AIM Chat with tinadollnyc, ltjgnicoleweis, ltjgaaronmarkus, Kiley Airell, MajorAZinthys, SarinaJaral.

7:31 PM

TinadollNyC: Hi Sarina

TinadollNyC: WB Ian

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TinadollNyC: Sir..

Kiley Airell: brb

TinadollNyC: Hi Doug

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LtJGNicoleWeis: hey everyone


TinadollNyC: ::is out of breathe::

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CaptDougMcKnight: Don't be fooled by my lack of activity, folks. I'm working on a log that will blow you away.

VAdm Blackthorne: Evening, folks

CaptDougMcKnight: ...and possibly cure cancer!

LtJGAaron Markus: Admiral on deck!

LtJGNicoleWeis: lol, yeah, i've been doing the samething for two weeks now doug

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TinadollNyC: ::AA::

TinadollNyC: ((premature AA ..again...))

TinadollNyC: ((am i eager little butt kisser or what ?!?)

CaptDougMcKnight: We haven't started. You don't need the parenthesees yet.

LtJGNicoleWeis: can i just say, my roommate is insande

SarinaJaral: ::Laughs;: Why's that?

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LtJGNicoleWeis: she's in the other room laughing at herself, just sitting on the floor laughing, for no reason

LtJGNicoleWeis: lol, she's great

7:35 PM

TinadollNyC: ::walks she kicks the dirt::

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SarinaJaral: Sounds like it, Nicole. ::laughs:: Sounds like fun.

LtJGNicoleWeis: oh, it's so much fun, we're called the "random laughing, dancing and singing apartment"

LtJGNicoleWeis: or rldsa

SarinaJaral: ::Laughs::

LtJGNicoleWeis:  we have fun

TinadollNyC: hmm

LtJGNicoleWeis: oh guys, i found an abanded kitty today

SarinaJaral: Aww..

VAdm Blackthorne: Trying to get Kiley n the room, then we'

TinadollNyC: BRB

SarinaJaral: Are you going to keep it?

VAdm Blackthorne: we're starting

LtJGNicoleWeis: yeah, she was barely the size of my hand

VAdm Blackthorne: Awwwwwww!

LtJGNicoleWeis: no, i can't, not allowed to have pets, but i have a friend that wants to adapt her

TinadollNyC: back

LtJGNicoleWeis: and she has a messed up paw and everything

SarinaJaral: That's good.

SarinaJaral: Not about the paw..

TinadollNyC: Um ahhhhhhhh

LtJGNicoleWeis: i knew what you ment

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MajorAZinthys: ::Blows into whistle::

LtJGNicoleWeis: but i wanted to keep her so bad

Kiley Airell: (testing)

LtJGNicoleWeis: :AA:

LtJGAaron Markus: ::AA::

LtJGAaron Markus: ::passed::

TinadollNyC: ::AA::

Kiley Airell: ::AA::

Kiley Airell: (sorta pass . . . I'm lagging))

7:40 PM

LtJGAaron Markus: ((passed))

TinadollNyC: ((lagging also::kicks computer:)

VAdm Blackthorne: Alright, tonight, the shore leave recall has been issued to the Atlantis crew.

MajorAZinthys: Attention!

CaptDougMcKnight: ::AA::

CaptDougMcKnight: (Oh dear God, does anyone else suddenly find they're lagging horribly?)

TinadollNyC: ::AA even harder::

VAdm Blackthorne: However, the recall does not state to report to the Atlantis...

TinadollNyC: ((YES))

Kiley Airell: ((I'm just glad to be IN the room finally!!)

TinadollNyC: ((LOL))

MajorAZinthys: ::pops everybody's OOC bubbles::

LtJGAaron Markus: ((::nails the door shut, hoping it works:)

TinadollNyC: ((is a revolving door))

VAdm Blackthorne: Hey, here's an idea, guys - when the Major says to stop talking OOC, stop talking OOC.

VAdm Blackthorne: Now, the rest of the brief.

MajorAZinthys: Let's try this again.

MajorAZinthys: Attention!!

LtJGNicoleWeis: ::AA::

TinadollNyC: ::AA::

LtJGAaron Markus: ::AA::

Kiley Airell: ::AA::

CaptDougMcKnight: ::AA::

VAdm Blackthorne: Our recall orders state to report to the USS Constitution, NX-1700-B.

7:45 PM

VAdm Blackthorne: NX-1700-A, that is.

VAdm Blackthorne: So then, make with the recall.

VAdm Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM

VAdm Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM

VAdm Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM

TinadollNyC: ::is sitting on her bed alseep::

CaptDougMcKnight: (Okay, just a quick check>>>)

MajorAZinthys: ::Steers his shuttle back in to the Starbase::

LtJGNicoleWeis: ::walkin gdown the street, backpack on her back::

VAdm Blackthorne: ::on the starbase, meeting with Admiral Zuriyev::

TinadollNyC: ((notice i said Sitting...))

VAdm Blackthorne: Warp 9.9999999? Amazing.

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SarinaJaral: ::on the starbase, packing her bag:::

VAdm Blackthorne: Zuriyev> That is not the half of what that new ship might be able to do.

LtJGNicoleWeis: ::is already missing mac again::

VAdm Blackthorne: Zuriyev> We just need an experienced crew to test it.

