AIM Chat with Kiley Airell, ltjgnicoleweis, MajorAZinthys, ltdakotaellis, ElRiovtrIdrys, CaptDougMcKnight, ltaaronmarkus.

7:30 PM

CaptDougMcKnight: Hey Admiral.

LtAaron Markus: Admiral on deck!

LtJGNicoleWeis: ::chuckles:: thats mean doug

VAdm Blackthorne: Hey everyone!

ElRiov trIdrys: Evening Admiral

Kiley Airell: hey J

LtJGNicoleWeis: heya admiral

CaptDougMcKnight: Oh, hey. Bush just won Utah.

MajorAZinthys: ba dum ching!

CaptDougMcKnight: My mother will be pleased.

Lt TKirr has joined this chat.

ElRiov trIdrys: Evening T'Kirr

LtAaron Markus: Anyone keeping a tally?


Lt TKirr: One moment, she's coming

Lt TKirr: Sleepy...

CaptDougMcKnight: They're keeping track. has a color coded map and everything. But I assume they're not the only ones.

Lt TKirr: I love the map in the ice rink of Rockafeller Plaza on NBC

Lt Dakota Ellis: there's to much red on it

LtJGNicoleWeis: what does the red stand for?

Lt Dakota Ellis: Bush

LtJGNicoleWeis: oh

Lt Dakota Ellis: Kerry is blue

LtAaron Markus: has it too.

VAdm Blackthorne: Alright, forget the election, it's time for Atlantis.

ElRiov trIdrys: yeah

MajorAZinthys: Actually it's kinda fitting that Bush is red on the ice, considering how much blood he's spilled.

MajorAZinthys: Oh, is that my cue?

VAdm Blackthorne: Mmmhmm

MajorAZinthys: ::blows into whistle::

MajorAZinthys: Attention!

ElRiov trIdrys: ::AA::

LtJGNicoleWeis: ::AA::

VAdm Blackthorne: It's not fun discussing politics among friends.

CaptDougMcKnight: ::AA::

Lt Dakota Ellis: ::AA::

LtAaron Markus: ::AA::

Kiley Airell: ::AA::

VAdm Blackthorne: Okay, the Constitution is in dire straits tonight.

Lt TKirr: ::AA::

7:35 PM

ElRiov trIdrys: ( LOL quelle freudian remark ... )

VAdm Blackthorne: We're currently floating on the giant biomass, with a corrosive tentacle of liquid latched onto the bottom of our secondary hull, dissolving a hole through it.

VAdm Blackthorne: I've given the order to evacuate the secondary hull to the saucer section, as all attempts to escape from or dislodge the tentacle have failed.

VAdm Blackthorne: Questions?

CaptDougMcKnight: Is the security office in the secondary hull?

ElRiov trIdrys: Yes and what about Sickbay? where's that?

VAdm Blackthorne: Check the deck listing on the website for questions about where your department is. For the sake of simplicity, we'll assume the constitution has the same deck layout.

VAdm Blackthorne: Anything below deck 11 or so is secondary hull.

VAdm Blackthorne: Any other questions?

VAdm Blackthorne: Okay then...

VAdm Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM

VAdm Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM

VAdm Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM

CaptDougMcKnight: (Whew, deck 7.)

Lt Dakota Ellis: ::working the sci2 station the bridge::

MajorAZinthys: ::Standing at Tactical::

VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> The tentacle breaks through and floods the storage areas on deck 24.

7:40 PM

LtJGNicoleWeis: ::is working on evacuating sick bay::

Lt Dakota Ellis: We have alien goo on deck 24

Lt TKirr: ::at Science on the Bridge::

LtAaron Markus: ::sitting at Helm/Ops, wondering how we're gonna get outta this one.::

ElRiov trIdrys: :::helping others evacuate sickbay:::

VAdm Blackthorne: Prepare to separate the saucer.

MajorAZinthys: Aye, sir.

VAdm Blackthorne: Status of the evacuation?

LtAaron Markus: ::preps saucer sep::

CaptDougMcKnight: ::Is on deck 17, hurrying the evacuees along::

ElRiov trIdrys: OK we're outta here. :::grabs some PADDs and heads on out of SB with Weis:::

LtAaron Markus: Lower decks all out, 12 through 14 still evacuating.

