AIM Chat with Kiley Airell, EnsAaron Markus, WillFMarlowe, JackLeirone, ltjgdellis, elriovtridrys.

7:30 PM

EnsAaron Markus: Admiral on deck!

ElRiov trIdrys: Evening Admiral

Jack Leirone: ::hides::

Jack Leirone: Oh.

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: You just missed the update, Admiral

VAdm Blackthorne: Hey everyone!

Jack Leirone: Sorry. Instincts, you know...

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: I talked to Chip tonight

VAdm Blackthorne: Yeah?

Kiley Airell: REally?

VAdm Blackthorne: Spill it.

Kiley Airell: Yes

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: She's doing great. The baby is wonderful. She just started back to work and things are settling down..

VAdm Blackthorne: Awesome!

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: She has a house guest right now, but she plans on being back soon

Kiley Airell: Great!

Jack Leirone: I get it now.

VAdm Blackthorne: Good. Can't wait to have her back.

Kiley Airell: Yeah, would be nice to talk to her again!

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: She said to tell you that she'd still better have her swidish fish... ::shrugs::

ElRiov trIdrys: ::blinks::

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Lt  jg  D  Ellis: Hi McKinght

EnsAaron Markus: ::wonders how ElRiov didn't blink for so long::

ElRiov trIdrys: Evening Doug

LtDougMcKnight: Howdy, folks

EnsAaron Markus: Hello Doug.

7:35 PM

VAdm Blackthorne: Oh, Swedish Fish are in the arm of the XO's chair on Atlantis, so she's

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: LOL

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: so that would explain the ants

VAdm Blackthorne: ::laughs::

EnsAaron Markus: I was wondering about that...

EnsAaron Markus: Thought maybe it was my pizza soup...

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Lt  jg  D  Ellis: ok that still sounds gross

EnsAaron Markus: ::laughs::

VAdm Blackthorne: Alright, since we have happy news, let's get started.

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: if pizza were meant to be soup it wouldn't come on bread

VAdm Blackthorne: Attention on deck!

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: ::AA::

ElRiov trIdrys: ::AA::

Jack Leirone: ::AA::

EnsAaron Markus: ::AA::

Kiley Airell: ::AA::

WillFMarlowe: ::AA::

LtDougMcKnight: ::AA::

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7:40 PM

VAdm Blackthorne: Last week we had tracked the crystalline vessel to an anomaly in space, where the trail ceased.

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VAdm Blackthorne: After sending a probe through the anomaly, we started getting information back that the other side was 10,000 light years away and in intergalactic space.

VAdm Blackthorne: Unfortunately, we seemed to have made someone aware of our presence, because the anomaly is slowly closing.

VAdm Blackthorne: Blackthorne isn't about to take the ship through without a guaranteed way home, so we're now working on a way to stabilize the anomaly.

VAdm Blackthorne: Questions?

LtDougMcKnight: Oh, thank God.

LtDougMcKnight: No questions.

ElRiov trIdrys: God > You're welcome ...

ElRiov trIdrys: O

LtDougMcKnight: I thougth we were gonna pull a Voyager.

Jack Leirone: Jesus> Dad, you embarass me sometimes.

LtDougMcKnight: thought, even

VAdm Blackthorne: ::laughs::

VAdm Blackthorne: Blackthorne > Janeway

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: Goddess> Will you two shut up and watch the show

LtDougMcKnight: It never ceased to amaze me that someone didn;t mutiny and shoot that witch.

VAdm Blackthorne: Alright, since there are no questions and we have a divine audience....

VAdm Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM

VAdm Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM

VAdm Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM

Jack Leirone: Holy Ghost> Boo! Boooo!!

