AIM Chat with tinadollnyc, ltjgaaronmarkus, jkamin2272, ltdakotaellis, MajorAZinthys.

7:31 PM

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CaptDougMcKnight: Evening, Admiral.

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TinadollNyC: Abmiral on deck

VAdm Blackthorne: Hey everyone;

LtJGAaron Markus: Admiral on deck!

LtJGNicoleWeis: hey guys, i wont be staying around for long but i'll be here for as long as i can

TinadollNyC: hey Doug


CaptDougMcKnight: Kay.

TinadollNyC: hey Nicole

CaptDougMcKnight: ?

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CaptDougMcKnight: Heya, T'Kirr.

Lt TKirr: Sorry I'm late!

TinadollNyC: Hey t'kirr

TinadollNyC: Nope you are right ontime

Lt TKirr: I'm fashionably late...

Lt Dakota Ellis: She beat ya to it tonight Aaron

CaptDougMcKnight: If this were a Star Wars sim, you'd have been choked to death with the Force by now.

LtJGAaron Markus: I was talking to my wife at the time he came in.

LtJGNicoleWeis: sorry to do this guys, but i'm dead and on my vacation, so i'm going to bed, night guys, see you next week

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Lt TKirr: Was I just called a "he"? *gasp*

LtJGAaron Markus: No.

LtJGAaron Markus: The admiral.

TinadollNyC: hey Doug..Who was that for

Lt Dakota Ellis: No I thik Tina was

7:35 PM

Lt TKirr: Okay, take care, Nicole

Lt TKirr: Ugh, lag!

CaptDougMcKnight: T'Kirr.

CaptDougMcKnight: 5 minutes late...more than justification enough for Vader.

TinadollNyC: OIC ::rolls eyes::

VAdm Blackthorne: And now you shall see the penalty for tardiness. ::force-chokes T'Kirr::

TinadollNyC: vader lover

Lt TKirr: ::is choked::

CaptDougMcKnight: Well, I DID watch the original trilogy this week.

CaptDougMcKnight: Somehow, I've had Star Wars on the brain lately.

VAdm Blackthorne: And we've been playing Knights of the Old Republic entirely too much.

CaptDougMcKnight: Entirely.

Lt TKirr: ::stumbles to Admiral and attempts to nerve-pinch him::

LtJGAaron Markus: I do that a lot myself.

VAdm Blackthorne: ::force-lightnings her::

Lt TKirr: Yipe!

Lt TKirr: ::is floored::

TinadollNyC: ::walks away without a scratch..Does not believe in the force::

CaptDougMcKnight: You'd need Captain Kirk at least to beat up the Dark Lord of the Sith.

VAdm Blackthorne: Alright, enough of that.

CaptDougMcKnight: I find you lack of faith disturbing.

VAdm Blackthorne: Major?

MajorAZinthys: ::blows into whistle::

MajorAZinthys: Attention!

CaptDougMcKnight: ::AA::

Lt TKirr: ::AA's as best she can::

LtJGAaron Markus: ::AA::

TinadollNyC: ::AAA:

Lt Dakota Ellis: ::AA::

TinadollNyC: I MEANT ::AA::

VAdm Blackthorne: Alright, tonight the Constitution is halted while we try to determine a cause for the problems we've been having.

Lt Dakota Ellis: (AFK)

VAdm Blackthorne: Stuck at warp five, red alert klaxons not turning off... all sorts of problems.

VAdm Blackthorne: And the worst problem is that the replicators have entirely ceased dispensing coffee.

7:40 PM

TinadollNyC: ((OMG))

Lt TKirr: *gasps*

CaptDougMcKnight: Indeed.

CaptDougMcKnight: Beer still a go?

VAdm Blackthorne: Questions?

TinadollNyC: ::raises hand::

VAdm Blackthorne: Beer is fine, but it will only replicate Pabst Blue Ribbon.

VAdm Blackthorne: So, beer isn't really a go after all.

VAdm Blackthorne: Rin?

TinadollNyC: So its last week ,Part two...

VAdm Blackthorne: Tina?

