(9:33:09 PM) You have just entered room "celestialprime."


MajAdamDrake (9:33:14 PM): JAG did.


MajDougMcKnight (9:33:26 PM): Fine.  Star Trek didn't.


MajDougMcKnight (9:33:34 PM): I meant...much beloved in our common context.


VAdm Blackthorne (9:33:51 PM): Hiya, Kiley.


Kiley (9:33:56 PM): Hey J


MajDougMcKnight (9:34:03 PM): Oh, yeah.  Inattentive, I am.


Kiley (9:34:03 PM): Hi FCM, McKnight


MajDougMcKnight (9:34:11 PM): Heya Kiley.  Happy anniversary.


MajAdamDrake (9:34:18 PM): :-)


(9:35:24 PM) WillFMarlowe has entered the room.


WillFMarlowe (9:35:45 PM): Hello everyone.


MajDougMcKnight (9:35:52 PM): Hey Marlowe.


Kiley (9:35:52 PM): hi Will


VAdm Blackthorne (9:36:08 PM): Heya, Will.


MajAdamDrake (9:37:55 PM): Anyone excited for 'RENT'?  The movie version?


VAdm Blackthorne (9:38:10 PM): Nah, saw it on Broadway


MajDougMcKnight (9:38:25 PM): Who's excited for Batman, the movie version?


MajAdamDrake (9:38:44 PM): Did you like it on B-way?


MajDougMcKnight (9:38:53 PM): Batman was on Broadway?


Kiley (9:38:54 PM): I'm excited for Bewitched (Movie)


VAdm Blackthorne (9:39:09 PM): Rent?


VAdm Blackthorne (9:39:18 PM): Yeah, loved it on Broadway.


VAdm Blackthorne (9:39:39 PM): Saw a tour of it in Cupertino as well, which was well done.


MajAdamDrake (9:39:51 PM): I haven't yet, but it's on the list of things to do.


VAdm Blackthorne (9:40:17 PM): It was actually the first thing I ever saw on B'way.


Kiley (9:40:52 PM): what else have you seen?


VAdm Blackthorne (9:41:37 PM): Lots


VAdm Blackthorne (9:41:40 PM): Lemme think


(9:41:41 PM) scurrdi has entered the room.


MajAdamDrake (9:41:46 PM): O!


scurrdi (9:41:55 PM): ((runs to peanut gallery))


scurrdi (9:42:02 PM): allo


VAdm Blackthorne (9:42:04 PM): The Producers, Urinetown, Les Mis, Rent, Mamma Mia!...


MajAdamDrake (9:42:17 PM): Les Mis...wow.  That's a good one.


VAdm Blackthorne (9:42:20 PM): Lion King


VAdm Blackthorne (9:42:26 PM): Les Mis's entire first act is boring.


Kiley (9:42:27 PM): of those the only one I'm interested in is Les Mis


VAdm Blackthorne (9:42:40 PM): And the love story is stupid. INSTANT LOVE BECAUSE I SAW YOU ACROSS THE STAGE.


VAdm Blackthorne (9:42:45 PM): <3


VAdm Blackthorne (9:42:53 PM): Caberet


MajAdamDrake (9:43:17 PM): Rent is awesome.


MajAdamDrake (9:43:21 PM): The music anyway.


VAdm Blackthorne (9:43:24 PM): Hang on there's more


VAdm Blackthorne (9:43:48 PM): Proof


MajAdamDrake (9:43:53 PM): That's show is AWESOME.


scurrdi (9:43:53 PM): ::eats peanuts::


MajAdamDrake (9:43:58 PM): I loved it.


VAdm Blackthorne (9:44:03 PM): Gypsy with Bernadette Peters (8th row center orchestra OMG)


(9:44:22 PM) Kovut TajArms has entered the room.


VAdm Blackthorne (9:44:27 PM): The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe, one-woman show with Lily Tomlin


VAdm Blackthorne (9:44:31 PM): Seussical


VAdm Blackthorne (9:44:40 PM): The Full Monty


VAdm Blackthorne (9:44:53 PM): I think that's it.