Jack Leirone: ::in Engineering, tapping fingers on the console::

VAdm Blackthorne: ::on the bridge, watching the anomaly on the viewscreen::

EnsAaron Markus: ::sitting at helm/ops trying to figure out how to stabilize that anomaly thingy out there::

ElRiov trIdrys: :::in Medical with T'Nal, doing the usual inventory:::

WillFMarlowe: ::in sickbay, leaning on a vacant biobed and contemplatively reading a PADD::

LtDougMcKnight: ::In security, playing solitaire resolutely::

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: ::at the Sci station on the bridge::

EnsAaron Markus: ::looks at D and shrugs shoulders::

Kiley Airell: ::sits on the bridge in the third chair, watching the anomaly on the viewscreen::

7:45 PM

LtDougMcKnight: ::Mutters:: I don't see what all the fuss is about. It's just gonna have something to do with tachyon particles anyway...

ElRiov trIdrys: T'Nal > Hakkie I have an idea for what we can do for our break ...

LtDougMcKnight: It's always tachyons.

VAdm Blackthorne: ::looks back at Ellis:: Making any progress?

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: Hmm.. Perhaps a shot or two from the defecter.. Anything else could maybe make it go kaboom

ElRiov trIdrys: > Oh? What's that?

ElRiov trIdrys: T'Nal > Great game I learned. It's called Double Solitaire Bingo.

ElRiov trIdrys: > ::grits teeth and rolls eyes:::

Jack Leirone: ::mutters to self:: That'll complete repairs on the dilithium matrix...::stands up and exits engineering::

EnsAaron Markus: What do we set the deflector to emit?

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: ::looks up:: It might help to freeze the closeing

VAdm Blackthorne: I want better odds than 'perhaps' and 'might.'

LtDougMcKnight: ::Checks his watch, sees that his shift is nowhere even remotely close to ending, and puts his nose back to the grindstone::

VAdm Blackthorne: We're not about to go blindly shooting energy at things in space to see what happens.

LtDougMcKnight: You know, I'm not even totally sure I know HOW to play this game.

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: ::looks at Aaron:: Well seeing as how the things controling it are made of crystal, I'd say.. Um... crystal elements..

Jack Leirone: ::enters TL:: Bridge.

EnsAaron Markus: Hmmm.

Kiley Airell: ::listens to the suggestions of the people::

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: ::meant to sound snotty not dumb.::

LtDougMcKnight: (Oh yeah, cuz that's so much better.)

VAdm Blackthorne: ::thought that sounded dumb::

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: ( ::smack:: )

VAdm Blackthorne: << j/k >>

LtDougMcKnight: (::duck:

LtDougMcKnight: (I fucking hate AIM.)

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: (That's ok.. AIM doesn't like humans so your even)

EnsAaron Markus: ::raises eyebrow::

7:50 PM

Jack Leirone: ::exits TL onto the bridge, gives a nod::

EnsAaron Markus: ::turns and looks at console to avoid D's gaze::

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: If we projected the deflector to lace something crystalline with the anomaly I think it'll freeze it open

Jack Leirone: ::notices Kiley, stops for a moment::

ElRiov trIdrys: T'Nal > Was it something I said Hakkie?

VAdm Blackthorne: You think?

EnsAaron Markus: ::hears the TL doors open and looks to see Jack enter...mumbles to self:: Finally a friendly face...

ElRiov trIdrys: > Oh ... no, nothing at all.

WillFMarlowe: ::pockets the PADD and looks up as a crewman with a badly mottled complexion enters sickbay:: Can I help you?

Kiley Airell: ::thinks this is definately different then being in sickbay::

VAdm Blackthorne: I need absolutes. This could cause a diplomatic incident if things go badly.

Jack Leirone: ::stops looking at her at Markus's comment:: Never been described as "friendly," Markus.

ElRiov trIdrys: T'Nal > :::proceeds with inventory but thinks MEN...:::

EnsAaron Markus: The Lt.'s suggestion does sound valid Admiral.

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: I could run it though the computer, Admiral, but by the time I got you your absolutes.. The anomaly will be closed

VAdm Blackthorne: Then we will let it close. I will not touch off a possible war by doing what may be perceived as an attack on this race's home territory.

