You have just entered room "Celestial Prime."
LtAaron Markus: Admiral on deck!
CaptDougMcKnight: Evening, Admiral.
Lt TKirr: *salute*
VAdm Blackthorne: Evening, folks.
CaptDougMcKnight: ::thumbs up::
Lt TKirr: I don't know what to do with stinsv down :-\
VAdm Blackthorne: What?
Lt TKirr: Star Trek in Sound and Vision.. the website
VAdm Blackthorne: What sort of site?
Lt TKirr: I know, I know.. it's been down a year...
Lt TKirr: It was a mega media site for StarTrek pics, sounds, etc
VAdm Blackthorne: Oh.... that sounds like it would have been nice.
CaptDougMcKnight: Ah...well, one of my favorite web comics hasn't been updated since August.
CaptDougMcKnight: That's not QUITE as bad I suppose, but it was a darn funny strip.
Lt TKirr: Heh
VAdm Blackthorne: Well, looks like this is everyone for tonight.
VAdm Blackthorne: Attention!
CaptDougMcKnight: ::AA::
Lt TKirr: ::AA::
Kiley Airell: ::AA::
LtAaron Markus
: ::AA::
Lt Dakota Ellis: ::AA::
LtNicoleWeis has entered the room.
VAdm Blackthorne: Alright, tonight we're about to land on the uncharted class-M planet, all in our escape pods.
CaptDougMcKnight: (Heya, Weis.)
VAdm Blackthorne: (Hey Nicole)
LtNicoleWeis: (orry for beign late guys, roommate stuff)
VAdm Blackthorne
: Any questions?
Kiley Airell has left the room.
VAdm Blackthorne: Alright...
Lt Dakota Ellis: (test)
VAdm Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM
VAdm Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM
VAdm Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM
VAdm Blackthorne: ::in the escape pod, watching the planet approach through the front windows::
Lt Dakota Ellis: ::sitting in the pod wishing she wasn't in the pod::
CaptDougMcKnight: ::Buckling up, just in case it's a bumpy ride down::
VAdm Blackthorne: Any cities?
LtNicoleWeis: ::finshing up another report::
Lt TKirr
: ::scanning the planet::
LtAaron Markus: ::getting the pod ready for landing::
CaptDougMcKnight: ::Looks up, alarmed:: Shouldn't we know something like that ahead of time?
Lt Dakota Ellis: ::checking to see what kind of supplies the pods have::
Lt TKirr: I'm not showing any signs of any sentient inhabitation.
VAdm Blackthorne: Our sensors have limited range on this boat.
Lt TKirr: ::nods::
CaptDougMcKnight: Yeah...I was just kind fo suprised we don't have anything on this planet in the database? Are we really that far out?
LtAaron Markus: ::looks out the front window:: I don't SEE any cities...::smiles a little::
Lt Dakota Ellis: We should have enough for a couple days but I hope we're found pretty fast
VAdm Blackthorne: Indeed we are.
VAdm Blackthorne: Markus, set the flock down near a lake in a temperate area, if you can find one.
CaptDougMcKnight: Christ...well, let's just hope these underachieving sensors are right at the moment.
LtAaron Markus: Aye, sir. ::looks at TKirr:: How does that spot on the east horizon look?
Lt TKirr: ::checks panel, nods::
LtAaron Markus: ::heads the pod for that spot and signals for the other pods to follow the leader::
VAdm Blackthorne: ::watches the planet loom larger, thinks it doesn't look like a bad place::
Lt TKirr: ::scanning the atmosphere::
LtAaron Markus: ::shakes a little as they begin to enter the atmosphere:: Hang on to your tricorders...
CaptDougMcKnight: Any idea where the nearest Star Fleet ship might be at the moment, sir?
VAdm Blackthorne: Well, from last set of reports I got from Third Fleet, there should have been a couple of my ships in range of the distress call.
LtNicoleWeis: ::begins to wonder how well stocked the pod is with medical supplies::
VAdm Blackthorne
: But, at standard warp speeds, they'll take a while to get here.
VAdm Blackthorne: There may have been closer ships from other fleets, though.
Lt TKirr: ::to McKnight:: High winds in the upper ionosphere. Shouldn't be a problem, but will be a little bumpy until we descend below it.
