AIM Chat with MajorAZinthys.

7:42 PM

MajorAZinthys: Join me in this Chat.

EnsAaron Markus: Admiral on deck!

LMajAdamDrake: {{::rushes in throwing himself into Engineering::}}

Ens Nicole Weis: Hiay Adam

MajorAZinthys: haven't started yet

LMajAdamDrake: Sweet!

Lt TKirr: Hello, Admiral.

VAdm Blackthorne: Hello everyone. Sorry I'm late, the time slipped right away from me.

Ens Nicole Weis: Happy Birthday Adam!!

Lt TKirr: Mm.. sounds like something I'd do.

LMajAdamDrake: ::Grins:: Thank you Nikki.

Ens Nicole Weis: youre welcome

Lt TKirr: Birthday? It's your birthday? Congrats!

EnsAaron Markus: Happy B-day...

CptKetchum: ::wheels in a overly large cake::

VAdm Blackthorne: Happy Birthday.

MajorAZinthys: So what are you now? 6?

CptKetchum: ::With 43 candles::

Ens Nicole Weis: (w) with a chick inside

EnsAaron Markus: ::laughs::

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: Happy Birthday

7:45 PM

LMajAdamDrake: Yes, Zinthys, I'm six. And, yet, I'm still more mature than you. Imagine that.

LMajAdamDrake: :-p

EnsAaron Markus: Ohhhh!

Ens Nicole Weis: ohh, harsh

MajorAZinthys: Dude, real six year olds are more mature than you.

LMajAdamDrake: And, still, that puts you where?

EnsAaron Markus: ::smirks::

VAdm Blackthorne: OK, children, calm down.

VAdm Blackthorne: Let's get started.

MajorAZinthys: ::blows into whistle::

CptKetchum: ::Wonders if Mr Drake will be peeling potatoes tonight::

Lt TKirr: ::AA::

MajorAZinthys: Attention!!

EnsAaron Markus: ::AA::

LMajAdamDrake: ::@@::

Ens Nicole Weis: :AAA::

CptKetchum: (::runs to the gallery:

Ens Nicole Weis: ((YAY!! AAA

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: ::AA::

WillFMarlowe: ::AA::

VAdm Blackthorne: Alright, so last week we escaped from the inside of Starbase 16 after cloaked crystal ships had followed us in.

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LMajAdamDrake: {{AMY! ::waves::}}

Ens Nicole Weis: ((hi amy))

Amythyst Grey: >Happy Birthday, Brad!<

EnsAaron Markus: ((Evening Amy))

VAdm Blackthorne: Unfortunately, the Starbase isn't doing so well, and Atlantis and Discovery have taken fairly heavy damage.

VAdm Blackthorne: Questions?

7:50 PM

LMajAdamDrake: {{Thanks. }}

CptKetchum has left this chat.

VAdm Blackthorne: >> Hi Grey.  <<

EnsAaron Markus: ::raises hand::

VAdm Blackthorne: Markus?

EnsAaron Markus: Did we destroy or get rid of the crystal ships?

VAdm Blackthorne: Negative.

EnsAaron Markus: So they're still hanging around...

LMajAdamDrake: ::raises hand::

VAdm Blackthorne: And our latest attempt to talk to them was oh so close to working....

VAdm Blackthorne: Drake?

EnsAaron Markus: ::nods::

LMajAdamDrake: Can we QUIT takin' heavy damage? My engineers just can't take all the pressure. They're practically dying down there. ::grins::

VAdm Blackthorne: ::Zaps him:: No whining.

EnsAaron Markus: ::remembers he WAS here last week, just showed up late::

Ens Nicole Weis: ::laughs as Adam is zapped::

Ens Nicole Weis: ::raises hand::

VAdm Blackthorne: Weis?

Ens Nicole Weis: Can you zap Adam again, please?

Ens Nicole Weis: ::smiles innocently::

LMajAdamDrake: ::jaw drops::

VAdm Blackthorne: ::zaps Weis:: No.

LMajAdamDrake: ::points and laughs::

Ens Nicole Weis: oww ::pouts::

Lt TKirr: ::rolls eyes::

VAdm Blackthorne: OK, enough of that mess. ::Grins::

VAdm Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM

VAdm Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM

VAdm Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM

LMajAdamDrake: ::standing in engineering, ready to pull his hair out::

Lt TKirr: ::on Bridge at her station::

Ens Nicole Weis: ::in sickbay::

LMajAdamDrake: Someone want to tell me what the hell is going on! Status reports from all subdivisions, now!

VAdm Blackthorne: +Drake+ Engineering, we need warp power and we need it soon!

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: ::in the lab adding in the new sound from the earring wannabes::

MajorAZinthys: ::Standing at Tactial, looking none too happy::

EnsAaron Markus: ::sittin' at helm ever so deftly manuevering the ship so that all weak points are away from crystal ships::

WillFMarlowe: ::in sickbay, checking on one patient as a few more stumble in::

LMajAdamDrake: ::looks to Jeddin in regards to Admiral's comm::

VAdm Blackthorne: ::Watching Starbase 16 look worse and worse on the viewscreen::

LMajAdamDrake: Jeddin> ::shakes his head:: Holds up a hand with three fingers.

