(10:29:22 PM) You have just entered room "Celestial Prime."
(10:29:28 PM) Lt Allen Zinthys has left the room.
CmdrBrookeDolan (10:29:33 PM): Hi there!
DrJToreek (10:29:38 PM): greetings Commander
CmdrBrookeDolan (10:29:45 PM): Zuiryev and Tempest may be late, as they are driving home from the airport.
DrJToreek (10:29:57 PM): they seem to fly alot!
DrJToreek (10:30:08 PM): or are at least at the airport alot...
CmdrBrookeDolan (10:30:30 PM): :-)
(10:31:01 PM) Lt Allen Zinthys has entered the room.
Lt Allen Zinthys (10:31:08 PM): Speaking of slipping in and out...
CmdrBrookeDolan (10:32:09 PM): Zuiryev and Tempest may be late, as they are driving home from the airport.
DrJToreek (10:32:15 PM): WB Lt.
Lt Allen Zinthys (10:32:27 PM): thanks
Lt Allen Zinthys (10:32:45 PM): Does anybody know why AOL and AIM refuse to cooperate?
CmdrBrookeDolan (10:32:50 PM): Because they suck?
Lt Allen Zinthys (10:33:13 PM): But they suck more when they're together.
DrJToreek (10:33:18 PM): because they like to be PITAs
Lt Allen Zinthys (10:33:40 PM): It's not even like a cumulative effect. It's more like multiplicative. Or exponential.
DrJToreek (10:34:04 PM): ::laughs::
DrJToreek (10:34:34 PM): i have my good days and my bad days with them.... at the moment it's a good day... ::crosses her fingers and knocks on wood and then says a little prayer::
Lt Allen Zinthys (10:35:03 PM): You know, like have you ever been around two total losers, who don't think that they are losers, but they know that the other one is?
Lt Allen Zinthys (10:35:25 PM): The collective loserness is so overpowering it just makes everybody want to leave.
Lt Allen Zinthys (10:35:33 PM): I guess that's what it's like when you combine AOL and AIM>
DrJToreek (10:35:45 PM): LOL
Ensign FJ (10:35:46 PM): anyone in here actually pay for AOL?
DrJToreek (10:35:56 PM): no... my parents do... why?
Lt Allen Zinthys (10:36:10 PM): ditto
Ensign FJ (10:36:16 PM): I call them every month and tell them how much they suck, and they never charge me
CmdrBrookeDolan (10:36:21 PM): Really?!?!?!
Ensign FJ (10:36:22 PM): havent paid in about 2 years
DrJToreek (10:36:24 PM): LOL
DrJToreek (10:36:30 PM): wow
CmdrBrookeDolan (10:36:30 PM): Don't they catch on to you?
Ensign FJ (10:36:42 PM): well, I have legitimate complaints
DrJToreek (10:36:48 PM): oh? like what?
Ensign FJ (10:37:05 PM): and they dont care enough to use my money to fix it, so I'll use my money for something else
Ensign FJ (10:37:42 PM): well, they have swtiched access number 7 times hear in the past 6 months, and each one seems to boot me off a little more frequently
(10:37:59 PM) LtAidenSanders has entered the room.
CmdrBrookeDolan (10:38:04 PM): absurd.
DrJToreek (10:38:06 PM): greetings Lt. Sanders
LtAidenSanders (10:38:15 PM): Greetings.
Lt Allen Zinthys (10:38:23 PM): ::Chuckles:: Sounds like fun
Ensign FJ (10:38:23 PM): and for a while they were all long distance, and my emails are slow, instant messages dont go through half the time, the usual AOL jazz
(10:38:38 PM) Lt D Reyals has entered the room.
DrJToreek (10:38:45 PM): wow... never had anything like that happen to me...
CmdrBrookeDolan (10:38:47 PM): Maybe you should just get a cable modem and drop AOL.
DrJToreek (10:38:48 PM): Hey there Dalvo
Lt D Reyals (10:38:57 PM): HEy
Lt Allen Zinthys (10:38:58 PM)
: Well, Reyals made it again!
