You have just entered room "cElEsTiAl PrImE."
LMajAdamDrake: Admiral on Deck on all that other stuff. ;-)
MajorAZinthys: ::hides::
LMajAdamDrake: second on = and
VAdm Blackthorne: Hey folks!
LMajAdamDrake: ::hears an echo:: :-X
VAdm Blackthorne: Not looking good for tonight.
VAdm Blackthorne: And who capitalized the room title like that, anyway? :-)
MajorAZinthys: Great.
LMajAdamDrake: ::stares at Allen::
MajorAZinthys: ::Points at Hill::
MajorAZinthys: ::Ducks::
VAdm Blackthorne: Might as well call it c3l3s714l pr1m3
Kiley Airell has entered the room.
VAdm Blackthorne: Hey Kiley
MajorAZinthys: W00t!!
LMajAdamDrake: That makes four!
Kiley Airell: Sorry I"m late . . . my comp is acting REALLY slow!
VAdm Blackthorne
: If we get five, we'll sim.
Kiley Airell: where is everyone?
: ::goes back to playing Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater::
LMajAdamDrake: I think I snared me another one!
LMajAdamDrake: ::casts his line out::
LMajAdamDrake: ::someone bites::
LMajAdamDrake: ::starts reeling 'em in::
CaptDougMcKnight has entered the room.
LMajAdamDrake: Gotcha!
MajorAZinthys has left the room.
VAdm Blackthorne: ::laughs::
CaptDougMcKnight: (Sorry I'm late. Been out of the routine for too long, I guess.)
Kiley Airell: LOL!!!
: Oh, that little...
LMajAdamDrake: ::grabs his spear::
MajorAZinthys has entered the room.
LMajAdamDrake: ::grins proudly::
VAdm Blackthorne: Alright!
LMajAdamDrake: ::locks the room down::
VAdm Blackthorne: Major, if you will?
MajorAZinthys: ::Blows into whistle::
MajorAZinthys: Attention!!
CaptDougMcKnight: ::AA::
LMajAdamDrake: ::@@::
Kiley Airell: ::AA::
: ::straightens a wrinkle in his uniform::
VAdm Blackthorne: Okay, our shuttles have all arrived at Earth, and Admiral Zuriyev has tossed me the keys to our refitted Atlantis!
LMajAdamDrake: Thank God!
Kiley Airell: wooohooo
VAdm Blackthorne
: She's back in Starbase One for us to board and get her ready for a shakedown cruise.
VAdm Blackthorne: So, tonight will be spent making sure everything is in order for launch.
VAdm Blackthorne: Questions?
VAdm Blackthorne: Alright...
VAdm Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM
VAdm Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM
VAdm Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM
VAdm Blackthorne: ::walks out of Zuriyev's office:: Crazy Russian...
VAdm Blackthorne: Zuriyev> ::laughing:: The Irish.
MajorAZinthys: ::Gathers up his few personal effects from the room in Starbase One::
LMajAdamDrake: ::stands on the promenade taking in the glorious view of the blue-green marble below them::
VAdm Blackthorne: ::checks his padd to be sure his things are being moved aboard Atlantis::
VAdm Blackthorne: ::tucks the new box of cigars under his arm that Zuriyev had given him to replace the ones lost aboard Constitution::
VAdm Blackthorne: ::walks toward the docking level::
LMajAdamDrake: ::turns on his heel and starts down the avenue, hands clasped respectfully behind his back::
Kiley Airell: ::sits on the bed on starbase one, looking at the images on a PADD::
Kiley Airell
: ((brb))
: ::heads to the docking port, longing to see his beloved Atlantis::
VAdm Blackthorne: ::arrives on the docking level and heads toward Atlantis's docking bridge::
LMajAdamDrake: ::steps onto a lift:: Docking Port, USS Atlantis. ::rides the lift::
CaptDougMcKnight: ::Gets off the turbolift on deck 7, having beamed directly into his quarters along with his effects that he has yet to unpack, and strolls toward the main security offices, wanting to make sure the admiral is boarding an orderly
CaptDougMcKnight: vessel::
MajorAZinthys: ::Slings his well-worn duffel bag over his shoulder and heads for the Atlantis::
CaptDougMcKnight: Pendergast! Tell me you've looked after the girl right.
