VAdm AC Zuriyev: BEGIN SIM
miccal99: <<thank i mean>>
LtJGRuder: ::In Chief Engineer's officer, right off from Engineering::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ::in his ready room, reading the AT's report::
CSciAxelalexa: <<Mmm, advanced, where everyone knows your post. And if they don't, they pretend they do>>
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::in the conference room, waiting for the away team to reassemble and report::
LtJGRuder: ::PADDs scattered across the desk with his preparations for his speech to the Admiral::
CSciAxelalexa: ::In a research lab::
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<I have no idea what post anyone is, it makes it more fun that way. ;-) >>
EnsignDuMont: ::going quietly to Lounge::
EnsJBellingham: ::Checking biobet 3 that the louts >from engineering have STILL not fixed to my satisfaction::
: +Away Team+ Commander Dolan to away team members. Please meet in the conference room to report.
miccal99: ::Running a simple diagnostic on the envoro system::
CSciAxelalexa: <<You're the best ship's decorator we've had, though, Brooke. :-D>>
EnsignDuMont: ::reporting to Csci first::
CmdrBrookeDolan: Northan Lait> ::with Tempest, getting cleaned up::
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<And you, Axe, are my favorite waste reclamation specialist.>>
CSciAxelalexa: ::Sees DuMont:: Do you need something, Ensign?
EnsignDuMont: Please....
LtJGRuder: ::Reorganizes PADDs in another fashion::
EnsignDuMont: Some time off...
CounselorTempest: ::replicates some neat clothes for Northan Lait::
CounselorTempest: +Brooke+ Do you want me to come alone or bring our guest?
CmdrBrookeDolan: Northan Lait> ::steps out of sonic shower, bare-assed::
EnsignDuMont: ::sweating::Don' feel so good...
TKirr: ::hearing Dolan's summons, takes her time in the washroom and steps out, walking down the hall::
Jack Cahalan
: ::in Ten-Forward, polishing the bar::
CmdrBrookeDolan: +Tempest+ Please bring Mr. Lait along, if he is decent.
LtJGRuder: ::Gets up and walks out of his office into ME:: Stephen, anything important on those diagnostics?
EnsJBellingham: Ruder> Will you please send up a team agaim to check this biobed. The clamshell array is still reading 45 Mghz.
: Plagues?
TKirr: <<muwahaha, I just created a bathroom on the ship :-D>>
: "No sir, everything is running like a dream right now."
LtJGRuder: +Bellingham+ On my way, Doctor.
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<yes, but you called it a washroom, so evidently, we're a Canadian ship>>
LtJGRuder: Stephen, could you go to sickbay and help the doctor, his medical equipment is running haywire.
Lucas Traydel has left the room.
miccal99: "Yes sir, am heading up to sick bay right now." ::Walks into turbolift::
CmdrBrookeDolan: Northan Lait> ::not at all abashed:: Counselor, are those for me?
EnsignDuMont: ::going to 10 forward:::
miccal99: ::Calls for sickbay, after wondering why it isn't moving::
CSciAxelalexa: <<Does Canada have any militarized ships? I imagine them as maybe having a rubber raft.>>
EnsJBellingham: ::Fiddles with Bio bed 3::
: <<Quotations aren't required>>
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<::snorts:: I'm telling Cory you said that.>>
CounselorTempest: +Brooke+ He looks quite handsome now.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Northan Lait> ::blushes slightly::
LtJGRuder: ::Walks back into his office::
miccal99: <<you got it>>
CounselorTempest: ::takes the hand of Northan:: Come with me - we're going to the conference room.
EnsignDuMont: ::going to bar at 10 Forward::
CmdrBrookeDolan: Northan Lait> Ah ... should I put the clothing on first?
LtJGRuder: ::Again, reorganizes his PADDs::
EnsignDuMont: Jack, is it?...
miccal99: ::walks into sickbay:: Mr. Bellingham, how can I help you this afternoon?
TKirr: ::steps into a TL, the realization that she has very little at all to report haunting her mind::
: ::JUmps as the biobed shocks him again:: Damn Canadian manufacturer!
: Potter> +Ruder+ Potter to Ruder.
Jack Cahalan: Yes, I'm Jack Cahalan. The proprieter here.
LtJGRuder: +Potter+ Go ahead, Ensign.
