You have just entered room "Celestial Prime."
WillFMarlowe has entered the room.
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WillFMarlowe: 'Evening, everyone.
Ens Nicole Weis: ::smiles and waves::
Kiley Airell
: evenin
Jack Leirone has entered the room.
Jack Leirone: ::nods::
Jack Leirone: Hey all.
MajorAZinthys: Heya, Jack.
Jack Leirone: ::looks around:: Empty tonight.
VAdm Blackthorne has entered the room.
Ens Nicole Weis: Adam won't be making it
EnsAaron Markus
has entered the room.
LtDougMcKnight has entered the room.
EnsAaron Markus: Good evening everyone.
VAdm Blackthorne: Hello everyone
LtDougMcKnight: Gosh, howdy, buckaroo.
Lt TKirr has entered the room.
LtDougMcKnight: Hey, T'Kirr.
Jack Leirone: Cannon> Finally somebody speakin' mah language!
Lt TKirr: Hey
Jack Leirone: What the...?! ::pushes Cannon out of the room::
LtDougMcKnight: Cannon?
Lt TKirr: ::watches with disinterest::
MajorAZinthys: Heya, kirr
Lt TKirr: Major.
Jack Leirone: Yeah, I have no idea who that guy was.
MajorAZinthys: ::was finally starting to sort out the different characters from their respective sims::
MajorAZinthys: ::gives up::
EnsAaron Markus: ::finds a comfy spot in the corner and sits down::
Ens Nicole Weis: ::raises eyebrow at Jack but says nothing::
EnsAaron Markus
: ::lays head back and closes eyes::
Jack Leirone: Hey don't look at me. I have no idea who he was, honestly.
Lt jg D Ellis has entered the room.
LtDougMcKnight: Hey, Ellis.
MajorAZinthys: uh-huh...
Ens Nicole Weis: ::turns back to her book and gummi bears::
Lt TKirr
: Ah, the advantages of roleplay =P
Lt TKirr: Greetings, Ellis.
Lt jg D Ellis: yay I got in..
Lt jg D Ellis: (test)
Kiley Airell: (fail)
Jack Leirone: (pass)
MajorAZinthys: Yeah, we see ya, we're just ignoring ya
Jack Leirone: Who's telling the truth? Find out next week.
Ens Nicole Weis: dun dun dun
Lt jg D Ellis
: Good to know.. Does that mean I can go back to the showtime message boards..
Lt jg D Ellis: I have a new addiction.. lol
MajorAZinthys: QAF?
Lt jg D Ellis: and a really bad lag :-(
Lt jg D Ellis: The L-Word.. lol
MajorAZinthys: Ah.
Lt TKirr: I have an old addiction... hehe.
Lt jg D Ellis: I've never seen QAF..
MajorAZinthys: Me neither. Don't have Showtime.
Kiley Airell: QAF?
Ens Nicole Weis: i don't have cable
Lt jg D Ellis
: Queer as folk
MajorAZinthys: If I did, I would watch it. Although it does come on at the same time as Sex & the City.... but I don't have HBO anymore, either
Kiley Airell: ahh
Ens Nicole Weis: Sex & the city was the best
: I hate Comcast.
Lt jg D Ellis: the only think I ever watched on HBO was OZ
Lt TKirr: So Weis... you're medical, right?
MajorAZinthys: They cut off our HBO a couple of weeks ago.
Jack Leirone: ::ignores TV talk and looks out window::
Lt jg D Ellis: *thing
MajorAZinthys: I hate them hate them hate them
Ens Nicole Weis: ::nods:: i am i am
Lt TKirr
: Welcome =)
Ens Nicole Weis: thank you :-)
LtDougMcKnight: Sex and the City was a stirring yarn about a group of annoying women with a disorder that prevented them from being able to stop talking about penises for a damned nanosecond.
Lt jg D Ellis: I never could get into that show
Lt TKirr: Never drew my blood.
Kiley Airell: never seen that show
Lt jg D Ellis: it seemed fake and unreal and over the top to me
VAdm Blackthorne has left the room.
MajorAZinthys: hmmm...
VAdm Blackthorne has entered the room.
LtDougMcKnight: That can't be a good sign.
LtDougMcKnight: Oh, never mind.
LtDougMcKnight: WB
VAdm Blackthorne: The entire bay area is broken.
Lt jg D Ellis: aim is being evil tonight..
Lt TKirr: Ugh.
Lt TKirr: Well then, let's have a phase dimensional episode. =P
VAdm Blackthorne: We have a huge storm causing power outages like crazy
Ens Nicole Weis: taht sucks
Lt jg D Ellis
: This does not foresee well for Cy on Thrusday.. AIM has a vendetta(sp?) against her I think:-(
VAdm Blackthorne: She on the west coast?
Lt jg D Ellis: yeap
Lt TKirr: I'm in Oregon and I'm fine. HA.
VAdm Blackthorne: The weather is supposed to be terrible all up anddown the coast
Lt jg D Ellis: She's up in Washington St.
VAdm Blackthorne: :-P
Ens Nicole Weis: i'm from PA so i'm good
Lt TKirr
: (Famous last words)
VAdm Blackthorne: Power is out at my apartment, so I had to go elsewhere to sim. :-)
MajorAZinthys: That's funny. It's usually stormy on this coast.
Lt jg D Ellis: ::laughs:: She's going to kill me one of this days.. I'm always handing out her bussiness..
MajorAZinthys: ::Shrugs::
EnsAaron Markus: I'm trapped in the middle.
VAdm Blackthorne: It apparently came back on though in the last fifteen minutes, since the server is back up.
VAdm Blackthorne: It was out about four hours though.
Lt TKirr: Your server is out of your apt?
Ens Nicole Weis: i kinda like black outs
VAdm Blackthorne
: Yep
Lt jg D Ellis: I'm in ohio which at this point is where eskmos come to warm up
Lt TKirr: Coolish..
LtDougMcKnight: Ouch. We'd better get to simming before that bitch mother nature zaps someone again.
Jack Leirone: ::thinks:: My entire life is a blackout.
VAdm Blackthorne: Yeah, let's make with the simming.
MajorAZinthys: ::Blows into whistle::
MajorAZinthys: Attention!!
EnsAaron Markus: ::slowly gets up and AA::
LtDougMcKnight: ::AA::
Lt TKirr: ::AA::
Ens Nicole Weis: ::AA::
Lt jg D Ellis
: ::AA::
WillFMarlowe: ::AA::
Jack Leirone: ::AA::
Kiley Airell: ::AA::
Jack Leirone: ::AA::
Lt TKirr: (Slowly? You were faster than any of us)
Jack Leirone has left the room.
VAdm Blackthorne: Alright.
Jack Leirone has entered the room.
LtDougMcKnight: (WB)
VAdm Blackthorne: Tonight we're speeding along to the colony of Newer Jersey.
Jack Leirone: ::AA::
VAdm Blackthorne: They sent a distress call indicating that crystalline creatures have been reported attacking the outlying settlements.
VAdm Blackthorne: So we're on our way, the Marines are preparing to land with fighter air support.
VAdm Blackthorne: Questions?
LtDougMcKnight: Define land.
VAdm Blackthorne: Dropships.
Lt TKirr: Do I get the crappy fighter this time? You know.. the one with that clicking engine?
LtDougMcKnight: Okay...and what's the fighting like? Are they shelling the city, or is the fighting building to building?
MajorAZinthys: ::Cracks knuckles::
VAdm Blackthorne: Building to building.
VAdm Blackthorne: And yes, you get the crappy fighter.
VAdm Blackthorne: Any others?
Lt TKirr: Doh. <<sulks>>
Ens Nicole Weis: ::pats TKirr on the head:: it's okay
VAdm Blackthorne
: Alright then.
Lt TKirr: Hey.. watch the hair.
VAdm Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM
VAdm Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM
VAdm Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM
Jack Leirone: ::is on the Atlantis::
MajorAZinthys: ::Is suiting up along with the marines::
EnsAaron Markus: ::on the bridge in his usual spot at Helm/Ops.::
WillFMarlowe: ::in sickbay::
Jack Leirone: ::steps out of quarters, heads for engineering::
Lt TKirr: ::In quarters, freshly showered, for what it's worth::
LtDougMcKnight: ::Rushes through the armory, tugging on his armor vest:: Christ, these trauma inserts weigh a ton!
Ens Nicole Weis: ::walks into sickbay again:: Hello Sir
: +Marlowe+ McKnight to sickbay.
WillFMarlowe: ::scanning Engineer Potter:: +McKnight+ Marlowe here.
VAdm Blackthorne: Captain Santiago, CO of the Discovery> ::enters the Atlantis bridge::
VAdm Blackthorne: Cpt. Santiago> Reporting as ordered, Admiral.
Lt jg D Ellis: ::in the sci lab::
Jack Leirone: ::scratches his still sunburned shoulder::
Lt TKirr: ::exits quarters and walks efficiently to the bridge::
LtDougMcKnight: +Marlowe+ Doc, I sent you a bunch of marines earlier. ALl the ones who'd fought off the crystalline boarding party in the last battle. We could use them planetside, but they're not going anywhere until we know they don;t have what
LtDougMcKnight: was killing Drake and his warp plasma monkeys. I need those people checked out ASAP>
VAdm Blackthorne: I expect Atlantis to run interference between orbital and surface battles, Captain.
Lt TKirr: ::enters bridge just then::
Ens Nicole Weis: ::walks over to Marlowe and hear's what McKnight says to him::
: +McKnight+ I've cleared the ones who came in wearing biohazard suits. I'll examine the others shortly.
Jack Leirone: ::enters turbolift:: Engineering.
WillFMarlowe: +McKnight+ Anything else?
