MajorAZinthys:   Heya, Aaron!

OnlineHost:        Jack Leirone has entered the room.

ElRiov trIdrys:     Evening folks

Jack Leirone:       ::nods::

LMajAdamDrake:          Evening Jack!

EnsAaron Markus:        Hello Jack.

MajorAZinthys:   Does anybody else use Yahoo!?

EnsAaron Markus:        I do.

OnlineHost:        WillFMarlowe has entered the room.

MajorAZinthys:   Have you had any problems logging in to it?

EnsAaron Markus:        Off and on.

EnsAaron Markus:        What kind of internet service do you have?

MajorAZinthys:   NetZero

EnsAaron Markus:        Dial up....

MajorAZinthys:   yeah

EnsAaron Markus:        Problem number one....

EnsAaron Markus:        What O.S.?

MajorAZinthys:   maybe I'll try at school tomorrow...

MajorAZinthys:   XP

EnsAaron Markus:        Home?

MajorAZinthys:   yeah

EnsAaron Markus:        Problem number two.....

Jack Leirone:       ::listens to Pachelbel's Canon::

EnsAaron Markus:        What brand of computer?

MajorAZinthys:   I've never had a problem until... last weekend'

LMajAdamDrake:          XP isn't bad.

EnsAaron Markus:        Home is....

MajorAZinthys:   Everything Microsoft makes is bad, though I'm sure Jason

would argue with me about the XBox.

EnsAaron Markus:        ::laughs::

MajorAZinthys:   no, wait.... he wouldn't

LMajAdamDrake:          PS2 is better.

MajorAZinthys:   I've actually never played an XBox, so I cannot comment

EnsAaron Markus:        ((<------computer tech extrodinaire))

Jack Leirone:       ((<----has trouble opening CD-ROM drive))

MajorAZinthys:   Although, the only game is seems to have is Halo

MajorAZinthys:   And that's now on PC

EnsAaron Markus:        ::laughs::

EnsAaron Markus:        I know, I have it.

MajorAZinthys:   Well. This should be fun.

EnsAaron Markus:        Oh yeah.

MajorAZinthys:   I've just been informed that I am supposed to be running this

sim, despite the fact that I haven't been here in, oh, two weeks.

EnsAaron Markus:        ::snickers::

MajorAZinthys:   Add to that the fact that I cannot check my mail, so, if

Jason did send me something, I can't get into it.

MajorAZinthys:   Yeah. This should be interesting.

MajorAZinthys:   Alright.

MajorAZinthys:   ::pulls of the Whistle of Polishedness +5 and blows into it::

MajorAZinthys:   Attention!!

ElRiov trIdrys:     ::AA::

EnsAaron Markus:        ::AA::

LMajAdamDrake:          ::@@::

Jack Leirone:       ::AA::

WillFMarlowe:      ::AA::

MajorAZinthys:   Alright. You guys are gonna have to tell me what happened,

since I don't know. Volunteers?

LMajAdamDrake:          ::raises hand::

OnlineHost:        LtDougMcKnight has entered the room.

MajorAZinthys:   Shoot, Drake.

LMajAdamDrake:          We left Starbase in the Admiral's typical fashion and headed

out, with the USS Discovery hot on our heels, to investigate the crystalline

ship/species.  Other than that, nothing.  ::steps back in line::

MajorAZinthys:   Where are we headed?

LMajAdamDrake:          Back to where we were attacked - I assumed, unless I missed


MajorAZinthys:   Kay.

MajorAZinthys:   So, here goes...

MajorAZinthys:   We are currently en route to the site of our previous battle

with aforementioned crystalline creatures.

MajorAZinthys:   Presumably, science is still working on a way to communicate

with them.

LMajAdamDrake:          ::looks at the presence of no science personnel::

MajorAZinthys:   All other departments should be ready in case we are


Jack Leirone:       ::smirks::

MajorAZinthys:   Questions?

LMajAdamDrake:          ::shakes head::

MajorAZinthys:   Very well.