Lt D Reyals (10:39:04 PM): Yep
LtAidenSanders (10:39:07 PM)
: ::nods:: That's what I did. You get twice the pop-ups though.
Lt D Reyals (10:39:20 PM)
: I have the night off of my usual committment
CmdrBrookeDolan (10:39:22 PM)
: Hmm. We get no pop-ups with Road Runner.
DrJToreek (10:39:39 PM): glad you stoped by
LtAidenSanders (10:39:44 PM): Road Runner? I thought that was our thing. Our city, I mean.
Lt D Reyals (10:39:49 PM)
: Me too
CmdrBrookeDolan (10:40:00 PM)
: I think it's all over. It's just the name for Time Warner's cable internet service.
Lt D Reyals (10:40:03 PM): Road Runer is a nation wide network
Ensign FJ (10:40:05 PM)
: I cant afford that with college, and all that junk
LtAidenSanders (10:40:14 PM): ::nods:: OK, news to me.
Lt D Reyals (10:40:19 PM)
: Problem with pop-ups?
CmdrBrookeDolan (10:40:21 PM)
: It works out to about as much as you pay for AOL, if you get it with a cable TV package.
LtAidenSanders (10:40:33 PM): I like pop-ups, most of the time. ;-)
CmdrBrookeDolan (10:40:34 PM): (and if you're paying for a 2nd phone line)
Lt Allen Zinthys (10:40:38 PM): Therein lies the catch
Ensign FJ (10:40:51 PM): I dont have the extra phone line, were you counting that to?
CmdrBrookeDolan (10:40:52 PM): But it's so much faster than dial-up, I could never go back.
CmdrBrookeDolan (10:40:55 PM): Yes.
Lt D Reyals (10:41:05 PM): If you go to analogx.com they have a program called Pop-up Killer, works great
DrJToreek (10:41:12 PM)
: ::chuckles and says nothing about her ethernet connection::
CmdrBrookeDolan (10:41:28 PM): You can also use JunkBuster. That gets rid of not only pop-ups, but cookies, banner ads, etc.
Ensign FJ (10:41:36 PM): popups, I thought they did away with that
CmdrBrookeDolan (10:41:40 PM): Or you could go to a school that has ethernet ...
Ensign FJ (10:41:42 PM): I havent got one in a long time
DrJToreek (10:41:52 PM): ::laughs softly::
LtAidenSanders (10:41:56 PM): Consider yourself lucky, FJ. ::smiles::
Lt D Reyals (10:41:58 PM)
: Yeah, tre, but Cookies are nto bad to have, especailly if you don't liek remembering things liek passords and logins
Lt Allen Zinthys (10:41:58 PM)
: and has computer labs that stay open past 11...
DrJToreek (10:42:21 PM): ::has a comp in her room with ethernet connection::
Lt Allen Zinthys (10:42:39 PM): ah, yes. The joys of being a commuter.
LtAidenSanders (10:42:46 PM): My laptop could run internet, but the forever constrictions of parenthood prevents me from having the connection.
Ensign FJ (10:43:00 PM)
: oh yea, AOL has a feature to turn off popups, one nice thing
(10:43:00 PM) Lt TKirr has entered the room.
Lt D Reyals (10:43:02 PM): My cable modem is pretty close to Ethernet speed actually, most nights
LtAidenSanders (10:43:12 PM)
: Most nights, that's rich. :-)
DrJToreek (10:43:15 PM): That's cool
CmdrBrookeDolan (10:43:23 PM): It lets you keep certain cookies. Just not the irritating ones that people place on your computer without your permission, and which serve no purpose but to spy on you.
DrJToreek (10:43:40 PM): Hey TKirr
LtAidenSanders (10:43:42 PM): Shh...the chat room walls have ears. ;-)
Lt D Reyals (10:43:45 PM): Ah, that is good
CmdrBrookeDolan (10:43:57 PM)
: Hi, T'Kirr!
LtAidenSanders (10:43:57 PM): The government's everywhere.
