Sent: Tuesday, November 12, 2002 8:52 PM
Subject: chat log
You have just entered room "Celestial Prime."
MCptAdamDrake: Evening all. :-)
DrJzrynMcCorvich: hi
Captain Sullivan has entered the room.
Captain Sullivan: Greetings, all
MCptAdamDrake: Evening, Captain.
: *smirks at Sulli* greetings vic---er Captain
MajorAZinthys: ::Looks at Jzryn funny::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: *chuckles and grinz to Zinthys*
MajorAZinthys: ::Shakes head::
VAdm Sankoh has entered the room.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: Greetings Admiral
VAdm Sankoh: Evening, all!
Captain Sullivan: Vic.... hmmmm... is Morrigan's XO here? :::looks around::::
MajorAZinthys: ::Hides Victor's cattleprod in his backpocket::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: *chuckles*
MajorAZinthys: ::Grins::
Captain Sullivan: Yay! Caine!
DrJzrynMcCorvich: *laughs*
Captain Sullivan: That will keep that blasted witchdoctor out of my hair!
Doctor Caine has entered the room.
VAdm Sankoh: Heh... she won't get in my hair. Sankoh is bald.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: Wanna bet on that Captain?
VAdm Sankoh: Which is why his callsign is 8-ball. ;-)
Doctor Caine: Oh, we thought that's because he IS an eight ball...
MajorAZinthys: Doncha mean *cue*ball?
MajorAZinthys: ::ducks::
MCptAdamDrake has left the room.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: *laughs*
VAdm Sankoh: He's African, so 8-ball more appropriate. :-)
MajorAZinthys: In a way...
CaptainDReyals has entered the room.
MajorAZinthys: Reyals!
Captain Sullivan: I thought it was because he was BEHIND the 8-ball?
CaptainDReyals: Zinthys!
VAdm Sankoh
: I'm never stuck behind the eight-ball.;-)
Captain Sullivan: Or maybe he has..... *contemplates*
MajorAZinthys: ::laughs::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: hey there Dalvo
CaptainDReyals: Hey there
Captain Sullivan
: ACK! Get rid of those durn colored backgrounds!
Captain Sullivan: :::whaps them with sticks:::
MajorAZinthys: Ouch... I mean... where would you you... how would you... ::muses::
VAdm Sankoh: We'll give Drake a few more minutes to get back online.
KehjetRaidan: ::hands Sulli the Official Thwapping Stick::
Captain Sullivan: Thank you... :::tests it on the palm of her hand:::
Captain Sullivan: OW!
Captain Sullivan: This should work nicely.
MCptAdamDrake has entered the room.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: brb
DrJzrynMcCorvich has left the room.
MajorAZinthys: ::Grins at Suli:: I love a woman who knows how to properly use a stick.
MCptAdamDrake: <<::would kick and break his computer if he didn't know that he would die from withdrawals within a week::>>
Captain Sullivan
: :::puts it in a holster adjacent to her Zap-O-Matic 2000::::
DrJzrynMcCorvich has entered the room.
KehjetRaidan: Ooo. Nice.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: *grumbles* that better??
Captain Sullivan: :::arches an eyebrow and smiles::: Oh, reeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaallllllly?
VAdm Sankoh: OK, looks like everyone is online agian, so let's start.
MajorAZinthys: ::Smiles, turns, and walks away::
Captain Sullivan: :::mutters::: Tease.
Captain Sullivan: :::slips a hand down the neck of her tunic and pulls out the whistle of doom:::
MajorAZinthys: ::Shoots her a grin over his shoulder::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: @@
Captain Sullivan: Company!
Captain Sullivan: Atten-HUT!
Ensign FJ: ::AA::
KehjetRaidan: ::@a::
MajorAZinthys: ::AA::
MCptAdamDrake: ::@A::
VAdm Sankoh
: Tonight, the Atlantis is hightailing it back to Alexandria after a successful raid on the Romulan dilithium refinery.
VAdm Sankoh: Upon our arrival, a debriefing will be called. Questions?
DrJzrynMcCorvich: no Sir
VAdm Sankoh: BEGIN SIM
VAdm Sankoh: BEGIN SIM
VAdm Sankoh: BEGIN SIM
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::in sickbay, checking on the one patient that she currently had. She was still on high alert, as they were still in enemy territory::
MCptAdamDrake: ::steps into Engineering after he got out of his gear:: Home Sweet Home.
VAdm Sankoh
: ::enters the bridge looking pleased::
Captain Sullivan: :::in her chair, watching the scenery whizz by:::
Ensign FJ: ::walks into engineering trying to avoid being late::
MCptAdamDrake: ::Walks over and gives a friendly tap on the back of an engineer:: Ensign, you're not a Romulan, are you?
: Ensign> ::bewildered look graces his face:: Sir?
: ::Walks into the security office::
Ensign FJ: ::walks behind Drake to try to sneak over to get the assignment PADD before Drake notices::
MCptAdamDrake: Nevermind, we're on our way from the Romulans! No more pointed ears! ::turns around and sees FJ:: I guess we still get to see pointed heads. ::smiles in FJ's direction::
: ::she noted that his vital signs hadn't changed much . . . which was good, they were leveling off, and not dropping. it wouldn't be long until she would know if he had enough fight left in him to survive::
MajorAZinthys: ::Removes all his gear and excess trappings::
MajorAZinthys: ::Stores them all::
MCptAdamDrake: ::steps a couple of steps and grabs the assignment PADD::
Ensign FJ
: ::freezes:: Well, only when you visit the bridge sir.