MajAdamDrake (9:45:21 PM): OK, let's sim!  :-)


VAdm Blackthorne (9:46:36 PM): Well, here it is. On this day, eight years ago in 1997, the USS Atlantis first sailed.


VAdm Blackthorne (9:47:25 PM): Her command staff was Captain Seamus Blackthorne and Commander Kristiana Stecker.


VAdm Blackthorne (9:48:08 PM): On the first shakedown cruise, a doppleganger had somehow infiltrated the ship and wreaked havoc.


VAdm Blackthorne (9:48:33 PM): And thus the story began.


VAdm Blackthorne (9:49:36 PM): Through many different crewmembers and a few changes of command, here we are today.


VAdm Blackthorne (9:49:53 PM): I have been the CO the entire time, save for one nine-month period off.


VAdm Blackthorne (9:50:42 PM): And, believe it or not... the Atlantis we stand upon is the same ship that first sailed eight years ago.


VAdm Blackthorne (9:50:50 PM): She's survived all the hell we put her through.


VAdm Blackthorne (9:51:07 PM): Though some say she's haunted...


VAdm Blackthorne (9:51:22 PM): But no one here remembers that.


(9:52:06 PM) Kovut TajArms has left the room.


VAdm Blackthorne (9:52:13 PM): I have many fond memories of these eight years, though.


VAdm Blackthorne (9:52:23 PM): A story arc that took five years to complete.


VAdm Blackthorne (9:52:56 PM): Many different crewmembers have come and gone.


VAdm Blackthorne (9:53:34 PM): Good times, bad times, but we're still here.


VAdm Blackthorne (9:54:07 PM): And hopefully we'll still be here for years to come.


(9:54:37 PM) AlexKilgarran has entered the room.


VAdm Blackthorne (9:54:49 PM): I believe this sim will be held in Ten-Forward. To celebrate eight years, drunken debauchery is needed.


MajDougMcKnight (9:55:13 PM): When is it not?


VAdm Blackthorne (9:55:20 PM): Excellent point.


VAdm Blackthorne (9:55:38 PM): So, folks. An evening in Ten-forward to celebrate.


VAdm Blackthorne (9:55:45 PM): Make with the anniversary celebration!


VAdm Blackthorne (9:55:58 PM): BEGIN PARTY


VAdm Blackthorne (9:56:00 PM): BEGIN PARTY


VAdm Blackthorne (9:56:02 PM): BEGIN PARTY


MajAdamDrake (9:56:11 PM): ::in ten-foward holding a drink, doesn't know HOW it got there::


scurrdi (9:56:31 PM): ((::likes the party edition, wonders if its a common thing or not::


scurrdi (9:56:33 PM): ))


Kiley (9:56:51 PM): ::walks in to the lounge and looks around::


MajAdamDrake (9:56:58 PM): Kiley!  ::waves::


VAdm Blackthorne (9:57:19 PM): ::in 10-F, relaxing in a pair of jeans and a button-up shirt with the top two undone, sipping on a gin and tonic, an unlit cigar clenched between his teeth::


WillFMarlowe (9:57:22 PM): ((Sorry folks--had to help the wife with Latin homework.)) ::walks into the lounge and looks around, only having been there a time or two before::


Kiley (9:57:31 PM): ::sees Drake and smiles:: He there Major


MajAdamDrake (9:57:47 PM): Evening, Lieutenant, how are you?  ::smiles and sips::


VAdm Blackthorne (9:58:02 PM): ::waves to Airell as she enters::


MajDougMcKnight (9:58:11 PM): ::Does not question the drink.  It's not there to be questioned.  It is a think to be drank.  Thus, one Guiness down the hatch::


Kiley (9:58:23 PM): ::chuckles:: Not bad, you?


Kiley (9:58:42 PM): ::smiles to teh Admiral:: Hey Cappy


VAdm Blackthorne (9:59:13 PM): ::talks around the cigar:: Eight years in space for this old girl.