EnsAaron Markus: ::low to Jack:: Compared to that....::nods head toward back::

Jack Leirone: ::sits at engineering::

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: ::shrugs.. thought the act of war would have been shooting at it already:: As you wish, Admiral..

Jack Leirone: ::low to Markus:: Huh.

EnsAaron Markus: ::shakes head:: Nevermind....

Jack Leirone: ::keeps finding himself glancing over shoulder at Kiley::

VAdm Blackthorne: If it closes and they come back, then we'll be ready to contact them peacefully. If they never come back, then no more harm is done.

7:55 PM

EnsAaron Markus: ::sees Jack glancing at Kiley and puts head back down...thinking:: None of my business.

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: And if they come back with reinforcements?

WillFMarlowe: Alvarez> I looked like this when I woke up . . . ::his face is blue and splotchy, and very cold to the touch::

VAdm Blackthorne: You would rather we charge forward alone into their territory?

EnsAaron Markus: We could send more probes to let us know how many and when they are coming...

EnsAaron Markus: Sir...

WillFMarlowe: Let's have a look at you. ::helps Alvarez to a biobed and pulls a medcorder out of his smock::

EnsAaron Markus: ::thinks to self:: Stupid, stupid...don't forget to say sir...

Jack Leirone: Nice save.

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: They crossed over into ours.. They've even claimed part of it

Kiley Airell: ::looks over at Leirone, smiles and looks to the Admiral::

EnsAaron Markus: ::turns to argue, then stops and calms himself:: But they've left...

VAdm Blackthorne: It looks to me like they ran home.

Jack Leirone: ::quickly looks away when she glances and rubs hand on back of neck::

Jack Leirone: ::thinks:: Damn it.

VAdm Blackthorne: Now if that thing goes and gets its big brother, we should be able to communicate with them by the time they return, right Ellis?

LtDougMcKnight: ::Plays around with a Chinese finger trap::

EnsAaron Markus: <<bored, Doug?>>

ElRiov trIdrys: :::goes over to replicator, gets a couple of iced silk chais, brings them back to T'Nal, sips at one himself:::

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: Yes Admiral. I've almost got the program debuged.. It'll work when they get back

ElRiov trIdrys: T'Nal > :::sips:::

VAdm Blackthorne: Perhaps then we can avoid further conflict.

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: ::hopes she got past the attack=aflack problem::

EnsAaron Markus: ::readies a couple more probes just in case::

Kiley Airell: we might be able to talk to it, but that doesn't mean they will listen Admiral.

VAdm Blackthorne: And as for leaving a probe, that would be a diplomatic faux-paus. Espionage isn't a good way to make First Contact.

8:00 PM

EnsAaron Markus: Aye, sir.

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: ::nods her agreement with Kiley::

VAdm Blackthorne: Needless to say, if they don't listen, we'll respond with necessary force.

WillFMarlowe: ::scans the crewman:: Your circulation is very poor. ::taps a few keys:: Horrible, in fact. ::looks up:: But that doesn't explain the discoloration. Have you eaten anything new lately? Any new health supplements, alien foods . . .

WillFMarlowe: . . . that sort of thing?

EnsAaron Markus: ::unreadies the extra probes::

Jack Leirone: ::feels a little embarassed and goes to leave the bridge::

EnsAaron Markus: ::radios the discovery to let them know what the Admiral has decided::

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: ::knows McKnight will like the "necessary force" idea.::

ElRiov trIdrys: Crewman > ::comes into SB, holding side of face:: Doc ... I need help. ::limps over to where Idrys and T'Nal are:::

LtDougMcKnight: (Loves unnecessary force too, but sure, what the hell. Necessary sounds good.)

VAdm Blackthorne: Markus, go over the sensor data from just before Ellis's shot struck their cloaked ship.

ElRiov trIdrys: > This way and we'll take care of you. Where do you work, Mr. ... ahh ... ?

Jack Leirone: ::enters TL:: Engineering.

EnsAaron Markus: Aye, sir. What am I looking for?

WillFMarlowe: Alvarez> No.

