You have just entered room "Celestial Prime."
LtDougMcKnight (7:30:58 PM): Evening, Admiral.
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VAdm Blackthorne (7:31:36 PM): Evening!
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LMajAdamDrake (7:32:25 PM): ::Strides in:: Evening all!
LtDougMcKnight (7:32:29 PM): Evening, Major.
Jack Leirone has entered the room.
LMajAdamDrake (7:32:42 PM): Evening Jack! ::waves::
LtDougMcKnight (7:32:48 PM): Heya, Jack.
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Jack Leirone (7:32:53 PM): ::nods::
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VAdm Blackthorne (7:33:08 PM): This place has a revolving door tonight.
LMajAdamDrake (7:34:02 PM): ::fixes the revolving door::
LMajAdamDrake (7:35:31 PM): Where'd Axe go?
LtDougMcKnight (7:35:39 PM): Away.
Lt jg D Ellis (7:35:45 PM): Whoa! Peoples..
LMajAdamDrake (7:36:34 PM): Heya Dak.
KDAirell (7:37:05 PM): Greetings everyone
Lt jg D Ellis (7:37:09 PM): Hey Drake
Jack Leirone (7:37:45 PM): ::stands back, alone, never blinks::
LMajAdamDrake (7:38:19 PM): ::looks over and motions:: Wallflower... ::smiles and waves politely::
VAdm Blackthorne (7:38:36 PM): Alright, let's get started.
VAdm Blackthorne (7:38:39 PM): Attention!
Jack Leirone (7:38:43 PM): ::AA::
EnsAaron Markus (7:38:44 PM): ::AA::
Lt jg D Ellis (7:38:44 PM): ::AA::
LtDougMcKnight (7:38:54 PM): ::AA::
LMajAdamDrake (7:39:18 PM): ::@@::
KDAirell (7:39:30 PM): ::AA::
VAdm Blackthorne (7:40:03 PM): First of all, let's welcome Jack Leirone to the Engineering department!
LMajAdamDrake (7:40:08 PM): ::smiles and claps::
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Jack Leirone (7:40:18 PM): ::nods to everyone::
LtDougMcKnight (7:40:22 PM): Welcome aboard the ship of the darned.
VAdm Blackthorne (7:40:57 PM): Ensign Leirone will also be a member of the fighter squadron.
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Jack Leirone (7:41:09 PM): ::smirks a little::
Lt jg D Ellis (7:41:22 PM): Welcome Jack
Jack Leirone (7:41:51 PM): Thanks.
VAdm Blackthorne (7:42:31 PM): Alright, for tonight's sim, repairs are just about complete from the attack by the crystalline race. We're still docked in Starbase, but departure preparations are ongoing.
VAdm Blackthorne (7:42:35 PM): Questions?
LMajAdamDrake (7:43:08 PM): ::shakes head:: No, sir.
LtDougMcKnight (7:43:16 PM): Nosiree Bob.
Jack Leirone (7:43:27 PM): ::shakes 'no'::
KDAirell (7:43:35 PM): no Sir
VAdm Blackthorne (7:44:07 PM): Alright then
VAdm Blackthorne (7:44:10 PM): BEGIN SIM
VAdm Blackthorne (7:44:11 PM): BEGIN SIM
VAdm Blackthorne (7:44:12 PM): BEGIN SIM
VAdm Blackthorne (7:44:31 PM): +taps+ Blackthorne to engineering.
LMajAdamDrake (7:44:56 PM): ::looks at a console:: +Blackthorne+ Go ahead, Admiral.
EnsAaron Markus (7:45:02 PM): ::heads for the bridge::
VAdm Blackthorne (7:45:08 PM): +Drake+ Report.
Lt jg D Ellis (7:45:28 PM): ::in a turbo lift::
KDAirell (7:45:36 PM): ::walks into sickbay to double check that everything has been taken care of properly::
LMajAdamDrake (7:46:03 PM): ::taps a PADD that he grabs from a passing ensign:: +Blackthorne+ We got about forty-five minutes sir. We're decoupling the dilithium matrix as we speak, and we have a load of diagnostics coming back soon.