WillFMarlowe (9:59:17 PM): ::walks over to the bar and orders an obscure local brew with a pungent, but not overpowering, scent::


MajAdamDrake (9:59:39 PM): I'm not doing too bad.  Engineering is finally running the way I want it to.  Morons at spacedock messed everything up.


MajAdamDrake (9:59:48 PM): ::downs his drink and hands it to a passing crewmen::


Kiley (10:00:03 PM): ::laughs:: You Engineers are all a like


VAdm Blackthorne (10:00:15 PM): Think you can keep her running another eight?


MajAdamDrake (10:00:26 PM): Uh-oh, careful on the stereotypes.  ::smirks::  How so?


MajAdamDrake (10:00:40 PM): I haven't let you down yet, have I?


Kiley (10:00:45 PM): You never like how other people "improve" your Engines


MajAdamDrake (10:00:58 PM): Improve?  That point can be debated.


Kiley (10:01:14 PM): ::chuckles:: like I said . . . all alike


Kiley (10:01:22 PM): Can I get you another drink?


VAdm Blackthorne (10:01:35 PM): ::kicks back in his chair::


(10:02:26 PM) scurrdi has left the room.


Kiley (10:02:43 PM): ::heads to the bar to get a drink::


MajAdamDrake (10:03:29 PM): ::moves over and offers his hand to the Admiral::  Eight years, Admiral.  Congrats.  I know it wasn't all you, but still...


VAdm Blackthorne (10:03:33 PM): ::sips at his, actually in a good mood::


VAdm Blackthorne (10:03:46 PM): ::shakes Drake's hand:: Think you can keep her running another eight?


(10:03:47 PM) scurrdi has entered the room.


scurrdi (10:04:07 PM): ((::passes some peanuts to alex::-))


Kiley (10:04:21 PM): ::orders a strawberry wine and heads over to the Admiral and Drake::


AlexKilgarran (10:04:53 PM): ((:::takes the peanuts::::Thanks O ;-) )


Kiley (10:06:10 PM): how are you doing Cappy?


MajAdamDrake (10:06:14 PM): Haven't let you down yet, have I?  ::smirks, motioning to the seat next to the Admiral::  May I?


VAdm Blackthorne (10:06:22 PM): Certainly.


VAdm Blackthorne (10:06:30 PM): ::puts his feet up on the table:


VAdm Blackthorne (10:06:46 PM): ::smiles to Kiley around the cigar:: Well, quite well. This is quite the occasion.


Kiley (10:07:04 PM): I'll say it is . . .


MajAdamDrake (10:08:04 PM): Will!  ::shouts across the room::  Doctor!


VAdm Blackthorne (10:08:18 PM): Get over here, Doc!


Kiley (10:08:31 PM): ::takes a seat:: Been through a lot over the years


VAdm Blackthorne (10:09:43 PM): We certainly have.


VAdm Blackthorne (10:10:07 PM): Much more to come, too.


WillFMarlowe (10:10:09 PM): ::wanders over, sipping his beer:: 'ello. 'Scuse me if I demand a falpel or a scorceps. I've--::sip::--been in surgery for hours, you see.


MajDougMcKnight (10:10:13 PM): ::Chuckles as he finishes his drink::  Drake, I do believe this is the least stressed out I've ever seen you.  We need to get you away from your warp core more often.


Kiley (10:10:41 PM): ::tries not to laugh:: I hope you haven't been in surgery doc


MajAdamDrake (10:10:49 PM): ::smirks::  Things are good in Engineering again.  What can I say?


WillFMarlowe (10:11:13 PM): I've been out for at least--::sips philosophically::--half an hour.


VAdm Blackthorne (10:11:40 PM): ::finishes the gin and tonic, waves to the barkeep for another::


Kiley (10:11:58 PM): My sickbay better not be in shambles Will


WillFMarlowe (10:12:08 PM): Not to worry. And how has the bridge been treatin' you, counselor?


VAdm Blackthorne (10:12:34 PM): ::chuckles::


Kiley (10:12:34 PM): It has it's ups and downs . . . I at least know more of what's going on


WillFMarlowe (10:13:40 PM): I suppose that's the downside of medical--always the last to know.


