You have just entered room "Celestial Prime."
LtDougMcKnight: Evening, T'Kirr.
Lt TKirr: Hello.
EnsnDakota Ellis: Gem was going to call Chip but she
EnsnDakota Ellis: Hi TKirr
Doctor Caine: Doing pretty well, thanks.
VAdm Blackthorne: Well, then, shall we get started?
VAdm Blackthorne: I'm not terribly sure how involved I can be today, since I'm at work, but
VAdm Blackthorne: I'll chime in when I can.
Lt TKirr: At work? Dang...
VAdm Blackthorne: ::tosses the whistle to T'Kirr::
VAdm Blackthorne: <<I'm in Australia, `Kirr... it's Wednesday afternoon! :-) >>
Doctor Caine: <<So???>>
EnsnDakota Ellis: (Did I freeze?)
VAdm Blackthorne: ::tosses the whistle to T'Kirr, again::
Lt TKirr: ::blows the whistle properly::
Lt TKirr: ATTENTION already!
LtDougMcKnight: ::AA::
EnsnDakota Ellis: ::AA::
MCptAdamDrake: ::@@::
Doctor Caine
: aa
VAdm Blackthorne: Alright, so the Atlantis has pulled out of orbit due to STA missile attacks that have caused major damage to the shields. Another volley would likely finish the ship off, so we moved out of orbit.
VAdm Blackthorne: Some Atlantis crew are on the surface (you know where you are, and if not, pick one of the two), and research continues, getting ever closer to solving the Mreian problem.
VAdm Blackthorne: Questions?
LtDougMcKnight: Nope.
Lt TKirr: I'm still kinda lost..
Lt TKirr: How far in the research have we come?
EnsnDakota Ellis: we pin pointed the right strands of DNA we just need a way to make it work for us
EnsnDakota Ellis: a treatment..
EnsnDakota Ellis: Ha I knew I'd think of the word :-D
Lt TKirr: Ah...
VAdm Blackthorne: Thanks for the clarification, Dakota.
VAdm Blackthorne: Anything else?
EnsnDakota Ellis: welcome
VAdm Blackthorne: If not, then...
VAdm Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM
VAdm Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM
VAdm Blackthorne: BEGIN SIM
VAdm Blackthorne: ::on the Atlantis's bridge, frowing at the damage report::
EnsnDakota Ellis: ::standing in a medical lab trying to make heads or tails of the data::
Doctor Caine: ::: steps into Medical, looks around, and sees things are well in hand ::::
LtDougMcKnight: ::Rushes into C&C, and immediately turns to the man still in charge:: Sergeant Estebez, have there been any sightings of hostile troop movements within the city yet?
Lt TKirr: ::enters lab, fresh for her shift, and finds Ellis::
MCptAdamDrake: @ ::sitting in a courtyard on the planet's surface with Michael Jeddin::
Doctor Caine
: ::: waits in the main area of the medical suite :::
Lt TKirr: Ensign.
Lt TKirr: Report?
MCptAdamDrake: @ +Atlantis+ Drake to Atlantis.
: Estebez> None yet, sir, but we have all available UAV's monitoring the city limits. We'll know as soon as something happens.
EnsnDakota Ellis: ::looks up:: Well the doctor has put together a couple of treatment ideas but we're not sure if they work
MCptAdamDrake: @ They've probably traveled out of communications range.
: Alright, how are communications with the Atlantis?
MCptAdamDrake: @ Jeddin> ::nods:: We should meet up the other Atlantis crewmen on the planet.
Lt TKirr
: ::nods and moves to a terminal:: How long until they are ready to be tested?
MCptAdamDrake: @ +All Planetside Crew+ Drake to all Atlantis crew on the planet's surface, meet at C&C ASAP.
: Estebez> Dicey, sir. Since we didn;t know these people posed a threat to the ship in orbit, we didn't anticipate the need to construct a long-range tranceiver.
MCptAdamDrake: @ ::starts walking into a set of buildings and into C&C - seeing McKnight::
VAdm Blackthorne
: +Drake+ Blackthorne here.
VAdm Blackthorne: +Drake+ Blackthorne here.
EnsnDakota Ellis: Once we pick the lesser of the evils, Ma'am.. None of these are going to painless and the doctor was worried about them having to take meds on a long term base
MCptAdamDrake: @ +Blackthorne+ Go to know you're there, Admiral, what shape is Atlantis in?
