You have just entered room "Celestial Prime."
LtAidenSanders: COMMANDER! ::shocked:: Welcome back!
: ::smiles and waves:: Hi, everyone!!!!
CmdrBrookeDolan: Wow, there are so many new faces!
CmdrBrookeDolan: Where did 12 weeks go?
Jordan Toreek: Evening Commander
Jack Cahalan has entered the room.
Lt TKirr: Good to see you, Commander!
: Thanks!
CmdrBrookeDolan: Jack! I've missed you so!
Jack Cahalan: Hey, Brooke. ::smiles:: I've missed you.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Phew. I am NEVER going to catch up on everything I've missed in the past few months, or on all my paperwork!!!
CmdrBrookeDolan: But, the hard work paid off. Three A's!!! Woo hoo!!!
Lt TKirr: I couldn't imagine
VAdm AC Zuriyev
: ::claps::
Lt TKirr: Congo Rats!!
: Thanks!
Jordan Toreek: contrats!
EnsMickHawking has entered the room.
EnsMickHawking: Hello peeps
LtAidenSanders: Hey Mick, what's up?
Lt TKirr
: Welcome, Ensign
: The ceiling at the mo!
LtAidenSanders: ::looks up:: Well, whataya know...
: So how is everyone?
Cdr Sullivan has entered the room.
LtAuroraYophton has entered the room.
LtAuroraYophton has left the room.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Tired!
CmdrBrookeDolan: Took my sister to look at colleges yesterday and today.
Lt TKirr: I am well
: Get some Rakhtajino down you!
Jordan Toreek: greetings Hawking
EnsMickHawking: Im sure you'll feel fine
Jordan Toreek: greetings Cmdr Sullivan
EnsMickHawking: Hello Toreek
CmdrBrookeDolan: <yawn!>
VAdm AC Zuriyev: OK. Let's get started!
Lt TKirr: ::hugs Sulli::
Cdr Sullivan
: Greetings, Lieutenant.
Cdr Sullivan: :::hugs TKirr:::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ::hands Brooke her whistle:: It was in good hands.
Lt TKirr: Is the Counselor ill, or fashionably late?
VAdm AC Zuriyev
: Tempest is travelling this week.
Lt TKirr: ::nods::
: Thanks! ::whistles:: ATTENTION!!!
LtAidenSanders: ::@A::
Ensign FJ
: ::AA::
EnsMickHawking: ::AA::
Lt TKirr: ::AA::
Jack Cahalan
: ::AA::
CSciAxelalexa: ::AA::
Jordan Toreek: ::AA::
EnsignUtah: :aa:
VAdm AC Zuriyev
: All right, first of all, I'd like to welcome Ensign FJ to the Engineering department.
Lt TKirr: Welcome!
: Welcome aboard, Ensign! (argh, more paperwork! ;-))
EnsMickHawking: You get to play with our engines excellent!
Ensign FJ: thank you ::Nods toward crew::
LtAidenSanders: Yay for another slav...I mean engineer!
VAdm AC Zuriyev
: And of course, let's welcome Commander Dolan back to the fold!
LtAidenSanders: ::flashes everyone a big smile::
Jack Cahalan
: :::heartily welcomes Brooke back::
LtAidenSanders: Welcome back, Commander!
Lt SG Zinthys
: ::Cheers wildly::
Lt TKirr: Welcome back!
: Thank you!!!! I am so sorry I've been absent for so long, but my GPA was worth it. It's great to be back, though!!!
CmdrBrookeDolan: (except for the mountain of paperwork awaiting me. ;-) )
Lt Allen Zinthys has left the room.
VAdm AC Zuriyev: All right, now for the brief.
VAdm AC Zuriyev: You may recall before the last interim plot, that we were dispatched to the beta quadrant to follow the back trail of whatever has been eating starships.
VAdm AC Zuriyev: The composition of the goo found on the derelict starships is similar in structure to a deadly virus that was cured because of knowledge gained by the USS Socrates, lost in the Beta Quadrant thirty years ago.
VAdm AC Zuriyev: Going further back, you may recall that in our alternate timeline, we forced the Socrates to return to the past to be lost in the Beta Quadrant.
VAdm AC Zuriyev: Because the Socrates was lost, we had the information they sent back to cure the deadly virus.
Lt TKirr: ::pretends she remembers::
Jordan Toreek
: ::doesn't have any clue about this stuff, but pretends to know::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: But now there's a larger threat - the virus is similar in makeup to the thing that's eating starships. Therefore we follow the Socrates's trail and figure out what's going on, and hopefully fare better.
VAdm AC Zuriyev: <<Those of you that are relatively new - this overall plot has been going on for about nine months now.>>
Lt TKirr: <<I remember reading your log within the alt timeline>>
VAdm AC Zuriyev
: Questions?
EnsMickHawking: No sir
Lt SG Zinthys: <<Plot? There was a plot in the alternate timeline? Oh yeah....>>
Cdr Sullivan: Where is the exit?
VAdm AC Zuriyev: Exits are clearly marked.
LtAidenSanders: ::raises hand::
Cdr Sullivan
: <<Yeah.... you slut. >>
Lt TKirr: Bathrooms?
Jordan Toreek
: what about the current plot we are doing? the drugs and stuff?
Lt SG Zinthys: <<Mwah-muah>>
VAdm AC Zuriyev: That's over. Drugs were turned in to SF Command.
LtAidenSanders: So how far from last sim is this next sim?
Lt TKirr
: Good to know.
Jordan Toreek
: and the priestess?
VAdm AC Zuriyev: Tempest will explain the priestess. ::ducks the question::
Jordan Toreek: so is she still aboard?
Lt TKirr: I have a question.. how do we 'follow the Socrates' trail' if it's in the past?
VAdm AC Zuriyev
: No.
LtAidenSanders: Star charts, I'm assuming.
VAdm AC Zuriyev
: We have their logs, so we know what route they took.
Lt TKirr: ::boggles::
: ::nods:: OK, now I'm up on it.
Lt TKirr
: Ah.. that kind of follow, gotcha, ty
VAdm AC Zuriyev
: ::brings T'Kirr out of everquest::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: /boggle doesn't work here :-)
Lt TKirr: LOL
Lt TKirr
: That's why I used our favorite :: marks =P
Jordan Toreek
: ::laughs::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: OK, without further delay and typing of not-so-brief briefs.
VAdm AC Zuriyev: BEGIN SIM
VAdm AC Zuriyev: BEGIN SIM
VAdm AC Zuriyev: BEGIN SIM
Lt SG Zinthys has left the room.
