19:30:19 vadmblackthorne: Hey everyone

19:30:28 majorazinthys: hello

19:30:30 ltjgnicoleweis: hey guys

19:30:35 elriovtridrys: Evening Admiral, Nicole, Major, Aaron

19:31:02 elriovtridrys: Evening Kiley

19:31:10 kileyairell: Evening Everyone

19:32:06 kileyairell: Hey Ellis

19:32:07 elriovtridrys: Evening Dakota

19:32:08 kileyairell: how's everyone?

19:32:18 elriovtridrys: doing good here and you?

19:32:30 ltdakotaellis: hi

19:33:37 kileyairell: Glad the day is over

19:34:00 elriovtridrys: ::nodnod::

19:34:42 elriovtridrys: I'm finally going to be getting some meds for my arthritis soon. didn't know I had that till I saw my Dr today

19:35:02 lttkirr: Whoops

19:35:07 elriovtridrys: Evening T'Kirr

19:35:09 vadmblackthorne: No, this is the right room. ;)

19:35:11 lttkirr: Good evening

19:35:22 lttkirr: Nah, just overshot time by a few min

19:35:49 vadmblackthorne: Well, try to tear your eyes off The Series, folks, it's Atlantis time.

19:35:52 elriovtridrys: Your choice of a room was \\//_ eminently logical

19:37:06 majorazinthys: I think your Vulcan lost a finger, there ;-)

19:37:18 elriovtridrys: LOL

19:37:22 lttkirr: I see all 5 O.o

19:37:27 kileyairell: Hey TKirr

19:37:32 lttkirr: Hi, Kiley =)

19:38:05 vadmblackthorne: Major, if you will

19:38:23 majorazinthys: ::Blows into whistle:: Attention!

19:38:24 elriovtridrys: ::AA::

19:38:25 lttkirr: ::AA::

19:38:27 ltjgnicoleweis: ::AA::

19:38:56 kileyairell: ::AA::

19:39:08 vadmblackthorne: Alright, tonight on Star Trek: Atlantis...

19:39:51 vadmblackthorne: The Atlantis crew is aboard the Constitution investigating a giant blue biomass the size of a moon.

19:40:17 ltaaronmarkus: ::AA late::

19:40:21 vadmblackthorne: Any questions?

19:40:22 ltdakotaellis: ::AA::

19:40:39 ltdakotaellis: Can we poke it with a stick?

19:40:53 lttkirr: *psst* We poked it with a probe!

19:40:59 vadmblackthorne: I was just about to say that. :)

19:41:10 majorazinthys: 'ey! No probing.

19:41:10 ltdakotaellis: Sticks are pointyer

19:41:33 vadmblackthorne: Hopefully it didn't mind being probed.

19:41:37 vadmblackthorne: Any other questions?

19:42:39 vadmblackthorne: BEGIN SIM

19:42:40 vadmblackthorne: BEGIN SIM

19:42:41 vadmblackthorne: BEGIN SIM

19:42:47 majorazinthys: ::Standing at Tactical::

19:43:27 vadmblackthorne: ACTION> The probe starts to sink from the surface of the biomass.

19:43:30 ltjgnicoleweis: ::walking towards sickbay::

19:43:30 ltdakotaellis: ::in a sci lab looking at the big blue thing:: I wonder if there's a moon sized pac man out there looking for this

19:43:30 lttkirr: ::working at Science on the Bridge::

19:43:40 lttkirr: Admiral, the probe is sinking.

19:43:49 vadmblackthorne: (( A giant pac-man... ::writes that down for later:: ))

19:43:52 ltaaronmarkus: ::sits at Helm/Ops looking at the big blob::

19:44:03 lttkirr: Shall I reverse course, sir?

19:44:03 ltdakotaellis: (loL)

19:44:10 elriovtridrys: ::in Sickbay in office doing reports, sighing::

19:44:26 majorazinthys: ::Resists the urge to "probe" it with a torpedo::

19:44:33 vadmblackthorne: I don't see anything hostile about that. Let's see what the probe finds.

19:44:47 ltjgnicoleweis: ::walks into sickbay coughing::

19:45:03 ltaaronmarkus: Maybe it's going to eat it.

19:45:08 kileyairell: ::on the bridge, looking at the view screen::

19:45:21 elriovtridrys: ::looks up, hearing Weis entering ... gets up::

19:45:23 ltaaronmarkus: What about the probe's structural integrity?