Lt TKirr: ::sees the Captain and nods, staying out of the way and moving to her station::
Lt jg D Ellis: ::still working on the translation program and the harmonic trail::
Jack Leirone: ::exits turbolift, walks down the hall to engineering, enters::
LtDougMcKnight: +Marlowe+ Just what I've already said, Doc. Fast as you can.
VAdm Blackthorne: Cpt. Santiago> Aye, Admiral. She'll be in one piece when you get back.
WillFMarlowe: +McKnight+ Acknowledged. Sickbay out.
Kiley Airell: ::on the bridge::
Ens Nicole Weis: hello sir, are we getting more people comeing up for some treatment?
VAdm Blackthorne
: +Shipwide+ Fighter squadron to the assault bay!
Jack Leirone: ::sits down at console, begins doing routine checks on all systems::
Jack Leirone: ::stands up and heads for assault bay::
VAdm Blackthorne: You have the bridge, Captain.
LtDougMcKnight: ::Straps his helmet onto his head, and shoves a few extra power packs into one of his belt pouches::
EnsAaron Markus: ::logs out of station and gets up and heads for assault bay::
Lt jg D Ellis: ::looks up from her computer and nods like she can be seen.. then heads out as ordered::
Jack Leirone: ::to self:: Never mind, then. ::to NPC:: Take over.
VAdm Blackthorne has left the room.
Lt TKirr: ::hands her station back to the ensign and follows Blackthorne out, with a glance at the Captain::
Lt TKirr: <<Gah, I didn't mean out THAT way...>>
MajorAZinthys: Mr. McKnight.
Kiley Airell: ::follows the Admiral to the TL;;
Kiley Airell: <<LOL>>
EnsAaron Markus: <<LOL>>
MajorAZinthys: Come over here.
WillFMarlowe: ::turns to Weis and nods:: Doctor. Yes, I think we should prepare for those kinds of casualties once the Marines hit the surface.
EnsAaron Markus: ::takes a different TL::
LtDougMcKnight: ::Turns to Zinthys and closes the distance:: Sir?
Jack Leirone: Ned Palmer Clementine> ::nods, takes over::
MajorAZinthys: ::pulls up a rough schematic of the city they're dropping into::
Lt jg D Ellis: ::putting her hair up as she walks towards the assult bay::
Lt TKirr: <<descends lift to assault bay with Airell and Blackthorne>>
Ens Nicole Weis: ::nods:: alright sir, I'll get the stuff ready
: Modify another biobed to administer the treatment. Also, what is the status of the patients we do have?
MajorAZinthys: We need to push them out of the city.
EnsAaron Markus: ::enters AB and gets flight suit on::
Kiley Airell: ::quickly:: Here we go again
LtDougMcKnight: ::Takes a look at a few of the taller buildings, those he gathers would provide the best firing arcs::
MajorAZinthys: I'm thinking we either need to hotdrop into the middle of the city, or come from one of the sides and push them out.
VAdm Blackthorne has entered the room.
Jack Leirone: ::enter assault bay, nods to other fighters::
WillFMarlowe: How many have we treated?
Kiley Airell: ((wb Admiral))
VAdm Blackthorne: <<Broken west coast>>
Lt TKirr: <<We're entering bay, Blackthorne>>
VAdm Blackthorne: Cpt. Santiago> Aye Admiral.
VAdm Blackthorne: ::enters the TL:: Assault bay.
Lt TKirr: <<Lol.. ok now we are>>
Lt jg D Ellis: ::is getting dressed in flight suit in the woman's side of the locker room::
Ens Nicole Weis: all of our patients are sunburned and not happy sir ::starts working on one of the bio beds:: just about everyone that has come here has been treated and the others are getting the treatment now
EnsAaron Markus
: ::hops into fighter and begins prelaunch::
WillFMarlowe: Thank you.
LtDougMcKnight: ::Points to what appears to be some sort of park in the city's northwest quadrant:: That looks to me like the most feasible landing spot to me.
Jack Leirone: ::hops in fighter and checks all systems before firing up::
Ens Nicole Weis: your welcome sir
: Either way, the fighters are going to be pretty useless in here.
Ens Nicole Weis: we should have sickbay cleaned out and ready for the next batch shortly
VAdm Blackthorne
: ::enters the bay, grabs his helmet, and was still in his flightsuit from the previous mission::
Lt TKirr: ::enters assault bay with Blackthorne and Airell::
Lt jg D Ellis: ::walking around her fighter with her helmet under her arm looking it over::
Kiley Airell: ::enters the bay and moves over to grab her stuff and get ready::
LtDougMcKnight: ::Points to 2 of the taller builkdings he'd been studying before:: Agreed. Which is why, assuming these buildings are still stanbding, I suggest we beam mortar teams here and here.
VAdm Blackthorne: ::enters his fighter and begins prelaunch::
EnsAaron Markus: ::finishes preflight and waits for the others by taking the opportunity to meditate::
Jack Leirone: ::is ready to fly::
Lt TKirr: ::gets dressed quickly in locker area and comes out, and enters the (crappy) fighter::
MajorAZinthys: I concur. With these things doing what they did to the engineers, I don't think we want to get close to them.
WillFMarlowe: When you've finished with everyone else, let me know. We should examine the medical staff then.
Lt jg D Ellis: ::climbs in and starts to power up::
Ens Nicole Weis: ::nods:: yes sir, of course
Lt TKirr
: ::checks over her instruments, going through the motions::
WillFMarlowe: ::turns to Potter:: How do you feel?
Lt jg D Ellis: ::goes though check list and pops in music chip, puts on her head band and then her helmet::
Ens Nicole Weis: ::goes over to one of the last two patients she has and starts the treatment::
: Right, they can soften our approach. But I gotta say, given that we're talking about urban combat, I don;t see how we can ultimately avoid getting in close. It could go room to room.
Jack Leirone: +Squad+ Wraith awaiting launch orders.
Kiley Airell: ::does a quick check of her fighter to make sure that everything is good::
MajorAZinthys: And with their regenerative capabilities, this could be a very difficult fight.
VAdm Blackthorne: +Squad+ Comm check.
Jack Leirone: +Squad+ Check.
LtDougMcKnight: Then we take the gloves off. Crank up those blast yields a few notches. It'll mean some property damage, but probably nothing worse than what they'll have done already.
WillFMarlowe: Potter> A little drunk from the anaesthetic. It feels like I'm numb in places . . .
Kiley Airell: +Squad+ Check
Lt TKirr: +Squad+ Shurata check.
EnsAaron Markus: ::releases all negative tension and relaxes:: +Squad+ Check
Jack Leirone: ::looks over at Kiley's fighter::
VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> Atlantis and Discovery drop out of warp to find a large crystal ship ino orbit around Newer Jersey.
EnsAaron Markus: ::lights up::
Kiley Airell: ::enters her fighter and starts a systems check::
Lt TKirr: <<Oh my, how many fighters we have now?>>
Lt jg D Ellis: +Squad+ bounce.. ::grinning::
Ens Nicole Weis: ::finishes up the one girl:: there you go and here, this is for the burn ::hands her aloe treatment::
Kiley Airell
: ((a million TKirr))
MajorAZinthys: ::Watches as the hologram updates with the latest information::
WillFMarlowe: We had to remove patches of mutated skin. A few days more and you'll be ready for duty. In the meantime, I'd like to keep you here for observation.
VAdm Blackthorne: >>Seven, I believe<<
WillFMarlowe: Potter> ::nods::
EnsAaron Markus: ::looks at Ellis and smiles at her joke::
VAdm Blackthorne: >>Six are here<<
LtDougMcKnight: ::Glances over at the screen in C&C:: Looks like those fighter jockeys will have a chance to make themselves useful after all.
MajorAZinthys: ::Points:: They've only made it this far into the city.
Kiley Airell: ((everyone except Medical??))
Lt jg D Ellis: ::winks at Aaron::
LtDougMcKnight: Permission to coordinate with engineering. They can help us devise road blocks as we go.
MajorAZinthys: If we can push them back out, we can make the fighter jocks earn their pay
Ens Nicole Weis: ::walks over to the last person and begins to take care of them::
EnsAaron Markus
: ::winks back::
VAdm Blackthorne: >>And Security<<
LtDougMcKnight: Assuming anyone's left down there.
MajorAZinthys: Coordinate? With Drake out, I'm giving you his Echo Squad.
VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> Discovery engages the crystal ship, while Atlantis makes a run for a drop point.
EnsAaron Markus: ::closes canopy and moves fighter into launch position::
WillFMarlowe: Let me know if you need anything. ::turns to Wilkstein and has essentially the same conversation with him::
Jack Leirone: ((::clears throat:: Engineering, here, sir))
VAdm Blackthorne: Santiago> +Marines, Fighters+ Launch point in one minute, stand by.
MajorAZinthys: <<Are you a marine?
MajorAZinthys: >>
Jack Leirone: ((Nein, Mein Herr. Nevermind, then.))
LtDougMcKnight: ::Grins:: Drake'll love that.
MajorAZinthys: Here's the deal. I'm gonna take Alpha Squad into the center and pin them down.
Ens Nicole Weis: ::finishes up frying that person and gives them a thing of aloe and walks back over to Marlowe::
Ens Nicole Weis
: sir, the last pateint has been taken care of
Kiley Airell
: ::finds systems working fine, takes a moment to relax and push everything else out of her mind::
MajorAZinthys: You take the other 4 squads and land in the NW quadrant, then push we'll push them south.
Lt TKirr: ::finishes checks, and sits waiting, clearing her mind and preparing for battle::
VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> Atlantis takes some fire and shakes a bit while making the run to the drop point, and counters with lateral fire
MajorAZinthys: Hopefully we'll get them out into the open where the fighters can mop up.