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::yawns and stretches in her chair on the bridge::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: <<IT was too much for Zinthys.>>
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ::in the ready room, watching the stars go by::
LtAidenSanders: ::in Engineering, running the wonderfully standard diagnostics::
VAdm AC Zuriyev
: +bridge+ Zuriyev to the bridge.
Lt TKirr: ::in lab, watching Axelalexa out of the corner of her eye, concerned::
Jack Cahalan
: ::in Ten-Forward, polishing the bar::
Ensign FJ: ::In engineering helping the running of wonderfully standard diag.::
Cdr Sullivan: :::in her office, doing what Sullivan does best:::
EnsMickHawking: :: Turns to FJ:: Have you seen these painting I pickup from Starbase 12? :: Holds up a painting ::
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::blinks, bleary-eyed, looking over moutains of paperwork::
CmdrBrookeDolan: +Zuri+ Dolan here.
LtAidenSanders: ::turns to FJ and Hawking:: Do you think we should hang some up, Mick? Make Engineering a bit more homey?
Jordan Toreek
: ::heads down to Ten Forward to relax a little::
Ensign FJ: Cant say I have ::Looks painting over:: very interesting
EnsignUtah: :: In the arboretum (an alias for botanical section.)::
: :: ponders :: Hmm we could do, but if the core was to breach they would be destroyed!
VAdm AC Zuriyev: +Dolan+ Commander, how long until we cross into the Beta Quadrant?
LtAidenSanders: Oh no! Mick, it's called a replicator. I'm sure you could program it to replicate them back again.
Jordan Toreek
: ::finds the TL and enters, giving her location::
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::looks over at a console:: +Zuri+ Not long, Admiral.
LtAidenSanders: And just how often do we have Core Breaches?
Lt SG Zinthys
has entered the room.
EnsMickHawking: Sir replicated pictures aint the same as the real thing!
Ensign FJ: If the core breaches we have more to worry about then painting ::Looks back at painting again::
Jordan Toreek: <<wb Zinthys>>
Lt SG Zinthys: <<Thanks!>>
Cdr Sullivan: :::sips at a mug of tepid cider as she reads over some reports:::
LtAidenSanders: ::hears beeping and turns his attention back to his diagnostics:: FJ, can you confirm a faulty relay on Deck eleven, section alpha 1-7?
Jordan Toreek
: ::exits out of the TL and makes her way slowly towards the lounge, wondering how SB is doing::
EnsMickHawking: :: Looks up :: Sorry tried to have a joke there!
VAdm AC Zuriyev: +Dolan+ Thank you. I will be there shortly.
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::yawns again, brain weary of reports, wonders if "not long" was specific enough::
Jordan Toreek: ::enters the lounge and heads over to the bar, still thinking about being in sickbay::
EnsignUtah: ::To self:: Ansellia africana from Africa. "Leopard Orchid" Resembles hardcane dendrobium in growth. Flower spikes from apex of lead bear many yellow open flowers with red spots.
Ensign FJ
: ::Looks at panel, tapping a few buttons:: Yes sir, it appears our routine diag. found something
Lt SG Zinthys: ::Sitting in 10F sucking on a popsicle::
Jack Cahalan: What can I get you, Jordan?
Cdr Sullivan: :::sighs restlessly and taps at the PADD:::
Jordan Toreek: ::looks up and smiles:: What do you recommend Jack?
Doctor Caine has entered the room.
Lt TKirr: ::shuts a bio kit and puts it away, looking up at Axelalexa:: My shift is complete, sir.
Jordan Toreek
: <hey Caine>
Jack Cahalan: Depends on your mood./
LtAidenSanders: ::Taps:: That's why we run these damn things, to make sure we don't let something as small as that blow the ship up.
VAdm AC Zuriyev
: ::enters the bridge from the RR::
CSciAxelalexa: ::Looks up:: Is it? Well, would you be interested in helping me in a project I've begun?
EnsMickHawking: Sir isn't that relay part of the replicator system
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::looks up at the Admiral:: Admiral on the bridge. ::staggers to her feet, knocking over reports::
LtAidenSanders: ::tosses PADD to FJ:: Jefferies tube Gamma 4-8. Deck Eleven, when you're ready to bypass the relay let me know and I'
: I heard that the brownies that the replicators were making weren't very good, so I've been trying to make a better recipie.
LtAidenSanders: ll do it.
VAdm AC Zuriyev
: As you were.
Jordan Toreek: Let's see. I'm over worked, my own doing, and need something to relax... However, could get called back to work any min...
Lt TKirr: ::shoves the thought of enjoying a cup of tea in the lounge away:: Certainly.
: ::sighs and picks up her padds::
LtAidenSanders: ::turns to Hawkings:: Yeah, but the other relays will make up for it, and it's easy to fix.
: :: Has vivid memories :: No wonder I got tea istead of coffee last week
CSciAxelalexa: However, I'm not actually able to eat them, as they contain ingredients that are toxic to me, although mammals apparently ingest them quite safely.
Ensign FJ: aye sir ::walks out of engineering to TL::
Lt TKirr: ::approaches Axe:: I don't eat such substances, neither.
: ::Cuts a sample of Dendrobium Yukidaruma ‘The King’ .:: Very showy floriferous, crystalline white flowers with intense maroon/black eye in centre. ::Walks to TL::
VAdm AC Zuriyev
: I see you are behind in your paperwork, Commander.
EnsignUtah: +T'Kirr+ Where are you Lieutenant?
Lt TKirr
has left the room.
LtAidenSanders: So, Mick, what's your favorite pastime? ::starts making small talk as he walks across Engineering to another console::
Ensign FJ
: ::takes TL to jefferies tube Gamma 4-8, craws in small opening::
EnsMickHawking: :: stores the paintings in a quiet corner of engineering :: Deciratin when I get off duty
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::clears her throat:: Well, perhaps if I had an assistant like you promised me three months ago ...
Lt TKirr has entered the room.
Jordan Toreek: <<wb TKirr>>
Jack Cahalan: Hmm... :considers;:
Lt TKirr: ::regards Axe seriously:: How do you recommend we proceed?
: +T'Kirr+ Utah here. Where are you Lieutenant?
Jack Cahalan
: Something light for you, then.
CSciAxelalexa: Well, we could try to bring in a test subject, then.