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: ::thinks.. they should have gotten out of the way.. big dumb crystal ship::

ElRiov trIdrys: Crewman > ::sitting on biobed:: Sydri. Warrant Officer Gusnaj Syrdi, Assistant Engineer.

LtDougMcKnight: ::Gets up from his office, and figures he'd better get in a bit of weapons training, just in case the standard issue fare doesn't perform as well as hoped.:: O'Grady, you have security. I'll be in holodeck 2 if anyone needs me.

VAdm Blackthorne: Anything at all out of the ordinary. Coordinate with Ellis. If we can find a way to detect them, then we'll have a distinct advantage.

ElRiov trIdrys: > ::getting out medical tricorder, scanning him:: All right Mr Syrdi, you've got some second degree burns there ... hold still. ::nods at T'Nal::

WillFMarlowe: What about other symptoms? Thank you--::to a nurse as she spreads a blanket over Alvarez::

ElRiov trIdrys: T'Nal > :::gets some instruments out and starts assisting:::

8:05 PM

EnsAaron Markus: ::brings up the data and looks for "out of the ordinary":: Aye, sir...::cringes at the thought of working with Ellis more...::

ElRiov trIdrys: > So, Mr. Syrdi, what was happening when you met with this accident? Or was it an accident?

LtDougMcKnight: ::Walks up to holodeck 2, and types away on the key pad:: Computer, load target practice simulation McKnight 3.

LtDougMcKnight: Computer> Program loaded. Proceed when ready.

VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> The anomaly closes, vanishing in a puff of pink gas.

ElRiov trIdrys: Syrdi > Ahh just call me Gusnaj. Anyhow I was working on aligning a field generator. Something went wrong and it didn't exactlty explode but there was a cascade of sparks.

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: ::notices Markus' reaction and mutters in a vqw:: and I thought Malory was a pain in the ::louder:: could you send the recorded data to my terminal Ensign..

WillFMarlowe: Alvarez> I started feeling this way when we were doing repair work after the attack. I was assigned to repair team Delta--we had to repair the hull where it had been breached.

ElRiov trIdrys: T'Nal > ::nods:: You're quite lucky then Gusnaj. Doctor Idrys is quite skilled at treating burns. ::smiles::

EnsAaron Markus: Aye....sir.

LtDougMcKnight: ::Walks in to the holodeck, the door whooshing shut behind him:: Computer, load weapon. TR-116 projectile rifle, assault configuration, .303 calber magazine. So sorry, I can't recall what that is in Frog numbers.

EnsAaron Markus: ::sends a copy of data to D's terminal::

ElRiov trIdrys: Syrdi > Hey ... ::looks at T'Nal::: Pardon me but you seem to be ...

Jack Leirone: ::exits TL and goes to Engineering, sits down, smacks forehead:: Don't do this, damn it.

ElRiov trIdrys: T'Nal > ::blushes:: Yeah I'm expecting all right. ::ACHOO:: Damn I'll have to get some more of ::ACHOO:: that tea soon.

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: Do we have the information from my flighter's black box as well?

VAdm Blackthorne: Good thinking. Get that.

VAdm Blackthorne: In fact, get it from all the fighters that were on that flight.

ElRiov trIdrys: Syrdi > ::looks at Idrys:: I thought she was Vulcan ...

EnsAaron Markus: I believe so....::punches up the data and sends it along::

ElRiov trIdrys: > A fouth Bajoran, too ... ::winks:::

EnsAaron Markus: ::makes sure to get all the fighters' data::

Jack Leirone: Ariel> ::enters engineering:: Mr. Leirone?

Jack Leirone: Jack.

Jack Leirone: Ariel> Jack...are we still on for tonight?

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: ::sends a note to the crewmen in the fughter bay.. sees Markus already doing it and gives him an evil look::

Jack Leirone: No. ::turns back::

8:10 PM

WillFMarlowe: ::slides a vial of blue liquid into a hypospray and presses the instrument to Alvarez' arm, then thumbs the release:: This should help with blood flow.