: ::Looks to Estebez as Blackthorne's communique comes in::
MCptAdamDrake: *Good
: Estebez> I said dicey, not impossible, sir. It'll likely be in and out until the ship can come back into orbit.
VAdm Blackthorne: +Drake+ Shields are out and we've taken some hull damage. I want those missile launches stopped, Captain.
Lt TKirr: Agreed. ::looks over the latest info::
MCptAdamDrake: @ ::nods:: +Blackthorne+ Aye, Captain, I'll have the two launch sites triangulated and I'll dispatch teams to make sure they're taken out.
: *Admiral
: +Blackthorne+ McKnight here, admiral. Our fighter cover has already been re-deployed. They've been instructed to hit anything we can find with bunker busters.
MCptAdamDrake: @ ::blinks as he swivels to look at McKnight::
VAdm Blackthorne
: +McKnight+ Mreian or Atlantis fighters, McKnight?
EnsnDakota Ellis: ::tapping her nails on a panel::
Doctor Caine: ::: wanders to the biobeds ::::
Lt TKirr: ::starts scanning through the other few cure methods, looking for a possible variant::
LtDougMcKnight: +Blackthorne+ Atlantis, sir. They already had an uplink with the UAVs we're using to sniff those silos out. And seeing as how they've added this compund to their list of targets, speed seemed like a priority.
LtDougMcKnight: ::Takes a seat and pulls a field ration out from a breast pocket of his field jacket, ripping open the packaging with his teeth and munching away as he awaits any new orders::
EnsnDakota Ellis: on the bright side.. if this works the next gen won't have to worry about falling alseep for ages
Lt TKirr: ::works silently, as a serious Vulcan should::
Lt TKirr: ::ignores the obvious statement::
Doctor Caine: << How many Vulcans does it take to change a light bulb? ; ) >>>
Lt TKirr: <<Not that one again>>
VAdm Blackthorne: +McKnight+ Thank you, Mr. McKnight.
VAdm Blackthorne: +Drake+ I beleive there were more than two launch sites, Captain.
EnsnDakota Ellis: ::pushes her hair back behind her ears and goes back to reading and tapping::
LtDougMcKnight: +Blackthorne+ Any time, sir. And as far as supporting fire goes, we already have 5 mortar positions set up, and we're pretty well entrenched here. With any luck, we won't be missing you folks too much until you can get back in orb
LtDougMcKnight: orbit.
MCptAdamDrake: @ ::tries to not sound sarcastic:: +Blackthorne+ Well, McKnight has things under control. I'll leave the security procedures in his far more than capable hands. Engineering down here is set. Drake out.
: ::Declines to consider the hidden meaning behind Drake's words, instead looking for a mustard packet or something to add some flavor to his ration::
Lt TKirr: ::works motononously, being her boring self::
Doctor Caine: ::: looks at the door to the medical lab :::
VAdm Blackthorne: +Drake and McKnight+ Excellent. Blackthorne out.
EnsnDakota Ellis: ::still tapping her nails::
VAdm Blackthorne: ::sits in the center seat and waits::
MCptAdamDrake: ::whips out a package of cards:: Heya, McKnight, wanna play? ::smiles::
Lt TKirr
: ::turns suddenly and purposefully:: Doctor Caine, have you had any progress?
EnsnDakota Ellis: ::sees Caine at the door and nods::
MCptAdamDrake: ::shuffles the cards::
: ::Smiles and rises to his feet:: Sorry sir, but I make a point of never playing poker without ready access to pretzels. It's a mood thing. Besides, I think job security demands getting ready for the next assault first.
Doctor Caine: Forgive my intrusion.
EnsnDakota Ellis: It's alright, Doctor
LtDougMcKnight: But hey, when we get back to the Atlantis, be sure and ask me again.
MCptAdamDrake: ::nods:: You can count on it.
Lt TKirr
: ::blinks softly, glancing at Ellis:: There was no intrusion.
EnsnDakota Ellis: ::gives her the 'what' look::
Lt TKirr: <<Sorry, mostly looking at Caine>>
LtDougMcKnight: +Metz+ Sergeant Metz, how are we doing on those mortars?