CmdrBrookeDolan (10:43:59 PM)
: Zuriyev and Tempest may be late, as they are driving home from the airport.
Lt TKirr (10:44:09 PM): Hi.. just woke up, sleepy hehe
Lt D Reyals (10:44:23 PM)
: Ahh
Lt D Reyals (10:44:53 PM)
: I come here to surprise them, and they don't show... jeeze... :-)
CmdrBrookeDolan (10:45:15 PM): They'll be here, but I think we're going to go ahead and start wthout them.
DrJToreek (10:45:21 PM): ::laughs::
Lt Allen Zinthys (10:45:38 PM): I don't think they'd be too surprised. Heck, it's to the point I'm getting used to having you back!
Lt D Reyals (10:45:38 PM): OKay, I'll go check in with the Academy, I'll be back
Lt D Reyals (10:46:15 PM)
: Yeah, I seem to make semi-regular return visits, don't I?
CmdrBrookeDolan (10:46:16 PM)
: Okay ... does anyone remember where we left off last week, being that I was AFK for most of the sim?
Lt Allen Zinthys (10:46:21 PM): ::nods::
(10:46:29 PM) Lt D Reyals has left the room.
Lt Allen Zinthys (10:46:31 PM): ::blinks at Brooke::
DrJToreek (10:46:48 PM): Med and Sci were working on a way to kill the "bug"
Lt Allen Zinthys (10:47:19 PM): Oh yeah! I was sitting at tac, going "I can't kill this thing... now what?"
(10:48:00 PM) Lt D Reyals has entered the room.
Ensign FJ (10:48:02 PM): I'm lost, I know there was a chair, a vulcan, and something about time travel... =)
DrJToreek (10:48:06 PM): wb Dalvo
Lt D Reyals (10:48:12 PM): Thanks
DrJToreek (10:50:38 PM)
: <<test>>
Lt Allen Zinthys (10:50:39 PM): So can I kill it?
DrJToreek (10:50:46 PM): not yet Zinthys!
LtAidenSanders (10:51:03 PM): FJ and I were compiling reports because Admiral Zuriyev had called for all department heads to make them.
DrJToreek (10:51:05 PM)
: gotta first let Med and Sci figure out what it is fore you go and kill it!
Lt Allen Zinthys (10:51:45 PM): ::Sucks teeth::
Lt Allen Zinthys (10:54:54 PM): so, uh, right
DrJToreek (10:56:12 PM): Oh... and Zinthys... just remembered... that Zuriyev kind of said that no killing would be involved
Lt Allen Zinthys (10:56:26 PM): ::mutters::
LtAidenSanders (10:56:50 PM): ::smiles::
Lt Allen Zinthys (10:56:54 PM)
: <vqw> But I was hoping Brooke didn't know that...
Lt Allen Zinthys (10:56:57 PM): sheesh!
LtAidenSanders (10:57:00 PM): ::stiffles a laugh::
CmdrBrookeDolan (10:57:03 PM)
DrJToreek (10:57:04 PM): sorry...
CmdrBrookeDolan (10:57:57 PM): Anyway ...
CmdrBrookeDolan (10:58:02 PM): We should begin.
CmdrBrookeDolan (10:58:10 PM): Unfortunately, I have no idea exactly where we left off.
(10:58:14 PM) VAdm AC Zuriyev has entered the room.
Lt Allen Zinthys (10:58:25 PM): The cavalry has arrived
CmdrBrookeDolan (10:58:29 PM): Ah ha!!!!!!
DrJToreek (10:58:34 PM): Greetings Admiral
CmdrBrookeDolan (10:58:37 PM): Hurrah, now I don't have to worry about it.
VAdm AC Zuriyev (10:58:42 PM): Evening. You guys haven't started?
DrJToreek (10:58:42 PM): LOL
Lt TKirr (10:58:51 PM): Were just about to...
LtAidenSanders (10:58:54 PM)
: Greetings Admiral!