VAdm Blackthorne: ::sits down at T'Kirr's news::
CaptDougMcKnight: ::Grins at T'Kirr:: Thanks for the warning, but a Boy Scout always knows to buckle up.
Lt Dakota Ellis: So it looks like we're going to be camping out for a while
LtAaron Markus: ::angles the pod in just the right trajectory to attempt to make the ride less bumpy::
VAdm Blackthorne: Yes.
VAdm Blackthorne: McKnight, you'll be establishing a security perimeter, first thing.
Lt TKirr: <<Sorry, I meant to Markus>>
CaptDougMcKnight: (Ah.)
LtAaron Markus: <<LOL>>
CaptDougMcKnight: Naturally.
Lt TKirr: <<What's the crew complement btw?>>
VAdm Blackthorne: ((Around a thousand, currently.))
LtAaron Markus: ::reangles the pod to counteract the winds::
Lt TKirr: <<Yeesh... bringing our own town with us>>
LtAaron Markus: ::takes a glance at a couple of the other pods, watching them struggle with the winds:: Amateurs.
Lt TKirr: ::holds onto something::
LtNicoleWeis: ::feels the turbulance::
LtAaron Markus
: ::signals the other pods to turn into the wind to cut resistance::
Lt TKirr: Quite likely, Markus.
VAdm Blackthorne: ::watching Markus fly from the other front seat, smirks at his remark::
CaptDougMcKnight: Yeah, and I'll bet they don't have a drop of humility among them.
LtNicoleWeis: ::is overly impressed with markus's driving skills::
Lt TKirr
: @Pod7Pilot> ...Yikes!
LtAaron Markus: ::turns the pod to create just a little bit of turbulance for Doug::
CaptDougMcKnight: ::Suddenly realizes he's stuck in a pod full of pilots, and settles for rolling his eyes in lieu of any muttered remark::
LtAaron Markus: ::flies the pod out of the upper ionisphere and heads straight for the landing zone::
VAdm Blackthorne: ::watches the landscape reveal itself::
LtAaron Markus: Now for the fun part...::a little louder:: I sure hope the forward thrusters fire on this puppy...
Lt Dakota Ellis: ::looks out at the landscape and nods:: Not a bad choice
VAdm Blackthorne: ::smirks::
CaptDougMcKnight: Any chance we can land this little trailer park right by the shore? I can establish a better perimeter with the men I have if we only have to firm a semi-circle.
CaptDougMcKnight: (form)
LtNicoleWeis: and it would be quite pretty i'm sure, to be by the ocean
Lt TKirr
: <<If Drake was here, he'd be freaking out... pretend we sedated him =P::
VAdm Blackthorne: Just what I had in mind.
LtAaron Markus: ::nods and heads for the shoreline::
VAdm Blackthorne: Well, a freshwater lake, Doc, but close enough.
VAdm Blackthorne: Besides, if we're stuck here for a while, then we might as well enjoy the scenery.
CaptDougMcKnight: Better still. I can get in some fishing while I'm here.
LtNicoleWeis: ::shrugs:: it's water and that works for me
Lt Dakota Ellis
: Good cause I hate rasions
Lt TKirr: ::starts at the thought of having to eat fish::
VAdm Blackthorne: What's the matter, T'Kirr?
LtNicoleWeis: does anyone know how to cook fish?
: You know, lieutenant, where I come from, it's not technically considered meat.
LtAaron Markus: ::waits to fire the thrusters till the last possible moment creating a little havoc with the stabilizers making everyone buck a little::
Lt TKirr: <<Lol, I didn't start THAT loudly... why are you always looking at me >:o>>
VAdm Blackthorne: ((I like picking at Vulcans! :p ))
Lt Dakota Ellis: I do, didn't have a replcatior until I was 15
CaptDougMcKnight: (Who doesn't?)
Lt TKirr: Nothing, Admiral.
Lt TKirr: << ::spit::>>
CaptDougMcKnight: It's a long, drawn out ritual that involves starting a fire.
VAdm Blackthorne: Maybe we'll catch a giant shark.