Doctor Caine: I've not a while. If I may offer my services?
Lt TKirr: My apologies. I assumed you had begun working on the Mreian cure.
Doctor Caine: I should like to see what you have so far, if I may?
MCptAdamDrake: Hey, Michael, we're the only Engineers here. What a drag.
: Jeddin> Whatever.
: ::smiles::
Lt TKirr
: ::backs up a step so that Caine can access the terminal that silently chugs away at processing::
LtDougMcKnight: Metz> +McKnight+ We're almost done here, sir. We're just finishing up the field fortifications around mortar number 5 now. As long as the enemy troops take their time in getting here, we be able to lay down a constant field of
LtDougMcKnight: fire.
Kiley Airell has entered the room.
LtDougMcKnight: (Evening, Kiley.)
MCptAdamDrake: {Heya DD!}
Kiley Airell
: <*shakes head* finally! AIM's messed up tonight for me!>
Kiley Airell: <Hey McKnight, FCM, All>
EnsnDakota Ellis: ::blows a strand of dark hair from her face and tapps her nails again as she double checks the meds list::
CptHacker has entered the room.
CptHacker has left the room.
VAdm Blackthorne: +Medical+ Blackthorne to the medlab.
LtDougMcKnight: Estebez> ::Focuses his attention on a communique coming through to his earpiece:: Sirs, the first silo's coming into range now.
Doctor Caine: ::: looks up, stops himself from answering :::
Doctor Caine: ::: nods to the Ensign ::::
LtDougMcKnight: ::Rushes to the tactical screen:: Put the pilot on audio.
LtDougMcKnight: Estebez> ::Nods and switches the pilot's comm channel to speakers::
Kiley Airell: +Blackthorne+Medical here, what can I do for you Sir?
Lt TKirr: ::raises a brow at the sudden appearance of Kiley::
VAdm Blackthorne: +Airell+ I'd like a progress update from you and T'Kirr.
Doctor Caine: Serotonin levels...
LtDougMcKnight: Pilot> +C&C+ Command and control, this is Baker 1, coming within weapons range. Permission to proceed with at full thrust with high altitude sub-orbital flyby.
Lt TKirr: +Blackthorne+ There are currently a small number of cure possibilities, and we have yet to test them. We're working to begin implementation.
EnsnDakota Ellis: ::looks at Caine:: Sir?
Doctor Caine: Don't mind me, Ensign...
LtDougMcKnight: ::Decides against going to Drake for permission, seeing as how he already said he'd leave the security stuff to him::
VAdm Blackthorne: +Airell, T'Kirr+ Alright, let's get a move on. We need something before we get hit again.
EnsnDakota Ellis: ::smiles at him:: If you say so Sir
LtDougMcKnight: +Pilot+ Authorization given, Alpha 1. Smoke em if you got em.
Doctor Caine: neuro-ephedrine levels... <<heard the correct term today, and already can't remember >>>
Lt TKirr: +Blackthorne+ Acknowledged.
Kiley Airell: +Blackthorne+Aye Sir.
Doctor Caine: You've indicated a DNA sequence that should reawaken them?
LtDougMcKnight: Pilot> ::Smiles and ends the comminque before turning to his HUD. As soon as a lock is confirmed, he releases a bunker buster bomb and continues on to avoid whatever AA capacity the facility may have::
MCptAdamDrake: ::watches from afar::
Kiley Airell
: ::moves over to TKirr::
EnsnDakota Ellis: Yes Sir... It would seem that the trigger was the close to that of a tortoise
LtDougMcKnight: Pilot> ::Watches the progress of the weapon as he streaks away at high speed, the bomb itself receiving guidance from a high flying UAV with a lock on the silo::
Kiley Airell: We ready to start live patient testing?
Doctor Caine: Indeed. If the DNA sequence stimulates the uptake of serotonin and neuroephedra, we should have our answer.
Lt TKirr: ::looks at Airell, all too aware of the little time they have:: We are ready.
Lt TKirr: Do you have a volunteer?
Kiley Airell: I know that D'nali had said he'd be a test subject. He did seem very excited about it too.
AmbAlastairMeyer has entered the room.
MCptAdamDrake: {{Heya Meyer!}}
Lt TKirr
: ::clasps her hands behind her:: The more willing, the better, of course.