LtJGAxelrod: ::Walks into Engineering.::

7:55 PM

LMajAdamDrake: ::frowns and curses himself internally:: +Blackthorne+ We need three hours, sir.

VAdm Blackthorne: +Drake+ We will be dead in three hours if we don't have warp, Mr. Drake.

EnsAaron Markus: ::doesn't like the sound of that report::

Ens Nicole Weis: ::gets started on yet another patient

Ens Nicole Weis: ::

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: ::muttering about how rude it was to add in a new sound just when they had the scree down::

LMajAdamDrake: +Blackthorne+ Mr. Leirone's rerouting of power to the shields compromised the integrity of the warp engines. We couldn't generate a stable warp field even if we tried.

WillFMarlowe: Nelson> Over here. ::helps a man with a broken leg to one biobed, while a woman with a dark goose egg on her forehead gingerly sits on another::

Ens Nicole Weis: Nelson, how many do you got?

MajorAZinthys: <<That's right. Blame it on the guy who's not here>>

WillFMarlowe: ::begins another regeration sequence on a badly burned arm::

Ens Nicole Weis: ((he's here in spirit))

MajorAZinthys: ::Intermitently firing at the crystal ships to save power and keep them off their guard::

VAdm Blackthorne: +Drake+ Get me that power as soon as physically possibl.e

VAdm Blackthorne: Markus.

LMajAdamDrake: Axelrod!

EnsAaron Markus: <<Leroine's spirit> ::thwack's Drake::>>

VAdm Blackthorne: Coordinate with Discovery and prepare a course away from this area at full impulse.

Ens Nicole Weis: ((LOL))

WillFMarlowe: Nelson> These two, plus a Caitian with a concussion. We'll probably see more in a bit, Doctor. You'll have plenty to do.

LMajAdamDrake: {{::pulls out his ghostbuster garb and sucks in Leirone's spirit:: Don't touch me.}}

EnsAaron Markus: ::nods:: aye sir...

VAdm Blackthorne: Toward the nearest Starbase, and by then, we will have a method to make sure nothing follows us inside.

LtJGAxelrod: ::walks up behind Drake.:: You hollered?

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: ::tossing her orange pealings down the hole she made when she spilled the beaker::

Ens Nicole Weis: I know that, but if you need any help, let me know

Lt TKirr: ::monitors internal damage, along with the Swiss-cheese Starbase::

Ens Nicole Weis: ::resets a person shoulder::

VAdm Blackthorne: Zinthys. If we travel close enough with Discovery, can we extend our shields around each other for extra protection?

EnsAaron Markus: ::contacts Discovery's helm via text comm. and relays coordinates and speed::

WillFMarlowe: ::hands off the regenerator tool to Meirill and moves on to set the newly-arrived broken leg::

MajorAZinthys: Well, yeah, but... both sets of shields are pretty weak.

VAdm Blackthorne: But both of them together would be stronger.

MajorAZinthys: Discovery's may as well not even be there.

VAdm Blackthorne: Do what you can with what power you have.

VAdm Blackthorne: T'Kirr.

Lt TKirr: ::glances up.

MajorAZinthys: Yessir.

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: ::readjusts some of the coding:: This might work as long as they don't pop up with yet another tone

VAdm Blackthorne: I need a way to detect whatever kind of cloak that is they use.

8:00 PM

MajorAZinthys: ::Coordinates with the Discovery to share shields::

EnsAaron Markus: ::receives Discovery's acknowledgement:: They're ready sir.

LMajAdamDrake: Axe!?

Lt TKirr: ::nods once:: I will review the sensor logs and find out what I can.

MajorAZinthys: ::Visibly flinches as he watches the protection sytematically decrease around the Atlantis::

VAdm Blackthorne: Let's get out of here then. There's nothing more we can do for Sixteen.

EnsAaron Markus: ::moves closer to Discovery for shield sharing::

EnsAaron Markus: Aye, sir. ::engages::

Lt TKirr: <<No bumper cars now, Markus>>

MajorAZinthys: Markus, keep us as close to them as you can without bumping.

EnsAaron Markus: <<::snaps fingers::>>

VAdm Blackthorne: ::Watches the escape pods streaking away from SB16:: Even they have warp.

MajorAZinthys: Aye, but they have no weaponry.

EnsAaron Markus: Yes sir. No problem.

Lt TKirr: ::gets to work at her station, bringing up sensor logs of the ship's decloaking::

LMajAdamDrake: Jeddin prepare to disengage all the shield generators from their primary systems and prepare to initiate the backups.

Ens Nicole Weis: :;finishes resetting a guys arm and moves to a woman with a cut up face::

LMajAdamDrake: Jeddin> ::nods:: Aye, Major.

VAdm Blackthorne: An engine with a seat or two on the front.