19:45:29 lttkirr: I have found no indication it has a digestive system, Mr. Markus.

19:45:43 ltjgnicoleweis: ::coughs again and heads to her office sniffling slightly::

19:45:46 lttkirr: Integrity is holding.

19:46:01 majorazinthys: ::chuckles::

19:46:11 ltaaronmarkus: ::turns head slightly and looks at the blob:: Who said anything about a digestive system?

19:46:14 elriovtridrys: ::pokes head into her office:: Are you all right Nicole? You sound under the weather.

19:46:25 ltdakotaellis: ::heads for the bridge to get a better look::

19:46:58 ltjgnicoleweis: ::nods:: i think i'm getting a cold, woke up this morning all stuffy and coughing and sore throat, it's not very fun

19:47:09 vadmblackthorne: How deep is the probe?

19:47:27 lttkirr: Approximately two-hundred meters.

19:47:30 elriovtridrys: ::nods:: Let me check this out. ::steps over and runs a tricorder over her::

19:47:36 ltdakotaellis: ::steps onto the bridge and take sci 2::

19:47:49 ltjgnicoleweis: ::lets idrys do the doctor stuff::

19:47:53 vadmblackthorne: Anything of interest?

19:47:53 lttkirr: I still cannot identify the unknown element.

19:48:04 majorazinthys: Maybe it's Jell-O.

19:48:32 elriovtridrys: ::nods:: Yeah that's what it is all right. You know the routine, drink lots of fluids and so on ... wish we had a cure for the damn thing.

19:48:47 majorazinthys: Blue Jell-O... that's the Blueberry flavor, right?

19:48:56 ltjgnicoleweis: ::laughs lightly before coughing again:: yeah seriously

19:48:59 ltaaronmarkus: ::looks oddly at the Major::

19:49:13 lttkirr: <<I thought the common cold *was* cured>>

19:49:20 kileyairell: ::chuckles:: I was never very fond of Jello, even more now.

19:49:31 majorazinthys: I just hope it's not the kind with the fruit inside, 'cause that stuff's nasty.

19:50:13 vadmblackthorne: That's the best kind. ::chuckles:

19:50:19 ltdakotaellis: I still say it looks like a pac man pebble

19:50:30 ltaaronmarkus: Plain orange for me.

19:50:32 lttkirr: The probe is getting a clearer image of the ... Admiral, I'm reading degredation of the probe's outer hull.

19:50:38 ltjgnicoleweis: ::goes to the replicator and getst hot tea with a tiny bit of lemon juice and honey in it::

19:50:46 ltaaronmarkus: I told you it would eat it.

19:50:53 vadmblackthorne: Cause?

19:51:11 ltjgnicoleweis: so, anything interesting happening here lately?

19:51:19 lttkirr: The only factor I can deduce would be the unknown element.

19:51:34 ltdakotaellis: stomach acid?

19:51:37 lttkirr: ::console beeping::

19:51:57 lttkirr: ::turns to see Ellis, not realizing she was there::

19:52:03 ltaaronmarkus: That's just what I was gonna say...

19:52:07 vadmblackthorne: What is it finding down there?

19:52:15 elriovtridrys: ::jerks thumb in direction of his own office:: the usual ... stacks and stacks of 'em.

19:52:22 ltdakotaellis: ::smiles at TKirr:: I'm sneaky that way

19:52:51 lttkirr: I am getting a clearer image of the structure, chaotic as it may seem to us...

19:53:13 ltdakotaellis: structure?

19:53:15 ltjgnicoleweis: eh ::looks at her own stack:: you would think with all this technology that they would come up with some way for us to get outta doing our reports

19:53:32 vadmblackthorne: And?

19:53:40 elriovtridrys: One day ... ::gets a faraway look in his eyes:: there will be an all-medical ship and we'll be on it.  ::looks at her:: And -then- being a doctor will matter a lot instead of wondering what will happen down here in Sickbay.

19:54:04 ltjgnicoleweis: ::laughs:: yeah, that'll be day

19:54:21 elriovtridrys: I'll design it myself ... you just watch.

19:54:26 lttkirr: The electrical pathways converge in small masses deep inside.  There is almost no trace of the unknown element there.  It seems to be heavily converged around the probe.

19:54:41 ltjgnicoleweis: alright, you design it and get it built and i'll join the crew

19:55:13 ltaaronmarkus: Anti-bodies?