EnsnDakota Ellis: ::would ask the prophets to watch over the 'volunteer' she believed in them::
LtDougMcKnight: Pilot> ::Registers an impact and contacts C&C:: +C&C+ Command and control, this is alpha 1 reporting a positive weapons impact. Repeat, positive on weapons impact.
Kiley Airell: D'nali>::looks around upon hearing his name::
Lt TKirr: ::hears the terminal beep behind her, like a microwave::
LtDougMcKnight: +Pilot+ Well done, alpha 1. Link up with alpha 2 and await further instructions. C&C out.
Doctor Caine: << Your Vulcan chai is ready, TKirr ; ) >>
LtDougMcKnight: Sergeant Estebez, link up with one of our UAVs and get me a BDA.
EnsnDakota Ellis: excited to be a guinea pig.. ::chuckles a bit:: ok.
Lt TKirr: ::looks at Ellis:: Do you have the composition?
Kiley Airell: D'nali>I'm excited that we are already this close to finding a cure.
Lt TKirr: <<That's 'cause Starfleet's badarse =)>>
EnsnDakota Ellis: Yes Ma'am... ::picks up a padd from the terminal next to her and hands it to TKirr::
MCptAdamDrake: ::stands:: Mr. McKnight, a word please?
Doctor Caine
: ::: begins running efficacy projections ::::
LtDougMcKnight: Estebez> Yes, sir. Telemetry coming in now...weapons impact confirmed. Silo no longer has launch capability. Prior recorded sensor lock on this facility appears broken.
Lt TKirr: ::looks at it:: Has the hypospray been prepared?
EnsnDakota Ellis: no Ma'am.. But it should only take a few mins to replacate
LtDougMcKnight: ::Looks over at Drake:: Yes, sir. Estebez, you have C&C.
LtDougMcKnight: ::Walks over to Drake:: Sir?
Lt TKirr: ::nods and hands back the PADD:: Please see to it.
MCptAdamDrake: I have equipment that can camoflauge your mortar units from sensors and from the naked eye. Do you think that this is needed? If so, Michael and I will implement then immediately.
Kiley Airell
: D'nali, why don't you have a seat on the bio bed while we get the hypo ready.
EnsnDakota Ellis: Aye Ma'am.. ::heads off to do it.. tapping her nails on the padd::
LtDougMcKnight: ::Arches eyebrow:: Well, that is a nifty piece of hardware. I don't think I'm getting all my memos.
Kiley Airell: D'nali>::nods and moves over to sit on the bed::
Doctor Caine: :::steps back to stay out of the way ::::
MCptAdamDrake: It's not one thing, it's conjunction with tricorders and a filament matrix for a geothermal induction manifold.
: You learn to tinker with things.
Doctor Caine
: << true trekspeak if I ever saw >>>
Lt TKirr: <<LOL>>
MCptAdamDrake: {{:-D}}
has left the room.
LtDougMcKnight: ::Moves the conversation on, avoiding the subject of his ignorance of whatever the hell Drake's talking about:: Of course, sir, with Atlantis out of the fight, we need every advantage we can get.
MCptAdamDrake: Shouldn't take us long. Call me if anything develops. Jeddin, let's get. ::walks into the fray::
: I suggest you coordinate with gunnery sergeant Metz. He's the overall commander of our mortar positions.
EnsnDakota Ellis: :;stands at a replactor waiting.. watchs a Bajorn nurse walk by and give her an odd look.. knows it's cause she doesn't wear and ear ring.. fights the urge to stick her tonuge out::
Lt TKirr: ::looks at Airell:: This is what we're working with. ::motions to the terminal::
MCptAdamDrake: ::calls back:: Thanks, Lieutenant.
EnsnDakota Ellis
: ::heads back to the lab with the right hypos::
Doctor Caine: <<< wonders what a Bajoran tongue stud would look like >>>
LtDougMcKnight: ::Finishes off his ration, shocked to think he could actually have been savoring the damned thing:: Could use a touch of cinnamon.
MCptAdamDrake: ::strolls through some foliage and up a hill::
: ::Walks back into C&C:: Estebez, how are those communications now?