EnsAaron Markus (7:46:17 PM): ::arrives at the bridge and sits at helm/ops::
Jack Leirone (7:46:28 PM): ::steps aboard the ship, no one around::
VAdm Blackthorne (7:46:44 PM): +Drake+ Hurry it up, Major.
Jack Leirone (7:47:03 PM): ::heads for the bridge, instinctively::
Lt jg D Ellis (7:47:32 PM): ::heads to a cargo bay to find some of the things she had stored away.:: I know I have something in there that will help with this translation..
EnsAaron Markus (7:47:38 PM): ::checks to see that all helm operations are ready, and recalibrates forward sensors::
LMajAdamDrake (7:47:46 PM): +Blackthorne+ Aye, Admiral.
VAdm Blackthorne (7:47:53 PM): Ah, Ensign Markus. Glad to have you back at the helm.
EnsAaron Markus (7:48:17 PM): ::nods at the Admiral:: Good to be back, sir.
Jack Leirone (7:48:28 PM): ::arrives at bridge, to the Admiral:: Ensign Jack Leirone reporting, Admiral.
EnsAaron Markus (7:48:47 PM): ::continues working::
VAdm Blackthorne (7:48:54 PM): The new engineer, correct? ::to Leirone::
Jack Leirone (7:49:03 PM): ::nods:: Yes, sir.
LMajAdamDrake (7:49:05 PM): ::taps the console:: Potter, can you confirm the engine diagnostics are complete?
LMajAdamDrake (7:49:21 PM): Potter> ::From the upper level:: Yes, Major. We are set to reinitiate the helm control circuits.
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VAdm Blackthorne (7:49:24 PM): I recall reading that you're a pilot - joining the squadron?
Jack Leirone (7:50:01 PM): ::nods again:: Yes to that as well, sir.
KDAirell (7:50:04 PM): ::nods with satisfaction that her staff have seen to everything, and that there isn't much for her to do::
LMajAdamDrake (7:50:14 PM): ::nods:: Thank you, Ensign. ::walks over to a console to check the EM relays::
VAdm Blackthorne (7:50:28 PM): Excellent. We'll have a checkout flight as soon as possible. Until then, report to Lt. Major Drake in Engineering. There's a lot of work to do down there.
LtDougMcKnight has entered the room.
Jack Leirone (7:50:43 PM): Will do, sir.
Lt jg D Ellis (7:50:44 PM): ::pulls out a case full of data chips:: Ha! I knew I had them..
EnsAaron Markus (7:50:59 PM): ::runs a diagnostic on the lateral sensors::
Jack Leirone (7:51:05 PM): ::turns and enters turbolift, saying:: Engineering.
LMajAdamDrake (7:51:07 PM): +Markus+ Drake to Helm.
EnsAaron Markus (7:51:24 PM): +Drake+ Yes sir...
Lt jg D Ellis (7:51:40 PM): ::heads back to the lab::
LMajAdamDrake (7:51:44 PM): +Markus+ Can you confirm the helm circuits receiving information and power from their engineering counterparts?
VAdm Blackthorne (7:52:03 PM): ::sits down in the center seat, observing the bustling activity::
EnsAaron Markus (7:52:08 PM): +Drake+ Just a moment, sir.
EnsAaron Markus (7:52:18 PM): ::checks information on console::
Jack Leirone (7:52:21 PM): ::arrives at Engineering and determines who is the chief, guessing correctly:: Ensign Jack Leirone reporting, sir.
Jack Leirone (7:52:29 PM): ::thinking:: This is getting monotonus.
Jack Leirone (7:52:46 PM): ((monotonous...oops))
Lt jg D Ellis (7:53:01 PM): ::enters the lab and heads right for an open contorl panel.. starts to take out chips and replace them with hers:: This should help..
EnsAaron Markus (7:53:09 PM): +Drake+ Aye, sir. We're receiving the information here.
LMajAdamDrake (7:53:31 PM): ::turns:: Welcome aboard, Ensign. I wish that I could be more welcoming currently, but we've got millions of things to do. ::holds up a finger::
Jack Leirone (7:53:52 PM): It's what I'm here for.
LMajAdamDrake (7:53:59 PM): +Markus+ Could you begin the reintegration procedures for circuits on Alpha band? And then through beta and delta when those are completed?