19:55:18 vadmblackthorne: How long until we lose the probe?

19:55:29 elriovtridrys: Great. You know, I once heard a rumor one of the Romulan CMOs was planning on doing just that. His crew said the idea was "very scary." And that was the end of the project.

19:56:09 lttkirr: The signal is beginning to degrade.  I would approximate no more than five minutes until we no longer get readings.

19:56:26 ltjgnicoleweis: ::laughs:: it doesn't sound scary, infact it sounds smart, to have an all med ship, goes around deliverying medical supplies and help to those who need it, good place for young med students to intern

19:56:57 vadmblackthorne: Hypotheses?

19:57:16 lttkirr: By all appearance, Admiral, the "attack" seems intentional.

19:57:37 ltdakotaellis: I think Markus was on to something

19:57:39 lttkirr: However, we do not know the nature of the unknown element, so we do not know if the probe attracts it.

19:57:43 elriovtridrys: ::nods:: Yup. Matter of fact I think I'm going to go about doing some of those plans now while the ideas are fresh in my head. If you want to contribute feel free to toss me any ideas any time.

19:57:47 ltaaronmarkus: I wouldn't call it an attack myself...It could be some sort of immune system.

19:57:47 ltdakotaellis: It sounds like anti-bodies

19:57:59 vadmblackthorne: We did sent an intruder.

19:58:03 vadmblackthorne: *send

19:58:10 majorazinthys: Could you send another probe in to collect some of this gunk and bring it back for further study?

19:58:22 ltjgnicoleweis: well, i don't know how good i would be at contributing but i could try

19:58:53 elriovtridrys: ::nods::

19:58:56 ltdakotaellis: another probe would likely be rejected as well

19:59:04 ltdakotaellis: we need a really long needle

19:59:10 ltjgnicoleweis: you do realize though taht were would have to be some engineer people and security people

19:59:21 vadmblackthorne: A sample collection...

19:59:53 ltaaronmarkus: Perhaps not as fast...as soon as the "gunk" starts to collect, we could steer the probe out.  That way it wouldn't get torn up.

20:00:18 lttkirr: Once fully submerged by the mass, propulsion is lost.

20:00:35 elriovtridrys: yes that is true. People for maintenance, security and so on, but I think the old earth term would be like a MASH unit. Everyone had medical training regardless of their jobs, security, engineering and the like. All were doctors and

20:00:39 elriovtridrys: nurses.

20:00:45 ltaaronmarkus: Send another probe to tractor?

20:00:47 vadmblackthorne: It did float for a while, though.

20:01:01 ltaaronmarkus: Perhaps that's too many probes though.

20:01:02 ltdakotaellis: so we would need a probe on a rope so we could pull it back out

20:01:05 ltjgnicoleweis: ::nods:: i'm really liking this idea

20:01:20 lttkirr: Or a probe with Ellis' "needle".

20:01:20 elriovtridrys: Me too.

20:01:22 ltaaronmarkus: I don't think we have rope long enough....

20:02:10 lttkirr: If it starts to submerge, it can move away from the mass.

20:02:32 lttkirr: ::console beeping:: I have lost signal from the probe.

20:02:45 vadmblackthorne: ACTION> SPLORCH! A tentacle of the liquid shoots out and attaches itself to the Constitution's hull!

20:03:02 ltjgnicoleweis: ::coughs again and takes a sip of the tea::

20:03:05 ltaaronmarkus: ::console beeps like crazy:: Oh shit....

20:03:06 majorazinthys: Shit! We've been... gunked?

20:03:15 majorazinthys: Something has latched onto us.

20:03:26 lttkirr: The mass has attached itself to our hull. ::scanning::

20:03:42 vadmblackthorne: Full impulse, reverse course.

20:03:47 ltdakotaellis: great it's a gaint space squid

20:03:57 ltaaronmarkus: Aye, sir.  ::full reverses::

20:04:20 ltjgnicoleweis: of course it would be great to have an all med ship around during a war

20:04:23 ltjgnicoleweis: or battle

20:04:29 ltaaronmarkus: ::checks readings:: We're not moving!

20:04:34 elriovtridrys: Quite an advantage.

20:04:44 vadmblackthorne: Take us to warp.

20:04:46 majorazinthys: Shall I cut it loose?

20:04:48 elriovtridrys: A floating CDC unit ...