EnsnDakota Ellis: ::walks back in:: They're ready Ma'am
Lt TKirr: ::explains, although in an interested tone to her, probably drones on to others non-medical:: The tortoise chromasomal sequence matches in the areas of the first and third pairs, however.... <<blah blah, I cheat>>
LtDougMcKnight: Estebez> ::Consults his instruments:: No good, sir. They're currently out of comm range.
Doctor Caine: << Hey, I'm impressed! >>>
MCptAdamDrake: ::walks up to a Sergeant:: Gunnery Seargent Metz?
Lt TKirr
: ::looks to Kiley:: I believe you should do the... "honors," Doctor.
EnsnDakota Ellis: ::standing behing TKirr, eyes crossed::
Doctor Caine: ::: raises an eyebrow :::
Lt TKirr: <<Look out, my ears hide eyes behind them>>
LtDougMcKnight: Metz> ::Looks up from his laptop, on which he was running a last diagnostic of the mortar unit, and rises to salute:: Yes, sir.
EnsnDakota Ellis: (Ok now there is a odd image.. ::shutters:: )
MCptAdamDrake: At ease. I'm going to be implement some makeshift cloaking devices on the mortar units for advanced tactical strategy.
Lt TKirr
: <<rofl>>
Doctor Caine: :::: decides not to ask the ensign if she has a vision problem ::::
Kiley Airell: ::nods:: Can I have the hypos please Ensign Ellis?
EnsnDakota Ellis: ::hands them to the doctor:: Yes Ma'am..
LtDougMcKnight: Metz> Oh...I wasn't aware we could do that...well, yes sir. Will this require us to suspend normal operations until you've completed installation?
MCptAdamDrake: No, not completely. Just disengaging the firing mechanism until finished.
Kiley Airell
: ::takes the hypo:: Thank you. ::moves over to D'nali:: you ready?
MCptAdamDrake: ::tosses a canister to Jeddin:: Attach this to the power relay port on the right side and tie it into the main targetting functions.
: Jeddin> ::nods:: Aye, Captain.
Kiley Airell
: D'nali>::looks at Kiley, suddenly getting a little nervous, but knowing he can't back down now. He nods:: Yes.
LtDougMcKnight: Metz>::Nods and getz on the comm: Metz to mortars 2 through 5. Mortar positons will be undergoing retrofits in turn to improve tactical performance, starting with mortar 1.
Kiley Airell: ::injects the hypo into D'nali, and then steps back, checking his vitals::
Lt TKirr: ::comes closer to the biobed holding the nervous Mreian to watch::
EnsnDakota Ellis: ::watches::
LtDougMcKnight: Metz>+Mortars 2-5+ These retrofits will render the mortar in question combat incapable for the duration of the installation, so all mortar commanders, remain on high alert. Metz out.
LtDougMcKnight: Alright Sergeant, prepare a message for Admiral Blackthorne and Major Zinthys, as follows:
Kiley Airell: We should see signs that indicate that the drug is working or not within 30 minutes. I would like to have D'nali watched until then, in case of any unforseen side affects should occur.
Doctor Caine: I would be happy to do that for you, Doctor
Kiley Airell: ::smiles to Caine:: That would be most appriciated.
LtDougMcKnight: Lieutenant McKnight to senior officers receiving this message, be advised that the temporary loss of Atlantis as a weapons platform severely limits our firepower. I no longer believe the previously stated parameters of no enemies
Lt TKirr: ::watches the doctors::
VAdm Blackthorne: ACTION> Advance scouts spot large infantry and armor movements toward the capital.
LtDougMcKnight: killed to be feasible, as with their unknown strength, it may pose a definite risk to the security of this compund. Unless otherwise directed, I intend to use whatever force I believe necessary to defend ourselves, as the situation
LtDougMcKnight: develops.
MCptAdamDrake: Jeddin> ::nods:: Attached, sir.
: Put that message on repeating broadcast, Sergeant.
MCptAdamDrake: ::taps his tricorder:: Activate the matrix.
: ::sets his tricorder on the mortar cannon and steps back - watching it disappear::
Lt TKirr
: Thank you, doctors. I should show Ensign Ellis the science labs. We haven't had time in recent events.
LtDougMcKnight: Estebez> Done, sir.
EnsnDakota Ellis: ::looks up at the sound of her name::
Lt TKirr: ::looks back at Ellis, then at D'nali:: We will return later to check your progress.
