You have just entered room "Celestial Prime."
DrJzrynMcCorvich has entered the room.
Captain Sullivan: Ain't that the truth!
DrJzrynMcCorvich: bak!
Lt TKirr has entered the room.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: Hey TKirr
Lt TKirr: Hiya
Dredok Uberkil
has entered the room.
MCptAdamDrake has entered the room.
Lt TKirr: Welcome, Mr. Drake
: Evening
MCptAdamDrake: ::out of breath:: Evening..
: brb All
DrJzrynMcCorvich: hey there Drakie
MCptAdamDrake: I cut off an old lady to get here. :-)
Lt TKirr: Lol
MajorAZinthys: Was she driving or attempting to cross the road?
Captain Sullivan: Or were you navigating a sheet of paper dolls with a very sharp scissors?
MCptAdamDrake: Driving.
: well... thats nice
MajorAZinthys: Oh, then it's understandable
MCptAdamDrake: I wasn't going to get behind Grandma who was driving a buick, which she thought was a semi truck, and follow her four miles at thirty miles an hour when the speed limit is fifty-five. :-D
Lt TKirr: Heh
VAdm Sankoh: OK, let's get this party started.
Captain Sullivan: :::takes her whistle of torturous doom and puts it to her lips::::
VAdm Sankoh: Captain?
VAdm Sankoh: ::nods approvingly::
Captain Sullivan: Company!
Lt TKirr: ::AA::
Captain Sullivan: Atten-HUT!
MCptAdamDrake: ::@@::
: ::AA::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: [[bak]]
Doctor Caine has entered the room.
VAdm Sankoh: The Atlantis is being readied for launch on our latest mission, to capture a prominent Romulans weaponry scientist. All hands should be readying for launch. A timetable briefing will commence once we are on our way.
VAdm Sankoh: Questions?
VAdm Sankoh: ::sees none:: Good.
VAdm Sankoh: BEGIN SIM
VAdm Sankoh: BEGIN SIM
VAdm Sankoh: BEGIN SIM
VAdm Sankoh: ::aboard Atlantis, inspecting the fighters in the assault bay::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::in medbay::
MajorAZinthys: ::off seeing to the assembly of the marines on the Atlantis::
MCptAdamDrake: ::in Engineering looking at the warp core::
: ::In Engineering working the tail end of a double shift::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::looks over to the AMO::
Lt TKirr: ::walks down a corridor upon Atlantis, heading for Lab::
Captain Sullivan: ::::sitting in operations, looking over some last minute reports:::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: Caine . . . have you ever thought of resigning and getting the heck out of here?
VAdm Sankoh: ::Finds everything satisfactory::
Doctor Caine: Not exactly.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::nods and turns, looking away:: What would you do if you were to leave?
MCptAdamDrake: ::walks to another terminal:: Potter, did you get those diagnostics done on the warp core ejection system like I asked?
Captain Sullivan
: :::wondering who thought it would be punishment to send her here in the first place:::
MCptAdamDrake: Potter> ::turns and tosses him a PADD - which he catches:: Yes, sir, level four.
: ::blinks:: I only asked for level three.
Doctor Caine
: ::: shrugs ::: It would depend upon the needs of the time.
MCptAdamDrake: Potter> ::smiles brightly:: Being thorough.
: ::smiles and turns back to the console::
: ::chuckles softly::You're helpful
MOOSEOT: ::looks up hearing Drakes voice, and tries to look busy, yet staying away from his general area::
Doctor Caine: I go where I am needed.
MCptAdamDrake: FJ, would you check the gel pack relay station and make sure that all are working at at least ninety-seven percent efficiency? ::looks at the PADD Potter just handed him::
Lt TKirr
: ::enters her Lab, nods to the couple on duty, and finds an open station, setting her PADD down and accessing the Romulan base schematics::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: I understand.
Doctor Caine: There have been times that has necessitated leaving the Fleet, yet, each time, I've returned.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: why did you return Caine?
Captain Sullivan: :::signs off on the station and heads for the Atlantis:::
MCptAdamDrake: ::pauses and looks at FJ, working diligently at his console::
: On it Sir, ::walks over to another station and does a few other things before getting on Drakes request::
MCptAdamDrake: ::smiles and shakes his head as he walks into his office::
Doctor Caine
: It seemed as good a place to be as any, at the time.
MOOSEOT: ::makes note to work on that 15 second delay between brain and mouth::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: I see.