KDAirell (7:54:04 PM): :;smiles and walks out of her office into main sickbay::
EnsAaron Markus (7:54:45 PM): +Drake+ Aye sir. I'll get right on it.
VAdm Blackthorne (7:54:53 PM): +Ellis+ Blackthorne to Ellis.
Lt jg D Ellis (7:54:53 PM): :;glances up at the fragment they're keeping in a contained chamber:: I think it's alseep
LMajAdamDrake (7:55:03 PM): Is this your first post, Ensign? ::walks over to another console, hoping the newbie will follow::
Lt jg D Ellis (7:55:21 PM): +Blackthorne+ Yes Admiral?
EnsAaron Markus (7:55:31 PM): ::begins alpha band reintegration::
Jack Leirone (7:55:38 PM): ::follows:: Yes.
VAdm Blackthorne (7:55:42 PM): +Ellis+ Has there been any progress made with the translation?
LMajAdamDrake (7:56:41 PM): Well, I'm sure you're aware of Starfleet procedures - you wouldn't be an ensign if you didn't. If you want to be of help right off the bat, here. ::hands him a PADD:: I need some recalibration done on the dorsal phaser array.
LMajAdamDrake (7:56:52 PM): ::points:: That console right there will let you do it remotely, ask if you need assistance.
LtDougMcKnight (7:56:57 PM): ::Sits in the starbase's main lounge, idly sipping a beer when his comm badge comes to life::
KDAirell (7:57:17 PM): ::notices that everything is in order, decides to head out to relax a little before leaving the starbase::
Jack Leirone (7:57:35 PM)
: ::takes PADD:: Thank you sir.
Lt jg D Ellis (7:57:48 PM): +Blackthrone+ None other then the moods, Sir.. Nothing as far as an actural message
LtDougMcKnight (7:58:05 PM): Marine> +McKnight+ Sir, lieutenant O'Grady here. You asked me to let you know when the comm chatter started to indicate we were "getting out of Dodge"?
LtDougMcKnight (7:58:25 PM): +O'Grady+ So I did. The time is now, then?
EnsAaron Markus (7:58:28 PM): ::finishes alpha band and starts on beta band::
VAdm Blackthorne (7:58:32 PM): +Ellis+ That is an improvement, though. Keep at it, because we're gonna need the help.
Lt jg D Ellis (7:58:55 PM): +Blackthron+ Aye sir.. Working on something that may help now, sir..
Jack Leirone (7:59:01 PM): ::begins working at the console:: Beginning recalibration.
LtDougMcKnight (7:59:13 PM): O'Grady> +McKnight+ Within the hour, sir.
Jack Leirone (7:59:36 PM): Coordinates reset to default settings.
VAdm Blackthorne (7:59:36 PM): +Ellis+ Excellent. Keep me updated, Lieutenant.
LtDougMcKnight (7:59:49 PM): +O'Grady+ Alrighty, see you within the next half of it then. McKnight out.
EnsAaron Markus (7:59:53 PM): ::finishes beta band and begins delta band::
KDAirell (8:00:20 PM): ::heads to the ships lounge . . . enters and looks around::
LMajAdamDrake (8:00:25 PM): ::turns and looks at the Marine::
LMajAdamDrake (8:00:28 PM): ::shakes his head::
Jack Leirone (8:00:59 PM): Beginning...::stops...begins again::...array figuration process.
Jack Leirone (8:01:18 PM): ::turns to Drake:: Within less that one percent of perfection, Chief.
LMajAdamDrake (8:01:22 PM): Larson! Finish all diagnostics in ten minutes.
LMajAdamDrake (8:01:39 PM): ::turns and nods to Jack:: What's your expertise, Ensign?
LMajAdamDrake (8:01:51 PM): Larson> ::opens mouth, but hesitates::
VAdm Blackthorne (8:02:06 PM): Ensign Markus, contact the USS Discovery and inform them that we'll be departing shortly. They'll be accompanying us.
Lt jg D Ellis (8:02:19 PM): ::finsihes plugging in all her chips and puts the normal ones in a file box on TKirr's desk:: Now.. Lets see of this still works.. It has been a while since I used these and I'm sure there's be grades..