Kiley Airell: ::helping with the evacuation, reassuring people and getting them out of there as quickly as possible::

LtJGNicoleWeis: wait, i'm not ready

Lt Dakota Ellis: ::Scanning the goo::

ElRiov trIdrys: OK but hurry. They won't wait after much longer.

VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> The fluid mass dissolves through the floor of deck 23 and starts flooding deck 23's compartments.

LtJGNicoleWeis: go on ahead, i'll be there in a moment

VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> The Constitution sinks lower into the biomass.

Lt TKirr: ::internal sensors beeping:: The mass has breached Deck 23.

ElRiov trIdrys: Moment shmoment, let's go!

Lt Dakota Ellis: We're pulling a Titanic

LtAaron Markus: ::sees beeping lights all over his panel:: We've gone lower into the goo.

LtJGNicoleWeis: ::grabs the last few med stuff and rushs out with idrys::

MajorAZinthys: Kirr, would a harmonic dissonance ray be able to force this thing off us?

LtJGNicoleWeis: i swear, your impatient

CaptDougMcKnight: ::Making sure no one stops to load up on items from their various offices and quarters, and hurrying them all to the turbolifts::

ElRiov trIdrys: ::nods and heads for TL with her, enters::: Yeah I know. Bridge. :::TL moves:::

LtAaron Markus: Attempting to compensate with thrusters. ::works the panel to try and stop from being pulled in further::

Lt TKirr: ::pauses, then shakes her head once:: Anything is possible. I thought the sodium would work.

VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> Deck 22 is breached, and we sink a little lower.

Lt TKirr: ::console beeping:: Deck 22.

Kiley Airell: ::sees a little kid, alone and crying in the corner, quickly moves over and picks him up::

Lt Dakota Ellis: or maybe blasting the Spice Girls at them at full volume

ElRiov trIdrys: :::TL doors open onto Bridge:::

LtAaron Markus: ::sees the beeping lights again:: We're still be pulled into it.

7:45 PM

VAdm Blackthorne: Evac status?

MajorAZinthys: If we could tune it just right, we might force the liquidy molecules to separate from each other for long enough to get us out of here.

LtAaron Markus: *being

LtJGNicoleWeis: ::walks onto bridge behind idrys::

Lt TKirr: It's worth an attempt.

CaptDougMcKnight: ::Keeping track of the hull's degradation VIA the comm network:: Haul ass people! The distance between us and really oainful death is 5 decks and shrinking!

CaptDougMcKnight: (painful)

ElRiov trIdrys: :::heads to Medical console:::

VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> The mass starts to fill up the turbolift shafts, and decks 21 and 20 are flooded.

VAdm Blackthorne: Status!

Lt TKirr: The mass has reached Deck 20!

LtAaron Markus: It's using the turbo shafts.

VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> Deck 19 floods, and we sink lower.

MajorAZinthys: We could try using harmonic dissonance to force the creature off of us, Admiral.

Lt TKirr: Deck 19...

Kiley Airell: ::begins reassuring the kid and moving him along to the saucer section::

VAdm Blackthorne: Try it, but make it fast. I need that evac status now.

MajorAZinthys: ::Already readying the deflector::

LtAaron Markus: We're still being pulled in more and it's like we don't even have thrusters. ::checks the evac status::

CaptDougMcKnight: ::Sees the last one off, before learning that the turbolift may no longer be safe::

Lt Dakota Ellis: ::working the sensors to see if she can find out what the goo is made of::

Lt TKirr: ::presets several likely frequencies and sends them to Zinthys' console::

VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> Deck 18 floods, and we sink lower.

MajorAZinthys: ::tries the first one::

Lt TKirr: Deck 18.. ::almost quietly::

MajorAZinthys: +Doug+ Bridge to McKnight.

LtAaron Markus: +Airell+ Markus to Airell, what's the status of the evacuation?

CaptDougMcKnight: ::Climbs up off deck 17 along with the other marines, mindful that they're not leaving themselves much time::

VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> Deck 17 floods.

Lt TKirr: Seventeen.

Lt TKirr: <<I feel like that chick on GalaxyQuest>>

Lt Dakota Ellis: (lol)

CaptDougMcKnight: Climb, you lazy bastards! That bulkhead isn't going to hold out for long!

