AIM Chat with Kiley Airell, MajorAZinthys, Lt TKirr.

7:32 PM

Lt TKirr: Admiral on deck!

Lt TKirr: *salutes*

VAdm Blackthorne: ::shrugs and steps into the on deck circle and swings the warmup bat around::

7:35 PM

Kiley Airell: Hey J

WillFMarlowe has joined this chat.

Kiley Airell: hey will

WillFMarlowe: 'Evening.

Lt TKirr: Good evening, Will.

7:40 PM

VAdm Blackthorne: Well, this isn't looking good for tonight....

MajorAZinthys: ::Looks around:: What's that?

7:45 PM

VAdm Blackthorne: Well, we're a bit thin.

MajorAZinthys: I don't know about you, but I've put on a few pounds.

VAdm Blackthorne: I wish I were as witty as you.

MajorAZinthys: Doesn't everybody ::poses::

VAdm Blackthorne: Riiiiiight

MajorAZinthys: See.

Lt TKirr: ::blinks::

7:50 PM

VAdm Blackthorne: I think we're gonna have to can it for tonight.

Lt TKirr: Okay.

MajorAZinthys: First he tells me I'm witty, now he tells me to can it.

MajorAZinthys has left this chat.

Lt TKirr has left this chat.

VAdm Blackthorne: Sorry folks

VAdm Blackthorne: Hope to see you next week!