MajorAZinthys:   ++BEGIN SIM++

MajorAZinthys:   ++BEGIN SIM++

MajorAZinthys:   ++BEGIN SIM++

LMajAdamDrake:          ::standing in engineering::

EnsAaron Markus:        ::Working out in the gym::

Jack Leirone:       ::walks out of quarters a little disoriented::

WillFMarlowe:      ::in sickbay with a patient after a minor operation::

EnsAaron Markus:        ::Practicing kata::

Jack Leirone:       ((scratch...holodeck instead of quarterss))

LMajAdamDrake:          ::taps a console and looks at the readouts - all working

properly for a change::

ElRiov trIdrys:     :::heading from messhall with T'Nal to Sickbay as break

comes to an end:::

MajorAZinthys:   <<Ah, and something else you may wish to know. We will

not be reaching the until after this sim, so feel free to make

use of the time for character development>>

EnsAaron Markus:        <<Thanks>>

ElRiov trIdrys:     You're kind of quiet this morning love.

LMajAdamDrake:          Paxton!  You've got engineering, call me if anything happens.

LMajAdamDrake:          Paxton>  Like what?

EnsAaron Markus:        ::finishes kata and begins on working out on the heavy


MajorAZinthys:   ::Looks around at the barren bridge::

ElRiov trIdrys:     T'Nal > ::nods:: Yeah Hakkie ... ::stifles sneeze:: Not much

to talk about.

LMajAdamDrake:          ::turns around::  Anything.  If the warp core is going to

breach, but only if you can't fix it yourself.  ::smiles with a joking grin

as he walks from Engineering::

LMajAdamDrake:          ::steps into a turbolift::  Bridge.

WillFMarlowe:      ::to his patient:: It's all out--nice and easy. Just mind the

wrist for a day or two and you'll be fine.

Jack Leirone:       ::enters quarters, looks around slightly worried::

LtDougMcKnight:         ::Looks over a padd in his quarters, a duty roster that had

been completed before he got off his shift, and reads until he's satisfied

that security is ready::

WillFMarlowe:      Patient> Thanks, doc. ::stands and exits::

ElRiov trIdrys:     > Hm. Well there's always work ahead of us. Keeps us busy.

MajorAZinthys:   <m> Here we go again. Command of the bridge, tactical,

helm, ops...

MajorAZinthys:   <m> What don't I do?

ElRiov trIdrys:     T'Nal > Hakkie have you given any thought to what we're

gonna call our kid?

LtDougMcKnight:         ::Tosses the padd onto his bedside table, and starts

rummaging around in his closet for some comfortable civvies::

WillFMarlowe:      ::pockets his medical tricorder and makes an entry in the

medical logs::

MajorAZinthys:   Security. That's what I don't do. 'Least it seems that way,


ElRiov trIdrys:     > Hm? Oh ... well we will have to pick out a name soon.

ElRiov trIdrys:     :::arrives in Sickbay with T'Nal:::

LMajAdamDrake:          ::steps out onto the bridge and over to the engineering

console to check the relays::

Jack Leirone:       ::sits on bed, stares blankly at the floor, thinking hard::

ElRiov trIdrys:     Back to the ol' salt mines. Inventory and suchlike. ::grins

at T'Nal::

MajorAZinthys:   ::nods at Drake::

Jack Leirone:       +Drake+ Leirone to Drake.

EnsAaron Markus:        ::stops working on the heavy bag::  Computer, one opponent,

level 17 Vulcan martial arts.  ::computer gives usual series of beeps and

creates the "opponent"::

MajorAZinthys:   ::Suddenly quite after having almost been caught talking to


ElRiov trIdrys:     T'Nal > Yeah. Heigh ho heigh ho and all that ...

LMajAdamDrake:          +Leirone+  Go ahead, Jack.  ::brings up diagnostics::

ElRiov trIdrys:     :::sets to work on inventory and wonders why it's either

that or a deluge of patients:::

Jack Leirone:       +Drake+ You need me for anything, Chief?

LtDougMcKnight:         ::Changes into a pair of jeans and a plaid flannel shirt::

Alrighty, now I'm in costume.

