in his ready room, studying what data the Xindi were able to send as we speed to the Discovery's location::

WillFMarlowe: ::in sickbay, going over inventories and transmitting lists of needed supplies ahead to the Discovery med department::

LtCdrHDucaine: Keaton 'Keys' Ducaine> Dad, where we going?

MajorAZinthys: ::Standing at Tactical::

LtCdrHDucaine: We've got to go get our quarters assignment. Then, I have to work.

CmdrShelev: ::on bridge, fiddling with consoles and doing general Bridge Stuff::

LtCdrHDucaine: Keys> And what do I do?

LtCdrHDucaine: Study. ::stares intently:: You have your admissions tests for Starfleet Academy coming up.

Lt TKirr: ::in the Fighter Bay, finishing up her thorough inspection::

LtCdrHDucaine: Keys> Dad, it's like six months away. ::adjusts his own bag:: Besides, I'm breezing through the pre-tests and the study manuals.

Ian Blackthorne: ::puts the PADD down and strides out onto the bridge::

Ian Blackthorne: I have the bridge. Status.

Kiley Airell: ::on the bridge::

LtCdrHDucaine: Well, then, you're studying should be a ... breeze. ::smiles as he enters the turbolift:: Deck One, Bridge.

CmdrShelev: Yellow alert, as usual, no contacts thus far.

Ian Blackthorne: ETA to Discovery?

CmdrShelev: 34 hours.

Lt Dakota Ellis: ::walking Noah to daycare::

7:45 PM

WillFMarlowe: ::leaves his office and moves to the lab area, where sickbay techs are converting them from experimental to surgical and recovery suites::

LtCdrHDucaine: Keys> Dad, why did we take a shuttle from Discovery if they are going to be meeting up with the Atlantis anyway?

LtCdrHDucaine: Well, Major Drake needed to get to where he was going. So, we just saved him some time.

LtCdrHDucaine: Keys> Marines. Always rushing.

LtCdrHDucaine: ::laughs, messing up his son's hair::

MajDougMcKnight: ::Sits in his office, going over the planned accomodations for their extra personnel. It'll be at least 2 men to every room, his included. And when the marines arrive, it will likely fall to him to get them settled::

Ian Blackthorne: I'd like to speed this up a bit. Have Captain Santiago divert to these coordinates. ::punches them up on the arm of the CO's chair::

CmdrShelev: Aye.

CmdrShelev: Ensign, transmit these coords to Discovery.

LtCdrHDucaine: ::steps out onto the bridge and puts a finger up:: Wait here, all right Keaton?

WillFMarlowe: ::checks on some of the arrangements, then contacts the triage center for a status report::

Lt Dakota Ellis: :;watches as Miss Molly takes Noah over to play with the other children::

CmdrShelev: ::Looks up at the new arrival and stands::

Ian Blackthorne: ::walks to the center of the bridge, then turns as Ducaine enters::

Ian Blackthorne: You must be Lt. Commander Ducaine.

Lt TKirr: EnsLogan> ::looks over to Ducaine from Sci::

MajorAZinthys: ::Briefly looks at Ducaine, then goes back to monitoring long-range sensors::

LtCdrHDucaine: ::nods:: Admiral Blackthorne.

Kiley Airell: ::looks over to Ducaine::

Ian Blackthorne: Welcome aboard, Commander.

CmdrShelev: ::nods at Ducaine:: Commander

LtCdrHDucaine: ::smiles:: Thank you, sir. I'm suppose to report to operations for my quarter assignments. ::turns and looks at his son briefly to make sure he's still waiting::

7:50 PM

Ian Blackthorne: ::gestures him over:: I have a lot of work for you.

LtCdrHDucaine: ::nods to the Andorian:: Sir.

LtCdrHDucaine: ::motions for Keaton to step onto the bridge:: Pillar.

LtCdrHDucaine: Keys> ::Steps out and stands next to the pillar::

LtCdrHDucaine: ::moves over to the Admiral::

Ian Blackthorne: :::offers a handshake::

Lt TKirr: ::rests a hand above her head on the starbord trailing wing edge of Ellis's Mustang, scanner in the other::

LtCdrHDucaine: ::takes his hand, shaking it::

Kiley Airell: ::smiles:: Nice to meet you Commander Ducaine.

Ian Blackthorne: First thing's first. Operations has your quarters assigned, but I need engineering in complete readiness to take this ship to maximum warp for an extended period of time.