CaptDougMcKnight: Lt. Pendergast> ::Rises from Zinthys' desk with a smile, waiting to be relieved:: Not one Jem'Hadar left onboard, Captain.
LMajAdamDrake: ::steps out onto the docking ring and heads down to the port in which the Sovereign-class ship is located::
LMajAdamDrake: Jeddin> ::walking down the hall after Adam:: She looks great, Chief.
LMajAdamDrake: ::turns:: Really? Been on board?
MajorAZinthys: ::Stops just inside to ship and inhales deeply::
LMajAdamDrake: Jeddin> Yes, sir. It looks like they even cleaned the carpets. Engineering is practically spotless and it looks as if she was just getting ready to be christened. You're going to be impressed.
VAdm Blackthorne: ::stops at the windows and looks out on the Atlantis::
LMajAdamDrake: Takes a lot to impress me, Michael.
VAdm Blackthorne: Hello old friend. ::quietly::
LMajAdamDrake: Jeddin> I know, I know.
LMajAdamDrake: ::sees Admiral Blackthorne::
LMajAdamDrake: ::walks up next to him, Jeddin following:: Hello Admiral. ::smiles:: Ready to get back on board?
Kiley Airell: ((bak, sorry about that . . . was FREEZING!))
VAdm Blackthorne
: Just about.
Kiley Airell: ::boards the Atlantis and makes way to drop off personal effects::
VAdm Blackthorne
: ::walks across the docking bridge and into Atlantis's saucer::
VAdm Blackthorne: ::stops and inhales::
LMajAdamDrake: ::walks in after the Admiral::
LMajAdamDrake: Jeddin> ::follows, as only a subordinate can::
CaptDougMcKnight: ::Shakes Pendergast's offered hand:: Glad to hear it. And more importantly, Major Zinthys will be glad to hear it. I'm sure he'll be down here to get the full scoop at some point. Until then, order me up a raktajino on that
CaptDougMcKnight: yonder replicator, and tell me all about it::
MajorAZinthys: ::Continues on, enjoying that familiar smell before it once again becomes so familiar he can't revognize it anymore::
Kiley Airell: ::drops her stuff off in the baren room, and heads to the bridge::
VAdm Blackthorne
: This is correct.
LMajAdamDrake: ::looks around:: Atlantis needed this.
VAdm Blackthorne: Aye, she did. A hard seven years in space she's had.
MajorAZinthys: ::Walks into TL::
MajorAZinthys: Deck 8.
Kiley Airell: ::walks into the TL::
: Pendergast> ::Hands him his mug before taking a seat:: Klingon cofffee? Somehow, you didn't strike me as the sort to go in for alien cuisine.
LMajAdamDrake: ::nods:: Yes, your previous Chief Engineers left me a mound of things that have building up. It would seem that the maintenance people got to them all.
MajorAZinthys: ::Steps out into the hallway::
MajorAZinthys: ::Walks into his quarters::
CaptDougMcKnight: Eh, you're looking at one of my few off-world indulgences. Beyond this and hasperat, I'm the least adventurous diner you'll ever meet. But I spent a lot of time with Klingons, what with the war and all, especially right after.
VAdm Blackthorne: ::chuckles and heads for the TL::
LMajAdamDrake: ::smiles as the Admiral heads off::
LMajAdamDrake: Let's check out Engineering, Michael.
VAdm Blackthorne: ::enters the TL:: Bridge.
LMajAdamDrake: Jeddin> ::motions down the other end of the hall:: After you, Major.
CaptDougMcKnight: They didn't waste much time, those folks. Wasn't long after I was sprung from that Cardassian hole that I was back in a uniform, and in for 6 months of peace keeping duty.
Kiley Airell: ::arrives on the bridge and looks around::
: ::enters the turbolift:: Deck 16, Main Engineering.
LMajAdamDrake: ::rides the turbolift:: So, how was your time off?
CaptDougMcKnight: ::Takes a sip of the still hot liquid:: But enough about my life's story. Anything interesting to report?
MajorAZinthys: ::Carefully rearranges his quarters so it somewhat resembles them before everything started::
LMajAdamDrake: Jeddin> Eh, the usual. My parents came to see me and nearly smothered me with all their attention. They miss me the most, I guess, because I'm the baby.
VAdm Blackthorne: ::enters the bridge::
LMajAdamDrake: ::nods:: Parents can do that. I just stopped going home. ::laughs::
LMajAdamDrake: Jeddin> It's not that bad, and I do occasionally miss them.
