AIM Chat with ltdakotaellis, Kiley Airell.

7:41 PM

MisterBoxingBear has joined this chat.

VAdm Blackthorne: oh hey look the chatroom is now showing up for me.

MisterBoxingBear: Sorry about that. I got called away for a minute.

VAdm Blackthorne: I actually couldn't see anything aside from the people list.

MisterBoxingBear: That's odd.

MisterBoxingBear: AND sucky.

Kiley Airell: Hey J

7:45 PM

MisterBoxingBear: It seems clear we could use some more people.

Kiley Airell: yeah, that would be good

Kiley Airell: they will prolly show up in like 15 minutes

VAdm Blackthorne: Yeah, I might have one lined up.

Lt Dakota Ellis: we had a cadet pass though last week who said that he like the look of Atlantis

VAdm Blackthorne: He any good?

Lt Dakota Ellis: he should be after a few more sims

VAdm Blackthorne: That's good. Two, including the person I might be getting to join.

7:50 PM

MisterBoxingBear: How many people come through the Academies these days? Maybe they could be invited to come to Atlantis' sims, just as observers. Provided we could get everyone to come those nights, it might generate some interest.

Lt Dakota Ellis: not many since we're down to two a weel

Kiley Airell: wow

VAdm Blackthorne: Tough situation right now for simmer supply, and yet, we add two new sims. ::shrugs:

Lt Dakota Ellis: Tempest is an e-mail sim with simmer who don't like live sims

Lt Dakota Ellis: we have a nice sized crew, 10 I think..

7:55 PM

MisterBoxingBear: Nice.

8:00 PM

VAdm Blackthorne: Well, that's 8 o'clock.

Kiley Airell:

VAdm Blackthorne: Sim called due to lack of interest.

Lt Dakota Ellis: or 11 if your on this side of the country

Kiley Airell: 10 my time

VAdm Blackthorne: G'night folks. See you next week, I hope

Lt Dakota Ellis: Night

Kiley Airell: Night J