DrJToreek (10:58:55 PM)
: we're arguing about where we left off Admiral
DrJToreek (10:59:06 PM): not to mention ploting
VAdm AC Zuriyev (10:59:27 PM): OK. Since I just got home from the airport and am starving and have a pile of crap to do, I just think we'll cancel for the night.
DrJToreek (10:59:43 PM): *pouts*
Lt D Reyals (10:59:48 PM): Eww... whats he gonna do with a pile of crap?
DrJToreek (10:59:57 PM)
: I don't want to know
CmdrBrookeDolan (11:00:00 PM): Or we could run it without you.
CmdrBrookeDolan (11:00:02 PM): If people want to.
Lt Allen Zinthys (11:00:02 PM): ::blinks::
VAdm AC Zuriyev (11:00:03 PM): Y'all can sim if you want to though. I hate to do this, but I'm really not into this tonight.
CmdrBrookeDolan (11:00:10 PM): I was just stalling because I have no idea where we are.
Lt Allen Zinthys (11:00:13 PM): ::blinks again::
CmdrBrookeDolan (11:00:15 PM): But I don't care either way.
DrJToreek (11:00:20 PM): ::wants to sim!::
VAdm AC Zuriyev (11:00:22 PM): Brooke, give everyone who's here double attendance for tonight.
Lt TKirr (11:00:22 PM): So.. sim without you like continue the plot or wait for you?
CmdrBrookeDolan (11:00:28 PM)
: ::grins::
Lt D Reyals (11:00:32 PM): ::hands Zinthys some eyedrops::
Lt Allen Zinthys (11:01:04 PM)
: ::chuckles, but points to his bleary eyes::
DrJToreek (11:01:09 PM): ::looks over to TKirr:: we could always do a Joint Log....
DrJToreek (11:01:18 PM): Advance the plot line a little that way
CmdrBrookeDolan (11:01:30 PM): What do y'all want to do?
Lt TKirr (11:01:30 PM): Yeah, I suppose... I need some log points (0.o)
VAdm AC Zuriyev (11:01:34 PM)
: Just do whatever you want to. Brooke's in charge. :-)
VAdm AC Zuriyev (11:01:36 PM): G'night, all!
(11:01:40 PM) VAdm AC Zuriyev has left the room.
DrJToreek (11:01:41 PM): Night Admiral
Lt TKirr (11:01:42 PM): Lol, bye
DrJToreek (11:01:52 PM)
: :;wondered if that wouldn't happen::
CmdrBrookeDolan (11:02:18 PM): So ... ?
(11:02:19 PM) TempestZuriyev has entered the room.
Lt TKirr (11:02:30 PM): Well... Toreek and I could probably do a better job of working together in joint log, now that we think of it
Ensign FJ (11:02:30 PM)
: ::coughs:: Sim :Cough cough::
CmdrBrookeDolan (11:02:36 PM): Ah!!!!! Scary new screen name!!!
Lt TKirr (11:02:41 PM): EEP!
Lt Allen Zinthys (11:02:46 PM)
: ...very scary
DrJToreek (11:02:47 PM): would prolly be a better way TKirr
DrJToreek (11:02:52 PM): ::jumps:: Hey now...
TempestZuriyev (11:02:56 PM): I decided it would be fun to play Atlantis sometimes and not have 30 academy IMs. ;-)
DrJToreek (11:03:02 PM): No fair sneaking up on us Tempest!
Lt Allen Zinthys (11:03:35 PM): Ah, you're a smart one, you are!
Lt D Reyals (11:03:36 PM): So then I shoudl stop sendign the email to the Academy string with your new screen name on it?
LtAidenSanders (11:03:36 PM)
: New screenname! Looks good on ya! :-)
Lt TKirr (11:03:50 PM): But um.. your name is made up of *two* last names...
TempestZuriyev (11:04:01 PM)
: Well, er, no.
TempestZuriyev (11:04:12 PM): Her first name wasn't Counselor.
LtAidenSanders (11:04:16 PM): ? Your first name's not Counselor?