MajorAZinthys: <<Might? Ok, I'm scared now>>

MajorAZinthys: ::Pilots it in and settles her down::

VAdm Blackthorne: And since the Atlantis is out of commission, her crew is available, yes.

CaptDougMcKnight: ::Is standing in the San Francisco terminal, duffel slung over his shoulder, waiting for his shuttle::

LtJGNicoleWeis: ::stops and looks at some beautiful fabric::

TinadollNyC: ::bags are packed..already::

LtJGAaron Markus: ((::can't wait to pilot that puppy:)

Kiley Airell: ::eating in a cafe in San Fransisco with Aaron::

TinadollNyC: ::They were never unpacked::

MajorAZinthys: ::Steps out and heads out to the corridor::

LtJGAaron Markus: ::eating with Kiley::

VAdm Blackthorne: Zuriyev> I have to give your crew something to do. If they had shoreleave for three months, I'd fear for the planet.

LtJGNicoleWeis: ((LOL, and he should ))

SarinaJaral: ::checks the recall orders again::: The USS Constitution?

Kiley Airell: ((yeah, we'd prolly end up destorying it!))

VAdm Blackthorne: ::laughs:: Yes, as you should.

MajorAZinthys: <<Damn. He knows us to well>>

LtJGNicoleWeis: ::turns away from the fabric and keeps walking, hoping to get where she needs to be soon::

TinadollNyC: ::buzzer sounds::

TinadollNyC: ::Falls off bed::

TinadollNyC: OUCH

CaptDougMcKnight: New ship...I guess I should be glad it took them 3 weeks to think of an excuse to disturb a man's fishing.

7:50 PM

VAdm Blackthorne: Zuriyev> Run her through the grinder, Ian. If there's anything wrong with that design, you need to find it.

VAdm Blackthorne: Aye aye, A.C.

MajorAZinthys: ::Heads out for where the Constitution is docked::

TinadollNyC: =/\= Lt Morales please report to the USS Constsitution=/\=

LtJGAaron Markus: Crewman> ::walks up to Aaron and Kiley and hands Aaron a padd:: Excuse me sir. This is for you.

TinadollNyC: ::groggy...:: ok

TinadollNyC: I mean yes sir

VAdm Blackthorne: ::shakes his friend and CO's hand, and turns, walking out of the office::

TinadollNyC: ((I get to wear my uniform! I get to wear my uniform!!!))

LtJGNicoleWeis: ::gets bored with her walk to the new ship and starts singing in her head to keep her self unbored::

LtJGAaron Markus: ::looks at the padd and hands it to Kiley:: We're being recalled.

SarinaJaral: A different ship? Adam will never come out of Engineering. ::smiles::

TinadollNyC: ::Puts on Uniform::

TinadollNyC: ::heads out the door and to the Dock where the USS Constitution is

TinadollNyC: ::

Kiley Airell: The Atlantis is ready already? ::takes the padd::

LtJGAaron Markus: Actually it says the USS Constitution...

VAdm Blackthorne: ::walks to the docking bridge level of the starbase, looks out into the cavernous interior::

Kiley Airell: ::reads the Padd and frowns:: What's this all about?

Kiley Airell: I guess we'll find out when we get there.

LtJGAaron Markus: I don't know.

LtJGNicoleWeis: ::sees where the ship is docked not to far from her and smiles::

MajorAZinthys: ::Loiters around the docking collar area::

TinadollNyC: ::Stops::

LtJGAaron Markus: I guess so...::turns to Crewman:: Thank you. ::stands and offers his hand to Kiley:: Shall we?

SarinaJaral: ::grabs up her bag and glances around the room one last time::

TinadollNyC: ::What the hell am i doing here::

VAdm Blackthorne: ::spots the Constitution::

TinadollNyC: ::Sees Major Zinthys...Gulps::

VAdm Blackthorne: Remarkable.

TinadollNyC: ::Waves::

TinadollNyC: ::Smiles uneasily""

Kiley Airell: ::nods:: we don't really have much choice. Very little time to pakc and get to the constitution.

TinadollNyC: ::can;t either Run or Hide::

SarinaJaral: ::Heads out and toward the docking bay::

MajorAZinthys: ::nods to Morales::

LtJGAaron Markus: It's times like these I'm glad I don't own much.

LtJGNicoleWeis: ::sees some of the atlantis crew and heads towards them, stopping next to zinthys and drops her bag, smiling at both him and morales::

TinadollNyC: Is this it?

MajorAZinthys: It is.

TinadollNyC: Um ok

Kiley Airell: ::chuckles:: yes.

LtJGNicoleWeis: not as pretty as the atlantis

MajorAZinthys: Is anything?

7:55 PM

LtJGNicoleWeis: ::laughs:: nope, definitely not

TinadollNyC: Well there was this one ship,,,

TinadollNyC: ::falls silent::

LtJGAaron Markus: ::walks out with Kiley hand in hand:: Shall we split up and meet back on spacedock or the shuttle?

TinadollNyC: ::walks to the back and keeps shut::

VAdm Blackthorne: ::tucks the PADD under his arm and walks toward the bridge to the Constitution's saucer::

LtJGNicoleWeis: do you know how long it will be till the atlantis is ready?

Kiley Airell: Yes, we better.