MajorAZinthys: Sound like a plan?
Lt TKirr: <<::crappy fighter tips over in the shake::>>
Lt jg D Ellis: ::calls up her black sabbath program so only she can hear it and waits::
EnsAaron Markus: ::shakes inside fighter as Atlantis is hit::
Kiley Airell: ((LOL))
EnsAaron Markus: <<LOL>>
VAdm Blackthorne: :::mutters something about his ship and Santiago::
Jack Leirone: ::kisses his St. Christopher::
LtDougMcKnight: Yes, sir. The engineers can beam in to the areas we secure, and fortify our gains.
MajorAZinthys: <<I... am... Ironman...>>
VAdm Blackthorne: Cpt. Santiago> +Marines, Fighters+ Thirty seconds.
Lt jg D Ellis: ::feels the shaking:: Hmm maybe I sould turn down the bass..
MajorAZinthys: Excellent.
WillFMarlowe: How did they respond to treatment?
LtDougMcKnight: Crud, looks like we'd better get down to those launch bays, sir.
Ens Nicole Weis: Wonderfully, they are all cured and red as a lobster sir.
: Indeed.
MajorAZinthys: +Marines+ All marines to launch bays on the double.
MajorAZinthys: ::Saddles up in his DropShip::
Kiley Airell: ::at the shaking, opens eyes and looks around, ready to go::
LtDougMcKnight: ::Dashes onto the transporter pad, beaming straight to the launch bay, and strapping himself in with the lead drop ship of his half of this operation::
WillFMarlowe: ::smiles a little:: Thank you, Doctor. We should examine the technicians and nurses first, then. Start with Meirill, then pull people aside as you see them.
VAdm Blackthorne: Cpt. Santiago> +Marines, Fighters+ We are over the drop location. Go for launch!
VAdm Blackthorne: +Squad+ That's the cue folks, let's roll.
EnsAaron Markus: +Squad+ Let's kick some crystal ass. ::launches::
Jack Leirone: ::doesn't bother with one-liner::
MajorAZinthys: Action> DropShips detach from the Atlantis, heading for the planet surface.
Lt TKirr: ::fires thrusters and moves out in pattern::
Ens Nicole Weis: yes sir ::walks over to Meirill, I want to examine you real quick like, okay? ::gives a little smile::
Jack Leirone
: ::launches::
VAdm Blackthorne: ::eases his stick back and the throttle up slightly, shooting out of the bay::
LtDougMcKnight: ::Feels his stomach lurch ever so slightly as the drop ship clears morrings and accelerates toward the planet's atmosphere:: That's been awhile.
Lt jg D Ellis: +Squad+ I'm never going to be able to look at another piece of jewlery the same way once this is all over.. ::shoots out the bay door::
WillFMarlowe: Nelson?
Ens Nicole Weis: Meirill> Alright, but be quick about it, I have work to do
: Nelson> Sir?
Kiley Airell: ::moves out after the others::
MajorAZinthys: ::Takes a deep breath and feels that familiar ominous calm take over::
WillFMarlowe: Come here.
VAdm Blackthorne: ::moves in to escort formation with the dropships::
EnsAaron Markus: +Squad+ I'll save a big piece for you to use as a necklace, Ellis.
Ens Nicole Weis: I'll be fast ::runs a quick examination on Meirill::
: Nelson> I'm fine, sir. Really.
WillFMarlowe: Nurse?
LtDougMcKnight: ::UAVs are similarly launched from Atlantis, to provide more accurate targeting telemetry to the mortar crews beaming into position::
MajorAZinthys: +Ian+ We're gonna try to push 'em out of the main city, Admiral.
MajorAZinthys: +Ian+ Make 'em real easy targets for you.
VAdm Blackthorne has left the room.
Lt TKirr: ::shifts into the flight pattern, working with all the new fighters::
Ens Nicole Weis: ((brb))
: Nelson> ::pouts:: But I burn easily . . .
EnsAaron Markus: ::allows Admiral to pass by and follows to escort dropships::
LtDougMcKnight: (Clearly, he was overawed by your efforts.)
Kiley Airell: +Squad+ Actually that thing makes me want more jewlery. I don't have enough.
MajorAZinthys: <<I see>>
Lt jg D Ellis: ::falls into formation:: +Squad+ Thanks Markus but I perfere stones over gems..
EnsAaron Markus: ::makes a mental note::
Jack Leirone: ::takes Kiley's comment into consideration::
Lt TKirr: <<Grr, I have birds flying over my head.. distracting>>
Kiley Airell: <<LOL>>
VAdm Blackthorne has entered the room.
Lt jg D Ellis: +squad+ I know a great jewler, Doc, I'll have to hook you up
WillFMarlowe: Is that an admission of guilt? ::walks over and puts a hand to her forehead:: You feel cold. And what's this? ::turns her head a little so he can better scrutinize the small patch of light blue on her cheek::
LtDougMcKnight: (WB)
VAdm Blackthorne: >>At least it's just the chatroom being a pain, huh? :-) <<
VAdm Blackthorne: +Zinthys+ Alright, Major, we'll be looking forward to it.
Jack Leirone: ::follows along with other fighters::
Jack Leirone: ::incredibly concentrated, still as stone::
WillFMarlowe: Nelson> ::weakly:: Too much make-up . . . ?
EnsAaron Markus: +Squad+ How you doing back there, Jack?
VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> The ships enter the atmosphere and begin their streak downward.
Jack Leirone: +Squad+ Fine.
EnsAaron Markus: +Squad+ Ready for more of last time?
WillFMarlowe: ::purses his lips, pretending to be unamused:: It's off to the tanning salon with you.
Jack Leirone: +Squad+ Always.
EnsAaron Markus: ::smiles::
MajorAZinthys: ::Grabs hold of his rifle more tightly as the ship shakes from the entry::
Jack Leirone: ::shakes a little from entering the atmosphere::
Ens Nicole Weis: ((back))
VAdm Blackthorne
: ACTION> Atlantis moves up to join the Discovery in the battle with the large crystal ship.
WillFMarlowe: Nelson> ::her shoulders slump as she walks over to a biobed rigged for the treatment::
Lt TKirr: ::scans area with her fighter's limited equipment::
LtDougMcKnight: ::Grits his teeth as he prepares for impact. He knows from experience the anti-gravs don't make anything gentle::
WillFMarlowe: ((WB))
MajorAZinthys: ::Feels the DropShip slow::
Ens Nicole Weis: ((::smiles:: thank you))
VAdm Blackthorne
: ACTION> Atlantis immediately begins taking fire.
Kiley Airell: ::shakes a little as the ship enters the atmosphere at fast speed::
EnsAaron Markus: ::works out an attack pattern in his head if given the chance for unorthodoxed methods::
MajorAZinthys: +A+ Alright, jump packs on. Prepare for hotdrop.
VAdm Blackthorne: >>ok, Marines use #, fighters use @ <<
Lt jg D Ellis: @+squad+ The earrings are taking pot shots at the Atlantis
LtDougMcKnight: #::Elects against hot drop. His men will be coming out in a largely open area. The landing pods can be used for cover as they establish their beach head::
VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> The dropships hit the ground.
MajorAZinthys: #::Grabs his jump pack and puts it on::
Kiley Airell: @+squad+ then let's take some shots at the earrings
LtDougMcKnight: #Oof! Alright, haul ass, boys!
EnsAaron Markus: @+Squad+ I'm sure they can handle it...
MajorAZinthys: #::Jump out after a couple of other guys, ready to shoot at anything that looks like a rock::
Lt TKirr: @::monitors dropship status::
Jack Leirone: @+Squad+ Need a wingman, Ms. Airell?
VAdm Blackthorne: @+Squad+ Santiago will take care of my ship.
VAdm Blackthorne: @::pulls up and circles the dropships while the Marines unload::
Kiley Airell: @+Squad
MajorAZinthys: #::Lands and keeps moving, so as to make room for the guys behind him::
Ens Nicole Weis: Meirill, I'm sorry but we are going to have to give you a nice crispy sunburn
: ::As the hatches open up, marines come swarming out, on the lookout for resistance, taking what cover they can::
Kiley Airell: @+Squad+Always
LtDougMcKnight: (#)
Lt jg D Ellis: @+squad+ He'd better my kids on that ship
EnsAaron Markus: @::circles wide to watch all sides::
Lt TKirr: @::follows circle pattern above dropship::
MajorAZinthys: #::Shoots all kinds of crystalline-looking lifeforms::
VAdm Blackthorne: @+Squad+ My crew is on that ship.
Lt TKirr: @::looks for enemy targets below::
EnsAaron Markus: @+Squad+ Don't worry, Ellis....
VAdm Blackthorne: @::spies a clump of crystalline troops advancing::
Ens Nicole Weis: Meirille> all hell, alright but be quick about it ::lays down on biobed::
VAdm Blackthorne
: @+Squad+ Target of opportunity ahead.
Jack Leirone: @::follows Kiley:: +Squad+ Right behind you.
WillFMarlowe: ::looks up from his medcorder:: Over there, Set.
LtDougMcKnight: #Marines> ::Open fire, their weapons set to level 8. Screw stun, they're blowing the crap out of these things::
WillFMarlowe: Set> ::walks over to the biobed::
Ens Nicole Weis: ::begins to start the program::
EnsAaron Markus
: @+Squad+ Permission to engage...