EnsAaron Markus (8:02:31 PM): Aye, sir.
Jack Leirone (8:02:48 PM): ::decides to be a little funny:: Things that make other things go 'boom,' chief.
EnsAaron Markus (8:02:54 PM): ::sends a message to the Discovery::
Lt jg D Ellis (8:02:57 PM): ::starts to run the recorded message though the computer again:: But still can't be picky with a 'borrowed' data base..
LMajAdamDrake (8:03:24 PM): ::smiles:: Demolitions, huh?
KDAirell (8:03:33 PM): ::finds a spot near a view port and sits down. Notes that the view isn't all that great at the moment::
LMajAdamDrake (8:03:47 PM): +Markus+ Drake to Markus, report on helm circuits?
EnsAaron Markus (8:03:53 PM): ::gets message acknowledgement:: Admiral, Discovery acknowledges.
EnsAaron Markus (8:04:04 PM): ::finishes delta band:: +Drake+ Markus to Drake, reintegration is complete. All circuits show nominal.
LMajAdamDrake (8:04:18 PM): +Markus+ Excellent, Mr. Markus, Drake out.
LMajAdamDrake (8:04:35 PM): What's the status on the warp core, Mr. Leirone?
Jack Leirone (8:04:49 PM): That and...those who's presence are no longer desired.
LMajAdamDrake (8:05:04 PM): ::perks an eyebrow, but sloughs it off::
VAdm Blackthorne (8:05:06 PM): Excellent. Perhaps this time we won't be outgunned.
Jack Leirone (8:05:25 PM): ::looks at console:: Warp core at 76.87% percent.
Lt jg D Ellis (8:05:31 PM): Hmm.. A little slower then I like.. Not a problem.. ::goes back under the panel and starts playing around with somethings::
EnsAaron Markus (8:05:33 PM): ::raises an eyebrow:: Indeed.
LMajAdamDrake (8:05:47 PM): ::frowns:: I want that at 90% before we leave.
Jack Leirone (8:06:58 PM): ::perks eyebrow, lowers:: No problem.
Lt jg D Ellis (8:07:18 PM): ::starts playing with the UT's data stream while she's at it:: Geez.. You'd think they were still only asking this thing to translate Klingon and Vulcan..
Jack Leirone (8:07:32 PM): ::to self:: Just gonna reroute a little of this, channel a little bit of that and...
Jack Leirone (8:07:45 PM): ::watches as percent number begins to rapidly climb::
LMajAdamDrake (8:07:52 PM): Larson!
Jack Leirone (8:07:55 PM): Presto.
LMajAdamDrake (8:07:59 PM): Larson> I got them right here, Chief.
LtDougMcKnight (8:08:51 PM): ::Finishes his beer, pays for a bottle of Aldeberan Whiskey off the shelf, and checking his watch to ascertain that there's still no need to double time it, heads on back to the ship::
LMajAdamDrake (8:08:58 PM): Helm circuits are go. Diagnostics complete and ready for evaluations.
Lt jg D Ellis (8:09:01 PM): ::still listening to shee loop in the background.. something hiccups and it almost sounded like a word was said.::
LMajAdamDrake (8:09:03 PM): Weapons?
VAdm Blackthorne (8:09:05 PM): ::is looking visibly impatient::
LMajAdamDrake (8:09:07 PM): Potter> Good to go, sir.
LMajAdamDrake (8:09:12 PM): Shielding matrix?
Jack Leirone (8:09:12 PM): ::percent stops at 89.99, to console:: Oh friggin' great. You gotta make things real interesting.
LMajAdamDrake (8:09:21 PM): McPherson> ::nods:: They'll be set in two minutes, sir.
KDAirell (8:09:30 PM): ::smiles to a waiter and orders a drink, then turned back to the view, thinking about all that has happened recently::
Lt jg D Ellis (8:09:32 PM): What the.. ::sits up fast and hits her head:: Damnnit! ::rubbing her head::
LMajAdamDrake (8:09:34 PM): Warp core status, Mr. Leirone?
Jack Leirone (8:09:36 PM): ::to Drake:: 89.99 percent, chief.