Kiley (10:14:10 PM): Yeah


VAdm Blackthorne (10:14:13 PM): ::fishes a lighter out of his pocket and lights the cigar::


Kiley (10:14:40 PM): you do realize those things aren't healthy, doncha Cappy?


MajAdamDrake (10:14:49 PM): And they smell bad.\


MajDougMcKnight (10:15:05 PM): That's the whole point.


VAdm Blackthorne (10:15:18 PM): Yep. With the miracles of modern medicine, I'd expect doctors to be able to undo the damage I'm doing to myself.


Kiley (10:15:34 PM): I don't think even we can keep up with you Cappy


VAdm Blackthorne (10:15:49 PM): Between the alcohol and the smoking?


Kiley (10:16:04 PM): For starters


VAdm Blackthorne (10:16:51 PM): It runs in the family, what can I say?


WillFMarlowe (10:17:19 PM): Aw, relax. ::sip:: I could whip up the Admiral a new pair of lungs on a moment's notice. And I could get him a liver yesterday. Kidneys the week before last.


Kiley (10:17:23 PM): ::chuckles and shakes her head:: You sure do know how to drum up business for Medical


MajAdamDrake (10:17:36 PM): You know, I found something interesting the Engineering the other day.


WillFMarlowe (10:18:05 PM): I will happily perform the transplant surgery with--::quiet burp::--my own two hands.


VAdm Blackthorne (10:18:58 PM): See, I'm fine.


VAdm Blackthorne (10:19:05 PM): ::takes a deep puff on the cigar::


WillFMarlowe (10:19:09 PM): I will bring them out of cryo just for the occasion. Hey, I think that's an old Andalorian drinking song . . .


VAdm Blackthorne (10:19:11 PM): After all.


VAdm Blackthorne (10:19:21 PM): What's a Vice Admiral without a couple of vices?


Kiley (10:19:28 PM): ::shakes head and laughs::


MajDougMcKnight (10:19:35 PM): ::Motions for another Guiness.  He considers something stronger, but...nah.  Maybe once the crod has eventually thinned down a little::  C'mon Drake, you gonna make us guess?


WillFMarlowe (10:19:37 PM): Andorila . . . Andoralian . . Andor . . . the ones with the antennae.


Kiley (10:20:11 PM): Andorians?


MajAdamDrake (10:20:48 PM): Oh, I found a canister of Cadmium Grollide.  It was just stuffed in a storage locker.


MajDougMcKnight (10:21:26 PM): ::Nods sagely, as though he attaches any significance to that at all::  Ah.  Fancy that.


MajAdamDrake (10:22:33 PM): We haven't used Cadmium Grollide for anything.


MajAdamDrake (10:22:37 PM): There was no reason for it to be there.


VAdm Blackthorne (10:22:51 PM): Left over from the refit?


MajDougMcKnight (10:22:59 PM): A conversation piece?


scurrdi (10:23:17 PM): ((::looks around for his Grollide canister::-))


MajAdamDrake (10:23:17 PM): I thought about the refit, but I back checked it against their records.  They didn't use it for anything either.


scurrdi (10:23:30 PM): ((damnit, it keeps doing that))


MajAdamDrake (10:23:51 PM): And, what more, after I dated the stuff, it turns out that it's been almost three years since it's replication.


MajDougMcKnight (10:24:23 PM): Wow, you sure know your grollide?


MajDougMcKnight (10:24:27 PM): ::Looks for that drink::


Kiley (10:24:34 PM): ::chuckles::


MajDougMcKnight (10:24:35 PM): (Damnit, forget the question mark.)


VAdm Blackthorne (10:24:36 PM): Bizarre, but nothing to lose sleep over.


MajAdamDrake (10:25:19 PM): ::smiles::  Interesting to me.


VAdm Blackthorne (10:25:20 PM): ::sits back and enjoys the cigar some more::


WillFMarlowe (10:25:24 PM): ::murmers:: Hey, where's my watch . . . ?


MajDougMcKnight (10:25:28 PM): So...you're the man of the hour, Admiral.  I'd say as host, it's your duty to favor us with a story.


