You have just entered room "celestialprime."
Kiley Airell: not to bad
Kiley Airell
: Hey J
: Hey there.
MajorAZinthys: Admiral in the room!
vadmblackthorne: Where????
MajorAZinthys: Over there ::points away from Ian::
MajorAZinthys: ::Runs in a different direction::
vadmblackthorne: ::salutes::
MisterBoxingBear has entered the room.
MisterBoxingBear: (Sorry, I'm gonna need to use my regular screen name tonight.)
vadmblackthorne: Well, that's four. Maybe there's hope for this week. :D
Kiley Airell: LOL
: Could be.
Kiley Airell: TKirr's on
Kiley Airell
: that's 5
Lt TKirr
has entered the room.
Lt TKirr: 'Bout friggin' time.
Kiley Airell: troubles?
Lt TKirr
: Yeah, only tried to get in for 5min
vadmblackthorne: Five people!
vadmblackthorne: ZOMG
Kiley Airell: LOL
Lt TKirr
: Who's the bear
MisterBoxingBear: That's be McKnight.
MisterBoxingBear: This is my screen name the rest of the week.
MajorAZinthys: Who?
Lt TKirr: Why? =P
MisterBoxingBear: It's an interesting story there.
MisterBoxingBear: Boxing= My favorite sport.
vadmblackthorne: Alright, let's take this chance and sim!
vadmblackthorne: Major!
MisterBoxingBear: Bear= My college nickname.
vadmblackthorne: If you will!
MisterBoxingBear: Mr.= I have a penis.
MajorAZinthys: ::blows into whistle::
MajorAZinthys: Attention!
Kiley Airell: ::AA::
Lt TKirr
: ::AA::
vadmblackthorne: Thank you, McKnight, for that enlightening treatise.
MisterBoxingBear: ::AA::
vadmblackthorne: We have lost the trail of the biomass. No trace remains, and we've been sitting in space scanning for a week now with no results.
vadmblackthorne: We'll begin in a conference room, all of us, discussing this.
vadmblackthorne: Questions?
MajorAZinthys: Am I dead?
vadmblackthorne: No.
vadmblackthorne: Any others?
MajorAZinthys: Good, can I make something else dead, then?
vadmblackthorne: No.
vadmblackthorne: BEGIN SIM
vadmblackthorne: BEGIN SIM
vadmblackthorne: BEGN SIM
vadmblackthorne: ::Standing at the head of the conference table:: It couldn't have appeared out of nowhere.
Kiley Airell: ::sitting at the conference table::
: ::Sitting down::
Lt TKirr: ::sits quietly, PADD on the table before her, pondering::
MajorAZinthys: ::Wonders if the captain is talking about him::
MajorAZinthys: Could it have developed a way to mask its signature?
vadmblackthorne: It it did, it's done a bloody good job of it.
MisterBoxingBear: McKnight>::Sitting back:: Well, maybe we should think about what we do have.
vadmblackthorne: A trail leading here from an eating colony.
Lt TKirr: Unidentified Zero-Four has not been found anywhere else but in relation to the biomass's whereabouts. If it has found a way to mask its signature, then the element would either need to be converted to something--
Lt TKirr: --we have not been scanning for, or removed entirely.
MisterBoxingBear: And a theory about this thing's aversion to carbon. It's untested, but fairly solid. Am I wrong?
vadmblackthorne: ::listens::
Lt TKirr: It has been tested within our lab, but not against the biomass itself, as it has been.. elusive.
MisterBoxingBear: Less than ideal, I won't deny that.
MajorAZinthys: But it's better than nothing.
MisterBoxingBear: But if all we have is a solid working theory, then let's try to use that. Some sort of delivery system could be worked into static, planet-based defenses.
MajorAZinthys: What do you want to do? Pump bio-waste at it?
vadmblackthorne: That's the direction I want to go. Counter-defense research. I'm not sitting here in space any longer scanning for nothing.
vadmblackthorne: We have a lot of data to go on.
MisterBoxingBear: I have some specs made up of a prototype torpedo. Any of our standard photons could be modified for the new payload.
MajorAZinthys: ::nods::
Kiley Airell: ::listens, not really having much to contribute at the moment::
: Go with it.
vadmblackthorne: We may not have a way to test it, but at least we have something.
MisterBoxingBear: And a logistical nightmare for Star Fleet Command. They love that.
vadmblackthorne: Mmm, indeed. ::chuckles::
Kiley Airell: ::chuckles
: I want this torpedo built, test fired, and schematics distributed.
MisterBoxingBear: Our armory crew should be ready for a full test by 1200 tomorrow.