EnsAaron Markus: ::gets a little bit closer::

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: ::starts to once again upload the new program into the UT::

Lt TKirr: <<Who cares about Engines on a pod, Zinthys is on a shieldless float with all the weapons he wants>>

LMajAdamDrake: +Axelrod+ Drake to Axelrod.

EnsAaron Markus: *::gets the ship a little closer that is:: <<>>

MajorAZinthys: <<YES!!>>

WillFMarlowe: ::examines a few patients who've been treated and releases a couple::

Ens Nicole Weis: ::finishes repairing the skin on the womans face, leaving no scarage::

Lt TKirr: ::studies the sensor logs, and runs a couple of tests::

VAdm Blackthorne: T'Kirr, specifically I need a way to be sure they're not limpeting on our hull like they've done twice now.

Lt TKirr: Understood, Admiral.

LMajAdamDrake: P'Tel!

VAdm Blackthorne: If we make it to the nearest Starbase, they won't even let us in the door after this incident without a way to be sure.

LMajAdamDrake: P'Tel> Yes, sir?

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: +Bridge+ Not that it'll do any good but the translation upgrade is done. So now if you want you can warn them that we're going to kick their as.... I mean defend ourselves

LtJGAxelrod: ::Is standing right behind Drake.:: Yes?

Lt TKirr: ::frowns::

LMajAdamDrake: I need you to get down the anti-matter storage pods and cycle their activation matrices. With them we have no power. Run the procedures as fast as humanly possible.

Ens Nicole Weis: ::begins to scan a person for internal bleeding;:

8:05 PM

LMajAdamDrake: ::scared by Axe's presence:: Hey, Axe, do you remember your quick warp engine activation protocols from the academy?

MajorAZinthys: Perhaps another attempt at communication is in order, then?

EnsAaron Markus: ::smirks::

VAdm Blackthorne: ::watching SB16 get smaller on the viewer::: And hopefully by the time they finish chewing through that, we'll be far enough away to be out of notice.

Lt TKirr: ::pauses in her study::

LtJGAxelrod: ::Thinks.:: Yes and no.

MajorAZinthys: Unless they already have.

VAdm Blackthorne: +Ellis+ That's good to know. We will try to talk to them again soon, but right now we're not drawing attention to ourselves.

EnsAaron Markus: ::watches his little viewer on his panel to watch ahead::

LMajAdamDrake: The whole disengage everything and cold shut down the core, then restart it and reinitialize. Takes about an hour to do it properly?

Lt TKirr: ::resumes her simulations::

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: +Bridge+ Understood

Ens Nicole Weis: Sir! we have an internal bleeder here

LtJGAxelrod: Or so.

WillFMarlowe: ::looks up and walks over to Weis:: Where?

LtJGAxelrod: If everything goes well.

WillFMarlowe: ::looks over her shoulder at her tricorder::

LMajAdamDrake: But you remember the procedure?

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: ::switches gears and starts to play around with the gamma rays and the bits of crystal they have::

Ens Nicole Weis: ::motions to the man laying on the biobed:: here, i scanned him, it's in his stomach area

Lt TKirr: Admiral, I believe I've found a way to detect the crystalline cloak.

EnsAaron Markus: ::runs a quick diagnostic to make sure helm is up to par for the hopeful warp engagment::

WillFMarlowe: May I? ::motions to her tricorder::

Ens Nicole Weis: of course

LtJGAxelrod: Parts of it, I can remember only up to a certain point.

VAdm Blackthorne: ::turns to T'Kirr:: That was fast.

WillFMarlowe: ::takes the instrument from her and taps at it a few times::

Ens Nicole Weis: ::stands to the side::

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: So we need to crack'em before we toast'em.. Lets see what we can do about that

Lt TKirr: I've discovered the cloak eminating a static field.

EnsAaron Markus: ::looks puzzled::

VAdm Blackthorne: How far away can you detect it?

Lt TKirr: A low percentage is normal on the surface of a hull, but by monitoring for a slightly elevated level, we can detect it.

8:10 PM

LMajAdamDrake: OK, what do you remember? I remember the decoupling of the dilithium matrix and the separation of the power relays from the EM net. That right?

EnsAaron Markus: ::mumbles to self:: Static....??

Lt TKirr: ::looks at Blackthorne:: This scan does not work unless it is against the hull.

LtJGAxelrod: Sounds right.

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: ::gets a sudden thought:: I wonder.. ::starts working on an idea::

Lt TKirr: We would not be able to detect... a large ship, like the one we fought within the Starbase.

VAdm Blackthorne: Alright, that's a good start.

LMajAdamDrake: OK. Then we disengage all the couplers to the nacelle's power systems and the navigational deflector.

WillFMarlowe: Oh, I see. ::gives it back to her:: He probably took a tumble in Engineering when the ship was hit. Stabilize him with a subdermal regeneration unit and keep him from moving overmuch.

VAdm Blackthorne: That would theoretically stop the smaller ships from riding in with us, but the larger ship must have followed very closely behind us. We need a way to stop that, too.

Ens Nicole Weis: yes sir

MajorAZinthys: How do we know there are not some on the hull now?