VAdm Blackthorne: {{ LOL }}

Kiley Airell: +Markus+ I have cleared Deck 10

Lt Dakota Ellis: Can we use the EV system on those desk to push the goo back out

7:50 PM

VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> Deck 16 floods, and power flickers as main engineering goes under.

MajorAZinthys: +Doug+ Captain, what's your status?

Lt TKirr: Deck 15's floor> ::groan::

ElRiov trIdrys: :::looks around, q::: Great ...

Lt TKirr: Engineering has been enveloped, Admiral.

LtJGNicoleWeis: ::looks over at idrys:: what?

CaptDougMcKnight: ::Continues to climb, having been informed that everything up to deck 9 is cleared, pausing only briefly to tap his comm badge::

LtAaron Markus: +Airell+ Thank you. ::to Admiral:: the evac is up to deck 10, but I'm still picking up people on 14...I think it's McKnight.

ElRiov trIdrys: ::nods:: The power ...

Lt Dakota Ellis: Were's band that's surpose to play while we go down?

VAdm Blackthorne: Beam them if you have to.

CaptDougMcKnight: +Zinthys+ My situation sucks big burning balls of shit, sir. How are you?

VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> Deck 15 floods, and we sink.

Lt TKirr: Sickbay flooded...

MajorAZinthys: +Doug+ Everyone below fifteen is out?

VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> The saucer section starts to tip forward as the center of gravity shifts.

Kiley Airell: :;hands the child off to his mother and begins a quick check of deck 9::

LtAaron Markus: ::locks onto McKnight and others with him and shimmers them away to deck 5::

Lt Dakota Ellis: ::uses the EV system to force air into the goo trying to push it back out it's hole::

CaptDougMcKnight: ( deck 9, isn;t that the saucer section?)

VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> The goo exerts far more pressure than the air.

MajorAZinthys: ::keeps trying different frequencies::

Lt Dakota Ellis: ::frowns:: Stupid goo

CaptDougMcKnight: ::Looks around confused as he rematerializes on the saucer::

CaptDougMcKnight: +Zinthys+ Uh...yeah, looks like.

VAdm Blackthorne: Is the secondary hull clear?

LtAaron Markus: ::checks to make sure noone else is in the secondary hull:: We're all clear, sir.

VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> The saucer tips forward toward the goo.

Lt TKirr: ::watches as the wall of goo gets closer::

VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> Deck 14 floods.

VAdm Blackthorne: Separate the sacuer.

Kiley Airell: ::finishes Deck 9 and moves up to Deck 8

MajorAZinthys: +Doug+ Help keep order up here. Tempers are sure to be flaring.

Lt TKirr: Fourteen flooded.

ElRiov trIdrys: ::sighs:: Reminds me of the king who asked his magicians for a new kind of weather and they made Oobleck.

CaptDougMcKnight: +Zinthys+ We'll see what my boot and assorted asses have to say about that, sir.

MajorAZinthys: +Doug+ Excellent. Zinthys our.

MajorAZinthys: out*

7:55 PM

VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> Deck 13 floods.

Kiley Airell: ::is glad everyone is off deck 8, heads back to the Bridge::

Lt TKirr: Thirteen.

LtAaron Markus: ::hits the separation sequence::

LtJGNicoleWeis: don't believe i have ever heard that story before

Lt Dakota Ellis: I hope we have enough life boats

VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> Deck 12 floods.

ElRiov trIdrys: Some king who was never satisfied with any form of weather so he asked his magicians for something so long as it was new. They made this sticky stuff called Oobleck and it rained all over the kingdom.

Kiley Airell: ::enters the Bridge::

VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> The saucer lifts away from the secondary hull, but another tentacle latches on and pulls it back down.

LtAaron Markus: Oh shit!!!!

ElRiov trIdrys: He eventually had to admit he was sorry and realize contentment with what he had was best. Anyhow it was such gooey stuff.

CaptDougMcKnight: (Oh, that's not cool.)

Lt TKirr: It's attached to the lower saucer!

LtJGNicoleWeis: ew, thats really gross

ElRiov trIdrys: :::almost falls forward::: Oh wonderful ... it's got us up here too!?

LtAaron Markus: ::tries full impulse and whatever else he can find::

VAdm Blackthorne: Mr. Markus.

Lt Dakota Ellis: this isn't good..

VAdm Blackthorne: All hands abandon ship.