20:05:17 ltaaronmarkus: Aye.  :: hits the warp button then checks readings:: Nothing....

20:05:39 vadmblackthorne: Zinthys.

20:05:39 ltjgnicoleweis: oh man, could you imagin the size of the operating rooms and examination rooms and the size of the sick bay would be in an all med ship ::gets a dreamy look in her eyes::

20:05:56 ltaaronmarkus: Red alert, sir?

20:05:58 elriovtridrys: ::nodnodnodditynods::

20:06:05 vadmblackthorne: Red alert.

20:06:11 ltaaronmarkus: ::hits red alert::

20:06:17 lttkirr: ::studying readings::

20:06:32 elriovtridrys: ::hears klaxon:: Oh crud.

20:06:39 ltjgnicoleweis: oh man, thats a red alert, wonder whats going on up there

20:06:56 vadmblackthorne: Phasers.

20:07:04 elriovtridrys: +Bridge+ Idrys to Bridge. What's going on?

20:07:05 majorazinthys: Aye, sir.

20:07:11 majorazinthys: ::Powers up the phasers::

20:07:15 majorazinthys: At your command, sir.

20:08:10 vadmblackthorne: Fire.

20:08:31 ltaaronmarkus: ::readies the engines to go when they're separated from the gunk::

20:08:33 majorazinthys: ::Fires a wide beam, catching the whole of the tentacle in its path::

20:08:35 vadmblackthorne: +Idrys+ The biomass has latched onto our hull. Standby.

20:08:52 elriovtridrys: +Blackthorne+ Acknowledged Sir.

20:08:57 majorazinthys: Sir, it has no effect.

20:09:04 ltjgnicoleweis: well, might as well get sickbay prepared incase we get some injured

20:09:15 elriovtridrys: ::exchanges a look with Weis:: Well. That's something. Yes ...

20:09:28 vadmblackthorne: Torpedos.

20:09:36 ltaaronmarkus: Try a smaller beam to cut through the mass....

20:09:44 ltaaronmarkus: Or torpedos....

20:09:50 vadmblackthorne: Though torpedoing a liquid mass likely won't work.

20:09:55 ltjgnicoleweis: i swear, some of the stuff that goes on with ship is too weird for words

20:10:07 elriovtridrys: You're telling me.

20:10:09 majorazinthys: I could set it to detonate on command, then blow it up when it reaches the mass.

20:10:16 majorazinthys: ::Powers up a torpedo::

20:10:29 vadmblackthorne: ::nods:: Do it.

20:10:42 majorazinthys: ::Fires off the torpedo::

20:10:55 majorazinthys: ::Waits until it makes contact with the tentacle, then detonates it::

20:10:59 elriovtridrys: ::;checks over biobeds, tricorders etc:::

20:11:34 kileyairell: ::shifts in her chair::

20:11:41 majorazinthys: ::Shakes head:: Nothing, sir.

20:11:48 ltaaronmarkus: Damn.

20:11:55 majorazinthys: This thing is liquid, yes?

20:12:03 vadmblackthorne: Yes.

20:12:07 ltaaronmarkus: For the most part.

20:12:20 majorazinthys: T'Kirr, could we polarize the hull to give the thing a tad bit of a shock?

20:12:36 ltaaronmarkus: A tad?

20:12:56 majorazinthys: Well, we don't want to destroy it.

20:12:57 ltjgnicoleweis: ::coughs some so tries not to touch too much stuff::

20:12:58 lttkirr: I was just thinking the same thing.  Just before the attack, I read electrical activity at the site of the liquid "arm's" origin point, followed by a sudden increase in pressure.  If we send a signal back...

20:13:03 vadmblackthorne: Polarizing the hull. That hasn't been done in quite a while.

20:13:05 ltaaronmarkus: Oh yeah...

20:13:50 majorazinthys: we might make it jerk back.

20:13:57 lttkirr: ::nods::

20:14:09 vadmblackthorne: Try it.

20:14:25 elriovtridrys: ( if its name is Junior ... just sour the milk )

20:14:34 kileyairell: (LOL)

20:14:34 ltaaronmarkus: ::checks readiness of engines:: Helm at the ready...

20:14:47 ltaaronmarkus: <<ugh>>

20:14:57 majorazinthys: ::Nods to Kirr::

20:15:21 ltjgnicoleweis: hey idrys, for you all med ship, would the captian be the cmo?

