You have just entered room "Celestial Prime."
LtDougMcKnight: Evening, admiral.
EnsnDakota Ellis: My sits up on her hind legs with on paw on your leg and the other one bend at the wrist.. or what ever dogs have..
VAdm Blackthorne: Evening!
LtDougMcKnight: One of my cats does that occasionally, I think.
CptKetchum has entered the room.
LtDougMcKnight: Heya, Ketchum.
CptKetchum: ::nods:: evening
: Hey hey, the numbers have increased.
: Indeed.
VAdm Blackthorne: So, y'all ready to go?
MCptAdamDrake: ::nodnodnodditynod::
EnsnDakota Ellis: ::pops open her soda:: I'm all set
MajorAZinthys: Cue?
LtDougMcKnight: Yessirree bob.
EnsAxelrod: ((whatwhatwhadditywhat?))
VAdm Blackthorne
: ::nods to Z::
MajorAZinthys: ::Pulls out the Whistle of Obnoxiousness +39::
MajorAZinthys: ::blows into it::
MajorAZinthys: Attetion!!
LtDougMcKnight: ::AA::
EnsnDakota Ellis: ::AA::
EnsAxelrod: ::ΔΕ::
: <<Attention, too>>
MCptAdamDrake: ::@@::
CptKetchum has left the room.
LtDougMcKnight: (Nuh uh, I'm not typing twice.)
MajorAZinthys: ::Gives Doug a brownie::
VAdm Blackthorne: Alright, we've wrapped things up with the Mreians and are preparing to depart. Questions?
LtDougMcKnight: ::Realizes he'd have to break his attention stance to take the brownie, so instead settles for entertaining thought of the vile tempter burning in hell::
MajorAZinthys: Can I blow them all up now?
VAdm Blackthorne: ::thinks McKnight to be wise beyond his rank::
VAdm Blackthorne: No.
MajorAZinthys: ::Narrows his eyes at Doug, still holding out the brownie::
VAdm Blackthorne: Any other questions?
MajorAZinthys: ::Sucks teeth::
VAdm Blackthorne: Alright, then.
VAdm Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM
VAdm Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM
VAdm Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM
VAdm Blackthorne: ::in Ashani's office, wrapping up the pleasantries::
MCptAdamDrake: ::walking down the corridor towards Engineering::
LtDougMcKnight: ::Replicates himself a brownie. No nuts. He friggin hates nuts::
MajorAZinthys: ::Standing at Tactical, wondering when the Admiral is just gonna get sick of these people and fry 'em all::
EnsAxelrod: ::In engineering.::
: ::strides into Engineering - happy to be back:: Axe, report.
EnsnDakota Ellis: ::walking down a hallway reading a padd and eating a chocolate bar::
EnsAxelrod: All systems a ok.
VAdm Blackthorne
: ::explaining the Federation membership applicaton to Ashani::
MCptAdamDrake: ::nods:: Would you transmit this... ::hands him a PADD:: Toben at the Engineering Specialists Unit? It's their maintaining construction for the technology we gave them.
EnsAxelrod: Yes sir.
: ::Walks into the constabulary planetside, decked out in a change of clothes and a manual camera hanging from his neck, realizing he doesn;t have much time, but not wishing to be thought of as one who snubs people he doesn't like::
EnsAxelrod: ::Takes PADD.::
: Anything exciting happen while I was gone?
VAdm Blackthorne: ::getting annoyed by her, but not showing it::
EnsAxelrod: ::Sarcastically.:: I pressed this button. ::Points to a random button.::
VAdm Blackthorne
: Alright then, Ashani. I should be going.
MCptAdamDrake: Ooooo....
LtDougMcKnight: ::Gets some directions from the local flunkies, and seeks out Mrowles, or whatever the Mreian police chief was named, amicably extending his hand as soon as he comes face to face with him::
VAdm Blackthorne: Ashani> Ian. Thank you for everything you've done here.
LtDougMcKnight: Well noseless one, it's been real. We oughtta be going soon, but I just wanted to thank you folks for giving me an excuse to wear a hat and shades for a few hours. Doesn't go over too well on a ship.
VAdm Blackthorne: We're happy to have hel - ::cut off as Ashani kisses him full on the lips::
MCptAdamDrake: ::Walks into his office and sits down at the desk::
MCptAdamDrake: {{OOOH! ::starts eating popcorn::}}
EnsnDakota Ellis: ::takes a wrong turn and finders herself near the lounge:: Ok.. Unless we have a bar I don't think this is the Sci lab..
