You have just entered room "Celestial Prime."
DrJzrynMcCorvich: Greetings Admiral
VAdm Sankoh: Evening!
DrJzrynMcCorvich: And how does this evening find you Admiral?
KehjetRaidan has entered the room.
VAdm Sankoh: Not bad, and yourselves?
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::evil grin:: not bad Admiral
Lt TKirr: I have some catching up to do...
: greetings Raidan
VAdm Sankoh: Hello, T'Kirr!
KehjetRaidan: Greetings. :-)
Lt TKirr: Hi, it's good to see you
VAdm Sankoh
: Glad to have you back, T'Kirr... how current are you on the plot?
Lt TKirr: Well... I basically know everything's different, that we're in a new dimension? And some people are named differently now.. that's about it.
: not just "named" differently... but are different characters
Lt TKirr: Aye
VAdm Sankoh
: ::nods:: Basically, our efforts failed to stop the virus/creatures.
Lt TKirr: But still the same players I know =P
: *laughs* after i told ya! :P
VAdm Sankoh: So after everyone that wasn't behind shields died, we decided to hop to another dimension.
Lt TKirr: Yeah :-)
Captain Sullivan: Not me... I'm pretty much the same
VAdm Sankoh: So our characters have lived different lives.... some more different than others.
Lt TKirr: I don't understand..
VAdm Sankoh
: What in particular?
KehjetRaidan: And there are some NEW characters and players. ::clears throat::
Lt TKirr: 'lived different lives'?
Lt TKirr
: ::waves to Raidan::
Lt TKirr
: What field are you?
VAdm Sankoh
: Yes, a different dimension/timeline where your character may have made different decisions.
KehjetRaidan: ::waves back::::grins::
VAdm Sankoh: The theory goes that every time you make a decision, in another dimension, you made the opposite decision.
KehjetRaidan: I'm the new SFI liason person. Special agent. ;-)
CaptainDReyals has entered the room.
Allen Zinthys has entered the room.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: greetings Dalvo
DrJzrynMcCorvich: greetings Zinthys
Allen Zinthys: ::hits AIM::
Allen Zinthys: hell Doctor
Allen Zinthys: hello*
Captain Sullivan: You can say that again... :::mutters:::
Captain Sullivan: You had it right the first time.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::thwaps the Captain while no one's looking::
Lt TKirr: So.. are you saying the past has changed? (0.o)
VAdm Sankoh
: Yep.
Allen Zinthys: i'm installing now, no if I suddenly leave, I'm sorry
VAdm Sankoh: For example, Zuriyev lived in the 20th century, I think.
Lt TKirr: ::boggles::
VAdm Sankoh
: Also, in this dimension, the dominion war lasted four years, draining everyone's resources.
VAdm Sankoh: The Romulans entered last, so came out with the least damage. The federation is trying to rebuild
Lt TKirr: I heard that last part, yeah..
VAdm Sankoh
: Any questions?
Lt TKirr: Um, what ISN'T upsidedown? =P Anything still... well, constant, to where we're not starting over?
VAdm Sankoh
: The Atlantis is still the Atlantis.
Allen Zinthys: What's wrong, Suli?
Lt TKirr: Which means what exactly? Everything else is different..
: you wanna explain the fighters to her... i couldn't do that part justise
VAdm Sankoh: The Atlantis is based at Starbase Alexandria, on the border of Romulan space.
Captain Sullivan: Something is wrong?
VAdm Sankoh: Because fighters are cheaper than starships, a new branch of service was created, the Starfleet Aerospace Force.
VAdm Sankoh: SFAF.
Lt TKirr: Gotcha.
VAdm Sankoh
: All three branches of service are present on the Alexandria.
KehjetRaidan: SFAF rules.
Lt TKirr: Um, what's the third?
VAdm Sankoh
: Marines.
Lt TKirr: Oh yeah..
has entered the room.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::makes a note that all Fighter pilots will need physicals before they are cleared to fly::
MajorAZinthys: Yes! I kick ass.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: wb Major!
VAdm Sankoh: So, basically, everyone except security gets to choose what branch of service they want to serve in.
Captain Sullivan: Mmmmm.... look at that sexy Marine....
MajorAZinthys: ::mutters::
Lt TKirr: ::smacks both Zinthys'::
VAdm Sankoh
: I don't recall promoting you to Major, Mr. Zinthys.
MajorAZinthys: ::Shrugs::
Lt TKirr: Weird.
: Must've been a hole in the timeline
VAdm Sankoh: Heh. I was actually going to do it anyway, surprisingly enough. Congratulations, Major!
MajorAZinthys: Thank you.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: Major is roughly equivolent to Lt SG unless you inserted a rank between Capt and Major
DrJzrynMcCorvich: LOL
Captain Sullivan: He's a mind reader!
MajorAZinthys: You don't understand. If, after all I went through to get the Aim SN, I couldn't use it, I would've quit.
VAdm Sankoh: Major is equivalent to Lt.Commander.
Lt TKirr: Okay, I feel like a cadet, so don't mind my quietness I'll no doubt pursue.
: Right here. on the spot.
Captain Sullivan: :::hugs Zinthys:::
MajorAZinthys: ::Hugs back::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: Ok... then what's Lt SG Admiral?
Allen Zinthys has left the room.
VAdm Sankoh: That's what I haven't figured out. :-)
DrJzrynMcCorvich: I still think it should be Lt. Major Sir
MajorAZinthys: ::thwaps J::
KehjetRaidan: I think it should be MajorMajor.
VAdm Sankoh: Sullivan, what do you think about Lt. Major as the LtSG equivalent?