Lt jg D Ellis: @::follows Jack in::
Lt TKirr: @::thrusts forward toward the target and locks guns::
MajorAZinthys: #::Sets up Squad A to block the street so that the creatures have to go through them::
Ens Nicole Weis: on the bright side, at least we're not boilling you in a hot vate of oil and serving you to our first hundred customers
EnsAaron Markus
: @::heads straight at troops with finger on trigger::
Kiley Airell: @::targets the crystaline structure, getting a lock::
LtDougMcKnight: ::Spies a congealing pocket of heavy fire forming up, and motions over to a marine beside him, who rushes over with a small computer, diaplaying a map grid the UAVs have set up::
Lt jg D Ellis: @::locks onto the crystaline thingie and turns up her soundtrack:: Lets do this thing..
MajorAZinthys: #::Does his best to bottle up the crystals are succeptible to the fire support::
Jack Leirone: @::begins to lock on crystalline structure::
MajorAZinthys: << that they are...>>
Ens Nicole Weis: ::finishes up with Meirille:: alright, if yo uwould be so kind as to go around and start examining other nurses and techs, i would be very happy and if they are contaminated, send them to me
Lt TKirr
: @ ::begins firing when in range, tearing up the troop formation::
LtDougMcKnight: #::Turns to his radio:: +Mortars+ Metz, we have encountered heavy resistance. Reqesting support fire, grid coordinates C16. Make that fire...50 yards from my homing beacon. Set the blast yield at 20%.
Kiley Airell: @::opens fire on the creature::
Lt TKirr: @ ::reaches optimal range and slows, taking out as many rock people she can::
WillFMarlowe: ::calls over to Weis:: Make sure you get Nelson. She should be next, if you haven't found anyone else.
EnsAaron Markus: @::fires slow strong bursts from the phasers::
Jack Leirone: @::fires phasers::
Lt jg D Ellis: @::waits for it.. gets in closer, phaser on full.. waits for it.. fires as she pulls up::
Jack Leirone: @::squints as he makes a noticeable dent in the thing::
MajorAZinthys: #::Dodging the crystals' particle weapons::
VAdm Blackthorne has left the room.
LtDougMcKnight: #Metz> ::Programs the coordinates into the mortar's computer, and gives the mortar several photion grenades, that fly in an unerring arc to detonate right in the midst of the crystalline troop formation::
Lt TKirr: @ ::banks off, recharging, then comes about again:: +Squad+ There's a lot of them.
MajorAZinthys: <<oops>>
MajorAZinthys: #::Cheers as the mortars make short work of them::
Ens Nicole Weis: ::to Marlowe:: yes sir, Meirille was but I took care of her, just have the ones taht are contaminated come to me and i'll fix them right up sir
Lt TKirr
: @ ::watches Blackthorne do his evil fighter thing on the troops:: <<;-)>>
WillFMarlowe: ::scans the last few nurses and techs; a few are sent over for treatment, while those who just came on duty are not::
EnsAaron Markus: @::circles around for a second pass from the side making sure no other fighters are in attack path::
Lt jg D Ellis: @::levels off and recharges phasers:: +squard+ And they need to be hit with as much heat as you can muster..
Ens Nicole Weis: ::begins treating nelson::
EnsAaron Markus
: <<LOL>>
WillFMarlowe: That's it. ::walks over:: Did you finish modifying the other biobed?
Jack Leirone: @::fires relentlessly on his pass back to the structure, unleasing a rain of fire on the crystal creatures::
LtDougMcKnight: #Alright, let's save the cheers, Girl Scouts! Secure that position!
Kiley Airell: @::makes another pass, locking on to the creature again::
VAdm Blackthorne has entered the room.
Lt TKirr: @ +Squad+ Let's concentrate on the dense section to port.
EnsAaron Markus: @::fires same slow strong bursts from phasers, mowing a few down::
VAdm Blackthorne: >> stupid west coast <<
MajorAZinthys: #+McKnight+ They're not budging. Dammit, they don't fight like they should. They just keep coming.
Ens Nicole Weis: yes, they are all modified and just waiting to be used sir ::finishes nelson and begins with the next person inline::
: #::Leads the advance, as a number of marines wait behind trees and whatever natural obstacles they can find, providing support fire::
EnsAaron Markus: <<so we've heard>>
WillFMarlowe: ::nods and gestures to Set::
Lt jg D Ellis: @::targets the dense section and locks on::
Kiley Airell: @::fires towards dense section::
Ens Nicole Weis: ::begins work on set::
VAdm Blackthorne
: @::flies over a dense section of crystals and drops a cluster bomb::
MajorAZinthys: #::Hears a cry as the guy next him goes down with a crystal shard in his leg, the product of their exploding particle weapons::
Lt TKirr: @ ::comes in range and fires into the center of the dense area, working her way outward as she banks::
LtDougMcKnight: +Zinthys+ I hate when they do that, sir! But they blow up, just like every other fair fighting son of a bitch! Give them some mortar fire down their shiny throats!
Lt TKirr: <<Ew, they shoot pieces of themselves?>>
EnsAaron Markus: @::swoops up high and starts to come straight down on dense section, firing phasers and torps in tandem::
MajorAZinthys: #+McKnight+ Just keep it comin'.
Jack Leirone: @::fires at dense section::
VAdm Blackthorne: >>Basically<<
WillFMarlowe: ::administers the treatment to another crewmember::
VAdm Blackthorne: >>And when you kill them, they explode since the crystal is unable to keep its shape anymore.<<
LtDougMcKnight: #+Zinthys+ Will do, sir! We've about pushed them out of the park!
EnsAaron Markus: @::banks off just in time to bake a few in the afterburners::
Kiley Airell: @:;takes another run, locks onto the dense area and fires full phasers::
VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> Atlantis and Discovery both take major hits, the crystal ship holding its own.
MajorAZinthys: #+McKnight+ Excellent. At least they're bad shots ::Watches as they keep filling the buildings surrounding the marines' position with holes::
LtDougMcKnight: #::Turns back to the marines with him:: Alright, these bastards can hit you after they shatter! Until we can get some shields down here, engage at range whenever possible!
Lt TKirr: @ +Squad+ Great work. That area is clear.
Ens Nicole Weis: ::finishes set and goes on to another::
VAdm Blackthorne
: Cpt. Santiago> ::swears::
MajorAZinthys: #::Hears a loud "creak" from his side::
MajorAZinthys: # Oh. Shit.
Lt TKirr: @ ::looks about for other areas, and decides to fire at whatever's in front of her::
VAdm Blackthorne: @+Squad+ Their left flank is vulnerable.
WillFMarlowe: ::looks around as the ship takes another hit::
Lt jg D Ellis: @::heads off to the left flank and lets lose the MTs::
EnsAaron Markus: @+Squad+ I'm on it. ::heads to left flank::
MajorAZinthys: #+Squad A+ Marines!! Push forward!!
LtDougMcKnight: #Metz>::Continues to do his best to ensure that whenever the crystalline soldiers try to form up en masse, they pay for it::
Jack Leirone: @::waits to follow Kiley::
Lt TKirr: @ ::follows around to left flank, finding her own air and drives in::
EnsAaron Markus: @::comes in behind Ellis and lets loose::
VAdm Blackthorne: @+Squad+ don't forget your cluster bombs, they're quite effective against massed troops.
Ens Nicole Weis: whats going on out there sir?
Kiley Airell
: @::heads towards the left flank, locking onto the big peice of jewlery::
MajorAZinthys: #::Squad A surges forward, right into the crystalline troops::
Jack Leirone: @::follows her::
EnsAaron Markus: @::thinks to self:: oh yeah....::drops a few bombs while passing over::
VAdm Blackthorne: @::drops one of the aforementioned clusters into a pack of troops as he flies over the battle::
MajorAZinthys: Action> The two buildings surround the marine position fall towards them, squashing a few stragglers::
Lt TKirr: @ ::phasers troops as she slopes downward, then pulls level, releasing torps as she flies over the troops::
LtDougMcKnight: #Marines>::Follow McKnight out of the park into the city proper, while a smaller portion remain to guard the park, while the engineers beam down to fortify it:
MajorAZinthys: #Goddamn motherfuckers blowin' shit up.
EnsAaron Markus: @::feels shock of big explosion behind from dropping to many clusters::
WillFMarlowe: I don't want to know. But we'll probably have new patients coming in soon and we need to hurry. How many do you have left? ::treats another tech::
EnsAaron Markus: @+Squad+ Overkill maybe?
Ens Nicole Weis: only two sir
Lt TKirr
: @ ::glances at her scanner as a warning beeps::
MajorAZinthys: #::Takes a crystal shard in his side after he blows one of them into bits::
Jack Leirone: @::locks onto some crystal bastards...fires::
WillFMarlowe: ::nods:: I'll take one.
Lt TKirr: @ ::rolls her fighter at incoming crystal shards, but takes a wing hit::
Lt jg D Ellis: @+squad+ Na..
LtDougMcKnight: #::Watches the fighters fly overhead:: Christ, I hope those fly boys are keeping an eye on their targeting scanners.
Ens Nicole Weis: Alright ::sends one over to him::
VAdm Blackthorne
: @+Squad+ Careful, once you run out of those, that's it.
EnsAaron Markus: @+Squad+ Understood, sir...I still got a few more...saving those for a little something I like to call Hiroshima.
Ens Nicole Weis: ::finishes up her last guy:: i'm done sir
Kiley Airell
: @::flies underneath one of the crystaline creatures, locks on and fires full phasers::
VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> Fire starts to rise toward the fighters from pockets of troops.
Lt TKirr: @ ::levels fighter as best she can, and releases a cluster bomb into the offending crystal-throwers, and pulls up hard::
WillFMarlowe: ::treats the nurse and motions to Erca to help her away::
WillFMarlowe: All right. That leaves just us.
EnsAaron Markus: @+Squad+ Hey somebody tell them not to fire back...