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::wonders if she could order a new ensign to catch up on her work for her::
LtAidenSanders: ::laughs:: Decorating, huh? Any actual physical activities? ::taps a PADD handed to him by a crewman, makes a correction and hands it back to the crewman, who walks away::
: I like snow boarding, but since my new post on this ship ive had a lot of catching up to do.
Jack Cahalan: ;;mixes her up a strawberry daquiri and goes extra light on the alcohol;;
Lt TKirr: ::looks at the ceiling:: +Utah+ Main Science with Axelalexa.
Jack Cahalan
: Here you are.
Ensign FJ: ::takes out tricorder and scans for faulty relay::
EnsignUtah: I'm on my way.
VAdm AC Zuriyev
: An assistant? I thought I requisitioned one.
EnsignUtah: ::Enters TL and heads for Main Science::
Doctor Caine
: ::: reviews status of Medical Dept. in Sickbay :::
CmdrBrookeDolan: Well, I haven't heard anything. Maybe the paperwork got lost ... ::chuckles::
Jordan Toreek: ::smiles:: thank You Jack... so how have you been?
LtAidenSanders: Sweet, snowboarding is pretty fun. I've got an excellent holodeck program that I'd think you'd like. It's setting is Mt. Bachelor in the early 21st century. I grew up near it.
Lt TKirr
: ::ponders the usefulness of testing brownie tastes::
: I sometimes go to the Holodeck and take the safety's off, its a better experience knowing there's risk involved
Ensign FJ: +Lt. Sanders+ Sir, ready to bypass now
Jack Cahalan: Fine, thank you. AND YOU?
Jack Cahalan: <<Sorry about the capslock>>
LtAidenSanders: +FJ+ Acknowledged, standby.
Cdr Sullivan
: :::stands and leaves her inner sanctum and broods her way past Solitaire:::
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<figured Jack had PMS>>
EnsignUtah: ::Enters Main Science::
Lt TKirr
: <<LOL>>
Lt SG Zinthys
: ::Finishes and stands::
Lt SG Zinthys: ::nods to Jack::
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<or whoever he was talking to was deaf>>
Lt TKirr: ::turns:: Mr. Utah.
Jordan Toreek
: Been rather busy. We finally have an empty sickbay and no patients.
EnsMickHawking: I dislocted my arm at the Academy doing and spend three weeks in hospital
LtAidenSanders: ::walks over to a console, for regulating power:: Hmmm. ::Taps buttons, rerouting power to reinforced relays on deck ten::
Lt SG Zinthys
: ::Walks to the TL::
Lt SG Zinthys: Deck 1.
Jack Cahalan: That's the best kind.
LtAidenSanders: +FJ+ Rerouting complete, make the replacement and inform me when you're ready to reshunt power into the new relay. Sanders out.
VAdm AC Zuriyev
: I see we are about to cross quadrants.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Yes, sir. Any moment now ...
Doctor Caine: ::: sees that all is well in Medical, decides to leave ::::
LtAidenSanders: ::turns to Hawkings and laughs:: Mick, you'll get yourself killed doing that.
Jordan Toreek
: definately is. There's alot more paperwork invovled, then I really realized.
EnsignUtah: Here Lieutenant ::hands her the flower - Dendrobium Yukidaruma ‘The King’ Very showy floriferous, crystalline white flowers with intense maroon/black eye in centre:: I have been growing these in the arboretum.
Lt TKirr
: ::gazes at Utah:: Do you eat brownies? Fudge.
Ensign FJ
: +Lt Sanders+ yes sir
CSciAxelalexa: It is of dire importance.
EnsMickHawking: To quote a famous captain, risk is part of our game, that's why were out here
EnsignUtah: Of course I do!
: We require a test subject.
Jordan Toreek: ::takes a sip of the daquiri::hmmm... this is good. What did you call it again?
LtAidenSanders: ::laughs:: I figured you'd say something like that.
: I'm your pig.
Jack Cahalan
: A strawberry daquiri.
Lt TKirr: ::raises her brows in surprise and takes the flower hesitantly, confused:: ..Thank you.
Cdr Sullivan
: :::stops in front of the nearest TL and waits, obviously deep in thought:::
Ensign FJ: ::begins replacement of relay::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ACTION> The Atlantis crosses into the Beta Quadrant.
LtAidenSanders: Potter> ::From upper level banister:: Lieutenant Sanders? We're having some problems with the coolant systems, it's an imbalance that we can't get back into balance.
Lt SG Zinthys
: ::TL dings and he begins to step out::
EnsignUtah: It's a very rare orchid.
Lt TKirr
: ::walks across the lab and sticks the flower in a beaker::
Doctor Caine
: ::: enters Turbolift :::: Bridge.
Lt TKirr: I will transfer it to my quarters when I leave.
Cdr Sullivan
: :::hears the ding and steps forward to enter:::
CmdrBrookeDolan: Admiral, we have crossed into the Beta Quadrant.
EnsignUtah: I thought you may want it in your quarters.
: ::turns to Hawkings:: Would you mind helping Potter with that? It's stubborn, the coolant system, you might want to flush it and reinitialize it.
: Yeah sure sir
EnsignUtah: Where are the brownies?
Lt SG Zinthys
: ::Looks up:: Oh! Wrong floor.
VAdm AC Zuriyev: Excellent. Have science comb the area as we go looking for evidence of those things.
Jordan Toreek: ::smiles:: i will have to remember that, thank You
Ensign FJ: ::finishes the replacement:: sir the replaced relay is ready
CSciAxelalexa: Alright, TKirr, I'll leave you to test these brownies on him.
EnsMickHawking: :walks over to the engineering turbolift ::
Jack Cahalan: Of course.
Lt SG Zinthys: Err... greetings, Sullivan.
CmdrBrookeDolan: +T'Kirr+ Dolan to T'Kirr.
Lt TKirr: ::turns in alarm:: Sir...
: ::hands over a plate of brownies:: Yes, TKirr?
Lt TKirr: ::saved by the bell:: +Dolan+ T'Kirr here.
VAdm AC Zuriyev
: +Sanders+ Zuriyev to Sanders.
Cdr Sullivan: :::stops abruptly as there is something blocking her way, looks up:::
LtAidenSanders: +Zuriyev+ Sanders here. ::Walks across engineering reading a padd:: Go ahead.
: +Axe+ Dolan to Axelalexa.
EnsignUtah: ::Takes a brownie off the plate::
: :goes to where Potter is standing:: Whats the problem potter?
Lt TKirr: ::attempts to concentrate on Utah's reaction::
VAdm AC Zuriyev
: +Sanders+ Report, Sanders. We are in unfamiliar territory. What is our status?