DrJToreek (11:04:17 PM)
: ::laughs::
Lt Allen Zinthys (11:04:18 PM): ::laughs::
Lt TKirr (11:04:20 PM): I know that lol
LtAidenSanders (11:04:22 PM)
: ::laughs::
DrJToreek (11:04:27 PM)
: ::always thought that Tempest was a first name::
TempestZuriyev (11:04:28 PM): Her name was Tempest Rainbird, hon. ;-)
Lt TKirr (11:04:35 PM): Oh yeah, shoot me lol
TempestZuriyev (11:04:40 PM)
: Jason is beating me with a stick forcing me to get offline.
Lt TKirr (11:04:46 PM): Bah
Lt Allen Zinthys (11:04:46 PM)
: Ow
Lt TKirr (11:04:51 PM): He wants you, watch uot
Lt TKirr (11:04:53 PM)
: *out
LtAidenSanders (11:04:54 PM)
: That's not nice.
Lt D Reyals (11:04:59 PM)
: A sharp stick?
DrJToreek (11:05:01 PM)
: that's nice
DrJToreek (11:05:04 PM): ::laughs::
TempestZuriyev (11:05:04 PM): A happy stick, theoretically.
Lt D Reyals (11:05:11 PM): OOHHHH
TempestZuriyev (11:05:14 PM)
: Talk to y'all later.
Lt TKirr (11:05:14 PM): Uh oh
TempestZuriyev (11:05:16 PM)
: Oh, Not THAT.
TempestZuriyev (11:05:18 PM): Sheesh.
DrJToreek (11:05:21 PM): LOL
Lt D Reyals (11:05:22 PM): Kinky bastard
Lt TKirr (11:05:23 PM)
: rofl aw man
TempestZuriyev (11:05:23 PM)
: Worse than being at Bernadette's.
LtAidenSanders (11:05:23 PM): LOL!
TempestZuriyev (11:05:28 PM)
: Goodnight!
LtAidenSanders (11:05:31 PM): Goodnight Rachel!
DrJToreek (11:05:32 PM)
: Night
TempestZuriyev (11:05:32 PM): ;-)
Lt TKirr (11:05:34 PM): Night!
(11:05:34 PM) TempestZuriyev
has left the room.
Lt Allen Zinthys (11:05:40 PM): ::Wonders what she thought he meant::
Lt TKirr (11:05:42 PM): Moving right along...
Lt D Reyals (11:06:00 PM)
: Well, now thta I ahve disgracd myself fo the evening...
DrJToreek (11:06:11 PM)
: ::chuckles::
CmdrBrookeDolan (11:06:14 PM): Ah, young love. When people are separated for only a week ...
Lt D Reyals (11:06:41 PM): Much differnt from old love, when we pray to be seperated for at least a wek
DrJToreek (11:06:47 PM)
Lt TKirr (11:06:51 PM): How sad..
LtAidenSanders (11:08:09 PM)
: That is.
Lt TKirr (11:08:42 PM)
: Guess coming tonight was worth it waiting for just THAT moment. Lol
Lt Allen Zinthys (11:09:09 PM)
: Well that deflated me for the night. I'm gonna go off to sleep. See ya'll next week.
(11:09:17 PM) Lt Allen Zinthys has left the room.
Lt TKirr (11:09:20 PM): See you .. nm
Lt D Reyals (11:09:53 PM)
: Yes, I am off to return to Earth and Beyond.... good evening
Lt TKirr (11:10:03 PM)
: Good night, Reyals
Ensign FJ (11:10:04 PM)
: oh well, cant sim em all
(11:10:19 PM) Lt D Reyals has left the room.
LtAidenSanders (11:10:49 PM): I'm still up for simming, anyone else?
Ensign FJ (11:11:00 PM)
: yea
DrJToreek (11:11:25 PM): ::is gonna do a Joing Log::
Lt TKirr (11:11:39 PM): ::is gonna join her::
Lt TKirr (11:12:04 PM)
: Could probably do both heh
DrJToreek (11:12:53 PM)
: possibly... with this number of people, couldn't really advance the plot line much...