MajorAZinthys: #::Staggers back, but most of the squad surges forward, finally pushing the crystals back by sheer ferocity::
Ens Nicole Weis: alright, want me to scan you first sir?
VAdm Blackthorne
: @+Squad+ AA fire, watch your tails.
Lt TKirr: @ ::assesses damage:: +Squad+ Shard in my starbord wing.
WillFMarlowe: ::nods::
Kiley Airell: @+Squad+You want that job Markus?
Jack Leirone: @+squad+ Attention chrystal beings. Stop firing at us. ::smirks::
WillFMarlowe: ::stands up straight:: Go ahead.
LtDougMcKnight: #::Watches a marine next to him stagger backward with a cry, hit in the chest a particularly high energy particle weapon blast. His vest stops it from reaching the tissue, but the ablative armor insert violently explodes outward,
Ens Nicole Weis: ::begins to scan::
EnsAaron Markus
: @+Squad+ What job is that?
LtDougMcKnight: throwing him off his feet::
Kiley Airell: @+Squad+::chuckles:: Hope they listen
VAdm Blackthorne: @+Squad+ Airell, Markus, Leirone, take out those AA gunners.
EnsAaron Markus: @+Squad+ Yes, sir.
Lt TKirr: @ ::pulls up high above, her balance shaky::
Kiley Airell: @:;banks right as they fire at her fighter::
VAdm Blackthorne: @+Squad+T'Kirr, Ellis, with me on Marine support.
Jack Leirone: @::cover fires for Kiley::
LtDougMcKnight: #::Turns his rifle on the culprit, and blows him to bits, ducking around a building corner to avoid any shards:: Medic!
Kiley Airell: @+Squad+ Aye Aye Sir
Lt TKirr: @ +Squad+ Acknowledged.
VAdm Blackthorne: @::rolls out hard dodging a large shard::
Lt TKirr: @ ::drops down::
EnsAaron Markus: @::heads straight toward AA's moving left to right to avoid damage::
Jack Leirone: @::fires at AA gunners, taking one out::
Kiley Airell: @::heads towards the AA's, locks on and fires::
Ens Nicole Weis: you've been contaminated sir, we're gonna have to sun burn you as well i'm afriad
EnsAaron Markus
: @+Squad+ Heres Hiroshima jr. ::let's loose with very ramped up phaser blasts and torps...::
VAdm Blackthorne: @::lets off another cluster on a clump of troops::
MajorAZinthys: <<Very junior>>
EnsAaron Markus: <<LOL>>
VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> Atlantis staggers from another hit, shields getting low.
EnsAaron Markus: <<:-P>>
Kiley Airell: @::locks on and fires torpedos towards the AA::
WillFMarlowe: I thought so. ::looks at his hand, which seems perfectly healthy; there are no symptoms of cellular mutation::
VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> Discovery gets a chunk of crystal lodged in the saucer.
Lt TKirr: @ ::follows behind Blackthorne, shooting off rounds to the sides::
LtDougMcKnight: Engineers> ::Come running up behind the marines, bearing ballistics resistant tower sheilds that the marines didn't have room to bring with them on the drop ships::
EnsAaron Markus: @::knocks out an AA::
VAdm Blackthorne has left the room.
WillFMarlowe: ::scowls and bites his lip for a second, then looks up:: Well.
Jack Leirone: @::releases cluster on a pass over AA gunners, is hit on the wing slightly:: Shit.
WillFMarlowe: Let's get this over with. ::lies down on a biobed::
Ens Nicole Weis: ::shrugs and smiles:: get naked and hope in the biobed sir
EnsAaron Markus
: @+Squad+ You alright, Jack?
Lt jg D Ellis: @::follows Blackthorne:: +squard+ What every you do don't yell aflack at them.. they must have seen Gigli
WillFMarlowe: ::looks up:: Oh. Yes. Naked. That.
LtDougMcKnight: #Marines> ::Form up behind those bearing the shields, saturating the roadways ahead of them with heavy phaser fire, while the shields in front block any flying crystal fragments::
Jack Leirone: @+Squad+ I'm fine. And how are you?
MajorAZinthys: #::Takes a prone position and shoot from there::
Ens Nicole Weis: ::smiles sweetly:: you want to get fully healed sir, don't you?
: #::Finds that it makes those pesky shards fly over him::
EnsAaron Markus: @+Squad+ I'm good...hardly a scratch....
Jack Leirone: @+Squad+ Is everything okay, Ms. Airell?
Lt TKirr: @ ::micro-torps a section of AA, rolling shakily to avoid flying shards::
VAdm Blackthorne has entered the room.
WillFMarlowe: ::stands again and disrobes:: Yes, of course. ::lies down again:: Proceed.
LtDougMcKnight: (WB)
Kiley Airell: @+Squad+ Better then me, I took a minor scratch to my left wing, but everythings cool
Ens Nicole Weis: ::proceeds, thinking how funny the situation is::
VAdm Blackthorne
: >> Well, crap, stupid storm <<
Lt TKirr: <<You keep changing lovely colors =P>>
EnsAaron Markus: @+Squad+ Alright, how many AA's left?
VAdm Blackthorne: @::fires a microtorp into a building that had crystal gunning from it, obliterating it::
Jack Leirone: @+Squad+ Good...good.
EnsAaron Markus: <<LOL>>
MajorAZinthys: <<This is like a scene from Enterprise. "Let's all get naked to make the healing go faster." "Okay!">>
Lt jg D Ellis: @+squad+ Nice shot, Sir
VAdm Blackthorne: >> And that's why I love Enterprise. :-) <<
Ens Nicole Weis: ::finishes:: all done sir, you may get dressed now ::tries not to laugh::
Lt TKirr
: @ <<Ugh. =P>>
VAdm Blackthorne: @+Squad+ Thanks.
VAdm Blackthorne: >> More naked Hoshi plzkthxbye <<
MajorAZinthys: #Shit! ::Dodges out of the way as pieces from an exploding building fall towards him::
LtDougMcKnight: #::Takes a shot to the abdomen, from a source he can't readily identify until he looks up and sees that some of the bastards have set up camp on the thiord floor of a building off to the left::
WillFMarlowe: ::jumps off the biobed, seeming to care more about hiding the leafy markings wrapping around his body than anything else::
Lt TKirr: @ ::passes over Marines, noticing an especially tall crystal tossing things, and shoots at it::
WillFMarlowe: Did I say something amusing, Doctor?
LtDougMcKnight: #Marines>::Take cover wherever they can find it::
Ens Nicole Weis: ::smiles:: not at all sir
Jack Leirone
: @+Squad+ Five. ::destroys one:: Four.
LtDougMcKnight: #Christ, we need to keep up the momentum, people! Hawkins, get your ass over here with that laser designator!
Ens Nicole Weis: just never thought i would be getting my boss naked is all
Lt TKirr
: TallCrystalTosser> Grhaahhhrr!! ::blows up on its companions::
MajorAZinthys: <<LOL!>>
EnsAaron Markus: @+Squad+ That's too many....::circles and passes over one long enought to blow into a million pieces:: Three.
Kiley Airell: @::fires torpedo at another Gunner, watching it explode, pulls up to avoid damage::
Lt jg D Ellis: (Nicole are you in a turbo lift?)
VAdm Blackthorne: @::takes a shard to the wing::
Jack Leirone: @+Squad+ Three.
LtDougMcKnight: #Marine> ::Comes running and crouches next to McKnight:: Sir?
VAdm Blackthorne: @::assesses the damage, finds it acceptable::
Ens Nicole Weis: ((::looks around:: nope sickbay, why?))
Lt jg D Ellis: (oh wait that's banshee.. nevermind.. lol)
Lt TKirr: <<rofl>>
Ens Nicole Weis: ((::gives her a look:: you keep quiet dear))
: You didn't "get" me naked, Ensign. ::puts his clothes back on::
MajorAZinthys: <<::whistles innocently::>>
LtDougMcKnight: #::Points to the section of the third floor the fire's coming from:: See that? I want Metz to see it too.
EnsAaron Markus: @+Squad+ Isn't that two?
Lt TKirr: @ ::notices the area around the shard in her wing starting to spark unacceptably::
Ens Nicole Weis: ::stops smileing:: yes, of course not, i'm sorry sir
: ::zips up his uniform jacket with authority and picks up a medcorder:: Your turn.
EnsAaron Markus: @::checks radar::
LtDougMcKnight: #Hawkins> Yes, sir! ::Points his rifle, to which the laser designator is attached, up to the desired stretch of building::
Lt TKirr: @ ::slows as she approaches a nook in a building with an overhang and hovers below it::
MajorAZinthys: #::Briefly considers calling down an orbital bombardment and leveling this city::
EnsAaron Markus: @::sees two AA's left::
Ens Nicole Weis: ::stands patiently::
Lt TKirr
: @ +Squad+ I will return shortly... removing an annoyance.
Lt jg D Ellis: @+squad+ how many more? I'm getting low on everything over here
VAdm Blackthorne has left the room.
LtDougMcKnight: #+Metz+ Metz! The UAV flyover should detect the building being painted! Blow it, blast yield 40%!
EnsAaron Markus: @+Squad+ Okay, who's got dibbs?
Jack Leirone: @+Squad+ Dibs.
WillFMarlowe: ::sighs, taps the small device, then nods to the biobed:: Up you go.
EnsAaron Markus: @+Squad+ One left Airell...
Kiley Airell: @+Squad+ Only one more Ellis
Ens Nicole Weis: ::climbs up on the bio bed with charingin:: I hate sunburns, though they do turn brown after a few days
Lt jg D Ellis
: @::nails the last one::
Jack Leirone: @+Squad+ All yours, Ms. Airell.