Cdr Sullivan: :::nods::: Lieutenant.
EnsignUtah: BLECH! What is wrong with these things!!
Doctor Caine
: ::: enters the Bridge ::::
CmdrBrookeDolan: +T'Kirr and Axe+ Could you please report to the bridge for an assignment?
LtAidenSanders: Potter> ::shrugs:: The damned coolant system won't go back into balance.
Jordan Toreek
: ::Finishes the Daquiri and sets the glass down on the Bar and raises up:: Thank You for the drink... ::turns and heads out::
CSciAxelalexa: +Dolan+ Axe here.
Jack Cahalan: ::cleans up the empty glass::
CSciAxelalexa: +Dolan+ As you will.
LtAidenSanders: +Zuriyev+ Engine systems report OK.
Ensign FJ
: ::makes sure the replacement is in place:: +Lt. Sanders+ Sir, I am pleased to report to you that the faulty relay has been replaced
Lt TKirr: ::backs up in order to dodge flying brownie particles::
: Hey, what about me?!
: Potter > The coolant system's gone crazy
Lt SG Zinthys: ::Steps back into the TL, letting her in::
LtAidenSanders: +Zuriyev+ We had a faulty relay, but it's been fixed. No problems as of yet./
Lt TKirr
: +Dolan+ On my way.
: :hmph: We just replaced that system last wekk
EnsignUtah: ::Is this a practical joke Sir, Ma'am?
: +FJ+ Reestablishing power to that relay, FJ.
: We don't have practical jokes where I come from. You'll have to explain that idea to me later.
Lt TKirr: ::hands Utah the plate with the slightest hint of relief:: Ask Axelalexa. ::leaevs the lab::
Jordan Toreek
: ::heads back to sickbay, deciding to run some medical tests on the computer::
EnsMickHawking: Should be no problem
EnsignUtah: I'm tagging along with you.
Cdr Sullivan
: :::enters the TL and stands next to him, clears her throat gently::: Lovely day we're having.
CSciAxelalexa: ::Follows TKirr::
LtAidenSanders: ::Taps console, again for regulating power:: Good. ::looks at the relay returns to 97% efficiency::
Lt TKirr
: ::rides lift to bridge::
: +FJ+ You're good, FJ, you can come back to Engineering.
: :: tap the coolant panel :: Collant flushed
EnsignUtah: ::follows Axelalexa's strange insect like body::
Lt SG Zinthys
: ::Smirks:: Well, you came out, so there must be something special to it.
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::turns to the science officers as they enter::
Jordan Toreek: ::enters the TL:: Sickbay
VAdm AC Zuriyev: +Sanders+ Anything that will pose major concerns?
Lt TKirr: ::watches at Utah gags some more on brownie remnants::
Ensign FJ
: +LT. Sanders+ thank you, anything to get out of these little holes
LtAidenSanders: ::taps console and shouts up to Hawkings:: Keep an eye on the core temperature, Mick! You don't want to overload the thing.
: Potter will you reinitilise the system from over there?
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<is Utah the only new sci officer? forgive me for not being up to date with the current roster>>
Doctor Caine: ::: looks around the bridge, and discreetly points a med tricorder at the captain ::::
LtAidenSanders: +Zuriyev+ Not at the moment, Admiral. If anything pops up, you'll be the first to know as usual.
Jordan Toreek
: ::thinks that she should probably catch up on reading some of the newest reports that have come out in the journals::
EnsignUtah: <<yes>>
Lt TKirr
: <<At the moment, there are just us three in Science>>
Cdr Sullivan
: :::her lips twitch in a small smile::: And what is THAT supposed to mean?
VAdm AC Zuriyev: +Sanders+ Excellent. Zuriyev out.
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<thanks>>
EnsMickHawking: ::Potter walks over to the re-initilisation console::
Ensign FJ: ::crawls out of the jefferies tube, standing up straight, back cracking several times and walks back to turbolift:: Main Engineering please
EnsMickHawking: Ok core temp fine
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ::leans back in his chair::
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::to the SCI officers:: Ah, thank you for coming.
Lt TKirr: ::takes a deep breath as lift opens the three to the bridge::
: ::Wipes brownie crumbs off uniform and tries to look like he is not embarrassed::
: ::Wonders out of hand whether there is any difference between sweetened and unsweetened chocolate as he reports to the bridge::
EnsMickHawking: :: Turns to potter:: Ok potter reinitilise the system
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ::turns to look at the science officers::
Lt TKirr: <<lol Axe>>
: The Admiral has requested that you "comb" the area, looking for anything significant or that might be of use to us.
Lt SG Zinthys: ::casually leans against the wall:: It's not everyday you come out of your office before 2000 hours.
Jordan Toreek: ::exits the lift and heads to sickbay::
EnsignUtah: Comb Ma'am?
: Potter > :: Taps panel:: Done
Ensign FJ: ::walks into mainn engineering, having the biggest craving for fried chicken::
CmdrBrookeDolan: Yes. Finetooth, preferably.
Doctor Caine: ::: decides the captain is going to live :::
EnsignUtah: On the ship or from astrometrics?
: :: Shouts down to Sanders :: Everythings A-Ok sir.
VAdm AC Zuriyev: Go over the Socrates's sensor logs. Compare anything you can find in the area with the genetic structure of that virus. Scan the planets the Socrates stopped at.
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::chuckles at the ensign's bewilderment:: Forgive me.
LtAidenSanders: ::watches temperature start to rise:: Hawkings, it's heating up. Not in the red, you've got about five minutes.
Lt TKirr
: ::acknowleges Dolan and Zuri, then looks over the bridge, unfamiliar territory::
Cdr Sullivan
: :::quirks a brow::: Why, Mr Zinthys... have you been keeping track of my movements?
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::nods at the Admiral's more eloquent command::
LtAidenSanders: ::Watches as the temperature goes down:: Good job, Mick.
Lt SG Zinthys
: Well, your office is right across from mine. ::Grins::
Jordan Toreek: ::enters sb and walks into her office. She takes a few mins to bring up the right program on her monitor, and then imputs the data to run the test scenerio::
CmdrBrookeDolan: Use whatever resources you need.
Lt TKirr: ::nods:: Understood.
: Let me know if I can be of any assistance.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Any questions?
EnsMickHawking: Potter did a good job as well, well done.
EnsignUtah: ::Winks at T'Kirr and mouths:: "A real job"
: Potter> ::blushes and then runs away to continue her duties::
Ensign FJ
: ::shouts to Lt. Sanders:: Good to be back sir, what do you need done?