VAdm Blackthorne: Um, you're welcome.
EnsAxelrod has left the room.
VAdm Blackthorne: :Smiles charmingly and tries not to heave:
LtDougMcKnight: (Kirk's a tough act to follow, no? ;-))
MajorAZinthys: <<Perhaps, but Kirk got alien women with three breasts>>
VAdm Blackthorne: <<That weren't quite as annoying.>>
MajorAZinthys: <<or stupid>>
MCptAdamDrake: ::looks over crew evaluations::
LtDougMcKnight: Well, that and I wanted a chance to get a few snapshots from those towers of yours while I was still really here. Nice town you folks have here. Not sure the holodeck will do it justice.
VAdm Blackthorne: ::smiles again at Ashani:: Good luck with Federation membership, and I'll see you again someday.
VAdm Blackthorne: +Atlantis+ One to beam up.
EnsnDakota Ellis: ::turns around and trys agian::
VAdm Blackthorne: Ashani> Farewell, Ian! ::waves::
MajorAZinthys: ::Ensures that Blackthorne beams up safely::
VAdm Blackthorne: ::avoids rolling his eyes as he's beamed up::
MCptAdamDrake: ::nods and moves onto things to do::
VAdm Blackthorne: ::hurries to the bridge::
LtDougMcKnight: Mrowles> We remain ever in your debt for the assistance you have rendered, and be assured that if you should ever wish to come back for a more thorough look around, you will be made welcome.
LtDougMcKnight: (Sorry if Mrowles was supposed to be your NPC, Zinthys. Lost track, I did.)
MCptAdamDrake: ::muttering silently:: Fighter Tune-Up and Maintanence sweeps. Turbolift realignment.
MajorAZinthys: <<It's okay. His name changed every week, so suffice it to say that I wasn't attached to him>>
VAdm Blackthorne: ::enters the bridge::
VAdm Blackthorne: Major, has everyone been recalled?
MajorAZinthys: Admiral on the bridge.
MajorAZinthys: Not yet, Admiral
VAdm Blackthorne: ::desire to leave evident in his voice::
MajorAZinthys: There are a few stragglers.
LtDougMcKnight: ::Grins and lightly reaches out to slap Mrowles on the shoulder:: Swell. Save me a beer.
VAdm Blackthorne: Get them up here.
EnsnDakota Ellis: ::gives up on finding the lab and heads for the figter bays to look over the figters::
MajorAZinthys: Rounding them up now.
MCptAdamDrake: Major Control Reroute Check... ::opens the file:: What? Make sure that Engineering Circuits can be rerouted to the Science Labs, Sickbay, and the Bridge.
LtDougMcKnight: Mrowles> Beer?
MajorAZinthys: ::Sends out automatic signals to everyone still on-planet from them to return::
LtDougMcKnight: ::Scowls:: Tell me you're kidding. You have 500 years to sleep off a hangover, and you don't have alcohol?
LtDougMcKnight: ::Notes the signal:: Well, make it a priority. I have to be going. I swear those people put way too much starch in those uniforms.
EnsAxelrod has entered the room.
LtDougMcKnight: ::Contacts the transporter room, and has himself beamed aboard, waving to Mrowles and his staff as he's dis-assembled into a hojillion little glowing particles::
MajorAZinthys: So everything is in order for the Mreians to join the Federation now, Admiral?
LtDougMcKnight: (WB, Axelrod.)
MCptAdamDrake: Hey Axe! ::shouts from his office::
EnsAxelrod: ((My computer wents crazy, I ghave it some Ridilin, hopefully it will behave now...))
: Yes?
: Come here. ::rubbing his neck::
VAdm Blackthorne: Aye, it is.
EnsAxelrod: ::Walks towards Drake's office.:: Yeah?
: ::tosses him a PADD:: You're a fighter pilot, right?
EnsAxelrod: ::Catches PADD.:: Yes sir.
EnsnDakota Ellis
: ::finds the bays and makes her way in.. walks over to a consoul and sits.. starts looking over design and operation files.::
MajorAZinthys: So I assume everything went well on the surface?
MajorAZinthys: ::A light blinks on his console::
MajorAZinthys: Everyone is aboard, Admiral.
MCptAdamDrake: I need the fighters checked for the standard maintenance upkeep, and I want you to do it. ::smiles:: I'm sure you'll have it done extremely fast - it's all the basics.
VAdm Blackthorne: Warp six.
MajorAZinthys: ::Blinks:: To where, Admiral?
VAdm Blackthorne: Anywhere.