Ian Blackthorne: Sovereigns are the fastest in the fleet, and I expect it. Warp 9.95 at least, 9.99 for as long as we can stand it.

Lt Dakota Ellis: ::slips out of daycare and heads for the lab::

LtCdrHDucaine: ::nods:: 48 hours long enough?

Ian Blackthorne: We're rated for 36. 48 is ideal.

LtCdrHDucaine: Well, if 48 is ideal, I'll give you 60.

WillFMarlowe: ::starts back toward his office, ticking off a checklist on his PADD, and pauses:: Hm. I wonder how I forgot that one. +Ducaine+ Mr. Ducaine, this is Dr. Marlowe.

Ian Blackthorne: That's the attitude I like.

LtCdrHDucaine: +Marlowe+ Standby, Doctor.

7:55 PM

Ian Blackthorne: Dismissed.

LtCdrHDucaine: ::nods:: Thank you, sir.

Ian Blackthorne: Commander Shelev.

LtCdrHDucaine: ::nods to them both and retreats back to the turbolift, taking a PADD with his quarters assignment as he goes::

CmdrShelev: Sir.

Lt Dakota Ellis: :;walks into the lab:: Computer play Ellie music program delta 4

Ian Blackthorne: Sound the alert to have the Sharks report for flight-readiness. I want to see how long it takes.

Lt Dakota Ellis: ::starts working on the upgrades to the UT while listening to "Sweet Home Alabama" really loudly::

LtCdrHDucaine: ::moves back into the turbolift, pulling Keaton with him::

CmdrShelev: Computer, start a general timer on my mark.

Ian Blackthorne: ::glances to Kiley::

LtCdrHDucaine: Deck Eight, Senior Officer Quarters.

Kiley Airell: ::grins::time for some fun

CmdrShelev: +Shipwide+ Sharks, flight preparation. Lead, report when ready.

CmdrShelev: Computer, mark.

LtCdrHDucaine: Keys> Is this another one of those times where I spend the entire mission in our quarters reading bad novels and listening to crappy music?

Lt TKirr: ::looks up::

Ian Blackthorne: ::heads to the TL:: Assault Bay.

Lt Dakota Ellis: ::hears the call when the compuer pauses the music:: Damn

Lt TKirr: ::drops her scanner on a nearby console on her way to her flight suit::

Ian Blackthorne: You have the bridge, commander.

Lt Dakota Ellis: ::heads for the shuttle bay::

CmdrShelev: Aye, sir.

Kiley Airell: ::follows the Admiral::

Lt TKirr: ::quickly suits up and trots to her her craft::

Lt Dakota Ellis: ::assault bay whateverbay::

LtCdrHDucaine: ::steps out onto the deck, takes two lefts and a right:: Here we go. ::hands Keaton his bags:: I'll be back later.

LtCdrHDucaine: Keys> ::nods:: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Ian Blackthorne: Computer, emergency TL speed, authorization Blackthorne gamma tango delta three four niner.

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Ian Blackthorne: Hang on, Counselor.

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8:00 PM

Lt Dakota Ellis: ::walks into the bay and heads for the lockers to suit up::

Kiley Airell: ::takes hold of the bar:: you like it fast

Lt TKirr: ::swings up toward the cockpit, but remains standing, waiting for the others::

Ian Blackthorne: We can cheat a little.

LtCdrHDucaine: ::smiles:: I'll be back soon. ::squeezes his shoulders and then heads back down the hallway::

Ian Blackthorne: ::the TL arrives::

Ian Blackthorne: ::jogs out toward the assault bay::

Kiley Airell: ::laughs and follows the Admiral out of the TL::

WillFMarlowe: +Ducaine+ ::clears his throat::

Ian Blackthorne: ::enters the bay and hits the locker room::

Ian Blackthorne: ::suits up, grabs his helmet, and dashes to his Mustang::

MajorAZinthys: +McKnight+ Zinthys to McKnight.

LtCdrHDucaine: +Marlowe+ Yes, Doctor, what can I do for you?

Kiley Airell: ::heads to the locker room to change quickly::

Lt Dakota Ellis: ::heads towards her craft with her helemt under her arm::

Ian Blackthorne: ::puts on his helmet and climbs into his Mustang::

Kiley Airell: ::grabs helmet and heads to her Mustang::

Ian Blackthorne: ::starts his preflight checklist::

CmdrShelev: Tactical, can you run a test on the new damage report console? It doesn't seem to have been given a workout lately.