Lt TKirr: ::ignores Utah:: Are there any specific areas of the planets we should concentrate our searches?
Jordan Toreek
: ::after getting the test running, she stands up and has a look around sickbay::
Cdr Sullivan: :::nods understandingly::: So.... it was just out of convenience.
Lt SG Zinthys: ::chuckles:: Where you headed?
CmdrBrookeDolan: Any potential landing sites, of course.
EnsMickHawking: ::Looks at Potter as she runs off::
Jordan Toreek: ::noticing that a couple of the nurses are busy chatting in the cornor, most likely some new gossip they've heard::
Lt TKirr: ::crosses her hands:: Of course.
: ::shouts to FJ:: I could use my shoes polished, my quarters cleaned, someone to stand in for my physical that I've been avoiding, my own ship, a hot woman to be my girlfriend. ::Smiles:: Take your pick.
: As well as any spots that are resource-rich -- minerals, water, etcetera. Anything that might have attracted attention.
Cdr Sullivan: Where was this TL going?
Lt SG Zinthys: Deck 1.
Doctor Caine: ::: quietly leaves the bridge ::::
CmdrBrookeDolan: And, scan for anything anomalous in the atmospheres, soil, water, any indications that something is ... not quite right. Or wasn't, at some point in the past.
CSciAxelalexa: Right. We will begin right away.
Lt SG Zinthys: ::TL resumes moving::
Lt TKirr: It will certainly take some time.
Ensign FJ
: ::back to Lt Sanders:: I have a Vulcan Step-sister, not much of a looker, but she fits you
Jordan Toreek: ::looks around a little more and sees that the Tech is busy with a PADD, most likely playing some sort of game on it. He is always doing that, even when He should be doing work::
Lt SG Zinthys: <<LOL!!>>
Cdr Sullivan: Then I guess that is where I was going.
EnsignUtah: What about aking a shuttle to some of the planets if our course will be taking us near them?
: I expect so. Do your best. And keep an eye out for anything at all that resembles the structure of that virus.
Lt SG Zinthys: ::Narrows eyes:: Out for a random stroll?
CSciAxelalexa: ::Leads his science team back to the science labs to perpetrate some hardcore research::
LtAidenSanders: ::laughs:: Vulcan, huh? No, I'm not much into the self-proclaimed 'emotionally-enlightened'. Plus, the short hair is a major turn off.
Doctor Caine
: ::: returns to Sickbay ::::
Lt TKirr: ::nods and moves a step toward the lift, waiting for Utah::
: That's a good suggestion, Ensign, but it would be time-consuming. We'll only do that if you find anything that merits very close examination.
Jordan Toreek: ::looks around and wonders where Caine has gone off to::
Lt TKirr: <<Don't bite me Sanders =P>>
: Thank you. Dismissed.
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ::nods satisfactorily::
Cdr Sullivan: :::chuckles::: You say that like it was crime? Are you going to arrest me?
Lt TKirr: ::enters lift::
: <<::winks at T'Kirr::>>
: ::motions to sanders:: You might have to fight for her as well!
Ensign FJ: Well then, I guess I'll run take that physical
Doctor Caine: ::: looks at the crew roster for awhile :::
Lt SG Zinthys: Nah. You'd like it.
Cdr Sullivan: :::snorts::: You wish
Lt TKirr: ::mentally organizes the assignment in her mind::
Jordan Toreek
: ::sees Caine enter and walks over to him, smiling::Hello Caine
EnsignUtah: ::Follows T'Kirr who has a much better profile than Axelalexa::
Doctor Caine
: Greetings. You are just in time.
EnsMickHawking: ::Whispers to Sanders:: Do you think that EnsignFJ is after a promotion?
EnsignUtah: Who or what replicated those brownies?
Lt SG Zinthys
: ::Throws his head back and laughs::
LtAidenSanders: ::smiles:: FJ, the diagnostics are complete. If their printout are on that PADD over there ::points:: I'd like an official review of that stuff and in report form on my desk in six hours, please.
Lt SG Zinthys
: ::TL stops::
Ensign FJ: ::looks up:: good hearing ran in my family...
Jordan Toreek: <<woooahhh... someone's coming to Sickbay, willingingly for a physical?!?!>>
Jordan Toreek: In time for what?
Ensign FJ: Six hours, no problem
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ::Gives an order to helm to slow to warp one to facilitate in more thorough scanning;:
Doctor Caine: +Sanders+ Dr. Caine to Lt. Sanders
LtAidenSanders: ::whispers to Hawkings:: Or he's trying to pawn off his step-sister, who, I'm sure, hasn't had much luck with the male gender.
VAdm AC Zuriyev
: ::watches as helm slows the ship::
LtAidenSanders: +Caine+ Go ahead.
Lt SG Zinthys
: Hm. Deck 1. Home sweet home.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Admiral, you're one step ahead of me.
Ensign FJ: ::walks over and takes 'that padd over there' and looks it over::
CSciAxelalexa: ::Considers how to divide up the tasks::
EnsignUtah: Imagine if I had barfed on the Commander on the Bridge. Do you think that my career would be in bigger peril than it is already?
Doctor Caine
: +Sanders+ Please report to Sickbay at your earliest convenience.
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<LOL -- good thing we didn't find out!>>
LtAidenSanders: +Caine+ Understood, I'm on my way now.
VAdm AC Zuriyev
: I am not presently buried in paperwork.
EnsignUtah: <<I thought about it....>>
: ::grimaces:: That's why they pay me the big bucks ... oh ... wait ... never mind.
EnsignUtah: <<but spared you since you received such stellar marks>>
Cdr Sullivan
: :::quietly with a smile::: Anywhere on the Atlantis is home to me.
LtAidenSanders: ::tosses a PADD to Hawkings:: Mick, please run a diagnostic on the dilithium matrix, I want a report on it on my desk in six hours, until I return you've got Engineering. Keep her clean.
VAdm AC Zuriyev
: I order you not to work late, Commander.
Lt SG Zinthys: ::Smiles and walks out to the bridge:
EnsMickHawking: Yes sir
Jordan Toreek: ::smiles:: physical time?
LtAidenSanders: ::Walks out of ME and down the gray two-toned hallway::
Lt SG Zinthys
: :
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<ha ha!!!! see? hard work does pay off! :-) >>
CSciAxelalexa: Ok, TKirr, I want you and Utah looking over the planetary records. I'm going to scour the computer records.