20:15:24 lttkirr: ::sets an average polarization factor and "makes it so"::

20:15:57 majorazinthys: No effect, Admiral.

20:16:30 majorazinthys: It also hasn't done anything else.

20:16:34 majorazinthys: Maybe it's just probing us.

20:16:40 vadmblackthorne: ACTION> The Constitution begins to move toward the biomass.

20:16:58 elriovtridrys: ::laughs:: Hell if I know. Just so long as somebody ran the ship.

20:17:07 ltjgnicoleweis: ::laughs::

20:17:10 ltaaronmarkus: ::console beeps:: We're moving....but in the wrong direction.

20:17:18 lttkirr: Attempting a higher frequency.  ::zaps::

20:17:19 majorazinthys: I had to say something.

20:17:30 majorazinthys: Maybe it wants to eat us.

20:17:36 ltdakotaellis: or the probe was the mini hotdog on s tooth pick and we're the foot long

20:17:45 lttkirr: <<rofl>>

20:17:49 ltaaronmarkus: I don't feel like being something's lunch.

20:17:50 kileyairell: I hope not Major.  I don't react well to being eaten.

20:17:56 vadmblackthorne: Nor do any of us.

20:18:07 lttkirr: ::turns and converses with Ellis::

20:18:37 ltaaronmarkus: ::wonders where Ellis get's all these weird analogies::

20:19:25 lttkirr: Considering our lack of options, shall we try something with a tractor beam?

20:19:28 vadmblackthorne: Hail it and scan for any chemical changes.

20:19:30 elriovtridrys: I honestly think an all-Med starship would have a CO, an XO and so forth and someone else would be named CMO ... the CMO wouldn't necessarily be the CO as well.

20:19:34 majorazinthys: We should let this thing loose on the Borg. Between it eating and them assimilating, they could go at each other all day.

20:19:56 ltaaronmarkus: Aye, sir.  ::wonders why he didn't think of it and hails it::

20:20:11 vadmblackthorne: Stand by tractor beam.

20:20:16 lttkirr: ::watches readings::

20:20:21 majorazinthys: Standing by.

20:20:23 ltjgnicoleweis: yeah, i was just thinking that having a co and xo that are medically trained but having a different person as the cmo could cause problems but yeah, they wouldn't have to be the same person

20:21:12 lttkirr: No change I can detect.

20:21:27 vadmblackthorne: Tractor beam. Set to repulse.

20:21:40 majorazinthys: ::taps:: Done.

20:22:01 ltdakotaellis: ::thinks that should have named that one the Wesly Manover::

20:22:15 lttkirr: ::has never thought about what a tractor beam would do to liquid::

20:22:46 ltaaronmarkus: <<it's matter...it should the same it does to anything else.>>

20:22:55 elriovtridrys: :::finishes inventory::: Yeah ... anyhow. ::mops brow:: Wow that went fast.

20:23:40 lttkirr: The arm is being moved slightly, but it is still holding.

20:23:40 ltjgnicoleweis: ::nods:: yeah, i wonder if we're going to get any customers or not though

20:23:52 majorazinthys: ::Fires it off::

20:24:01 majorazinthys: We're still not moving, sir.

20:24:17 lttkirr: Try attraction setting of the beam

20:24:42 ltdakotaellis: we're going to help it eat us?

20:24:46 elriovtridrys: For the time being I'm a bit grateful there aren't any takers ... it may be a bit boring but still it's a lot better than being awash in casualties

20:24:52 lttkirr: If it is liquid, perhaps we can break its tensile surface.

20:24:54 ltdakotaellis: should we put relish on the hull?

20:25:09 ltjgnicoleweis: that is true

20:25:19 majorazinthys: ::Does it::

20:25:41 vadmblackthorne: How long until we meet the surface of that thing?

20:26:26 lttkirr: ::quickly calculates:: It is pulling rather slowly, but is gaining momentum.  About seven minutes.

20:26:48 ltaaronmarkus: ::checks readings:: I agree.

20:27:40 lttkirr: ::frowns at readings:: The tractor beam is widening the diameter of the arm.

20:27:47 vadmblackthorne: Cut it.

20:27:47 ltjgnicoleweis: ::finishes her hot tea and goes into her office for a sweater::

20:27:57 majorazinthys: ::Stops the tractor beam::

20:28:12 lttkirr: Returning to normal diameter.