LtJGAxelrod: Uh-huh/

Lt TKirr: I will investigate our options.

EnsAaron Markus: ::notices a slight misalignment in the helm sensors and begins to correct it...only to discover another one::

VAdm Blackthorne: Can you run one of the scans now to check the hull?

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: +Drake+ Lt. How much do you know about diamond tipped drill bits?

LMajAdamDrake: Then we shut down the core using the emergency overload ejection systems. Right?

EnsAaron Markus: ::corrects the first one and starts on the second when a third appears::

Lt TKirr: I already have. No sign of enemy vessels.

EnsAaron Markus: Wow...that's odd.

LMajAdamDrake: +Ellis+ Basic Academy information, Lieutenant, why?

WillFMarlowe: ::offers a slight half-smile:: But you knew that, didn't you? Don't be afraid to trust your own judgment. God knows I hated it when some pompous Commander at Starfleet Medical treated me as if I'd never handled a hypospray before.

WillFMarlowe: ::moves away to another patient::

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: +Drake+ Would it be posable to attach a bit like that to a trop.?

EnsAaron Markus: ::runs a more in depth diagnostic while making sure that Atlantis and Discovery don't bump::

Ens Nicole Weis: ::smiles at Will's back:: I need to start believein in myself here

LMajAdamDrake: +Ellis+ It's complicated, but I'm sure we could do something like that.

VAdm Blackthorne: Good. We really can't take another encounter.

8:15 PM

EnsAaron Markus: ::sees the big problem and works on correcting it...::

WillFMarlowe: ::nods absently at Weis' comment, absorbed as he is in the process of treating a turned ankle::

Ens Nicole Weis: ::Moves pateint to a side bio bed out of the way and begins to stablize him::

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: +Drake+ I think it would help up get the opening we need to flood them with Lt. TKirr's ga,,a rays

VAdm Blackthorne: Zinthys, how many of the Starbase's escape pods launched?

LtJGAxelrod: You've lodt me there.

Ens Nicole Weis: ::working slowly as to not cause any unneeded complications::

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LMajAdamDrake: +Ellis+ It would take some time, and that's time I don't have.

Lt TKirr: <<My *what* rays?!>>

EnsAaron Markus: <<::Laughs::>>

MajorAZinthys: ::Checks the console:: 85%

WillFMarlowe: Nelson> ::doles out analgesics with her hypospray as a final trio of patients wander in::

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: (lol. we ran out of gamma rays last week I had to use the yellow box brand)

LMajAdamDrake: ::walks away, thinking out loud:: Then we reinitialize the start-up sequences and they reset to default settings because the core isn't running and the systems are disengaged.

Lt TKirr: ::searches for any detection advantage by reviewing the sensor logs, but so far finds nothing::

VAdm Blackthorne: Given the population level of the station, that sounds like that most people were able to get away.

LtJGAxelrod: <<Lost*>>

MajorAZinthys: ::Nods:: It does. Unless everyone took their own individual pod.

LMajAdamDrake: So then after that we reconnect all the power to the navigational arrays and the warp nacelles. Reset the EM relay and the grid then reconnect it all to the core and restart it - all the while recoupling the dilithium matrix.

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: +Darke+ Understandable.. I'll see if the Major would have someone look into fitting the weapons.. Thanks

VAdm Blackthorne: So they're basically chewing on an empty starbase right now.

LMajAdamDrake: +Ellis+ I apologize for that, Lieutenant.

MajorAZinthys: They can have it.

Lt TKirr: <<Mm.. crunchies.>>

Ens Nicole Weis: ::after stablizing the man, moves to another pateint::

VAdm Blackthorne: We obviously could not stop them.

LtJGAxelrod: That's a ll a blank.

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: ::works a little more on the diamond bit tipped trop. idea::

WillFMarlowe: ::discharges a few more patients--mainly Engineering personnel--when he's sure they can function on duty::

MajorAZinthys: There's that, too.

8:20 PM

VAdm Blackthorne: +Sickbay+ Blackthorne to sickbay.

WillFMarlowe: +Blackthorne+ Marlowe here.

VAdm Blackthorne: +Marlowe+ Casualty report, doc?

LMajAdamDrake: ::taps a PADD and tosses him:: Jefferies tube J Alpha 218. Decouple the dilithium matrix. Hurry.

Ens Nicole Weis: ::starts to look over a burnt person::

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: +Zinthys+ Major, I'm sending you an idea that might give our weapons an extra hand ::sends the data::

LMajAdamDrake: Langston! I need you to prepare to disengage all the power relays to the warp core. Don't ask questions, just do it. ::tosses another PADD to someone else::

Lt TKirr: ::runs through more logs, cross referencing::

EnsAaron Markus: ::fixes big problem and realigns helm sensors::

LMajAdamDrake: Hughes! Power down the power to the nacelles and the navigational array when I give you the word.

MajorAZinthys: +Ellis+ I'll look into it.

LtJGAxelrod: ::Catches the PADD and heads for the Jeffries tube.::

WillFMarlowe: +Blackthorne+ Little more than a dozen injuries, only a few serious ones. No fatalities as yet.

