AIM Chat with MCptAdamDrake, MajorAZinthys, LtDougMcKnight, EnsnDakota Ellis, elriovtridrys, kiantllhyn.

11/18/03, 7:32 PM

vadmblackthorne: Evening!

ElRiov trIdrys: Evening Admiral

LtDougMcKnight: Evening, Admiral.

EnsnDakota Ellis: my NX-02 charaters name is Nina

LtDougMcKnight: Ah.

MCptAdamDrake: Evening Admiral

ElRiov trIdrys: Hey folks I FINALLY got to the Post Office today and got the laptop shipped out to Chip via priority mail. She should have it in a few days' time

EnsnDakota Ellis: Evening Admiral

vadmblackthorne: Cool!

MajorAZinthys: Woohoo!!

7:35 PM

MCptAdamDrake: Right on!

ElRiov trIdrys: This time if she's not there when it's delivered they'll leave a note saying she can come pick it up at the local Post Office.

ElRiov trIdrys: It's insured and we can track it.

vadmblackthorne: Good to hear.

EnsnDakota Ellis: Now lets hope Kate has figured out how to sleep at night.. lol

ElRiov trIdrys: I'll say. 5 months with no Chip is a looooooooooooooooooooooooooong time.

vadmblackthorne: I wish I could just flat out afford to buy her an iBook.

EnsnDakota Ellis: it's been five months?!

ElRiov trIdrys: yup since early July

EnsnDakota Ellis: wow

vadmblackthorne: Yep

ElRiov trIdrys: ::listens to crickets::

EnsnDakota Ellis: ::puts the crickets in little boxs and sells them as good luck charms::

7:40 PM

vadmblackthorne: Alright, let's get started.

MajorAZinthys: ::Pulls out a shiny little silver whistle::

MajorAZinthys: ::blows into it:: TWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET

MajorAZinthys: Attention!!

LtDougMcKnight: ::AA::

ElRiov trIdrys: ::AA::

EnsnDakota Ellis: ::AA::

vadmblackthorne: First of all, I'd like to apologize for the last two weeks.

LtDougMcKnight: Perfectly understandable. The nap is a seductive mistress.

ElRiov trIdrys: (( blame ... it ... on ... the ... out ... of ... state ... drivers ...  ))

vadmblackthorne: Especially last week - I can't stop traffic, but I can stop the nap.

ElRiov trIdrys: (( or on the Mame ... ))

vadmblackthorne: No, I blame it on California drivers.

vadmblackthorne: Anyway, that said, could someone please send along a chatlog of our last sim?

EnsnDakota Ellis: ::looks at Eric who always saves sim log::

vadmblackthorne: Eric, you wanna be in charge of sending chatlogs?

ElRiov trIdrys: sure thing

vadmblackthorne: Great!

EnsnDakota Ellis: ::pokes Eric with a stick::

ElRiov trIdrys: you need the one from 3 weeks ago?

vadmblackthorne: Yes, that one.

vadmblackthorne: I forgot to save it.

ElRiov trIdrys: okie dokie, I'll look it up, brb

7:45 PM

LtDougMcKnight: Maybe in the mean time, people could just give bullet point summaries of what they remember.

ElRiov trIdrys: sent

LtDougMcKnight: Might make it a little quicker. Just a thought.

LtDougMcKnight: Never mind.

vadmblackthorne: Alright, last time the ship was at all stop in the middle of nowhere and we were hazing, er, initiating Dakota into the fighter squadron.

vadmblackthorne: All was calm and quiet...

vadmblackthorne: Questions?

LtDougMcKnight: Not a one.

MajorAZinthys: Nope

vadmblackthorne: BEGIN SIM

vadmblackthorne: BEGIN SIM

vadmblackthorne: BEGIN SIM

vadmblackthorne: ::flying casually outside the ship in his Mustang, watching the other two fighters::

MCptAdamDrake: ::standing in the plasma flow juncture::

MajorAZinthys: ::Standing at tac::

MajorAZinthys: ::Watching over the bridge and the fighters::

ElRiov trIdrys: ::in SB taking inventory::

LtDougMcKnight: ::Stands in the turbolift, trying desperately to overcome his short attention span and remember where the hell he was planning on going when he said so long to O'Grady::

EnsnDakota Ellis: ::in her fighter looking for the other dude::

7:50 PM

MCptAdamDrake: ::taps the console and then walks out into the corridor::

MCptAdamDrake: ::whistles and taps a PADD as he steps into Main Engineering::

ElRiov trIdrys: ::qm:: This gives a whole new meaning to killing time. ... ::scowls::

ElRiov trIdrys: T'Nal > ::helping with inventory:: How, Hakkie?

LtDougMcKnight: Oh, right. Bridge! Thank you, brain.

vadmblackthorne: +Fighters+ Alright, time to test the microtorp systems.

EnsnDakota Ellis: +taps+ Aye Sir.. Ready when you are..

LtDougMcKnight: Brain> Well shucks, ain't no thing.

ElRiov trIdrys: ::rolls eyes:: Oh brother. T'Nal, I am going stir crazy here. I'm probably going to have to see the Counselor one of these days because I have cabin fever.

vadmblackthorne: +Fighters+ Bring up your stores list. Watch it with your life.

MCptAdamDrake: Foster! Did you check the plasma reduction systems?

EnsnDakota Ellis: ::does as ordered and watches the little screen::

ElRiov trIdrys: T'Nal > ::shrugs:: I'm having plenty of fun here. What's your problem?

LtDougMcKnight: ::Finishes his turbolift ride, walks out onto the bridge, and takes a quiet place in the corner, figuring there's no sense making a show of himself, seeing as how he really doesn't do anything up here::

vadmblackthorne: +Fighters+ You have 10 microtorps, 4 cluster bombs, and 4 smart bombs.

ElRiov trIdrys: ::m:: Haven't been out of here in ages.

EnsnDakota Ellis: +taps+ ::reading over the list:: Check.. all here

MCptAdamDrake: Foster> ::nods:: Aye, Captain, was there a problem?

ElRiov trIdrys: T'Nal > Well, we do have the job to finish.

vadmblackthorne: +Dakota+ Alright, this targeting system is fairly new, so take your time and get a lock on that bouy out there.

ElRiov trIdrys: Yeah yeah yeah. Business before pleasure.

LtDougMcKnight: ::Looks over at Zinthy's display:: Admiral breaking in the new guys, sir?