VAdm Blackthorne: ::looks around, smiles::
LMajAdamDrake: ::steps out into Engineering::
VAdm Blackthorne: Computer, transfer command of this vessel to me, authorization Blackthorne Echo Tango Sierra 2 5 2.
MajorAZinthys: ::Slowly and deliberatly unbuttons his shirt::
CaptDougMcKnight: Pendergast> I don't want to make us Star Fleet security types sound unprofessional, especially not in front of a marine.
Kiley Airell: Hey there Admiral
VAdm Blackthorne
: Computer> Command of the USS Atlantis transferred to Vice Admiral Ian Blackthorne.
VAdm Blackthorne: Counselor. ::nods and smiles::
LMajAdamDrake: Ah, home sweet home. ::stares up at the silent warp core::
LMajAdamDrake: Jeddin> ::moves to a console:: She's on warm-up ready standby, Major.
LMajAdamDrake: ::nods:: Excellent.
Kiley Airell: Glad to be back?
: ::Slides the shirt down off his arms and lets it pool on the floor::
VAdm Blackthorne: Quite!
VAdm Blackthorne: ::puts the box of cigars down on his chair arm and looks at his chair::
Kiley Airell: ::chuckles:: You're not the only one.
: ::Holds his hands, one of them grasping a mug up in defense:: Relax, I'm not here for a rivalry. Professionals are professionals, green shirts or gold.
Kiley Airell: Most of the crew are too
VAdm Blackthorne
: Oh, I know it.
CaptDougMcKnight: Pendergast> Well...the point is, you don't take an Earth based assignment expecting a lot of action. And no one's stupid enough to try attacking a Star Fleet ship yard.
MajorAZinthys: ::Undoes his jeans and slides them down his legs, letting them join his shirt in its privleged position::
MajorAZinthys: ::Looks at the holo-photo he re-placed on his nightstand::
MajorAZinthys: I miss you.
VAdm Blackthorne: ::finally sits down::
MajorAZinthys: ::Dresses himself in his Starfleet uniform with a quick and deliberate grace::
LMajAdamDrake: Jeddin> ::spinning in a chair:: Any idea of what our next mission is?
LMajAdamDrake: ::shakes head:: Not a clue.
VAdm Blackthorne: At least they didn't break my chair.
MajorAZinthys: ::Walks out of his quarters, regaining his normal brisk walk::
MajorAZinthys: ::Walks back into the TL::
MajorAZinthys: Deck 7.
Kiley Airell: ::laughs:: probably one of the few things that was on this ship that was broken
: Pendergast> And this was no different. It was like working as a librarian over summer break.
LMajAdamDrake: Jeddin> Well, I'm going to go take a nice long shower and then get something to eat. Interested?
LMajAdamDrake: In the shower or the food? ::smirks slightly, looking at the data console::
LMajAdamDrake: Jeddin> Food, duh.
CaptDougMcKnight: Hey, don't knock it. Any man who ever had a problem getting paid for minimal effort if someone was willing to shell out the creds is just plain wrong in the head.
LMajAdamDrake: ::shakes head:: Not hungry, but thanks. I'll meet up with you before we leave.
MajorAZinthys: ::Steps out of the TL::
LMajAdamDrake: Jeddin> ::nods and stands, moves towards the turbolift:: All right.
MajorAZinthys: ::walks down to the security office::
MajorAZinthys: ::Enters::
LMajAdamDrake: ::moves towards another console and then climbs the ladder to the upper section::
VAdm Blackthorne: ::leans back:: I feel like I'm home.
LMajAdamDrake: ::moves to the center of the bannister and then looks down on the deserted engine room, enjoying the quiet::
CaptDougMcKnight: ::Stands with Pendergast, and salutes:: Sir.
MajorAZinthys: ::nods at them, a bit distracted:: As you were.
VAdm Blackthorne: ::stands:: I wonder what my ready room looks like.
Kiley Airell: Well, go check it out Admiral
: Anything to report?
VAdm Blackthorne: ::picks up his box of cigars::
VAdm Blackthorne: Most COs give out medals. Mine gives me a box of Monte Cristos
LMajAdamDrake: ::goes back down the ladder and moves towards the turbolift::
LMajAdamDrake: ::enters:: Deck One, Bridge.