Lt TKirr: ::stares at the viewscreen, alarmed::

LtAaron Markus: ::looks stunned only for a moment than turns to his console and hits the abandon ship alert.::

MajorAZinthys: I hope they have another prototype...

VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> the tentacle begins eating its way into deck 11.

CaptDougMcKnight: ::Swears loudly as he registers the alarm, and taps his comm badge::

MajorAZinthys: ::Grabs his rifle and slings it over his shoulder::

VAdm Blackthorne: Clear the bridge. Zinthys, T'Kirr, stay here.

VAdm Blackthorne: Everyone else, get to your escape pods.

MajorAZinthys: Aye.

CaptDougMcKnight: +Marines+ McKnight to all marine personnel. Station yourselves along the approaches to the life boats! We will maintain an orderly evacuation, even if it takes our phasers!

Kiley Airell: Aye Sir. Heads off to the Escape Pods::

Lt Dakota Ellis: ::waves at TKirr and then heads for the pods::

Lt TKirr: ::watches Ellis leave::

ElRiov trIdrys: +Medical personnel+ All medical hands prepare evacuation of the ship. Get all patients into pods first and proceed yourselves in an orderly fashion. Out.

8:00 PM

LtAaron Markus: ::Takes off behind Kiley::

ElRiov trIdrys: OK let's go.

Lt TKirr: ::begins dumping the computer core into emergency memory aboard several specially-equipped escape pods::

LtJGNicoleWeis: ::nods and follows idrys back out::

ElRiov trIdrys: :::heads towards pods:::

VAdm Blackthorne: T'Kirr, based on the rate of our sinking, taking into account the density of this liquid and the mass of this ship, how long would it take for the Constitution to sink to a level comparable to the probe's final depth?

Lt TKirr: ::runs calculations carefully::

Lt Dakota Ellis: ::gets into one of the pods:: I hate closed in spaces

Lt TKirr: ::looks at Blackthorne:: Approximately eleven to fifteen minutes.

CaptDougMcKnight: Marines> ::Station themselves as directed, arming themselves with rifles if possible. Facing the inevitable mad dash for the pods, the heavily armed sea of green beats the fleeing crew into orderly ranks::

VAdm Blackthorne: Ensure that all of the pods have orders to make a beeline away from this area as fast as possible.

VAdm Blackthorne: Are there any habitable planets nearby?

Lt TKirr: ::scans quickly::

MajorAZinthys: ::Transmits orders to all full escape pods to that effect::

MajorAZinthys: ::Continues transmitting to the ones that are not full::

ElRiov trIdrys: :::gets into pod:::

Lt TKirr: One on the edge of long range sensors.

VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> The tentacle is still dissolving away the bottom of deck 11, and the tip of the saucer dips into the liquid.

VAdm Blackthorne: That's their destination, then.

MajorAZinthys: ::mumbles:: Here we go again.

LtJGNicoleWeis: ::is making sure all patients and other med staff are safely in the pods::

Lt TKirr: TenForward> ::hiss::

CaptDougMcKnight: ::Seeing that the marines have the evacuation under control, McKnight swings by his quarters:: They can court martial me later.

VAdm Blackthorne: We're going to leave an impression on this thing.

8:05 PM

MajorAZinthys: ::nods::

LtAaron Markus: ::gets to a pod and nods for Kiley to get in first::

Kiley Airell: ::motions for Aaron to enter:: save me a seat, I want to make sure everyone gets in.

CaptDougMcKnight: ::Pockets a small, relatively flat bottle of whiskey, and slides it into his uniform jacket before grabbing his cat and making for the nearest available pod::

VAdm Blackthorne: Computer, recognize Blackthorne, Ian. Vice Admiral. Security clearance niner three two six bravo delta.

CaptDougMcKnight: Damn have this talent for making me look bad.

LtJGNicoleWeis: ::once all med people are in pods and safe, climbs in as well::

VAdm Blackthorne: Computer> Recognized and awaiting orders.

LtAaron Markus: ::hesitantly:: Alright. ::then sits down and saves a seat::

Lt TKirr: <<Sure wish mate would shut the TV off>>

ElRiov trIdrys: :::nods at Nicole:::: Everyone safely in?

VAdm Blackthorne: Computer> Begin auto-destruct sequence, timer set at ten minutes. Code 1-A-21-A.

