You have just entered room "Celestial Prime."

LMajAdamDrake: Amy! ::waves:: Evening to you!

AmythystCrystals: ::smiles:: Evening, Atlantis.

Lt jg D Ellis: I've never seen it do they play in over here at all? Like on that crummy BBC cable channel

AmythystCrystals: ::waves to Adam::

MajorAZinthys: I've seen clips of it on... late night HBO.

LMajAdamDrake: ::puts his nose back into his book::

Lt jg D Ellis: HBO is crap since they took off OZ

Lt jg D Ellis: and Bill Myer don't come back on till Aug

MajorAZinthys: I want it back. I'm missing Six Feet Under.

MajorAZinthys: At any rate...

Lt jg D Ellis: haven't seen that one the whole dead people mortision thing was creepy

MajorAZinthys: ::busts out the Whistle... OF DOOM (doom... doom... etc.)::

MajorAZinthys: ::blows into it::

MajorAZinthys: Attention!!

LtJGAaron Markus: ::AA::

Lt jg D Ellis: ::A:A::

CptKetchum: ::AARP::

CptKetchum: :-X

Kiley Airell: ::AA::

SarinaPM)-->: Attention!!

LtJGAaron Markus: ::AA::

Lt jg D Ellis: ::A:A::

CptKetchum: ::AARP::

CptKetchum: :-X

Kiley Airell: ::AA::

SarinaJaral has entered the room.

MajorAZinthys: ::Brandishes his cattle prod at Ketchum::

Lt jg D Ellis: (Dudes Xena is in my e-mail)

SarinaJaral: ::blinks:: Cattle prods?

LMajAdamDrake: ::looks up:: Oh! ::@@::

SarinaJaral: ::laughs:: (That would be me, Lt.)

CptKetchum: Kinky, Major... kinky :-P

Lt jg D Ellis: (Nice choice. lol)

MajorAZinthys: ::clears throat:: ATTENTION!

AmythystCrystals: ::AA::

LtJGAaron Markus: ::still AA::

Kiley Airell: ::still AA::

LMajAdamDrake: ::@@::

MajorAZinthys: Much better.

MajorAZinthys: We're still en route to the crystal homeworld.. thing. No stars. Just us, our escorts, and the blackness of space.

MajorAZinthys: Questions?

SarinaJaral: So character development tonight?

MajorAZinthys: That's the plan.

MajorAZinthys: Ian will be here in around a half hour.

MajorAZinthys: ++BEGIN SIM++

MajorAZinthys: ++BEGIN SIM++

MajorAZinthys: ++BEGIN SIM++

LMajAdamDrake: ::slaving away in engineering as usual::

Lt jg D Ellis: ::at the sci station on the bridge::

MajorAZinthys: ::Pacing around the bridge, somewhat resembling a caged animal::

Kiley Airell: ::on teh bridge::

LtJGAaron Markus: ::steps out of the TL onto the bridge, glances at Kiley and takes his post at Helm/Ops::

Kiley Airell: ::watches teh Major::

LMajAdamDrake: Kendrick> Sir, a plasma relay on deck two has become unstable and detached from its housing.

Lt jg D Ellis: Sir your going to ware a path in the carpet

LMajAdamDrake: Try glue. ::steps back towards another carpet::

LtJGAaron Markus: ::does a quick scan of the area and notices the usual nothingness outside::

AmythystCrystals: ::makes her way down to Engineering::

AmythystCrystals: ::walks in and looks around::

LMajAdamDrake: Kendrick> Sir?

MajorAZinthys: They can fix that during our overhaul, too.

LMajAdamDrake: You know how to fix it, ensign, I'm glad you asked for my permission but you're fully capable of doing it.

SarinaJaral: ::wandering the ship, looking around:::

LMajAdamDrake: ::takes a PADD and turns back to his office and stops::

Lt jg D Ellis: ::nods:: Perhaps in a better color this time

LMajAdamDrake: ::forcing a smile:: Ms. Crystals, is it? What can I do for you?

LtJGAaron Markus: I suppose you'd like it in pink...

LtJGAaron Markus: ::smirks::

MajorAZinthys: Maybe red would be better.

Lt jg D Ellis: ::cringes:: Oh heavens no. Pink is an awful color

Kiley Airell: what about a nice pale purple color?

AmythystCrystals: ::smiles:: Oh, nothing Adam, I'm fine, thank you.

Lt jg D Ellis: or a soft sage

MajorAZinthys: ::Gives it up, sits::

LMajAdamDrake: ::perks an eyebrow:: Something I can help you find?

LtJGAaron Markus: I prefer jet black.

AmythystCrystals: ::starts to say something, then stops::

LMajAdamDrake: ::takes a step forward, cautiously::

AmythystCrystals: You seem rather busy.

AmythystCrystals: This can wait.

AmythystCrystals: ::appears to think for a moment::

LMajAdamDrake: Understatement, but things are going just fine at the moment.

SarinaJaral: :::peeks into the science lab:::

AmythystCrystals: Yes, it can wait for about a week until you find it on your own.