MajorAZinthys: Actually, Lt. Colonel is equivalent to Lt Cmdr.
VAdm Sankoh: Incorrect
VAdm Sankoh: Lt.Colonel is Commander.
MajorAZinthys: Oh?
MajorAZinthys: hmmm....
DrJzrynMcCorvich: Nope... not if he inserts a Rank between Captain and Major Zinthys
VAdm Sankoh: 2Lt = Ens
VAdm Sankoh: 1Lt = LtJG
VAdm Sankoh: Cpt = Lt
VAdm Sankoh: Major = LtCdr
VAdm Sankoh: LtCol = Cdr
VAdm Sankoh: Col = Cpt
DrJzrynMcCorvich: Lt. Major=LtSG
VAdm Sankoh: I was doing the standard ranks, Doc. :-)
Captain Sullivan: I think we can have this discussion at a later time... let's sim!
VAdm Sankoh: But yes, Lt. Major is LtSG.
Lt TKirr: It feels like we hopped out of the ST universe, I know nothing of marines.
: Agreed Captain! time to sim... time to do some physicals!
VAdm Sankoh: Time to sim it is!~
VAdm Sankoh: Captain Sullivan, if you will!
Captain Sullivan: :::takes out her whistle of doom:::
Captain Sullivan: <<Sorry... was taming the untamed laptop for Caine>>
Captain Sullivan: Company! Atten-HUT!
Lt TKirr: ::AA::
: @@
Ensign FJ: ::AA::
KehjetRaidan: ::@a::
MajorAZinthys: ::snaps to attention like a real marine::
VAdm Sankoh: Thank you, everyone.
Captain Sullivan: <<Incoming Caine....>>
VAdm Sankoh: Welcome to the first episode of a new phase of the Atlantis simulation: Starbase Alexandria.
CaptainDReyals has left the room.
Doctor Caine has entered the room.
Doctor Caine has left the room.
VAdm Sankoh: PLease keep in mind that you'll have to choose a branch of service for your character, but that isn't a final decision for tonight.
VAdm Sankoh: Please clear that decision with me by IM or emial. As for now, let's just begin and get acclimatized to our new environment.
VAdm Sankoh: We are all aboard Starbase Alexandria, on the Romulan border. There is no more neutral zone, as the Romulans have annexed it.
VAdm Sankoh: As of now, we are making sure our station and starship are in complete readiness.
VAdm Sankoh: Questions?
Lt TKirr: Annexed it? As in claimed it?
: yes Sir
VAdm Sankoh: Indeed, T'Kirr.
Lt TKirr: Okay.
Captain Sullivan
: :::raises her hand:::
VAdm Sankoh: The border is the border now. No more neutral zone.
VAdm Sankoh: Captain?
DrJzrynMcCorvich: :;raises her hand as well::
Captain Sullivan: Is this a brand new station? And do my quarters have a hot tub?
VAdm Sankoh: Yes on both counts.
VAdm Sankoh: Doctor?
LtAdamDrake has entered the room.
Lt TKirr: ::raises her hand:: <<Hiya Drake! About to start, asking questions>>
: Yes, does this mean that I am incharge of two sickbays then Sir? the one on the Station and the one on the Starbase?
VAdm Sankoh: Yes, it does.
Doctor Caine has entered the room.
VAdm Sankoh: T'Kirr?
MajorAZinthys: How is this whole Alexandria/Atlantis thing working?
LtAdamDrake: <<Sorry I'm late, my Mock Trail team meeting ran over and I couldn't get away! :-)>>
Lt TKirr
: What is the behavior of the Romulans in this dimension? Any different?
VAdm Sankoh
: slightly more aggressive, but this situation has mainly come because they have the advantage and know it.
Lt TKirr: 'Cause I'd freak if I saw any walking the station....
Lt TKirr
: ::nods::
Captain Sullivan
: :::readies her handy dandy tranquilizer gun:::
VAdm Sankoh: Atlantis is based at Alexandria and we will use her for away missions to transport both marines and fighters.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::looks over to TKirr, and smirks::
VAdm Sankoh: Any others?
Lt TKirr: ::raises her hand again::
VAdm Sankoh
: T'Kirr?
KehjetRaidan: ::giggles::
Lt TKirr: Does the Atlantis crew mingle/reside on the station when the Atlantis is docked?
: ::smiles over to Raidan::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::raises her hand::
VAdm Sankoh: Yes.
VAdm Sankoh: Doc?
DrJzrynMcCorvich: Does this mean we have two quarters Admiral? one on the station and one on the ship?
VAdm Sankoh: Yes.
MajorAZinthys: So, basically, every department head has two roles. One as head of the Alexandria, and one as the Atlantis?
KehjetRaidan: ::raises her hand::
CaptainDReyals has entered the room.
VAdm Sankoh: Yes, Zinthys.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: <<wb Dalvo>>
VAdm Sankoh: Raidan?
Lt TKirr: ::raises her hand yet again::
: Can we start now?
KehjetRaidan: Nevermind.
VAdm Sankoh: Shh.
VAdm Sankoh: T'Kirr?
Lt TKirr: Are FJ, Sulli, Zinthys, Caine, Reyals, and myself all.. well, from the normal dimension?
Lt TKirr
: As in we all have memory of that past?
VAdm Sankoh
: No one is from the "normal" dimension.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::raises her hand::
VAdm Sankoh: There is no memory of that, as you never lived it.
Lt TKirr: Ah...
VAdm Sankoh
: You're free to say you lived the same life in this dimension, though.