KehjetRaidan: ::busy bleeding from an injury incurred on the spy mission::::in the fighter, which is being piloted by Imago Chase, who right now is an NPC, en route to Alexandria or Atlantis, whoever they run into first::
VAdm Sankoh: Captain Sullivan, what is our ETA to Alexandria?
Captain Sullivan: :::mutters::: Not soon enough.
VAdm Sankoh: ::chuckles slightly::
Captain Sullivan: Two hours, sir.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::looks around sickbay and wondered where Caine was. Had he disappeared off to the Bridge again. She swore that was his favorite place to be, at least it seemed to be.::
MajorAZinthys: ::Heads back to the TL::
MCptAdamDrake: Oh, this won't do. FJ, would you like to scrub the plasma relays, realign the deflector power sources, or reorganize the EM relays for a better and more efficient Engineering?
VAdm Sankoh
: Two hours! That's damnably long.
Captain Sullivan: No sign of Rudolph.
Captain Sullivan: Did I say two hours?
Captain Sullivan: I meant 30 minutes.
KehjetRaidan: Chase> Kehj, you're a fucking idiot, you know that, right? You'd have given me two more minutes, and I could have --
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::it didn't really matter much though. If there was a medical emergency that required his skills, she knew he'd be here in a heartbeat. As it stood, the engineer was the only patient in sickbay.::
VAdm Sankoh: That's more like it!
Ensign FJ: Not again, sir, I'm sorry, it was a long night.
MajorAZinthys: Deck 8!
Captain Sullivan: :::thinks::: It'll just FEEL like 2 hours.
MCptAdamDrake: Too bad you don't have a choice. ::grins:: I'll assist you in cleaning the plasma relays - sound good to you?
: ::through gritted teeth:: I didn't have two minutes. Two minutes and I would've been getting ass-fucked by a Romulan prison warden by now. That Rommie spy bitch Kai'den had been tailing me for a fucking hour.
Ensign FJ: ::pulls tooth brush out:: Yes sir. ::mumbles a bit::
Captain Sullivan: :::twitches her nose and fiddles with her console for a moment:::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::She looked around the sickbay, noting that the rest of the staff, while seemingly relaxed and doing other things, were also on guard, waiting for the red alert to sound::
MCptAdamDrake: OK, I'll meet you down on deck twenty-two. I've got to go to Sickbay and check up on someone. ::rubs his eyes and walks away and into the turbolift::
: Deck Fifteen, Sickbay.
: ::the doors close - concealing the image of Engineering from his view::
: ::Moving away from the Engineer, she made her way back to her office and sat down, staring up at the white board::
Ensign FJ: ::grabs a tool kit, and a tricorder and walks toward the TL::
Captain Sullivan: :::looks at the timer counting down.... 39 hours, 12 minutes until her 48 hours runs out:::
MCptAdamDrake: ::rides the TL up a deck and then out into the corridor::
: ::Heads to his quarters::
MCptAdamDrake: ::walks down the corridor and passes many starstruck crewmen::
: Chase> Fucking hell. What now? The cloaking mechanism's taken a hit.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::The pattern was coming along nicely she thought. A grin crossed her face, as she finally started to relax a bit::
Ensign FJ: ::gets in the TL:: Deck 22 please.
Doctor Caine: ::: enters Sickbay :::
KehjetRaidan: You've gotta be fucking kidding me.
KehjetRaidan: Chase> I can fix it.
MCptAdamDrake: ::walks into Sickbay and sees Jeddin::
: ::what she really wanted right now was a good ale::
KehjetRaidan: ::the cloak fails::
VAdm Sankoh: ::sits in the empty Counselor's chair::
KehjetRaidan: How about you fuck fixing it and just drive fast? I'm kind of needing medical attention over here.
KehjetRaidan: ::takes another hit off of a pain-killing hypospray::
Captain Sullivan: :::looks over::: Would you like this chair, Sir?
MCptAdamDrake: ::walks to the Engineer's side and looks down at his unconscious body::
: ::Motion in main sickbay catches her attention, Looking out she sees that she has a guest::
KehjetRaidan: ::the fighter is now DECLOAKED, flying through space, available to be PICKED UP ON SENSORS::
Ensign FJ: ::gets out on Deck 22 and gets a head start on the cleaning::
MajorAZinthys: <<Kaiden!>>
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::walking out into the main area, she nods to Caine with a slight chuckle, then moves over to Drake:: Can I help you Captain?
VAdm Sankoh: ACTION> Guess what - the fighter is on sensors.
MajorAZinthys: ::Changes out of his sweaty marine attire::
MCptAdamDrake: ::continues his gaze::
: <<LoL>>
Captain Sullivan: :::looks at the sudden blinky light on her screen::: Rudolph's nose is glowing, sir.
MajorAZinthys: ::Finds some more fitting officer-type one-piece stretchy uniform::
VAdm Sankoh: Bring them home.
MajorAZinthys: ::Walks back to the TL::
MajorAZinthys: Deck 1.
Captain Sullivan: Adjusting course to intercept....
KehjetRaidan: << OOO! Sweaty marines stripping! WHOOHOO! ::gets out her dollar bills::>>
DrJzrynMcCorvich: Captain Drake, is there something I can help you with?
MajorAZinthys: <<::Sees money:: ::Dances::>>
Captain Sullivan: :::notes the helms person doesn't wait for the direct order:::
MCptAdamDrake: ::pulls himself from his current train of thought:: Oh, I'm sorry, Doctor. How's he doing?
Captain Sullivan
: :::commands flight bay to prepare for pick up on the fly:::
MajorAZinthys: ::Enters the bridge, his euphoria still glowing about him::
MajorAZinthys: ::Takes up the tactical station::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: We should know within the next couple of hours if he will survive. I've done all I can for him.