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: +Z+ thank you sir.. ::goes back to tossing stuff down the hole::

LtJGAxelrod: ::reads over the PADD as he walks.::

WillFMarlowe: +Blackthorne+ Are we scheduled for more action anytime soon?

VAdm Blackthorne: +Marlowe+ I'm quite happy to hear that, doc.

Lt TKirr: <<Axe, you're supposed to miss the PADD, let it shatter, step on the shards, and visit Marlowe.. he doesn't have enough to do>>

VAdm Blackthorne: +MArlowe+ Unfortunately, I can't really guarantee that we're out of the woods yet.

LMajAdamDrake: Kendrick! Set up for the complete deactivation of the EM relay network.

Lt TKirr: ::glances up at Zinthys, wondering what Ellis is up to::

LtJGAxelrod: <<I could accidentally trip and break it.>>

WillFMarlowe: +Blackthorne+ I see. If there's nothing else, sir . . .

Lt TKirr: <<There you go. Now you're thinking>>

VAdm Blackthorne: +Marlowe+ Of course, back to your patients. Blackthorne out.

VAdm Blackthorne: No letters to write home today.

LMajAdamDrake: +Axelrod+ Begin the procedure when you're ready. Tell me when you've reached fifty-percent completion.

Ens Nicole Weis: ::looks at will:: did he say what i think he just said?

Lt TKirr: ::froms several ideas and tests them, but they fail::

MajorAZinthys: ::looks over Ellis' idea::

WillFMarlowe: And what would that be?

EnsAaron Markus: ::looks confused at the Admiral's comment::

LMajAdamDrake: Standby all Engineers.

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: ::still has no idea where the whole leads but knows it has to be a mess by now:: I should cover that with a rug or something

LtJGAxelrod: <<Or I could huck these grenads down the hall at that group of Ensign, serverely injuring them, and sending them to Sickbay. I mean...>>

Ens Nicole Weis: that we'll proabably be getting more pateints

8:25 PM

Lt TKirr: Admiral?

MajorAZinthys: +Ellis+ Lieutenant, are you proposing we shoot giant diamonds at them?

Lt TKirr: <<asks inquiringly>>

VAdm Blackthorne: Yes, Lt?

Lt TKirr: <<your statement>>

VAdm Blackthorne: We didn't lose anyone today.

LtJGAxelrod: +Drake+ Aye. ::Gets to work on the procedure.::

VAdm Blackthorne: Therefore there will be no letters to parents to write.

Lt TKirr: ::shows understanding:: Yes... it is fortunate.

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: +Z+ No Sir.. I'm proposing we fit the tips of the torpedos with a diamond cutting bit that will crack their hull on impact

VAdm Blackthorne: Which is the thing I hate doing the most.

Lt TKirr: <<...Do torps spin?>>

EnsAaron Markus: ::nods::

EnsAaron Markus: <<No>>

WillFMarlowe: Maybe. ::examines a compound fracture, then patches up some of the damaged muscle tissue::

VAdm Blackthorne: ::sits down in his chair::

Ens Nicole Weis: ::shakes head and continues working::

VAdm Blackthorne: ::watching the now-tiny starbase on the screen::

MajorAZinthys: +Ellis+ So you propose we fit drills to our exploding torpedoes?

WillFMarlowe: ::looks up:: And by that I mean, of course, "probably so."

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: (no but if you use the diamond tip of a bit and just hit it with a hammer to it'll spilt the gem)

Ens Nicole Weis: ::nods:: I figured as much

WillFMarlowe: ::attaches an osteoregerator unit to the newly-set bone::

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: +Ellis+ No sir.. Just the bits.. The force of impact will be more then enough to crack the hull giving Lt. TKirr the opening she needed to gamma ray their insides

VAdm Blackthorne: ::listening to the conversation that Zinthys is involved in::

LMajAdamDrake: ::taps his foot impatiently::

LtJGAxelrod: ::Follows the steps on the PADD one by one, carefully.::

Lt TKirr: ::listens as well, thinking about the success rate::

MajorAZinthys: ::Looks at Kirr:: How big of an opening would you need?

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: ::is waiting for TKirr to say it'll never work::

Lt TKirr: No smaller than fourty eight centimeters.

Lt TKirr: ....Seventeen if we are not in motion.

Ens Nicole Weis: ::repairs damaged cells of the burnt patient::

WillFMarlowe: ::busies himself with repairs on more of the surrounding tissue as the little device blips and blinks::

8:30 PM

MajorAZinthys: So if we attatched diamond bits of that approximate size, would it function for your purposes?

LMajAdamDrake: +Blackthorne+ Engineering to bridge.

VAdm Blackthorne: +Drake+ Blackthorne here.

Lt TKirr: The bit wouldn't have to be that large.

LMajAdamDrake: +Blackthorne+ We've got a plan set up, Admiral, it's going to take about an hour but we're going to need to cut all power to the engines and switch all other systems to auxilliary back-ups.

Lt TKirr: It may work.