20:28:39 ltaaronmarkus: So what exactly is our plan...we ramming it and shooting through it maybe?

20:28:43 ltdakotaellis: ::looks down at the readings:: The tractor beam inflated it

20:28:46 vadmblackthorne: ACTION> The hull that's in contact with the arm begins to dissolve.

20:28:52 elriovtridrys: :::sits back in office and begins tackling some more stacks of PADDs except begins toying with report to Starfleet Medical about all-Med ship:::

20:29:14 lttkirr: ::internal sensors beep:: The connected area of hull is weakening.

20:29:23 majorazinthys: ::Warning panels light up::

20:29:23 ltaaronmarkus: ::pesky console goes off::  We're being eaten sir.

20:29:40 elriovtridrys: :::sits back in chair and tries to remember the distant relevance of several people named Hawkeye, Radar and Hot Lips:::

20:29:48 kileyairell: That doesn't sound good.

20:29:54 ltaaronmarkus: <<LOL>>

20:29:59 ltjgnicoleweis: ((dude, your making me want to watch mash))

20:30:02 vadmblackthorne: And everything we've tried has failed.

20:30:41 ltaaronmarkus: But we haven't tried everything....

20:30:45 majorazinthys: I could simply shoot at it.

20:30:55 vadmblackthorne: Nevertheless. Mr. Markus, send a distress call.

20:31:01 ltaaronmarkus: I mean everything all at once....

20:31:06 ltaaronmarkus: But ok.

20:31:13 vadmblackthorne: I'm not saying that we're giving up.

20:31:21 ltaaronmarkus: ::sends out the DC::

20:31:43 ltaaronmarkus: Oh I know that...Why would we?

20:31:53 ltdakotaellis: to bad we don't have an salt to throw in it. Maybe it's more of a slug then a squid or pac man pebble or jello

20:32:17 lttkirr: ::blinks::

20:32:27 elriovtridrys: :::sips at mint tea:::

20:32:33 lttkirr: ::turns and looks at Ellis::

20:32:38 ltdakotaellis: What?

20:32:41 lttkirr: Sodium...

20:32:49 vadmblackthorne: Seal off the section of hull that it's attached to.

20:32:57 ltjgnicoleweis: ::sits down at ehr desk and contimplates a nap::

20:33:17 ltaaronmarkus: What about shooting out a high intensity beam out the main deflector?  Or if worse comes to worse, we could always through the warp core at it....

20:33:24 ltdakotaellis: well yeah I mean that's how you get leatches off and how you kil slugs

20:34:07 lttkirr: ::nods:: Perhaps a high concentration of sodium at the connected area would break its hold.

20:34:22 ltaaronmarkus: ::seals off the section the blob has a grip on:: Evacuated and sealed, sir.

20:34:29 vadmblackthorne: It's worth a shot.

20:35:03 lttkirr: ::looks at Ellis:: Where would we find sodium, and how would we apply it?

20:35:37 vadmblackthorne: Zinthys, full phaser array attack on the creature itself.

20:35:51 ltdakotaellis: we could replacte it and normllly we just threw it on

20:36:12 lttkirr: ::runs into the turbolift::

20:36:25 lttkirr: Deck Eight!

20:36:36 majorazinthys: Aye, sir.

20:36:46 majorazinthys: ::Lauches a full phaser attack on the creature::

20:36:57 elriovtridrys: :::keeps woring on reports:::

20:37:05 majorazinthys: We could also launch some in a torpedo.

20:37:08 lttkirr: ::exits lift and finds nearest replicator and makes some salt::

20:37:14 ltjgnicoleweis: ::rests head on the desk trying to breath and not cough::

20:37:25 vadmblackthorne: ::Watches the phasers pass right through the thing:

20:37:37 ltaaronmarkus: Whoops....

20:37:42 majorazinthys: ::Shakes head:: it's like it's not even there.

20:38:15 ltaaronmarkus: ::pinches himself to make sure he's not dreaming::  Yep it's there.

20:38:23 lttkirr: ::lugs the bag of salt down a corridor, checks a wall panel for her location, and heads for the airlock nearest the arm::

20:38:54 vadmblackthorne: (( I'd love to see a random crew member's reaction to seeing a VUlcan pulling a bag of salt down a corridor! ))

20:39:35 lttkirr: Sanders> ::watches T'Kirr fly past and does a double-take::

20:40:02 lttkirr: ::suits up in record time, then opens airlock::

20:40:52 ltdakotaellis: Sir we have two mins until contact

20:40:56 lttkirr: ::walks out along hull and freezes as mass is everywhere she can see::

20:41:23 vadmblackthorne: Ellis, how long was the probe afloat?