LMajAdamDrake (8:10:04 PM): I said 90% and I mean it. ::smiles slightly::
LMajAdamDrake (8:10:15 PM): Sensors! ::calls up to the next level::
Jack Leirone (8:10:20 PM): I didn't say I was done, with all respect.
Lt jg D Ellis (8:10:22 PM): Computer replay the 10 seconds of that loop..
LMajAdamDrake (8:10:25 PM): Brady> All go, sir. Sensor array at full power and integrity.
Jack Leirone (8:11:02 PM): ::takes out tricorder and hooks it up to the console::
EnsAaron Markus (8:11:04 PM): ::readjusts his seat::
LMajAdamDrake (8:11:10 PM): It was a joke, Ensign. ::to Jack, slightly annoyed::
Lt jg D Ellis (8:11:37 PM): Computer> ::lots of scee noise and a flash of short A sound:::
VAdm Blackthorne (8:11:57 PM): Markus, you have the bridge. Inform me when we're ready to depart.
Jack Leirone (8:11:59 PM): ::sets to high frequency::
VAdm Blackthorne (8:12:00 PM): ::enters his RR::
Lt jg D Ellis (8:12:04 PM): There's no A is Scee.. Ok what did I do to get that.. ::goes back under the panel::
EnsAaron Markus (8:12:10 PM): Aye.......sir....
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LMajAdamDrake (8:12:50 PM): I think we're set to get under way.
Jack Leirone (8:13:01 PM): ::activates::
LtDougMcKnight (8:13:07 PM): ::Nods to the pair of starbase security guards watching the airlock as he comes up on the entrance. He'd been initially reluctant to leave the job to naval personnel, but decided those toes weren't in need of stepping on::
Lt jg D Ellis (8:13:08 PM): ::hopes that TKirr and Drake don't notice she's like really rewireing and programm crap left and right.. and has no idea how to get it back to standered.::
Jack Leirone (8:13:28 PM): ::warp core jumps to Drake:: Warp core 95 percent, chief.
LMajAdamDrake (8:13:36 PM): +Bridge+ Drake to Bridge.
LtDougMcKnight (8:13:46 PM): ::Grins:: Word is we've just about overstayed our welcome.
VAdm Blackthorne (8:14:15 PM): ::walks back out onto the bridge and answers the comm:: +Drake+ Blackthorne here.
EnsAaron Markus has entered the room.
LMajAdamDrake (8:14:32 PM): +Blackthorne+ We're ready to fly, sir. Engines standing by on your word.
EnsAaron Markus (8:14:35 PM): ::dazed out for a moment::
KDAirell (8:14:37 PM): ::starts sipping the drink and smiles, remembering when she first had this drink::
VAdm Blackthorne (8:14:44 PM): +Drake+ How are our weapon systems?
LMajAdamDrake (8:14:51 PM): +Drake+ Fully functional, Admiral.
LMajAdamDrake (8:14:57 PM): +Blackthorne+ *
VAdm Blackthorne (8:14:57 PM): +Drake+ Shields?
Jack Leirone (8:15:01 PM): ::looks at Drake::
LMajAdamDrake (8:15:05 PM): +Blackthorne+ Operational.
Lt jg D Ellis (8:15:08 PM): ::this times gets something that sounds like a long I sound::
LtDougMcKnight (8:15:11 PM): Guard 1> This is a stationary base, sir. We're always happy to have company that isn't confined to the holodeck.
VAdm Blackthorne (8:15:15 PM): +Drake+ Excellent. Prepare to depart.
LMajAdamDrake (8:15:21 PM): +Blackthorne+ Aye, Admiral.
VAdm Blackthorne (8:15:51 PM): Markus, contact the dockmaster for clearance.
LMajAdamDrake (8:15:58 PM): All right people, prepare to engage at one fourth impulse. ::smiles::
Lt jg D Ellis (8:16:11 PM): ::laughs under the panel:: Ha! I told them that studing those over grown fish on Dragon IV would be useful somewhere down the line..
Jack Leirone (8:16:20 PM): ::raises eye brows:: If you say so.