LtDougMcKnight: #Metz> ::Fires away, blowing the crystalline snipers and 20 feet of building around them sky high::
Lt jg D Ellis: @+squad+ That did it for me, I need time to at least recharge
Lt TKirr: @ ::comes up close under the overhang, then rolls carefully. The shard is pushed out of her wing and falls to the ground far below::
WillFMarlowe: ::plugs Weis' DNA into the computer, then initiates the treatment::
MajorAZinthys: #::Smiles grimly as they finally manage to start pushing the crystals in the right direction::
Ens Nicole Weis: ::feels the burn::
Lt TKirr
: @ ::fires thrusters fullspeed and jets back over the battle::
LtDougMcKnight: #Marines>::Take cover from the flying debris before the unijured continue the advance::
Kiley Airell: @+Squad+ Then move out of Range Ellis.
WillFMarlowe: That's it. That's all of us.
EnsAaron Markus: @+Squad+ Acknowled, Ellis...
Lt jg D Ellis: @::pulls back::
Lt TKirr: @ ::starts picking off scattering troops::
Ens Nicole Weis: alright ::gets up and quickly gets dressed again, hiding her nice little scars::
EnsAaron Markus
: <<*Acknowledged>>
VAdm Blackthorne has entered the room.
LtDougMcKnight: #+Zinthys+ Sir, we're approaching your intial position! Thank God for small towns!
VAdm Blackthorne: >> what <<
Lt TKirr: @ +Squad+ Anyone see anymore dense areas?
VAdm Blackthorne: >>Anyone take out that target they laser painted yet?<<
LtDougMcKnight: (Mortars took care of it.)
EnsAaron Markus: @+Squad+ Not on my scopes.
Kiley Airell: @+Squad+ Negative.
Jack Leirone: @+Squad+ Negative.
EnsAaron Markus: @+Squad+ They look to be scattered.
WillFMarlowe: ::looks around:: All right. Maybe we can . . . ::looks up as a few casualties start coming in to sickbay::
VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> ::reinforcements from orbit arrive, streaking down through the atmosphere at incredible speed::
MajorAZinthys: #+McKnight+ We're a little bit ahead of that. We've managed to make some headway, but we're taking heavy fire.
EnsAaron Markus: @::picks up reinforcements::
Ens Nicole Weis: get to work on the casualties ::finishes his sentence::
: . . . Rest. ::sighs:: Or not.
EnsAaron Markus: @+Squad+ Oh shit!
VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> Discovery and Atlantis make some headway and blow a chunk out of the big ship.
LtDougMcKnight: # +Zinthys+ We'll see what opening up another flank does for that, sir.
Lt TKirr: << Oh.. BAD reinforcements! >>
Ens Nicole Weis: :;grins at ahim:: ohh come on boss, it's not so bad
VAdm Blackthorne
: ACTION> ... and then get riddled with shards form it.
MajorAZinthys: #+McKnight+ Indeed.
Lt TKirr: << I'm like.. who are they?>>
EnsAaron Markus: <<Uh huh>>
VAdm Blackthorne: >>Yep, the badguys. :-) <<
WillFMarlowe: ::smiles faintly:: For us, no.
WillFMarlowe: Let's get to it, then.
VAdm Blackthorne: @+Zinthys+ Major, sitrep.
Ens Nicole Weis: yes sir
Lt TKirr
: @ ::rolls, evading::
Kiley Airell: @+Squad+Time for some more fun
MajorAZinthys: #+Ian+ Go.
WillFMarlowe: Nelson! Set up a burn unit over here.
MajorAZinthys: <<er... wait nm>>
EnsAaron Markus: @::checks ammo and phaser power::
VAdm Blackthorne: @+Zinthys+ Sitrep, please.
Lt TKirr: @ ::speeds for a flank::
Lt jg D Ellis: @::still pulled back recharging:: Damn it! +squad+ time for round two
Jack Leirone: @+Squad+ I'll cover you, Ms. Airell.
VAdm Blackthorne: @::flies high to observe the overall battle::
LtDougMcKnight: #::Takes out a photon grenade, and sets it to maximum yield, turning to his men before chucking it as far as his arm will take it:: Fire in the hole!
Ens Nicole Weis: ::moves over to the group of casualities and begins scanning them::
Kiley Airell
: @::heads towards the reinforcement::
Jack Leirone has left the room.
VAdm Blackthorne: @::drops a cluster as he climbs on a target that opens up::
MajorAZinthys: #+Ian+ We're starting to push them back. McKnight is almost here. Once that happens, we should have them.
Lt TKirr: @ ::comes up the side and attempts to push in with her phasers::
Jack Leirone has entered the room.
EnsAaron Markus: @+Squad+ Let's see what we can do to take out a bigger group with less energy.
VAdm Blackthorne: @+Zinthys+ will those reinforcements be a factor?
Lt TKirr: @ +Squad+ Do elaborate.
LtDougMcKnight: #Marines> ::Throw themselves on the ground to avoid any crystalline shrapnel, but then scramble to their feet to engage their hostiles before they fully regroup::
MajorAZinthys: #+Ian+ Depends on how fast they can get here.
Jack Leirone: @+Squad+ Save on phaser power, use more torpedoes while they charge.
EnsAaron Markus: @+Squad+ I wish I could...
EnsAaron Markus: @+Squad+ Good idea Jack.
Lt TKirr: @ :: pulls to the right, avoiding a collision::
Kiley Airell: @::locks on to the crystalines and fires her torpedo::
VAdm Blackthorne: @+Zinthys+ We'll strafe them heavily before they get to you.
Jack Leirone: @::launches some minis::
MajorAZinthys: #+Ian+ That would be quite helpful
VAdm Blackthorne: @+Squad+ All fighters, focus attention on those reinforcing ranks. Cut them to pieces before they can make it to the battle.
WillFMarlowe: ::helps a patient to an unmodified biobed and sedates her before going to work on bits of console lodged in her face and neck::
EnsAaron Markus: @+Squad+ Aye, sir....I think it's Hiroshima time.
LtDougMcKnight: #Metz>::Fires into the center of the group the marines are starting to press, while the other mortar fires at maximum range into the advancing column of reinforcements. Both crews fire as fast as they can reload the tubes::
VAdm Blackthorne: @+Squad+ Stores check.
Lt jg D Ellis: @::charges back in at the reinforcements::
VAdm Blackthorne: @::dives back into the fray, zipping toward the reinforcements::
Lt TKirr: @ +Squad+ I still have clusters left. They would be efficient while they are still close together.
MajorAZinthys: #::The squad takes to shooting, then ducking back behind the limited cover so they don't take crystal shrapnel::
LtDougMcKnight: #::Finally starts pressuring the crystalline troops from their flank, while mortar fire eats away at their center::
EnsAaron Markus: @::sets fighter to use all remaining torps and clusters and ramped up phasers at once::
Jack Leirone: @::fires torps at reinforcements::
Kiley Airell: @::fires torpedos towards the bad guys, striking one::
EnsAaron Markus: @::thinks to self:: still not good enough ::takes down shields and reroutes power to phasers:: That's it.
Lt TKirr: @ ::joins in with her own MTs, speeding towards an ideal bombing position::
WillFMarlowe: ::applies a tissue regenerator after removing the shrapnel::
Jack Leirone: @+Squad+ Good shot, Ms Airell.
Lt jg D Ellis: @+squad+ I have a few MTs and a cluster or two.. phasers are still on the low side of sad
Jack Leirone: @+Squad+ How's your power, Markus?
WillFMarlowe: It looks mostly superficial. Finish here, Nelson, if you please.
EnsAaron Markus: @::locks on to the center of the reinforcements::
EnsAaron Markus: @+Squad+ I'm flying.
MajorAZinthys: #+McKnight+ Lieutenant, what's your position?
Kiley Airell: @::takes another pass, noting her power levels falling::
EnsAaron Markus: @+Squad+ Everyone stay clear...
Lt TKirr: @ ::finishes her approach and lets loose a cluster, aiming right for the center of it, then banks out::
EnsAaron Markus: @::fires::
Jack Leirone: @+Squad+ How's your power, Ms. Airell?
LtDougMcKnight: # ::Grins:: +Zinthys+ Sir, I think I can just about see your boys laying down on the job from here.
Kiley Airell: @+Squad+ Getting Low ::fires another round of torpedos::
EnsAaron Markus: @::most major systems on fighter fail after firing::
Jack Leirone: @::fires torpedoes and a couple phase shots::
MajorAZinthys: #+McKnight+ 'bout damn time. Where the hell you been?
Ens Nicole Weis: ::begins to work on one of the casualties::
EnsAaron Markus
: @::knocks out a really huge chunk of reinforcements::
LtDougMcKnight: #+Zinthys+ Eh, you know how marines are, sir. Boys wouldn't let me stop and ask for directions.
VAdm Blackthorne has left the room.
Lt TKirr: @ ::notices Markus' fluctuations::
EnsAaron Markus: <<I thought he was a little quiet there>>
Lt TKirr: @ +Squad+ Stay in the air, Markus.
EnsAaron Markus: @+Squad+ I'm trying...
VAdm Blackthorne has entered the room.
MajorAZinthys: #+McKnight+ ::chuckles:: Let's kick these bastards out already.
Lt TKirr: @ ::comes in for another run::
EnsAaron Markus: @::is barely able to keep airborn::
VAdm Blackthorne: @::fires torpedos into reinforcements as he approaches, then pulls up and drops his last clusters::
VAdm Blackthorne: >>Though I tried to send that about five minutes ago<<
MajorAZinthys: #+Marines+ Squad A! Form up and lets nail these fuckers.
Jack Leirone: @::unleashes all he's got:: That oughta take out a few.
Lt TKirr: <<aw..