TinadollNyC: ::cracks her neck::

MajorAZinthys: Considering how much damage she took?

LtJGAaron Markus: The shuttle?

MajorAZinthys: Probably another 2 months.

SarinaJaral: :::sees the ship::Wooo...NX..this ought to be fun.

TinadollNyC: ::Morales rolls her eyes::

LtJGNicoleWeis: maan, i miss her, so do you think we'll be on this ship for those 2 months then?

CaptDougMcKnight: ::Watches as his shuttle arrives, and then takes one last fond look at the city before stepping on, glad that he was able to believably pretend he hadn't arrived yet long enough for a drink at the 602::

MajorAZinthys: I don't know.

LtJGNicoleWeis: ::smiles:: okay, wasn't sure if you would at all

MajorAZinthys: Let's go.

MajorAZinthys: ::Walks into the ship::

LtJGNicoleWeis: ::nods::

LtJGNicoleWeis: :;follows zinthys::

Kiley Airell: ::nods:: yes.

VAdm Blackthorne: ::enters the docking bridge and crosses into the saucer:: Computer, recognize Blackthorne, Ian, Vice Admiral, clearance delta foxtrot echo niner two three.

SarinaJaral: I cant' wait to see Sickbay. ::boards the ship:::

LtJGAaron Markus: See you then...::leans over and kisses her::

VAdm Blackthorne: Computer> Recognized Blackthorne, Ian.

TinadollNyC: ::follows crew members::

VAdm Blackthorne: Computer, transfer command of this vessel to me and so note in the ship's log.

TinadollNyC: ::quietly::

CaptDougMcKnight: ::Gave instructions to have his belongings in storage beamed into available quarters before he left the terminal::

VAdm Blackthorne: Computer> Command transferred.

Kiley Airell: ::moves off to quickly pack her things before heading to the shuttle.::

MajorAZinthys: ::Walks out into a hallway::

VAdm Blackthorne: ::makes a note on the PADD and enters a nearby turbolift, the place still having new starship smell::

TinadollNyC: ::follows::

LtJGNicoleWeis: hey major, think i can just head on over to sickbay, i want to get a look at it?

MajorAZinthys: Don't see why not.

TinadollNyC: UM

LtJGAaron Markus: ::leaves to grab his bag o' stuff and heads to the shuttle to wait for Kiley::

LtJGNicoleWeis: cool, if you need me, thats where I'll be

TinadollNyC: I guess I will be here

8:00 PM

MajorAZinthys: You don't want to look around?

TinadollNyC: Um No

TinadollNyC: Empty Starships give me the willies

LtJGNicoleWeis: ::heads off towards the new sick bay, kiinda wishing will was around to see it::

TinadollNyC: Plus i don't wanna break the pretty knobs:

MajorAZinthys: ::Narrows his eyes at her:: I see.

MajorAZinthys: Very well.

TinadollNyC: ::pokes wall::

MajorAZinthys: Computer, locate the nearest Turbolift.

MajorAZinthys: Computer> ::Lights up a trail::

MajorAZinthys: ::Follows the trail::

TinadollNyC: ::watches as the Major walks off into the Sunset::

TinadollNyC: ::secretly jumps for joy::

Kiley Airell: ::smiles to Aaron and gets on the shuttle::

TinadollNyC: That guy Creeeeeeeeeeeeps me out

LtJGAaron Markus: ::gets on after Kiley::

MajorAZinthys: ::Walks into the TL:: Deck 1.

TinadollNyC: ::Hmm ::wanders around::

TinadollNyC: ::Gags on New Starship smell::

SarinaJaral: ::working her way through the ship to her quarters, wherever they are:::

LtJGAaron Markus: Gee, that was quicker than I thought.

LtJGNicoleWeis: ::walks into the new sickbay and just stops and stares::

VAdm Blackthorne: Bridge.

VAdm Blackthorne: ::arrives on the bridge and walks out, looking around::

VAdm Blackthorne: ((test))

TinadollNyC: I wonder where the weapons room is

TinadollNyC: Probally not allowed in there

MajorAZinthys: ::Doors open onto the bridge::

LtJGAaron Markus: ((pass))

CaptDougMcKnight: (Pass...maybe?)

MajorAZinthys: Admiral.

MajorAZinthys: How'd I know I'd find you here?

TinadollNyC: nor near Engineering

TinadollNyC: ::shrugs::

Kiley Airell: ::chuckles:: yes. ::finds the location of her quarters and heads off:: I'll see you on the Bridge Aaron.

TinadollNyC: ::Follows the lights where the Major went::

TinadollNyC: ::Enters turbolift::

VAdm Blackthorne: Major. I trust your leave was refreshing?

MajorAZinthys: That's not the term I'd use, but I'm back.

LtJGAaron Markus: Later Kiley.

TinadollNyC: Computer,Bridge

CaptDougMcKnight: ::A short time later, steps off the shuttle and onto spacedock, a bit apprehensive at not knowing his orders, even if he doesn't show it. He just hopes his sister remembers to feed the cat::

LtJGAaron Markus: ::heads off for his quarters::

8:05 PM

TinadollNyC: ::Doors open up::

LtJGNicoleWeis: this place is huge ::to herself::

Kiley Airell: ((brb))

MajorAZinthys: ::Sees Morales::

VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> The crews complete transferring our belongings from the temp quarters on the starbase to assigned quarters on the Constitution.