Lt TKirr: ::stands with one leg in the cockpit, watching the others::

WillFMarlowe: +Ducaine+ Welcome aboard. I'd like to check you over before you go on duty, and there just happens to be an appointment open now. It won't take long.

Ian Blackthorne: ::flipping switches in the memorized prescribed order to bring the craft to life::

Lt TKirr: ::finally sits down and starts up::

Ian Blackthorne: +Sharks+ Shark One, requesting commcheck.

Kiley Airell: ::jumps into her Mustang and starts preflight checks::

MajorAZinthys: <<...damage report console...?>>

Lt Dakota Ellis: ::climbs in and straps in::

CmdrShelev: << I'm winging it and trying to make the bridge seem busy; sue me >>

MajorAZinthys: Aye, Commander.

MajorAZinthys: <<oh. Okay.>>

Lt Dakota Ellis: (Got anything wroth sueing for?)

LtCdrHDucaine: +Marlowe+ Copy that, on my way. ::Steps into the turbolift:: Deck Fifteen, Sickbay.

Lt Dakota Ellis: +Sharks+ Checks out here

CmdrShelev: << negative >>

MajDougMcKnight: (Uh...sorry folks. I need to go take care of something. I'll be back as soon as I can.)

MajorAZinthys: ::Shifts over a half step to get a better angle on it::

Kiley Airell: +Sharks+ All clear here

Lt TKirr: +Sharks+ Sehlat here, Shark One.

8:05 PM

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Ian Blackthorne: +Sharks+ Report when ready to launch.

Ian Blackthorne: ::finishes preflight and has the craft fully powered up::

CmdrShelev: Conn, updated ETA on discovery?

Lt Dakota Ellis: ::finishes off preflight:: +Sharks+ Ready to rumble

LtCdrHDucaine: ::strides out of the turbolift and into sickbay, looking about casually::

Lt TKirr: +Sharks+ Ready here. ::feels the hum of the engines::

CmdrShelev: Conn> 9 hours at present speed, Commander.

CmdrShelev: Hell, why didn't we take this route before?

MajorAZinthys: ::notes that there is currently no damage control needed::

WillFMarlowe: Over here, Mr. Ducaine. Biobed 1.

Ian Blackthorne: ::waiting::

Lt TKirr: <<I'm lead?>>

Ian Blackthorne: <<No, me - waiting on Kiley to give a go for launch>>

LtCdrHDucaine: ::walks over, smiling:: Ah, the coming aboard physical. One of my favorite parts of changing posts. ::hops up onto the bed::

Kiley Airell: +Sharks+ Ready

Lt TKirr: <<I thought she did>>

Ian Blackthorne: +Bridge+ Shark One to bridge, reporting launch readiness.

Lt TKirr: <<Oh nm that was comm>>

Kiley Airell: ((sorry! thought I had hit enter))

CmdrShelev: Computer, mark

CmdrShelev: +Shark One+ Six minutes, 43 seconds and change, Admiral.

Ian Blackthorne: +Sharks+ Too slow. Blackthorne out.

Ian Blackthorne: ((That was to bridge.))

Ian Blackthorne: +Sharks+ Stand down launch.

Ian Blackthorne: ::begins to power his craft down::

Lt TKirr: ::shuts down::

Kiley Airell: ::sighs and powers down::

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scurrdi: ((hi, so sorry about all that))

Lt Dakota Ellis: ::powers down::

WillFMarlowe: ::walks over with a medcorder:: Your favorite? To each his own, I suppose. ::scans the new engineer:: I have your file from the Discovery. Would you mind looking it over and telling me if anything is missing or out of date?

8:10 PM

Ian Blackthorne: ((Welcome!))

Lt Dakota Ellis: (brb)

LtCdrHDucaine: {{Heya Dan!}}

Ian Blackthorne: ::climbs down out of the canopy, removing his helmet::

LtCdrHDucaine: There's nothing wrong with it. Healthy as an ox.

Kiley Airell: ::climbs out, takes helmet off:: Couldn't we have gone for a little spin Admiral?

scurrdi: :: is in engineering, working more to make the warp core go faster then its supposed to ::

Lt TKirr: ::lands below her vessel, helm in hand::

Ian Blackthorne: I mainly wanted to see how rusty we had gotten.

Ian Blackthorne: And the answer is pretty rusty.

CmdrShelev: +Engineering+ Engineering, can you turn nine hours into eight?