EnsAxelrod: ::Smiles.:: I'll be back in a few.
EnsnDakota Ellis
: (I vote Risa)
MajorAZinthys: Umm... yes... sir.
MCptAdamDrake: ::grins:: Take your time. ::leans back in his chair::
MajorAZinthys: ::Points the ship directly away from the planet and activates the warp engines::
EnsAxelrod: ::Heads out of Engineering. Whispers.:: Hours.
VAdm Blackthorne
: Just away from here before something else happens.
MCptAdamDrake: ::leans over to his flashing console at the efficiency rate::
MajorAZinthys: Is there something wrong, Admiral?
MajorAZinthys: ::Changes the course so they're heading back towards Earth::
EnsnDakota Ellis: ::does that things where she taps the side of her foot on the desk and blows a long black strand of hair out of her face:: Well.. Someone has a speed issue.. ::smiles:: Nice..
MCptAdamDrake: ::stands up and walks to his office door:: Michael! Watch the integrity rating on the EM relays and the particle flow on the plasma inducers.
VAdm Blackthorne: Not at all. I'm sure you must have found them as annoying as I did.
MCptAdamDrake: Jeddin> Already got them on the screens. ::shoos him away:: I'll let him know.
MCptAdamDrake: Him? ::blinks::
EnsAxelrod: ::Enters TL.:: Deck 17.
: IF, by annoying, you mean an inept group of backwards hibernators, then yes.
MCptAdamDrake: Jeddin> ::smiles and shakes his head::
MCptAdamDrake: ::shakes head too and walks back to his desk::
LtDougMcKnight: ::Looks self-consciously down at his attire as he beams up, thinking that though the blue standard issue t-shirt and tactical vest may be splendid for traipsing around the jungle, it's not going to cut it back on the ship.::
LtDougMcKnight: ::Until, that is, he experiences the profoundly blissful revelation of a man remembering it's not his shift::
EnsAxelrod: ::Rides one deck down and heads towards the Fighter Bay.::
VAdm Blackthorne
: So, where did you point us?
MajorAZinthys: Towards earth.
LtDougMcKnight: ::Grins as the transporter operator as he ambles out of the transporter room to drop off the vest, maybe replace it with one of his Hawaiian shirts::
ElRiov trIdrys has entered the room.
MCptAdamDrake: ::looks at the display:: Bridge, here I come.
LtDougMcKnight: (Howdy, El.)
EnsnDakota Ellis: ::stands and walks over to one of the figters.. starts looking her over and making mental notes::
VAdm Blackthorne: ::smirks::
VAdm Blackthorne: What a surprise.
MCptAdamDrake: ::stands and walks out into the main foyer:: Jeddin, you have engineering. ::walks out and to the nearest TL::
MajorAZinthys: <<Idrys!>>
MCptAdamDrake: ::walks in as the doors hiss open:: Bridge.
MCptAdamDrake: {{::Waves:: Heya Eric!}}
MajorAZinthys: Well, it was either that or the delta quadrant.
MCptAdamDrake: ::whistles as the TL shudders to life::
EnsAxelrod: ::Walks into the Fighter Bay. Sees Ellis.:: Hello.
VAdm Blackthorne
: <<welcome, Idrys!>>
MCptAdamDrake: ::rubs the back of his neck and the golden insignia on his collar::
ElRiov trIdrys: (( Evening folks sorry about the late arrival but Academy ran way over ... and my computer almost broke on me ))
MCptAdamDrake: ::walks out onto the bridge as the doors part and the TL stops::
EnsnDakota Ellis: ::turns and sees Axe:: Hi ::smiles::
VAdm Blackthorne: (( What, you can't do two sims at once? Lightweight. ;-) ))
MajorAZinthys: And since we're not in the business of finding lost ships, I pointed us at home.
MCptAdamDrake: ::Crosses the bridge and plops down at the terminal interfaced with Engineering - relieving an ensign who promptly disappears as all the red shirt do::
EnsAxelrod: ::Walks over to one of the fighters and checks out the systems.:: What brings you in here?
VAdm Blackthorne
: We'll head there for now... whether we keep this course remains to be seen.
EnsnDakota Ellis: Getting to know the fighters now that I have time on my hands. They're very impressive..
MajorAZinthys: There's no business for us elsewhere?
MCptAdamDrake: ::taps the console and looks at the readouts::
VAdm Blackthorne: Potentially.
MajorAZinthys: But we haven't been officially assigned there, yet?
EnsAxelrod: Yeah they're quite fun to fly too.