TinadollNyC: ::She nervouslly steps out..Sees the Abmiral...And the major..Says nothing::

TinadollNyC: ::steps to the side..keeps watch::

CaptDougMcKnight: ::Gets directions from some ensign with the look of a tour guide, and heads over toward the Constitution's airlock::

LtJGNicoleWeis: ::drops her bag by the door and begins walking around, checking everything out::

TinadollNyC: ::Stands at attention::

MajorAZinthys: I thought you were going to stay down there?

TinadollNyC: I did not want to get lost

VAdm Blackthorne: ::walks down to the center seat, it'

LtJGAaron Markus: ::finds his new quarters on the Constitution after looking for a good 20 minutes puts his bag away and heads for the bridge::

TinadollNyC: Sir

LtJGNicoleWeis: ::feels like a little kid on christmas morning with a bunch of new toys::

SarinaJaral: ::fingers a flower she pressed in a book and sighs::

MajorAZinthys: It's impossible to get lost.

TinadollNyC: But i will

TinadollNyC: trust me..Sir

CaptDougMcKnight: ::Stows his duffel in his quarters, and heads for the nearest turbolift:: Computer, bridge.

TinadollNyC: and i wanted to go on duty

TinadollNyC: No rest for the weary..

VAdm Blackthorne: ::it's all new and un-sat-in-before::

SarinaJaral: ::Tucks the book back under her arm and ducks into her new quarters::

LtJGAaron Markus: ::enters the bridge and walks over to what he hopes is the helm::

CaptDougMcKnight: ::Smiles at the new ship smell around him, and is smiling still when the turbolift doors open up onto the bridge::

MajorAZinthys: ::notices the bridge is getting crowded::

TinadollNyC: so,,,,::points to console::

TinadollNyC: Is that weapons?

LtJGNicoleWeis: ::loves how clean the sickbay is:: never used before ::smiles::

MajorAZinthys: I don't know.

TinadollNyC: May I take my post,Sir?

MajorAZinthys: ::Walks over to it::

MajorAZinthys: No, this is science.

LtJGAaron Markus: ::recognizes the console configuration and sits down::

VAdm Blackthorne: Lt. Markus, welcome back. Compile a launch readiness estimation. I want to get underway as soon as possible.

TinadollNyC: Oh

TinadollNyC: ::and that one?::

MajorAZinthys: ::Looks around::

SarinaJaral: ::drops her bag on the bed, the book on the dresser and decides to head down to Sickbay::

TinadollNyC: i have never been on a bridge before

MajorAZinthys: ::Points at a stand-up console:: It's probably that one.

TinadollNyC: Its really weird

CaptDougMcKnight: ::Steps out onto the bridge:: Wow, it's looking like North Station up here. I'll have to get out of your hair, ASAP.

8:10 PM

TinadollNyC: Great i get to stand..::Shuts up..walks over to concoul::

LtJGNicoleWeis: ::wonders where the other doctors are and shrugs, enjoying exploring this new sickbay and the labs::

TinadollNyC: ::takes her post::

MajorAZinthys: ::Quirks an eyebrow at her::

TinadollNyC: ((Ok my major hates me..Its official))

MajorAZinthys: ::Looks at McKnight:: What the hell are you talking about?

TinadollNyC: ::Ignores hi,::

LtJGAaron Markus: Aye sir. ((sorry, lag screwed me up)) ::checks out all major systems::

VAdm Blackthorne: +Airell+ Blackthorne to Counselor Airell.

TinadollNyC: ::looks at Weapons..::

TinadollNyC: ::prettys buttons::

CaptDougMcKnight: Reporting for duty sirs, lieutenants.

SarinaJaral: ::exits the quarters and goes about finding her way to Sickbay::

LtJGNicoleWeis: ::checks out what will be will's office and lets out a low long "damn:

VAdm Blackthorne: Catch anything, Captain?

CaptDougMcKnight: (Testing...)

Kiley Airell: ((bak . . . sorry all))

TinadollNyC: :Stands at her post ala Worf::

Kiley Airell: +Blackthorne+ Lt. Airell here sir.

CaptDougMcKnight: ::Grins:: The salmon make Jem'Hadar look like Pakleds, but I held my own, sir. Thanks for asking.

LtJGAaron Markus: ::sends requests to section leaders for readiness report::

VAdm Blackthorne: ((I commed you while you were away))

LtJGNicoleWeis: i want this office

TinadollNyC: ((ok the Lag is back))

VAdm Blackthorne: +Airell+ Counselor, ensure that the Mustangs are being brought aboard. I wouldn't want to forget them.

Kiley Airell: +Blackthorne+ Aye Sir.

LtJGAaron Markus: ::smiles when he hears about the Mustangs::

LtJGNicoleWeis: ::leaves that office and starts pooking around in some of the labs::

VAdm Blackthorne: Glad to hear it, Captain.

Kiley Airell: ::heads to the fighter bay to check on the status of the mustangs::

CaptDougMcKnight: I trust you made the most of your 3 weeks, Admiral? There's certainly nothing like sea air, unless maybe it's mountain air.

8:15 PM

TinadollNyC: ::lets out a cough::

VAdm Blackthorne: Oh, aye, they were.. interesting.