MCptAdamDrake: Yes, I'd say there was. I almost lost the right nacelle because it was going to overheat. Unless you want to be fine grains of space dust spread across seven sectors I'd make sure that it is working properly.

ElRiov trIdrys: T'Nal > ::snickers:: At least we have quality pleasure you know. ::pats tummy and then sneezes loudly::

MajorAZinthys: ::Looks over at Doug:: Yup. Ensign Ellis.

ElRiov trIdrys: You have to remind me of that!?

7:55 PM

LtDougMcKnight: ::Grins:: Ah, he'll have his hands full with that one.

MCptAdamDrake: Foster> ::nods grimly:: Aye, sir.

EnsnDakota Ellis: ::glances out the cockpit window to find the bouy before tapsing buttons::

ElRiov trIdrys: T'Nal > Well gee aren't we getting all uppity here Mister.

MajorAZinthys: You know her?

EnsnDakota Ellis: ::watches as the taget lock keeps slipping.. mutter under her breath::

ElRiov trIdrys: ::scrolls through PADD to see which form of PMS is worse, Vulcan or Bajoran::

ElRiov trIdrys: T'Nal > ::sees PADD:: HEY! ::snatches it from him::

MCptAdamDrake: ::gets a PADD from a passing ensign:: Thank you.

LtDougMcKnight: Might say that, sir. Shot her once.

EnsnDakota Ellis: (Bajoran)

LtDougMcKnight: Well, technically, I shot a sheep. But she never seems to find that detail too important.

ElRiov trIdrys: ( hee hee hee I know! I know! )

MCptAdamDrake: ::thumbs through pages of targeting sensor information and photon torpedo yields:: Mr. Jeddin, you've got Engineering. I'll be back shortly.

MCptAdamDrake: Jeddin> ::nods:: Aye, sir, I'll keep her safe.

EnsnDakota Ellis: ::finally gets it to hold:: bout damn time.. +taps+ Got it Sir..

ElRiov trIdrys: ( Keptin! Ve have veapons lokked on! Vee shoot at Kleengon sheep! )

MCptAdamDrake: ::with nose buried in a PADD, walks out of Engineering and into the corridor::

vadmblackthorne: +Dakota+ Fire away.

MajorAZinthys: a... sheep?

ElRiov trIdrys: ::sighs, buries head in hands::

EnsnDakota Ellis: ::presses the button and fires away:: you'd better hit it..

vadmblackthorne: ACTION> Dakota's torpedo never makes it to the bouy, but impacts on something.

LtDougMcKnight: Uh...yeah. We were both serving on Cervantes at the time. Ship landed on this thing that makes physical manifestations from the thoughts of whoever shows up first.

MCptAdamDrake: ::Steps into the TL:: Bridge. ::tapping his toe as he looks at the explosion radii::

EnsnDakota Ellis: Shit! What the hell was that!

MajorAZinthys: ::blinks::

MajorAZinthys: She missed... but she hit something... I think.

MCptAdamDrake: ::walks onto the bridge:: Major...

MCptAdamDrake: ::stops as he listens to the tactical officer::

MajorAZinthys: Mr. Drake.

vadmblackthorne: ACTION> A large ship of unknown origin decloaks and begins firing on the fighters and the Atlantis, catching Atlantis with shields down.

EnsnDakota Ellis: +Taps+ Sir, I have no idea what just happened...

MajorAZinthys: Shit!!

MajorAZinthys: Red alert!!

LtDougMcKnight: ::Nods briefly to Drake before glancing at the display again, sensing that his story will have to be finished another time::

MCptAdamDrake: ::panel explodes near him and is thrown against the wall::

ElRiov trIdrys: :::feels the ship shake::: What the hell is that!

8:00 PM

LtDougMcKnight: Oh crap.

ElRiov trIdrys: +Bridge+ What's going on?

LtDougMcKnight: I'll be in security.

MCptAdamDrake: ::crawls up to the engineering panel and is bleeding::

MajorAZinthys: Goddamn it!! ::begins firing on the new ship::

EnsnDakota Ellis: +Taps+ Return fire Sir?

ElRiov trIdrys: ::exchanges worried glance with T'Nal:: Best prepare for any incoming ...

vadmblackthorne: +Dakota+ Yes, and watch yourself!

MajorAZinthys: +Idrys+ Unknown ship decloaked. Taking fire.

ElRiov trIdrys: T'Nal > ::nods and begins prepping biobeds etc.""

MCptAdamDrake: ::taps:: Shield generators took damage, we've got 71% shields. Droppin' fast.

LtDougMcKnight: ::Begins rushing for the lift, but spots Drake's condition:: Major, we have a med kit around?

MajorAZinthys: ::points for Doug's benefit::

MCptAdamDrake: +Jeddin+ I need shield generators back, Michael!

ElRiov trIdrys: +Zinthys+ Understood. We're getting Sickbay prepared for anything should you need us as we speak Sir

MajorAZinthys: ::taps:: +Ian+ Atlantis to Admiral Blackthorne.

MCptAdamDrake: I'm OK, Lieutenant, they're going to need you in security.

LtDougMcKnight: Gotcha, sir.

vadmblackthorne: ::hails that ship:: This is Admiral Ian Blackthorne of the Federation STarship Atlantis. Cease fire!

EnsnDakota Ellis: ::starts to postion herself to attack the ship.. scans it quickly for any weak spots.. mean while fires on it in sevral places at once::

LtDougMcKnight: ::Shoves a few bandages in Drake's hand, and takes off, leaving the med kit behind::

ElRiov trIdrys: ::goes over to where T'Nal is and begins preparation routine for Red Alert status:::

vadmblackthorne: ::while giving Dakota cover fire::

vadmblackthorne: +Zinthys+ Blackthorne here!

MajorAZinthys: +Idrys+ Prepare for incoming.

ElRiov trIdrys: +Zinthys+ Already prepared Sir.

LtDougMcKnight: ::Rushes into the lift, screaming at the computer as the door sahuts behind him:: Security!

MajorAZinthys: +Ian+ Admiral, I must highly recommend that you return to the safety of the Atlanits

MCptAdamDrake: ::wipes some blood of his face::

MCptAdamDrake: *off

ElRiov trIdrys: ::nods at T'Nal:: Well it looks like we're going to have our hands full here.

vadmblackthorne: +Zinthys+ Noted, Major.