CaptDougMcKnight: ::Comes up on another marine, briefly glancing at his rank insignia:: Corporal, evacuation status?

VAdm Blackthorne: ::nods to Zinthys:: Your turn.

LtJGNicoleWeis: yeah, we're all ready to go

Lt TKirr: ::swallows hard::

MajorAZinthys: Computer, recognize Zinthys, Allen. Major. Security clearance alpha bravo two four niner.

CaptDougMcKnight: Marine> Crew's away, sir.

CaptDougMcKnight: Then it's time we joined them. Come on.

VAdm Blackthorne: Computer> Recognized.

LtAaron Markus: ::watches the door as others come into the pod and hears Kiley's voice usher them in::

Kiley Airell: ::makes sure that everyone in the area gets into a Pod, and that those pods are evacuated. Then climbs into the last one in the area and starts the evac of that pod::

Lt Dakota Ellis: ::is in a launched pod::

VAdm Blackthorne: (that line from the Computer about the auto-destruct was supposed to be from me. )

CaptDougMcKnight: ::As he shuts the hatch and begins strapping himself in:: You're new. What's your name son?

LtAaron Markus: <<even Admirals get confused>>

CaptDougMcKnight: Marine> Reynolds, sir. Charles Reynolds.

CaptDougMcKnight: ::Grunts as the pod is launched::

ElRiov trIdrys: :::feels the pod launching:::

LtAaron Markus: ::sets the course for the pod by the info received from the bridge::

Kiley Airell: ::sits down, buckles up::

CaptDougMcKnight: ::After the pod's stopped accelerating:: Hey Charlie. I'm Doug, the furball's Hobbes...

8:10 PM

LtJGNicoleWeis: ::mumbles:: i hate this

ElRiov trIdrys: Last thing I ever want to hear is an order to abandon ship ...

MajorAZinthys: Computer, authorize auto-destruct sequence. Code A-B-24-9

LtJGNicoleWeis: seriously, never a good thing

CaptDougMcKnight: ::Retrieves the small whiskey bottle:: And man's best friend here answers to Jack.

VAdm Blackthorne: Computer> Secondary authorization complete. Awaiting tertiary authorization.

VAdm Blackthorne: ::looks to T'Kirr:: Your turn.

CaptDougMcKnight: ::Takes a long swig before passing the bottle off::

Lt TKirr: Computer, recognize T'Kirr, Lieutenant. Security clearance six four four sierra echo.

MajorAZinthys: ::Looks at T'Kirr::

LtAaron Markus: ::to everyone in the pod:: Alright, we're ready to go. Everyone hang on...::looks at Kiley with a slight smile then turns to hit the go button::

VAdm Blackthorne: Computer> Recognized.

ElRiov trIdrys: I read where you're coming from. First the Atlantis gets all bunged up, now this. And just as I was more or less getting the feel of the new ship.

LtJGNicoleWeis: um, do you think that could say something about all of us as a crew?

Lt TKirr: ::checks the latest readings, then looks to Blackthorne::

VAdm Blackthorne: Your authorization sequence.

ElRiov trIdrys: Well ... we sure are anxious to get back. To get back to the Atlantis where it feels like home.

LtAaron Markus: ::sits down and buckles just in time to be shot out of the new ship like a cannon::

VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> The hull gives way and deck 10 floods.

Lt TKirr: <<Oh, whoops>>

CaptDougMcKnight: ::Tapping commands into the navigational console, making best possible speed away from the ship before looking back at it::

LtJGNicoleWeis: that is true, i would love to go home to the atlantis

ElRiov trIdrys: And the sooner the better

VAdm Blackthorne: ::inputs a final command to the computer to scan for and beam all approved pets to empty escape pods::

MajorAZinthys: <<w00t!>>

Lt TKirr: Computer, authorize auto-destruct sequence. Code C-S-74-9.

VAdm Blackthorne: (( Pets are important!  ))

LtJGNicoleWeis: very true, i miss my old quarters

8:15 PM

VAdm Blackthorne: Computer> Authorization accepted. Awaiting final sequence to begin ten minute countdown.

CaptDougMcKnight: (Why else would I commit dereliction of duty for one? )

CaptDougMcKnight: (Repeatedly.)

ElRiov trIdrys: Yeah. T'Nal, S'Nac and I will be looking forward to ours as well.

VAdm Blackthorne: Begin destruct sequence. Code zero. zero. zero. Destruct... one.