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ::turns to see Zinthys and Sullivan enter::
EnsignUtah: <<What rank is our CSCI?>>
: ::rolls her eyes behind the Admiral's back:: Aye, sir.
LtAidenSanders: ::approaches TL and presses button, the after the door hisses open he steps in:: Deck Fifteen, Sickbay.
Lt TKirr
: ::nods:: Agreed.
: ::TL shudders and goes up a whole one deck::
: <<It's a mystery. That's why I've got the CSci>>
LtAidenSanders: ::steps out into the corridor::
Ensign FJ
: ::walks over to Ensign Hawking:: I love these 6 hour deadlines
EnsMickHawking: :: Walks over to the Warp Core :: How are you doing crystal babies?
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<I have often wondered that myself, and I'm supposed to know such things!>>
LtAidenSanders: ::walks into Sickbay and looks around::
: ::To T'Kirr:: I think we should start at Astrometrics
: Ive just come to see how you are
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ::Smiles to himself and turns back forward::
Lt SG Zinthys: <<I do believe Axelalexa is a Lieutenant>>
Jordan Toreek: You know what happened the last time i gave a --::looks over to the door:: hello Lt Sanders
Doctor Caine: Lt. Sanders...welcome.
EnsignUtah: We can check the sensor logs and see the navigational patterns at the same time
Jack Cahalan
: ::goes around refreshing drinks::
Lt TKirr: We can briefly review the logs and note the planets. You can check landing sites. I will concentrate on everything else.
Cdr Sullivan
: :::her normally stoic and cool manner drops safely into place:::
EnsMickHawking: :: nods :: so do I!
LtAidenSanders: Greetings, something faulty that needs to be fixed?
: Great minds think alike Lieutenant
Lt TKirr
: ::arches a brow::
Ensign FJ
: ::taps on PADD while talking to Ensign Hawking::
Lt SG Zinthys: ::The person at Tactical moves away, seeing Allen enter and fades into the background::
EnsignUtah: <<What does he believe?>>
: <<Ah, the red shirts...>>
: ::Heads to the TL to astrometrics:: Lieutenant?
Lt SG Zinthys
: ::Sits at the console and brings himself up to speed::
Cdr Sullivan: :::slides into her place at the spare console and begins studying some information and comparing it to the PADD that she carried with her:::
Doctor Caine: Yes, we will "fix" your lack of a physical on record. ::: indicates a biobed ::: Please, lay down.
Lt TKirr: <<We're in the TL aren't we?>>
: <<I guess so>>
: ::puts head down:: The devil...
Jordan Toreek
: ::tries to stiffle a laugh::
LtAidenSanders: ::walks over and throws himself on the biobed::
Lt TKirr
: ::shakes as TL skids to a stop at Astrometrics::
: ::Exits the TL when it reaches Main Science:: Alright, TKirr, I'll leave you to it.
Doctor Caine: Is there a problem, Lieutenant?
LtAidenSanders: ::smiles that fake smile:: No, Doctor, of course not.
: <<according to my paperwork, Axe is in fact a Lt.>>
EnsMickHawking: :: Turns to FJ :: Right help me with this Dilithium Matrix diagnostic, and we can get to our reports!
Lt TKirr: <<::pretends time sequences itself::>>
Lt SG Zinthys
: <<:-D>>
CSciAxelalexa: <<Curse you and your paperwork! Curse YOU!>>
Jordan Toreek: ::Looks over and sees the two nurses giggling to themselves::
EnsignUtah: <<Thanks. Rank means nothing to a megalomaniac...;-)::
Doctor Caine
: ::: watches as the biobed readings come on line ::: I was concerned. You act as if this will hurt, or something.
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<Did I say Lt.? Sorry. I meant LTE -- 'Less Than Ensign'>>
EnsMickHawking: What does the intermix ratio read for you?
Lt TKirr: ::approaches the main Astrometrics panel and taps it to life::
: Nope, just don't care much for medical examinations.
: <<wow that was clever. LT ... LTE ... ::pats herself on back::>>
Doctor Caine: ::: compares the readings with "baselines" on record for Sanders ::::
CSciAxelalexa: <<::Makes a note to release the spider monkeys into the Commander's room again 'by accident'::>>
Doctor Caine: ::: runs a Feinberger over Sander's body ::::
Lt SG Zinthys: So where was the sign that says "welcome to the Beta Quadrant"?
Ensign FJ: just a second, ::pulls out tricorder and scans the console::
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<::thinks she is extremely clever, as is evidenced by her stellar GPA, which she will not say out loud because she will look egotistical, but suffice it to say, it's phenomenal>>
VAdm AC Zuriyev: I am rather glad there was not one. We may not have enjoyed it.
Doctor Caine: ::: nods, satisfied with the results::: You may sit up now, Lieutenant.
CmdrBrookeDolan: <</end boast>>
Cdr Sullivan: ::dryly::: It was on the third moon to the left.
Lt TKirr: ::finds what she is searching the computer for:: Mr. Utah, input these planets into a flight path. ::motions to a nearby console::
Jordan Toreek
: ::stays out of the way, then hears beeping coming from her office::
LtAidenSanders: ::sits up:: I do have a question. My shoulder has been sore on occasion, nothing excrutiating, but enough for me to notice. I fell off a cliff face the other day, I wasn't that high, and landed on my shoulder.
: ::Stands near T'Kirr and is intoxicated by her:: I', I'll scan the navigational pattern of the Socrates and see if there is a commonality.
: ::looks out the viewscreen:: Well, the Beta Quadrant doesn't look too bad so far.
Lt SG Zinthys: Humph. Due to the revolution of the moon, it's only in the Beta Quadrant 3/4 of its cycle. That couldn't have been it.
Lt TKirr: ::watches Utah::
Doctor Caine
: :::: blinks ::: You fell off a cliff...
LtAidenSanders: ::laughs:: More or less.
Lt TKirr
: <<Would be just like Sanders to be walking around with a dislocation>>
: ::Starts work on the nearby console::
Jordan Toreek
: ::heads into her office to find out what the beeping was... sees that her test results are back::
Cdr Sullivan: :::sniffs quietly::: Perhaps it is a revolving sign.
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<macho macho man>>
CSciAxelalexa: ::Sends TKirr a makeup of the virus::
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::wonders if Zinthys understands the concept of wry humor::
Jack Cahalan: ::Stocks a few new type of liquors that he acquired::
Jordan Toreek: ::records the results and runs a second series of tests to parellel the first::
Doctor Caine: :::scans his shoulder:::: Hmm...mild injury to the rotator cuff...