LtAidenSanders (11:14:13 PM): We could write one hell of a joint log...
Lt TKirr (11:14:19 PM)
: lol
Ensign FJ (11:14:57 PM)
: I'm in for whatever...
DrJToreek (11:15:17 PM): LOL
Lt TKirr (11:16:10 PM): Hm, maybe Brooke fainted
DrJToreek (11:16:36 PM)
: *laughs*
LtAidenSanders (11:18:46 PM): I look forward to simming all week, and I get shafted. Just my luck. ;-)
Lt TKirr (11:20:23 PM): How's that, Toreek?
DrJToreek (11:24:13 PM)
: sorry
Lt TKirr (11:24:19 PM): Np
LtAidenSanders (11:25:25 PM)
: ::taps fingers::
LtAidenSanders (11:26:57 PM)
: Hmmm...this is fun.
DrJToreek (11:27:01 PM)
: aww... well... we could use your help in the JL Sanders
DrJToreek (11:27:16 PM): having an Engineering standpoint would be a good thing
LtAidenSanders (11:28:39 PM): OK, where do you need me to go?
DrJToreek (11:28:58 PM)
: FJ is Engineering too, right?
LtAidenSanders (11:29:15 PM): ::nods:: That's right.
DrJToreek (11:29:24 PM)
: If He wants to join in we could just stay in this room... we are writting in log prose
DrJToreek (11:29:34 PM): I can cut and paste what we have so far
LtAidenSanders (11:30:15 PM): That would be cool
DrJToreek (11:30:16 PM)
: What do you think TKirr, FJ?
Ensign FJ (11:30:43 PM): ::coughs a little and looks around::: ohhh, okay, sounds great.
DrJToreek (11:30:49 PM): ::chuckles::
DrJToreek (11:31:08 PM): I guess we are writting in present tense (sometimes switches tenses)
Lt TKirr (11:31:41 PM): Yeah, let's make it present.. go ahead and paste it girl
DrJToreek (11:31:46 PM)
: ok
Lt TKirr (11:32:00 PM): The room has a text limit, though, unlike IM...
DrJToreek (11:32:22 PM)
: aye... i've noticed ;-)
DrJToreek (11:32:56 PM): Lt TKirr (10:23:36 PM): Riding the turbolift, T'Kirr emerses herself in several PADDs. The microscopic lifeform was beginning to make sense, take shape in her mind.
DrJToreek (11:33:04 PM)
: <<eppp...>>
DrJToreek (11:33:11 PM)
: ++++++++++++++++++BEGIN+ +++++++++++++++
DrJToreek (11:33:29 PM)
: TKirr>It was clearly intelligent, and could possibly explain the nature of the large 'beasts' that had attacked the Atlantis, as well as the <othershipname?>.
DrJToreek (11:33:42 PM)
: TKirr>opefully, the talents of Dr. Toreek would help them arrive at a conclusion.Slowing, beeping, then stopping, the lift let her off near Sickbay.
LtAidenSanders (11:33:48 PM)
: <<Lexington, Socrates>>
DrJToreek (11:33:58 PM)
: Jordan calls up a computer program and imputs the patient care reports from the colonists that TKirr just sent her and then imputs the patient care reports she had been looking over earlier. "Computer, Analyse samples"
DrJToreek (11:34:05 PM): She already suspected that something was going on. The Colonists reports just weren't matching up correctly, something seemed to be different with them.
LtAidenSanders (11:34:13 PM): <<OK, I'm lost.>>
DrJToreek (11:34:14 PM)
: <<Okay... that's as far as it's gone>>
DrJToreek (11:34:22 PM): <<how so?>>
DrJToreek (11:36:01 PM): Drumming her fingers on her desk, Jordan scans over the reports again, while waiting for the computer to analyse all the stuff she requested.
LtAidenSanders (11:36:20 PM): <<I don't know when I'm supposed to step in.>>
DrJToreek (11:36:44 PM)
: <<Well, just compile all the stuff, like you're making your report for the Admiral>>
Ensign FJ (11:36:48 PM): <<Then I guess it's pointless for me to follow you>>
Lt TKirr (11:36:57 PM): T'Kirr steps in, spots Toreek, and makes her way towards her desk. "Doctor. Have you found anything?"