WillFMarlowe: Watz> ::shifts uncomfortably as Marlowe tinkers with his leg:: So how long 'till this heals, Doc?

EnsAaron Markus: ::ponders the possibility of stopping the ship suddenly, long enough to make the hole needed:: Nah....

Lt TKirr: ::sounds interested::

VAdm Blackthorne: +Drake+ What is the plan?

EnsAaron Markus: ::hears the part about shutting down the engines, and doesn't like it...::

Lt TKirr: ::runs some calculations on her terminal::

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LMajAdamDrake: +Blackthorne+ Cold stop of the warp core. We separate all the the power systems from the main power net and reinitialize them and then reset the core. Things should resort to their default settings.

MajorAZinthys: +Ellis+ Let me discuss this with T'Kirr, and we'll see what we can come up with.

VAdm Blackthorne: +Drake+ And I suppose it's impossible to leave the impulse engines online?

Lt TKirr: <<Why not just hit the Power button. =P>>

WillFMarlowe: ::removes the regenerator unit and drops it into a small tub with several other soiled units:: A few days, assuming you come in regularly for further regeneration treatments. ::sutures the gash in the leg caused by the . . .

Lt TKirr: <<hard reset the ship, woo!>>

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: +Z+ Yes Sir..

EnsAaron Markus: <<::lol@TKirr::>>

WillFMarlowe: . . . broken bone:: Over there, if you please. Meirill will help you.

LtJGAxelrod: <<You'd think with all the technology, it would be as simple as that>>

EnsAaron Markus: <<::nods::>>

Ens Nicole Weis: ::rechecks on some of her patients and sends the healthy enough ones out with orders for them to return once things calm down::

LMajAdamDrake: +Blackthorne+ They draw from the core, sir. We could go to thrusters only.

8:35 PM

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EnsAaron Markus: We'd be going verrrry slow.

MajorAZinthys: Thrusters. Yay.

Lt TKirr: ::looks up from her calculations, having sent them to Zinthys:: The bit would have to be of these proportions. The trajectory would not matter, but the velocity would have to be...::taps::

VAdm Blackthorne: +Drake+ We would be without impulse engines, weapons, or shields, for the next hour.

MajorAZinthys: Shoot, we don't even use those inside starbases.

VAdm Blackthorne: ::half smiles:: Hopefully they still work.

Lt TKirr: <<We could dodge spacedust, that's it =P>>

EnsAaron Markus: <<LOL>>

MajorAZinthys: And would an explosion from a quantum torpedo be sufficient to generate that velocity?

Lt TKirr: ...fourty kilometers per second.

LMajAdamDrake: +Blackthorne+ It's either that or no warp for three, sir.

Ens Nicole Weis: ::smiles at her next patient with a big huge massive bump on the head::

VAdm Blackthorne: +Drake+ Get started then.

VAdm Blackthorne: Markus, coordinate with the Discovery for all-stop.

VAdm Blackthorne: Also, find out when they'll have warp.

Lt TKirr: ::blinks:: It would need to be traveling at that velocity *before* it explodes.

Ens Nicole Weis: ::scans first for a concusion::

LMajAdamDrake: +Blackthorne+ Sir?

EnsAaron Markus: Aye, sir.

MajorAZinthys: I don't like that part of it. Wouldn't the explosion erase whatever work the diamond bits do?

VAdm Blackthorne: +Drake+ Yes?

Lt TKirr: Not if the torpedo impacted before it exploded.

Ens Nicole Weis: You have a small concussion but its nothing to be worried about

EnsAaron Markus: ::hollers at Discovery's helm via text::

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: ::replcates a lovely remake of an rug her parents have in their home over the burn mark in the wood floor from when she tried to have a marshmellow fire in the house::

Ens Nicole Weis: Ensign> okay ma'am

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: ::places said rug over acid caused hole::

LMajAdamDrake: +Blackthorne+ Which procedure, sir?

VAdm Blackthorne: +Drake+ Everything. Get started. The sooner you start the sooner we have warp.

Ens Nicole Weis: ::pokes around at the bump::

8:40 PM

LMajAdamDrake: +Blackthorne+ Sir, do you want me to do the cold start or the three hour regular procedure?

VAdm Blackthorne: +Drake+ The cold start.

MajorAZinthys: Do you think it will work, Lieutenant?

WillFMarlowe: ::moves on to another biobed, where a woman with a slightly burned hand sits:: This looks like an acid burn. ::scowls and spritzes it with a disinfectant/analgesic spray::

LMajAdamDrake: +Blackthorne+ Aye, Admiral.

Ens Nicole Weis: Ensign> ::winces and tries to pull away some::

Lt TKirr: ::furrows her brow slightly:: There are too many variables... there is a possibility it would work, but I cannot give a percentage of success.

Lt TKirr: But I believe it is worth a try.

EnsAaron Markus: ::gets a response from Discovery:: Admiral, we're all set for the all stop, and they'll have warp power about the same time we will, max....

Ens Nicole Weis: ::follows pulling away ensign and keeps poking::

VAdm Blackthorne: All stop, Markus.