VAdm Blackthorne: ::grins::
LtNicoleWeis: cool, i'm up for learning it if anyone wants to teach me
Lt TKirr
: ::plans to search for local edible vegetation right after her primary scans::
LtAaron Markus: ::lands the pod ever so gingerly at a spot right next to the lake::
Lt Dakota Ellis: (lol)
CaptDougMcKnight: Heh, I never said I was much good at fishing, sir. The fish are really a side note to one who appreciates the art.
Lt TKirr: ::lets out a breath, and reactivates the sensor equipment::
Lt Dakota Ellis: You do eat the fish you catch don't you McKnight
LtAaron Markus: All ashore that's going ashore.
CaptDougMcKnight: ::Unbuckles and slings his rifle over his shoulder:: But I can tell you all about that later.
Lt TKirr: ::watching other pods on sensors as they land::
VAdm Blackthorne: ::unbuckles and takes a side arm from the storage cabinet::
LtAaron Markus: ::watches the pods out the window and makes a mental note to give a few flying lessons later.::
LtNicoleWeis: ::gets up and waits for everyone else before leaving
VAdm Blackthorne
: ::walks to the hatch and opens it::
LtNicoleWeis: ::has medical case thingy with her::
LtAaron Markus
: ::runs through the shutdown checklist to make sure the pod is on secure ground and all systems are undamaged::
VAdm Blackthorne: ::peers out::
CaptDougMcKnight: ::Exits the hatch:: If someone could make sure to keep that hatch closed, that'd be great. Damn cat will get ideas.
Lt Dakota Ellis: ::takes her tri-corder and a phaser and follows the others""
VAdm Blackthorne: ::sees a beautiful lake, nods, and steps outside::
Lt TKirr: ::scans, scans more::
CaptDougMcKnight: ::Starts pulling aside every marine he sees and sending them off to gather the others::
VAdm Blackthorne: ::takes a deep breath::
VAdm Blackthorne: Fresh air is always welcome.
LtNicoleWeis: it's been a long time
: ::Pointing to the open stretch of field before the semi-distant treeline:: I want every man and woman in a green uniform on parade over yonder within the next 5 minutes. Those who dally get to dig the redoubts!
VAdm Blackthorne: ::nods in satisfaction::
Lt Dakota Ellis: ::walks and scans a bit::
Lt TKirr: ::finishes primary scanning, downloads to a couple PADDs, and steps out::
VAdm Blackthorne: T'Kirr, Ellis, begin cataloging the flora and fauna, and determine what's edible.
Lt Dakota Ellis: Aye Sir
Lt TKirr: ::nods, and hads a PADD to Blackthorne, the other to McKnight::
Lt TKirr: <<*hands>>
VAdm Blackthorne: ::turns to Weis:: Doc, get the medical supplies from all pods in a central location and be ready for injuries.
CaptDougMcKnight: ::Takes the PADD and nods his thanks before walking off to await the full muster, confident that no one will dissapoint. He's trained his people
CaptDougMcKnight: better than that::
Lt Dakota Ellis: ::holsters the tri-corder and heads out::
LtAaron Markus: ::finds a problem and stays in the pod to fix it::
LtNicoleWeis: ::nods and heads off to do the admirals bidding happily::
: ::grabs a random redshirt to help out::
Lt Dakota Ellis
: ::crouches down to look at a planet and sees some tracks::
Lt TKirr: ::heads out with tricorder a few meters out from Ellis::
VAdm Blackthorne: Everyone, stay in groups of at least two. No one is alone.
Lt Dakota Ellis: ::carefully moves some leaves and studies the track and looks around for more::
Lt TKirr: ::looks at the horizon and takes a deep breath, keeping up with Ellis::
CaptDougMcKnight: ::Nods his approval as the marines begins forming up in ordered ranks, those with rifles shouldering them, those without simply standing at attention::
Lt TKirr: ::catches up:: What did you find?
LtAaron Markus: ::gets under the main console with an engineering kit.:: Darn stabilizer. I'm sure it's all a part of their new design....::mumbles more::
LtNicoleWeis: ::goes to the differnt pods and begins collecting all the med supplies in one central area and making the RRS do most the heavy lifting::
VAdm Blackthorne
: ::walks up to the lake shore and looks to the horizon::
Lt Dakota Ellis: Animal tracks.. ::stands and points:: Small rabbit like and larger maybe something like a deer.. From the traffic I'd say we're camping near a watering hole..