Lt TKirr: How do you suggest we test it?
MisterBoxingBear: I was thinking it would involve the torpedo tube, but if you have other ideas, I'm listening.
vadmblackthorne: I want to be sure that it will detonate and distribute the carbon material as expected.
MisterBoxingBear: Obviously, we can't test it on the biomass without HAVING the biomass. The test would be more about collecting launch data. It'll only be useful if it shoots straight.
Lt TKirr: ::nods::
MisterBoxingBear: Particle distribution we can handle.
vadmblackthorne: Exactly.
MisterBoxingBear: I suggest we set a course for the nearest oceanic world on the charts. That seems to me like the most likely candidate for finding matchign conditions to those a torpedo would encounter once it had penetrated the biomass' outer
MisterBoxingBear: layer.
MisterBoxingBear: (matching)
vadmblackthorne: An excellent idea, McKnight.
vadmblackthorne: T'Kirr, what's nearby?
Lt TKirr: Agreed.
Lt TKirr: ::looks at the opposite wall a moment::
Lt TKirr: There is a planetoid with adequate climate approximately three point five light years from our location. Unihabited, for the most part.
Lt TKirr: <<Ugh think I'm laggin'>>
Kiley Airell: for the most part/
: If we can test in the middle of an ocean, away from inhabitants, we should be alright with respect to the Prime Directive.
Lt TKirr: ::nods:: I will be able to find a suitable location.
MisterBoxingBear: I'm hoping these inhabitants haven't figured out radar yet?
MajorAZinthys: <<I'm sorry everybody, but I just dozed off there. I think I'll make it official before my body decides to do it for me. Good luck and good night.>>
Kiley Airell: what is the status of the inhabitants? How advanced are they?
has left the room.
Kiley Airell: (I know how he feels . . . I'm zoning in and out . . . but I think I can stay up)
: ((We'll take it a little longer.))
Lt TKirr: The database claims they are merely agricultural, and do not live on all continents.
Lt TKirr: I was referring, however, to the non-sentient life found within the oceans.
Kiley Airell: what will the explosion of the torpedo do to the Ocean? Any chance of causing a Tsunami?
Lt TKirr
: We can most likely shield any adverse effects.
vadmblackthorne: ::looks to T'Kirr::
Kiley Airell: Most likely?
Lt TKirr
: I have not studied the planet entirely. I would need to take proper scans.
vadmblackthorne: Then we will go.
vadmblackthorne: This meeting is adjourned. Make preparations for the tes.t
MisterBoxingBear: We don't actually need to detonate it at full yield to get practical data. We just need to see the effect of the water on slowing the particle distribution.
MisterBoxingBear: We can work out what a larger bang would look like from there.
Lt TKirr: ::stands and picks up her PADD::
Lt TKirr: ::walks out of the conference room and makes her way to Science::
MisterBoxingBear: ::Nods and rises from his seat before heading for the armory to confer with the more technical minded sorts::
Kiley Airell: ::stands and walks out to the bridge::
: ::stands and walks out onto the bridge:: Helm, set a course, heading 275.52 mark two. Warp six.
vadmblackthorne: Engage.
vadmblackthorne: ACTION> Atlantis warps off, finally.
Lt TKirr: ::brings up the database information on the planet::
vadmblackthorne: ::takes his seat::
Kiley Airell: ::looks over to the Admiral::glad to finally be doing something?
: Sitting here for a week hasn't been terribly interesting.
Kiley Airell: True
: At least from a fighter jock's perspective. ::grins::
Kiley Airell: *chuckles* Yeah . . . can't say that I blame ya.
vadmblackthorne: PAUSE SIM
vadmblackthorne: PAUSE SIM
Lt TKirr: ::pauses::
Kiley Airell: ::pauses::
: ::paused::
vadmblackthorne: WE SIMMED OMG
MisterBoxingBear: Small sim, but definitely a start. :-)
Kiley Airell: LOL
Lt TKirr
: No thanks to my choking connection =P
vadmblackthorne: Celebrations on the mailstring are in order!
Kiley Airell: LOL
: Okay, thanks very much for coming. Let's keep it up. Next week is the EIGHT YEAR anniversary of Atlantis!
Lt TKirr: Wow =P
Kiley Airell: wow
: Yeesh! No pressure on me or anything!
Kiley Airell: that's pretty cool
: So I'll see y'all for the start of our ninth year.
Kiley Airell: night everyone
Kiley Airell
has left the room.
vadmblackthorne: Night!
Lt TKirr: See you then
Lt TKirr has left the room.