: ::Finishes with the first fighter and moves onto the next one.::
VAdm Blackthorne
: Not yet. The Admiralty is watching the situation, closely.
EnsnDakota Ellis: I've been practicing in the holodeck since the Admiral requiested seeing my skills.. But I can't wait to get into one out there.. ::points towards the outer doors::
LtDougMcKnight: ::Stops off in the holodeck after stopping by his quarters, still carrying the camera, along with a supply of lens paper and a variety of different lenses in a messenger bag::
MCptAdamDrake: ::whistles as he taps the console and looks at the connection integrity::
EnsAxelrod: ::Smiles.:: That makes two of us.
: Computer, access all visual telemetry from UAV drones deployed above and around the Mreian capital.
MajorAZinthys: Some rival star-spanning conglomaration getting upitty?
VAdm Blackthorne: It's classified until we're actually dispatched.
LtDougMcKnight: Computer> moment please...files available.
MajorAZinthys: Naturally.
MCptAdamDrake: ::perks an eyebrow at 'classified'::
EnsnDakota Ellis: So your on the flight team as well?
VAdm Blackthorne: Drake, how's my ship?
MCptAdamDrake: ::continues working with the circuits for transferring the command interface for Engineering::
MCptAdamDrake: ::turns:: Couldn't be better sir, she's the finest ship in the fleet - or so I'd like to think.
VAdm Blackthorne: We're at a hundred percent?
LtDougMcKnight: Alright, can re-create a realistic fascimile from that information, and anything we got from the Mreian database?
LtDougMcKnight: Computer> Affirmative.
LtDougMcKnight: Alright, do it, and designate it program McKnight 12.
MCptAdamDrake: ::smiles:: Just about, sir, ninety-seven point six.
EnsAxelrod: Yep, that one's mine. ::Points to the fighter with the word Gryphon below the cockpit.::
VAdm Blackthorne
: How are all of the systems replaced in the refit holding up?
MajorAZinthys: ::Starts the ships sensors back up in an attempt to locate one missing captain::
MCptAdamDrake: ::turns around and taps the console a bit - his eyes scanning the relays:: They're completely functioning at efficient levels, sir. We're having some problems integrating the new ion regulators - but that's almost done.
EnsnDakota Ellis: ::looks at the fighter and nods:: Nice.. Gryphon?
ElRiov trIdrys: :::shimmers in in transporter room ... steps off pad, hands chip to TR chief::: Ensign Hakim Idrys, Medical. To whom do I report?
EnsAxelrod: ::Finishes the check on the fighter and moves on to the next one.::
: ::Looks at Dakota.:: At your service.
: ::turns and smiles at the Admiral:: Other than that, we're set sir.
EnsnDakota Ellis: ::smiles:: Ahh.. Well it's nice to meet you Mister Gryphon.. ::offers hand:: Dakota Ellis..
VAdm Blackthorne: Excellent.
LtDougMcKnight: ::Steps past the threshold once the computer announces it has finished compiling the files itno the requested program, and looks around satisfied that this is about how he remembered, though he hasn't seen everything...yet.
LtDougMcKnight: ::
MCptAdamDrake: ::nods and returns to his diagnostics::
EnsAxelrod: ::Shakes hand.:: Fabrizio Axelrod. Gryphon's my callsign.
EnsnDakota Ellis
: So do we get to make practice runs in this pups?
LtDougMcKnight: ::Frowns at the realization that the computer included all the information it had, including the climate. He feels a bit guilty about altering anything, fearing to lose that hands on feel that compels him to use such an antique
LtDougMcKnight: piece of technology as his camera in the first place, but justifies it by remembering it was too fucking hot on that planet.::
MCptAdamDrake: ::continues whistling as he changes control of Engineering to the bridge station::
EnsAxelrod: So far we've been limited to Holodeck runs, but I think the Admiral will have us using the real things soon.
: Well, least it's a wet, lower temperature to...78 degrees farenheit, and decrease humidity by 15%.
LtDougMcKnight: Oh, and how's about a breeze? Something subtle. I still wanna have some vague idea that this used to be a jungle.
MCptAdamDrake: ::looks at the readouts:: Transport completion after the warp start up?
MCptAdamDrake: ::looks at the log and mutters:: Hakim Idrys...never heard of him...
EnsnDakota Ellis: I can't wait. This is one of the things I missed most on my last assignment.. Not much call for fighters on a small deep space ship..