Lt Dakota Ellis: we'll have a fresh supply of meat if we want it
Lt TKirr: ::looking where she's pointing, cocks a brow, and scans in their direction::
LtNicoleWeis: ((anyone say BBQ))
Lt TKirr
: <<You can make the sauce>>
LtNicoleWeis: ((cool))
Lt Dakota Ellis
: ::can't help but roll eyes at the tri-corder.. eyes a tree with a low branch and jumps up grabbing it.. pulling herself into the tree::
Lt TKirr: ::stands and watches her::
LtAaron Markus: ::fixes the stabilizer and comes out from under the console:: That oughta do it. ::runs another systems check::
LtNicoleWeis: ::begins organizing the med supplies::
Lt Dakota Ellis
: ::climbs a little higher and finds some ripping fruits.. drops one on TKirr's head::
Lt TKirr: <<::cry::>>
VAdm Blackthorne: ::walks back to the pods and rummages around through the supplies::
Lt Dakota Ellis: Sorry Lt. ::tries not to sneaker:: But we know you won't go hungery now
CaptDougMcKnight: Alright, we'll form a semi-circle around the encampment. Guard posts at 10 meter intervals, perimeter starting 100 meters out from the pods.
LtNicoleWeis: ::walks up to admiral:: um, excuse me sir
VAdm Blackthorne
: Yes, doctor?
Lt TKirr: ::rubs her head:: Certainly you can aim a little better.
Lt Dakota Ellis: ::finds a think strong branch and thinks about just 'hanging' out for awhile::
Lt Dakota Ellis: What's the fun in aiming?
LtNicoleWeis: there isn't as much medical supplies as i would feel comfortable with us having
Lt TKirr
: ::scans the fruit and nods in satisfaction::
LtNicoleWeis: just hought you might want to know
VAdm Blackthorne
: ::nods::
VAdm Blackthorne: Well, there's not as much starship as I would feel comfortable having, either.
Lt TKirr: We'll collect later. For now, we should keep moving.
Lt Dakota Ellis: ::drops out of the tree with a fruit in hand and takes a bite.. makes a pucker face:: It's a bit sour kinda like a cross between a pear and a granny smith
Lt TKirr: ::eyes Ellis:: I'll scan for a sugar plant.
LtNicoleWeis: ::smiles and laughs a small bit:: yeah, guess we're both outta luck
LtAaron Markus
: ::sees that everything's ok with the pod and goes to check other pods nearby::
Lt Dakota Ellis: You do that ::smiles and go back to doing it the way her grandfather and father taught her::
VAdm Blackthorne: ::nods and smiles::
VAdm Blackthorne: Let's see if I can't fashion a fishing rod from this pile of stuff.
Lt Dakota Ellis: ::walks a little way down, checking out bushes with berries, shakes her head, can't eat those there's to brightly colored::
LtNicoleWeis: thats something i've always wanted to try but my brothers would never teach me
Lt TKirr
: ::notices the trees thickening as they move deeper into a forest::
CaptDougMcKnight: Now you may have noticed, we don't have much of anything on hand to build fortifications. We'll see what we can't improvise, but in the mean time, we'll have to do this the old fashioned way. Sergeant Li will start passing out
VAdm Blackthorne: Well, between McKnight and myself, and maybe Ellis, you're in good teaching company.
CaptDougMcKnight: shovels. I trust everyone remembers what a foxhole is supposed to look like.
Lt TKirr: A multitude of animal species...
LtNicoleWeis: ::smiles:: yeah, from what it sounded from you guys earlier, you all pretty much know what your doig
Lt Dakota Ellis
: ::looking oddly at a thick trucked tree::
LtAaron Markus: ::walks up to a nearby pod and finds the pilot:: Ensign, did you run a systems check?
Lt TKirr: ::lowers her tricorder:: These roots look promising.
Lt Dakota Ellis: Lt, be very careful
VAdm Blackthorne: I'll be happy to get in some hunting too, but it's not very sporting with a phaser.
Lt Dakota Ellis: Don't make a lot of noice if you can avoid it
Lt TKirr: ::looks back::
Lt TKirr: ::quietly:: Naturally
LtAaron Markus: Ensign Tong> Yes, sir. Everything checks out ok.