MajorAZinthys: Very well, then.

EnsAaron Markus: ::all stops:: Aye, sir.

MajorAZinthys: +Ellis+ Lieutenant Ellis.

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: +Z+ Yes Major?

WillFMarlowe: Woman> ::winces:: No shit it's an acid burn. Some asshole in Science apparently decided to get crazy with their chemistry set in the middle of a crisis.

VAdm Blackthorne: ::Sees that the Starbase is but a tiny dot on the screen:: One more hour.

EnsAaron Markus: Reading all stop on both ships, sir.

MajorAZinthys: +Ellis+ I authorize you outfit six torpedoes with your diamond bits. We will test them out to see if they work.

VAdm Blackthorne: Markus, what's the nearest starbase?

WillFMarlowe: Woman> One minute I'm cleaning candy off a desk, and the next I've got the fucking Acid Baths of Asulta raining down on me.

Lt TKirr: <<LOL, a certain science person we won't mention, who knocked over beakers and petries>>

LMajAdamDrake: ::reads the screen:: Excellent, Kendrick, disengage the power systems!

Ens Nicole Weis: ::hears the woman Marlowe is working with:; (w) wow

Ens Nicole Weis: anger

LMajAdamDrake: ::hears an explosion::

LMajAdamDrake: Kendrick> AAAAAAAGHHHHH! ::Falls over the banister and slams into the lower level's floor::

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: +Z+ Aye Sir.. ::smiles::

LMajAdamDrake: Shit! +Sickbay+ Engineering to Sickbay, Medical Emergency.

EnsAaron Markus: ::checks:: Besides the late 16, it looks like 21 sir.

MajorAZinthys: <<Uh...oh>>

LMajAdamDrake: P'Tel! What the hell happened!?

Ens Nicole Weis: +engineering+ sickbay here

WillFMarlowe: ::quirks a brow and puts down his regenerator:: I'll have to--::looks up::

LMajAdamDrake: P'tel> Too much active energy in the power circuits - created a feedback loop.

Ens Nicole Weis: +engineering+ we're sending people down to you guys right away

VAdm Blackthorne: Zinthys, you have the bridge.

VAdm Blackthorne: ::enters his RR::

Lt TKirr: <<Engineering.. it's a jungle gym. =)>>

Ens Nicole Weis: ::looks at will and grads a med kit::

MajorAZinthys: ::Doesn't move::

8:45 PM

Lt TKirr: ::resumes Operation Cloak Detection>>

WillFMarlowe: ::arches his brow even further:: Permission granted, Doctor. Nelson, take a stretcher team along.

Ens Nicole Weis: ::nods:: thank you sir

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: ::heads down to where the torpedos are to get to work:: Who need a bloody engineer anyway

VAdm Blackthorne: ::brings up his terminal and sends out a coded, encrypted communique for all Third Fleet ships within range to converge at Starbase 21::

WillFMarlowe: Nelson> Irditz, Delmore, you're with me. Bring that stretcher unit.

LMajAdamDrake: Are we set for the next step?

VAdm Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM

VAdm Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM

VAdm Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM

Lt TKirr: ::paused 'n stuff::

WillFMarlowe: ::paused::

EnsAaron Markus: ::paused::

MajorAZinthys: ::Blows into whistle::

MajorAZinthys: Attention!

Ens Nicole Weis: ::aa::

EnsAaron Markus: ::AA::

LMajAdamDrake: ::@@::

Lt TKirr: ::AA::

WillFMarlowe: ::AA::

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: ::AA::

VAdm Blackthorne: Nicely done, everyone!

LMajAdamDrake: ::nodnod::

VAdm Blackthorne: Ensigns Weis and Markus, front and slightly askewed to the left!

LMajAdamDrake: ::grins::

Ens Nicole Weis: ::moves forward and smiles::

EnsAaron Markus: ::steps up and slightly to the left::

8:50 PM

VAdm Blackthorne: Ensigns, I have no choice.

EnsAaron Markus: ::raises an eyebrow::

VAdm Blackthorne: ::shakes his head::

Ens Nicole Weis: ::feels uncomfy::

VAdm Blackthorne: Excellent log writing and simming are heinous crimes.

LMajAdamDrake: ::gasps::

Ens Nicole Weis: ::nods::

EnsAaron Markus: ::switches eyebrows::

VAdm Blackthorne: But, before your punishment, there is one final thing you must do.

Ens Nicole Weis: zap Adam?

VAdm Blackthorne: SILENCE!!

Ens Nicole Weis: ::shuts mouth::

VAdm Blackthorne: Major, The Jar please.

Amythyst Grey: (w) Oooooo...

MajorAZinthys has left this chat.

MajorAZinthys has joined this chat.

Lt TKirr: <<rofl!>>

VAdm Blackthorne: As you can see, The Jar is so heinous that it punted the Major.

Ens Nicole Weis: ::giggles::

MajorAZinthys: Did not.

VAdm Blackthorne: Miss Grey, would you care to do the honors and get The Jar?