EnsAaron Markus: ::doesn't notice the look::

VAdm Blackthorne: ::notes the animosity between Ellis and Markus::

ElRiov trIdrys: > :::finishes up, sets to work with dermal regenerator::: All right we're done. And just make sure you take all proper safety precautions down there all right?

Jack Leirone: Ariel> ::goes to speak but stops, and suddenly realizes she should leave::

Jack Leirone: ::thinking:: It's for her good.

ElRiov trIdrys: Syrdi > ::nods:: OK Doc. Thanks a lot. ::exits sickbay::

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: ::reads over her black box info and cross checks it with the ship's scans::

ElRiov trIdrys: T'Nal > You know Hakkie he looked vaguely familiar ...

WillFMarlowe: You should warm up after a while. The discoloration worries me--it might be some sort of reaction to an infection of some sort.

ElRiov trIdrys: > Oh? Why do you say that?

EnsAaron Markus: ::basically does the same thing D is doing::

WillFMarlowe: Computer, activate a level two quarantine field around biobed three.

ElRiov trIdrys: T'Nal > ::shrug:: Oh I dunno ... I'll have to ask that Morrigan character some time ... looked almost like her Counselor. Creepy.

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: Hmm..

EnsAaron Markus: There was slight power drop just before....hmmm. I wonder....::cross checks with the fighters' data::

WillFMarlowe: ::steps beyond the bounds of the field as it snaps into place::

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: ::starts looking at the other figter's info::

WillFMarlowe: Alvarez> It's that serious?

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: power drop?

ElRiov trIdrys: > ::w:: Not the BarBQue Queen's shrink ... ::shakes head:: Nooooooooooooo ...

EnsAaron Markus: It's here too....but where is the power being routed to?

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: I didn't read any power drop when I was in the fighter..

ElRiov trIdrys: T'Nal > ::heading back to inventory:: :::ACHOO::: Ya never know. ::pauses and orders some hot tea, sips at it:::

EnsAaron Markus: Yes...if you look here at time index's very slight...but it occurs at the exact same time in all readings...

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: (LOL.. Eric, you do know Banshee is like not in the same time line we are right?.. lol)

8:15 PM

ElRiov trIdrys: ( and when did that stop any of us from having fun?  )

EnsAaron Markus: Normally a drop like this is overlooked as a minor glitch or sunspot or interference...but not at the same time on all sensors...

VAdm Blackthorne: ::takes his seat and listens to the conversation::

WillFMarlowe: You'll probably be in there for only a few hours. I just want to run some tests, see what's going on. I think a dose of antibiotics will take care of everything, but I want to be sure it isn't dangerous.

Jack Leirone: ::heads for quarters::

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: ::looks at the info:: So your saying that the ship might have caused the drain?

Kiley Airell: ::Looks over to the Admiral::

Jack Leirone: ::enters, talking to self:: Just need to grab something...

LtDougMcKnight: ::Starts firing away at holographic targets that appear in his path as he makes his way through a holodeck mockup of the ship's corridors, readjusting to the feel of a weapon with appreciable recoil::

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: Ok, so when the lights start to flicker then we'll know we have company.. ::rolls eyes::

Jack Leirone: ::hears chime for private channel::

EnsAaron Markus: I'm not sure yet...I can't determine where it's coming from...

ElRiov trIdrys: T'Nal > ::picks up vial, looks at it:: What do they keep this stuff here for?

Jack Leirone: Yeah?

Jack Leirone: ::in Jack's head:: Mr. A> ...lest you be too distracted...

VAdm Blackthorne: ::looks back at the Counselor::

EnsAaron Markus: ::notices the eyeroll and decides to ignore...the job is too important to bother with that now::

ElRiov trIdrys: > Hmm ... oh methylyne blue ... yeah basically does nothing except when you pee you get the feeling you're Bolian or Andorian. I save it for some practical jokes. Standard stuff on all starships ... except Vulcan ones where they

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: I don't see a drain on the ship's scans.. Why would the fighter have it and not the ship?