LMajAdamDrake:          +Leirone+  Negative, Ensign.

Jack Leirone:       ::stands up and heads back to the holodeck::

LMajAdamDrake:          ::taps the console again and access the bridge relays and

checks their status with other systems, finding them to be in perfect running


EnsAaron Markus:        ::looks opponent up and down:: Begin... ::nails the opp. in

the side of the head with a crushing kick, sending it to the floor::

Jack Leirone:       ::steps into turbolift:: Holodeck two.

LtDougMcKnight:         ::Heads to the replicator::  Computer, gimme a 6 pack.

Dark, light, I don't care, just something Terran.  You're way too fond of

this alien crap.  And bottles, if you don't mind.  Drinking straight out of

the can just seems so

LtDougMcKnight:         college.

MajorAZinthys:   Mr. Drake.

LMajAdamDrake:          ::turns::  Yes, Major?

WillFMarlowe:      ::assists a med tech with a crate of supplies, then sits at an

unused console and reads a bit from the latest Starfleet medical journal::

MajorAZinthys:   How goes that little glitch with the phasers we had earlier?

EnsAaron Markus:        Computer....::looking disappointed:: Level 25...::series of

beeps and a replaced opp.::  Begin....

LtDougMcKnight:         ::Mutters as he grabs his beer::  This drinking thing is

getting to be a disturbing trend.  I really need to take up tennis or


LMajAdamDrake:          ::smirks::  Well taken care of, Major, I assure you.  The

phasers should be in working order and I have a team that will keep an eye on

them at all times. 

MajorAZinthys:   Excellent.

LtDougMcKnight:         ::Laces up his hiking boots, picks up his tasty beverages,

and heads on down to the holodecks::

LMajAdamDrake:          Major, do you enjoy your solitude up here on the bridge?  I

see it and it seems to me that it leaves something to be desired.  ::looks at

the Major, palming a PADD::

Jack Leirone:       ::walks out of turbolift and steps up to the computer

console:: Computer, run fight program with armed high rise

building...night time, raining, downtown Chicago.

EnsAaron Markus:        ::opp. blocks the kick and counters with a open hand to the

chest:: Oooof!!! ::lands on floor::

MajorAZinthys:   I was actually considering wandering around the corridors

aimlessly, but, alas, there is nobody to take over for me.

ElRiov trIdrys:     T'Nal > ::qw:: Hakkie I hate ta ask you again but what WILL

we name him ... or her?

LtDougMcKnight:         ::Grins as he walks past Leirone, stating his request::

It's not Kung Fu, but hey, what is?

Jack Leirone:       ::continuing:: On the roof. Safety program...disabled.

EnsAaron Markus:        Much better....::gets up and goes after opp. with a series

of punches and kicks that makes the Matrix look like child's play, opp.

blocking and countering and back and forth....::

LMajAdamDrake:          Computer>  Warning, disabling the safety protocals puts

risk on user, such a command is not recommended.

ElRiov trIdrys:     > ::looks over at T'Nal:: ::qw:: I told you, we can decide

on it later. Jon or Gigi ... nothing spectacular just so long as the tyke has

a name.

Jack Leirone:       ::smirks:: I'll take it anyway, Computer.

LMajAdamDrake:          ::smirks::  Don't you ever wish for interaction?

LMajAdamDrake:          Computer> Acknowledged.

LtDougMcKnight:         ::Arches an eyebrow::  Not working off enough testosterone

in engineering, ensign?

MajorAZinthys:   But of course. Things are just rather hectic right now

without Captain Sullivan.

ElRiov trIdrys:     T'Nal > ::somewhat louder:: What? Jon? Gigi? What sort of

names are those? And just what pray tell is wrong with a name like Nerys or

... or ... or T'Pring or ... or ... ::sputters::

Jack Leirone:       ::steps inside onto a dampened roof of a building with his

opponent on the opposite side of him:: Perfect.