EnsnDakota Ellis: ::locks onto what seems to be a power cell and fires on it.. while avoid return fire::

vadmblackthorne: ::hails them again:: Please respond. You are in violation of Federation space, please cease fire.

LtDougMcKnight: +Security+ Whoever's in charge down there, sound general quarters. I want everyone we've got geared up, ASAP.

MajorAZinthys: +Ian+ ::Sighs:: Good luck out there, sir.

MCptAdamDrake: Jeddin> Alpha Team! Deck Twenty-One! Shield Generators 1 through 4!

LtDougMcKnight: Security flunky> Yes sir, soundign general quarters!

EnsnDakota Ellis: Great fine get mad.. but you started it! ::fires one ofthe MTs.:: take that you sneaky son of...

MCptAdamDrake: ::turns to Zinthys:: Shields at 54% and continuing to drop!

MCptAdamDrake: Jeddin> ::watches the teams sprint from engineering::

8:05 PM

vadmblackthorne: ::dives around into a strafing run with his omniphasers and clusters::

vadmblackthorne: Enough diplomacy.

MajorAZinthys: Enemy ship down to 59% shields.

MCptAdamDrake: 46%

ElRiov trIdrys: This is what I hate the most ... the wait and knowing that at the end we have to treat wounded and maybe put some in body bags.

MCptAdamDrake: I can't get an origin of that ship, sir! ::

ElRiov trIdrys: T'Nal > I know, Hakim. I can't stand it either. ::sneezes::

EnsnDakota Ellis: ::backs off to avoid incomming.. gets nipped in the wing:: Hey! I just got this! ::lets lose with another MT and a fast round of phaser fire::

LtDougMcKnight: ::Rushes into security as soon as the turbolift lets him off, immediately donning a phaser resistant vest and grabbing a compression rifle:: Alright people, let's get ready for a possible boarding party!

ElRiov trIdrys: I'll have to prescribe a strong antihistamine for that ... can't have you sneezing over all the wounded, now, can we? ::grins::

ElRiov trIdrys: T'Nal > No indeed. ...

LtDougMcKnight: I want 6 of you down to engineering, 3 to the bridge. The rest of you, I want you to form up in 12 man squads, one for each available transporter room, and be ready if you're called.

MajorAZinthys: Action> Wounded pour into sickbay from the lower decks.

EnsnDakota Ellis: ::takes a chance that they don't have the multi-directional phasers and heads for the under side of the ship.:: I'm done playing fire.. ::scans for the weaks point in the sheidling::

LtDougMcKnight: But for God sakes, try to stay out of the way. I'm really getting sick of jar head jokes.

ElRiov trIdrys: All right, let's get started. ::begins helping people onto biobeds::

ElRiov trIdrys: T'Nal > ::also helps and directs other nurses::

MajorAZinthys: We're beatin' 'em down. 40%

LtDougMcKnight: Alright, raise your hands if you've had field medic training!

vadmblackthorne: ::dives down with Dakota::

MCptAdamDrake: ::grips as Atlantis is rocked again:: I just lost shield generators on the port aft quarter... Damn!

ElRiov trIdrys: :::begins treatment of wounded:::

LtDougMcKnight: ::Looks around and counts 12, including himself:: Alright, 6 of you grab med kits and head on down to sickbay. See if they need a hand.

8:10 PM

MajorAZinthys: ::manuevers the ship to keep the starbord and stern pointing at the enemy ship::

ElRiov trIdrys: Just keep calm folks and we'll get to you ...

vadmblackthorne: ::monitoring Atlantis's condition:: This'll be a stalemate if it keeps going this way.

ElRiov trIdrys: :::moves from patient #1 to patient #2:::

MCptAdamDrake: 39% We have maybe a couple more shots before they can transport! ::slides over to another panel::

kiantllhyn has joined this chat.

EnsnDakota Ellis: ::watching the scans.. smiles at the small fuzzy spot:: Ten to one that's the waste containment section... Ha! ::fires on the fussy part of the sheild::

ElRiov trIdrys: (( Evening Lyn!!  ))

LtDougMcKnight: ::Watches the well-armed medics scurry off for sickbay and turns to the security monitors, watching to see if the marines remaining in security are needed::

MajorAZinthys: Damn. And we're already damaged from the eariler hit...

kiantllhyn: ((Evening Idrys... OK if i watch quietly?))

MCptAdamDrake: +Jeddin+ Michael! Status!

MajorAZinthys: +Ian+ Admiral, we can't keep this up.

ElRiov trIdrys: :::treating patients methodically ... moving from one to the next ... slow but sure ))

ElRiov trIdrys: :::

MCptAdamDrake: Jeddin> +Drake+ I'm workin' on it, Captain! I've got Alpha team at 1 through 6 now. We'll see something soon.

vadmblackthorne: (( Welcome! Watch away!))

MCptAdamDrake: +Jeddin+ Now, I need something now!

ElRiov trIdrys: (( sure thing Lyn ))

vadmblackthorne: ACTION> Dakota's shot hurts them enough to give Atlantis the advantage.

LtDougMcKnight: Marines> Pile out onto the bridge and into engineering, immediately seeking out those spots that will provide a good field of fire, while simultaneously allowing them to avoid hindering the regular functions::

MajorAZinthys: hmmm...

MajorAZinthys: ::Sees the weakness and aims a quantum torpedo spread at their engines::

MCptAdamDrake: ::taps:: We got the edge...their engine matrix is open. Coordinates, seven nine four point seven.

MCptAdamDrake: ::turns and sees the Marines comin' in::

ElRiov trIdrys: :::mops sweat from brow::: ::calls across room:: How's it going there T'Nal?

MajorAZinthys: +Doug+ McKnight! Prepare a boarding party.

MCptAdamDrake: ::taps the console:: We can tractor them, Major. We've got full power to the emitters.

vadmblackthorne: ::fires a few microtorps then gets out of the way of hte big guns from Atlantis::

ElRiov trIdrys: T'Nal > Doing OK here ... slow but sure as always.

EnsnDakota Ellis: ::swings around and perpares to get out of the way of the Atlantis' way.::

MajorAZinthys: They don't seem to be running away, Mr. Drake.

ElRiov trIdrys: :::working on next patient:::

LtDougMcKnight: +Zinthys+ Got several 12-man teams waiting in the transporter rooms, Major.