KehjetRaidan: Chase> ::notices the Atlantis on the sensors and aims towards it::
Captain Sullivan: :::watches as helm adjusts speed to allow for a smooth entry.... no lubricant needed::::
MCptAdamDrake: He's not in pain, is he?
VAdm Sankoh
: <<ROFL!!>>
MajorAZinthys: <<::Chuckles::>>
DrJzrynMcCorvich: No. He is not conscious enough to feel any pain.
MCptAdamDrake: {{::laughs::}}
Captain Sullivan
: :::nods to Zinthys:::
MajorAZinthys: ::nods to Sullivan::
MCptAdamDrake: He's got a wife, and three kids, Doctor. And he may have orphaned them under my command.
: Nurse Muerta>::walks over to Doctor Caine, smiling shyly::Hi Sir.
KehjetRaidan: Chase> ::uses the Lubricating Mechanism to grease the bottom of the fighter for landing, just in case::::decides a man had to have invented fighters or they'd look a helluva lot less phallic::
KehjetRaidan: <<DOesn't Muerta mean "dead" in Spanish?>>
Doctor Caine: Greetings, are you?
CaptainDReyals: >
: <<dead, death. Yeah>>
MCptAdamDrake: {{::nods:: That it does.}}
: <<So we have a Nurse Death in our sickbay?>>
Captain Sullivan: Major... continue long range scans of the area... make sure they didn't bring any guests with them.
MCptAdamDrake: {{Ooo, how fitting. ;-)}}
: <<And they wonder why we don't come in for physicals.>>
MajorAZinthys: Scanning.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::fighting back the urge to recite the speach she's heard hundreas of times on "exceptable losses":: It's not your fault Captain.
Captain Sullivan: <<Better than Doctor Death.>>
DrJzrynMcCorvich: <<LOL... yeah, i like this name for the nurse!!>>
KehjetRaidan: <<But at least Doctor Death has alliteration and sounds cooler.>>
MCptAdamDrake: {{Horrible wrestler in the early nineties? :-P}}
VAdm Sankoh
: <<BRB, all - Sim amongst yourselves.>>
DrJzrynMcCorvich: Muerta>I'm doing well Sir. A little nervous. This is my first time on a mission.
MajorAZinthys: <<Can we have a topic?>>
Captain Sullivan: <<I wouldn't know... I only watch REAL sports.>>
KehjetRaidan: ::fighter lands::
MCptAdamDrake: I know it's not my fault. This was the first official time - outside simulations and other controlled scenarios - that I'd had people under me.
Ensign FJ
: ::waits for Drake, while working alone on the cleaning, very hard work::
KehjetRaidan: <<Like football? In which a bunch of men try to jump on each other?>>
Doctor Caine: <<Hey, no one comes to Sickbay unless they're half dead or more, anyway...>>>
CaptainDReyals: >
Captain Sullivan
: <<Mmmmm... the fantasies I've had about actually suiting up for a game.>>
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::nods:: I know, it's not easy to lose someone under your command.
MCptAdamDrake: {{Excuse me? Who's in Sickbay right now. I'm not dead. I don't think - anyway. :-P}}
: Chase> ::exits fighter:: Hey, someone get me a goddamn doctor! My partner's half dead or more!
Captain Sullivan: <<ROFL, Keh!>>
DrJzrynMcCorvich: <<::thwaps Reyals:: think you could change so you don't use "<<>>" Dalvo? Can't read it otherwise>>
MajorAZinthys: <<Football's great. All those men releasing their homosexual tendencies. Yum ::Shakes head quickly::>>
MCptAdamDrake: ::turns to the doctor:: He's not dead, Doctor. Let's not jinx the situation any more.
Captain Sullivan
: <<Oh, sure... she complains about YOUR use of it... the hell with what the rest of us are saying. :D>>
DrJzrynMcCorvich: You're right, He's not dead, and I will do what i can to keep it that way...
MajorAZinthys: Nothing detected on long-range scans.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: <<Yeah, that's because I don't care much of what you say Sulli, cuz it's usually some blasphemy agaisnt me!>>
Captain Sullivan: :::sees the fighter is back aboard::: Helm... readjust for home. Best possible speed.
MCptAdamDrake: Thank you, Doctor, please notify me of any change in his condition. Please.
: ::nods:: of course Captain.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: Muerta>Is this how every mission is Doctor?
MCptAdamDrake: Thank you. ::Starts walking out, stops, looks back at his fallen comrade, and then quickens his pace out the door and into the turbolift::
: Chase> ::begins to drag Kehj towards sickbay::
Captain Sullivan: Bay Chief> *Medical* Medical emergency Fighter Bay One.
KehjetRaidan: Fuck, Chase, don't call for a strether or anything.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::watches Drake leave, then turns back to Jeddin::
Captain Sullivan: Bay Chief> *Medical* Make that somewhere between FB1 and sickbay.
KehjetRaidan: Chase> Then I wouldn't get to show off my mechanically-enhanced musculature.
Doctor Caine: No, not all are like this...some are even more...exciting...
Captain Sullivan: Bay Chief> *Medical* Try corridor 14B.
KehjetRaidan: <<LoL>>
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::looks to Caine for a moment as the call comes in::Caine, take Muerta and head to corridor 14B
MCptAdamDrake: Deck Twenty-Two.
: <<NO! Not Nurse Death!!>>
Captain Sullivan: <HAHA!>>
DrJzrynMcCorvich: +Bay Chief+Medical Team on their way.