MajorAZinthys: ::Walks over to the nearest TL:: Bridge!
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::looks down at a PADD, which is hidden out of Caine's site . . . smiles at it then turns it off and stands up::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: So, what's the patient load like?
VAdm Sankoh: +Suli+ Sankoh to Sullivan.
Captain Sullivan: :::whistles a little tune as she traverses the station and enters the Atlantis:::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::tosses the PADD onto her desk, not giving it another thought::
MajorAZinthys: ::Steps off the TL and walks over to his Tactical station::
Doctor Caine: It's pretty quiet right now.
Captain Sullivan: :::wonders if anyone else thinks of coffee when they hear his name::: *Sankoh* Captain Sullivan here.
MOOSEOT: ::moves over to Gel pack relay station to get to work:: 97 heh...
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::nods:: That's a good thing, isn't it Caine?
VAdm Sankoh: +Suli+ ETA to launch, Captain?
Lt TKirr: Davies> ::approaches T'Kirr:: Sir?
MOOSEOT: ::taps a few buttons, and makes a few adjustments:: hmm 95
Doctor Caine: Always. The best thing for our profession would be to be out of work.
Lt TKirr: ::acknowledges Davies without turning, continuing her work. Yes?
MCptAdamDrake: ::props feet on his desk analyzing crew reports of who is to go as the Engineering Echo Squad::
: ::takes a quick peek out into the main medbay, and watches as the staff busy doing their own thing, smiles softly and turns back to Caine:: Ready for more questions?
Captain Sullivan: :::takes the PADD's from Solitaire as she stops in a TL and heads for the bridge::: *Sank* 10 minutes, sir.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::returns to her chair and focuses her full attention to Caine::
MOOSEOT: +Drake+ Sir... 95% effective right now... I'll work on getting it the rest of the way
Lt TKirr: Davies> ::smiles to himself as he watches her, attempting to meet her eyes:: Where would you like me while you're, um... on the mission?
VAdm Sankoh: +Suli+ Excellent. Sankoh out.
MCptAdamDrake: +FJ+ Just keep an eye on them, I don't want them plummetting if we suffer any damage.
Captain Sullivan
: ::::continues to smile as she steps onto the bridge::::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: Where do you see yourself going?
MOOSEOT: +Drake+ Well, I'm giving her all shes got... but dont worry theres plenty more where that came from
Lt TKirr: << Moose not FJ, Drake >>
MCptAdamDrake: {{Yes, he is.}}
: ::nods at Suli:: Good den, captain.
MOOSEOT: {Mooseot=FJ}}
MCptAdamDrake: {{;-)}}
VAdm Sankoh
: ::Enters the TL:: Bridge.
MOOSEOT: ::looks at the pannel:: 96% not bad at all, ::walks away::
Lt TKirr: You will most likely be needed here, Mr. Davies. ::taps a button on the PADD and downloads:: Or wherever it seems your attention is required. It is your call unless the Captain directs you.
Captain Sullivan: ::::nods at Zinthys and sits in her chair of doom::: Good day, Major..... is everything in readiness?
Doctor Caine: I don't worry much about that...besides, with this whole Rihan situation, I don't see myself going anywhere, soon.
Lt TKirr: << Kay, learn something everyday.. heh >>
MCptAdamDrake: +Keplar, Roxio, Caplin, Swift+ Please report to the Chief Engineer's office.
: ::Consults his console:: I'm awaiting a few marines and, other than that, most Atlantis personnel is aboard.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: I mean, in starfleet. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
VAdm Sankoh: ::Enters the bridge::
MCptAdamDrake: ::watches as Keplar walks in, followed by Caplin, Swift, and Roxio:: Thank you for showing up so...prompty.
Lt TKirr
: Davies> ::nods, unsure if his question was answered or not, and walks away towards a console::
MCptAdamDrake: {{*promptly}}
: Admiral on the bridge.
VAdm Sankoh: As you were.
MajorAZinthys: ::goes back to doing tacticaly stuff::
Captain Sullivan: :::crosses her legs and leans back::::
MCptAdamDrake: Jeddin> ::Walks in:: Ensign Michael Jeddin, reporting for duty, sir.
: ::looks puzzled:: You weren't called Ensign, you're dismissed.
Doctor Caine
: Perhaps a chief medical officer, somewhere...I don't give it a lot of thought.
MCptAdamDrake: Jeddin> I'm apart of Echo Squad, Captain.