LtDougMcKnight (8:16:24 PM): Guard 2> ::Perks his ears up at the departure announcement coming over the comm:: Good timing though, sir.
LMajAdamDrake (8:16:31 PM): It's almost a tradition, Mr. Leirone.
Jack Leirone (8:16:53 PM): ::ignores, prepares to engage::
LtDougMcKnight (8:17:28 PM): ::Smiles and steps past the threshold, waving at the guards as the passage shuts behind him::
EnsAaron Markus (8:17:44 PM): Aye, sir. ::contacts dockmaster:: +dockmaster+ starbase 55, USS Atlantis requesting permission for leave.
LMajAdamDrake (8:17:51 PM): +Blackthorne+ We're set sir.
VAdm Blackthorne (8:17:56 PM): +Drake+ Standby.
KDAirell (8:18:14 PM): ::Her first boyfriend had introduced her to this drink. He had said that it was alcoholic . . . but of course it wasn't::
VAdm Blackthorne (8:18:26 PM): Dockmaster> Starbase 55 here. Blackthorne, remember it's thrusters only in spacedock! Clearance granted.
VAdm Blackthorne (8:18:37 PM): ::smirks::
EnsAaron Markus (8:18:38 PM): ::snickers::
EnsAaron Markus (8:18:53 PM): ::looks back at the Admiral::
VAdm Blackthorne (8:18:55 PM): Markus, inform the Discovery that we're departing.
VAdm Blackthorne (8:19:06 PM): Are all Atlantis personnel aboard?
Lt jg D Ellis (8:19:17 PM): (Our Admiral.. The Richard Petty of Star Fleet.. lol:-))
KDAirell (8:19:28 PM): ::even though things didn't end all to well, Kiley still had fond memories of the time they spent together::
EnsAaron Markus (8:19:59 PM): ::sends message to Discovery then checks personnel count:: Aye, sir.
VAdm Blackthorne (8:20:06 PM): Clear all moorings.
VAdm Blackthorne (8:20:14 PM): ::loves launching from Starbases::
Jack Leirone (8:20:42 PM): ::waits::
EnsAaron Markus (8:20:44 PM): ::Clears moorings::
EnsAaron Markus (8:20:59 PM): Ready, sir.
Lt jg D Ellis (8:21:08 PM): I should have done this from the start.. ::running a test on her new UT program::
VAdm Blackthorne (8:21:08 PM): Reverse thrust and prepare for impulse.
EnsAaron Markus (8:21:26 PM): ::reverses thrust:: Aye, sir.
KDAirell (8:21:35 PM): ::smiles and watches as the ship starts to move away from the station::
VAdm Blackthorne (8:21:43 PM): ACTION> Atlantis backs out of its parking spot and angles for the spacedoors.
VAdm Blackthorne (8:21:54 PM): ACTION> Discovery does likewise and waits for Atlantis.
EnsAaron Markus (8:22:23 PM): ::says to self:: Like driving a cady...
VAdm Blackthorne (8:22:38 PM): Half impulse power through the spacedoors, Ensign.
EnsAaron Markus (8:23:01 PM): Aye, sir. ::smiles ever so slightly::
KDAirell (8:23:11 PM): ::enjoys the show as finishes the drink. Will need to return to sickbay soon::
EnsAaron Markus (8:23:23 PM): ::eases the ship forward at half impulse::
Jack Leirone (8:23:27 PM): ::is quiet...things are better that way::
LtDougMcKnight (8:23:36 PM): Marines> ::Depart engineering as the ship breaks away from the starbase::
VAdm Blackthorne (8:23:48 PM): Cpt. Santiago of the Discovery> ::laughs as he sees Atlantis speed through the doors::
LMajAdamDrake (8:23:56 PM): ::smiles as he watches the impulse go up:: And we're on our way. Extra crews dismissed. Beta shift assume positions and wait for other instructions.
Lt jg D Ellis (8:23:58 PM): ::sits up quckly again.. hits head again:: Son of a.. Would someone move this stupid.. ::realizes she's alone:: Um.. Nevermind..
EnsAaron Markus (8:24:30 PM): One of these days, I gotta try full impulse.....