MCptAdamDrake: ::rides the TL down seven decks, steps out into the corridor and steps into the plasma relay room::
: ::leaves a nice little trail of blood like breadcrumbs::
MCptAdamDrake: ::eyes FJ:: Report, Ensign.
Doctor Caine
: :::: reaches for his medikits :::: Time to go
DrJzrynMcCorvich: Muerta>::nods and follows Caine::
Ensign FJ: ::looks up, tired and dirty:: everythings good, care to lend me a hand?
Captain Sullivan: Bay Chief> *Janitorial Staff* Clean up... corridor 14 B and FB1.... bring the *Blood-B-Gone*.
KehjetRaidan: <<LOL>>
VAdm Sankoh: <<Back!>>
MCptAdamDrake: ::nods and smiles:: Of course, sorry I'm late. ::grabs a hydrospanner and passes it along the first pathway::
: ::sighing softly:: and so it begins...
Captain Sullivan: Janitor Scrubby> :::sighs::: *Bay Chief* Yes, sir.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::watches as the other staff in sickbay perk up and stop what they are doing as the call comes in.::
MCptAdamDrake: So, FJ, where were you stationed before coming aboard Alexandria?
Ensign FJ
: This place is a mess, I found an old pizza box over there!! ::points toward a very tiddy looking section of the room.:: And it still had half a pizza in it.
Captain Sullivan: Scrubby> :::mutters::: If it isn't the damn Marines getting blood in the Holodecks... and the assorted bodily fluids in the TL's.....
KehjetRaidan: ::slightly delusional from the pain medication:: Why can't my blood be purple? It would be so much prettier if it were purple..
Captain Sullivan: Scrubby> :::grumbles:::
KehjetRaidan: <<LOL!!!!>
KehjetRaidan: <<Bodily fluids in the TL's...>>
DrJzrynMcCorvich: Nurse Lata>::tosses her PADD down and stands up, moving over to Jzryn::I can't wait to get out of Romulan space!
Ensign FJ: Before the Alexandria I was on a little patrol ship named the Freedom.
MCptAdamDrake: Well, pizza's good. What kind - Bolian sausage and Klingon anchovies!? That is the best pizza in the galaxy - the oil from that stuff could clean the grease spot off a driveway.
Doctor Caine
: ::: arrives on Deck 14B ::::
Ensign FJ: ::licks lips for a moment:: I forget what it was
Captain Sullivan: <<EW!>>
MCptAdamDrake: Freedom? ::strokes chin:: Wasn't that part of an independant patroling organization that dealt specifically with Alpha Centauria, am I correct.
: ?
Doctor Caine
: ::: surveys the scene ::: Standard triage, Nurse.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: Muerta>::follows Caine and almost bumps into him, looks around for the patient::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: Muerta>Aye Sir!
KehjetRaidan: ::notices Caine:: Oh, hey sexy. Nice to meet you again.
Ensign FJ: Yes, good ship, very good indeed.
Captain Sullivan: :::looks at Zinthys:::
Ensign FJ: And where were you posted?
Captain Sullivan: We should be coming within range of the Alex any minute now... establish contact and docking procedures as soon as we do.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: Muerta>::moves over to Raidan::
MajorAZinthys: Aye, Captain.
MCptAdamDrake: ::rubs the back of his neck:: I was apart of the Daystrom Engineering Specialists Corps.
: <<oh, and just so everyone knows... lata is romulan for death>>
VAdm Sankoh: :stalks off the bridge when he realizes what happened, enters the TL:: Sickbay!
Captain Sullivan: :::sighs in relief as the Admiral leaves the bridge:::
KehjetRaidan: ::eyes the nurse:: Who're you?
MajorAZinthys: ::nods to the Admiral as he leaves::
Ensign FJ: Ahh, well, sorry to hear it... but on the other hand, your prepared for anything. ::smiles::
Doctor Caine: ::: nods to Kehjet ::::
Captain Sullivan: :::visibly relaxes and crosses her legs as she leans back:::::
VAdm Sankoh: ::enters sickbay and walks up to the side of Raidan's biobed::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::nods:: Aye, so will I.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::sees the Admiral enter and moves over to him:: Greetings Sir
KehjetRaidan: <<Wow, I'm already in sickbay? I thought I was still in 14B. LoL>>
MCptAdamDrake: I wouldn't be sorry, I've met many of my friends there. Some that are stationed on the Starbase. They didn't throw the funnest part - ::mocking a fellow student:: Yeah! Let's go and synthesize some warp molecules!
: <<Ummm... Raidan isn't in sickbay yet Admiral>>
Captain Sullivan: <<She's oozing in the corridor.>>
MCptAdamDrake: Part = party
VAdm Sankoh
: ::waits in sickbay for Raidan to make it to that biobed, which will probably be hers::
Ensign FJ: ::drops his tricorder, and it bust into several pieces::
KehjetRaidan: <<Better than oozing in the TL, apparently.>>
DrJzrynMcCorvich: Sir? Do you need any help?
KehjetRaidan: <<WOW! The admiral's psychic!>>
MCptAdamDrake: ::looks down:: That's coming out of your shore leave, Ensign. ::smiles and returns to his hydrospanner::
Captain Sullivan
: BayCrew> :::begins clean up duty on the Raidan's fighter::::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: <<::makes note to put Raidan on any bed away from teh Admiral::>>
VAdm Sankoh: Just waiting on your next patient to arrive.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: May I ask who that is Sir?
VAdm Sankoh: Special Agent Raidan.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: Lata>::listens to Jzy's and the Admirals conversation::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::nods:: What happened Sir?