VAdm Blackthorne: Computer> Auto destruct sequence engaged. Ten minutes to warp core overload.

VAdm Blackthorne: That's our cue to leave.

VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> Deck 9 floods.

LtAaron Markus: We're supposed to be heading to this class M nearby. When we meet up with the others, we'll make sure everyone's okay and see what the planet is like.

MajorAZinthys: It's into the saucer-section. Time to go.

Lt TKirr: ::moves from behind the console for the last time::

VAdm Blackthorne: ::walks to the TL door and takes a last look at the bridge:: Too bad.

Lt TKirr: ::enters lift::

MajorAZinthys: ::Follows T'Kirr out to the pods::

CaptDougMcKnight: ::Idly hopes that no irate Orions were keeping track of what happened, but decides it's best not to mention it to the Corporal::

Lt TKirr: ::heads to pod and gets inside swiftly::

LtAaron Markus: ::checks the destination time:: Looks like we'll be here for a couple of hours at least though. Did we get anyone who's injured onboard?

LtAaron Markus: ::looks around::

VAdm Blackthorne: ::ents into the pod with T'Kirr and Zinthys::

MajorAZinthys: ::Gets in::

MajorAZinthys: ::Sits behind the controls::

MajorAZinthys: Let's get outta here.

VAdm Blackthorne: ::straps in::

Lt TKirr: ::takes place inside::

MajorAZinthys: ::Starts it up::

VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> Deck 8 floods.

MajorAZinthys: ::Engages the thrusters and moves the pod towards its destination::

MajorAZinthys: ::Buckles up... for safety::

VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> All of the pods are away, and the ship dips lower as the swarm of pods hauls ass away from it.

8:20 PM

VAdm Blackthorne: ::watches out the window::

Lt TKirr: ::operates an overhead panel, checking the gimped sensors::

LtAaron Markus: ::after noone says they're injured, checks the status of the pod to see if all systems are good::

VAdm Blackthorne: T'Kirr, are any crew left aboard?

ElRiov trIdrys: :::wonders, Are we there yet?:::

VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> Decks 7 and 6 flood.

Lt TKirr: Everyone is aboard their pods and away from the biomass.

Lt Dakota Ellis: move pod move

Lt TKirr: ::pauses:: The saucer is halfway flooded.

LtJGNicoleWeis: ::wonders where her headphones went::

VAdm Blackthorne: You two might not be aware, but the last command I gave told the computer to let the antimatter containment fail and allow the obliteration to happen, instead of simply blowing the placed charge.

Kiley Airell: ::closes eyes and tries to relax::

ElRiov trIdrys: :::sighs::: This thing is gonna take an eternity and we would wind up out in the middle of nowhere.

MajorAZinthys: Interesting approach.

ElRiov trIdrys: They should have insurance against that you know.

Lt TKirr: ::cocks a brow::

VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> Decks 5 and 4 flood.

VAdm Blackthorne: That sort of detonation should blow this thing to bits.

CaptDougMcKnight: ::Nods to Reynolds:: I've got things under control here. Go let the passengers know we're safe.

LtJGNicoleWeis: ummm, you don't really think we'll end up in the middle of no where do you

LtJGNicoleWeis: ?

Lt TKirr: ::wonders at the functionality of all the pods, in contrast to its mothership::

LtAaron Markus: ::walks by everyone to see if they're ok stopping at last at Kiley:: How you holding up?

ElRiov trIdrys: Naah just figuratively speaking. Just wish we were closer to home is all.

VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> Decks 3 and 2 flood.

CaptDougMcKnight: Reynolds> ::Nods and unbuckles before heading out into the escape pod proper::

Lt TKirr: ::swallows as she monitors the sensors:: The bridge is about to be enveloped.

VAdm Blackthorne: Goodbye, Constitution.

CaptDougMcKnight: ::Takes another swig from his small bottle:: Guess I picked the wrong week to quit drinking.

LtJGNicoleWeis: ::is starting to freak out about the idea of getting lost in the middle of nowhere

VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> The bridge succumbs to the liquid, and the entire ship is under, allowing it to sink faster.

Lt TKirr: The saucer is gaining momentum.

8:25 PM

Kiley Airell: ::opens eyes and gives a weak smile:: I'm ok

VAdm Blackthorne: Well, we have a few minutes until the fireworks then.