MajorAZinthys: You don't enjoy being able to see where you're going?

LMajAdamDrake: ::blinks:: I'm sorry?

AmythystCrystals: ::turns to look around some more::

SarinaJaral: Nice. I wonder if the CSci would let me run a few experiments?

SarinaJaral: ::to herself, of course::

Lt jg D Ellis: (Watch out for the whole in the floor under the rug)

Lt jg D Ellis: (err hole)

SarinaJaral: ( :;laughs:: I consider myself warned..if I fall through will I land in Engineering?)

LMajAdamDrake: ::is slightly intrigued::

LtJGAaron Markus: ::looks confused::

LMajAdamDrake: Why do you say a week, ma'am?

Lt jg D Ellis: (nope in a pile of swedish fish on a desk in the marine office)

AmythystCrystals: So interesting.... LCDs.... how you can make them do almost anything.

AmythystCrystals: ::turns::

AmythystCrystals: Well, because it's too small for you to find before then.

LMajAdamDrake: What is it?

AmythystCrystals: ::looks at Adam, her eyes sparkling::

AmythystCrystals: Would you believe me even if I told you?

LMajAdamDrake: Depends on what it is. ::smirks::

AmythystCrystals: I see.

AmythystCrystals: ::smiles a little::

SarinaJaral: :::meanders out of the Science lab and heads down a corridor::

AmythystCrystals: I could write it down, then when you find it in a week, you'd believe me.

Lt jg D Ellis: ::reading her scans:: Do you think they'd let us lunch a probe?

AmythystCrystals: >Lunch a probe? Is that like a torpedo sandwich? ::ducks::<

LMajAdamDrake: Or you could tell me and I could find it now. ::grins::

LtJGAaron Markus: <<LOL>>

Lt jg D Ellis: (LOL :-P)

LMajAdamDrake: {{Incoming Bologna!}}

Kiley Airell: ((LOL))

SarinaJaral: :::briefly considers wandering down to Engineering, decides against it::

Lt jg D Ellis: (it's better be fried bologna)

AmythystCrystals: Well... ::walks over to the dilithium chamber::

MajorAZinthys: <<Ain't nobody fryin' my bologna>>

Lt jg D Ellis: How can there be nothing out there

AmythystCrystals: The second crystal in the sequence....

AmythystCrystals: ::puts a hand on the wall::

LMajAdamDrake: ::takes a step towards the chamber::

AmythystCrystals: There are microfractures in it. They are too small to be picked up by your instruments, as yet.

LtJGAaron Markus: I don't know, but it's there...::points toward screen:: Or rather, not there...

LMajAdamDrake: Microfractures?! That could cause a complete core breach.

AmythystCrystals: You have about a week before they will be picked up.

AmythystCrystals: Yes, they could.

LMajAdamDrake: And, at this point, we can't decouble the whole matrix to get that one crystal.

AmythystCrystals: Especially if you push the engines too hard for too long.

LMajAdamDrake: I'll have to wait until we reach the crystalline homeworld.

AmythystCrystals: DO you have replacement Beryllium Spheres onboard?

Lt jg D Ellis: Anyone else have an odd feeling about this whole thing?

AmythystCrystals: >::winks::<

AmythystCrystals: I mean, crystals?

Kiley Airell: I do

LMajAdamDrake: Beryllium crystals? ::thinks:: There may be some in the cargo bay, but it's a none essential item for our warp drives. They're used in the impulse manifolds.

LtJGAaron Markus: Of course, it's the first time anyone's been out here.

SarinaJaral: ::finds the gym and goes to check the schedule to see if anyone offers any classes she might be interested in::

LtJGAaron Markus: But, you's why were here...noone's been out here.

Kiley Airell: There's an obvious reason why . . . there's nothing here

Lt jg D Ellis: :;shakes her head:: No I've done the first ones there gig before and never felt this uneasy. well cept got maybe the PSI moon.. That was just freaky

AmythystCrystals: I think you'll be all right if you work on it when the Atlantis gets to the Crystalline homeworld.

LtJGAaron Markus: Apparently there's something out here...otherwise the crystallines wouldn't be taking us this far.

LMajAdamDrake: I hope so, that could be very bad otherwise. Can I ask how you know the fractures are there?

Lt jg D Ellis: unless there's bringing us out here to ditch us. Like taking a stray out into the woods and then driving off

AmythystCrystals: ::chuckles a little::

MajorAZinthys: If there was nothing here, then how could they be here?

AmythystCrystals: Adam, I'm half crystal.

Kiley Airell: that would not be very logical Ellis.

SarinaJaral: ::finds a karate class and makes a note to attend:::

LtJGAaron Markus: Is that what bothers you? There's no sense to it.

Lt jg D Ellis: ::looks at Kiley:: Now you sound like TKirr.

LtJGAaron Markus: Well they're both right.

LMajAdamDrake: ::smirks:: I wasn't aware you had that telepathic, if I may, link.

AmythystCrystals: Well, it's not telepathic, so to speak.