KehjetRaidan: ::bleeds at the nurse::
VAdm Sankoh: I don't know yet, but I'll find out.
Doctor Caine: ::: scans Kehjet :::: What happened here?
Captain Sullivan: Bay Crew> :::tosses several empty bottles of Romulan Ale out of the craft:::
KehjetRaidan: Somebody shot me. Shoulder, torso. It hurts.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: Muerta>::puts some pressure over the bleeding wound to stop the blood from flowing all over the floor::
Captain Sullivan: Bay Crew> :::followed by a feather boa, three mismatched shoes, and a g-string:::
KehjetRaidan: Some new fucking kind of Rommie weapon.
KehjetRaidan: <<LOL!!>>
Captain Sullivan: ACTION> The Atlantis docks.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::nods, noticing that He made no comment or concern about the engineer laying half dead just two beds away from him::
Captain Sullivan: Zinthys.... give me a shipwide.
MajorAZinthys: Aye, captain. Shipwide.
Ensign FJ: ::looks over at Drake:: So, hows this look, ::wipes off a few pannels and makes everything look nice:: All the relays are clear.
MajorAZinthys: You're on.
MCptAdamDrake: Alpha 1 Gamma looks a little corroded, please tag it in a report so the Engineers on the station can do it. ::puts his hydrospanner in the repair box next to him:: And let's return to Deck Sixteen to the real Engineering.
: Muerta>Sir? Don't the med kits contain instrament for stopping bleeding??
Captain Sullivan: *SHIPWIDE COMM* Docking procedures are complete. All crew please, exit the ship at this time. All Department Heads... report directly to the conference room for the mission debriefing.
Doctor Caine: ::: applies compress fields to Raidan ::: All right, Nurse...this should do for now....
Ensign FJ: ::tags the relay, and then packs up to leave::
MCptAdamDrake: {{Conference on the Atlantis, or Starbase?}}
Captain Sullivan
: *Medical* Sullivan to medical.
VAdm Sankoh has left the room.
Captain Sullivan: <<If I ordered you all off the ship... where would you think? 8-)>>
DrJzrynMcCorvich: Muerta>::nods:: yes Sir, let's get her to sickbay.
VAdm Sankoh has entered the room.
MCptAdamDrake: {{::slaps himself:: I knew that, I was only TESTING you. ;-)}}
: No. ::tries to stand:: I should go to the debriefing.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: +Sullivan+Medical here Captain.
VAdm Sankoh: <<Someone on AIM save the chatlog, now. And again when we pause.>>
Ensign FJ: ::stands and steps behind Drake to follow him to the Conference room::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: Muerta>No.
MajorAZinthys: <<Would you like me to slap you for you?>>
DrJzrynMcCorvich: Muerta>You are going to sickbay and being treated first
MCptAdamDrake: {{No, I'm good.}}
Captain Sullivan
: *McC* Doctor... please feel free to utilize the transporter systems to move all wounded.
MajorAZinthys: <<Sure?>>
MCptAdamDrake: ::walks out of the room and to the nearest air lock - stepping onto the starbase::
: {{Positive, but thanks.}}
: ::Looks to Sullivan, waiting::
Doctor Caine: The debriefing can wait until you're stabilized.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: +Sulli+Acknowledged Sir. Waiting on one more patient to arrive before I disembark Sir.
Captain Sullivan: *McC* No need to cause an undue mess... the janitorial staff is close to a strike so as it is.
Doctor Caine: Too many questions on the Starbase...take Kehjet to Atlantis Sickbay.
Captain Sullivan: :::looks at Zinthys:::
Ensign FJ: ::follows out the airlock back onto the base:: Well, we made it back
KehjetRaidan: Good point, doc. Thanks.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: Muerta>::helps get Raidan walking towards the TL::
MCptAdamDrake: ::hands a PADD to FJ:: Have these diagnostics run when you get to Engineering, make sure the crew has rotated their shifts - they're horrible at doing that - and I would like a report of all problems on base when I return.
: Muerta>Of course Doctor
MajorAZinthys: ::nods to her::
Captain Sullivan: What are you staring at?
MajorAZinthys: Whenever you're ready.
MCptAdamDrake: Understood? ::smiles::
: +Sulli+Understood Sir.
Ensign FJ: Aye sir.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::Moves back over to Nurse Lata::Please have Jeddin preped and ready for transport to the Station in five mins Lata.
MCptAdamDrake: Thank you, Mr. FJ, and how about joining me and the Lieutenant tonight in a game of poker?
: Lata>Aye Sir. ::hurridly goes about getting the patient prepped::
Captain Sullivan: Ready for what? :::feels her temperature rise a bit as a naughty thought skips gaily through her mind:::
Ensign FJ: ::takes PADDs and makes a mental note of everything needed::
MCptAdamDrake: Lieutenant = Lieutenants
Ensign FJ
: Sure, I'm feeling lucky
DrJzrynMcCorvich: Lata>::moves over to the comm system and contacts the Station to prepare a bed::
MajorAZinthys: Come, captain, you did not think I would run off the ship without you.
KehjetRaidan: ::TL to sickbay::::yaaay sickbay::::finally::
MCptAdamDrake: No cheating, I know how your kind are. ::winks and then proceeds down the opposite corridor to a TL::
: Muerta>::walks into sickbay with Raidan::
Captain Sullivan: :::stifles the vision of him tossing her over his shoulder and carrying her off::: Yes... of course.
KehjetRaidan: ::gets dumped on a biobed to be poked and prodded at by doctors::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::moves over to Muerta and Kehjet, tricorder out, taking initial scans.::
KehjetRaidan: Hey, will this count for my physical?