MajorAZinthys:   ::looks kinda sad at that::

ElRiov trIdrys:     > :::evqw::: Sssssssshhhhhhhhh ... ::looks around:: Please

keep it down love. I promise you, we will talk about it ... but we got to do

the usual grind of inventory! ::last said through unusually clenched teeth::

LtDougMcKnight:         Well, isn't he just the life of the wake?

LMajAdamDrake:          ::perks an eyebrow at the emotions felt, but disregards::

I'm heading to ten forward, would you like me to bring you anything, Major?


ElRiov trIdrys:     T'Nal > ::goes back to work without a word, pouting majorly


MajorAZinthys:   No. Thank you, though.

EnsAaron Markus:        ::finally learns the opp.'s style and lets the opp. lose

its balance by dodging a heavy punch instead of blocking, then uses the

opp.'s own weight to send it flying across the gym, hitting the wall with a

thud and vanishing::

Jack Leirone:       ::runs at assailant, dodging two shots and finally grabbing

the wrist and knocking the phaser out of the hand, making it skid across the


WillFMarlowe:      ::glances askance at the expecting couple, then focuses on the

journal with a renewed studiousness::

LMajAdamDrake:          ::nods::  If you'd like any company, let me know.  I have

some pretty inticing holodeck programs that are duo-based sparring programs.

::smiles::  Just let me know if you're interested.

Jack Leirone:       ::series of punches and blocks...the opponent is wearing an

old-fashioned ski-mask, black::

EnsAaron Markus:        ::collapses to the floor:: Whew......

MajorAZinthys:   Thank you. I will.

LtDougMcKnight:         ::Walks on to the nearest unoccupied holodeck, and starts

inputting commands on the console::

LtDougMcKnight:         Computer, load program.  Directory McKnight, file Montana.

Jack Leirone:       ::sweep kick brings opponent down, opponent pulls him down as

well:: Damn it!

EnsAaron Markus:        ::sits and meditates for a moment to regain his strength::

ElRiov trIdrys:     > ::turns to T'Nal:: I ...

LtDougMcKnight:         ::Puffs up his chest::  Safeties off!

LMajAdamDrake:          ::steps up into the turbolift::  Deck 8, senior officer's


MajorAZinthys:   <<LOL!!>>

ElRiov trIdrys:     T'Nal > ::holds up hand:: Don't ... say ... a word. ::looks

away and goes back to work::

LMajAdamDrake:          Computer>  Warning, disabling the safety protocals puts

risk on user, such a command is not recommended.

Jack Leirone:       ::struggles to get mask off...discovers it's an attractive

woman:: Ooh. Nice touch, computer. ::receives hard punch in the nose::

LtDougMcKnight:         Computer, shut the fuck up.  I'm pretty sure I can handle a

bunch of mosquitoes, and I promise not to drink these while driving.  Give me

my goddam program.

Jack Leirone:       ((whoa whoa whoa!))

MajorAZinthys:   <<LOL!!!>>

ElRiov trIdrys:     (( ROFL ))

LMajAdamDrake:          {{::laughs::}}

EnsAaron Markus:        ::gets up and walks out to nearest TL:: Take me to my

quarters.  ::TL takes off::

Jack Leirone:       ((::is used to censored sims:: Just shocking.))

LMajAdamDrake:          Computer>  Acknowledged.

EnsAaron Markus:        <<this is uncensored>>

Jack Leirone:       ((I guessed))

EnsAaron Markus:        <<::grins>>

LtDougMcKnight:         Damned right.

MajorAZinthys:   <<Ah. ::Laughs... tries to stops, but just keeps


EnsAaron Markus:        ::gets dropped off two doors away from quarters::

Jack Leirone:       ::gets back up and lets her get up as well, side kick,

blocked. Jump kick, blocked. Blocks identical moves::

LMajAdamDrake:          ::walks out into the hallway and down to his quarters::

MajorAZinthys:   ::Looks at the section of his console that helm is slaved


Jack Leirone:       Computer, I want two broadswords.