AmythystCrystals: More of an awareness.

CptKetchum has left the room.

LMajAdamDrake: You feel it in your bones. Well, crystals. ::laughs lightly::

Kiley Airell: ::smiles to Ellis:: I am part Vulcan

SarinaJaral: ::decides being so attentive to her exercise regimen deserves a reward, heads for the lounge:::

AmythystCrystals: ::smiles::

AmythystCrystals: Are you free? You did say that we could discuss that Courage Under Fire award.

Lt jg D Ellis: (lol I need to look over bios again )

LtJGAaron Markus: And so am I. I'm afraid you're surrounded by us Vulcans. ::smiles::

Kiley Airell: ::chuckles::

LtJGAaron Markus: ::winks at Kiley::

Lt jg D Ellis: I can think of worse people to be around ::laughs::

LMajAdamDrake: ::swallows:: Uh, not much to tell really.

AmythystCrystals: >Wow... those Vulcans really slept around!<

LtJGAaron Markus: Klingons...

Lt jg D Ellis: (LOL)

LtJGAaron Markus: <<LOL>>

MajorAZinthys: Ferengi.

AmythystCrystals: It must have been.... amazing.

Lt jg D Ellis: My Mother

LtJGAaron Markus: ::laughs::

Kiley Airell: ::laughs::

SarinaJaral: Something chocolate. ::to herself:: Very chocolate.

LMajAdamDrake: Not the word I would use to describe getting shot at by Dominion troops, but you may interpret it that way.

AmythystCrystals: How harrowing.

AmythystCrystals: How would you interpret it, Adam?

Lt jg D Ellis: ::wonders what would happen if she fired fire woks out into the darkness::

Lt jg D Ellis: (err works not woks to much food network)

LMajAdamDrake: Horrifying. ::sits down at his console:: Wasn't anything exciting or honorable. We were fighting for our lives every second of that battle and were lucky to get out of it unscathed.

VAdm Blackthorne has entered the room.

LtJGAaron Markus: <<Admiral on deck!>>

AmythystCrystals: ::walks over and stands behind him::

AmythystCrystals: Yet you were the only one to survive.

Kiley Airell: ((Hey Admiral))

AmythystCrystals: That's a terribly burden.

VAdm Blackthorne: ((Hey everybody!))

AmythystCrystals: *terrible

LMajAdamDrake: ::nods:: Yes, it is. I wrote the letters to their families.

LMajAdamDrake: I received the saddened responses and I attended all the memorials.

LtJGAaron Markus: Too bad we're at warp, or we could do some practice manuevers in the fighters.

AmythystCrystals: That took a great deal of compassion.

LMajAdamDrake: Not something that I want to relive again and I wouldn't wish the experience upon anyone - no matter how much I hated or loathed them.

AmythystCrystals: How are you dealing with the experience?

SarinaJaral: ::walks into the lounge and looks around for a table:::

Lt jg D Ellis: :;shakes her head:: Not a change that's the whole reason we're in this mess! They didn't know how to get out of the way of my MP

LMajAdamDrake: I can't say I'm over it - no one really ever is - but I've come to terms with the attack and moved past it. ::taps a console and reads some readouts::

Lt jg D Ellis: *MT

AmythystCrystals: Really?

LMajAdamDrake: Yes.

AmythystCrystals: How did you.... "come to terms"?

LMajAdamDrake: ::sighs internally:: I realized that no amount of wallowing would bring them back and there was nothing that I could accomplish by harping on the situation. It was what it was. Nothing else to be done.

AmythystCrystals: ::turns and leans against the console, next to him::

LtJGAaron Markus: ::runs a routine check on the Helm controls::

SarinaJaral: ::finds a seat by the viewport, her favorite place and considers what to order:::

MajorAZinthys: Markus, anything on long range sensors?

AmythystCrystals: The award on your wall must have gone a long way towards healing your psyche.

LMajAdamDrake: It was a hindrancel.

LtJGAaron Markus: ::checks:: Same as usual, sir. Not a thing out there.

LMajAdamDrake: *hindrance

AmythystCrystals: ::nods::

AmythystCrystals: More of a reminder than an award, hmm?

LMajAdamDrake: ::nods:: Yes.

LtJGAaron Markus: Not even a meteor or something...just lots and lots of space.

AmythystCrystals: It was a terrible day..... many terrible things happened.

LMajAdamDrake: You don't know the half of it.

AmythystCrystals: And history is always written by the winners, isn't it?

Lt jg D Ellis: No dust no gas no nothing.

LMajAdamDrake: ::nods:: That is it.

LMajAdamDrake: *it is

MajorAZinthys: How... ::sighs::

MajorAZinthys: boring.

AmythystCrystals: Adam....

AmythystCrystals: ::leans forward::

LtJGAaron Markus: You're telling me....

VAdm Blackthorne: ::walks out onto the bridge from the RR::

SarinaJaral: :::server comes over:: Double chocolate sundae with hot fudge and chocolate whipped cream topped with chocolate shavings.

VAdm Blackthorne: Report.