Captain Sullivan: :::closes down the command codes and moves towards the exit:::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::chuckles:: maybe, we'll see
Doctor Caine: ::: scans the area of the corridor ::::
VAdm Sankoh: ::stalks up to Raidan's biobed:: Dammit, Agent Raidan, why were you so careless to get yourself injured?!
DrJzrynMcCorvich: I might be able to arrange that.
MajorAZinthys: ::Makes sure to precede her, so that the captain will be the last off the ship::
Ensign FJ: ::walks down the corridor toward the Main Engineering::
Doctor Caine: ::: leaves for Sickbay :::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::turns to the Admiral:: Sir... I must ask you to remain silent until I've treated Raiden properly
MCptAdamDrake: ::steps into the TL:: Main Operations.
: And good afternoon to you too, Ahmad.
VAdm Sankoh: Request denied, doctor.
KehjetRaidan: Ha! I've always wanted to be able to say that to a damn doctor.
Doctor Caine: ::: arrives in Sickbay ::::
Captain Sullivan: :::enters TL after Zinthys::: Main docking ring.
VAdm Sankoh: Now they've been tipped off to our interest in that facility, thanks to you.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: It's not a request Sir. It's for the Patients own health. I need to be able to have her full attention so that I can figure out how best to treat her.
VAdm Sankoh: :ignores McC::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: Raidan, what happened?
KehjetRaidan: Yeah, well, what can I say? My ass is popular. I was being tailed.
VAdm Sankoh: What DID you find out before you blew your cover?
Doctor Caine: Admiral...
MCptAdamDrake: {{Twenty Questions! I love that game! :-D}}
: Muerta, would you get the dermal regenerator...
DrJzrynMcCorvich: Admiral, this can wait five mins!
MajorAZinthys: ::Cracks his neck:: Another successful mission...
KehjetRaidan: ::tosses a ISD (Intel Storage Device) at the admiral:: Precise layout of the station, and thanks to my little unmasking act, detailed plans of the bomb.
KehjetRaidan: Which is every bit as nasty as we've been led to believe.
VAdm Sankoh: ::catches the ISD and pockets it::
Captain Sullivan: :::wonders if it her imagination... or does Zinthys take up a lot of room:::
Captain Sullivan: :::winces at the noise:::
VAdm Sankoh: Thank you. Fat lot of good it will do us now, but thank you.
KehjetRaidan: Also, they have these new goddamn guns, the results of being shot with I'm currently sporting on my fucking shoulder.
Ensign FJ: ::Enters Main Engineering, and walks over to a Aeng.:: Here, run these test on the systems, ::hands him a PADD::
KehjetRaidan: Hey, fuck you, Eightball. I didn't have a fucking choice.
Captain Sullivan: I don't know... the fighter wasn't in the best of shape... I'd hazard to guess someone blew their cover.
VAdm Sankoh: ::smirks::
Ensign FJ: ::walks over to one of the consoles and begins checking on the crew rotations::
VAdm Sankoh: I want a detailed log of the effects of this weapon on her, doctors.
MajorAZinthys: Whose cover?
MCptAdamDrake: ::rides the TL up and steps out onto the deck::
: Kai'den was trailing me. We've had runins before. She knows how I operate. I had to do something unusual and blow my cover.
KehjetRaidan: Or she'd have checkmated me.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: If i ever get a chance to treat her Sir, I'll give one to ya
Captain Sullivan: Rudolph's.
MCptAdamDrake: ::steps into the conference room - all alone:: Great, they've changed the location of the party.
Captain Sullivan
: :::TL doors open:::
Doctor Caine: :::: steps in front of the Admiral :::
Doctor Caine: Enough, please.
MCptAdamDrake: ::takes a seat at the table and goes through his equipment logs of his battallion::
: Home again home again
VAdm Sankoh: ::brushes Caine aside::
KehjetRaidan: Hey, I'm not done talking ot him yet.
Captain Sullivan: Jiggity jig
MajorAZinthys: after you...
DrJzrynMcCorvich: Muerta>::grabs the equpiment and moves over quickly, situating her self between the Admiral and Raidan::
Doctor Caine: <<< brushes???>>>
Captain Sullivan: :::chuckles and steps out::: Why thank you, kind sir.
MCptAdamDrake: {{You know, like flosses. ;-)}}
VAdm Sankoh
: ::smirks at Raidan:: I'll take your word for it. But don't risk losing my best field agent like that again.
KehjetRaidan: Eightball, as soon as you devote your entire fucking life to espionage, you can start telling me how to do my job. Dig it?
MajorAZinthys: <<Or sweeps>>
Doctor Caine: +Sullivan+ Sickbay to Sullivan.
Captain Sullivan: *Caine* Sullivan here.
KehjetRaidan: Hey, I lived. I'm fine. You people are overreacting.
VAdm Sankoh: Yeah, I can dig it. But you dig this. People as well trained as you are expensive.
Ensign FJ: ::makes a few corrections in the rotation of the Engineering crew and then notes it in the report to Drake::
Doctor Caine: Security contingent to Sickbay, please.
VAdm Sankoh: I don't have the budget to replace your well-trained ass. Got it?
KehjetRaidan: I lived. Starfleet lost no money on me.
Captain Sullivan: :::stops in her tracks::: *Caine* Is there a problem, Doctor?
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::checks Raiden's vital signs and thinks about injecting her with a sedative::
KehjetRaidan: Hey, you wanted intel, you got intel.
Doctor Caine: +Sullivan+ Ask our Admiral.
MajorAZinthys: ::Nods to Sullivan::
Captain Sullivan: :::looks at Zinthys::: Were we boarded when I wasn't looking?