LtAidenSanders (11:37:07 PM)
: <<And I never write in present tense.>>
Lt TKirr (11:37:15 PM)
: <<Me neither>>
DrJToreek (11:37:43 PM)
: Looking up, frustration edging into her face. Her voice is slightly contrained. "Maybe"
DrJToreek (11:37:58 PM): <<LOL... i switch from present tense to past tense>>
Lt TKirr (11:39:40 PM): "As I included in my report, I have found a link between the microbe and historic files on the colony dated six months ago." T'Kirr lay the PADDs on Jordan's desk.
DrJToreek (11:39:41 PM)
: Hearing the computer beep, she says, "I just asked the computer to compare the patient logs from the colonists with the other ones. Something looked different about them, and I just couldn't put my finger on it."
Lt TKirr (11:39:51 PM): <<;-)>>
DrJToreek (11:40:00 PM)
: <<*chuckles*>>
DrJToreek (11:41:34 PM): "'m trying to figure out what caused the disease, but the only real thing i can determine is that they drain the body. What ever the microorganism is, it doesn't destory the tissue cells directly.
DrJToreek (11:41:37 PM): "
DrJToreek (11:41:46 PM): <<I'm*>>
LtAidenSanders (11:41:48 PM): <<I would love to stay and chat, but I've got to jet.>>
LtAidenSanders (11:41:57 PM)
: <<Good Luck!>>
DrJToreek (11:42:00 PM)
: <<awww... Ok... have a goodnight Sanders>>
Lt TKirr (11:42:03 PM): <<Take care>>
(11:42:08 PM) LtAidenSanders
has left the room.
Ensign FJ (11:42:09 PM): <<Yikes, I cant do it alone>>
DrJToreek (11:42:52 PM): <<guess i'll have to change directions then slightly>>
Ensign FJ (11:43:14 PM): <<I'll see ya folks later>>
DrJToreek (11:43:22 PM): <<niught FJ>>
Lt TKirr (11:43:23 PM): T'Kirr nods, then moves to access a nearby panel, interfacing her with the science lab.
Lt TKirr (11:43:30 PM)
: <<Think we scared everyone away hehe>>
(11:43:35 PM) Ensign FJ
has left the room.
DrJToreek (11:43:47 PM): << :-( >>
DrJToreek (11:44:20 PM): Looking at the results, her eyes widen. "Is this possible TKirr?"
Lt TKirr (11:44:49 PM): Turning, T'Kirr meets Jordan's eyes in question.
DrJToreek (11:45:22 PM)
: The results show that while the microorganism on the colony is very similar to the other cases, both the ones that occur before and the ones that occured later, the one on the colony was different.
DrJToreek (11:46:28 PM): "This is very strange. Why would the cases that have occured before and after this colony was attacked be identical, but different from the microbes in the colony? Could we be dealing with two types of microorganism?
DrJToreek (11:46:30 PM): "
DrJToreek (11:47:22 PM): "Do you know how the colony became infected?" Reaches out for her the PADD with the information that TKirr had sent her to see if it's listed in there.
Lt TKirr (11:47:39 PM): "It is the logical conclusion."
Lt TKirr (11:47:52 PM)
: <<Um, that fits between those>>
DrJToreek (11:48:09 PM)
: <<kk>>
Lt TKirr (11:50:31 PM): T'Kirr taps a few more times on the interface, then turns completely around to face Jordan. "According to the historical database, the colony held rumor of testing done on a deadly virus, but the claims were never confirmed by
Lt TKirr (11:50:46 PM)
: local officials. This 'virus' could be our microorganism."
DrJToreek (11:51:26 PM)
: Frowning, "What other rumors about this testing is known?"
DrJToreek (11:51:44 PM): "And if they are testing on it, what information do they have on it?"