MCptAdamDrake: Well, we can make sure they stay that way. ::smiles as he wipes some blood away again::

ElRiov trIdrys: Patient > Am I going to be all right Doc?

8:15 PM

LtDougMcKnight: ::Rushes to transporter room 1 to personally take command of the team there::

EnsnDakota Ellis: (Doc> Depends.. who's you HMO?)

MajorAZinthys: +McKnight+ Good. If I can get their shields to drop, even for an instant, I want control of that ship.

ElRiov trIdrys: ::nods:: It's not much. Just make sure you don't turn this into a habit. ::finishes treatment, grins::

MajorAZinthys: I'll remember that.

LtDougMcKnight: +Zinthys+ Aye, sir.

LtDougMcKnight: ::Rushes into Transporter Room 1:: Alright, how many photon grenades do we have, people?

ElRiov trIdrys: ::moves to next patient:: Just hold still here. ::takes out laser scalpel and dermal regenerator:: Shouldn't take a minute.

ElRiov trIdrys: :::works away::

LtDougMcKnight: Marine> 2 apiece, sir.

MajorAZinthys: ::keeps pouring torps and phaser fire into the breach::

ElRiov trIdrys: Patient > How'd you do that?

LtDougMcKnight: Swell. Put 3 of them on the pad. Uh...transporter guy, prepare to beam them directly onto that bridge.

vadmblackthorne: ACTION> The enemy ship stops firing back.

ElRiov trIdrys: ::smiles:: A good magician never tells his secrets. ::moves on to next patient::

LtDougMcKnight: And set those grenades to medium yield. I don't mind gettinf rid of the bridge crew, but I don;t wanna be sucking vacuum when we get there.

EnsnDakota Ellis: ::places herself between the ships:: check,,, your move mister weird ship

LtDougMcKnight: Then again, Zinthys would have my ass. Just set them to stun.

MajorAZinthys: ::assumes he or the fighters knocked out weapons and keeps shooting to disable::

ElRiov trIdrys: ::begins examining patient:: Hmmm sometimes some of our own get in the line of fire. So you're on the med staff too?

ElRiov trIdrys: Patient > ::nods:: Yes.

ElRiov trIdrys: And you would be ... ?

MajorAZinthys: ::Sends out another hail::

LtDougMcKnight: ::Seperates 3 marines from the main group, knowing 12 men would be a tight fit for the bridge alone::

MCptAdamDrake: Shield Generators back on-line. 81%

ElRiov trIdrys: Patient > Livingstone, Sir.

vadmblackthorne: ::flies a patrol around the ship::

ElRiov trIdrys: Ah. Doctor Livingstone, I presume.

vadmblackthorne: ACTION> The hail is finally answered.

MajorAZinthys: <<::smacks forehead::>>

8:20 PM

MajorAZinthys: ::Ceases firing::

MCptAdamDrake: ::grins:: We're gettin' a response, Major.

EnsnDakota Ellis: young Bajoran woman> ::walks into sick bay with an infant::

MajorAZinthys: ::puts in on the big screen::

ElRiov trIdrys: Patient > Yeah that's me all right.

ElRiov trIdrys: T'Nal > ::sees Bajoran woman:: May I help you?

MajorAZinthys: I am Major Allen Zinthys of the Federation starship Atlantis. You are in violation of our territory. State your business.

EnsnDakota Ellis: yBw> Someone.. please, we fell when the ship was attcked.

ElRiov trIdrys: ::finishes work on Livingstone, moves over to yBw:: All right, come on over here.

ElRiov trIdrys: ::helps her over to biobed::

EnsnDakota Ellis: yBw> ::follows and places the boy on the bed::

MCptAdamDrake: ::wipes the blood off::

vadmblackthorne: ACTION> The visual takes some time to come up.

EnsnDakota Ellis: ::buzzing around like a pissed off bee::

MCptAdamDrake: ::looks at the big screen::

MajorAZinthys: ::Taps his finger impatiently::

MajorAZinthys: What's the problem, Drake?

vadmblackthorne: ACTION> Then what appears to be a giant diamond, suspended in midair, appears on the screen.

LtDougMcKnight: (Tholians?)

vadmblackthorne: ACTION> It pulses with light, which the universal translator tries to interpret but just ends up sounding like nails on a chalkboard.

vadmblackthorne: (Nope)

ElRiov trIdrys: ::examines kid with medical tricorder:: Bad bump he has there. T'Nal he may have a concussion.

MCptAdamDrake: ::cringes::

ElRiov trIdrys: T'Nal > ::nods::

MajorAZinthys: ::Shivers::

EnsnDakota Ellis: (dude can we get that in a sliver setting? I need a high ring)

MCptAdamDrake: ::taps the console:: Universal translator not working.

EnsnDakota Ellis: (^school)

8:25 PM

MajorAZinthys: Make it.


vadmblackthorne: +Z+ What's going on up there, Major?

LtDougMcKnight: ::Sends 2 men back to security to await further instructions, and then waits with the 4 men who will join him if and when they assault that bridge::

ElRiov trIdrys: ( hey ... the missing movement of Bela Bartok's 7th String Quartet!! )

MCptAdamDrake: ::taps the console again:: There's no dialect to hook onto.

ElRiov trIdrys: :::begins treating the kid:::

MajorAZinthys: +Ian+ I cannot communicate with them. It's a totally unknown language.

EnsnDakota Ellis: yBw> Will he bo aright? He's too young for a concussion.. His mother is going to freak..

vadmblackthorne: +Z+ Continue to try, reprogram it if you have to.

vadmblackthorne: +Dakota+ Return to base immediately while we have a chance to.

MajorAZinthys: +Ian+ We're doing what we can. I just hope they don't decide to start this all over again.

ElRiov trIdrys: :::continuing work::: I think he'll be all right ... let me see. ::looks at PADD::

EnsnDakota Ellis: +Ian+ Aye sir.. Permission to work on the UT if they need help, Sir..

LtDougMcKnight: +Other teams+ Sergeants Li and Perrin, I want you to coordinate an assault on their engineering section. Li, you take your 6 and beam right into the place. Perrin, you will be beamed directly outside to reinforce them.

vadmblackthorne: +Dakota+ Granted.

MajorAZinthys: Do what you need to do.