20:41:26 lttkirr: ::pulls bag as it floats behind her, and walks up to the squirming arm::

20:42:28 elriovtridrys: :::finishes preliminary plans for the MASH ship, sets PADD down, sips some more at mint tea:::

20:42:32 lttkirr: ::hurls the bag at the arm, holding onto the bag, and watches the queer spray of gravityless salt float to the arm::

20:42:45 ltaaronmarkus: ::watches TKirr on console viewer::

20:42:58 ltdakotaellis: Several mins, Sir

20:43:23 ltaaronmarkus: Work, dang it, work.

20:43:25 lttkirr: ::starts stepping backwards, watching as the salt is quickly absorbed, changing the blue to a light green::

20:43:50 lttkirr: ::sees nothing else happen, and walks quickly to the airlock::

20:44:04 vadmblackthorne: Try the impulse engines once she's inside.

20:44:12 ltaaronmarkus: Aye, sir.

20:44:19 lttkirr: ::seals airlock once inside::

20:44:42 ltaaronmarkus: ::Open's up full reverse::

20:45:04 ltaaronmarkus: ::checks readings and hangs head:: Nothing.

20:45:26 lttkirr: ::strips suit and leaves it in a pile on the floor, running back to a lift::

20:45:29 vadmblackthorne: ACTION> The liquid breaks through the hull and fills the sealed section.

20:45:30 elriovtridrys: :::thinks, USS Ouijangbou, NCC-4077 ... hmmmm :::

20:46:08 ltdakotaellis: It's inside the ship

20:46:12 lttkirr: ::feels ship shudder nearby as hull is compensated, then takes lift up::

20:46:14 ltaaronmarkus: ::console flares with blinking lights::

20:46:16 elriovtridrys: :::shakes head, thinks, Naaaaaaaaaaah, it'll never happen ...:::

20:46:29 lttkirr: <<This ship needs to die anyway::

20:46:42 ltaaronmarkus: It's already filled up the sealed section.

20:46:48 vadmblackthorne: ACTION> The bottom of the COnstitution touches the surface of the mass.

20:46:51 ltaaronmarkus: <<Not with us in it>>

20:47:09 lttkirr: Constitution> ::sssssssss::

20:47:16 ltdakotaellis: we're making contact

20:47:23 ltdakotaellis: and not in a good way

20:47:28 ltaaronmarkus: We've landed...on jello.

20:47:35 vadmblackthorne: Evacuate the secondary hull to the saucer.

20:48:05 ltaaronmarkus: Aye, sir.  ::sends the evacutation signal to the secondary hull::

20:48:16 lttkirr: ::enters the Bridge and walks to Science, panting slightly::

20:48:17 vadmblackthorne: PAUSE SIM

20:48:19 ltaaronmarkus: *evacuation

20:48:21 vadmblackthorne: PAUSE SIM

20:48:23 vadmblackthorne: PAUSE SIM

20:48:25 elriovtridrys: :::paused:::

20:48:25 ltaaronmarkus: ::paused::

20:48:29 lttkirr: ::pauses::

20:48:31 ltjgnicoleweis: ::paused::

20:48:31 ltdakotaellis: paused

20:48:40 kileyairell: ::paused::

20:48:59 majorazinthys: ::blows into whistle::

20:49:02 majorazinthys: Attention@

20:49:03 elriovtridrys: ::AA::

20:49:04 kileyairell: ::AA::

20:49:04 ltaaronmarkus: ::AA::

20:49:09 lttkirr: ::AA::

20:49:12 ltjgnicoleweis: ::AA::

20:49:33 vadmblackthorne: Well, well, will we escape this harrowing situation?

20:49:33 ltdakotaellis: ::AA::

20:50:00 ltaaronmarkus: I vote yes.

20:50:01 elriovtridrys: most assuredly we will.

20:50:17 vadmblackthorne: Find out next week on Star Trek: Atlantis!

20:50:31 majorazinthys: Dismissed!

20:50:42 lttkirr: Gotta run, bye!

20:50:44 elriovtridrys: niters

20:50:55 vadmblackthorne: Night everyone!

20:51:05 ltdakotaellis: night