LtDougMcKnight:         ::Walks inside, and waits for the doors to close behind him

before turning to appreciate a faithful recreation of a highway rest stop, in

the parking lot of which rests a faithful recreation of his pickup truck back


Jack Leirone:       ::to opponent:: Let's make this interesting.

EnsAaron Markus:        ::walks to door and steps through and heads straight to

sonic shower::

MajorAZinthys:   ::Sees that it's going to be around a hour before they make

to their destination::

Jack Leirone:       ::swords appear, picks one up and tosses to opponent, readies

own:: Got a name, sweetums?

LMajAdamDrake:          ::pulls off his shirt and puts on a new one sleeveless

t-shirt, and then gets into a pair of athletic shorts and walks out into the

turbolift again::  Holodeck 2.

Jack Leirone:       Ariel> Yeah. Ariel. You ready or not?

EnsAaron Markus:        ::finishes sonic shower, gets dressed and heads for mess


LtDougMcKnight:         ::Opens up the gate to the open cargo area in back of his

truck, and takes a seat, idly sipping one of his beers as he watches a not so

faithful recreation of an American highway::

Jack Leirone:       ::charges, swords clash, a viscious battle begins::

LMajAdamDrake:          ::walks out onto the deck and walks up to console::

Computer, activate program Drake Swim Alpha 5.

LMajAdamDrake:          Computer>  Unable to comply.

LMajAdamDrake:          Why not?  ::looks up with interest::

LMajAdamDrake:          Computer>  Holodeck currently in use.

LMajAdamDrake:          ::frowns::  By whom?

LMajAdamDrake:          Computer>  Jack Leirone.

LtDougMcKnight:         ::Thinks back to the last time he actually got home and went

for a nice long drive.  It was hover cars as a rule, amongst those who even

bothered with such forms of transport::

LMajAdamDrake:          ::frowns some more::  Addict.

Jack Leirone:       ::gets cut on the shoulder:: Ooh. Someone's good with a blade.

LtDougMcKnight:         ::Pats the side of the holographic truck::  Don't worry,

sweetheart.  Some of us still know a classic when we see one.

Jack Leirone:       Ariel> Shut up.

MajorAZinthys:   ACTION> The holodeck programs suddenly begin to merge,

with a truck aiming at Jack and a crazy chick with a sword charging at Doug.

Jack Leirone:       ((what the hell?)

LtDougMcKnight:         (lol)

Jack Leirone:       ((I don't know if...whatever))

EnsAaron Markus:        <<LOL>>

LtDougMcKnight:         ::Steps out of the way quickly, and starts looking at his

beer suspiciously::

Jack Leirone:       ::jumps out of way of truck:: What the hell is that doing on a

roof of a building?

Jack Leirone:       ::charges Ariel::

Jack Leirone:       Ariel> ::charges Jack::

LtDougMcKnight:         What the hell is the roof of a building doing on


LtDougMcKnight:         Okay, I never bothered to name the interstate, but it's

still pretty...

OnlineHost:        Lt  jg  D  Ellis has entered the room.

Lt  jg  D  Ellis:     ( ::sneaks in:: )

Jack Leirone:       ::both attempt a tricky move and wind up arms clashed and

blades an inch away from necks::

MajorAZinthys:   <<::Catches Ellis::>>

LMajAdamDrake:          ::walks into the holodeck::

LtDougMcKnight:         ::Backpedals like a maniac, dodging swipe after swipe::  Can

we talk about this?

EnsAaron Markus:        <<Ellis!!!!>>

Jack Leirone:       ::turns to see Drake. Computer, pause program.::

Jack Leirone:       Ariel> ::freezes in place::

Lt  jg  D  Ellis:     (Sorry guys.. Just got home from try outs)

LtDougMcKnight:         Computer, little help?

Jack Leirone:       Need something, sir?

EnsAaron Markus:        ::walks into the mess hall and grabs a turkey sandwhich and

a glass of milk, sits down::

LMajAdamDrake:          ::looks at the truck::  Should I ask?

LtDougMcKnight:         ::Hurls his beer bottle at the face of his oncoming

opponent, catching her across the forehead::

Jack Leirone:       If not, I'd like to get back to business.