TinadollNyC: Um i don't like beer Sir

VAdm Blackthorne: So don't order any.

TinadollNyC: Is tea still a go though

VAdm Blackthorne: Yes, but only English Breakfast tea.

TinadollNyC: Thats enough for me

CaptDougMcKnight: Alright, let's get to it then.

VAdm Blackthorne: Any others?

VAdm Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM

VAdm Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM

VAdm Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM

TinadollNyC: ::sitting at her desk drinking Tea and polishing a weapon::

Lt TKirr: ::busily running diagnostics at Science on the Bridge::

TinadollNyC: ::bored out of her mind::

VAdm Blackthorne: ::on the bridge, looking slightly annoyed::

Lt TKirr: <<this lag really sucks>>

MajorAZinthys: ::Standing at Tactical, wondering what's gonna break next::

CaptDougMcKnight: ::Steps out of his office, a cup of tea in hand. It'll have to do.:: Morales, front and center.

MajorAZinthys: <<::Wonders who's weapon Tina is polishing::>>

TinadollNyC: <<all of them>>

CaptDougMcKnight: (Impressive.)

TinadollNyC: Yes ,Sir::trips over a pile of rifles::

TinadollNyC: ::does not fall::

TinadollNyC: ::AA::

7:45 PM

CaptDougMcKnight: At ease, Lieutenant.

MajorAZinthys: <<::Laughs::>>

TinadollNyC: Yes,sir

Lt Dakota Ellis: ::poking around the sci labs::

VAdm Blackthorne: Markus, status?

CaptDougMcKnight: Morales, I've been looking over your record. Quite the training you've had.

TinadollNyC: yes,sir

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VAdm Blackthorne: <<Wow, I scared him away... must be the force choking.>>

MajorAZinthys: <<Nah. The lightining is scarier.>>

CaptDougMcKnight: And yet, I've known my share of Klingons in my time. Lone wolves would probably be the best term. Not exactly team players. Think you can improve on that aspect?

TinadollNyC: Well,sir...may i speak fr?eely

Lt Dakota Ellis: ::running tests on the sci panels and playing pool with the computer who cheats::

TinadollNyC: *freely

CaptDougMcKnight: Go ahead.

TinadollNyC: I am not klingon

TinadollNyC: I just trained with one.I am infact. human and betaziod

Lt TKirr: ::runs through several diagnostics of the sensor arrays, making sure the problems are not caused by some alien influence hovering over their hull::

TinadollNyC: As you can plainly see no ridges

MajorAZinthys: Sir, I'm getting reports of power failures on decks 6-8

VAdm Blackthorne: ::frowns:: Now what?

MajorAZinthys: Unknown at this time. An engineering team has been dispatched.

TinadollNyC: And as you proablly read: I was Leader of Alpha Cpmpany in Red Squad

TinadollNyC: *Company

TinadollNyC: <<here go the typos>>

7:50 PM

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VAdm Blackthorne: I don't know whose idea it was to let this thing out of spacedock.

CaptDougMcKnight: In point of fact, your bio says nothing of leadership. But the point is taken.

TinadollNyC: So i work well with a team

TinadollNyC: <<I thought i added that...Must me another simm..>>

CaptDougMcKnight: Glad to hear it. How would you like to seize control of this ship?

TinadollNyC: *BE

CaptDougMcKnight: (I could be remembering wrong.)

TinadollNyC: ( i think it just said Red Squad)

VAdm Blackthorne: ::stands up and walks around::

TinadollNyC: ((LAG))

Lt TKirr: ::watches Blackthorne as the computer runs::

VAdm Blackthorne: Looks like we should get used to this corner of space.

7:55 PM

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CaptDougMcKnight: (I see AIM is being quirky tonight.)

MajorAZinthys has joined this chat.

VAdm Blackthorne: (Yes, it's being a real pain.)

TinadollNyC: So::trying to move the conversation along:: Why do you think I won't be a team player? Sir?