AmythystCrystals: I *do* know the half of it.

AmythystCrystals: And the other half.

LMajAdamDrake: ::blinks and looks up:: I beg your pardon?

MajorAZinthys: ::vacates the center seat::

LtJGAaron Markus: <<Like chocolate?>>

AmythystCrystals: ::leans up again::

MajorAZinthys: There's nothing to report, sir.

Lt jg D Ellis: (Na she hates it can't you tell?)

Lt jg D Ellis: (Must be a Betaziod thing. lol)

LtJGAaron Markus: Exactly.

LtJGAaron Markus: <<LOL>>

SarinaJaral: <Love chocolate..::grins:: for all sorts of reasons>

VAdm Blackthorne: Glad to hear it.

VAdm Blackthorne: ::sits::

MajorAZinthys: ::back behind tactical::

AmythystCrystals: What you need to do is reconcile what's in your head with what's in your heart.

Kiley Airell: ::smiles to the Admiral::

LMajAdamDrake: I haven't the faintest of what you're talking about.

AmythystCrystals: ::smiles at him::

LtJGAaron Markus: ::looks at the time, noticing his shift is about to end:: Thank God...

SarinaJaral: ::sits back to wait for her treat:::

AmythystCrystals: You do.... but you don't want to hear it.

AmythystCrystals: I'll leave you now, Adam.

LtJGAaron Markus: ::runs through all the "end of shift" duties::

LMajAdamDrake: ::shakes his head::

AmythystCrystals: ::stands up and moves towards the doors to the hallway::

AmythystCrystals: You have a week.

AmythystCrystals: For the crystal, I mean.

LMajAdamDrake: Thanks for the information on the microfractures.

AmythystCrystals: For the other......

AmythystCrystals: You have your entire life to torture yourself or resolve it. You choose.

VAdm Blackthorne: ::smiles back::

AmythystCrystals: ::smiles a little and walks out::

LMajAdamDrake: ::turns and watches her leave::

SarinaJaral: MMm...::as her sundae is placed before her:::

LMajAdamDrake: Jeddin> Adam, what the hell was that all about?

LtJGAaron Markus: ::finishes up by writing out the "end of shift" report::

VAdm Blackthorne: It's nice to have a bit of quiet every now and then.

LMajAdamDrake: I haven't a clue.

Lt jg D Ellis: A bit? ::blinks::

LMajAdamDrake: Jeddin> You OK, Major, you look like you've seen a ghost.

LMajAdamDrake: I'm going to the lounge. I'll be back in a bit.

SarinaJaral: Drat..I forgot to have them put a brownie under the ice cream. ::smiles;:Oh well, next time.

SarinaJaral: ::scoops up a bite, getting a bit of the ice cream, fudge and whipped cream:::

LMajAdamDrake: Jeddin> ::can't say anything before he leaves::

AmythystCrystals: ::walks up towards Sick Bay::

LtJGAaron Markus: ::gets up and hands the report to the Major:: My shift is over and...::sees his replacement enter the bridge:: My replacement is here, sir. Permission to be dismissed?

VAdm Blackthorne: Hopefully more than a bit.

LMajAdamDrake: ::enters the nearest TL:: Deck 10.

MajorAZinthys: Dismissed, Lieutenant.

MajorAZinthys: <<I'm really tired. I gotta get going. Until next week!>>

LtJGAaron Markus: ::nods:: Thank you, sir. Enjoy ::motions toward the viewer and walks onto the TL::

MajorAZinthys has left the room.

Lt jg D Ellis: ::wonders why the admiral isn't going as stir crazy as the rest of them::

LtJGAaron Markus: ::smiles at Kiley just as the TL doors close::

VAdm Blackthorne: ::calmly reading over reports, glad to not be chased by crystals all over hell and half of Georgia::

Kiley Airell: ::smiles to Aaron::

LMajAdamDrake: ::rides up the turbolift and steps out onto deck ten and into the lounge::

LMajAdamDrake: ::Crosses over to a booth and throws himself into it::

LtJGAaron Markus: Deck 10.

Lt jg D Ellis: ::looks cross eyed at the screen::

VAdm Blackthorne: Ms. Ellis, any further progress on their language?

Lt jg D Ellis: (lol tag team hosting?)

LMajAdamDrake: ::waiter - yes we have them::

LMajAdamDrake: Waiter> ::walks over to the table Adam is at:: Anything, sir?

LtJGAaron Markus: ::barely caught Kiley's smile and daydreams a little::

LMajAdamDrake: Something with alcohol.

LMajAdamDrake: Waiter> Sir?

LtJGAaron Markus: <<LOL @Ellis>>

LMajAdamDrake: I'm joking. Vanilla shake.

LMajAdamDrake: Waiter> That it?

LMajAdamDrake: Yes.

Lt jg D Ellis: I've added some sub text since Ms. Crystals convo with the ships but we won't know how well it'll work unril we talk to them again

LMajAdamDrake: ::cradles his head in his hands::

SarinaJaral: ::slides the bite into her mouth and sighs:::

LtJGAaron Markus: ::to self:: I wish we had more time together.