ElRiov trIdrys: ain't got no time for humor. ::grins::

WillFMarlowe: ::drops a few instruments into a tray and slides on a breather mask:: So how bad was the breach, anyway?

EnsAaron Markus: I'm not sure...maybe the ship wasn't close enough.

Jack Leirone: ::in reality:: Dad> Jack?

Jack Leirone: ::sighs:: Dad.

Kiley Airell: This is definately new experience. I'm not used to knowing the action.

EnsAaron Markus: It WAS a low drain...

ElRiov trIdrys: T'Nal > ::mutters:: Sure am glad I wasn't raised by Vulcans myself. I'd have been Ms. Ice otherwise.

VAdm Blackthorne: ::half smiles:: You get a little detached down in sickbay.

Jack Leirone: Dad> Is this a bad time?

Jack Leirone: I'm at work, Dad. On a Starship. It's ALWAYS a bad time.

Kiley Airell: ::Nods::Yeah.

EnsAaron Markus: I'm gonna look for something else and put the drain aside for a bit.

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: Did I say it wasn't? I'm just trying to think around the problem here, Ensign..

8:20 PM

EnsAaron Markus: ::begins to look for anything else::

Jack Leirone: Dad> I'll leave you alone, then. Just wanted to say I miss you and I love you and I'm proud of you. Mom would be too.

Jack Leirone: Besides the whole second family thing. Yeah.

WillFMarlowe: Alvarez> ::obviously a little unnerved as Marlowe enters the quarantined area and begins taking blood samples:: Uh, pretty bad. Whatever it was, it tore us up pretty badly. My team had three shifts--about fifteen hours total.

Jack Leirone: Dad> She still hasn't tried to contact you, has shee?

EnsAaron Markus: ::looks up:: Oh I meant no disrespect, sir...I'm sorry...::goes back to work::

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: ::watched her screen::

Jack Leirone: She barely knows I exist, Dad.

Jack Leirone: I pretty much popped out and she packed her bags.

Jack Leirone: Dad> I was there, Jack.

Jack Leirone: Then shut up.

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: Well now here's something.. During your power drain there was a flux in the sheilding of the fighters and the ship.. As if something were.. bounced.. off them..

WillFMarlowe: I'm glad to hear they've implemented those new regulations on zero-G repair work.

VAdm Blackthorne: Harmonics. See if it was similar to the trail they left.

Jack Leirone: Dad> Okay. I'll call you back at a better time. ::closes channel::

EnsAaron Markus: It would cause the power to go to where "it" was bounced and cause a drain on the rest.......

WillFMarlowe: ::frowns:: Crewman . . .

WillFMarlowe: Alvarez> Call me Ismael.

EnsAaron Markus: But at the same all those different locations...what could it be?

Jack Leirone: Damn it. ::walks quickly to bridge::

WillFMarlowe: Your temperature has to have dropped several degrees since you've been in here. ::Scans::

EnsAaron Markus: ::shakes head:: I don't know, maybe I'm wrong...::stares at data, perplexed::

Jack Leirone: ::enters from TL, sits down at engineering, this time blatanly staring at Kiley::

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: ::nods:: I does seem to match, Admiral..

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: Not perfectly.. it's more spread out.. but it's close..

MajorAZinthys has joined this chat.

8:25 PM

VAdm Blackthorne: Perhaps like a sudden bass hit from a speaker?

LtDougMcKnight: (Evening, Zinthys.)

VAdm Blackthorne: (( Hello, Major! ))

ElRiov trIdrys: ( Hi Major )

EnsAaron Markus: So now we have to figure out what "it" was....

MajorAZinthys: <<Evening>>

Kiley Airell: ((Hey there Zinthys))

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: ::nods:: Yes, Sir.. Excatly..

MajorAZinthys: <<Got stuck at work. Sorry.>>

WillFMarlowe: Nurse, another blanket.