ElRiov trIdrys: No ... not as severe as I thought. But that's one humdinger of a bruise there.

vadmblackthorne: ::flies back toward the assault bay doors on the Atlantis::

MajorAZinthys: ::lowers the red alert to yellow::

EnsnDakota Ellis: ::files back to the Anlatis.. slowing and easing to the bay..::

vadmblackthorne: ACTION> As the two ships sit there, the enemy ship begins to regenerate slowly.

ElRiov trIdrys: :::picks up hypospray, injects it into the kid's neck:::

MCptAdamDrake: ::taps the console once more:: No dialect - no tangible words of any kind. There is absolutely nothing for me to work with - I'm running it through the musical database. We'll see if it'll work.

vadmblackthorne: (( UT> It's not unusual to be loved by anyone! ))

ElRiov trIdrys: All right ... that ought to ease the pain. ::works with dermal instrument:::

EnsnDakota Ellis: kid> ::starts to wail::

ElRiov trIdrys: ::picks kid up:: T'Nal, toss me a lolly if you'd be so kind.

ElRiov trIdrys: T'Nal > ::does so::

MajorAZinthys: Their ship is regenerating. Wonderful.

EnsnDakota Ellis: (He;s nine months old he can't eat a lolliepop)

vadmblackthorne: ::softly lands his fighter::

ElRiov trIdrys: ( OK so magic edit )

vadmblackthorne: ::quickly powers down the fighter and pops the canopy::

MCptAdamDrake: ::looks at a flashing red light:: They're modifying their shields too. Their frequency has completely encrypted itself and is regenerating as well.

LtDougMcKnight: +Bridge+ Major, we do have a positive reading on a friendly atmosphere, right?

MCptAdamDrake: ::looks at the readouts as they pour out:: And the engines are also rebuilding their destroyed plasma drives.

ElRiov trIdrys: ::picks kid up:: He'll be OK for now. Just see to it he gets lots of rest.


ElRiov trIdrys: ::hands kid to yBw::

MajorAZinthys: ::Curses some more::

8:30 PM

MajorAZinthys: ::cuts the audio:: Drake, let me know when they start making sense.

ElRiov trIdrys: ( I was wrong. Not Bartok it's Penderecki  )

MCptAdamDrake: They can be back up in less then an hour, sir.

EnsnDakota Ellis: ::lands, get out of the cockpit and quickly takes a look at her left wing.. shakes her head:: Well that's one way to break in a figter.. Though I could went with out the actural Breaking it!.

vadmblackthorne: ::jumps down::

vadmblackthorne: ::takes off his helmet::

MCptAdamDrake: Shall I send you an invitation to the unveiling of my new translation matrix because of it? ::grins::

vadmblackthorne: Well, I'd say that qualifies as a checkout flight.

MajorAZinthys: The entire ship is crystalline.

ElRiov trIdrys: :::looks around, mops brow::: Man but that was a marathon session.

EnsnDakota Ellis: ::turns, removing her helmet:: yes sir it does..

vadmblackthorne: ACTION> A giant emerald appears behind the diamond. SCREEEE??!?

vadmblackthorne: Diamond> SCREEEEEEEEEEE!!!

vadmblackthorne: Good flying, Ensign.

MCptAdamDrake: What the hell? ::turns::

EnsnDakota Ellis: (ok for get the diamond I want the

LtDougMcKnight: (Wow, maybe we can capture these guys and sell them to the first jeweler we find.)

MajorAZinthys: Drake, what if you ran it through... a filter of some kind. Maybe it just sounds that way because the sound originates from the crystalline structures.

ElRiov trIdrys: ( Somehow Emeralds are a girl's best friend doesn't have QUITE that ... "ring" ... to it )

MajorAZinthys: ::checks some readouts::

LtDougMcKnight: (But they're green.)

MajorAZinthys: +Doug+ Negative. Belay the boarding party order.

MCptAdamDrake: ::nods:: I'm already on it.

EnsnDakota Ellis: Thank you, Admiral.. ::throws her helmet back into the cockpit and heads out to help with the UT::

MajorAZinthys: <m> At least they can talk to each other...

LtDougMcKnight: +Zinthys+ Wonderful. Well, we were considering beaming over a few ohoton grenades to soften them up. WOuld you like us to keep that option in reserve?

vadmblackthorne: Diamond> SCREEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! SCREEEE SCREE SCR-SCREE

vadmblackthorne: Emerald> SCREE.

ElRiov trIdrys: ::flops into chair exhausted::

MajorAZinthys: +Doug+ That could work.

vadmblackthorne: ::tosses his helmet into the fighter and heads to the TL:: Bridge.

MajorAZinthys: +Doug+ This would be a nice prize, but these... beings are thouroughly alien.

MajorAZinthys: ::nods:: Fighters are aboard...

LtDougMcKnight: +Zinthys+ Their weapons seemed familiar enough, sir.

MajorAZinthys: +Doug+ I suppose there's only so many effective ways to blow things up.

EnsnDakota Ellis: ::makes a side trip the lab to get the modfied tri-corder she riged to help her translate all those dead cat words from her last ship::

8:35 PM

LtDougMcKnight: +Li, Perrin+ Sergeants, belay that boarding order. Atmosphere aboard hostil craft is toxic, repeat, atmosphere is toxic.

MCptAdamDrake: There's nothing coming in through the filters.

MajorAZinthys: Well this is getting us nowhere.

MCptAdamDrake: I may be able to do it if I invert the field variance. Premission to go to Communication Control, Major? ::turns::

MajorAZinthys: Granted

EnsnDakota Ellis: ::quickly heads for the comm relays.. taking a short mommet to find them first::

LtDougMcKnight: ::Grabs a photon grenade out of his tactical vest, sets it to maximum yield, and signals the man beside him to do the same. The weapons can be activated in transport::

vadmblackthorne: ::Arrives on the bridge:: Report!

ElRiov trIdrys: ::surveys SB and looks at wounded now resting comfortably:: ::q:: Well we sure got our fingers dirty this time.

MajorAZinthys: We cannot communicate with the inhabitants of the vessel

MCptAdamDrake: ::steps into the turbolift:: Deck 17.

vadmblackthorne: DIAMOND> SCREEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

vadmblackthorne: ::winces:: Indeed.

ElRiov trIdrys: T'Nal > ::nods:: Indeed we did. ::sits as well::

EnsnDakota Ellis: ::finds herself somewhere on deck 17.:: I need to really study the ship's lay out..

MCptAdamDrake: ::rides the TL down and steps into the hall::

MajorAZinthys: The vessel itself is regenerating. Apparently the crystalline structures are realigning themselves.