VAdm Sankoh: Doc?
Lt TKirr: Big thing to know hehe
has left the room.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: We do have extra crew right Sir? so when the Atlantis is out, the Station still has a crew left to run it
Lt TKirr: I'll hush now =P
VAdm Sankoh
: Yes, the station has thousands of personnel.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::nods and shuts up as well::
VAdm Sankoh: And thousands of decks.
VAdm Sankoh: So, if that's all....
VAdm Sankoh: BEGIN SIM
DrJzrynMcCorvich: thousands of decks Sir?
VAdm Sankoh: BEGIN SIM
VAdm Sankoh: BEGIN SIM
DrJzrynMcCorvich: <<Do you have specs for the station Sir?>>
VAdm Sankoh: <<Yes, I'll send them out this week.>>?
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::In her sickbay on the station::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: <<Promise Admiral??>>
KehjetRaidan: ::steps into turbolift:: Deck four-thousand seven hundred and three.
Lt TKirr: ::squirms her way between two conduits, attempting to reach a stubborn access panel, on some misc. deck::
VAdm Sankoh
: <<I make no promises therefore I never disappoint. :-) >>
LtAdamDrake: <<A log will proceed what I'm about to do, :-)>>
Lt TKirr
: ::finds the panel and pulls out her PADD::
Ensign FJ
: ::enters engineering... right on time and looks over the "things to do list"::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: <<Yeah, like you did the last two weeks when you've said you'd send out an email... ;-) >>
VAdm Sankoh: <<I suck, I know.>
KehjetRaidan: <<LOL>>
LtAdamDrake: ::steps out of a docking port and looks at the loads of people:: Oh, where am I?
VAdm Sankoh
: <<By the way, the bridge of a starbase is called Operations.>>
DrJzrynMcCorvich: <<Now now now... you don't suck... >>
Captain Sullivan: :::standing in Operations, looking out a window distractedly:::
KehjetRaidan: <<His girlfriend says...nevermind.>>
VAdm Sankoh: ::in his large, plush office::
Lt TKirr: <<Hm, we got FJ and Drake in Eng?>>
: ::has the computer run a check on all of the crew files to find out who is in need of a physical::
LtAdamDrake: <<Yeah.>>
: ::steps out of turbolift and realizes she's lost again:: Fuck.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: <<I wasn't gonna go there!>>
LtColCytec has entered the room.
VAdm Sankoh: <<Evening, Colonel!>>
LtAdamDrake: ::looks around and grabs someone:: Where the hell is Engineering?
: <evening Colonel>
Lt TKirr: ::opens the panel and efficiently begins scanning::
: >
MajorAZinthys: ::Sits coolly at his station at Operations::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::hums softly as the computer works with proficiency::
LtAdamDrake: Strange Guy> ::looks startled:: Down that corridor, enter the turbolift and say 'Engineering'.
Captain Sullivan
: Lt Solitaire> :::standing to her right with a stack of padds and trying to gain her attention:::
VAdm Sankoh: +Sullivan+ Captain Sullivan, report to my office, please.
Doctor Caine: ::: strolls into Operations, to get a feel for things:::
KehjetRaidan: ::steps back into the turbolift; decides to screw going to her quarters afterall:: Operations.
Captain Sullivan: Solitaire> Captain... Captain.... are you listening to me?
Major TLoren Day has entered the room.
Ensign FJ: Ceng>::waits for Drake to show, nervous about meetnig a new Department head::
VAdm Sankoh: <<Major Day, good evening.>>
Captain Sullivan: :::snaps out of it::: *Sankoh* On my way, Admiral.
LtAdamDrake: ::walks down the hall and to the turbolift:: Main Engineering.
: ::slinks around Operations, looking over people's shoulders::
Lt TKirr: ::fiddles with components within the panel, shifting as a conduit is uncomfortably poking into her back::
Captain Sullivan
: :::looks oddly at Solitaire::: Very strange.... I was thinking about red carnations.
MajorAZinthys: ::Turns and looks at the captain oddly::
Ensign FJ: ::paces in Engineering::
Captain Sullivan: :::tugs are her tunic and heads for the Admiral's lounge::: Zinthys! You have operations!
VAdm Sankoh: ::drinks a cup of coffee that's as dark as his skin"::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::takes the list that the computer came up with and does a quick scan of it. Then sends out the request to all the crew who's name appeared on it, then making a note to talk to a few of the individuals personally.::
MajorAZinthys: Aye, sir.
LtAdamDrake: ::still carrying his bags and remembers:: Reroute turbolift to Chief Engineer's quarter's deck.
Captain Sullivan
: :::rings the chime as she tugs at her sleeves to straighten them::::
VAdm Sankoh: Come in.
VAdm Sankoh: ::stands::
Lt TKirr: ::having no luck with her modifications, moves to Plan B and yanks out a tuft of wires from the panel::
Doctor Caine
: ::: observes the different personnel running the station ::::
: ::rides the turbolift, feeling the tugging and pulling as it shifts from vertical to horizontal and back::
Ensign FJ
: ::begins doing to small jobs while waiting for Lt. Drake::
Captain Sullivan: :::enters the distastefully plush surroundings and snaps to attention::: Captain Sullivan reporting.... sir.
Lt TKirr: +Eng+ T'Kirr to Engineering.
Ensign FJ
: +TKirr+ Yes?
KehjetRaidan: ::stands up straight, looks at a wall, and blinks twice quickly::::a small poison dart flies from above her right ear, and lands harmlessly in the wall, inches from a screw::
Lt TKirr: +FJ+ The accessory coolant routers are not functioning, I have... ::ponders:: ...taken them offline for the time being.