Amythyst Grey: ::points:: He... he's back! ::eyes wide::

VAdm Blackthorne: Major, The Jar please.

MajorAZinthys: Ha! I know where that is.

Amythyst Grey: I don' wanna touch th' jah!

VAdm Blackthorne: A wise choice.

MajorAZinthys: ::Runs to the kitchen and opens the cabinet doors under the sink::

VAdm Blackthorne: Let those whose hands have already been soiled by The Jar do the dirty job.

MajorAZinthys: ::unscrews the piping::

MajorAZinthys: ::Retrieves it from its hiding place::

Lt TKirr: ::perks a brow as a cat yowls from under the sink::

MajorAZinthys: ::Returns::

8:55 PM

MajorAZinthys: I have it.

VAdm Blackthorne: Ensigns, you may or may not know that all crewmembers on Atlantis, before they can move past the rank of Ensign, must...

VAdm Blackthorne: ::gestures to the crew to begin The Chant::

MajorAZinthys: Eat a bug.

VAdm Blackthorne: EAT A BUG

Lt TKirr: Eat a bug!

MajorAZinthys: Eat a bug.

LMajAdamDrake: EAT A BUG!

WillFMarlowe: ::snickers:: "Look you, the Jar is not to be trusted but in the keeping of wise people; for indeed, there is no goodness in the Jar."

EnsAaron Markus: ::rolls eyes::

LMajAdamDrake: EAT A BUG!

Lt TKirr: Eat a bug!

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: Eat A Bug

MajorAZinthys: Eat a bug.

LMajAdamDrake: EAT A BUG!

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: Eat a Bug!

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: Eat a Bug!

VAdm Blackthorne: ::presents them with The Jar to take a bug of their choosing::

VAdm Blackthorne: EAT A BUG

Ens Nicole Weis: can't we just zap adam instead?

MajorAZinthys: Eat a bug.

LMajAdamDrake: EAT A BUG!

EnsAaron Markus: ::musters up all of his 25% Vulcan::

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: Eat a Bug!

WillFMarlowe: Eat a bug!

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: Eat a Bug!

VAdm Blackthorne: Eat a bug!

Lt TKirr: Eat a bug!

LMajAdamDrake: EAT A BUG!

WillFMarlowe: Eat a bug!

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: It tastes like duck!

EnsAaron Markus: ::grabs a bug and pops it in and even makes a loud CRUNCH!!! for emphasis::

Lt TKirr: ::flinches:: Ew....!

VAdm Blackthorne: Excellent!

Amythyst Grey: ::wrinkles her nose::

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: Wait, that only works on Oboe..

EnsAaron Markus: ::swallows::

VAdm Blackthorne: ::presents The Jar to Weis::

MajorAZinthys: ::Cheers::

Ens Nicole Weis: ((LOL D))

VAdm Blackthorne: EAT A BUG

VAdm Blackthorne: EAT A BUG

VAdm Blackthorne: EAT A BUG

MajorAZinthys: Eat a bug.

Lt TKirr: Eat a bug!

Ens Nicole Weis: ::picks out a worm and slurps it down really really fast::

Ens Nicole Weis: it's like pasta

VAdm Blackthorne: They have done it!

Amythyst Grey: ::gags::

WillFMarlowe: Ah! "I wish you joy of the worm."

Ens Nicole Weis: only it wiggs all the way down

VAdm Blackthorne: ::quickly seals The Jar::

VAdm Blackthorne: ::reaches into his pocket and finds two half-pips along with the pocket lint::

The AIM service could not send the message: A message or picture is too large to be transmitted.

VAdm Blackthorne: Ensigns, by the power vested in me by some damned fool, I hereby promote you to the rank of Lieutenant, Junior Grade on the USS Atlantis and in the Celestial Prime Alliance! May Bob have mercy on your souls!

VAdm Blackthorne: ::pips them, drawing blood::

LMajAdamDrake: ::claps and cheers::

LMajAdamDrake: WOO!

Lt TKirr: ::claps::

LMajAdamDrake:  Congratulations!

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: ::claps and cheers::

EnsAaron Markus: ::grabs neck:: Owww....

VAdm Blackthorne: ::claps::

LMajAdamDrake: Come on, Vulcan Woman, put some effort into it!

Ens Nicole Weis: ::smiles:: congrates aaron

WillFMarlowe: ::cheers and claps::

Lt TKirr: ::claps:: Wohoo...

9:00 PM

Lt TKirr: Yay....

Lt TKirr: Hurrah...

Lt TKirr: ::clapping dies::

EnsAaron Markus: Same to you Nicole.

MajorAZinthys: ::applauds::

VAdm Blackthorne: Congratulations, you two!

EnsAaron Markus: ::nods:: Thank you sir.

VAdm Blackthorne: That's all for tonight... Major?

MajorAZinthys: ::Blows into whistle::

EnsAaron Markus: ::raises hand::

MajorAZinthys: Dismissed!

LMajAdamDrake: ::clacks his heels together::

VAdm Blackthorne: Yes, Markus?

Amythyst Grey: ::blinks::