MCptAdamDrake: ::walks around and sees Ensign Ellis:: You look lost...?

vadmblackthorne: What's our status?

EnsnDakota Ellis: Where the hell did those dork on Mars hide the damn comm replays?

LtDougMcKnight: +Admiral+ Admiral Blackthorne, permission to check out one of our Mark 2 tricobalt devices from the armory, for possible beam in to the enemy craft's engineering section.

MajorAZinthys: Shields are coming back up... ::looks down:: we are currently at 85% maximum.

vadmblackthorne: Engines? Weapons?

ElRiov trIdrys: Back to inventory I guess. ::shoves self back up and gets to work::

vadmblackthorne: +McKnight+ Stand by.

MCptAdamDrake: I'm going there now, follow me. ::walks down the hallway, around a corner, and back in the far corner are a pair of doors:: Right here.

MajorAZinthys: We took casualties from the initial hit. We were caught by surprise.

ElRiov trIdrys: T'Nal > ::also gets up and assists::

LtDougMcKnight: +Blackthorne+ Standing by.

8:40 PM

ElRiov trIdrys: Business as usual. Boring as hell but I like it.

vadmblackthorne: ACTION> The comm is cut

MajorAZinthys: Fortuanetly, they didn't hit anything of any real value. The shield generators that were damaged have been brought back online.

EnsnDakota Ellis: ::follows:: Thank you Captain.. ::walks over to a replay and accesses the comm records::

MCptAdamDrake: ::wipes a stain of blood off his face::

MajorAZinthys: I guess they don't want to look at us anymore...

ElRiov trIdrys: T'Nal > Well, I really don't know if there really is any such thing as "usual" around here ...

ElRiov trIdrys: ::stops, looks at her:: You know, you have a point there.

vadmblackthorne: ACTION> The ship, which can now clearly be seen to look like a giant teardrop-shaped multicolored gem, begins to show a large energy buildup.

ElRiov trIdrys: ::thinks ... With those ears, more than just one ...::

MajorAZinthys: There's some kind of energy buildup, Admiral

EnsnDakota Ellis: Wonderful.. It figures it would be a language based on sounds rather then charaters.. ::turns to looks quickly at Drake:: you ok?

vadmblackthorne: What sort of energy?

MajorAZinthys: The word "ominous" comes to mind.

MCptAdamDrake: ::nods:: Took a shot.

vadmblackthorne: ACTION> Oh, and their ship is relatively small compared to the Atlantis.

MajorAZinthys: Unknown.

MCptAdamDrake: Panel exploded.

vadmblackthorne: I need something more technical.

MCptAdamDrake: ::steps in and sits down a computer console, turns, and offers his hand:: Captain Adam Drake.

LtDougMcKnight: (SO when you say the comm is cut, do you mean there's no communication between different parts of the ship?)

vadmblackthorne: (No, they dropped communications with us.)

LtDougMcKnight: (Ah.)

EnsnDakota Ellis: I hate when that happens.. ::shakes his hand with one hand while pressing buttons with the other:: Dakota Ellis..

LtDougMcKnight: ::Is informed of the buildup by the transporter guy, monitoring the situation himself::

vadmblackthorne: ACTION> The enemy ship suddenly charges toward Atlantis's secondary hull at amazing speed.

LtDougMcKnight: +Blackthorne+ Admiral, be advised, we have a few photon grenades ready to be beamed aboard the alien bridge now, at your order.

MCptAdamDrake: So, you're thinking that it will deals with sounds. OK, so we have to worry about decoding the pattern.

MajorAZinthys: They're charging!

vadmblackthorne: Evasive!

MajorAZinthys: Evasion maneuvers!

MajorAZinthys: ::Taps buttons::

LtDougMcKnight: Ah crap. ::Reaches for the transporter concole for support as the ship lurches::

vadmblackthorne: ACTION> The evasion doesn't come in time, and the ship slams into the bottom of Atlantis as it detonates

8:45 PM

MCptAdamDrake: ::is thrown against the wall::

LtDougMcKnight: (Were shields up?)

EnsnDakota Ellis: ::puts an ear piece in her ear:: Yeap. The focus is on the pitch and levels of the scee sound.. Kinda like using echoloction with earth's marine mamales..

vadmblackthorne: (Yes, but shields aren't designed against ramming maneuvers.)

ElRiov trIdrys: :::is thrown across room:::

MajorAZinthys: ::Grabs hold of his console::

ElRiov trIdrys: T'Nal > ::also thrown:::

MCptAdamDrake: What the hell? +Engineering+ Drake to Engineering, report!

vadmblackthorne: ACTION> The entire ship is thrown about violently

EnsnDakota Ellis: ::is thrown to the floo::

EnsnDakota Ellis: r

vadmblackthorne: ::gets tossed across the bridge into the wall unceremoniously::

EnsnDakota Ellis: yBw> ::holding onto the baby::

LtDougMcKnight: ::Holds on the the console, and thus barely manages to stay on his feet. The other poor bastards, on the other hand, aren;t so lucky.::

MajorAZinthys: ::Flies over the tactical console, into the back of the helm seat::

MCptAdamDrake: Jeddin> ::getting out from underneath a console:: +Drake+ The son of a bitches rammed us! We've got a hull breach on deck twenty-two. Emergency forcefields offline!

EnsnDakota Ellis: (ouch)

ElRiov trIdrys: (( hehe Lyn ... just like when they rocked the bridge on the old Enterprise back in the 60s huh?  ))

vadmblackthorne: ::slumped against the wall, out cold::

vadmblackthorne: ACTION> A large chunk of the bottom of the ship is missing.

MajorAZinthys: ::slams into the seat with his arms::

kiantllhyn: ((nah, you guys did it better -- you all flew in the same direction  ))

MajorAZinthys: <<LOL!!>>

ElRiov trIdrys: (( ROFL!! ))

MajorAZinthys: ::Looks around quickly::

MajorAZinthys: ::Runs to Ian::

LtDougMcKnight: +Bridge+ Are you folks alright up there?

MCptAdamDrake: ::slowly stands:: Are you OK, Ms. Ellis?

EnsnDakota Ellis: ::tries to pull herself up.. can't seem to stand on her left foot::

vadmblackthorne: ACTION> The scene outside is eerily calm, though Atlantis is listing horribly through a myriad of multicolored shards.