MajorAZinthys: <<Did my last posts get sent to the room?>>

Lt TKirr: <<Depends on what your last post was. You mentioned engineering being dispatched>>

MajorAZinthys: <<er... no>>

CaptDougMcKnight: ::Smiles slightly:: Hey, I'm pretty sure it indicates captain somwehere on my uniform, lieutenant. Answer my question, and then maybe I'll see about answering yours.

Lt TKirr: ::speaking to Admiral:: I propose we concentrate our efforts on repairing our warp functions to get this ship back to the spacedock as soon as possible. Other problems can wait until then.

CaptDougMcKnight: (Do I need to repost the question in...question?)

TinadollNyC: (what question)

CaptDougMcKnight: (CaptDougMcKnight: Glad to hear it. How would you like to seize control of this ship?)

TinadollNyC: (about "Will i be a team player?"

VAdm Blackthorne: A sound suggestion.

TinadollNyC: (oh ok)

VAdm Blackthorne: But our job is to find the problems with this ship.

8:00 PM

TinadollNyC: If i was an enemy or just bored,if i may ask?

Lt TKirr: <<::kicks the AIM server::>>

CaptDougMcKnight: An enemy, naturally.

VAdm Blackthorne: So once these problems are fixed, we will find the next set.

CaptDougMcKnight: I'm preparing a boarding drill, Lieutenant, assuming this ship gets its metal ass in gear. I got to thinking, maybe you'd like to lead thoe boarding party.

CaptDougMcKnight: (the)

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MajorAZinthys: Engineering is reporting failures in the power couplings to decks 6-8. They are in the process of repairing them and estimate another 10 minutes for completion.

VAdm Blackthorne: At least that's minor.

TinadollNyC: I never thougt about it.But since you put it that way... you would probally want to be as steathy as possible..Attack with two parties..One that takes control of Engineering and cuts it off from the Bridge.

TinadollNyC: The other would surely be on the bridge..

TinadollNyC: because if you cut the head from body can't function

Lt TKirr: <<Unless you're a chicken>>

MajorAZinthys: <<Or a cockroach>>

8:05 PM

CaptDougMcKnight: Good thinking...but not quite what I meant.

TinadollNyC: <<Or a Zombie...>>

TinadollNyC: You asked..i winged it

VAdm Blackthorne: <<This lag is killer>>

Lt TKirr: <<Agreed>>

CaptDougMcKnight: That you did. And sensibly enough too. But this drill depends on approval from Major Zinthys, and somehow, I doubt he'd allow us to suspend bridge functions. Besides, it wouldn't test what I need tested.

Lt TKirr: ::raises recently-diagnosed arrays to scan their immediate area again::

TinadollNyC: hmm somthing unique then..Controlling an area that he won't expect

CaptDougMcKnight: What we need to do is test the intruder countermeasures on this bucket of bolts. For that purpose, I plan to simulate a boarding party on deck 9.

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TinadollNyC: ok

TinadollNyC: Whats on Deck 9

MajorAZinthys: <<Dude, deck 10: "They're going for our alcohol!">>

VAdm Blackthorne: <<OH NO THEY DI'INT!>>

TinadollNyC: <<No we need drugs to counteract the effects of BORDEM>>

CaptDougMcKnight: (Their deaths shall be slow and painful!)

TinadollNyC: <<LAME>>

VAdm Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM

VAdm Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM

VAdm Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM

Lt TKirr: ::pauses::

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8:10 PM

MajorAZinthys: ::blows into whistle::

Lt TKirr: What's going on? =(

MajorAZinthys: Attention!!

CaptDougMcKnight: ::AA::

Lt TKirr: ::AA::

VAdm Blackthorne: We can't sim with AIM like this

MajorAZinthys: AIM sucks.

TinadollNyC: ::AA::

VAdm Blackthorne: It's not like I can move the plot when half of the people can't even see it.

VAdm Blackthorne: So that's all for this week.

TinadollNyC: oh damn

VAdm Blackthorne: We'll try to get this thing moving again next week

VAdm Blackthorne: Major?

MajorAZinthys: Dismissed!

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Lt TKirr: See you all next week. By then, I'll be off night shift  Hooray!

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VAdm Blackthorne: Alright!