EnsignDuMont: Any...whiskey?...
TKirr: <<hefty syntax there, Ruder hehe>>
: Let me look at it, you know what happened the last time you kicked it. ::commences to scan the biobed::
LtJGRuder: Potter> +Ruder+ We are having a shift in the plasma injectors, nothing large, but I was thinking you could take a look.
LtJGRuder: +Potter+ On my way.
LtJGRuder: ::Gets up and walks >from the office and to a console in ME::
Jack Cahalan: Of course, this IS a bar. ::pours him a Tenessee Whiskey.
CSciAxelalexa: <<Um, ok, I can't imagine he'd be offended I think Canada is about as militarized as my cat. The declawed one.>>
EnsignDuMont: Got...the spacer funk or something...
EnsignDuMont: seeing stuff...
EnsignDuMont: ::takes shot::
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<Actually, Canadians are very polite, so I'm sure he'd just nod and smile.>>
EnsJBellingham: Ruder> Welcome to my bay. Can you please fix this Canadian monstrosity of a bio bed that we had installed at Nova Scotia 4?
: ::leads Lait to the ready room::
LtJGRuder: ::Presses console:: Only a shift of 2%.
CounselorTempest: ::takes a seat and pulls out one for the other man::
CounselorTempest: ::sits and lists quietly, keeping her mind focused on Lait::
CmdrBrookeDolan: Northan Lait> ::still unclothed::
miccal99: Ah, here's the problem, this relay is shot...wait a sec, I just replaced this one last week
EnsJBellingham: (Micall)
has left the room.
TKirr: ::rides TL to Deck 1 and steps out, entering the conference room::
: +Potter+ Potter, modulate the injectors to reinitialize the injectors, that should do it.
LtJGRuder: Potter> +Ruder+ Aye, sir.
miccal99: ::replaces the relay:: There ya go, it should be okay now.
CounselorTempest: <<i assumed he got dressed between sims>>
EnsJBellingham: Micall> Yes you did. And I find ite reliability less than up to my contemporay standards.
: <<I shouldn't be at this meeting in the conference room, should I?>>
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ::finishes the report and goes about some Third Fleet business::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: <<Nope, it's for the AT members.>>
CounselorTempest: <<By the way - hello to EVERYONE! It's good to see you! And it's especially good to see Miccal, DuMont and Lucas - since they're so new out of the academy! And you, Bellingham, too. :-)>>
EnsignDuMont: <<ar!>>
LtJGRuder: <<Where did Lucas go?>>
EnsignDuMont: ::steadily drinking::
TKirr: <<He bobbing in and out>>
: Let me check out the old one ::runs scanner over old relay:: That's funny, according to this, this relay is in tip top shape.
EnsignDuMont: gotta...find...Kara...
CmdrBrookeDolan has entered the room.
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<darn sister!>>
LtJGRuder: ::Walks back into his office::
CounselorTempest: <<I'm also radmashneekiara for everyone who doesn't know.>>
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<T'Kirr, darling, please save the chat log. :-)>>
Jordan Toreek has entered the room.
EnsignDuMont: <<i didnt! hey!>>
TKirr: ::enters the conference room, dipping her head at Tempest, raising a brow at Lait, and taking a seat across the table::
Jack Cahalan
: ::continues pouring drinks for DuMont::
TKirr: <<Np, Brooke>>
: ::Walks out of ME with PADDs::
CounselorTempest: ::hands Nathan a nice towel which he drapes around himself toga-like::
CmdrBrookeDolan: Northan Lait> ::adjusts self::
LtJGRuder: ::Heads for the TL and enters it casually:: Deck Ten, Ten-Forward.
miccal99: <<Bellingham, are you an EMH? Just curious>>
EnsJBellingham: ::Considers his service on Farragut, Orion, Washington, and Hope. Atlantis will be a piece of cake even though she carries Canadian parts, as it were::
: <<lol>>
: (Nope)
: ::to Nathan:: Unfortunately, not everyone here has a dose of Betazoid in their ancestry.
EnsignDuMont: ::looking at Jack ominously::gotta...find...Kara...
CounselorTempest: Other cultures can be funny about nakedness.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Northan Lait> ::cocks his head:: <<no pun intended>>
LtJGRuder: ::Rides the TL to Deck 10::
LtJGRuder: ::Steps out and walks into the lounge::
EnsJBellingham: (boooo)
: ::Nods to Jack:: Hello.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Northan Lait> Hey, when you been around the places I have, nothing really phases you anymore.