EnsnDakota Ellis: Yeah I'm fine.. Nothing major..

MajorAZinthys: +doug+ Negative. The Admiral is down.

MajorAZinthys: ::Taps:: +TR+ initiate site-to-site transport of Admiral Blackthorne to sickbay immediately!

MCptAdamDrake: It's Captain. ::smiles::

ElRiov trIdrys: :::pulls self up slowly::: Oooooooooff ... physician heal thyself.

vadmblackthorne: ACTION> No transporters.

EnsnDakota Ellis: (lol.. sorry I was looking at Z's line while typing.. lol)

MCptAdamDrake: {{No, I was making a funny comment. You said major.}}

MCptAdamDrake: {{As in serious.}}

ElRiov trIdrys: T'Nal > ::also gets up:: What happened?

EnsnDakota Ellis: Right, marines.. captain.. ::mutters:: samething..

MajorAZinthys: TR guy> Transporters down.

ElRiov trIdrys: We got hit by something.

8:50 PM

EnsnDakota Ellis: (that's why I said i really did mean Captain..)

MajorAZinthys: ::Points at a yeoman who isn't dead:: YOU! Carry him to sickbay.

MajorAZinthys: ::Runs back up to his console::

vadmblackthorne: ::Blinks his eyes open, slowly::

EnsnDakota Ellis: ::steps down on her ankle and stifles a gasp:: I swear one of these days I'm going to have this ankle replaced..

MajorAZinthys: Red-shirt> ::Limps to the Admiral::

LtDougMcKnight: +Engineering+ Can someone down there give me a report on what that thing did to the hull? I'll send a team to seal off the area.

MCptAdamDrake: I have to be somewhere, I hope you can handle it here.

ElRiov trIdrys: :::busies self getting people back on biobeds and making sure they are not too badly hurt:::

vadmblackthorne: ::blinks, trying to make the triple vision go away::

MajorAZinthys: ::Looks at the damage:: Jesus, Mary, and Joseph...

MCptAdamDrake: Jeddin> +McKnight+ We have a hull breach, we're working on it.

MajorAZinthys: RS> ::Struggles to lift Ian::

EnsnDakota Ellis: :: waves him off.. mutters as she tries to get back to work.. smacking the consoul for blinking on and off:: Stupid pile of craps chips..

vadmblackthorne: No need for that now.

LtDougMcKnight: +Jeddin+ ::Obviously annoyed:: Just give me the bleeping location!

vadmblackthorne: Major, all three of you.

MajorAZinthys: RS> ::Jumps back, startled::

ElRiov trIdrys: ( bleeping location? )

EnsnDakota Ellis: Where's that bat that Em kept around to keep Mallory in line when you need it..

MajorAZinthys: RS> Come on, sir, you need to get to sickbay. You were hit pretty hard.

LtDougMcKnight: (Fucking is a good word, but I sometimes tend to overuse it.)

MCptAdamDrake: Jeddin> +McKnight+ Deck Twenty-Two Section 12 Alpha.

MajorAZinthys: +Drake+ Bridge to Engineering.

LtDougMcKnight: +Jeddin+ Thank you. Emergency force fields in place?

vadmblackthorne: It will be there in a few minutes.

vadmblackthorne: Damage Report.

MCptAdamDrake: Jeddin> +Zinthys+ This is Jeddin, sir.

MCptAdamDrake: Jeddin> +Zinthys+ We have a hull breach on deck twenty-two section 12 alpha. We've got a repair team, led by Drake, on their way now.

MCptAdamDrake: ::walks into the TL:: Deck 22.

ElRiov trIdrys: +Bridge+ What the hell happened?

MajorAZinthys: Mr. Jeddin, what do have operational?

8:55 PM

EnsnDakota Ellis: Look here computer.. I can't very well code with you acting like this now can I.. So quit it before you soul perpose in life is run video poker and mrs pac-man

MajorAZinthys: For starters, we're missing a piece of the bottom of the ship.

MCptAdamDrake: Jeddin> +Zinthys+ ::checks readouts:: Manuevering thrusters, aft and forward shields, and minimal phasers.

vadmblackthorne: ::blinks::

MajorAZinthys: +Jeddin+ Great. Bridge out.

MajorAZinthys: Warp is down. Transporters are out.

MCptAdamDrake: Jeddin> ::taps the console::

vadmblackthorne: Get us thh ::passes out::

vadmblackthorne: PAUSE SIM

vadmblackthorne: PAUSE SIM

vadmblackthorne: PAUSE SIM

ElRiov trIdrys: :::desuaP:::

EnsnDakota Ellis: ::trying and retying all known echo-codes while.. err::

EnsnDakota Ellis: Pasused


MajorAZinthys: Attention!

EnsnDakota Ellis: ::AA::

MCptAdamDrake: ::@@::

LtDougMcKnight: ::AA::

ElRiov trIdrys: ::AA::

MajorAZinthys: ::Gives Ellis a lollipop::

kiantllhyn: ((::aa:)

vadmblackthorne: Well, here we go again!

vadmblackthorne: But, before we go...

vadmblackthorne: Ensign Ellis, front and center.

vadmblackthorne: Actually, slightly askewed to the right.

EnsnDakota Ellis: ::steps front and center::

EnsnDakota Ellis: ::then to the right::

vadmblackthorne: No, left.

MajorAZinthys: ::Cackles with glee::

EnsnDakota Ellis: ::steps left::

vadmblackthorne: 45 degree angle back right.

ElRiov trIdrys: ::wonders what the new dance will be ... the EllisStep?::

EnsnDakota Ellis: ::suddenlly feels like doing a two step.. moves as ordered::

vadmblackthorne: ::grins evilly::

kiantllhyn: ((ankle must be feeling better...))

9:00 PM

vadmblackthorne: Ensign, you've done an amazing job on my sim, contributing both in-sim and in logs. HOW COULD YOU?!?!

vadmblackthorne: I trusted you.

EnsnDakota Ellis: Now who went and told you to do that? Sir...

MajorAZinthys: ::Shakes head::

vadmblackthorne: SILENCE!

MCptAdamDrake: ::leans against the wall and smiles::

EnsnDakota Ellis: Ok.. ::stands there in silence::

ElRiov trIdrys: ::grins and sharpens laser scalpel::

vadmblackthorne: Before you can receive your punishment for this most heinous crime...

vadmblackthorne: You must...

vadmblackthorne: ::nods to Zinthys::

MajorAZinthys: ::Grinz::

ElRiov trIdrys: ::pockets dermal degenerator cribbed from mirror universe::

vadmblackthorne: Eat a bug.