LtJGAaron Markus: ::recieves a make-shift report from the sections saying something about how new everything looks::

SarinaJaral: ::takes two wrong turns, but finally finds herself near Sickbay:: Thank the stars.

VAdm Blackthorne: But it's something best talked about when there's alcohol involved.

MajorAZinthys: Computer, locate the security office.

VAdm Blackthorne: ::gingerly sits down in the pristine center seat::

TinadollNyC: :checks all the systems::

VAdm Blackthorne: ::Squirms around, trying to make it comfy::

CaptDougMcKnight: ::Flashes an amused half-smile:: I may have to take you up on that. In the meantime, any idea how long we'll be on what I take to be this shakedown cruise? I wouldn;t want Hobbes to miss me too much.

TinadollNyC: ::They ae all fucntioning ..Checks them again::

TinadollNyC: *are

VAdm Blackthorne: Take him with you, if you like.

VAdm Blackthorne: It could be a couple of months.

LtJGNicoleWeis: ::hops up onto one of the biobeds, seeing how comfy it is::

LtJGNicoleWeis: ohh wow, needs to be broken in but comfy ::lays down::

SarinaJaral: ::enters Sickbay::: Anyone here? ::looking around:::

CaptDougMcKnight: ::Whistles:: I'd better see if I can arrange a shuttle to get up here in a hurry.

LtJGNicoleWeis: ::jumps up:: hey sarina, i wasn't sleeping i swear

VAdm Blackthorne: Hurry indeed.

VAdm Blackthorne: Markus, how much of the crew has reported in?

Kiley Airell: ::is glad to see that all the fighters safely made their way onto the ship, moves over to her fighter to take a look and make sure everything is in top order::

LtJGAaron Markus: ::makes out a report of all the stats received, puts it on a padd, stands up and hands it to the Admiral:: Excuse me, sir. All sections report they can be ready in 20 minutes.

SarinaJaral: ::Laughs::I didn't think you were. Are they comfortable?

CaptDougMcKnight: Nice talking to you, Admiral.

CaptDougMcKnight: ::Walks briskly for the turbolift::

VAdm Blackthorne: ::nods to McKnight::

VAdm Blackthorne: ::transfers the data on Markus's PADD to his own, makes a tick mark::

LtJGNicoleWeis: oh my gosh yes, you have so gotta try one out, i swear, their great, people will want to come to sickbay just for the beds

LtJGAaron Markus: I believe everyone is on board sir.

VAdm Blackthorne: Markus, we will be launching in fifteen minutes.

SarinaJaral: ::laughs:: Company..maybe we'll have to make sure we have refreshments available. ::hops up on one of the biobeds and stretches out::

8:20 PM

MajorAZinthys: Computer> The security office is on deck 8.

LtJGNicoleWeis: see, i told you, isn't it great

MajorAZinthys: Mix things up just to screw with me...

TinadollNyC: ::looks up:: There is an office?

LtJGAaron Markus: ::nods:: Yes, sir. ::sits back down at helm and goes through the prelaunch::

MajorAZinthys: Of course.

MajorAZinthys: Mr. McKnight?

TinadollNyC: Ah ok

SarinaJaral: Wonderful. Think our beds in our quarters are this comfortable?

Kiley Airell: ::satisfied with the status of her fighter, decides to head back up to the bridge::

LtJGNicoleWeis: oh i hope so, but i did get some great sleep during our break

LtJGNicoleWeis: how about you?

MajorAZinthys: ::Walks for the TL::

CaptDougMcKnight: ::Sticks his arm in the turbolift doors to keep them from closing, and holds them open for Zinthys::

MajorAZinthys: How'd you like to check out our new office?

SarinaJaral: I"m glad someone did. ::gets up and shakes herself:: Oh well. Life such as it is, is...strange.

TinadollNyC: Major..DO you want me to stay here?

MajorAZinthys: For now.

LtJGNicoleWeis: ::laughs:: now that is true

VAdm Blackthorne: ::shifts around in his seat some more:: Sheesh.

TinadollNyC: Um..OUR>

TinadollNyC: Ok

TinadollNyC: ((LAG!))

SarinaJaral: ::smiles:: How about we find out how good the replicator is?

VAdm Blackthorne: :makes another tick on the PADD::

LtJGNicoleWeis: sounds good to me ::smiles back::

Kiley Airell: ::enters the TL:: Bridge

VAdm Blackthorne: Inform the dockmaster of our launch time and be sure he knows this time.

CaptDougMcKnight: I'm afraid I'm going to have to give a rain check on that sir, good for another 15 minutes or so. I have something I need to take care of.

MajorAZinthys: Very well.

MajorAZinthys: Deck 8.

SarinaJaral: What'll it be? Something decadent or just fattening? ::going over to the replicator::

LtJGAaron Markus: +Dockmaster+ Constitution to Spacedock, make ready to leave in 13 minutes, have the spacedoors open.

TinadollNyC: ::runs into the turbolift:

CaptDougMcKnight: Deck...damnit, computer, junior officer's quarters.

LtJGNicoleWeis: hrmm, ::thinks for a mment:: fattening sounds good right now

SarinaJaral: Chocolate?

TinadollNyC: Ours?

TinadollNyC: I get a desk?