VAdm Sankoh: Yeah, and now they know we're coming. Oh well, we're going anyway.
Ensign FJ: ::moves over to another console and check the repair reports and such::
VAdm Sankoh: Report when you're medically cleared to debrief this information.
MajorAZinthys: I'm on it.
KehjetRaidan: How many times do I have to explain it? What are you, dense or something? I didn't have a choice!
Captain Sullivan: Thank you, Major.
VAdm Sankoh: ::stalks out of sickbay::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::takes the hypo and injects the sedative into Raidan so that she will sleep::
MajorAZinthys: ::Hurries to the station's TL::
KehjetRaidan: Fuckhead.
VAdm Sankoh: ::ignoring her protestations:;
MajorAZinthys: Main Sickbay.
Captain Sullivan: <<I think they are still on the ship.>>
Doctor Caine: ::: looks to see if the Admiral's ego is caught in Sickbay doors :::
MCptAdamDrake: {{We're just one happy dysfunctional family, aren't we?}}
Captain Sullivan
: <<Fuck, yeah.>>
KehjetRaidan: <<LOL>>
MajorAZinthys: <<I thought I saw them transport.>>
MCptAdamDrake: {{LOL.}}
VAdm Sankoh
: ::makes his way back to his office on Alexandria:::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::goes about to quickly try to heal the wounds that the weapon caused on Raidan, now that she's not talking and is asleep::
Captain Sullivan: <<Oops... me bad.>>
KehjetRaidan: ::sleeps::
MCptAdamDrake: ::sits idly at the Conference room table:: Maybe I was the only one called to his meeting...
: <<Nope, on ship... Lata and Jeddin transported>>
MajorAZinthys: <<I could be wrong...>>
KehjetRaidan: ::dreams about yelling at the admiral::
MajorAZinthys: <<Ship's TL*>>
VAdm Sankoh: ::gathers some reports and heads to the CR::
Captain Sullivan: ::hurries to the conference room, listening to Solitaire spout off information as she travels:::
MajorAZinthys: ::Enters sickbay::
Captain Sullivan: :::enters the CR:::
MajorAZinthys: What's the problem?
Ensign FJ: ::makes notes of the several minor repairs on the station::
MajorAZinthys: ::Hand on phaser::
MCptAdamDrake: ::Stands::
Doctor Caine
: :::: logs an incident report, and sends it to the Captain ::::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::Picks up some of the equipment that Muerta brought, and starts to slowly heal the deep wound, muttering to herself::
Captain Sullivan: :::mutters::: I could use some candles, a glass of wine, and my hot tub.....
VAdm Sankoh: As you were.
MCptAdamDrake: ::smirks at the comment::
: Muerta>The Admiral was in her harrassing a patient, causing undue stress and refusing to leave.
Captain Sullivan: :::murmurs::: Bubbles... bubbles would be nice. :::sits:::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: <<her=here>>
MajorAZinthys: And where is the Admiral?
MCptAdamDrake: ::sits down at the conference room table::
: Muerta>He left after you were called
MajorAZinthys: And so why am I here?
KehjetRaidan: <<LOL "In her." Admiral, were you in me?>>
VAdm Sankoh: <<Not tonight. ;-)>>
KehjetRaidan: <<Heh heh heh. ::winks::>>
VAdm Sankoh: Captain, where is everyone?
MCptAdamDrake: {{::vomits:: :-)}}
Captain Sullivan
: Disembarking.
MCptAdamDrake: ::reads over his PADDs carefully, comparing them to each other::
: Muerta>Becuase we didn't call to cancel, just went to work
MCptAdamDrake: ::mutters:: I hope Engineering is still in one piece.
: Forget it. Just tell your doctors not to cry wolf any more.
VAdm Sankoh: ::frowns::
MajorAZinthys: ::Turns on his heel::
Captain Sullivan: Something about a disorderly event in sickbay.
MajorAZinthys: ::Walk to the TL:: Docking ring.
Captain Sullivan: You wouldn't know anything about that.... would you?
VAdm Sankoh: Of course not.
MCptAdamDrake: ::gazes up from his PADD then returns them to the contents::
: Muerta>Cry Wolf? We didn't.
MajorAZinthys: ::Jumps off ship's TL and enters station's TL::
MajorAZinthys: Operations- Main Conference Room.
Captain Sullivan: I believe the Doctors are tending to Rudolph.... and Zinthys should be here shortly.
MCptAdamDrake: ::rubs the back of his neck, again::
Captain Sullivan
: And engineering is prompt.
Ensign FJ: ::finishes the final report on the repairs:: Finally, now maybe I'll get some rest tonight., ::walks into the CENGs office and sits the PADD full of reports on his desk::
MajorAZinthys: ::Enters the CR, looking disgusted::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::fixes the wound, though notices that it will never heal 100%. moves away to let Raiden rest, and repares to transport her to the Station::
Captain Sullivan: <<:::pulls out the cardboard cutout of T'Kirr:::>>
MCptAdamDrake: ::looks at the Captain and smiles:: I try to be - sometimes unsuccessful.
Captain Sullivan
: And science is here.
VAdm Sankoh: Zinthys, begin with the Marine report on the mission.
VAdm Sankoh: :::takes his seat::
MajorAZinthys: <<T'kirr's cardboard cutout=science>>
MajorAZinthys: ::Steps up to the front::
MCptAdamDrake: {{::looks at the cutout:: How are you this evening, Lieutenant?}}
: {{T'Kirr> ::stares, without blinking::}}
: From our point of view, the operation was a complete success.