LtAidenSanders: I was about twenty feet up, I'd say. Foot gave out and down I went. Freeform climbing isn't the easiest of things to do.
Lt TKirr
: ::taps a incoming file beep and receives the virus info:: Here is the virus information.
: ::wonders what Jack is doing right now, hasn't seen him in a while, feels like months::
Jordan Toreek: <<ooo....what new types of liquor??>>
EnsignUtah: I'm going to bring it up on the main viewer ::taps console and star charts appear on screen::
Jack Cahalan
: <<Heh heh.>>
Lt SG Zinthys: Perhaps it even has neon lights.
Ensign FJ: ::looks over at Ensign Hawking:: sorry, a few malfunctions in the console, the intermix is reading at .0394 % above normal, about 3.32. looking fine.
Cdr Sullivan: Ah... so you did see it.
EnsMickHawking: :: Impressed :: Ooh I just wanna get on subspace, I think we have a record!
EnsMickHawking: Right back to the diagnostic
Lt SG Zinthys: No. It's just that all signs worth their salt are neon. So says Las Vegas.
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::wonders if Zinthys has a sense of humor at all::
EnsignUtah: ::Runs analysis of virus pattern::
: Easily fixable, right Doctor?
Doctor Caine
: All right... :::: puts a retaining field in place, and uses a directed protoplaser to repair the injury::: You should feel some warmth while I do this.
EnsMickHawking: :: Taps console :: Checking field strength
EnsMickHawking: FJ What do you read?
Jack Cahalan: ::his mind wanders to Brooke::
LtAidenSanders: ::feels warmth on his shoulder:: As long as it doesn't sear the flesh, boil my blood, or light me on fire, I'm good.
Lt SG Zinthys
: <<oo! Light him on fire! Please!>>
Lt TKirr: ::begins cross reference with virus and material makeups of one planet at a time::
: <<yeah, it'd look pretty cool, for a second>>
Ensign FJ: Field strength within normal parameters, 98.2%
Jordan Toreek: ::steps back and over to Caine::
Lt SG Zinthys: <<If only Axe did crew physicals...>>
Doctor Caine: Yes, it is, as you say, easily fixable...but no climbing for 7 days...and I will give you a PADD with some specific therapuetic exercises I wish you to perform for that time period.
Cdr Sullivan: Been to Vegas often? I hear it is the place to get.... :::purses her lips into a severe straight line and frowns severely as she cuts herself off:::
LtAidenSanders: <<::stares at Brooke and Allen:: Oh, not funny. Lighting me on fire would be 'so' not funny.>>
Lt SG Zinthys
: ...anything?
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::raises an eyebrow at Suli:: I think the word you're looking for is "hitched."
LtAidenSanders: << ;-) >>
Jordan Toreek
: <<LOL>>
Lt SG Zinthys: ::Eyes widen at Dolan::
Jordan Toreek: <<the fire idea doesn't sound too bad>>
EnsMickHawking: :: checks the console :: Nice the dilithium crytal alignment is normal. Diagnostic complete, right to our reports
LtAidenSanders: ::stares at the doctor:: No climbing for a week, you've got to be kidding me.
: Relax, Zinthys. It means married. What, are you afraid of commitment or something?
Lt SG Zinthys: <<heh heh. Fire fire fire fire!>>
Lt TKirr: ::announcing aloud to Utah:: I'm following the flight path's planetary stops.
Lt SG Zinthys
: I am well aware of what "hitched" means, Commander.
Ensign FJ: ::grabs PADD and begins working on report::
Cdr Sullivan: :::looks up::: No... I believe the word I was looking for is... broke.
Lt TKirr: ::watches as computer crunches information::
: <<::dumps water on Zinthys:: Cool down there, turbo.>>
: ::Peers at console:: I'm finding traces of the microbes on a nearby planet
: :: walks over to the replicator :: Coffee meduim temperature, one sugar
CmdrBrookeDolan: Ah. That was my second choice. Although in many traditions, they are really one and the same.
Doctor Caine: Give nature a chance to improve upon what we do here, Lieutenant. The exercises will help support the rotator cuff in the future.
Jordan Toreek: <<fire fire everywhere, and all engineers did burned... >>
Lt TKirr: ::looks up:: Which one?
VAdm AC Zuriyev
: ::chuckles slightly;;
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ::but only slightly::
Cdr Sullivan: In matters of the heart, I would say it is synonymous.
LtAidenSanders: ::sighs:: Whatever you say, Doctor.
Doctor Caine
: All right, Lt., make it five days.
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::nods:: Very sage, Commander.
LtAidenSanders: ::nods and smiles:: Now you're talking.
Lt SG Zinthys
: ::Clears throat and focuses very intently on his console::
EnsMickHawking: :: Picks up the PADD :: Right, coolant temperatures normal :: adds to PADD ::
Cdr Sullivan: :::chuckles::: Some would say jaded.
EnsMickHawking: :: sips coffee ::
CmdrBrookeDolan: But then, there are always a few high-rollers who get ... lucky.
EnsMickHawking: Grand!
Doctor Caine: You're cleared for duty...and please, come see us if you have any problems.
Jordan Toreek: ::chuckles and shakes her head::
EnsignUtah: I'm triangulating it. It's a class 'M' planet in this system here - points to stellar map. It's too difficult to tell if the sensor data is accurate but worth reporting isn't it Lieutenant?
Ensign FJ
: ::looks up from PADD, then back down, noting the fused relay::
LtAidenSanders: ::nods:: Thanks, Doctor. ::takes PADD and walks out of sickbay, into the TL, and back to Engineering::
Cdr Sullivan
: :::sees Zinthys studying his console and smiles at her PADD as she double checks her information:::
CmdrBrookeDolan: You know ... playing the slots.
Lt TKirr: ::approaches Utah from behind, peering over::
Jordan Toreek
: should have kept it at 7 days Caine... then maybe he would have stayed off it for 5
LtAidenSanders: ::walks into Engineering, tosses PADD on replicator:: Computer, recycle. ::watches as the PADD is recycled::
: ::Pulse quickens::
Lt TKirr
: Agreed. Bring it up on the main screen.
: :: taps pad :: matrix aligned, field strengh normal :: adds to PADD::
Lt SG Zinthys: ::Looks up at Dolan and chuckles:: Yeah. Good thing we got away from currency. ::Shakes head:: Not a problem anymore...