VAdm Blackthorne: Hopefully the computer can maintain control.

Lt TKirr: I'm losing sensor clarity.

CaptDougMcKnight: ::Winces as he thinks of the basket hilted claymore in his quarters that went under with the saucer section. As an antique weapons collector, that's a blow.::

LtJGNicoleWeis: eric, seriously, it won't happen will it?

VAdm Blackthorne: These sensors aren't the greatest.

CaptDougMcKnight: Thank God I keep all the good stuff back on Earth...but the Romulan Ale! That stuff was older than I am!

MajorAZinthys: I think we were supposed to be testing things like engines, weapons, and hull integrity.

Lt TKirr: ::frowns in concentration:: All I can pick up are slight tremors... perhaps the hull buckling.

ElRiov trIdrys: ::shakes head:: I don't think we have a chance of really being stranded. We had to have sent off distress beacons and the like so Starfleet will be notified and all.

LtAaron Markus: ::takes her hand:: Try to relax...::feels her tension:: We'll be fine.

Kiley Airell: Sit down Aaron. How are you holding up?

LtJGNicoleWeis: ::is still freaking out a bit::

VAdm Blackthorne: ::looks sadly out the window::

LtAaron Markus: I'm nervous and tense like the rest of us. But I'm doing ok...Doing what I'm supposed to by being a good example to the rest and all that.

VAdm Blackthorne: Estimated time to detonation?

Lt TKirr: Two point five minutes.

ElRiov trIdrys: Don't worry -- we'll make it back somehow.

LtAaron Markus: ::sits down::

Lt TKirr: ::glances over the welfare of the other pods::

VAdm Blackthorne: Were any casualties taken?

Kiley Airell: The best thing to do is relax

LtJGNicoleWeis: ::doesn't feel too reassured::

Lt TKirr: ::looks at Zinthys::

MajorAZinthys: None reported after the initial assault.

VAdm Blackthorne: Excellent.

VAdm Blackthorne: The ship can be rebuilt.

8:30 PM

LtJGNicoleWeis: i'm going to have nightmares now

Kiley Airell: I feel like I've been through this before

LtAaron Markus: I'll relax when we set down on that planet. How so?

Lt TKirr: ::checks the roster signature for Ellis::

VAdm Blackthorne: How far away is that planet?

Lt TKirr: ::interrupts:: Thirty seconds.

ElRiov trIdrys: Like hell you will.

Lt TKirr: ::looks out the window::

VAdm Blackthorne: I'm assuming that's time to detonation.

Lt TKirr: Aye, Admiral.

VAdm Blackthorne: The planet must at least be several hours away.

MajorAZinthys: ::Looks out the port-hole::

LtJGNicoleWeis: come on idrys, how i am not supposed to have nightmares after we talked about getting lost in space

ElRiov trIdrys: I'll see your nightmare and raise you an angsttraum

Lt TKirr: At current speed, thirteen hours, sir.

MajorAZinthys: <<Angst traum? Is that what 15-year olds go through?>>

VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> The biomass disappears in a blinding flash of light as the Constitution detonates.

ElRiov trIdrys: ( that and more  ))

Lt TKirr: ::squints::

ElRiov trIdrys: :::shields eyes::: Elements above and below ...

Kiley Airell: I don't know. It just all seems familar

LtJGNicoleWeis: oh my goodness, i cna't belive it

LtAaron Markus: ::sees a flash from the window and then gets knocked around a little as the whole pod is shaken from the concussion::

MajorAZinthys: Thar she blows.

LtAaron Markus: Whoa....

Kiley Airell: Dang, that wasn't fun

CaptDougMcKnight: ::Shields his eyes from the brilliant flash:: Scratch one giant floating blob. We don't blow up nearly enough of those.

Kiley Airell: ::looks back to where the Constitution was:: There goes a good fighter.

8:35 PM

ElRiov trIdrys: :::looks out port::: That's ... something ... or rather, was ...

VAdm Blackthorne: Well, no more ships will be lost to that thing, whatever it was.

LtAaron Markus: Correction, 2 good fighters...

Lt TKirr: ::still watching out the window, thinking about how a Vulcan in command wouldn't have destroyed the biomass, and wonders what she would have done::

LtJGNicoleWeis: my best pictures of my family and jack were on that ship

VAdm Blackthorne: Credit for your thoughts, T'Kirr?