Captain Sullivan: :::wonders how Zinthys would look wearing nothing but bubbles:::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::turns to Caine:: thank you for your help.
Ensign FJ: ::walks out of the office and into the ME area::
KehjetRaidan: <<Probably like a sweaty marine wearing nothing but bubbles.>>
MajorAZinthys: ::makes sure to look everyone in the eye::
MCptAdamDrake: ::nods in agreement with the Major::
Captain Sullivan
: :::derails that train of thought and tries to look interested in the things that she already knows:::
VAdm Sankoh: How much dilithium was gathered?
DrJzrynMcCorvich: Muerta, beam over with Raiden and make sure that Sally takes over her care. She will be asleep for at least another 4 hours, and will have that scar for the rest of her life.
Doctor Caine: ::: shrugs ::: I did not do enough.
MajorAZinthys: I, along with Captain Drake, assaulted the dual barriers and tagged most of their dilithium.
KehjetRaidan: <<Yaay! War wounds!>>
DrJzrynMcCorvich: It's not your fault. The Admiral cares more about his precious information then he does about any of his crew.
MCptAdamDrake: ::taps the PADD and brings up the information on the amount of dilithium gathered::
: He never even asked about Jeddin, who was laying on the biobed next to the one he was standing at.
Ensign FJ: ::sits in the chair in ME, and makes himself confortable::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: Muerta>::beams aboard the Station with Raiden::
KehjetRaidan: ::is beamed aboard the station with Nurse Death::
KehjetRaidan: ::whisked away in a swirl of golden sparkles as if by the Grim Reaper::
MajorAZinthys: We were able to secure almost their entire cache of somewhere in excess of 1,000 tonnes.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: Well, shall we head over to the Station? I need to compile that report the Admiral wants
MCptAdamDrake: ::nods again::
VAdm Sankoh
: Excellent.
VAdm Sankoh: Did you take any casualties?
Ensign FJ: ::falls asleep::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::checks around the sickbay on the ship, and notes that the rest of the staff has left and sickbay was clean::
MajorAZinthys: One. Marine Jeddin. Reports are that he's in critical condition.
MCptAdamDrake: Random Engineer> ::walks up quietly and slaps FJ upside the head, sprinting to get out of the line of sight::
Captain Sullivan
: :::surreptiously taps a message to the Chief Doc that a debriefing meeting is in session:::
Doctor Caine: The Admiral will not get far by second guessing his staff...
Ensign FJ: ::looks around:: hmm... Drakes in Ops... so who could that of been?
VAdm Sankoh: Keep me appraised on his situation.
VAdm Sankoh: How many kills were made?
MajorAZinthys: ::nods::
KehjetRaidan: <<He got pretty far...he's an Admiral... ;-) >>
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::shrugs:: exceptable losses Caine... remember that phrase, you'll hear it alot...
VAdm Sankoh: <<I was thinking the same thing. >>
Ensign FJ: ::looks over Diagnostic reports from the time that the Atlantis was away::
MajorAZinthys: 20 confirmed kills, more wounded.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: That's what gets you up in the ranks...
MajorAZinthys: ::looks proud::
VAdm Sankoh: Very good ratio.
MajorAZinthys: Indeed it is, sir.
VAdm Sankoh: That will be all, Major.
VAdm Sankoh: ::Stands::
MajorAZinthys: Thank you ::sits::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::walks out of sickbay and heads over to the station, knowing full well the meeting is going on, but doesn't want to go in and blow her temper, wouldn't look to professional::
VAdm Sankoh: The Phantom Squadron had two confirmed fighter kills and an unknown number of ground troop kills. No losses were taken.
Captain Sullivan: :::mutes her PADD and beeps through the station reports, noting all was well in her absence with the exception of a small brawl in the main bar.... something about a woman:::
MajorAZinthys: <<Isn't it alwasy about a woman?>>
MajorAZinthys: <<always*>>
VAdm Sankoh: Captain Sullivan? Was the final objective accomplished by the Atlantis?
Captain Sullivan: :::eyebrow quirks..... a woman and a.... snake?:::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::arives on the station and heads to Main Medical to check on both of her patients from the ship::
KehjetRaidan: <<WHo's snake?>>
MCptAdamDrake: {{LOL!}}
: ::carrying her tricorder and PADD with the recorded information, so that she can comply a report on the destructiveness of the weapon::
Captain Sullivan: Final objective accomplished. Refinery and outlying building decimated.
Doctor Caine: :::: thinks:::: Acceptable losses...
VAdm Sankoh: Excellent. I declare this mission 100% successful.
MajorAZinthys: ::Cheers::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: <<hey, i liked the irony of "except"able losses>>
MCptAdamDrake: ::looks at the Major::
VAdm Sankoh
: Dismissed, and all crew will be granted leave on the planet below as a reward. Those who were injured get double leave.
Captain Sullivan: :::looks at the exuberant Major:::
MajorAZinthys: ::Regains the officerish demeanor::
MajorAZinthys: ::Files out::
KehjetRaidan: ::wakes up miraculously, as if somehow she jsut heard "double leave"::
MCptAdamDrake: ::stands and grabs his PADD, looking a tad upset - but still professional::
VAdm Sankoh
VAdm Sankoh: PAUSE SIM
VAdm Sankoh: PAUSE SIM
Captain Sullivan: :::paused:::
KehjetRaidan: ::whines:: Do we have to pause?
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::paused::
MCptAdamDrake: ::paused::
Ensign FJ
: ::paused::
KehjetRaidan: ::refuses to pause::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: that's what i was thinking Raiden!
VAdm Sankoh: <<Someone on AIM, save the chatlog now and send it to me.>>