: ::scribbles on a PADD:: Accuracy of covert assassination equipment improving.
Doctor Caine: ::: stops next to Raidan, and whispers ::: Interesting jewelry.
VAdm Sankoh
: Captain... what is the status of the Alexandria and the Torae Einx system?
KehjetRaidan: Why, thank you. ::winks::
LtAdamDrake: ::steps off the turbolift to an open promenade, then walks down a more ship-looking corridor - stopping at his quarters:: Computer, comfirm the acceptance of the quarters. Drake Echo 9 9 Zeta.
Ensign FJ
: +Tkirr+ Understood... any idea of the cause of there not functioning?
LtAdamDrake: ::walks in as door opens::
: ::Makes a note to herself to contact the Captain and the SFI Agent::
CounselorTempest has entered the room.
Doctor Caine: I am Doctor Caine.
: ::raises from her desk and heads off into Main Sickbay.::
Lt TKirr: +FJ+ ::shifts again, smacking her head against a conduit junction:: No, I'll have my report in an hour.
Lt TKirr
: ::rubs her head::
Ensign FJ
: +T'Kirr+ If you need any assistance I'll be glad to help
KehjetRaidan: Greetings. I am Special Agent Raidan. ::extends hand and smiles::
Lt TKirr: +FJ+ Understood.
Captain Sullivan
: :::blinks softly as if wondering why she got called in here for that:::
LtAdamDrake: ::drops the bags on the floor and strolls back out onto the promenade::
: Damn there are a lot of people here.
: ::looking around the main part, she heads off to check the rest of her sickbay::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: +taps+McCorvich to Caine
Doctor Caine: ::: takes the extended hand, pleased by the no-nonsense grip :::
Captain Sullivan
: The Alexandria is running at peak efficiency despite the minor turbulence we encountered.
LtAdamDrake: ::steps back into the turbolift with some ugly looking man:: Main Engineering.
: Ugly Man> Hey, are you interested in some premium quality Provian Grapes?
Lt TKirr
: ::closes the panel and begins to squirm her way out, dodging poking junctions::
: ::shakes head:: No...thank you.
VAdm Sankoh
: And the stability of the system?
Ensign FJ: ::once again starts getting nervous waiting on Lt. Drake::
LtAdamDrake: UM> ::Shrugs:: Your loss. ::eats one and almost loses his lunch:: They're delicious.
Doctor Caine
: Pleased to meet you. Excuse me... +McCovich+ Caine here.
: ::looks not amused:: I'm sure they are.
Lt TKirr
: <<lol Drake>>
: ::adjusts a narrow ring on her finger to make sure the poison spike isn't extended::
Captain Sullivan: The system, sir... is as stable as can be expected.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: +Caine+Doctor, when was the last time the Atlantis sickbay was checked for stocks and supplies? I want to make sure it's ready to go on a moments notice.
VAdm Sankoh: In your estimation, are we ready for an operation?
LtAdamDrake: ::turbolift stops and he trudges into Engineering - for the first time::
Captain Sullivan
: :::drily::: Shouldn't you be asking medical about that?
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::motions Doctor Crintai over to her::
VAdm Sankoh: You know what I mean by operation, Captain.
Ensign FJ: ::hears the Turbolift coming from 5 decks away:: Its him
Ensign FJ: ::moves toward the TL to greet Lt. Drake::
Lt TKirr: ::snakes out between the conduits and exits into a busy hallway, brushing herself off:: It's good to be out of there!
Doctor Caine
: +McCovich+ I shall double check the supplies, but I'm sure you'll find all is in order.
: Dr Crintai>::moves over to J'zryn:: yes Sir?
Captain Sullivan: Given our current state of readiness... as long as you aren't planning an attack on ch'Rihan... we are ready
DrJzrynMcCorvich: +Caine+Good. I want to make sure it's fully stocked.
Ensign FJ: ::finally sees Lt. Drake:: Sir,...I am Ensign FJ Assistant Engineer, pleased to meet you
LtAdamDrake: ::offers hand:: It's a pleasure, I'm Lt. Adam Drake as you already know.
Ensign FJ
: Yes Sir, ::spits on Lt. Drakes shoe::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::to Crintai::I want a status report on all of our supplies in sickbay Doctor, no later then 0700 tomorrow.
Doctor Caine: ::: looks at Raidan ::: Please excuse me...duty calls, rather urgently.
: ::looks at FJ and then down at his shoes::
VAdm Sankoh
: Call a staff meeting and brief the Atlantis crew, Captain. ::hands her a PADD:: We will be raiding this outpost for dilithium.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: Crintai>::nods:: Aye Sir.
MajorAZinthys: <<::laughs::>>
KehjetRaidan: I understand completely. Nice to have met you. Watch for flying darts.
Captain Sullivan: ::;takes the PADD::: Aye, sir....
Ensign FJ: we got quite place here,don't you agree
VAdm Sankoh: This will serve as an excellent distraction to the real intent of this mission.
Captain Sullivan: :::looks up:::: Excuse me, sir?
Doctor Caine: ::: smiles at Raidan ::: Try not to send me too many patients.
: ::she nodded as the young doctor headed off. He was just fresh out of medical school and very eager to please.::
LtAdamDrake: Yeah, I'm glad to see that you're keeping it 'spit-polished'.
VAdm Sankoh
: SFI reports that the Romulans are developing a weapon that would tip this balance.
KehjetRaidan: Have to keep you people busy somehow. You might start calling us in for physicals.