WillFMarlowe: Right. Thank you, you're free to go. ::claps the medcorder shut:: Again, welcome aboard.

Kiley Airell: ::grins:: you should have also checked how rusty our flying had gotten too.

Lt TKirr: What do you suggest, Admiral?

Ian Blackthorne: ::looks to T'Kirr:: The fighters do seem quite ready, Lieutenant. Well done.

Lt TKirr: ::nods once::

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MajorAZinthys: <<grr... dumb computer>>

LtCdrHDucaine: Jeddin> +Shelev+ Uh, we can try. Kind of hard without a Chief Engineer.

Ian Blackthorne: When that call goes out, we need to get here faster than all get out.

scurrdi: ::looks over to Jeddin as he gets up:: Any idea who's it supposed to be?

Ian Blackthorne: And make sure you have your preflight procedures perfectly memorized. They should be auto-mat-ic.

LtCdrHDucaine: Thank you, Doctor. ::Stands and hands out::

Ian Blackthorne: ::emphasizes each syllable::

LtCdrHDucaine: Jeddin> No, no clue.

scurrdi: ::nods:: Well, why don't we try boosting the ionic power flux? That'll at least give us the boost they want.

Ian Blackthorne: As for your flying, you'll have to keep it to the holodeck for now.

8:15 PM

Ian Blackthorne: But I expect our usual level of quality when the time comes.

LtCdrHDucaine: Jeddin> Yeah, and blow the entire warp coolant system if the manifold isn't calibrated. But, let me guess, you knew that...?

Ian Blackthorne: So keep your practice hours up.

Kiley Airell: wow, I would have thought you'd expect a higher level of quality

LtCdrHDucaine: ::steps into the turbolift:: Deck Sixteen, Engineering.

Ian Blackthorne: I already expect the best.

CmdrShelev: Comm, send a message to the Discovery. Tell them to stop acting like a science vessel and cease conserving fuel.

MajorAZinthys: Commander, the new console seems to be working just fine.

scurrdi: ::smiles:: I thought about it, but I figure I'll work on the calibration, you can do the easy part and increase the flux.

MajorAZinthys: ::Shifts back over to the main Tactical station::

LtCdrHDucaine: Jeddin> Then stop talking. ::stares::

CmdrShelev: Thank you, Major. Hopefully the fuses work.

scurrdi: ::nods:: Aye aye sir. ::grabs a new kit and heads over towards the coolant room::

Ian Blackthorne: You can change into your flightsuit quicker by keeping your regular uniform on under it. ::smiles and unzips his a bit, showing the collar of his regular uniform beneath it::

Ian Blackthorne: Dismissed.

Ian Blackthorne: ::walks back toward the locker room::

scurrdi: ::settles down and starts working, humming as he goes::

LtCdrHDucaine: ::sees a crewmen working on a power conduit:: Hello crewmen, how are you faring?

Lt Dakota Ellis: (back)

Kiley Airell: ::heads back to the locker room::

Kiley Airell: ((wb))

Lt TKirr: ::follows toward the lockers and climbs out of her flight suit and puts it away::

LtCdrHDucaine: Crewmen> Well, Commander. Are you the new Chief Engineer?

LtCdrHDucaine: That I am.

LtCdrHDucaine: Crewmen> Good, because that Drake had some screws loose. Good engineer, weird guy everywhere else.

Ian Blackthorne: ::pulls off his flightsuit, stows that and his helmet::

MajorAZinthys: ::Starts checking up on the marines that are going to be transferred::

8:20 PM

scurrdi: ::tinkers some more:: Jeddin, how much increase you figure we'll need to add?

CmdrShelev: Conn> Message from Discovery, sir. They said they're already pulling warp 9.6 and they aren't rated for much higher than that.

Lt Dakota Ellis: ::heads for the locker room to change::

MajorAZinthys: ::Notes that McKnight already assigned them quarters::

Kiley Airell: ::changes quickly and heads out of the locker room towards the TL::

LtCdrHDucaine: Jeddin> About four hundred kilojules to the main coolant system.

Ian Blackthorne: ::heads toward the TL::

Lt Dakota Ellis: ::heads back towards the lab::

Ian Blackthorne: ::enters TL:: Bridge.

scurrdi: ::coughs:: Well I just hop its not anything higher then that. This 'ere baby can't handle too much more, at least not right now. ::continues tinkering::

LtCdrHDucaine: Jeddin> It could handle six hundred if I wanted it to. ::shoots another glare in Dan's direction:: You've been on this ship for what, a day or two and you're already telling ME what it can and cannot take?