Lt jg D Ellis: @::takes out a few reinforcements::
EnsAaron Markus: @::turns away from attack and wobbles off::
LtDougMcKnight: #::Weaves back, just avoiding an attempt by an enemy crystal to bludgeon him with whatever it calls a weapon, and responding with a hard rifle butt to what looks vaguely like where the face should be::
Jack Leirone: @::drops clusters::
EnsAaron Markus: @+Squad+ I'm out.
VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> Atlantis rocks hard again, taking another big smash.
LtDougMcKnight: #::Knocks the crystal back with a kick, before pulling out his hand phaser, set to kill, and dropping it::
Kiley Airell: @::flies over one of the denser areas and drops a clsuter::
WillFMarlowe: ::grabs a biobed to steady himself::
Ens Nicole Weis: ::falls down from the rock and gets back up::
Jack Leirone
: @+Squad+ We're beating them back.
LtDougMcKnight: #Marines>::Rush forward shouting the proper obscenities until they finally manage to break through on their end::
Jack Leirone has left the room.
VAdm Blackthorne: @::takes a hard hit to the wing from a hidden AA gunner::
WillFMarlowe: ::several more injured make their way into sickbay::
VAdm Blackthorne: @Ouch...
Jack Leirone has entered the room.
Lt TKirr: @ ::uses up phasers, then torps some more::
LtDougMcKnight: #I am gonna be royally pissed if these ass holes just pick pull a damned Humpty Dumpty after this is done.
VAdm Blackthorne: @Crystal comes out of fuckin' nowhere.
Jack Leirone: @+Squad+ We're beating them back.
MajorAZinthys: Action> The crystalline ground troops are pushed back as the whole marine contingent blasts them.
Lt jg D Ellis: @+squad+ And all it took was everything we got
Kiley Airell: @:fires torpedos::
Jack Leirone: @::smirks::
Lt TKirr: @ ::lets out her last two clusters into a large portion::
EnsAaron Markus: @::reroutes as much power as possible to flight control without giving up too much life support::
Jack Leirone: @::fires phasers at troops::
WillFMarlowe: ::starts in on a plasma burn case from engineering::
VAdm Blackthorne: @::answers that hidden gunner with a torpedo::
WillFMarlowe: ::looks at Weis:: Are you all right, Doctor?
Ens Nicole Weis: yeah, i'm fine
VAdm Blackthorne
: @::looks out at his left wing to see a large piece of crystal stuck in it:: That can't be good.
Lt TKirr: HiddenGunner> Orh... shrwih--::explodes::
EnsAaron Markus: <<LOL>>
Ens Nicole Weis: ::runs around working::
: #::Rushes to join Zinthys:: Sir, I've been chatting off and on with Gunny Metz! Mortar 2's been firing away at an advancing column of crystal reinforcements!
MajorAZinthys: #Reinfs? That's not good.
MajorAZinthys: #Blackthorne said he was takin' care of 'em.
LtDougMcKnight: #Between the fighter jockeys having their way with them and the mortar fire, I don't imagine they're in any condition to smash us like an egg shell, but I suggest we get those engineers up here and fortify this position.
Lt TKirr: @ +Squad+ Admiral, find something to roll your wing onto and get that shard out... the shard in my wing started to cause... unnacceptable problems.
VAdm Blackthorne: @::empties his microtorps into the reinforcements::
MajorAZinthys: #::nods:: Make it happen.
VAdm Blackthorne: @+Squad+ I've a better idea.
Lt TKirr: @ ::phasers whatever troops happen to be in front of her as she flies::
Jack Leirone: @+Squad+ I'm a pretty good shot, Admiral. I could shoot it off.
WillFMarlowe: ::having stabilized the plasma burn, turns and scans a shrapnel injury from deflector control::
VAdm Blackthorne: @::pulls up hard as possible, pulling about 10G's, causing the crystal to dislodge::
Kiley Airell: @::drops another cluster::
MajorAZinthys: <<eep>>
Jack Leirone: @+Squad+ Nevermind.
VAdm Blackthorne: @+Squad+ No thanks!
LtDougMcKnight: #+Random guy with a wrench+ Sparky, I need you and your boys to get your asses over to the front. Don't worry, we left a trail of rubble for you to follow. Clear as day.
Lt TKirr: @ ::is impressed::
Ens Nicole Weis: ::fixes up a deep cut and moves onto a badly broken leg::
Lt TKirr
: @ +Squad+ Your... shard must have been looser than mine.
EnsAaron Markus: ::maintains altitude::
VAdm Blackthorne: @+Squad+ I didn't see you pull a 10G turn.
Jack Leirone: @::empties last of clusters, causing considerable damage::
MajorAZinthys: #+Blackthorne+ Zinthys to Blackthorne.
VAdm Blackthorne: @+Z+ Blackthorne here.
MajorAZinthys: #+Ian+ What's the status of the reinforcements?
Lt TKirr: @ +Squad+ I was.. unable to. It was causing too much compromisation.
VAdm Blackthorne: @+Squad+ Decimated, Major.
Lt TKirr: @ ::thinks to herself:: Yeah.. that's it.
MajorAZinthys: #+Ian+ That's welcome news.
VAdm Blackthorne: @+Z+ What's the situation down there?
Lt jg D Ellis: @+squad+ Nice work guys..
Lt TKirr: @ ::pulls around and recharges::
WillFMarlowe: ::autosutures the deep laceration caused by the shrapnel::
LtDougMcKnight: #Engineers> ::Show up on anti-grav carts, bearing cargo barrels filled with sand with which to fortify the position::
EnsAaron Markus: @::turns and heads back toward the others::
VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> Atlantis and Discovery finally score a victory, and the crystal ship blasts apart, causing considerable damage to both ships.
MajorAZinthys: #+Ian+ We're gettin' them pushed out. They should be yours shortly. Taking casualties, though. Hopefully we'll have time to rest up after this.
VAdm Blackthorne: ::sees the big burst in the sky::
Jack Leirone: @::notices blast of crystal ship::
VAdm Blackthorne: @ Woah. ::pulls up his scanners and sees both starfleet ships still up there::
EnsAaron Markus: @::notices the big burst::
VAdm Blackthorne: Whew.
Lt TKirr: @ ::looks up at the flashes::
WillFMarlowe: ::covers his patient with his body as a console bursts behind him::
VAdm Blackthorne: @+Z+ I'll try to make sure of it, Major.
MajorAZinthys: #::Looks at the engineers:: Move the mortars up. We're pushing on.
Ens Nicole Weis: ::turns to look at Marlowe:: you okay sir?
: #Marines> ::Moving among the wounded, patching up those they can on their own, and tagging the rest for transport back up to sickbay::
Lt jg D Ellis: @+squad+ It's raining shards what yourselves
WillFMarlowe: ::to Weis:: Fine, thank you. +Bridge+ Bridge, this is Doctor Marlowe. What's going on up there?
VAdm Blackthorne: @+Z+ The orbital battle is over and both Atlantis and Discovery survived.
MajorAZinthys: #+Ian+ Gracious as always, Admiral.
VAdm Blackthorne: @+Z+ Look out for any shards incoming from orbit.
Ens Nicole Weis: ::turns back to her pateint::
: #+Ian+ Which means the bad guys didn't.
Jack Leirone: @::dodges shards::
MajorAZinthys: #+Ian+ Understood.
Lt TKirr: @ ::looks around::
Lt jg D Ellis: @::keeps clear of the shards::
VAdm Blackthorne: @+Squad+ help the Marines mop it up down there so we can go home.
Kiley Airell: @+Squad+ Aye Admiral
Lt TKirr: @ +Squad+ Agreed.
EnsAaron Markus: @::turns to go back to Atlantis::
MajorAZinthys: #+Marines+ Attention all marines. The Atlantis just kicked the crap of that crystal ship.
VAdm Blackthorne: @::banks around and has to fight his damaged wing:: Damn.
MajorAZinthys: #::Pauses as they celebrate briefly::
Jack Leirone: @+Squad+ Great. We're a mop. ::smirks, goes in to wet the floor::
Lt TKirr: @ ::pulls out with full phasers, taking them down as range closes::
MajorAZinthys: #+Marines+ Just watch out for falling debris.
VAdm Blackthorne: @::brings his smart bombs online::
EnsAaron Markus: @+Squad+ Sir, I'm heading back...I can't do anything here.
WillFMarlowe: ::Catches a wounded crewmember as he walks in the door:: What's happening out therE?
Jack Leirone: ((What? Starfox? What?))
VAdm Blackthorne: @+Squad+ Negative, Markus. Channel anything you can into your phasers.
Lt jg D Ellis: @::spends the last of her power supplies cleaning house::
MajorAZinthys: <<Dammit, shut up Falco>>
Ens Nicole Weis: ::just works on the people one person at a time::
EnsAaron Markus
: @+Squad+ If I do...I fall out of the sky.
Jack Leirone: ((::smiles:: Someone got it! Yes!))
VAdm Blackthorne has left the room.
Jack Leirone: ((you pissed him off, Markus ;-) ))
Lt TKirr: <<It does feel like that, yeah =P>>
MajorAZinthys: <<Although it was always Slippy that was heading back..>>
Jack Leirone: ((damn Slippy to hell!))
WillFMarlowe: Crewman> The damn thing exploded. A chunk of it blew through a bulkhead on, I think, deck 18.
LtDougMcKnight: #::Grins as he listens to the comm chatter:: Leave it to a fighter jockey to be afraid of having to walk somewhere for a change.
MajorAZinthys: <<heh heh. Yay! Another Slippy hater>>
Jack Leirone: @::mops up some big stains::
WillFMarlowe: ::swallows hard:: Through the hull?
Lt TKirr: <<::gribbit gribbit::>>
Lt jg D Ellis: @+squad+ just push it markus don't be such a kitty cat..