VAdm Sankoh: I am sending someone to find out the truth.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: <<LOL Raidan!>>
Ensign FJ: Oh, sorry, its an old custom on my home planet to spit upon the foot of a friend after not seeing them for a long period of time
Captain Sullivan: I see... and that someone would be, sir?
VAdm Sankoh: Raidan.
Ensign FJ: Left for males, right for females!
Captain Sullivan: Or was that a general.... someone?
DrJzrynMcCorvich: +Taps+Doctor McCorvich to special Agent Raidan
Doctor Caine: :::stops, and holds up his tricorder ::: Why? You just passed yours.
: ::perks an eyebrow and looks at his shoe:: Then it would seem that you have missed.
Captain Sullivan
: Very good, sir.
KehjetRaidan: +McCorvich+ Raidan here. ::grins at Caine::
LtAdamDrake: ::shakes the spit covered shoe, his right one::
VAdm Sankoh
: Brief the crew and prepare the Atlantis for departure.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: <<Hey, Caine... I have her already on the list for needing a physical!>>
VAdm Sankoh: Dismissed.
Captain Sullivan: She's been a little.... edgy.
Ensign FJ: I'm out of practice sir
KehjetRaidan: <<Not anymore! Muahahaha!>>
Ensign FJ: ::spits on the correct shoe:: There, good as new
DrJzrynMcCorvich: <<wanna bet!>>
Doctor Caine: ::: exits the Ops level ::::
: ::puts arm on the Ensign's shoulder:: Thank you, Ensign, it's glad to be welcomed as a friend - I think. So, what's our current state of readiness?
Captain Sullivan
: ::arches an eyebrow at the dismissal and does a 100% Fleet approved about face before exiting:::
KehjetRaidan: +McCorvich+ Did you need soemthing, doctor?
VAdm Sankoh: +Raidan+ Raidan to the Admiral's office.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: +Raidan+I need you to report to Sickbay at your earliest convience, within the next 48 hours. The computer ate your physical.
MajorAZinthys: <<LOL>>
Captain Sullivan: :::exits into Operations: Zinthys... I have operations.
MajorAZinthys: Yessir. You have Operations.
Doctor Caine: ::: arrives in Medical :::
Ensign FJ
: Right now everything is in the area where its operational, but not to full effect... you know what I mean... like when you have coffee, not hot, not cold... not really in the middle. ::stammers a bit:: Understand?
Captain Sullivan: :::sits in her chair, muttering::: Arrogant, cold, heartless....
KehjetRaidan: +McCorvich+ Oh, damn. The captain calls. I'll see if I can squeeze you into my schedule. +Sankoh+ On my way, sir.
MajorAZinthys: ::raises eyebrow:: Pardon, captain?
DrJzrynMcCorvich: +Raidan+48 hours Raidan
Lt TKirr: <<Was afkish, me back>>
: ::to the Admiral's office! Not sickbay!::
Lt TKirr: ::sits at a table on Promenade making report::
: <<LOL... am i that unloved?!? ;-) >>
KehjetRaidan: ::enters the admiral's office and plops down in a chair facing him, putting her feet on his desk and crossing them at the ankles:: You rang.
LtAdamDrake: ::looks at the Ensign:: Basically you are saying that we aren't ready.
Lt TKirr
: <<lol!!>>
Ensign FJ
: Correct, but we are getting there
DrJzrynMcCorvich: +taps+Doctor McCorvich to Captain Sullivan.
VAdm Sankoh: ::smiles:: Kehjet, my friend.
Doctor Caine: ::: steps up to McCovich ::: Doctor.
Captain Sullivan
: *Dept Heads* This is your Captain speaking... all department heads and Atlantis personnel please report to the conference room immediately if not sooner. Captain out.
LtAdamDrake: Well, if you could get me all the information as far as what you've already accomplished, that would be great.
Ensign FJ
: for example, just while talking to you here I have improve status of 5 systems, ::points to the console behind him::
KehjetRaidan: How you doin' today? ::grins::
Captain Sullivan: :::glances at Zinthys::: I'm sorry... I should not have said that loud enough that anyone could hear.
LtAdamDrake: ::looks at console behind him:: Impressive, but we've got a conference. Shall we? ::points to the door, indicating FJ to proceed::
Lt TKirr
: ::looks up at hearing message, then closes her PADD and stands::
: ::looks down at his console:: Hear what?
MajorAZinthys: i understand there is a meeting in the conference room now?
Captain Sullivan: :::nods::: Thank you.
Captain Sullivan: And yes...
Ensign FJ: Aye, the things done list is hanging over there ::points to wall:: too the left of the things to be done list ::points to huge scroll thing that is hung by a paper tack the size of TKirr's head::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::turns to Caine:: Looks like we have to go to the Conference room...
Lt TKirr: +Eng+ T'Kirr to Engineering. My report may be detained slightly. I'll keep you informed.
Captain Sullivan
: I'll be in there shortly.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: :;figures she's talk to Sullivan after the meeting::
VAdm Sankoh: Fine, thank you. Coffee?
MajorAZinthys: Very good, sir.
Ensign FJ: ::walks out the door::
MajorAZinthys: ::Stands, motioning Bob to take over his station::
Ensign FJ: +TKirr+ Understood
LtAdamDrake: ::looks at the paper:: When is this, 19th Century?
: ::Walks to the Conference Room::
KehjetRaidan: Please. Revenan blackbean. Straight up.
Lt TKirr: ::heads for the conference room, stopping by a map on the way::
: ::walks out of Engineering, following FJ to the lift::
VAdm Sankoh
: ::pours her the dark coffee:: I assume you know about the rumored development of the Romulan weapon.