SarinaJaral: ::sees the stressed looking officer:::

SarinaJaral: ::thinks he should order something chocolate::: (::grin::-)

Kiley Airell: ((my comp is acting up))

VAdm Blackthorne: Then we'll see soon enough.

AmythystCrystals: ::walks into Sick Bay::

Lt jg D Ellis: (::plays the DUN DUN DUN music:: )

LtJGAaron Markus: ::steps off the TL, walks into the lounge and grabs a glass of water and walks over to Adam:: Excuse me, sir...

LMajAdamDrake: ::looks up:: Yes, Ensign?

LtJGAaron Markus: May I? ::gestures to seat opposite Adam::

VAdm Blackthorne: Ms. Ellis, I believe Alpha Shift is over... why are you loitering up here?

AmythystCrystals: >Anyone in SB?<

LMajAdamDrake: Sure, but I won't be much company.

SarinaJaral: (Not me)

LMajAdamDrake: {{Nope, no medical tonight.}}

Kiley Airell: ((I'm going to take off . . . my comp is not being nice))

LMajAdamDrake: {{Night DD!}}

Lt jg D Ellis: ::blinks and looks down at the clock:: Oh.. Sorry, Sir, wasn't paying attention to the clock

Kiley Airell has left the room.

AmythystCrystals: ::has several conversations with the staff, then leaves, wondering if that one nurse has any idea that she's pregnant, or if the orderly knows it's his::

SarinaJaral: ::sees the two officers, gets up and walks over:::

VAdm Blackthorne: >> LOL! <<

LtJGAaron Markus: ::sits down:: Why not?

LMajAdamDrake: {{::falls off his chair::}}

SarinaJaral: Hi! ::standing next to the booth:: I'm Sarina.

LMajAdamDrake: {{LOL!}}

LtJGAaron Markus: <<LOL>>

Lt jg D Ellis: ::hands off sci to the next guy and heads out::

Lt jg D Ellis: (LOL)

LMajAdamDrake: It's been a long couple of days. ::looks at Sarina:: Hey there.

SarinaJaral: Can I join you? ::smiles::

AmythystCrystals: >::evil grin:: Heeeeeyyyyy.... I could have a LOT of fun with this.... ::thinking of facets to her character that she hadn't thought of, before::<

LMajAdamDrake: ::moves over:: Sure.

VAdm Blackthorne: >Facets, huh? <

LMajAdamDrake: {{Like for running water? ;-)}}

LtJGAaron Markus: ::looks at Sarina:: I'm Aaron.

Lt jg D Ellis: ::picks Noah up from daycare and heads for the lounge to get him an ice cream cone::

LMajAdamDrake: ::puts up a finger:: Adam.

VAdm Blackthorne: >>Y'all willing to play a bit longer?<<

SarinaJaral: ::slides in next to Drake and holds out her hand to Aaron::: Nice to meet you.

LMajAdamDrake: {{Yeah.}}

AmythystCrystals: >Facets, not faucets. :-P ::bops Adam's player::<

LtJGAaron Markus: <<YEAH!! ::can go all night::>>

LMajAdamDrake: {{Me too!}}

SarinaJaral: ::smiles at Adam::Nice to meet you as well.

LMajAdamDrake: ::smirks slightly::

LtJGAaron Markus: ::shakes Sarina's hand::

VAdm Blackthorne: ::::runs off the replacement helm officer too so that he has the bridge to himself::

VAdm Blackthorne: There we go, nice and quiet.

SarinaJaral: ::Laughs:: Am I going to be sorry I came over? ::noting the smirk::

LtJGAaron Markus: I don't think so.

LMajAdamDrake: No. I'm just exhausted and sore. I want to sleep, but can't throw off the cycle - you know? ::perks up a bit::

VAdm Blackthorne: ::listens to the hum of the warp engines::

SarinaJaral: You need to relax. Ever tried meditation?

AmythystCrystals: ::steps into the TL, casting a look at the woman stepping out::

Lt jg D Ellis: :;walks into the lounge with Noah and heads for a back corner so they won't bug anyone::

LtJGAaron Markus: Too often...

LMajAdamDrake: ::nods:: I have.

AmythystCrystals: Bridge. ::thinks that woman needs a talk with a psychologist for thinking those things about Adam::

VAdm Blackthorne: >>Everyone thinks those things about

LMajAdamDrake: It's a bit more difficult when you can think of nothing but trying to keep the walls from falling down.

SarinaJaral: Hmm...I know some techniques that you might not have tried. I'd be happy to teach you.

VAdm Blackthorne: Adam.<<

LMajAdamDrake: {{That must have been Alex. ;-)}}

LMajAdamDrake: {{Alexandria. Adam's borderline stalker.}}

AmythystCrystals: ::arrives at the Bridge, steps out::

LtJGAaron Markus: ::wonders if Sarina is just being nice or is trying to pick up Adam::

AmythystCrystals: ::looks around::

VAdm Blackthorne: ::frowns as the silence is broken::

LMajAdamDrake: How's helm running, Aaron?