LtNicoleWeis: hunting?
VAdm Blackthorne
: You've never hunted, either?
Lt TKirr: <<It's more humane than an arrow =(>>
Lt Dakota Ellis: ::rolls eyes and turns to look at her:: I mean we're in a dominate male's domain and from looks of the markings on this tree it's breeding season
LtNicoleWeis: ::shakes head:: my brothers tried to take me out once but my mom just about killed them when she found out and stopped it
LtAaron Markus
: Alright. Make out a report on it and have the other pilots do the same. I'd like to go over some things with all the pilots.
VAdm Blackthorne: Perhaps you'll get your chance.
LtAaron Markus: Ens. Tong> Yes, sir. ::leaves to spread the word to the other pilots::
Lt Dakota Ellis: doesn't seem to be a large animal but even small horny males can be a issue
VAdm Blackthorne: ::finds collapsible fishing pole and tackle:: Hmmm, new addition to the survival gear.
LtNicoleWeis: ::smiles:: taht would really cool ::giggles:: i could brag to my brothes then
Lt TKirr
: ::glances at the tree:: Assuming the signs are similar to species we are familiar to.
CaptDougMcKnight: ::Approaches Blackthorne:: Sir, temporary fortifications are underway. If you like, we could start blasting down trees to reinforce them, but I'll leave it up to you whether that's quite temporary enough for our purposes.
Lt TKirr: I am keeping an eye out.
LtNicoleWeis: at least your not going fishing with a spear
LtAaron Markus
: ::walks back to main pod and starts making notes to discuss with the pilots::
VAdm Blackthorne: Let's take no chances. Trees will be good additional fortification.
CaptDougMcKnight: In that case, permission to start drafting every idle hand.
VAdm Blackthorne: Granted.
Lt TKirr: ::adds several other food sources to her catalog, standing among some ferns::
Lt Dakota Ellis: ::keeps looking around.. finding some berries that can be eaten.. tastes:: Mmm blueberrish
LtNicoleWeis: ::figures she should go back to the med supplies to not be considerd an idle hand::
: Also, in case the foraging doesn;t pan out, suggest we move all field rations to a few designated pods and place them under guard, just in case our supplies have to last awhile longer than we'd thought.
Lt TKirr: ::scans further out::
Lt TKirr: <<Lol Weis>>
VAdm Blackthorne: A good idea.
Lt Dakota Ellis: ::takes note of a small chipmunk looking thing and watches it for a moment::
Lt Dakota Ellis: You got a place were I can find some nuts little friend
CaptDougMcKnight: ::Nods:: I'll assign the men immediately. Half a squad should be sufficient. I don't see discipline breaking down in the immediate future.
VAdm Blackthorne: Now let's see if there's anything in this lake worth eating.
CaptDougMcKnight: And if there's nothing else, I'd better quit yapping and get to it.
Lt TKirr: ::peers subtlely over her tricorder at Ellis::
VAdm Blackthorne: They're good men and will obey.
LtAaron Markus: ::walks back and forth outside the pod with padd in hand:: Let's see, first of all, piloting basics and aerodynamics. Secondly, make sure you listen to your science station personnel.
Lt TKirr: I've had very little experience with forests.
Lt TKirr: You seem to have a good deal more.
Lt Dakota Ellis: ::watches as it crawls up a tree and looks for a low branch... climbs up another tree to find something that looks like pine nuts and smiles:: Thank you for the help little cousin.. ::to the chipmunk::
LtNicoleWeis: ::heads back over to the med supplies and does waht she does best.....inventory::
Lt TKirr
: ::arcs her arm around as she scans::
CaptDougMcKnight: ::While the marines dig their ditches and foxholes or redistribute the field rations, McKnight leads most of the rest of the crew to the treeline::
VAdm Blackthorne: ::assembles the rod, chooses a small artificial lure, and casts out::
Lt TKirr: ::perks an ear and turns, hearing the crewmen approach the treeline::
Lt Dakota Ellis: ::drops out of the tree and offers TKirr some of the nuts:: Grew up on Dorvan V before the Fed. handed it over to the Cards.. We didn't use reps. We lived off what the earth provided us
LtAaron Markus: ::jots down all the notes:: Next, flying in multiple units.