MajorAZinthys: <<...and I have the worst case of the hiccups...>>

ElRiov trIdrys: (( try holding your breath and slooooooowly sip a glass of water, works like a charm )

WillFMarlowe: Alvarez> I don't feel cold . . .

Kiley Airell: ::looks over her shoulder at Leirone, wondering what's up::

Jack Leirone: ((I gotta go. Real life calls.))

EnsAaron Markus: <<later, Jack>>

MajorAZinthys: <<problem is, I got the hiccups from drinking water. More won't help>>

Kiley Airell: ((night Jack))

Jack Leirone: ((Later, guys))

ElRiov trIdrys: ( later Jack )

Kiley Airell: ((LOL))

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EnsAaron Markus: I need to focus. ::seems to be getting frustrated::

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: Hmm.. I wonder..

EnsAaron Markus: ::puts hand on head as if dizzy, then steadies::

EnsAaron Markus: ::takes a deep breath::

VAdm Blackthorne: Ensign, are you alright?

Kiley Airell: ::looks over at Markus, stands up::

WillFMarlowe: ::throws the blanket over Alvarez:: Just a second. ::leaves the quarantine area and removes his gloves and breather mask:: Meirill, get the orthopedic therapy tank ready. Heat setting 3.

EnsAaron Markus: Ok so if it's sound, but......::looks up:: Oh yes sir, I'm fine...::gets dizzy and goes to his knees::

VAdm Blackthorne: Get him to sickbay.

Kiley Airell: ::moves over to Markus:: I'll take him.

8:30 PM

EnsAaron Markus: But, I'm fine....::trails off::

Kiley Airell: ::helps him stand up:: You may be fine, but you're going to sickbay.

EnsAaron Markus: ::stands and nods::

WillFMarlowe: Computer, expand quarantine field around biobed one to accomodate orthopedic therapy tank.

Kiley Airell: ::walks with him to the TL:: Has this happened before?

WillFMarlowe: Meirill> ::pulls on a pair of gloves and a breather and rolls the tank into position next to the biobed::

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: ::watches Kiley and Aaron with real concern in her eyes::

EnsAaron Markus: ::takes a breath:: Only when I concentrate really hard and haven't meditated...

Kiley Airell: And what has happened those times?

VAdm Blackthorne: Ellis, how long before your torpedo hit was the powerdrain and the harmonic impact?

WillFMarlowe: ::puts on a new pair of gloves and a breather and helps Alvarez disrobe and enter the tank; only Alvarez' head and neck are visible as the tank seals shut and water flows in::

EnsAaron Markus: I either pass out or calm down, either way I meditate...::tries to smile::

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: ::looks:: around three mins afterwards, Sir

VAdm Blackthorne: After your torpedo strike?

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: yes sir

Kiley Airell: ::smiles, exits the TL and heads towards sickbay:: Have you ever seen a doctor about this?

8:35 PM

EnsAaron Markus: No...My grandmother usually helped me out...She's almost as good as a doctor.

MajorAZinthys: ::Throws another PADD on the stack in the security office::

EnsAaron Markus: It hasn't been this bad since finals at the Academy.

VAdm Blackthorne: By that time wer were in battle.

Kiley Airell: Well, I assure you that the officers in sickbay are of the best calibur. Hopefully they can help you, maybe even help you prevent it.

Kiley Airell: ::enters sickbay::

ElRiov trIdrys: ::looks over, sees Airell and Markus:: What have you got here?

EnsAaron Markus: ::shudders as he enters SB:: I hate these places...

WillFMarlowe: How's that feel?

Kiley Airell: He started to pass out on the Bridge.

EnsAaron Markus: I just got a little dizzy. It'll pass....

WillFMarlowe: Alvarez> Fine. I don't know.

Kiley Airell: He's has these spells before.

ElRiov trIdrys: Let's get you over to this biobed, Ensign. Dizziness or not, I have to examine you.

ElRiov trIdrys: Before? Why weren't we notified?

EnsAaron Markus: Look it's nothing...I just haven't been able to meditate lately...I'll be fine...really...