Kiley (10:25:32 PM): What isn't interesting to you Drake?


MajAdamDrake (10:25:49 PM): No, I said it was interesting to me.


MajAdamDrake (10:25:53 PM): Oh, got it.


MajAdamDrake (10:26:00 PM): ::smirks::  It's the alcohol, I swear.


Kiley (10:26:01 PM): Will,I hope you didn't leave your watch in the guy you were operating on.


WillFMarlowe (10:26:39 PM): So do I. It's not waterproof, and it was expensive.


Kiley (10:26:47 PM): ::laughs::


VAdm Blackthorne (10:26:55 PM): How did I get to be man of the hour? It's the ship's birthday.


MajDougMcKnight (10:27:16 PM): Yes, but I can't very well ask it to entertain me, now can I?


VAdm Blackthorne (10:27:23 PM): You may be surprised.


Kiley (10:27:27 PM): ::chuckles::


Kiley (10:27:34 PM): you must have some good stories Cappy


VAdm Blackthorne (10:27:43 PM): ::Wonders if the DCPP is still resident in memory:::


MajDougMcKnight (10:27:49 PM): ::Points to him::  See?  See?  The cryptic comment!  That's a story right there!


VAdm Blackthorne (10:27:52 PM): ::then quickly forgets about it::


MajAdamDrake (10:28:08 PM): {{DCPP?}}


VAdm Blackthorne (10:28:15 PM): ((Way before your time))


WillFMarlowe (10:29:08 PM): ::places his empty mug on the tray of a passing waiter and asks for another round::


VAdm Blackthorne (10:29:25 PM): A story. Hm.


Kiley (10:29:42 PM): ::looks at the Admiral, and waits::


MajAdamDrake (10:29:56 PM): ::grabs his new drink from the waitress bringing it to him::


VAdm Blackthorne (10:30:05 PM): Something about the Atlantis, or me?


Kiley (10:30:11 PM): Yes


VAdm Blackthorne (10:30:57 PM): ::chuckles::


VAdm Blackthorne (10:31:39 PM): Well then.


Kiley (10:31:46 PM): ::grins::


MajDougMcKnight (10:32:15 PM): :;Smiles into his newly arrived Guiness::


VAdm Blackthorne (10:32:24 PM): This ship is said to be haunted.


Kiley (10:32:26 PM): ::sips her wine::


VAdm Blackthorne (10:32:48 PM): ::his eyes narrow::


Kiley (10:33:06 PM): ::listens to the story::


VAdm Blackthorne (10:33:15 PM): The day my father died aboard Atlantis's bridge...


VAdm Blackthorne (10:33:30 PM): He died as the ship was falling apart around him.


VAdm Blackthorne (10:34:01 PM): Atlantis had been sent deep into Dominion space, using a cloaking device stolen from the Romulans.


VAdm Blackthorne (10:34:20 PM): Her mission was to recapture the USS Shepard, a Galaxy-class that the Dominion had captured.


VAdm Blackthorne (10:34:27 PM): We couldn't let that level of tech fall into their hands.


VAdm Blackthorne (10:34:49 PM): Dad got Atlantis to the Shepard, but the battle that ensued was too much.


MajAdamDrake (10:35:05 PM): ::listens intently::


VAdm Blackthorne (10:35:19 PM): He ordered an evacuation of the crew to the Shepard, which we had succeeded in taking back.


MajDougMcKnight (10:35:30 PM): ::Waits for the part that explains how this ship they're on still exists::


VAdm Blackthorne (10:35:34 PM): And invoked the self-destruct mechanism.


VAdm Blackthorne (10:36:10 PM): He was the last left on the bridge. A junior security officer was just entering the turbolift as another volley of fire hit the ship.


VAdm Blackthorne (10:36:48 PM): Lieutenant JG Sullivan Ruffian turned to see the ceiling explode, and debris crushed my father.


VAdm Blackthorne (10:37:25 PM): She rushed back onto the bridge to try to help him, but only arrived in time to hear his last words.