LtJGNicoleWeis: oh that sounds so great

Kiley Airell: ::steps out of the TL and moves down to take a seat in the center::

MajorAZinthys: ::Looks at Doug funny:: Junior?

VAdm Blackthorne: Counselor. I trust our fighters are taken care of?

MajorAZinthys: Visiting somebody?

SarinaJaral: Double chocolate Devlovian Brownies..and...::Looks over at Nicole:: Coffee?

LtJGAaron Markus: Dockmaster> +Constitution+ Aye Constitution, 13 minutes confirmed. Spacedoors opening.

LtJGNicoleWeis: ohh yeah, with cream and sugar ::smiles::

TinadollNyC: ::doors close beofre she gets in::

8:25 PM

SarinaJaral: One coffee with cream, one with cream and sugar.

CaptDougMcKnight: ::Shrugs:: Captain isn't technically too far up the ladder, sir. And unless there's been an upgrade, I never heard of middle officer's quarters.

TinadollNyC: ::She realizes that the invitation was not for her::

VAdm Blackthorne: +Shipwide+ This is Admiral Blackthorne. Welcome back from shoreleave. I hope you all were relaxed and refreshed during your time away.

TinadollNyC: ::she goes back to her post::

LtJGNicoleWeis: thanks sarina

TinadollNyC: ::gags::

TinadollNyC: ((Sorry new ship smell))

Kiley Airell: Aye Sir. All accounted for with no obvious signs of damage. I'm having a couple of crewman check them over carefully. ::sly grin:: Of course, I had to give my fighter a thorough systems check.

MajorAZinthys: But, then, there aren't that many high-ranking officers here.

VAdm Blackthorne: +Shipwide+ We have been asked to test this new design of ship, so keep in mind that this thing is experimental. Starfleet needed an experienced crew to handle her quirks.

SarinaJaral: ::hears the voice, soft sigh, picks up the tray with the requested treats and wanders back over to Nicole::Here we go.

MajorAZinthys: Besides, isn't Captain high enough for you?

SarinaJaral: Quirks? ::eyes the brownies::Hmm..

VAdm Blackthorne: +shipwide+ Be on your toes and report anything out of the ordinary. I'm counting on all of you. Blackthorne out.

LtJGNicoleWeis: yummy i can't wait, but you know what the admiral said, we need to test this ship out soon ::smiles deviously::

VAdm Blackthorne: ::turns to Kiley:: Glad to hear it.

CaptDougMcKnight: Oh, trust me, the gold bars work just fine for me. I've been in the service half my life, after all. Got nothing to prove.

CaptDougMcKnight: I'll just have to put in for a room change.

TinadollNyC: ::runs a shipwide diagnostic::

SarinaJaral: You're not doing surgery on me. ::smiles::

MajorAZinthys: Well, we've all got new rooms now. For a while, anyways.

MajorAZinthys: ::TL stops, doors open::

MajorAZinthys: Good luck.

LtJGNicoleWeis: ::laughs:: had no plans too, i've so far been able to just let the guys do that

MajorAZinthys: ::Walks out::

TinadollNyC: ::bored as hell::

CaptDougMcKnight: ::Looks at his watch:: Thanks, sir. I'll need it.

LtJGNicoleWeis: ::takes a brownie::

TinadollNyC: ::everythibg is up to par::

LtJGNicoleWeis: dang these are good

CaptDougMcKnight: ::The turbolift continues on::

LtJGAaron Markus: ::finishes the prelaunch and turns to the Admiral:: All set here, sir.

SarinaJaral: We could practice on them? ::Nibbles a brownie::Mm..they are.

MajorAZinthys: ::Checks out the main armory on his way to the sec. office::

MajorAZinthys: ::lets out a low whistle::

LtJGNicoleWeis: ::thnks for a moment:: i think we could talk eric into letting us try on him

MajorAZinthys: +Morales+ Lieutenant Morales, report to deck 8.

VAdm Blackthorne: ::sees the butter-bar standing at Tac:: Marine, how are the weapons systems looking?

CaptDougMcKnight has left this chat.

TinadollNyC: ::GASPS::

TinadollNyC: They are ffffffiiine

VAdm Blackthorne: Lt. Morales, is it?

CaptDougMcKnight has joined this chat.

TinadollNyC: ::thumbs up::

SarinaJaral: What do you think we should try? Appendectomy?

TinadollNyC: Yes sir!

SarinaJaral: ::sips her coffee::Not bad.

VAdm Blackthorne: Welcome aboard.

TinadollNyC: Thank you sir

LtJGNicoleWeis: i think he's already had that done

LtJGNicoleWeis: ::tastes the coffee:: ahh, just about perfect

LtJGAaron Markus: ::takes a moment to smile at Kiley and wink::

TinadollNyC: + morales to major Zinthys..Agnolaged+

SarinaJaral: Drat. We'll have to come up with something else. ::laughs::

VAdm Blackthorne: Five minutes to launch. Transfer to internal power, Mr. Markus.

