19:32:48 lttkirr: There's Markus...

19:32:56 lttkirr: Admiral on the Bridge!

19:33:22 vadmblackthorne: Evening, folks

19:33:29 captdougmcknight: Evening, Darth Evil.

19:33:40 lttkirr: I tried to play that old SFC3 today... and I can't 'cause it says I don't have DirectX8.1 or later installed... PFFT

19:34:10 captdougmcknight: Okay...so he expects us to believe that any parents would watch while some 13 year-old beats their child into unconsciousness on their front lawn?

19:34:28 captdougmcknight: Oh, hey Markus.

19:34:29 vadmblackthorne: Let me guess, some judge in CA does

19:35:31 lttkirr: Just a warning, Admiral.. not feeling very scientifically-inclined tonight O.o

19:35:45 captdougmcknight: No, it's this Leirone log.

19:36:24 vadmblackthorne: Oh, I half expected you to say something like that happened in CA and the parents were thrown in jail because of THE CHILDREN!!!!1

19:36:41 vadmblackthorne: That's not good, T'Kirr... that blob has your name all over it.

19:37:09 captdougmcknight: Well, any parent like that should be jailed.

19:37:40 vadmblackthorne: Ah, I was thinking the opposite where the parent goes and lays the smack down on the kid outside and is thrown in jail for it.

19:37:54 captdougmcknight: This log describes Leirone dragging 3 high schoolers in turn out of their homes, and beating them into unconsciousness while their parents "screamed in protest"

19:37:59 captdougmcknight: Oh, no.

19:38:12 vadmblackthorne: Trust me, it could happen in this state

19:38:22 captdougmcknight: Your state sucks, dude.

19:38:30 vadmblackthorne: I don't claim it as MY state

19:38:37 vadmblackthorne: It is the state in which I happen to live.

19:38:42 captdougmcknight: Ah, gotcha.

19:38:43 vadmblackthorne: I am not from here.

19:39:11 captdougmcknight: Right, you're a West Virginia man, unless my memory has failed me big time.

19:39:20 vadmblackthorne: That is indeed true.

19:40:04 vadmblackthorne: And I can report that CA is full of idiots.

19:40:08 captdougmcknight: What is society coming to when some little bastard starts shit, and you can't go shoot him full of rock salt?

19:41:09 vadmblackthorne: They'd put you under the jail for that because you had a GUN AND THEY'RE EVIL!!!11

19:41:43 lttkirr: But remember, pepper spray is legal! =P

19:41:54 vadmblackthorne: Only barely.

19:42:00 lttkirr: *nods*

19:42:17 captdougmcknight: You know in England, they're apparently confiscating airsoft guns?

19:42:18 lttkirr: How dare you defend yourself, or *gasp* your CHILDREN.

19:42:40 vadmblackthorne: CA doesn't want people to be able to defend themselves. Well, more specifically, those morons Boxer and Feinstein don't

19:42:59 vadmblackthorne: England is more broken than CA.

19:43:07 lttkirr: Someone go infiltrate their homes *nod*

19:43:42 captdougmcknight: Right...someone breaks into your home over there, and you hit him with a bat?  You're going to jail.

19:43:53 vadmblackthorne: They also have concealed carry licenses and pack heat, but believe that no one should have guns.

19:44:03 vadmblackthorne: "Mommy, what's a hypocrite?"

19:44:14 captdougmcknight: Ha ha ha

19:44:28 captdougmcknight: Hmmm...I need a better way of expressing the ole laughter.

19:44:33 vadmblackthorne: Oh, and they're deputized federal air marshals.

19:44:42 vadmblackthorne: So they can pack heat on a plane.

19:44:51 lttkirr: Wewt.

19:45:10 vadmblackthorne: Morons.

19:46:56 lttkirr: Hm, all four of us.

19:47:13 lttkirr: It's 13mins 'till.

19:47:21 vadmblackthorne: Yeah, ain't lookin' good.

19:47:24 lttkirr: :-[

19:50:39 lttkirr: So8-)walks into a bank and tells:-*behind the counter that this is a stickup.  Well:-*freaks out and ducks behind:-D, but 8-)shoots:-Dand:-*anyway.  :-[is hit by ricotche, and falls dead on>:owho was hiding behind his desk...

19:50:47 vadmblackthorne: Well, that's it for tonight, folks.

19:50:49 lttkirr: ...Yeah, I'm bored.

19:51:01 vadmblackthorne: :w-hat:

19:51:21 captdougmcknight: Maybe next time.

19:51:25 captdougmcknight: Later, folks.

19:51:36 lttkirr: Take care, until next week, I suppose O.o

19:51:37 vadmblackthorne: Night!