Lt  jg  D  Ellis:     ::sitting in the corner of the lounage with Noah who's

pulling her hair::

MajorAZinthys:   Computer> Restate query.

Jack Leirone:       ((program is paused, Doug))

MajorAZinthys:   <<He's in a different holodeck>>

LtDougMcKnight:         (Mine isn't.)

Jack Leirone:       ((wha...damn it...nevermind))

Jack Leirone:       ((thought we were merged or something))

MajorAZinthys:   <<Just the programs>>

EnsAaron Markus:        ::eats his sandwhich and drinks his milk:: MMMMMM

Jack Leirone:       Need something, Chief?

LtDougMcKnight:         ::Charges forward with a speed that makes Neo look like Fat

Albert, and grabs at the hilt of his assailant's weapon::

LMajAdamDrake:          ::looks around::  I was hoping to use the holodeck, but I'll

let you get back to your truck.

Lt  jg  D  Ellis:     ::is trying to untagle the child's fingers from her hair::

This is why my hair is always braided..

ElRiov trIdrys:     (( sorry if I am slow but this computer is giving me some

problems ... ))

Jack Leirone:       Truck's not mine. Girl is.

LMajAdamDrake:          ::looks around::  What girl?

LtDougMcKnight:         ::Head butts the sword chick to the face, wrenching the

sword from her grip as he hears the sickening crack of her nose breaking::

MajorAZinthys:   <<'sok. We understand>>

LMajAdamDrake:          ::looks around some more, looking for the girl::  I apologize

for intruding, Ensign. 

EnsAaron Markus:        ::finishes his snack and heads back to his quarters::

LtDougMcKnight:         ::Considers asking what the hell's going on, but instead

settles for decapitating her::

LtDougMcKnight:         Now that's a road trip.

LtDougMcKnight:         Bitch!

Lt  jg  D  Ellis:     ::notes that Noah is still pulling at her left ear:: Ok

kid.. back to sick bay

Jack Leirone:       Computer, can I have my opponent back?

MajorAZinthys:   <<::Suddenly gets it and ROTFLMAO::>>

LMajAdamDrake:          Computer>  Please restate inquiry.

EnsAaron Markus:        ::gets to his quarters and sits at his desk to look at his

father's holoimage:: Hey dad...

Lt  jg  D  Ellis:     ::puts Noah back in his snuggly and heads for sick bay::

Jack Leirone:       My opponent disappeared. Please bring program: Ariel

back...and get rid of that truck.

LMajAdamDrake:          Computer>  Unable to comply, computer program matrix have

been interlocked.

Lt  jg  D  Ellis:     Noah> ::still pulling his mother's hair for nothing

better to do::

Jack Leirone:       Disable program, restart.

Lt  jg  D  Ellis:     ::walks in sick bay and looks around::

Lt  jg  D  Ellis:     Hello?

LMajAdamDrake:          Computer>  Unable to comply, activation subroutines are


ElRiov trIdrys:     ::looks around:: Hello Lieutenant.

LMajAdamDrake:          ::frowns::  Holo-technology.  What a load of crap.

Lt  jg  D  Ellis:     ::smiles at whateverhisnameisinthissim:: Hi Doc.. Hot a


Jack Leirone:       Ah forget it. Terminate program. Door.

LtDougMcKnight:         ::Tosses the sword aside, and gets back into his truck,

where the key is already in the ignition::

Lt  jg  D  Ellis:     *Have!

OnlineHost:        Kiley Airell has entered the room.

ElRiov trIdrys:     ::nods:: Of course. What can I do for you?

Kiley Airell:         ((Sorry I'm late . . . totally lost track of time!!!))

EnsAaron Markus:        Sure do miss ya...::looks at computer screen and taps it

on:: Computer, play last letter sent by my mom. ::image of his mom pops up on

screen and begins::

Jack Leirone:       ((Hey Kiley))

Lt  jg  D  Ellis:     (Yay! I wasn't the lastest)

LMajAdamDrake:          Computer>  Unable to comply, arch subroutines are offline.