LtJGNicoleWeis: ::laughs::

CaptDougMcKnight: ::Rushes into his quarters as soon as the turbolift deposits him on the appropriate deck:: This is either gonna be a great idea, or the silliest demerit I ever heard of. Computer, establish comm link with the residence of

TinadollNyC: I Will be right back Sir

8:30 PM

TinadollNyC: ::runs into the TL::

LtJGAaron Markus: ::turns back to his console:: Yes, sir. ::transfers to internal power::

TinadollNyC: DECK *

TinadollNyC: 8

CaptDougMcKnight: Shannon McKnight, Worcester Massachusetts.

TinadollNyC: ::collapses on floor as TL doors close::

TinadollNyC: OMG


TinadollNyC: an Abmiral..TO ME

TinadollNyC: ::freaks out::

LtJGNicoleWeis: oh, yoyu should check out the labs and the offices, they are freaking huge and niiice, i can't wait to start some new experiments

TinadollNyC: ::calms down as TL doors open on deck 8::

Amythyst Grey: >::LAUGHS!:: Very funny, Tina!<

CaptDougMcKnight: Shannon> ::Activates the monitor in her kitchen:: Doug? What on Earth-

SarinaJaral: ::Nibbles on her brownie:: How long do you think we'll be here?

TinadollNyC: << >>

MajorAZinthys: Morales! Over here.

LtJGNicoleWeis: ::shrugs:: the major said that the atlantis probably won't be done for two more months, so i'm guessing untill the atlantis is fully repaired but i could be wrong

TinadollNyC: ::walks down the hall completely oblivious..hears yelling::

TinadollNyC: Oh

CaptDougMcKnight: No time for that, sis. Just put Hobbes on the counter, and keep him there.

VAdm Blackthorne: Retract the docking bridge. Everyone not leaving had better get off.

TinadollNyC: ::still on high::

Kiley Airell: ::Takes out a PADD and pulls up info on this ship to see what it can do::

SarinaJaral: Time enough to do a decent experiment or two. Think we could alter men's genes somehow?

TinadollNyC: ::walks into the Sec office::

TinadollNyC: ewwww

TinadollNyC: Standered Grey!

MajorAZinthys: ::Walks to the office door::

LtJGNicoleWeis: ::laughs:: i think it's possible, what do you want to do to them?

MajorAZinthys: You don't like it?

LtJGAaron Markus: ::checks to make sure noone is currently in the docking bridge and retracts it::

TinadollNyC: No

MajorAZinthys: Come with me, I'll show you something you do.

TinadollNyC: aybe a couple fof throw pillows

CaptDougMcKnight: ::Starts punching in his security clearance on his terminal:: Computer, scan the residence listed, zeroing in on feline life signs. Once found, initiate site to site transport, security clearance McKnight Alpha Iota.

SarinaJaral: I have no idea...::laughs:: What area do you think needs improvement?

TinadollNyC: ::some knives,,,a dagger::

VAdm Blackthorne: ((::laughs:: Beaming up his kitty cat, the tough marine...))

TinadollNyC: Do i need to scrub somthing?

LtJGNicoleWeis: hmmm, sensitivity?

SarinaJaral: That sounds good.

TinadollNyC: ((was that at me))

CaptDougMcKnight: (You didn't exactly leave him much time for dignity.)

MajorAZinthys: <<McKnight takes a shuttle... but authorizes a transport for his cat...?>>

LtJGAaron Markus: ((LOL))

MajorAZinthys: No, not all.

LtJGNicoleWeis: ::nods::

TinadollNyC: ((is myDog abourd?!)

MajorAZinthys: ::Walks down the hall::

CaptDougMcKnight: (You respect the cat. They are stately creatures.)

LtJGNicoleWeis: what else do you think needs to be improved?

VAdm Blackthorne: (yes, for the sake of expediency)

MajorAZinthys: <<Oh, yeah, the *cat* I respect... >>

TinadollNyC: ::walks begind him::

8:35 PM

SarinaJaral: Could we improve their mind-reading ability?

MajorAZinthys: ::Stops in front of a set of double doors::

MajorAZinthys: Behave.

MajorAZinthys: ::Opens the doors to the main armory::

LtJGNicoleWeis: hmm, i think if their betaziod we wont have to, but the others i think it might be possible

MajorAZinthys: You like this better?

TinadollNyC: ::eyes widen like Puss in boots in Shrek 2::

TinadollNyC: OH MY GOD

TinadollNyC: ::sniffles::

MajorAZinthys: Good.

TinadollNyC: Its so Beautiful

SarinaJaral: ::Nods and laughs:: Someone is going to show up and think we're serious.

TinadollNyC: Is that a Plasma rifle 36?

VAdm Blackthorne: Mr. Markus, clear all moorings.

MajorAZinthys: ::hands her a PADD:: I want every weapon in her cataloged by 0600 tomorrow.

TinadollNyC: YES

MajorAZinthys: her=here

TinadollNyC: ::does the happy dance

LtJGNicoleWeis: ::laughs:: yeah, what a scene we must make, discussing how to improve men over coffee and brownies

VAdm Blackthorne: ::stands, PADD tucked under his arm::

TinadollNyC: ::she takes it and does a cartwheel::

LtJGAaron Markus: Aye, sir. ::clears the moorings:: Moorings clear.

CaptDougMcKnight: ::Watches as Hobbes materializes on his desk, giving him a confused look and a muffled meow:: Just be glad I didn't have you shoved in a mail shuttle, you mangy son of a bitch.