LtDougMcKnight: ::Smiles in satisfaction as the requested adjustments are made, and walks about to and fro, taking snap shots of anything of interest, whether for architecture, color patterns, contrast of light and dark, whatever::
MajorAZinthys: Transporter guy> ::Looks up at Hakim:: Oh, hey.
MajorAZinthys: TG> Report? Umm... sickbay?
ElRiov trIdrys: ::nods:: All right ...
ElRiov trIdrys: ::turns and exits, enters TL::
ElRiov trIdrys: Bridge. ::TL moves::
MCptAdamDrake: ::transfers the control back to Engineering and stands::
MCptAdamDrake: {{You say bridge, he hears sickbay.}}
EnsAxelrod: Oh well I had just the opposite. On my last assignment, I was a Fighter Pilot.
ElRiov trIdrys: ::TL doors open, steps out onto Bridge::
VAdm Blackthorne: ::reading over a padd from the Admiralty::
MCptAdamDrake: ::turns at the sound of the TL::
MCptAdamDrake: ::walks past the new Ensign and into the TL - nodding to Idrys::
ElRiov trIdrys: ::looks around::
MCptAdamDrake: ::lets the doors close:: Engineering.
VAdm Blackthorne: ::looks up as Idrys enters::
MajorAZinthys: ::Looks at the blue-shirted ensign::
LtDougMcKnight: ::Secures the camera, and climbs to the roof of the Mreian constabulary, only a 2-story building, and one with a great view of the wide open central road cutting through the government compund::
MajorAZinthys: You need help?
ElRiov trIdrys: Yes. Ensign Hakim Idrys, Medical, reporting. ::hands chit over::
MajorAZinthys: ::Takes it::
VAdm Blackthorne: ::takes it:: Welcome, Ensign, to the USS Atlantis.
MajorAZinthys: <<::Doesn't::>>
ElRiov trIdrys: Thank you. ::smiles::
VAdm Blackthorne: Have you been shown your quarters?
MCptAdamDrake: ::forgets his PADD:: Damn, computer reroute.
ElRiov trIdrys: No Sir, I just arrived and came here directly.
MCptAdamDrake: Bridge.
MCptAdamDrake: ::rides the TL back up and walks out onto the bridge again - crossing to the Engineering console::
VAdm Blackthorne: Major, get someone to show the Ensign to his quarters.
MajorAZinthys: Yessir.
LtDougMcKnight: ::Scowls as he notices a distinct lack of motion in his snap shots thus far::
LtDougMcKnight: Computer, can you throw in some Mreians? Walking, talking doesn't much matter.
MajorAZinthys: ::Dials up a security gunt::
MajorAZinthys: <<grunt>>.
MCptAdamDrake: ::perks an eyebrow:: I'll show him to his quarters, sir. I'm headed to that deck anyway.
VAdm Blackthorne: I hope you settle in easily, Ensign.
VAdm Blackthorne: ::shakes his hand::
MajorAZinthys: ::Looks at Drake a tad oddly::
ElRiov trIdrys: I hope so too, Sir. ::shakes his hand::
LtDougMcKnight: Computer> A realistic construction will require an analysis of Mreian movement patterns collected from the reconnaisance drones. Please wait.
EnsAxelrod: ::Finishes check on fighter and moves onto the next one.::
: No, never mind. That's more effort than I'm willing to spend. Just give me some stupid Orions, and edit out the nose::
MCptAdamDrake: ::looks at Zinthys with his normal respectful glance::
EnsnDakota Ellis: This one doesn't have a name on it..
MajorAZinthys: ::Shrugs and cancels the grunt::
EnsAxelrod: Maybe this one could be yours. Go ahead try it out. ::Opens cockpit door.::
: ::steps into the TL after nodding:: Shall we?
EnsnDakota Ellis: Really? ::grins and starts to climb up::
ElRiov trIdrys: ::steps in also:: Indeed. Thank you.
MCptAdamDrake: Deck 10. ::smiles as the doors close:: So, Ensign, are you fresh out of the academy or transferring from another ship?
VAdm Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM
VAdm Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM
VAdm Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM
EnsnDakota Ellis: pasued
MCptAdamDrake: ::paused::
MajorAZinthys: ::blows into whistle::
MajorAZinthys: AttentioN!!
MCptAdamDrake: ::@@::
EnsnDakota Ellis: ::AA::
ElRiov trIdrys: ::AA::
EnsAxelrod: ::ΔΕ::
: ::AA::
VAdm Blackthorne: Alright, next week we delve into something new and mysterious.
EnsAxelrod: ((Dun Dun Dun.))
VAdm Blackthorne
: No announcements this week. Major?