Captain Sullivan: :::stands after checking the latest sensor readouts:::
MajorAZinthys: Bob> ::Very quietly sits on the Tactical Control station::
Captain Sullivan: Bob... you have Operations.
Ensign FJ: ::looks at Lt. Drake:: I tried tacking a PADD to the wall, but the tack caused it to explode
MajorAZinthys: Bob> ::nods::
Captain Sullivan: :::crosses to the conference room:::
KehjetRaidan: More than rumored, according to my sources.
Lt TKirr: <<Silly FJ hehe>>
VAdm Sankoh
: I need you to go find out.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::heads out of Sickbay and to the TL, entering::Conference room!
LtAdamDrake: I would suggest Velcro, or maybe a magnetic bond.
: ::Enters the CR::
LtAdamDrake: ::steps into the turbolift:: Main Operations.
Lt TKirr
: ::finally finds the conference room and enters with an indifferent expression::
Ensign FJ
: yea tacks are... well Tacky
KehjetRaidan: ::takes a slow sip of the drink, letting it burn her mouth slightly::
KehjetRaidan: Okay.
MajorAZinthys: ::Sits somewhere at the middle of the table::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: <<You wanted all Atlantis personel or just the DHs?>>
Lt TKirr: <<Remember, Vulcans invented Velcro>>
: Alone or with a team?
LtAdamDrake: <<LOL, that's right.>>
Lt TKirr
: <<Dept Heads>>
VAdm Sankoh
: Alone, possibly with one other, since you're taking a fighter. Atlantis will be causing a distraction on the border by attacking a dilithium refinery.
KehjetRaidan: <<Vulcans invented velcro...LOL!>>
KehjetRaidan: What, you still think I can't handle a fighter by myself?
LtColCytec: >
VAdm Sankoh: I never said that.
Lt TKirr: <<Just watch Enterprise =P>>
VAdm Sankoh
: The limitation of the fighter is that only two can fit inside.
VAdm Sankoh: Only one if you're taking a lot of gear.
Captain Sullivan: <<DH's AND Atlantis personnel.>>
Lt TKirr: ::finds a seat in the conf. room and sits softly::
VAdm Sankoh
: <<Which means everyone. >>
LtAdamDrake: ::Rides TL up what seems like a million and one decks::
: ::Steps out onto Main Operations::
VAdm Sankoh
: <<You're all Atlantis personnel. :-) >>
Lt TKirr: <<Oh yes, sorry =P>>
Ensign FJ
: ::follows Lt. Drake::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::turns to Caine:: so what were you up to when I called Caine?
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::waits for the LONG TL ride to the CR::
LtAdamDrake: ::steps up the steps and walks through the CR door, seeing many people::
: Alright.
Captain Sullivan: Solitaire> :::: immediately begins handing out PADD's to the incoming people:::
Ensign FJ: ::looks around for a seat::
KehjetRaidan: I'll take a lot of gear. ::smiles::
MajorAZinthys: ::takes a PADD from Solitare::
Ensign FJ: ::sees a section roped off for Engineering::
VAdm Sankoh: As I figured.
Lt TKirr: ::takes a PADD and immediately begins reading it over::
: Decent gear is worth a team in Rommie space.
LtAdamDrake: ::Takes a PADD and seats him at the 'Engineers Only' section of the table, the one covered in grease and grime::
Ensign FJ
: ::whispers to Lt. Drake:: over there I guess
KehjetRaidan: ::snorts:: Not taht SF has much decent gear left.
Ensign FJ: ::sits::
Lt TKirr: <<lol>>
Doctor Caine
: I was speaking with the Intelligence liaison.
VAdm Sankoh
: I have pre-cleared your Tomcat for launch. You depart when Atlantis does.
LtAdamDrake: ::sits down::
: ::nods:: she should be coming back for another physical... her's was some how . . . lost
KehjetRaidan: Aye-aye, sir. ::mock salutes::: Anything else?
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::exits the TL and heads to the CR::
Ensign FJ: ::looks over at TKirr:: Nice to meet you, ::spits on her right shoe::
VAdm Sankoh: Come back alive, Kehjet.
Lt TKirr: <<You feeling all right FJ? Lol>>
: Hey, honey, remember who you're talkin' to. ::winks and blows Ahmad a kiss before leaving::
Captain Sullivan: :::looks around::: Do we have everyone?
Lt TKirr: ::eyes FJ and raises a brow, ignoring his insulting mucous::
: ::enters the CR and takes a PADD then sits down in an empty chair::
Captain Sullivan: :::looking mildly irritated:::
Ensign FJ: ::leans to Drake:: It the spatting the shoes some form of insult here?
KehjetRaidan: ::enters turbolift:: Computer, what the hell level are my quarters on?
KehjetRaidan: Computer> The quarters of Kehjet Raidan are on deck three thousand eight hundred and seven.
MajorAZinthys: <<lol!>>
LtAdamDrake: ::whispers to FJ:: Yeah.
: Alright. Deck Three Thousand Eight Hundred and Seven then.
Lt TKirr: << Lol, Computer> Define: 'What the hell.'>>
VAdm Sankoh
: <<Actually, there are 1024 decks, I believe. :-)>>
KehjetRaidan: <<LOL>>
DrJzrynMcCorvich: <LOL>
KehjetRaidan: <<Taht's not "thousands." You said "thousands.">>
LtAdamDrake: ::winks and whispers:: Don't worry, they get married with their clothes on too, I don't know what that's all about.