Cdr Sullivan: :::quirks a brow::: Do you play, Commander.
Cdr Sullivan: ?
Jordan Toreek: ::smiles:: so any other physicals?
Lt TKirr: ::looks up at the screen as it blinks to the planet and walks over to her console::
: No, not that particular game.
EnsignUtah: ::Taps console and planetary system appears::
: ::plays a joke on Mick and FJ by pressing button:: Try this out. ::simulates fake warp core overload::
Doctor Caine
: :::sighs:::: You'd think this was the Spanish Inquisition...
EnsignUtah: Shall I notify the Commander?
Cdr Sullivan
: I prefer.... poker myself.
Jordan Toreek: ::laughs:: naw, people just hate coming down here...
Lt TKirr: See if you can confirm first. I will continue searching the other planets.
: Now I just gamble with other people's lives.
Ensign FJ: ::looks over at Ensign hawking:: whats going on?
Lt TKirr: ::taps away::
: ::laughs at the fact that it's the only console that'
: s showing an overload.::
VAdm AC Zuriyev
: Poker can teach valuable lessons.
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::smirks at Suli:: Slots ... poker ... craps ... gambling certainly left an interesting legacy of names.
Jordan Toreek: You know i wonder if i ever had a physical...
EnsMickHawking: :: creates detailed report :::: Hits the same button ::, take it your physical went ok sir? :: Hands Sanders a report ::
EnsignUtah: We'd need an away team to determine if the microbe is indeed 'our microbe'
Doctor Caine
: :::whirls::: Why? Why do they so hate coming here. It's not like it's the year 2002.
LtAidenSanders: ::Takes report:: It was good.
Cdr Sullivan
: Makes you wonder if they were gambling or visiting the local house of ill repute.
LtAidenSanders: ::cancels the fake overload, they don't fall for it::
Cdr Sullivan
: <<Deoderant check for Caine.....>>
Lt TKirr: ::accesses Utah's findings on her panel, pauses, and nods:: Agreed.
: ::chuckles::
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<LOL!>>
EnsMickHawking: Did the doc have you running on that treadmill?
Jordan Toreek: becuase of what might happen... you might find something that would make it so they couldn't do things that they want to do...
Lt TKirr: +Dolan+ T'Kirr to Commander Dolan.
: +T'Kirr+ Dolan here. Do you have anything to report?
Ensign FJ: ::looks over at Lt. Sanders:: seems things went well, hope they didnt probe you to far up... my report is complete:: hands PADD to Lt. Sanders::
LtAidenSanders: ::takes the report:: Good job, guys.
Doctor Caine
: ::: implements a program that will check to see when the patient has actually accesses the instructions on the PADD :::
Lt TKirr: +Dolan+ Mr. Utah has found a possible match on a nearby planet within our current system. He will send the coordinates to the bridge.
: ::Prepares findings to transmit to Bridge::
Jordan Toreek
: They should be thankful that we don't make them pee in a cup while we watched... but do they only think of what might happen
CmdrBrookeDolan: +T'Kirr+ Acknowledged. Thank you. Good work.
Lt TKirr: +Dolan+ We are unsure, however, and will need to look closer for confirmation.
Lt TKirr
: +Dolan+ Possibly an Away Team.
: No, Hawkings, medicine has come a long way from injections, shirts off while running, wires, and touching you know what...
: +T'Kirr+ I was just going to ask that.
Lt TKirr: ::glances at Utah::
: +T'Kirr+ Let me run it by the Admiral. Stand by.
EnsignUtah: +Bridge" Utah here, transmitting coordinates.
VAdm AC Zuriyev
: ::perks with interest::
Lt TKirr: <<Lol let Dolan inform him first =P>>
: How does an away mission sound, Admiral?
EnsignUtah: ::Looks at T'Kirr:: I hope we are right.
VAdm AC Zuriyev
: The excitement begins, then.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Indeed.
EnsignUtah: I want to be on the Away Team.
VAdm AC Zuriyev
: That sounds fine, as long as bio-suits are worn.
VAdm AC Zuriyev: Helm, change course.
VAdm AC Zuriyev: PAUSE SMI
VAdm AC Zuriyev: PAUSE SIM
VAdm AC Zuriyev: PAUSE SIM
Lt TKirr: ::lets the computer crunch more subroutines:: Excellent work, Mr. Utah.
: +T'Kirr+ Permission granted, take all necessary bio-contamination precautions.
Jordan Toreek: ::paused::
Ensign FJ: ::paused::
Cdr Sullivan: :::paused:::
LtAidenSanders: ::paused::
Lt TKirr
: ::pauses::
: ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
EnsMickHawking: ::AA::
Ensign FJ: ::AA::
Jordan Toreek: ::@@::
Lt TKirr: ::AA::
: ::@A::
: ::Paws Ed::
: ::AA::
Jack Cahalan
: ::AA::
CSciAxelalexa: ::AA::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: Great sim, guys. The excitement starts in earnest next week.
EnsMickHawking: good
EnsMickHawking: sir
CmdrBrookeDolan: Terrific work! Nice teamwork, especially. It's great to be back, and to get the chance to meet all of our new members!
LtAidenSanders: <<What, Hawkings, running diagnostics and writing reports not exciting enough for you?!>>
: << For now! >>
VAdm AC Zuriyev: Good attendance this week, too. Let's keep that up.
CmdrBrookeDolan: yeah! 14! wow!
CmdrBrookeDolan: Thank you, everyone!
Lt SG Zinthys: Even if one of them is Weiss...
CmdrBrookeDolan: Admiral, may I?
VAdm AC Zuriyev: Yes, please.
CmdrBrookeDolan: hey, he always counts in my book. :-)
CmdrBrookeDolan: DIS- MISSED!!!!!!!!!
Lt TKirr: ::bubbles::
: Is that Swiss for a 'woos'?
Lt TKirr
: See? I didn't boggle
Lt SG Zinthys
: Since you keep the book, I suppose that's what matters.
Jordan Toreek: lol
EnsMickHawking: Boggle? Do you Boggle?
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::scratches off a point for Zinthys, gives it to Manny::
EnsignUtah: It boggles the mind.
Lt SG Zinthys
: No, she Bubbles, apparently.
EnsMickHawking: Reminds me of Demolition Man
VAdm AC Zuriyev: Good night, everyone.
EnsMickHawking: Night
LtAidenSanders: Night Admiral.
Ensign FJ
: goodnight
Ensign FJ has left the room.
VAdm AC Zuriyev has left the room.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Night, everyone!!!