AmythystCrystals: Ian. I didn't think there was anyone else up here.

VAdm Blackthorne: ::turns around, about to dismiss someone::

LtJGAaron Markus: Smooth as silk.

AmythystCrystals: Do you want to be alone?

VAdm Blackthorne: Oh, Ms. Crystals, I didn't expect you.

LtJGAaron Markus: Love the manual helm too. It's my favorite.

LtJGAaron Markus: ::looks a little gloomy just then::

VAdm Blackthorne: No, you're welcome here, I was just enjoying the peace and quiet.

SarinaJaral: ::gives a fond glance over at her sundae that she left behind::

LMajAdamDrake: Good, put a lot of man power to keep it that way. ::smiles::

LMajAdamDrake: Waiter> ::delivers Adam's vanilla shake::

LMajAdamDrake: ::Takes it and sips it slowly::

LtJGAaron Markus: ::takes a sip of water::

Lt jg D Ellis: Noah> ::fligs ice cream at Sarina and Co.::

SarinaJaral: You should have made it a chocolate shake.

LMajAdamDrake: ::smirks:: Vanilla is better.

SarinaJaral: ((::Laughs:: Should I duck?)

LMajAdamDrake: {{::watches Sarina's world stop::}}

LtJGAaron Markus: ::dodges the ice cream::

AmythystCrystals: ::walks down and sits in the Helsman's chair, swiveling around to look at Ian::

SarinaJaral: ::watches Ice cream whizz by her:::

LMajAdamDrake: ::Gets hit with ice cream::

LtJGAaron Markus: ::hears the splat as Adam gets hit::

LtJGAaron Markus: ::raises an eyebrow:: It becomes you.

Lt jg D Ellis: ::whispers:: Noah!

VAdm Blackthorne: The bridge of a starship is remarkable when you're alone.

SarinaJaral: ::laughs::: Whoever it was missed me..just barely.

Lt jg D Ellis: Noah> ::giggles::

AmythystCrystals: Heavy thoughts for so late at night. Why are you dwelling on such gloomy things?

LMajAdamDrake: ::stands, slightly annoyed::

SarinaJaral: ::runs a finger through the ice cream on Adam's tunic:: favorite.

VAdm Blackthorne: Part of the job.

LMajAdamDrake: ::sees the kid::

VAdm Blackthorne: I worry about my crew, and my ship.

AmythystCrystals: ::tips her head:: Really?

AmythystCrystals: That's not all you're worrying about.

LMajAdamDrake: {{You should, it's falling apart. :-P}}

VAdm Blackthorne: ::gestures to the burn marks on one of the walls:: The ship is in rather bad shape...

SarinaJaral: ::raises a brow and looks at Aaron::: He's a bit tense, isn't he?

LMajAdamDrake: Don't talk like I'm not here, Sarina. ::sits down::

LMajAdamDrake: ::stretches out his back slightly:: I'll need hours in the holodeck after this.

LtJGAaron Markus: ::shakes his head and slowly stands:: If you two don't mind, I think I'll retire to my quarters...::looks at Sarina:: I suppose.

SarinaJaral: All right. You're way too tense. It was a prank.. :shrugs:: There are worse things in the galaxy.

SarinaJaral: ::smiles at Aaron::It was nice to meet you.

LMajAdamDrake: Night Aaron.

LMajAdamDrake: ::turns to Sarina:: Please accept my apologies.

VAdm Blackthorne: ::looks at her for a long moment::

LtJGAaron Markus: ::nods:: Likewise ::to Adam:: 'Night.

VAdm Blackthorne: What are you referring to? I have a lot on my mind, constantly.

LtJGAaron Markus: ::walks out::

SarinaJaral: Did I do something wrong? ::softly to Adam:: I didn't mean for him to leave.

AmythystCrystals: Most people do. it's a good thing.

LMajAdamDrake: No, nothing. From what I can gather he's got a lot on his mind right now.

LMajAdamDrake: For that matter, we all do.

AmythystCrystals: Too much thought on one subject leads to obsession.... and that can't be good.

VAdm Blackthorne: When you're trying to prevent a war, you tend to obsess.

SarinaJaral: I know a bit about what's gone on, but not everything. I was on the Discovery. (And hopes she got the name of the ship right,)

Lt jg D Ellis: Noah> ::flings more ice cream::

VAdm Blackthorne: >>Yep!<<

LMajAdamDrake: ::nods:: He's in love, or something like it.

SarinaJaral: ::smiles:: Love..that would explain it.

Lt jg D Ellis: Alright mister thats it time to go..

SarinaJaral: ::gets hit this time with strawberry::

LtJGAaron Markus: ::enters his quarters and sits down at the edge of his bed with his face in his hands::

LMajAdamDrake: ::laughs when she gets hit:: I knew he'd get you.

LMajAdamDrake: That's our resident trouble maker.

LMajAdamDrake: Cute kid, though.

AmythystCrystals: But.... that's why I'm here.