Lt TKirr
: <<Thousands of 'people' not decks =P>>
VAdm Sankoh
: <<It's techincally thousands... 1.024 thousands. :-)>>
DrJzrynMcCorvich: <<she's right... you said Thousands Sir, with an "s">>
KehjetRaidan: <<he said thousands too.>>
DrJzrynMcCorvich: <<LOL>>
LtAdamDrake: <<Damn those LOOPHOLES! :-D>>
Captain Sullivan
: Ladies and gentlemen.... as you can see by your PADD's the Atlantis is being dispatched for a raid on the Dilithium refinery on Caucus V the fourth moon in the Romulus's Kato system.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::reads over the PADD::
Lt TKirr: ::hears the Engineers whispering about her perfectly well, and gives them a knowing look::
: ::has special Special Agent Quarters on a Special Nonexistant Deck::
MajorAZinthys: ::smiles::
LtAdamDrake: <<Not towards you, T'Kirr, everyone in general.>>
Doctor Caine
: <<< She's on Deck 13??? >>>
: ::exits turbolift and miraculously finds quarters::
Ensign FJ: {{Its friendly spit}}
LtAdamDrake: ::looks at the PADD, then raises his hand::
VAdm Sankoh
: ::extends his finger for Gertrude, his pet Risan bluebird who was perched on a bookshelf, to land on his hand::
Captain Sullivan: Your mission is simple... go in... cause general havoc and mayhem and make sure that you keep the eyes on the Empire firmly on you at all times.
Lt TKirr: <<I meant the shoe thing =P>>
: ::lowers hand::
: ::mutters:: Sickbay shmickbay. I have to get my shit together. I'm busy.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: Are we going to be told what the real mission is Captain?
Captain Sullivan: All the while managing to do so without loss of life or equiptment.
Doctor Caine: ::: mutters ::: We don't even have to leave the base to do that...
Captain Sullivan
: Oh, yes... and don't forget to steal some dilithium while you are at it.
KehjetRaidan: ::the minute she enters her quarters, a lithe stream of cappucino-colored fur scampers up her body and wraps itself around her neck::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: And with as few injuries as possible
VAdm Sankoh: ::Gertrude lands and tweets pitifully as she tries to sing::
KehjetRaidan: Afternoon, Goo. Eaten any of my socks today?
LtAdamDrake: ::raises his hand::
: Goo> ::looks up at her innocently with black beady eyes::
Captain Sullivan: Marine personnel will perform the initial entry procedures, securing the necessary areas for the rest of the personnel.
Captain Sullivan: Drake?
MajorAZinthys: ::nods::
KehjetRaidan: Fucking ferret. ::scratches him affectionately::
LtAdamDrake: I'm Lieutenant Adam Drake, Chief Engineer, I'm a little hazy on what is going to happen. Who's in command of the Atlantis? Are we with the backing of the Starfleet Aerospace Force?
: ::Looks over at Drake, a bored expression on his face::
LtAdamDrake: ::looks at Zinthys, and suddenly has a feeling of intense loathing - because hate is such a strong word::
: ::rolls her eyes at Drake's question::
LtAdamDrake: ::relinquishes the thought and focuses back on the Captain::
Captain Sullivan
: Only thing you need to worry about, Drake is that you aren't commanding the Atlantis and that you and your personnel are to keep that old scow running. Yes, there will be SFAF air support.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: Captain?
MajorAZinthys: ::All expressions of boredom instantly vanish and a snarl curls his lips::
LtAdamDrake: ::nods:: Thank you, Captain, that's all I needed to know.
: <<LOL>>
Captain Sullivan: Yes, Doctor?
MajorAZinthys: ::Quickly smooths his lip sback out into his normal smirk::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: Are we going to be told the real mission Sir?
MajorAZinthys: ::Returns his gaze to Captain Sullivan::
Captain Sullivan: Real mission, Doctor?
Lt TKirr: ::listens to the Captain assumingly without distraction::
: Yes Sir... this obviously isn't our mission, otherwise we would want to go in undetected Sir
Captain Sullivan: :::tilts her head and smiles:::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: this is a decoy Sir
VAdm Sankoh: ::takes Gertrude into his adjoining quarters and places her on her perch::
LtAdamDrake: ::smiles at the obvious knowledge of the doctor::
: ::realizing it now, she is probably right::
Captain Sullivan
: And as such.... you would understand that in the event of your capture by the Romulans... it is important that you do not know the true nature of the mission.
KehjetRaidan: ::curls herself into a chair and types quickly on a PADD the mods those engineering assholes still need to make to her Tomcat, including repairing the goddamn mini-cloak::
Lt TKirr: ::raises a brow and sits back in her chair::
: ::transmits the message to engineering along with a nasty note::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: *frowns and nods* Of course Sir... Can i know if it's gonna require more work on the medical departments resources?
CounselorTempest: <<Just out of curiosity, is Goo going to eat Gertrude? I would find that amusing.>>
Ensign FJ: ::Feels to Loathe as well::
KehjetRaidan: <<No. Goo and Gertrude are old friends. Fighting friends. But friends.>>
KehjetRaidan: <<Hmm. Maybe like Sylvester and Tweety...>>
LtAdamDrake: <<LOL, that would be funny.>>
VAdm Sankoh
: ::walks back out into his office::
Captain Sullivan: :::smiles::: Only if someone gets hurt, Doctor... only if someone gets hurt.
VAdm Sankoh: <<LOL!>>
DrJzrynMcCorvich: And how much of a chance is there that someone will get hurt Sir?