MCptAdamDrake: ::to Metz:: Mortar one is complete.
: Estebez> Sir, our higher flying UAVs report large concentrations of enemy infantry and armor approaching the capital!
Lt TKirr: ::thinks about the furry balls of fluff in the lab that need feeding::
Kiley Airell: ::nods:: I'll let you know if something occurs before you get back.
LtDougMcKnight: +Drake+ Sir, enemy forces have been spotted advancing in strength on our current position. Request you halt the retrofits.
Doctor Caine: << tribbles in the lab??? >>>
MCptAdamDrake: +McKnight+ How long do we have, Lieutenant?
Lt TKirr
: ::Half nods/bows to Airell and moves to the door::
EnsnDakota Ellis: (Fuffy balls of fluff? Do you have three tailed orange and purple mice too?)
Lt TKirr: <<Mutant tribbles =) *shh*>>
Lt TKirr: <<I dyed them dark purple and lime>>
EnsnDakota Ellis: ::follows::
LtDougMcKnight: +Drake+ At present, we estimate no more than 15 minutes. Would that be enough time to retrofit any more of our mortars?
VAdm Blackthorne has left the room.
MCptAdamDrake: +McKnight+ Yes, it would.
Lt TKirr
: <<The Admiral has left the building.. er, ship>>
Kiley Airell: <lol>
MCptAdamDrake: ::tosses two of each to Jeddin:: You take two and three, I'll take care of four and five.
: ::sprints out::
EnsnDakota Ellis
: (the CO nappers got him)
Doctor Caine: ::: looks after the departing officers, and decides the young Bajoran is what would be called in other circles "a handful" ::::
LtDougMcKnight: +Drake+ Very well, then I suggest you concentrate on mortar positions 3 and 5. They're stationed on building tops, so they're more visible.
MCptAdamDrake: Jeddin> ::runs up to the second mortor and connects the matrix, then modulates with his tricorder::
Doctor Caine
: ::: smiles to himself, thinking that's not a bad thing ::::
EnsnDakota Ellis: (Caine has no idea does his
Lt TKirr: ::stops by a wall terminal and taps twice to bring up a map of the ship:: As you most likely already know, ::points:: Lab One is here, and Two and Three here.
VAdm Blackthorne has entered the room.
LtDougMcKnight: (WB, Admiral.)
VAdm Blackthorne: <<ugh>>
EnsnDakota Ellis: ::nods:: Yes Ma'am.. I looked over the maps on the way here
Lt TKirr: <<Encore, Encore!>>
LtDougMcKnight: (None whatsoever.)
MCptAdamDrake: ::sprints up to the fourth mortor and tries to correlate the power to the tricorder for the cloakLL
: Damn! ::is blocked and the power is rerouted::
: Jeddin> ::Clamors up the building after emerging from the foliage::
Kiley Airell
: ::moves back to her office::
Kiley Airell: D'nali>::looks up at Caine::
LtDougMcKnight: ::Looks at the display to a blueprint of the compound and the area around it, and notes an open area around it:: Sergeant, try to contact the troops advancing on our position.
Lt TKirr: Good. I spend most of my time in Lab One, but on occasion, I need the space of the minor labs for the more minor projects, usually when involving specimens that require an unusual amount of space or containment.
Doctor Caine: ::: turns his attention to the patient :::
VAdm Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM
VAdm Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM
VAdm Blackthorne: PAUSE SIM
MCptAdamDrake: Jeddin> +Drake+ Captain Drake, I've gotten the second and third mortors finished.
EnsnDakota Ellis
: ::paused::
Lt TKirr: ::waits::
Lt TKirr: Ah, heck, the rest of you can fall off the cliff.
Lt TKirr: ::tweets:: Attention!
MCptAdamDrake: ::@@::
EnsnDakota Ellis
: ::AA::
Kiley Airell: ::AA::
Doctor Caine: aa
LtDougMcKnight: ::AA::
MCptAdamDrake: ::takes his cookie::
Lt TKirr
: ::looks behind her at her cookie waist-pack, wondering who touched her butt::
MCptAdamDrake: ::breaks off a piece and tosses it at the Admiral::
VAdm Blackthorne
: OK, first of all, someone with the complete chatlog, send it to me now.
Lt TKirr: Gotcha