VAdm Blackthorne (10:37:41 PM): Her captain fallen, she evacuated to the Shepard.


VAdm Blackthorne (10:37:58 PM): ::puffs on the cigar and takes a long drink, his eyes as faded blue as his jeans::


VAdm Blackthorne (10:38:29 PM): The Shepard sped away as the Atlantis detonated, a silent reminder to the Dominion of our resolve.


MajAdamDrake (10:38:29 PM): ::nods, unsure of exactly what to say::


VAdm Blackthorne (10:38:50 PM): As Atlantis's crew looked back, leaving their ship and captain behind.


VAdm Blackthorne (10:39:03 PM): ::telling the story now with no emotion in his voice at all::


VAdm Blackthorne (10:39:17 PM): A week later, Atlantis was found intact.


MajDougMcKnight (10:39:53 PM): Intact?  After a self destruct?


VAdm Blackthorne (10:39:58 PM): Of course, the fallen were still... lost. But the ship was all there, working perfectly.


VAdm Blackthorne (10:40:20 PM): After the self destruct. The ship was gone. tHe entire crew witinessed the destruction.


Kiley (10:40:22 PM): How is that possible?


MajAdamDrake (10:40:47 PM): Woah, woah...what?


VAdm Blackthorne (10:40:48 PM): A rare spacial phenomenon, called a Ressei Universe-Collapse Tear.


VAdm Blackthorne (10:41:05 PM): Entropy is the nature of the universe.


MajDougMcKnight (10:41:09 PM): (Heh, Glenn.)


VAdm Blackthorne (10:41:19 PM): A tend to gravitate toward a system with the most disorder.


VAdm Blackthorne (10:41:22 PM): (Yep)


VAdm Blackthorne (10:41:34 PM): The RUCT created the opposite effect.


VAdm Blackthorne (10:41:49 PM): Atlantis's debris entered one end of the RUCT, which existed for but a brief few seconds.


(10:41:58 PM) AlexKilgarran has left the room.


VAdm Blackthorne (10:42:02 PM): And emerged from the other end, restored to order from disorder.


VAdm Blackthorne (10:42:25 PM): And was found adrift in space a week later.


MajDougMcKnight (10:42:39 PM): Wow...shame that didn't happen a little more often back during the war.  We coulda used the ships.


VAdm Blackthorne (10:42:55 PM): We got the Shepard back and kept the Atlantis.


VAdm Blackthorne (10:43:02 PM): Before the Dominion could copy her technology.


VAdm Blackthorne (10:43:16 PM): ::quickly says:: But the cost was great. ::finishes the drink in one gulp:


MajAdamDrake (10:43:23 PM): And we're talking Sovereign-class Atlantis?  Or, Galaxy-class?


VAdm Blackthorne (10:43:42 PM): Sovereign. The Atlantis-C was lost at Wolf 359, under my father's command.


MajDougMcKnight (10:43:44 PM): ::Takes a long drink, less than pleasant memories of his own replaying in his mind::  They sure as hell didn;t need any more.


(10:44:21 PM) AlexKilgarran has entered the room.


VAdm Blackthorne (10:44:38 PM): So that's whey they call her a ghost ship.


Kiley (10:44:55 PM): good story


MajDougMcKnight (10:45:29 PM): So what were they?


VAdm Blackthorne (10:45:42 PM): What were what?


MajDougMcKnight (10:45:49 PM): ::Winces slightly, knowing it's probably an improper question to ask::  His last words.


MajAdamDrake (10:46:28 PM): ::looks at McKnight::


scurrdi (10:46:36 PM): ((gotta jet folks, nice simming i see here!))


MajDougMcKnight (10:46:48 PM): (Thanks.  Have a good one!)


VAdm Blackthorne (10:46:57 PM): ::Sits silently for a moment::


Kiley (10:47:27 PM): ::looks at McKnight for a moment, then sips her drink again::


VAdm Blackthorne (10:48:07 PM): According to Sullivan, he gave her the necklace he always wore, so she could pass it on to my mother.


VAdm Blackthorne (10:48:14 PM): And then told her to get off his ship, that's an order.