AmythystCrystals: The war prevention is my department.

SarinaJaral: ::looks over her shoulder and smiles:: Yes, he is. Who is his mother?

LMajAdamDrake: Lieutenant JG Dakota Ellis. She's a science officer under Lieutenant SG T'Kirr.

AmythystCrystals: ::chuckles:: You're providing taxi service.

VAdm Blackthorne: And I have a crew that distrusts my decision to provide said service.

Lt jg D Ellis: ::picks him up:: Do you think maybe some day we'll get to the point where the ice cream gets into your mouth?

SarinaJaral: I haven't met anyone from Science yet. I really haven't met anyone except for a couple of the doctors.

LtJGAaron Markus: ::looks up:: Why am I doing this?

AmythystCrystals: That is true.... but they are obeying you.

VAdm Blackthorne: Aye, that they are.

VAdm Blackthorne: ::smiles::

VAdm Blackthorne: They're a good crew.

LtJGAaron Markus: Computer> I did not understand the question. Please elaborate.

AmythystCrystals: They distrust me far more.

LtJGAaron Markus: Oh shut up!

LMajAdamDrake: You will eventually.

VAdm Blackthorne: They've been through a lot.

LMajAdamDrake: If you work in medical I'm sure you'll see a lot more of my engineering people.

AmythystCrystals: Some more than others.

SarinaJaral: Medical has problems?

VAdm Blackthorne: ::nods::

SarinaJaral: Or your crew has a tendancy to get hurt?

Lt jg D Ellis: Noah> ::hugs his mom tight mushing the ice cream on his face into her hair::

LtJGAaron Markus: ::gets up and changes into a workout suit::

LMajAdamDrake: No, engineering does. We tend to visit sickbay more than other departments.

EtreKovutTajArms has entered the room.

SarinaJaral: ::smiles:: Well if their Chief would come in as well, I wouldn't complain.

LtJGAaron Markus: ::goes out and heads for the nearest holodeck::

Lt jg D Ellis: (Kick it Aaron it helps)

LMajAdamDrake: ::grins:: I tend to be in there more than my crew, actually. I burnt my arm bad just recently and during the last battle I was hit with a falling beam and sliced my back open so badly the dermal regenerator didn't heal it al.

LtJGAaron Markus: <<kick what?>>

Lt jg D Ellis: (the computer)

AmythystCrystals: We'll be at the Crystalline homeworld in a day or so. Your crew's faith will be restored, Ian, I promise.

VAdm Blackthorne: ::nods:: I believe you.

LtJGAaron Markus: <<Ok>>

LMajAdamDrake: They know me by first name.

SarinaJaral: ::arches a brow::: I think I could manage to see you without you getting hurt. I think I'd rather it that way.

Lt jg D Ellis: ::laughs:: Not even two and you know just how to work me

LMajAdamDrake: Me too.

VAdm Blackthorne: I have always believed you. I can't say why, but I have.

VAdm Blackthorne: Perhaps I'm too optimistic.

LtJGAaron Markus: ::enters the holodeck:: Markus workout 5, level 7.

SarinaJaral: ::smiles:: So be careful, would you?

LMajAdamDrake: Of course. I really need to get some sleep. Can I walk you to your quarters? My back is messed up, but I can walk.

AmythystCrystals: ::traces patterns in the carpeting with the toe of her shoe:: Perhaps I'm telling the truth.

SarinaJaral: ::smiles::I'd like that.

VAdm Blackthorne: I'm sure you are, otherwise you'd still be on Newer Jersey.

SarinaJaral: I could look at your back if you'd like. I might be able to do something.

LMajAdamDrake: Unless you have a degree in knot grinding... ::laughs::

SarinaJaral: I give a good massage.

LMajAdamDrake: Really?

LMajAdamDrake: Are you offering?

AmythystCrystals: ::smiles:: I could just be persuasive.

SarinaJaral: ::smiles:: Sure.

SarinaJaral: ::slides out of the booth:::

VAdm Blackthorne: I'm not easily persuaded.

Lt jg D Ellis: ::heads for the door and sees Adam and thinks of the way TKirr reacted when they were picking on him on the bridge::

Lt jg D Ellis: :;walks over with a bright smile:: Hi Adam, seen TKirr lately?

AmythystCrystals: ::thinks a minute::

SarinaJaral: ::looks up at the mother of the prankster and smiles:::

AmythystCrystals: There are a select few who have persuaded you, aren't there?

LtJGAaron Markus: Computer> ::beeps frantically and brings up a dark room with padded walls::

SarinaJaral: ::Or over, forgot I was standing::

VAdm Blackthorne: ::narrows his eyebrows:: What do you mean?

LtJGAaron Markus: <<sorry, phone call>>

LMajAdamDrake: I haven't.

LMajAdamDrake: ::shakes head:: She's an elusive one. Just like her Set'lath.

LtJGAaron Markus: ::gets into a ready stance and opens his senses::

LtJGAaron Markus: Begin.

Lt jg D Ellis: That she is. ::sees the ice cream messes:: Sorry about that.