WillFMarlowe: Wemblei> Doctor, the blood analysis is finished.

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: Yes Sir..

Kiley Airell: Trust me, don't argue. You'll get out of here quicker ensign.

VAdm Blackthorne: So that doesn't help us at all then.

ElRiov trIdrys: Meditate? Will someone tell me what this is all about? ::begins getting tricorder out, scans:::

VAdm Blackthorne: By that time, they were decloaked.

WillFMarlowe: ::to Meirill and Alvarez:: Excuse me.

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: It seems to over lap with their first strike and they're commaction..

EnsAaron Markus: ::mock salutes and lays on the biobed::

Kiley Airell: He says if he concentrates too hard and hasn't meditated, he gets dizzy.

ElRiov trIdrys: I see ... :::continues scan:::

WillFMarlowe: ::exits the quarantine area and again removes the gloves and mask:: What did you find?

EnsAaron Markus: <<I'm a quarter Vulcan, by the way>>

ElRiov trIdrys: ( ah )

EnsAaron Markus: <<hence the meditation>>

WillFMarlowe: Wemblei> . . . Something strange.

Kiley Airell: (( Hey, so am I ))

VAdm Blackthorne: Perhaps we can find something about their cloaking technology from that.

8:40 PM

ElRiov trIdrys: ( and I am half Romulan and T'Nal is 3/4 Vulcan and 1/4 Bajoran. Yippee yie yay )

WillFMarlowe: ::arches a brow and looks at the monitor connected to the sample analyzer::

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: ::nods:: If it is from them decloaking then we should be able to detect the same harmonics.. It'll give us a few extra seconds

WillFMarlowe: <<Since when did the Vulcans start to get around?>>

ElRiov trIdrys: ( beats the hell outa me )

MajorAZinthys: <<Spock.>>

EnsAaron Markus: <<since spock's days>>

LtDougMcKnight: (I'm a full blood monkey man, and proud of it. Bunch of alien freaks.)

VAdm Blackthorne: That would at least let us get our shields up and perhaps fire a shot or two at their general vicinity.

ElRiov trIdrys: ( we got a pointy ears party here in sickbay )

VAdm Blackthorne: << Lotta mutts on this ship >>

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: (When they saw they could do more with human hair?)

ElRiov trIdrys: ( ROFLMDAO !!! )

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: (lots of Bajorans hanging out around here

WillFMarlowe: That's not an infection. It's got to be some kind of mutation.

MajorAZinthys: ::Wishes like hell he had stayed caught up with all these reports::

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: Every little bit will help, sir

ElRiov trIdrys: :::puts tricorder down::: Well you at least appear to be all right from this scan. You say this happens when you don't meditate or concentrate too hard?

VAdm Blackthorne: << Well, those damn Bajorans are like flie, you just can't get rid of them >>

EnsAaron Markus: <<like the Admiral said 'lotta mutts'>>

ElRiov trIdrys: ( Bajorans can be cool as Chip knows )

LtDougMcKnight: (Yeah, well I'm still partial to humans.)


EnsAaron Markus: Well both actually.

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: (LOL.. Yeap Chip leaves to have her baby and I step in to fill in the winkled nose department)

MajorAZinthys: <<ROTFLMAO>>

WillFMarlowe: ::scowls thoughtfully, leaning an elbow on the console and tapping his index finger to his lips::

VAdm Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM

VAdm Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM

VAdm Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM

ElRiov trIdrys: :::desuaP:::

Kiley Airell: ::paused::

WillFMarlowe: ::paused::

EnsAaron Markus: ::paused::

Lt  jg  D  Ellis: pasued

8:45 PM

VAdm Blackthorne: Nice job, all.

VAdm Blackthorne: Tune in next week for the next chapter!

VAdm Blackthorne: Major?

MajorAZinthys: Crew. Dismissed!!

ElRiov trIdrys: niters folks

Kiley Airell: night all

WillFMarlowe: 'Night everyone.

ElRiov trIdrys has left this chat.

VAdm Blackthorne: Night!