: ::steps out of engineering and into one of the corridors to check on the report of a faulty light fixture::
MCptAdamDrake: ::shakes head:: I know you are, but I think you need to take this mission off.
: Jeddin> Why?
VAdm Sankoh
: ::sits in the empty Counselor's chair - the budget for Counselors being rather thing right now::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: Do you want to be in charge of something like this station? Or on a ship?
MCptAdamDrake: My jurisdiction, Ensign, dismissed. ::sharpening his voice::
: Jeddin> ::frowns and then snaps to:: Aye, Captain. ::walks out of the office back into Main Engineering::
Captain Sullivan
: :::smiles magnanimously at the Admiral:::
MCptAdamDrake: Back to business. This mission may need our expertise, but we're still in more danger than last time. Major Zinthys will be leading the ground attack and we'll be technical support.
: :::recharges light fixture and reinstalls it:: There
VAdm Sankoh: ::returns the smile:: Captain. Are we prepared to launch?
Doctor Caine: ::: smiles :::: Time willl tell...
MOOSEOT: ::walks back into the Engineering area::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: *chuckles* how have you liked working on the station?
MOOSEOT: ::thinks:: I am so Drake's Butler today...
Captain Sullivan: ::::beeps beeps::: Aye, sir....
MCptAdamDrake: Since this mission is more brawn than brain, there'll be more marines and we'll be there only if needed. Otherwise you just keep your phasers pointed in forward direction and provide cover. Understood?
Lt TKirr
: ::wraps up her transfer at the console, never looking away:: Mr. Davies.
MCptAdamDrake: Group> ::nods uniformly::
Lt TKirr
: Davies> ::Doubles back:: Yes, sir?
MajorAZinthys: ::Checks his console and nods as all his marines are now aboard::
MCptAdamDrake: Get your gear and meet me when called upon. ::nods:: Dismissed.
: Group> ::nods again, turns, and exits his office::
Captain Sullivan
: ::::sends general ship preparing to launch directive to all departments::::
Doctor Caine: I've never worked in so large a facility. It's been interesting.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: Have you enjoyed it?
MOOSEOT: ::sits down at a station and begins on the days log::
VAdm Sankoh: ::watches with a satisfied look on his face::
Doctor Caine: ::: thinks for a moment ::: Yes.
Captain Sullivan: :::looks over at the Admiral and then back to her armchair console::: If I might say, sir.... You are looking very much like a cat with a free pass to the dairy.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: do you prefer a ship or something like the size of this station?
MCptAdamDrake: ::walks out into Engineering:: FJ, you've got Engineering, I'll be back. ::walks out of the engine room and to the nearest TL:: Sickbay.
Lt TKirr
: ::finally turns from console and levels her gaze at Davies, feeling his anxiety:: You're going to be in charge of Science while I am gone. You are capable in your field, and are trained for this.
Lt TKirr: I expect a full report upon my return.
MajorAZinthys: ::chuckles::
VAdm Sankoh: I always enjoy the launch of a starship.
MCptAdamDrake: ::rides the TL up a deck and steps out onto the corridor's floor::
VAdm Sankoh
: Especially one so fine as Atlantis.
MCptAdamDrake: ::walks down a couple of doors and walks into Sickbay::
Lt TKirr
: Davies> ::nods curtly:: Yes, sir.
MajorAZinthys: ::Shakes his head, knowing what's coming::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::notices the MCaptain enter and stands up::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::walks out into the main area:: can I help you Captain?
Lt TKirr: ::watches Davies, keeping her eyes fixed:: I *will* return, Mr. Davies.
Captain Sullivan: She launches well, doesn't she>
MCptAdamDrake: ::smiles:: Hello, Doctor, I just want you to check my trapezius. It's been sore as of late and I want to make sure there isn't anything to worry about.
Lt TKirr
: Davies> ::shifts uncomfortably, struggling to meet her gaze:: Yes.. sir.
VAdm Sankoh: Indeed. ::folds his arms over his chest and smiles::
Lt TKirr: ::hands the Ensign the PADD, giving him a reassuring look before turning for the door::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: Sure, have a seat. I will be right back. ::heads back to her office for a minute and smiles to Caine, grabbing her medtricorder:: care to join me.
MCptAdamDrake: ::sits down on the biobed::
: ::rubs his shoulder::
: ::goes and sits in Drakes big chair to finish his log::
MajorAZinthys: As well as the fighters?
Captain Sullivan: Care to do the honors, sir?