VAdm Blackthorne: ::enters his ready room::
MajorAZinthys: ::Raises his eyebrows::
CaptDougMcKnight: ::Smiles and motions for Pendergast to cover this one::
LMajAdamDrake: ::steps out onto the bridge and moves over to the engineering console::
CaptDougMcKnight: Pendergast> No problems, sir.
MajorAZinthys: Excellent, not that I had expected anything here.
VAdm Blackthorne: ::surprised that it's mostly intact::
MajorAZinthys: Your diligence is appreciated, Mr. Pendergast. I will take over from here.
LMajAdamDrake: ::taps the console and casts a glance at Kiley:: Counselor. ::nods:: How are you?
Kiley Airell: ::looks over to Drake:: Not bad Major. Glad to be back?
: Pendegast> ::Nods:: It was an honor, sir.
VAdm Blackthorne: ::opens his humidor and puts the cigars on in::
CaptDougMcKnight: Pendergast> ::Offers his hand::
MajorAZinthys: ::Shakes::
CaptDougMcKnight: Pendergast> ::Exchanges the same parting gesture to McKnight, and then makes his entrance::
LMajAdamDrake: ::smiles:: On the fence, actually.
VAdm Blackthorne: ::sits behind his desk::
CaptDougMcKnight: Good to see Star Fleet doesn't train any of their people sloppy, not even in the garden spots.
MajorAZinthys: <<Well, I suppose it's an entrance from the hallway's point of view>>
LMajAdamDrake: So, how are things in the psychology department?
Kiley Airell: Oh? Why's that Drake?
: They never have, Captain.
LMajAdamDrake: ::shrugs:: Don't know. It's work. ::grins again::
MajorAZinthys: Notice anything different, yet?
Kiley Airell: ::chuckles:: I can understand that.
: ::Holds up his mug:: The raktajino's better.
LMajAdamDrake: Ready to get back out there, Lieutenant?
VAdm Blackthorne: ::walks back out onto the bridge::
MajorAZinthys: Always a plus.
CaptDougMcKnight: Not that it was ever anything remotely sub-par...I dunno, it's just got that little something extra like you get when you're not just drinking it for the caffeine.
Kiley Airell: Yeah. So long as this ship doesn't get destroyed
: ::turns and sees Blackthorne enter, nods respectfully::
CaptDougMcKnight: And you, Major? See any spiffy upgrades on your way down?
MajorAZinthys: You mean it tastes good?
MajorAZinthys: Nah, but I really wasn't looking.
Kiley Airell: ::turns and smiles to the Admiral:: How's the Ready Room Sir?
VAdm Blackthorne
: Surprisingly intact.
LMajAdamDrake: ::smiles::
CaptDougMcKnight: Fair enough. Will there be anything else, sir?
Kiley Airell: ::grins:: Good
: Hm. No, that is all.
VAdm Blackthorne: Mr. Drake, how is engineering?
MajorAZinthys: If I am needed, I shall be in my office.
MajorAZinthys: ::walks into his office::
LMajAdamDrake: Amazingly clean. I don't think I've ever had the pleasure of seeing her in this good of condition. I'm impressed - and that's saying a lot. ::nods::
CaptDougMcKnight: ::Grins:: Now, to see if they fixed that damned hole in my ceiling.
VAdm Blackthorne: Remarkable.
VAdm Blackthorne: ::sits back down:: We've come home.
VAdm Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM
VAdm Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM
VAdm Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM
Kiley Airell: ::paused::
: Paused
MajorAZinthys: ::Blows into whistle::
MajorAZinthys: Attention!
Kiley Airell: ::AA::
: ::AA::
LMajAdamDrake: ::@@::
VAdm Blackthorne: Alright, next week we'll see what this ship can do now.
VAdm Blackthorne: And happy 2384!
MajorAZinthys: Yay! ::cheers::
LMajAdamDrake: ::grins::
VAdm Blackthorne: You have my permission to give wedgies to those who weren't here tonight to get them here next week.
MajorAZinthys: Even the girls?
VAdm Blackthorne: Especially the girls.
VAdm Blackthorne: ::grins::
MajorAZinthys: W00t.
VAdm Blackthorne: That is all for this week. Major?
MajorAZinthys: Crew... dismissed!!
Kiley Airell: night all
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