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Ian Blackthorne: ::Arrives on the bridge::

Kiley Airell: So, what time are you looking for Admiral?

CmdrShelev: Admiral on the bridge.

Ian Blackthorne: ACTION> Fast forward eight hours.

LtCdrHDucaine: {{Uh...OK...}}

MajorAZinthys: ::pees within those eight hours::

Ian Blackthorne: ::Arrives on the bridge after having slept for six hours::

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Lt TKirr: <<What the...>>

LtCdrHDucaine: ::finally makes it into Engineering after having done a bunch of other jobs that didn't require him in Engineering::

Lt Dakota Ellis: ::notes it's 8 hours later... blinks:: Wow that shift went quick

scurrdi: ::chuckles to himself quietly:: I'm telling you what I believe it can handle, based on what I see in front of me. Sure it could handle 6 hundred, but not for very long.

Kiley Airell: ::heads back to the Bridge::

Ian Blackthorne: I have the bridge.

8:25 PM

scurrdi: ::spent 8 hours working in engineering and/or messing with Jeddin within limits::

Ian Blackthorne: Have we reached the rendezvous coordinates?

CmdrShelev: << Discovery needs eight hours to get to rendezvous. >>

LtCdrHDucaine: Jeddin> Are you still talking about the correction to the warp coolant system? It's been eight hours, get over it. ::rolls his eyes::

CmdrShelev: Aye, and somehow they beat us here.

Ian Blackthorne: ::smirks::

WillFMarlowe: ::walks back into sickbay::

LtCdrHDucaine: ::walks into Engineering and strides into his office:: Whoever is Lt. Major Michael Jeddin, I need to speak with him.

Ian Blackthorne: All stop, bring us alongside.

Kiley Airell: ::enters the bridge and moves over to her usual chair::

Lt TKirr: ::in her quarters, noticing the time, and steps out toward the Bridge::

LtCdrHDucaine: Jeddin> ::looks up:: Great, another Navy man. Drake, I curse.

scurrdi: ::is knelt under another console:: I know that voice...

Ian Blackthorne: Zinthys, hail them.

MajorAZinthys: ::does it::

Lt TKirr: ::takes TL to Bridge and steps out, relieving the ensign at Sci::

Ian Blackthorne: Santiago> ::appears on the screen:: Admiral, we beat you.

Ian Blackthorne: ::smirks:: Only because I changed the rendezvous to be closer to you.

WillFMarlowe: ::checks on final preparations for new med staff and supplies::

Ian Blackthorne: Santiago> USS Discovery at your service, sir. Good to see Atlantis again.

LtCdrHDucaine: Jeddin> Yes, sir?

Ian Blackthorne: Likewise with the Discovery. We'll commence crew transfer immediately.

Lt TKirr: ::looks over the roster of her people that will be transferring::

scurrdi: ::gets up from his console, having finished whatever he was working on:: It can't be...

LtCdrHDucaine: I am under the impression that we'll be receiving new engineers for this upcoming mission. Since you're second in command, it will be your responsibility to get them trained on anything they need.

LtCdrHDucaine: Jeddin> They will be trained officers, sir.

LtCdrHDucaine: ::smiles warmly:: Then it's all the easier for you, isn't it?

Ian Blackthorne: Santiago> Aye Admiral. May I suggest a small amount of time for crew intermingling?

LtCdrHDucaine: Jeddin> Yes, will you be amending the crew duty roster?

LtCdrHDucaine: Of course.

Ian Blackthorne: ::nods:: We have little time, but we can spend a day here. It'll like take that to get everyone squared away.

LtCdrHDucaine: Jeddin> ::nods:: Welcome aboard, by the way Commander.

Ian Blackthorne: See you for a drink later, Captain. Atlantis out.

8:30 PM

Lt TKirr: <<Lol, all that rushing just to have a couple drinks>>

Ian Blackthorne: Commander, we'll be here for a day. Inform the crew that they're free to visit the Discovery at will.

Ian Blackthorne: ((Gotta have priorities))

scurrdi: ::wanders over towards the office but changes his mind and goes to see if someone need any help:: If its really him and I'll deal with it later.