Lt Dakota Ellis: After that we came to Erath and settled in my father's peoples tribe.. Did the same thing..
Lt TKirr: ::takes an offered nut::
Lt TKirr: You feel at home here, then?
CaptDougMcKnight: Okay folks, unfortunately our nifty survival gear doesn't include anti-grave sleds, so we'll have to trust to good old fashioned muscle power. I suggest you lose the uniform jackets. Pile them up, and we can retrieve them later.
Lt Dakota Ellis: ::nods:: Second nature to me. It's almost like the woods near my father's home. ::looks a little sad for a moment:: I hope he's taking Noah out into the woods.. He likes looking for chipmunks
CaptDougMcKnight: ::Takes out his hand phaser:: Fortunately, what we do have is phaser sidearms with autonomous recharge capacity.
LtNicoleWeis: ::situation starts reminding her of that 21st century show "Survivor"::
VAdm Blackthorne
: ::gets a nibble::
LtNicoleWeis: ((ohh, the admiral got a nibble, too bad it was from a fish ;-))
Lt TKirr
: Well these outskirts of these woods are about to be disturbed. ::points at McKnight's crew::
Lt Dakota Ellis: ::walks over to a group of bushes and checks the leaves.. picks on, feels it's surface, smells it, then tastes it..:: This can be used to make tea, though it'll be a little bitter
CaptDougMcKnight: ::Takes aim at the base of a tree, and pausing only to mutter "This is just wrong on so many levels.", proceeds to cut through the base of the tree, being careful to make sure no one is standing where it falls::
Lt Dakota Ellis: ::stands and looks, shakes her head::
VAdm Blackthorne: ::waits until the nibble is stronger, then whips the pole back and sets the hook:: Gotcha.
VAdm Blackthorne: ::starts reeling:
Lt TKirr: ::pauses, changing the subject:: I would like to taste your tea, if you make some.
Lt Dakota Ellis: ::Sees what he's doing and looks horrified::
LtNicoleWeis: :mutters:: here for less then an hour and destroying the planet
: ::Looks back at those preparing to do the same:: Let's spread out, cut down a uniform line at the start of the treeline. If we're going to rape the wilderness, we might as well make it cosmetic.
VAdm Blackthorne: ::reels in an odd looking ... fish::
Lt Dakota Ellis: What the hell are you doing McKnight?
Lt TKirr: Yeofish> ::snaps at Blackthorne::
Lt TKirr: ::eyes Ellis oddly::
VAdm Blackthorne: I wonder how this thing tastes.
CaptDougMcKnight: What the hell does it look like I'm doing?
Lt Dakota Ellis: (Yeofish? Is that like a bigger fish's yeoman?)
Lt TKirr: <<Sure =P>>
LtAaron Markus: ::sits down and goes over the list, looking satisfied::
Lt Dakota Ellis: It looks like your tearing down something you don't have the right to
Lt Dakota Ellis: Do you plan on using those trees for a purpose worthy of ending their lives?
VAdm Blackthorne: ::shrugs, phaser stuns it, and carries it over to the survival gear::
CaptDougMcKnight: Ellis, spare me the Mother Earth speech. Under any other circumstances, I'd be making it myself, but right now, my orders are to fortify our positoon. This is the best way to do it.
Lt TKirr: ::stands nearby, listening::
VAdm Blackthorne: ::finds a knife in the gear, stabs through the fish's skull::
LtNicoleWeis: ::finishes inventory everything and organizing it all and setting up just in case::
: I don't plan to cut down any more than we need to build some easily defensible fortifications. Other than that, you'll have to take it up with the guy wearing the Admiral getup.
VAdm Blackthorne: ::then proceeds to gut and filet the fish::
LtAaron Markus: ::leans back against the hull of the pod realizing how tired he is and slowly closes his eyes::
CaptDougMcKnight: ::Looks back at the crowd gathered.:: Hey, I didn't bring you here to stare! Start carrying!
Lt Dakota Ellis: There are other ways to do so without distorying everything in your path.. ::huffs:: Figures, people have no repect ::growls and goes back to looking for food while cursing McKinght and whom ever gave him orders.. in a mix of langug
Lt Dakota Ellis: languages
VAdm Blackthorne: Markus!