(10:48:22 PM) scurrdi has left the room.


VAdm Blackthorne (10:48:43 PM): Just like the old man.


MajDougMcKnight (10:48:44 PM): ::Smiles softly and nods, before finishing his drink::  I wish I'd had a chance to meet the man.


VAdm Blackthorne (10:49:45 PM): So yes. The ship is now the same one that was destroyed that fateful day.


MajAdamDrake (10:50:33 PM): ::sips, still not sure what to say::


MajDougMcKnight (10:51:17 PM): ::Smiles grimly::  Leave it to the Dominion to screw up a job with those sorts of odds against it.


VAdm Blackthorne (10:51:26 PM): I sometimes get nervous looking at the ceiling on the bridge. ::smiles::


Kiley (10:52:10 PM): ::chuckles:: understandable


VAdm Blackthorne (10:53:03 PM): ::takes a long puff on the cigar::


VAdm Blackthorne (10:53:44 PM): I was in command of the USS Yeager at the time.


MajAdamDrake (10:54:41 PM): {{You were in command of the Yeager?  The same one with the twisted ship that I came onboard as?}}


VAdm Blackthorne (10:54:54 PM): When I got the news, I transferred back to Earth to work at Starfleet R&D and resigned my command.


VAdm Blackthorne (10:55:08 PM): ((I don't remember))


VAdm Blackthorne (10:55:26 PM): And I worked there until I was offered this command.


Kiley (10:55:46 PM): how'd you feel about taking up this command?


VAdm Blackthorne (10:56:11 PM): I couldn't turn down my father's ship at the head of an entire fleet.


MajDougMcKnight (10:56:12 PM): ::Grins, but hides it with his dark glass::  Always the shrink.


MajDougMcKnight (10:56:28 PM): (Uh...he THOUGHT that.  I meant to think it.)


Kiley (10:56:39 PM): ((LOL))


Kiley (10:56:50 PM): I'm glad you didn't


VAdm Blackthorne (10:57:12 PM): It was also a chance to field deploy my new fighter design.


Kiley (10:57:52 PM): The fighters are nice


VAdm Blackthorne (10:58:00 PM): Five years at R&D at least produced something worthwhile. ::chuckles::


MajDougMcKnight (10:58:58 PM): Deploy, hell.  First time I heard you were actually flying one of those things, I wondered how you talked Star Fleet Command into letting you have that much fun.


VAdm Blackthorne (10:59:44 PM): Well, as the designer, I get much better empirical data on the ship's performance if I'm actually flying it in combat situations, you know.


Kiley (11:00:04 PM): ::laughs:: nice excuse


MajDougMcKnight (11:00:18 PM): ::Laughs::  Oh, I'll bet they ate that one up with a damn spoon.


VAdm Blackthorne (11:00:27 PM): Besides. Starfleet Command doesn't have to know everything I do.


Kiley (11:00:40 PM): You mean they Don't know Cappy?


VAdm Blackthorne (11:00:53 PM): Admiral Zuriyev knows. And he's my immediate superior.


VAdm Blackthorne (11:01:33 PM): A few others might, I don't care. Few are high enough in the CoC to order me not to do it, anyway. ::chuckles::


VAdm Blackthorne (11:01:49 PM): The funny thing about the admiralty.


Kiley (11:02:00 PM): Yeah, it has it's perks


VAdm Blackthorne (11:02:03 PM): Is that your grade of admiral ceases to matter so much past Commodore.


VAdm Blackthorne (11:02:15 PM): We just make fun of the Commodores.


VAdm Blackthorne (11:02:24 PM): (SHE'S A BRICK.  HOWWWWWWSE)


MajAdamDrake (11:02:52 PM): ::smiles::  If you make fun of the Commodores, then we're all just cannon fodder, aren't we?


VAdm Blackthorne (11:02:59 PM): Not at all.


VAdm Blackthorne (11:03:19 PM): It's no different from everyone making fun of the first years at the Academy.


VAdm Blackthorne (11:03:34 PM): Plebes get made fun of just like Commodores. It never stops.