CmdrShelev: << I think we lost a commercial break somewhere >>

LtCdrHDucaine: ::smiles again:: Thank you. Nothing like diving right in. Can we have Maximum sustainable warp for 60 hours?

LtCdrHDucaine: Jeddin> ::blinks:: Uh, that's sudden sir.

LtCdrHDucaine: We're set up for it, Major, which means that your answer should've been yes. What do we need to fix to get it that way.

Ian Blackthorne: I doubt they'll get any R&R for a while after this anyway.

LtCdrHDucaine: Jeddin> Uh, the warp coolant has to be increased to maximum. It's up at 400 right now.

LtCdrHDucaine: I want it at seven hundred.

scurrdi: ::can't stop but try to overhear what he can from the warp core area he's fiddling with, trying to reset the levels:: That has got to be him.

LtCdrHDucaine: Jeddin> Uh, OK. And the warp manifold needs to be recalibrated to sustain the strain on the nacelles.

LtCdrHDucaine: Do it.

Ian Blackthorne: +Engineering+ Blackthorne to engineering.

LtCdrHDucaine: Jeddin> Aye, Commander.

LtCdrHDucaine: ::nodding to Jeddin:: +Blackthorne+ Go ahead, Admiral.

Ian Blackthorne: +Ducaine+ Commander, you have twenty-four hours until we launch off at maximum warp. Be ready.

scurrdi: ::shudders:: HE is my Chief... oh lord save us.

8:35 PM

LtCdrHDucaine: +Blackthorne+ I'll have it in twelve, sir.

Lt TKirr: +SciDept+ T'Kirr to all Science personnel. Everyone transferring to the USS Discovery report to Transporter Room Two by nineteen-hundred hours.

Ian Blackthorne: +Ducaine+ Then you have twelve additional hours to raise performance even further.

LtCdrHDucaine: +Blackthorne+ Aye, sir.

Lt TKirr: +SciDept+ ::pauses:: Thank you for your dedicated service to the USS Atlantis. May you prosper in your next assignment.

CmdrShelev: +Transporters+ All transporter rooms, please coordinate with Discovery for crew transfer, out.

Ian Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM

scurrdi: ::grumbles some more under his breathe, wondering when pretty boy is gonna come out of his office::

Ian Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM

Ian Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM

scurrdi: ::pausesdeed::

Lt TKirr: ::pauses::

Kiley Airell: ::paused::

LtCdrHDucaine: ::paused::

Lt Dakota Ellis: paused

LtCdrHDucaine: ::looks at Dan:: Pretty boy?

scurrdi: thats right.

WillFMarlowe: ::paused::

scurrdi: ::smiles::

MajorAZinthys: ::pauses::

CmdrShelev: << Let's see if I do it right this week >>


scurrdi: ::AA::

Lt TKirr: ::AA::

LtCdrHDucaine: ::@@::

Lt Dakota Ellis: ::AA::

Kiley Airell: ::AA::

WillFMarlowe: ::AA::

CmdrShelev: << Drops whistle and steps. away. slowly. >>

Ian Blackthorne: Thank you, Commander.

Ian Blackthorne: Excellent job folks. This sim is improving greatly.

Ian Blackthorne: Nine is the most we've had in months. Perhaps this year.

LtCdrHDucaine: It was actually 10.

LtCdrHDucaine:  McKnight was here briefly.


Ian Blackthorne: True.

MajorAZinthys: But scurrdi was late

scurrdi: Sorry for being late too, stupid classes

LtCdrHDucaine: Damn that education.

MajorAZinthys: Bah. Skip them.

Ian Blackthorne: Now, I'd love to see some logs.

8:40 PM

LtCdrHDucaine: ::clears throat::

LtCdrHDucaine: ::motions to the inbox::

Ian Blackthorne: Last month we had another empty month with nothing to submit to the Muse.

Lt TKirr: ::bonks Ducaine::

MajorAZinthys: ::Wonders why a starship needs wood::

Ian Blackthorne: This month, Ducaine has written.

Ian Blackthorne: And T'Kirr.

Lt TKirr: I just got that, Z lol

Lt Dakota Ellis has left this chat.

MajorAZinthys: ::grinz::

Ian Blackthorne: I hope to never see another month without something for the Muse.

scurrdi: ::still doesnt get it::

Ian Blackthorne: Great job, folks.

Ian Blackthorne: Commander?

CmdrShelev: Dismissed!

Lt TKirr: ::saunters away::

MajorAZinthys has left this chat.

Ian Blackthorne: See you next week!