DrJToreek (11:53:25 PM): Jordan rises and moves over to TKirr to look at the Database herself. Thinking to herself that if this rumor is true and if the tests were on the microorganism, that this was both very good news and very bad news.
Lt TKirr (11:54:23 PM): T'Kirr hesitated. "Specifically... they center around purposes for biological warfare. These claims were harshly disputed over." Raising a brow with a quick glance at the floor, "And rightly so."
DrJToreek (11:54:37 PM)
: If they had information on the organism and were willing to share, that could lead to possibly a quicker finding of a course of treatment. However, the organism there was different slightly. It killed at a much quicker rate.
DrJToreek (11:55:06 PM): Repeating the words slowly, as if trying to comprehend, "Biological warfare? But why would they want to do that?"
DrJToreek (11:55:48 PM): But with these words things started to fit more into place. "That would explain--" She cut herself off and quickly moved over to her consul.
DrJToreek (11:56:45 PM): She started to pull up several different peices of information and read over other articles. Plugging them into the computer, she starts the analysis.
Lt TKirr (11:59:54 PM): T'Kirr's thoughts follow along Toreek's. "As with the HIV virus of Earth centuries ago, the virus was engineered to spread through an enemy's population. However, they seem to have formed it to kill much more quickly and
Lt TKirr (11:59:57 PM)
: efficiently."
DrJToreek (12:00:40 AM)
: Stopping for a second to look over to TKirr "The bug on the colony has a much higher kill ratem, like HIV-I. It also has a longer apparent incubation period, but once the symptoms hit, the infected person dies at
DrJToreek (12:00:52 AM): a much faster pace. I believe that it's in the incubation period that the person is the most contagious."
DrJToreek (12:01:32 AM): Almost as an afterthought she added, "I don't have any real proof for that last part though. It's just a hypthosis."
Lt TKirr (12:02:29 AM): T'Kirr steps closer. "As are the rumors among the colony equally unsure."
DrJToreek (12:03:24 AM)
: Nodding, "They may be unsure, but they seem to fit and seem logical with this scientific data here. How else could this microorganism change and only appear on the colony and no where else, while the origonal one appears more
DrJToreek (12:03:28 AM): widespread?"
Lt TKirr (12:04:46 AM): "It would seem to fit the situation," T'Kirr agrees.
DrJToreek (12:05:28 AM)
: "If only we could get their research information, it might help."
Lt TKirr (12:05:38 AM): <<Gotta go now =/>>
DrJToreek (12:06:03 AM)
: <<awww... okay... can we finish this up later?>>
Lt TKirr (12:06:16 AM): <<Sure, shall we set a time? I'm hardly ever on AIM>>
DrJToreek (12:06:34 AM)
: <<Or pause here... write up the log, send TKirr to tell the Admiral about this revelation and have Toreek continue researching>>
Lt TKirr (12:06:45 AM): <<Feel free to write it up so far, putting tenses together...>>
DrJToreek (12:07:02 AM)
: <<LOL... yeah, noticed i switched to past tense part way through?>>
Lt TKirr (12:07:16 AM): <<Sure, we could do that. What else do we have to cover? How they came in contact with it... what else?>>
DrJToreek (12:07:36 AM)
: <<the connection with that larger thing that attacked the ship>>
DrJToreek (12:07:59 AM): <<and for that i was thinking of getting Engineering involved>>
Lt TKirr (12:08:28 AM): <<Cool, let's do it. We can involve Engineering next week. Send me a copy of it and I'll go over it before we send out the log>>
Lt TKirr (12:08:40 AM)
: <<Off I go! Ty!>>
DrJToreek (12:09:10 AM)
: <<Ok... ttyl>>
(12:12:10 AM) Lt TKirr has left the room.
DrJToreek (12:14:58 AM): ::moves over and pokes the commander to see if she's alive/awake::
DrJToreek (12:20:52 AM): ::calls up the EMH and has him start doing CPR on her::
DrJToreek (12:25:34 AM): ::leaves, with the EMH taking good care of the XO::
(12:25:38 AM) DrJToreek has left the room.