MCptAdamDrake: EAT A BUG!

LtDougMcKnight: EAT A BUG!

ElRiov trIdrys: EAT A BUG!

MCptAdamDrake: EAT A BUG!

LtDougMcKnight: EAT A BUG!

vadmblackthorne: ::cackles as the chanting begins::

LtDougMcKnight: EAT A BUG!

ElRiov trIdrys: EAT A BUG!

LtDougMcKnight: EAT A BUG!

MCptAdamDrake: EAT A BUG!

LtDougMcKnight: EAT A BUG!

ElRiov trIdrys: EAT A BUG!

LtDougMcKnight: EAT A BUG!

ElRiov trIdrys: EAT A BUG!

MCptAdamDrake: EAT A BUG!

EnsnDakota Ellis: Anyone got any horseradish?

MCptAdamDrake: EAT A BUG!

ElRiov trIdrys: EAT A BUG!

MajorAZinthys: ::Walks to the "special" cabinet and pulls out The Jar::

LtDougMcKnight: EAT A BUG!

MCptAdamDrake: EAT A BUG!

ElRiov trIdrys: EAT A BUG!

LtDougMcKnight: EAT A BUG!

vadmblackthorne: EAT A BUG!

ElRiov trIdrys: EAT A BUG!

LtDougMcKnight: EAT A BUG!

ElRiov trIdrys: EAT A BUG!

LtDougMcKnight: EAT A BUG!

MCptAdamDrake: EAT A BUG!

ElRiov trIdrys: EAT A BUG!

MCptAdamDrake: EAT A BUG!

LtDougMcKnight: EAT A BUG!

MCptAdamDrake: EAT A BUG!

ElRiov trIdrys: EAT A BUG!

MajorAZinthys: ::Walks back over to Blackthorne::

LtDougMcKnight: EAT A BUG!

MCptAdamDrake: EAT A BUG!

vadmblackthorne: EAT A BUG!

LtDougMcKnight: EAT A BUG!

MajorAZinthys: Will she have her choice?

vadmblackthorne: ::takes the jar and presents it to Dakota:: Yes, she can choose her poison.

vadmblackthorne: EAT A BUG!

MCptAdamDrake: EAT A BUG!

LtDougMcKnight: EAT A BUG!

ElRiov trIdrys: EAT A BUG!

MCptAdamDrake: EAT A BUG!

MajorAZinthys: Eat a bug!

ElRiov trIdrys: EAT A BUG!

LtDougMcKnight: EAT A BUG!

MCptAdamDrake: EAT A BUG!

EnsnDakota Ellis: ::closes eyes.. sticks hand in and picks a bug::

ElRiov trIdrys: EAT A BUG!

MajorAZinthys: Eat a bug!

LtDougMcKnight: EAT A BUG!

MCptAdamDrake: EAT A BUG!

ElRiov trIdrys: EAT A BUG!

LtDougMcKnight: EAT A BUG!

MajorAZinthys: Eat a bug!

ElRiov trIdrys: EAT A BUG!

MCptAdamDrake: EAT A BUG!

LtDougMcKnight: EAT A BUG!

ElRiov trIdrys: EAT A BUG!

LtDougMcKnight: EAT A BUG!

MCptAdamDrake: EAT A BUG!

ElRiov trIdrys: EAT A BUG!

EnsnDakota Ellis: ::pulls out a fat one::

ElRiov trIdrys: EAT A BUG!

MCptAdamDrake: EAT A BUG!

LtDougMcKnight: EAT THAT BUG!

vadmblackthorne: EAT A BUG!

ElRiov trIdrys: EAT A BUG!

MCptAdamDrake: EAT A BUG!

MajorAZinthys: Eat a bug!

ElRiov trIdrys: EAT A BUG!

MCptAdamDrake: EAT A BUG!

LtDougMcKnight: EAT A BUG!

ElRiov trIdrys: EAT A BUF!

MCptAdamDrake: EAT A BUG!

ElRiov trIdrys: BUG*

LtDougMcKnight: EAT A BUG!

MajorAZinthys: Aha! She like a fat one....

ElRiov trIdrys: EAT A BUG!

MajorAZinthys: Eat a bug!

MCptAdamDrake: EAT A BUG!

ElRiov trIdrys: EAT A BUG!

EnsnDakota Ellis: ::pops it into her mouth and chews... mumbles:: Creamy..

ElRiov trIdrys: EAT A BUG!

MCptAdamDrake: EAT A BUG!

vadmblackthorne: ::Cheers!::

LtDougMcKnight: ATE A BUG!

MajorAZinthys: ::Cheers;:

ElRiov trIdrys: :::claps:::

LtDougMcKnight: ::claps::

MCptAdamDrake: ::cheers and claps:: WOO!

9:05 PM

vadmblackthorne: Congratulations! By the powers vested in me by some damned fool, I hereby promote you to the rank of Lieutenant JG! May Bob have mercy on your soul!

vadmblackthorne: ::pips her, drawing blood::

MajorAZinthys: ::Applauds::

ElRiov trIdrys: ::holds cup out to catch blood::

ElRiov trIdrys: A pint for the Red Cross.

EnsnDakota Ellis: Thank you, Sir..

vadmblackthorne: You're welcome. Now get back in line and buy everyone drinks.

vadmblackthorne: That's all for tonight. Major?

MajorAZinthys: Crew.... Dismissed!

EnsnDakota Ellis: ::keeps the damneed fool part as black male.. knowing who gave him the power.. grins evily::

ElRiov trIdrys: ::points to Lyn:: I know a bartender!

MajorAZinthys: Blackmail... black male has an entirely different meaning.

MCptAdamDrake: ::grins::

EnsnDakota Ellis: LOL

LtDougMcKnight: Oh...okay, yeah. I was having some trouble with that one.

EnsnDakota Ellis: ::deletes the space::

ElRiov trIdrys: niters folks

ElRiov trIdrys has left this chat.

kiantllhyn: ((g'nite. thanks for letting me watch.))

LtDougMcKnight: Well, guess I'd better get going too. Night folks.

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kiantllhyn has left this chat.

EnsnDakota Ellis: Night see ya next week

MCptAdamDrake: Last one out is a rotten egg.

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