Lt TKirr: ::thinks:: In other words, be prepared.
: And what possible numbers...
Captain Sullivan: Do I LOOK like a psychic, Doctor?
Doctor Caine: The Captain cannot possibly know that.
: ::looks to T'Kirr, shakes it off and returns his stare elsewhere::
Lt TKirr
: ::is stared at unnoticed::
VAdm Sankoh
: ::decides to fly this mission with a smirk on his face::
CounselorTempest: <<Old friends? Man, you used that trick? I thought that was our trick! ::grins::>>
DrJzrynMcCorvich: She can know if it's a dangerous and she can know how many, either small or large
Captain Sullivan: There is always a chance, Doctor. This is a volatile assignment using military force and real weapons.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: Aye Sir
LtAdamDrake: ::Taps his PADD, rearranging his priorities::
: ::pulls out her helmet::::checks to make sure Goo has left no gifts inside::::polishes it::::it looks damn sharp, all painted up with a chessboard and chess pieces::
Doctor Caine: We shall be ready, Captain.
Captain Sullivan
: :::thinks she would really like a drink:::
Ensign FJ: ::takes out second PADD to take notes::
LtAdamDrake: ::thinks:: From the Daystrom Engineering Specialists Corps to working on this god-forsaken stations which is like running ten ships at once, what have you gotten yourself into Drake?
: ::color-coordinated with her black-and-red-painted Tomcat fighter, too::
Lt TKirr: ::listens to Captain, simultaneously finishing Eng report in her head::
Captain Sullivan
: Anything else
Captain Sullivan: ?
LtAdamDrake: ::looks at the Captain and shakes his head slightly::
: No Sir
Captain Sullivan: You depart in 1 hour,.
Captain Sullivan: Don't be late.
DrJzrynMcCorvich: Captain
Lt TKirr: ::remains silent::
: ?
Captain Sullivan: :::takes a deep breath::: Yes, Doctor?
KehjetRaidan: ::puts the helmet aside and begins sorting out what gear she's bringing::::Goo immediately scampers inside the helmet::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: When we are done, I need a few words with you Sir.
MajorAZinthys: ::Stands::
Captain Sullivan: Understood.
VAdm Sankoh: PAUSE SIM
MajorAZinthys: ::Glances back at Captain Sullivan::
VAdm Sankoh: PAUSE SIM
VAdm Sankoh: PAUSE SIM
Captain Sullivan: You are dismissed
MajorAZinthys: ::pauses::
DrJzrynMcCorvich: ::paused::
Ensign FJ: ::Paused::
KehjetRaidan: ::she grabs him and puts her back on her shoulder:: I don't fucking think so, furball. The last thing I need is more ferret fur in my helmet.
Captain Sullivan: :::pauses:::
KehjetRaidan: ;:pauses::
KehjetRaidan: ::grins::
Lt TKirr: <<::wonders if Goo will learn Raidanian someday::>>
: <<dang! you couldn't have waited another 2 mins Sir!?>>
Major TLoren Day has left the room.
VAdm Sankoh: <<Good reason to write a log, doc. :-)>>
LtAdamDrake: ::paused::
VAdm Sankoh
: Nice job, everyone.
VAdm Sankoh: Remember, by next week, figure out what branch of service you're in. Regular Starfleet (Navy), Marines, or Aerospace force. You will be able to hold your normal posting as well if you choose the SFMC or SFAF.
VAdm Sankoh: And clear it with me by email or IM.
VAdm Sankoh: T'Kirr, front and center!
LtAdamDrake: <<Not the barbecue!>>
Captain Sullivan
: <<:::looks around for Morrigan:::>>
Lt TKirr: How can we find out the differences between the three?
VAdm Sankoh
: Ask me any questions you have by email or IM.
VAdm Sankoh: In the mean time, get up here.
VAdm Sankoh: ::waits for her::
VAdm Sankoh: T'Kirr!
Captain Sullivan: :::looks at her watch and her suitcase that needs to be packed:::
Lt TKirr: OH, me??
Lt TKirr
: ::scurries up::
VAdm Sankoh
: No, the other T'Kirr.
LtAdamDrake: ::smiles::
Lt TKirr
: :-[
VAdm Sankoh: Lieutenant, it is my pleasure to promote you to Chief Science Officer!
Lt TKirr: ::would smile if she was inclined to do so::
Lt TKirr
: Thank you, Admiral.
: ::claps::
: ::chuckles::
KehjetRaidan: ::smiles for TKirr and appluads::
VAdm Sankoh: That is all for this week. Remember your assignment - tell me what branch of service you want!
VAdm Sankoh: Captain, if you will?
Doctor Caine: Congratulations!
: congrats TKirr
Captain Sullivan: :::gets out the whistle:::
Lt TKirr: ::bows to Corvich::
: ::plugs ears and frowns::
Captain Sullivan: Company!
Captain Sullivan: Dis-MISSED!
Lt TKirr: I could've sworn you were talking to Sulli not me =P
VAdm Sankoh
: :-)
Captain Sullivan: Congrats, TKirr!
Lt TKirr: Thank you, Captain!
: suuuuuuuuure TKirr
KehjetRaidan has left the room.
MajorAZinthys has left the room.
LtAdamDrake: Congrats T'Kirr!
VAdm Sankoh
: Now, off into the mire of paperwork!
Captain Sullivan: I've got to get on the road to Ohio!
Lt TKirr: Thanks, Drake
Captain Sullivan
: Bye!
LtAdamDrake: No problem, Ms. Vulcan.
Captain Sullivan
has left the room.
LtAdamDrake: ;-)