VAdm Blackthorne (8:24:43 PM): Mr. Markus, set your course for coordinates six four three by nine eight four mark six. Where we met the crystalline creatures. It's a good place to start.
LtDougMcKnight (8:25:26 PM): ::Has to steady himself against the wall for a second as the ship zooms to impulse before the inertial dampeners catch up:: Looks like we have ourselves some cowboys up there.
EnsAaron Markus (8:25:28 PM): Six four three by nine eight four mark six, aye sir. Coordinates set.
KDAirell (8:25:29 PM): ::raises from her chair, and heads back to sickbay. Has some research to continue working on::
VAdm Blackthorne (8:25:36 PM): Perhaps we will next time, Ensign.
VAdm Blackthorne (8:25:48 PM): Warp five.
VAdm Blackthorne (8:26:06 PM): Execute. ::gestures forward::
EnsAaron Markus (8:26:07 PM): ::sets speed:: warp five, sir.
EnsAaron Markus (8:26:21 PM): ::engages warp engines::
LtDougMcKnight (8:26:45 PM): ::Steps into his quarters to drop off the bottle, grouching about the cancellation of the trip back to Earth, but realizing it was inevitable::
EnsAaron Markus (8:26:50 PM): ::nods at the Admiral with a big grin on his face::
VAdm Blackthorne (8:26:56 PM): ::glad to hear the warp engines finally engage again::
LMajAdamDrake (8:27:01 PM): Mr. Leirone, good work on the warp core recalibration. Speedy work. Would you like to join me for a drink? ::walks up to him smiling::
VAdm Blackthorne (8:27:09 PM): ::smiles:: Privileges of flag rank.
VAdm Blackthorne (8:27:25 PM): ACTION> The Discovery follows Atlantis this time instead of towing her.
Jack Leirone (8:27:27 PM): ::shrugs:: Why not?
LMajAdamDrake (8:28:10 PM): ::walks into a turbolift and waits for Jack::
Jack Leirone (8:28:21 PM): ::follows::
EnsAaron Markus (8:28:25 PM): Mind if I set the cruise control, sir? ::grins::
LMajAdamDrake (8:28:28 PM): Deck Ten, Forward Lounge.
Lt jg D Ellis (8:29:01 PM): ::rerecording the message as it passes though the new program.. it getting odd vowle sounds::
KDAirell (8:29:10 PM): ::exits the lounge and heads towards the TL::
VAdm Blackthorne (8:29:28 PM): By all means, Ensign.
Jack Leirone (8:29:56 PM): ::to self:: This is gonna be a hoot.
EnsAaron Markus (8:30:23 PM): ::sits back and enjoys going warp again::
LMajAdamDrake (8:30:34 PM): ::steps off onto the deck and walks down the hallway::
VAdm Blackthorne (8:30:35 PM): Certainly better than being towed.
Jack Leirone (8:30:50 PM): ::follows::
EnsAaron Markus (8:31:08 PM): I just can't wait to get into my fighter that's flying....
KDAirell (8:31:23 PM): ::almost walks into Drake on her way to the TL::
VAdm Blackthorne (8:31:28 PM): We have a checkout flight for the new pilot soon.
Lt jg D Ellis (8:31:32 PM): ::looks around:: Now while that cycles a few times.. What was it I was surppose to do for TKirr again?
EnsAaron Markus (8:31:59 PM): I heard....when do we launch?
Jack Leirone (8:32:01 PM): Been on long, chief?
LMajAdamDrake (8:32:26 PM): ::nods:: Yep. Two years or so.
VAdm Blackthorne (8:32:36 PM): Perhaps when we arrive, since we'll need to stay there for a bit to track our new friends.
KDAirell (8:32:38 PM): Sorry Major.
EnsAaron Markus (8:32:51 PM): ::nods::
LMajAdamDrake (8:33:16 PM): I apologize, Doctor.
Jack Leirone (8:33:19 PM): ::looks after Airell:: Hm.
LMajAdamDrake (8:33:24 PM): ::smiles::
Lt jg D Ellis (8:33:28 PM): Oh well.. Bet a drink would help me rememeber.. ::sets the contorls to automatic.. and heads out of the lab::
KDAirell (8:33:50 PM): ::looks over to Leirone, unfamilar with him, smiles::
LtDougMcKnight (8:34:02 PM): ::Stores the green stuff in his cupboard, and makes his way down to security, where rifles are being checked back into the armory::
LMajAdamDrake (8:34:07 PM): Oh, where are my manners.