MajDougMcKnight (11:03:57 PM): And people ask why I never bothered with it.


VAdm Blackthorne (11:04:11 PM): You seem to have done alright for yourself without it.


MajDougMcKnight (11:04:35 PM): I've got no regrets.


MajDougMcKnight (11:04:45 PM): ::Grins::  Plus, no one's surprised when I use cuss words.


MajAdamDrake (11:05:34 PM): ::nods::  You know how hard it is to be a Marine and an engineer?  We're like mildew.


VAdm Blackthorne (11:06:23 PM): ::notices no one disagreeing::


MajDougMcKnight (11:06:27 PM): Well, it's not like I don't have my own problems.  There's a reason you don't see all that many officers who were once enlisted.


Kiley (11:06:30 PM): Just like an engineer to whine


MajAdamDrake (11:07:00 PM): Just like a Counselor to...  ::thinks::  ...point it out.


Kiley (11:07:09 PM): ::laughs::


MajDougMcKnight (11:07:11 PM): No one's quite sure what to make of you, but they know not to invite you to the poker games.  Not man enough for the men, not officer enough for the officers.


VAdm Blackthorne (11:07:45 PM): They probably don't invite you to the poker games because you'd beat them.


MajDougMcKnight (11:07:53 PM): Well, there's that.


VAdm Blackthorne (11:08:17 PM): That's why no one will play pool with me.


MajAdamDrake (11:08:37 PM): 'Cause it's not playing.  We stand there and watch you sink all the balls.  ::laughs and sips::


VAdm Blackthorne (11:09:09 PM): That's the idea. ::laughs::


Kiley (11:09:27 PM): ::laughs::


VAdm Blackthorne (11:10:30 PM): PAUSE SIM


VAdm Blackthorne (11:10:32 PM): PAUSE SIM


VAdm Blackthorne (11:10:37 PM): PAUSE PARTY


MajDougMcKnight (11:10:43 PM): Paused


Kiley (11:10:54 PM): ::paused::


VAdm Blackthorne (11:10:57 PM): Nicely done everyone. Very nice.


MajAdamDrake (11:10:59 PM): ::paused::


VAdm Blackthorne (11:11:28 PM): That was a fun anniversary sim.


MajDougMcKnight (11:11:47 PM): Yeah, looks like the girl's finding her feet again.


VAdm Blackthorne (11:11:57 PM): Two sims in a row!


Kiley (11:12:02 PM): wooohooo


MajAdamDrake (11:12:20 PM): I've got two prospects lined up.  One of them is FJ!  He's back!


VAdm Blackthorne (11:12:33 PM): Get `em on here!


MajAdamDrake (11:12:43 PM): I'm workin' on it.


MajDougMcKnight (11:13:05 PM): And quick!  We'll need all the people we can get.  I promise you, Drake's break isn't going to last.


VAdm Blackthorne (11:13:17 PM): I might have one lined up too.


MajAdamDrake (11:13:22 PM): What?


MajAdamDrake (11:13:26 PM): Drake's break?


MajAdamDrake (11:13:34 PM): Oh, ha, got it.


MajDougMcKnight (11:13:39 PM): Sorry.  That was me being cryptic.


MajAdamDrake (11:13:40 PM): :-P  Sorry, slow tonight.


MajAdamDrake (11:13:45 PM): Usually I pick up on that.


MajDougMcKnight (11:13:49 PM): Good.  Doesn't work if I explain it.


MajAdamDrake (11:14:02 PM): Anyway, I need to work tomorrow and I'm exhausted.


VAdm Blackthorne (11:14:09 PM): Okay. See y'all next week where we resume simming as usual.


MajDougMcKnight (11:14:14 PM): Alright, have a good one.  And be here next week!


VAdm Blackthorne (11:14:20 PM): Dismissed!


(11:14:23 PM) MajAdamDrake has left the room.


(11:14:23 PM) VAdm Blackthorne has left the room.


(11:14:26 PM) MajDougMcKnight has left the room.


Kiley (11:14:38 PM): night Will