LtAaron Markus: ::Jumps up:: What?
LtAaron Markus: ::looks around:: Huh...?
VAdm Blackthorne: Oversee the setup of the portable shelters.
LtAaron Markus: ::sleepily blinks:: Aye, sir....::staggers off::
Lt Dakota Ellis: ::plans on laughing if they piss off the male animal who's land there tearing up::
Lt TKirr: ::peers at Ellis occasionally, wondering at her defensiveness::
Lt Dakota Ellis: If we can find something to sweeten the tea a little, Lt, it won't be half bad..
VAdm Blackthorne: ::plans on phasering any angry male animals pissed over torn up lands, then eating them::
CaptDougMcKnight: ::Goes to help carry a fallen tree himself, along with about a dozen others. Slowly, the forest seems to move back toward the grounded pods::
LtNicoleWeis: ::takes a seat near her equpiment and takes a short break::
Lt Dakota Ellis
: ::sees one of her looks:: What?
VAdm Blackthorne: ::turns to see the building with filet in hand::
VAdm Blackthorne: Birnam Wood do come to Dunsinane Hill....
Lt TKirr: I doubt they plan to fell more than a few trees. Most wildlife is deeper within the forest.
CaptDougMcKnight: (Very nice. Got the reference I was thinking of.)
VAdm Blackthorne: (Points for me.)
VAdm Blackthorne: ::takes one of the portable firestarters and ignites it on the beach::
Lt Dakota Ellis: fact remines they come in here as if they own it.. Tearing down what ever they please.. Not even shoing the small bit of respect or thanks for what they are being givin
LtNicoleWeis: ::thinks "ohh bonfire, just no singing of kummbya"::
VAdm Blackthorne
: ::then finds a flat rock, puts it over the heat, and begins to cook the fish::
Lt TKirr: ::frowns and turns to her:: I believe you are overreacting.
Lt Dakota Ellis: ::takes note of the types of trees being taken::
LtNicoleWeis: ::heads over to the admiral::
: ::Instead of foxholes, the marines are now simply digging a shallow trench around the pods, with breaks for entry into and exit from the perimeter::
LtNicoleWeis: need any help admiral
VAdm Blackthorne
: Can you cook?
Lt Dakota Ellis: It's disrepectful to take from nature without thanking her for what she gives.. You never take what you do not trully need.. ::looks at TKirr:: My gandfather would not agree with you, Lt.
LtAaron Markus: ::checks in with the shelter builders and makes sure everything is being done right::
LtNicoleWeis: um ::gets nervous: not really
VAdm Blackthorne
: ::chuckles:;
VAdm Blackthorne: Well, we'll see if this thing tastes like food.
CaptDougMcKnight: ::Sets about removing the foliage from the trees, so as to leave only the large logs which can be easily moved into position. It's all hard, slow work, but with almost 1,000 people working on it, it's progressing nicely.::
VAdm Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM
VAdm Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM
VAdm Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM
Lt Dakota Ellis: pasued
Lt TKirr: ::pauses::
LtNicoleWeis: paused
LtAaron Markus
: ::paused::
CaptDougMcKnight: ::paused::
VAdm Blackthorne: Attention!
CaptDougMcKnight: ::AA::
Lt TKirr: ::AA::
Lt Dakota Ellis: ::AA::
LtNicoleWeis: ::AA:
LtAaron Markus
: ::AA::
VAdm Blackthorne: First of all, let's give a hearty welcome back to Doctor Marlowe!
Lt TKirr: ::cheers::
CaptDougMcKnight: Hey, doc.
Lt TKirr: Good to have you back!
Lt Dakota Ellis: Welcome back
LtNicoleWeis: YAY!!! WILL IS BACK!!!!
: Hey, thanks!
LtNicoleWeis: ::is overly excited::
Lt TKirr
: I hope you missed us O.O
WillFMarlowe: Of course, T'Kirr. :j
WillFMarlowe: I'm glad to be able to sim with you all again.
VAdm Blackthorne: Glad to have you back, Will.
VAdm Blackthorne: Well, that's all for tonight. Crew dismissed!
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WillFMarlowe: G'night everyone!
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Lt Dakota Ellis: nighters
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