LMajAdamDrake (8:34:22 PM): Ensign Jack Lierone, this is Lieutenant Kiley Airell - our Chief Medical Officer.
Jack Leirone (8:34:39 PM): ::offers to take hand:: Pleasure.
KDAirell (8:34:46 PM): Nice to meet you Ensign Lierone. ::shakes his hand::
LMajAdamDrake (8:35:09 PM): We were just about to have a drink, would you like to join us?
EnsAaron Markus (8:35:18 PM): Sir, would you mind if I go work out a little? Being back in the driver's seat has my nerves on fire.
VAdm Blackthorne (8:35:34 PM): That's fine, Ensign. Dismissed.
Jack Leirone (8:35:39 PM): I've always loved that name. Kiley.
KDAirell (8:35:58 PM): ::looks back to Lounge where she had just come from:: Well . . . I was on my way back to sickbay. But, I know my staff can handle things.
EnsAaron Markus (8:35:58 PM): ::nods and walks into the TL::
VAdm Blackthorne (8:36:12 PM): ::takes the opportunity and slides into the helm seat::
KDAirell (8:36:12 PM): Thank you, kind of annoyed me for a while, the name did anyways.
LMajAdamDrake (8:36:21 PM): ::smiles and motions, sitting in a seat::
EnsAaron Markus (8:36:36 PM): ::sees the Admiral take his seat just as the doors close::
Jack Leirone (8:36:41 PM): ::sits down:: Well I think it's lovely.
EnsAaron Markus (8:36:57 PM): ::gym::
Lt jg D Ellis (8:37:02 PM): ::walks into the lounge from the other side of the room::
EnsAaron Markus (8:37:14 PM): *gym ::to TL::
VAdm Blackthorne (8:38:23 PM): PAUSE SIM
VAdm Blackthorne (8:38:25 PM): PAUSE SIM
VAdm Blackthorne (8:38:26 PM): PAUSE SIM
Lt jg D Ellis (8:38:28 PM): paused
EnsAaron Markus (8:38:34 PM): ::paused::
LMajAdamDrake (8:38:34 PM): ::paused::
KDAirell (8:38:41 PM): ::paused::
Jack Leirone (8:38:41 PM)
: ::paused::
VAdm Blackthorne (8:39:07 PM): Attention!
LMajAdamDrake (8:39:08 PM): ::@@::
Lt jg D Ellis (8:39:08 PM): ::AA::
EnsAaron Markus (8:39:08 PM): ::AA::
Jack Leirone (8:39:12 PM): ::AA::
LtDougMcKnight (8:39:13 PM): ::AA::
KDAirell (8:39:29 PM): ::AA::
VAdm Blackthorne (8:39:49 PM): Alright, next week I will be unable to attend, as I'll be flying home during the sim.
VAdm Blackthorne (8:40:17 PM): However, plan to sim as Major Zinthys should be here to run.
LMajAdamDrake (8:40:49 PM): ::nodnod::
VAdm Blackthorne (8:41:34 PM): That's all for this week, unless there are any questions.
Jack Leirone (8:42:11 PM): None from me.
KDAirell (8:42:20 PM): none here
VAdm Blackthorne (8:42:42 PM): Let's give Ensign Leirone another warm welcome, as his first sim seems to have gone pretty well!
Lt jg D Ellis (8:42:58 PM): ::claps::
Jack Leirone (8:43:14 PM): ::nods to everyone and gives dry smile::
LMajAdamDrake (8:43:42 PM): ::claps::
LtDougMcKnight (8:43:59 PM): ::applauds::
VAdm Blackthorne (8:44:25 PM): Alright, that's all for this week. Dismissed!
Jack Leirone has left the room.
LMajAdamDrake (8:45:00 PM): night all.
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KDAirell (8:45:20 PM): night all
KDAirell has left the room.
VAdm Blackthorne (8:45:26 PM): Night all!
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Session concluded at 8:45:28 PM