Kiley Airell:         ((LOL))

ElRiov trIdrys:     (( Evening Kiley ))

LMajAdamDrake:          Jack, let's fix this thing. 

Lt  jg  D  Ellis:     ::looks down at the baby on her chest:: He keeps pulling

at his ear

LMajAdamDrake:          ::thinks::  Where was the arch to begin with?

WillFMarlowe:      ::shuts down the console, then looks at the logs to see if

there are any more appointments for the day::

Jack Leirone:       Stuck in a damn holodeck. I was having a damn good fight.

::points:: Right there.

ElRiov trIdrys:     ::frowns:: Hmm. Well, let's see. ::gestures to biobed:: This

way please ...

LMajAdamDrake:          ::points and rubs his hand against the ground and opens a

working hatch::

LMajAdamDrake:          How good are you at holodeck technology and configuration?

Lt  jg  D  Ellis:     ::walks over and takes Noah out of his suggly and lays him

on the bio bed::

LtDougMcKnight:         ::Hums softly along with the radio as the truck sooms down

the highway, making blurs of trees, cars, and double golden arches::

Jack Leirone:       I'm all right, I guess.

EnsAaron Markus:        Mom> Hello, son.  How are you?  Hope everything's going

well on your new ship.  You know I'm very proud of you.  Nile misses you.

::reaches down and lifts up an orange tabby who quick meows::

EnsAaron Markus:        ::smiles::

LMajAdamDrake:          Do you know how to disengage the holomatrix from the hologrid

with blowing the power relays?

Lt  jg  D  Ellis:     Noah> ::doing that spit bubble thing::

Jack Leirone:       You mean WITHOUT blowing the power relays?

LMajAdamDrake:          *Without

Kiley Airell:         ::in her quarters reading messages from her family::

LtDougMcKnight:         ::Runs over Ariel when she re-appears and tries to charge


LMajAdamDrake:          ::nods::  Yes.

LtDougMcKnight:         Ah, screw this, if anything, I'm too sober for this.

MajorAZinthys:   <<LOL>>

ElRiov trIdrys:     :::takes out medical tricorder and looks Noah over:::

Jack Leirone:       Sure thing, Chief. ::kneels at work hatch::

ElRiov trIdrys:     :::scanscanscanscanscan:::

EnsAaron Markus:        Mom> Well I won't keep you long.  I'm sure you have

plenty to do and all those friends to hang out with.  So you run along

and..... ::looks down then back up:: don't get lost.  ::tears start to fall::

LMajAdamDrake:          Careful to make sure the EM relays are working in conjunction

with the secondly phase coils.

Lt  jg  D  Ellis:     He hasn't had a fever, but he's been very fussy...

EnsAaron Markus:        ::the screen goes blank::

EnsAaron Markus:        I won't mom.

ElRiov trIdrys:     ::nods:: Let me see here. ::pulls out device and looks

inside ear::

Kiley Airell:         ::smiles as she reads a message from her little brother.  He

was going on and on about how he couldn't wait until he could apply for the


Jack Leirone:       Got it. ::begins working in the hatch::

EnsAaron Markus:        ::takes one last look at his dad's holoimage and heads up

to the bridge::

Jack Leirone:       What the hell caused that program merge? ::while working::

Lt  jg  D  Ellis:     Noah> ::grabs Hakim's hair::

ElRiov trIdrys:     ::steps back carefully:: Ummm let's try this again.

EnsAaron Markus:        ::arrives at the bridge and takes his place at helm once

more with total composure::

MajorAZinthys:   ::nods to Markus::

EnsAaron Markus:        Sir...::nods::

MajorAZinthys:   ::releases the helm control::

LtDougMcKnight:         ::Thumps his dash board in time with the radio::  I, am a

material girl...

Lt  jg  D  Ellis:     Sorry about that.. he likes to pull hair

Lt  jg  D  Ellis:     how's TNal?

EnsAaron Markus:        ::takes helm control and calculates distance to


ElRiov trIdrys:     She's ... all right.