Doctor Caine: ::: moves near to Drake ::::
Lt TKirr: Davies> ::stands in place, looking down at the floor for a few moments, then eyes the PADD given to him:: I hope so, Lieutenant. I hope so...
VAdm Sankoh: Go ahead, Captain. Take us out.
MCptAdamDrake: ::nods:: Mr. Caine, how have you been?
: ::returns to the Drake and runs the tricorder over his shoulder, having noted which shoulder he was favoring::
MajorAZinthys: ::Lets out a breath he didn't know he was holding::
Doctor Caine: I am well, Captain, and yourself... besides the shoulder?
DrJzrynMcCorvich: What did you do to your shoulder? Any specific injury?
MCptAdamDrake: Same old thing just a different day.
Captain Sullivan
: :::grins softly::: Aye, sir
MCptAdamDrake: No, I like to rock climb, that may be it.
Lt TKirr
: ::exits the Main Lab and heads down a hallway::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::nods::
Captain Sullivan: Major.... would you warn the crew.....
MCptAdamDrake: Then again, I've been working longer hours as of late and I haven't gotten the amount of sleep that I'd like - or need.
Captain Sullivan
: I'll be taking helm for now.
Captain Sullivan: :::chuckles::::
VAdm Sankoh: ::laughs softly::
MajorAZinthys: ::Chuckles:: Should I put up the blue alert?
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::nods::have you been drinking plenty of fluids Captain? ::quickly scans Drake to see if there is anything else wrong::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::chuckles::
MCptAdamDrake: Of course, I drink enough water I could choke a horse.
: ::chuckles:: That's good Captain.
Captain Sullivan: At least put up the fasten your seat belt sign....
DrJzrynMcCorvich: Well, looks like you pulled your muscle a little. It's nothing serious, just an annoyance.
MajorAZinthys: Shipwide: Attention crew. Prepare for launch. That is all.
MCptAdamDrake: I feel off a twenty foot cliff face the other day. That might have done it.
Lt TKirr
: ::listens to the announcement and rounds a corner, almost to her destination::
Doctor Caine: ::: nods ::: That would do it.
Captain Sullivan: :::performs the last of the pre-launch and clearances with the station:::
Captain Sullivan: :::disengages clamps:::
MCptAdamDrake: Do you climb, Caine?
: <<::Resists telling them to "prepare for departure"::>>
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::jokingly::I thought I asked ya if you had any injuries of late Captain?
AdmiralGem has entered the room.
Doctor Caine: Only when necessary, Captain.
VAdm Sankoh: <<Evening, Gem!>>
MCptAdamDrake: {{Heya Gem!}}
: >::sneaks in, gets caught:: Hiya!<
: ::nods and smiles:: It's a great sport.
: ::moves over and gets a hypo and the proper med::
Doctor Caine: << Admiral on the Bridge!>>
MCptAdamDrake: ::turns to McCorvich:: What about you, Doctor McCorvich, any climbing experience?
: ::injects the Engineer:: That should help. No Mountain Climbing for a couple of days
DrJzrynMcCorvich: Aye Captain, I have some.
Lt TKirr: << ::Points to Sankoh:: That ain't news, Caine! =P >>
MOOSEOT: ::leaves Drakes office sensing his return and goes back out to the engineering floor::
Captain Sullivan: :::grin widens as she engages impulse engines and feels the ship respond to her touch:::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: <<greetings Gem>>
VAdm Sankoh: ::watches Sullivan enjoy herself piloting the Atlantis out::
MajorAZinthys: ::Grips the sides of his console::
Doctor Caine: << not so much news as the courtesy >>
MCptAdamDrake: Really? Maybe you'd be interested in climbing this new program that I got - Smith Rock.
: ::smiles:: what's the climbing level?
Lt TKirr: ::enters an access junction from the corridor and sits next to a Jeffries tube, opening a panel::
Captain Sullivan: :::murmurs::: Hey, girl... how you feeing these days?
MCptAdamDrake: Beginning to Moderate - basic stuff. There is more than one place to climb.
: nothing more difficult?
DrJzrynMcCorvich: How's the shoulder feeling Captain?
MCptAdamDrake: Well, Monkey Face is the hardest climb. Advanced - Three Plus. The only thing harder that I've found is ice climbing in the Bolian arctic region. Mt. Jellic is a pain.
: ::rotates it slowly:: Better, Doctor, thank you.
: ::runs a few more test on the backup power systems trying to get the full days work done on time::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: That's good. Maybe after this current mission is over, we can go climbing sometime.