LMajAdamDrake: No worries.

AmythystCrystals: You tell me what I mean.

SarinaJaral: Not to worry. I wash so do my clothes.

LtJGAaron Markus: ::3 fighters appear in different locations and one at a time rush on Aaron::

SarinaJaral: ::smiles and sticks out her hand::I'm Sarina.

LtJGAaron Markus: ::proceeds in kicking some booty::

VAdm Blackthorne: You're wanting to know about my personal life?

Lt jg D Ellis: ::takes her hand with her free one:: Dakota

SarinaJaral: Nice to meet you. You have a cute son.

AmythystCrystals: Well, it's part of those heavy thoughts I picked up.

Lt jg D Ellis: Noah> ::tring to pull Adam's hair::

LMajAdamDrake: ::leans back a bit::

Lt jg D Ellis: Thank you. ::pulls his hand away:: This is Noah

VAdm Blackthorne: ::nods:: Well, to answer your question... yes, there have been a select few who have 'persuaded' me. I usually never have time for such things.

SarinaJaral: Hi Noah. I'm Sarina.. ::holds her hand out to him::

AmythystCrystals: ::smiles:: But it was good.

VAdm Blackthorne: ::half-chuckles:: Of course.

EtreKovutTajArms has left the room.

VAdm Blackthorne: But then the career called.

VAdm Blackthorne: The story is quite common among people in my field.

AmythystCrystals: it seems to be.

Lt jg D Ellis: Noah> ::hands her his melted ice cream cone::

VAdm Blackthorne: Goes with the territory.

AmythystCrystals: Rare is the Captain who has a natural family.

VAdm Blackthorne: ::nods::

SarinaJaral: ::Laughs::: Well thank you.

VAdm Blackthorne: Part of the job and we accept it.

VAdm Blackthorne: But that doesn't mean we don't think about it.

AmythystCrystals: But.... ::thinks, then looks sharply at him:: But you considered it. Considered it quite hard, as a matter of fact.

SarinaJaral: ::sets it on the table and wipes her hand off:::

SarinaJaral: How old are you, Noah?

Lt jg D Ellis: Sorry he tends to like to share his messiness

VAdm Blackthorne: ::nods again:: I did. I almost resigned my commission once.

AmythystCrystals: ::nods slowly::

SarinaJaral: Don't worry about it. It's probably his age.

AmythystCrystals: Why didn't you?

VAdm Blackthorne: The Dominion War started. I felt that I had a duty to perform.

AmythystCrystals: And what happened to her?

LtJGAaron Markus: ::finishes beating the three hoodlums and sits down on the floor to rest::

VAdm Blackthorne: She didn't agree.

Lt jg D Ellis: 18 months on the edge of entering the T2s

SarinaJaral: Give him until 3 or a bit past. He'll change loads.

VAdm Blackthorne: ::smiles:: The life that I could have had, but this is the life I chose.

AmythystCrystals: So, she..... ::thinks:: Ah. Now she is living that life with another.

Lt jg D Ellis: Noah> ::now has he head on his mom's shoulder happily sucking his thumb::

VAdm Blackthorne: As was her choice.

AmythystCrystals: There's the trace of bitterness.

Lt jg D Ellis: I hope not to much ::smiles::

VAdm Blackthorne: It was my choice. No one forced me.

LMajAdamDrake: ::smirks::

AmythystCrystals: >He'll change loads? As in diaper loads? Yikes!<

SarinaJaral: Just enough that he doesn't drive you completely crazy.

SarinaJaral: ::smiles::

LtJGAaron Markus: <<LOL>>

VAdm Blackthorne: >Ew. <

SarinaJaral: <<You get enough of that before they get trained>>

AmythystCrystals: >Dakota, what *is* that smell? ;-) <

LtJGAaron Markus: <<yeah>>

LtJGAaron Markus: <<LOL>>

VAdm Blackthorne: >>::sprays deodorizer all over the place:<<

Lt jg D Ellis: (at least it isn't twins)

LtJGAaron Markus: ::takes a deep breath and gets up, exhausted and walks out:: End program.

Lt jg D Ellis: Man I hope so, my mother does that with out any help. ::laughs::

LMajAdamDrake: {{You know what it says on the side of the container: 'For 10-20 Pounds'. :-D}}

Lt jg D Ellis: I hope I wasn't interuping anything

SarinaJaral: ::smiles:: Not at all. Your Chief Engineer was just going to walk me back to my quarters.

LtJGAaron Markus: ::walks into his quarters, strips off the workout clothes and heads straight for the sonic shower::

SarinaJaral: Evidently chivalry isn't dead among Fleet officers.

VAdm Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM

VAdm Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM

VAdm Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM

Lt jg D Ellis: pasued

AmythystCrystals: ::paused::

LtJGAaron Markus: ::paused::

LMajAdamDrake: ::@@::

LMajAdamDrake: PRemature!

LMajAdamDrake: Damn.

LMajAdamDrake: ::waits for it::

VAdm Blackthorne: No need tonight. ::smiles::