TinadollNyC: SHIT

VAdm Blackthorne: You know the drill. ::smiles at him::

MajorAZinthys: <<ROTFLMAO>>

SarinaJaral: ::smiles:: Not that certain of them couldn't stand some improvement, but I suppose they have the same feeling about some of us.

TinadollNyC: Thats a pretty Acr Welder

TinadollNyC: And we have ten of them

MajorAZinthys: ::Walks back to the TL::

TinadollNyC: ::flips out AGAIN::

LtJGNicoleWeis: ::smiles:; very true, though i'm guessing your thinking of a certain one?

TinadollNyC: OMG

TinadollNyC: So many weapons

LtJGAaron Markus: ::slowly accelerates to 1/4 impulse, heading straight for the spacedoors::

SarinaJaral: That could be. Is there someone special in your life, if I'm not being too nosy?

VAdm Blackthorne: ::laughs to himself, thinking of the dockmaster getting mad again::

LtJGAaron Markus: ::smiling the whole time::

TinadollNyC: i could stab them,shoot them,phasers,phaser rifles

MajorAZinthys: ::Walks in::

TinadollNyC: Arc welders

MajorAZinthys: Deck 1.

VAdm Blackthorne: Dockmaster> @^!&$!#&*!#$@* @$*&!#%!#@$!@$ &!#$&^@#$!@~#$ BLACKTHORNE @&!#$%!@#$


TinadollNyC: ((sorry all happy..I like weapos::

LtJGNicoleWeis: oh your not beeing nosey at all, but no, there isn't anyone, how abyout you?

CaptDougMcKnight: ::Pats Hobbes on the head and heads back out to the turbolift:: Deck 8.

Kiley Airell: ::relaxes in her chair::

TinadollNyC: ::stops::

TinadollNyC: By0600?

MajorAZinthys: <<I didn't notice>>

TinadollNyC: SHIT!

VAdm Blackthorne: ::smiles as they clear the spacedoors::

TinadollNyC: I am never gonna get to sleep

VAdm Blackthorne: Course is helmsman's discretion, for now. Speed is warp eight, also for now.

SarinaJaral: ::nods::Yes...I think so.

TinadollNyC: Ah whatever::starts the catalouging

CaptDougMcKnight: ::Steps out into the security office and looks around:: Gotta love mass produced.

LtJGNicoleWeis: ::smiles:: thats so great

8:40 PM

TinadollNyC: <<I sense Sarcasm major>>

LtJGAaron Markus: Aye, sir. Heading....straight ahead, speed set.

MajorAZinthys: ::Steps out onto the bridge::

VAdm Blackthorne: Execute!

MajorAZinthys: ::Walks over to the vacant Tactical console::

LtJGAaron Markus: ::Executes::

VAdm Blackthorne: Let's see what she's got.

Jack Leirone has joined this chat.

LtJGNicoleWeis: i hope it works out for you guys

VAdm Blackthorne: First starship to be named Constitution since the original NCC-1700 over a hundred years ago.

Jack Leirone: ((::sniffs:: smells familiar in here...))

VAdm Blackthorne: ((JACK!!!)

VAdm Blackthorne: (( WELCOME BACK!!!))

SarinaJaral: I hope so too. ::smile more hesitant now::

LtJGAaron Markus: ((Hey Jack))

CaptDougMcKnight: (Leirone! I thought you were dead!)

MajorAZinthys: <<Ho-ly shit>>

LtJGNicoleWeis: ((hey jack))

TinadollNyC: ::notices no Bat'leths::

VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> The Constitution eagerly jumps to warp, streaking off into the darkness.

CaptDougMcKnight: (Next time, I'll leave a BIGGER bomb!)

Jack Leirone: ((hey guys! great to be back!))

LtJGNicoleWeis: ::notics the hesitancy:: things not going so well?

VAdm Blackthorne: ((Back for good now? ))

Jack Leirone: ::materializes in Engineering::

Jack Leirone: ((lets hope so))

VAdm Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM

VAdm Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM

VAdm Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM

LtJGAaron Markus: ::paused::

LtJGNicoleWeis: ::paused::

Jack Leirone: ::pauses::

MajorAZinthys: ::Blows into whistle::

MajorAZinthys: Attention!

Jack Leirone: ::AA::

TinadollNyC: AA

LtJGNicoleWeis: ::AA::

LtJGAaron Markus: ::AA::

TinadollNyC: ::::

SarinaJaral: ::AA::

VAdm Blackthorne: Alright, nice sim everyone... give Jack a nice welcome back!

TinadollNyC: Hi jack

LtJGAaron Markus: ::applauds::

CaptDougMcKnight: Welcome back, Jack.

Jack Leirone: ::waves:: Thanks everyone!

MajorAZinthys: ::Claps::

CaptDougMcKnight: And with Ruder still on leave, that makes you grand poobah down in engineering!

VAdm Blackthorne: No announcements this week, so next week the first adventures of the USS Constitution begin while we wait for Atlantis to be not broken.

LtJGNicoleWeis: grand poobah?

Jack Leirone: Whoa...all right!

Jack Leirone: I'm a poobah!

VAdm Blackthorne: Major, if you will?

TinadollNyC: Now if i could only be a poobah

TinadollNyC: ::stamps her foot::

MajorAZinthys: Dismissed!

Jack Leirone has left this chat.