Lt TKirr: ::meets Blackthorne's gaze briefly::

Kiley Airell: ::grinz:: I don't know, your fighter was kind of shabby if you ask me.

Lt TKirr: I was thinking what I would have done in your position.

ElRiov trIdrys: ::sighs:: Yeah I know we all lost stuff back there. ::pauses:: So we carry the memories.

Lt TKirr: Destroying the biomass, I mean.

VAdm Blackthorne: ::meets her eyes:: What would you have done?

LtAaron Markus: Oh please....My fighter flew circles around yours...

Lt TKirr: I am... not sure.

Kiley Airell: Only in your dreams

VAdm Blackthorne: You have permission to speak candidly.

LtJGNicoleWeis: ::sighs and looks sadly::

LtAaron Markus: No, you're in my dreams...My fighter was just awesome.

VAdm Blackthorne: I am genuinely curious.

Lt TKirr: ::takes a deep breath:: While still on the Bridge, I believe I would have set a buoy to warn other vessels.

Lt TKirr: ::peers out the window again:: But I am not so sure now.

LtAaron Markus: ::kisses her before she can rebuttle::

Lt TKirr: ::looks at Blackthorne again:: What if the buoy failed?

VAdm Blackthorne: A possibility I considered.

LtJGNicoleWeis: this is bittersweet idrys

VAdm Blackthorne: The biomass may also have been mobile.

ElRiov trIdrys: Look at it this way, Nicole. You may have lost pictures and other possessions ... but not your life. You, your talents, your personality ... all saved.

Lt TKirr: ::nods once::

ElRiov trIdrys: ::nods:: Bittersweet indeed ...

CaptDougMcKnight: ::Looks over at his cat, who has calmed down somewhat from earlier, and is now busily grooming himself:: Do you know how much I paid for that Romulan Ale? Hell of a lot more than for your shots, that's for damned sure.

8:40 PM

LtJGNicoleWeis: ::nods:: very true, but it still is sad

VAdm Blackthorne: I've learned that command decisions aren't something you can second-guess. Hindsight is always 20/20, to use the cliche.

MajorAZinthys: I guess it would've been great to study it, but it's too great a threat.

Lt TKirr: ::thinks it over, then nods her agreement:: We have the information we have so far collected.

Lt TKirr: Perhaps there are more out there.

ElRiov trIdrys: Very much so. There'll be time to grieve over things like this ... but then we have to move on.

VAdm Blackthorne: Perhaps.

VAdm Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM

VAdm Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM

VAdm Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM

Lt TKirr: ::pauses::

Kiley Airell: ::paused::

LtAaron Markus: ::paused::

ElRiov trIdrys: ::paused::

LtJGNicoleWeis: ::paused::

CaptDougMcKnight: ::paused::

MajorAZinthys: ::Blows into whistle::

MajorAZinthys: Attention!!

ElRiov trIdrys: ::AA::

LtJGNicoleWeis: ::AA::

LtAaron Markus: ::AA::

Kiley Airell: ::AA::

Lt TKirr: ::AA::

CaptDougMcKnight: ::AA::

VAdm Blackthorne: Well folks, there we go, so ends our time on the Constitution. The pods will be landing next week.

VAdm Blackthorne: Questions?

Lt TKirr: ::raises hand::

VAdm Blackthorne: T'Kirr?

Lt TKirr: I remember what happened last time we landed... think Drake'll go crazy this time?

VAdm Blackthorne: ::laughs::

ElRiov trIdrys: shall we lay bets?

8:45 PM

Lt TKirr: I pity anyone not here today.. fall asleep on starship, wake up on planet.

ElRiov trIdrys: tonight rocked

VAdm Blackthorne: Thanks.

VAdm Blackthorne: That's all for this week. Major?

MajorAZinthys: Crew. Dismissed!!

LtAaron Markus: I must admit, tonight was pretty fun.

ElRiov trIdrys: niters

CaptDougMcKnight has left this chat.

Lt TKirr: Not every night you abandon ship

ElRiov trIdrys has left this chat.

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VAdm Blackthorne: Well, I'm abandoning this chatroom. Night!

MajorAZinthys: No, but this is the Atlantis, so it's about every other night.

Lt TKirr: Night

MajorAZinthys has left this chat.

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