Kiley Airell:         ::she was glad she wasn't at home because she KNEW he was

driving their parents crazy, and she'd be with them::

Jack Leirone:       EM relays and phase coils copasetic...

ElRiov trIdrys:     ::bends down and shines light in Noah's ear:: Does he have

any pains here? Any loss of balance?

Lt  jg  D  Ellis:     ::blinks:: Not if he's become a she he's not

LMajAdamDrake:          ::sees the shoulder::  Jack, what happened?  ::kneels down

and looks at the shoulder::  Are the safeties off?

Jack Leirone:       Yeah. Almost got this...

ElRiov trIdrys:     She ... as in T'Nal, Lieutenant.

Lt  jg  D  Ellis:     ::smacks forhead::

Lt  jg  D  Ellis:     Sorry.. Sleep deprived.. ::laughs:: You'll understand soon


ElRiov trIdrys:     ::grins:: Of course we do have those Swedish routines. But

they don't come with Starfleet insurance.

EnsAaron Markus:        We should arrive in about 50 minutes.  ::to no one in


LMajAdamDrake:          Why were you in here without the safeties?

LtDougMcKnight:         Well hey, crud.  I forgot my stereotypical fishing vest!

Lt  jg  D  Ellis:     ::laughs::

Jack Leirone:       I like it that way. ::turns and gives a smirk to Drake::

Lt  jg  D  Ellis:     has she gotten her snezzing undercontorl?

LtDougMcKnight:         ::Pulls onto a shoulder, and gets out of the truck::

LtDougMcKnight:         Computer, pause program.

LMajAdamDrake:          Computer>  Unable to comply.

ElRiov trIdrys:     Mostly, that tea is very helpful. we're quite grateful for


Kiley Airell:         ::takes a few minutes to respond to her brother. ::

LMajAdamDrake:          You like being hurt?

EnsAaron Markus:        ::sets long range scanners for straight ahead:: I don't see

anything in our way, and no sign of the crystalline objects....yet.

LtDougMcKnight:         Care to elaborate on that, you testament to Drake's raging


ElRiov trIdrys:     Has your son had problems hearing? Any loss of balance or


MajorAZinthys:   Very well. Maintain scans.

EnsAaron Markus:        Aye, sir.

LMajAdamDrake:          Comply>  The activation subroutines are offline.

Jack Leirone:       No. I like reality.

LMajAdamDrake:          ::nods::  I can understand that.

Lt  jg  D  Ellis:     ::nods:: Not that's I've noticed.. Not that an elevn month

old is ver balanced to began with

LtDougMcKnight:         Uh...then can you give me a fishing vest?

Jack Leirone:       Got it!

LMajAdamDrake:          Computer>  Acknowledged.  ::gives him the fishing vest::

MajorAZinthys:   ++PAUSE SIM++

MajorAZinthys:   ++PAUSE SIM++

MajorAZinthys:   ++PAUSE SIM++

Lt  jg  D  Ellis:     pasued

Kiley Airell:         ::paused::

LMajAdamDrake:          ::paused::

ElRiov trIdrys:     :::desuaP::

Jack Leirone:       ::paused::

EnsAaron Markus:        ::paused::

LtDougMcKnight:         ::Paused::

MajorAZinthys:   Good sim, everyone. Thank you for hanging in there with me.

EnsAaron Markus:        ::nods::

LMajAdamDrake:          Raging incompetenace?  ::looks at McKnight::

LtDougMcKnight:         Any time, Major Dad.

MajorAZinthys:   I have nothing else, so goodbye and good night.

LtDougMcKnight:         The ragingest.

Kiley Airell:         night all

OnlineHost:        MajorAZinthys has left the room.

Lt  jg  D  Ellis:     night all

OnlineHost:        Kiley Airell has left the room.

LtDougMcKnight:         Night Ellis.

OnlineHost:        Lt  jg  D  Ellis has left the room.

ElRiov trIdrys:     niters folks

LMajAdamDrake:          Bah to you!