EnsAaron Markus: @+Squad+ I'm using 50 percent of my life support just to stay airborn.
MajorAZinthys: #What are you talking about?
Lt TKirr: @ ::dodges crystal rain as she takes out individuals closing on Marines::
Lt jg D Ellis: @+squad+ most of us are, markus
WillFMarlowe: Crewman> Yeah. Fire crews are still down there, last I saw.
VAdm Blackthorne has entered the room.
LtDougMcKnight: (WB)
WillFMarlowe: Nelson, help him to a biobed.
MajorAZinthys: #::nods with satisfaction as he realizes they've hit the outskirts of the city::
Ens Nicole Weis: ::starts working on a burn victim::
EnsAaron Markus
: @+Squad+Yeah, but that 50 percent is all I got left....
Kiley Airell: ((wb Admiral))
VAdm Blackthorne: @+Squad+ Markus, find a way to make it work.
Lt TKirr: <<I wonder if you can enter a recordbook or something, Admiral>>
VAdm Blackthorne: >>I've never had trouble with AIM! What the shit is this?<<
LtDougMcKnight: ::Crouches underneath a group of marines holding their shields skyward to ward of falling debris, the result looking much like a Roman turtle formation::
Lt TKirr: <<I'm glad you've been out all this time actually... means you didn't see all the naked... oh nevermind>>
VAdm Blackthorne: >>Naked what?<<
LtDougMcKnight: #Eh, Markus is running low on the ole batteries up there.
MajorAZinthys: <<LOL>>
Lt TKirr: << Oh, nothing. =P>>
Jack Leirone: ((::puts pants back on:: Why do I keep getting naked on this ship?))
VAdm Blackthorne: @::uses a smart bomb on a building::
VAdm Blackthorne: >>Oh, just Leirone, never mind<<
MajorAZinthys: #Oh, you're listening to them? I don't. They talk too much.
EnsAaron Markus: @::puts 40 percent of remaining life support to phasers::
MajorAZinthys: <<Because you shower?>>
Ens Nicole Weis: ((::closes eyes at Leirone's nakedness:: eewww))
VAdm Blackthorne
: @::it blows up and pieces of crystal go everywhere::
WillFMarlowe: ::taps the ship's intercom:: Doctor Marlowe to all personnel: urgent. Wounded are to report to the triage center on deck 14, NOT sickbay.
VAdm Blackthorne: @Thought so.
LtDougMcKnight: #But Major, they all have such endearing dandy nicknames.
EnsAaron Markus: @+Squad+ There, I've got about 10 shots of normal phasers.
VAdm Blackthorne: @+Squad+ Make them count.
MajorAZinthys: #But they chatter like old women at the barbershop.
Jack Leirone: @::still mopping:: +Squad+ Troops are lowering in
WillFMarlowe: ::walks over to Weis:: We have a problem.
Lt TKirr: @ ::slows in front of a building and thrusts sideways, passing windows and phasering crystal people point-blank::
EnsAaron Markus: @+Squad+ Someone find me a target. ::swings towards the buildings::
LtDougMcKnight: #::Grins:: As if any of those Wesley Crushers are ever gonna need a shave in their lives.
VAdm Blackthorne: @::Fighting that damaged wing as he flies::: Damn, that's irritating.
Kiley Airell: ((grrrr . . . brb))
Ens Nicole Weis: ::looks at him:: what now?
: #::Laughs::
EnsAaron Markus: @ ::sees a few targets and blasts 'em to bits::
Lt TKirr: @ ::hopes no other fighters decide to blow up her building, as she is so close::
EnsAaron Markus: @+Squad+ Nevermind.
Lt jg D Ellis: @::puts the last of her power into the last few shots and hopes they counted::
MajorAZinthys: Action> The crystal troops are pushed out of the city, into optimal range for the fighters.
WillFMarlowe: Apparently, fragments of the crystalline ship have penetrated the hull. I'm directing all new casualties to the triage center, so we can identify those who've been contaminated and those who haven't.
LMajAdamDrake has entered the room.
VAdm Blackthorne: @+Squad+ there's the last of them!
LtDougMcKnight: #Engineers> ::Pile up storgage crates 3 high, and then place a row behind that for use as a firing step::
Lt TKirr: @ ::twists about and shoots out for the field::
VAdm Blackthorne: @::shoots off toward the remaining troops::
Ens Nicole Weis: ::feels like their losing::
Lt jg D Ellis
: (You should be so glad this isn't banshe.. bring up wealesy is a fast way to pissing off Sara.. lol)
VAdm Blackthorne: @+Squad+ Don't forget your smart bombs.. we don't have the laser guides on them, but you can manually target them.
LMajAdamDrake: ::is where he's supposed to be::
Ens Nicole Weis: alright
: (Heya Drake. You missed your engineers getting slaightered!)
LtDougMcKnight: (Cut to ribbons, they were! Ask anyone!)
EnsAaron Markus: @::Puts the last phaser power into launching a smart bomb::
Lt TKirr: << Drake? Oh hi>>
LMajAdamDrake: {{That's what happens when you control other people's departments. :-P}}
Lt jg D Ellis: @::bring the smart bombs on line:: +squad+ What makes these things so damn smart anyway?
WillFMarlowe: One of us needs to go up there and . . . ::softly:: Are you all right, Doctor?
VAdm Blackthorne: @::drops his smart bombs::
VAdm Blackthorne: @+Squad+ They're laser guided from the ground.
LtDougMcKnight: (In all seriousness, your engineers are improvising fortifications out of storage containers.)
MajorAZinthys: <<Bah. I'm so tired, I can't even come up with a witty insult to greet Drake with.>>
EnsAaron Markus: @ ::drops smart bomb on a nice bunch of crystals making them look not so nice::
Ens Nicole Weis: ::looks at him warily:: yeah, i just had no idea what i was signging up for when i joined, i'll be fine...which of us should go there?
Lt TKirr
: @ ::smart-bombs a line through the troops::
Lt jg D Ellis: @+Squad+ Cool ::drops'em::
LMajAdamDrake: {{Witty? You think they're witty?}}
Jack Leirone: @::smart bombs::
MajorAZinthys: <<Of course.>>
LMajAdamDrake: {{How often are you tired? :-X}}
Lt TKirr: @ ::tosses individual crystal people up into the air::
VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> The last of the crystals are blown up.
LMajAdamDrake: ::hiding behind some storage containers apparently::
Jack Leirone: @+Squad+ Whoo!
LtDougMcKnight: #Marines> ::Meet any crystals who manage to get anywhere near the marine positions with an overwhelming volume of fire::
Lt TKirr: << Where were you when I got a crystal shard in my wing, Drake? Off managing departments.. bah>>
MajorAZinthys: <<Keep prodding me, I'll come up with something>>
EnsAaron Markus: @::takes a big sigh of relief::
WillFMarlowe: Nelson? ::points to Weis' patient:: Take over here for a moment, will you? ::to Weis:: Come with me.
VAdm Blackthorne: @+Squad+ That looks like all of them.
Lt TKirr: @ ::relaxes against her seat::
LtDougMcKnight: (You can always come back to how he hid under the bed when the mean Jem'Hadar came.)
LMajAdamDrake: {{::insult appropriate 'That's what your mother said...' line here::}}
EnsAaron Markus: @::wobbles off into the sunset::
VAdm Blackthorne: @+Z+ Looks like they're all dead, do you concur Major?
EnsAaron Markus: @+Squad+ Thank goodness.
Ens Nicole Weis: yes of course sir ::follows him::
: #+Ian+ From what I can see.
Lt TKirr: LastCrystalPerson> ::sniffles::
Lt TKirr: LastCrystalPerson> ::dies::
LtDougMcKnight: #If you ever considered them alive in the first place.
MajorAZinthys: <<See, that's just not witty>>
VAdm Blackthorne: @+Z+ Return to base immediately, we'll be back down for damage control on the colony.
MajorAZinthys: #+Ian+ Understood.
WillFMarlowe: ::leads her into his office, then moves to the replicator:: Tea. Yerba mate. Hot.
LMajAdamDrake: {{Classic, not witty, but classic.}}
VAdm Blackthorne: @+Squad+ All craft, return to base and cover the dropships.
EnsAaron Markus: @::sets course for home::
MajorAZinthys: #+Marines+ Marines, pack it up.
VAdm Blackthorne has left the room.
LMajAdamDrake: # ::packs it up::
Ens Nicole Weis: ::is confused:: sir, umm shouldn't we be taking care of the pateints?
Jack Leirone
: @::ascends::
LtDougMcKnight: (Can drop ships pick themselves back up?)
Lt jg D Ellis: @::heads back to Atlantis::
MajorAZinthys: #::sets about returning to the DropShips::
MajorAZinthys: <<Of course>>
Lt TKirr: @ ::drives upward into the atmosphere, moving into formation behind Blackthorne::
VAdm Blackthorne has entered the room.
EnsAaron Markus: @::barely makes it out of the planets atmosphere::
VAdm Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM
VAdm Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM
VAdm Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM
MajorAZinthys: ::blows into whistle::
EnsAaron Markus: ::paused::
LMajAdamDrake: ::paused::
MajorAZinthys: ATTENTION!!
LMajAdamDrake: ::@@::
EnsAaron Markus: ::AA::
Lt TKirr: ::pauses::
Lt TKirr: ::AA::
Ens Nicole Weis: ::aa::
: ::AA::
Jack Leirone: ::AA::
LtDougMcKnight: ::AA::
VAdm Blackthorne: First of all, someone save the chatlog immediately and send it out.
MajorAZinthys: on it
VAdm Blackthorne: I don't have the complete one, obviously.