Lt TKirr: ::pulls out her trusty, ever-present Tricorder and begins scanning the sensor relays behind the panel::
MCptAdamDrake: I look forward to it. ::nods:: Thank you again. ::walks out of sickbay and back to the TL::
Captain Sullivan
: :::pulls the ship to a barely safe distance, drops the nose of the ship, twists the ship in sharp barrel roll and brings her about... pulls away and hits warp:::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::looks at Caine and smiles::
MCptAdamDrake: Engineering. ::doors close and the TL drops a deck::
: Praise the Lord for inertial dampeners...
MOOSEOT: ::spills coffee all over the floor::
Captain Sullivan: We're away, sir
VAdm Sankoh: Captain Sullivan. You have permission to engage the cloaking device in violation of ::sardonically:: treaty.
MCptAdamDrake: ::walks out into Engineering:: FJ, report. ::gets a PADD from a passing Ensign::
: ::starts cleaning up hoping to get it done before Drakes return::
Captain Sullivan: :::beepity beeps::: Cloak engaged.
Doctor Caine: Do you think the good captain will take it easy on that shoulder?
MOOSEOT: ::looks up:: Alls good sir.... hmm, just about done with todays work list
DrJzrynMcCorvich: Nope. In fact, I'm sure he won't
Lt TKirr: ::continues her work on the panel, listening to the ship's various and distinc sounds of powering up, warping, and then cloaking::
Doctor Caine: So, what do we do?
MCptAdamDrake: FJ, what's the status of the cloaking generator?
: nothing we can do about Drake.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: just fix him when he comes back in and complains again. ::smirks:: and lecture the heck out of him!
MOOSEOT: Well, it looks 100% operational... had a problem with backup power being effected by it earlier but thats resolved
VAdm Sankoh: Captain, assemble the department heads for the timeline briefing.
Captain Sullivan: Aye, sir...
AdmiralGem: >BRB<
has left the room.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::turns back to Caine:: ready to go back to the interogation Caine?
VAdm Sankoh: ::enters the conference room::
Doctor Caine: ::: smiles :::: If we must.
Lt TKirr: ::finishes scanning the relay, making notes into the PADD and finally flipping it shut::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::laughs:: you know me. I love to torment.
Captain Sullivan: *ALL DEPT* Department heads... please report to the conference room for briefing.
MCptAdamDrake: ::turns to FJ:: You're back in control, FJ, I'll be back.
: ::grabs a PADD off his desk and trudges back into the corridor and back into the TL::
Lt TKirr
: ::stands and exits access station into the corridor, heading for TL::
MOOSEOT: ::sighs while cleaning up coffee:: Yes Sir
MCptAdamDrake: Deck One, Bridge. ::taps the PADD::
: ::hearing the Captain:: Well . . . looks like you're saved by the bell. You have sickbay Caine. I'll be back shortly and probably in a worse mood.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::heads out of sickbay and towards tht TL::
AdmiralGem has entered the room.
MajorAZinthys: ::hesitates for a moment, knowing he'd beat most everybody else there::
Lt TKirr: ::enters TL:: Bridge.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::enters the TL:: Conference Room.
MCptAdamDrake: ::rides the TL up fifteen decks::
: ::Ambles away from Tactical and walks over to the Conference Room::
Lt TKirr: ::looks over PADD as she ascends silently::
MCptAdamDrake: ::stops and then walks onto the bridge::
: ::steps over to the Conference Room, watching Zinthys::
: ::exits the TL and heads to the Conference::
Captain Sullivan: :::watches Zinthys as she leave, admiring the backview:::
MajorAZinthys: ::nods:: Mr. Drake
MCptAdamDrake: ::nods:: Major, how are you this morning?
: ::enters the CR and moves to her spot::
MajorAZinthys: <<"she" !?>>
MajorAZinthys: Well, and yourself?
MajorAZinthys: ::Enters the CR::
Lt TKirr: ::lands on Deck 1 and exits TL, moving across Bridge to CR::
MajorAZinthys: <<I *know* you're not talking about me>>
MCptAdamDrake: A little sore, but that's nothing new. ::smiles as he steps through the doors::
: ::walks over, PADD in hand, and sits down at the table::
: ::Takes his seat to the left of the admiral::
Lt TKirr: ::enters CR, seeing most already situated, and finds her seat, briefly looking over each person::
VAdm Sankoh: It looks as though we're all here.
Captain Sullivan: <<Oops...bad fingers....>>
Captain Sullivan: :::slips into the CR and sits after assigning ship controls to the appropriate underling:::
MCptAdamDrake: ::watches everyone as he taps his PADD::
VAdm Sankoh
: The timeline is as follows: ::projects the contents of his PADD into the air::
VAdm Sankoh: MET-05:00 - All fighters and dropships should be ready for launch.
MajorAZinthys: ::Takes notes::
VAdm Sankoh: MET+00:00 - Fighters launch, dropships begin descent.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::looks at the Timline::
Lt TKirr: ::turns her eyes to the projection, watching intently::
VAdm Sankoh: MET+05:00 - All STA resistance should be clear, dropships are clear to land.
VAdm Sankoh: MET+10:00 - Ground-level resistance should be nullified, Marines enter complex.
VAdm Sankoh: MET+20:00 - Dr. Trajeh should be located and in custody along with his files.
VAdm Sankoh: MET+30:00 - Marines should have exited the complex and be en route to dropships.
VAdm Sankoh: MET+40:00 - All craft should be aboard Atlantis, which finishes the complex off from orbit.
VAdm Sankoh: You'll notice the time in the complex is rather generous. Expect heavy resistance.
MCptAdamDrake: ::taps it into his PADD::
: ::nods::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::wonders how many will die down there::
VAdm Sankoh: Questions?
Lt TKirr: ::puts Timeline to memory::
AdmiralGem has left the room.
MajorAZinthys: We are to assume that Dr. Trajeh is not a willing accomplice in all of this?
VAdm Sankoh: Of course.
MajorAZinthys: ::nods::
MCptAdamDrake: ::finishes copying down the timeline::
: ::has a question, but keeps it to herself, as it's more of a sarcastic one::
Lt TKirr: ::assured the Timeline is properly stored in her brain, makes note to write it down as soon as she leaves::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: nursa Lata>Hey, Doctor Caine. Would you like to join me and Crontaii in our game?
Doctor Caine: I'm of?
DrJzrynMcCorvich: Lata>Poker.
Lt TKirr: ::looks to Sankoh::
VAdm Sankoh: Fairly straightforward, then. Dismissed.
Doctor Caine: Hmmm....I think that would be..interesting.
Captain Sullivan: :::nods:::
VAdm Sankoh: END SIM
DrJzrynMcCorvich: Crontaii>Well, come join us then Caine.
VAdm Sankoh: END SIM
VAdm Sankoh: END SIM
Captain Sullivan: :::pauses:::
Lt TKirr: ::ends::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::ends::
MajorAZinthys: ::Admires the paused Sullivan::
MCptAdamDrake: ::ends::
VAdm Sankoh
: Very nice work, everyone. Make sure you're here for the hecticness of the mission next week!
Captain Sullivan: Woot!
DrJzrynMcCorvich: woooohooo
MCptAdamDrake: ::smiles::
Captain Sullivan
: ::::fingers the whistle:::
Dredok Uberkil has left the room.
MajorAZinthys: ::Doesn't want to know what Suli is fingering::
Captain Sullivan: <<:::laughs::::>>
VAdm Sankoh: ::nods to Suli::
Captain Sullivan: :::puts the whistle to her lip::::
Doctor Caine: Shoot, I forgot...
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::plugs ears::
Captain Sullivan: TWWWWEEEEET!
Captain Sullivan: Company!
Captain Sullivan: Dis-MISSED!
Lt TKirr: ::cheers for the NPCs that get to run stuff while DHeads are all AT'd:: Yay!
Captain Sullivan: Forgot what, Caine?
DrJzrynMcCorvich: *laughs*
DrJzrynMcCorvich: I'm not AT'd TKirr
Lt TKirr: I didn't say run EVERYTHING
Doctor Caine: I'm starting 4 - midnight in February -- no more noon - 8 p.m.
Lt TKirr: But you'll be close to all by yourself =P
MajorAZinthys: booooo
Captain Sullivan: Yikes!
DrJzrynMcCorvich: awww
Lt TKirr: Uh oh...
MajorAZinthys: ::falls out::
MajorAZinthys has left the room.
VAdm Sankoh: Oh, no!
MCptAdamDrake: Zinthys no!
: Someone pull him back in! :-)
MOOSEOT has left the room.
Doctor Caine: Couldn've taken midnight - 8 a.m., but I don't know if I want to deal with that, yet.