TKirr: <<eesh>>
: Let me talk this relay down to engineering, Mr. Bellingham, and try something...Your Biobed is functioning again...anything else you need?
LtJGRuder: ::Walks to a table near the back corner::
Jack Cahalan: Hello, Brad. What'll it be?
EnsignDuMont: ::takes one last shot::: I'll be back...
Jack Cahalan: You might want to make an appointment with Counselor Rainbird, Mr. DuMont.
LtJGRuder: ::Shrugs:: Anything that is known for boosting concentration and focus.
EnsJBellingham: Miccal> Not at the moment. Send up a Rigellian SLave Girl if you find one in passing.
: <<broooke.>>
CmdrBrookeDolan: Brooke> ::pointedly does not look at the parts not entirely covered by Lait's towel:: Ahem ...
TKirr: ::sighs slowly and quietly, eyes locked safely on the PADD in front of her::
: ::going to Ensign's quarters::
miccal99: Only if i have a spare...see you later
miccal99: ::Goes back to engineering::
TKirr: <<no pun imagined until u said that ;-)>>
: ::Sets his PADDs on the table, and spreads them out so he can see them::
CmdrBrookeDolan: Where is Lieutenant Zinthys? And Commander Sullivan?
EnsignDuMont: ::bumps into Stephan:: Out of my way...
LtJGRuder: ::to Jack:: I have a presentation on the status of Engineering with Zuriyev, I have to organize myself and can't find out how.
CounselorTempest: ::glances at the rest of the room with a challenging expression:;
Jack Cahalan: Coffee.
EnsJBellingham: I shall remember that Stephan next time you require Medical attention. Lets see...... where is the cat gut and dull knife?
: ::wonders why Northan didn't put on the chic Yale outfit she had put together for him::
LtJGRuder: ::Shakes head:: No thanks, I avoid Caffeine if possible.
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::muses:: Odd that they'd both be absent ... together.
CSciAxelalexa: ::Looks at some results:: huh oh.
LtJGRuder: Got any pineapple juice?
CSciAxelalexa: ::Reaches for the fire extinguisher again::
Jack Cahalan: Sure. ::replicates him a pinapple juice::
LtJGRuder: +Axe+ Ruder to Axelalexa.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Well, I'll brief them later. I don't need Zinthys, since he was with me the whole time, and Tempest, you were with Suli.
EnsignDuMont: ::entering Ensign Irwins room::
miccal99: You forget I am Russian. Just give me some vodka and I can handle any knife you throw at me ::grins::
TKirr: ::looks up at Dolan, realizing she just betrayed her desire to appear uninterested::
: Let's start with Lieutenant T'Kirr. What do you have to report?
CmdrBrookeDolan: Northan Lait> ::scratches absently at his towel, eyes the Vulcan woman suspiciously::
TKirr: ::wishes she hadn't looked up:: Unfortunately, my scans reported little of interest.
: ::Gives his goodbyes and exits sickbay::
LtTommySpark has entered the room.
EnsJBellingham: ::Hums a happy tune as I examine the surgical suite::
: <<sorry>>
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<Tommy!>>
LtTommySpark: <<What's the plot?>>
EnsJBellingham: Thank you engineer.
: +Axe+ Ruder to Axelalexa.
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<Canadian-built parts breaking in sickbay. That's all you really need.>>
CSciAxelalexa: +Ruder+ Come in, Ruder.
LtTommySpark: <<Brooke!!>>
CmdrBrookeDolan: So then ... nothing to report?
LtTommySpark: <<I'm suspended anyway. :-)>>
TKirr: I took detailed scans of the southern area of the city, but nothing was found.
: ::Pages Lt. Ruder:: Sir, the biobed is fixed, it was that bloody inner power relay again, i'm gonna check the entire batch.
CSciAxelalexa: ::sees the fire was small enough that he could easily put it out, does so::
LtJGRuder: +Axe+ Do you have a moment to aid me?
EnsignDuMont: ::creating major, violent disturbance::
CmdrBrookeDolan: Northan Lait> ::raises an eyebrow, decides the Vulcan woman is oddly attractive ... for a green-blooded, pointy-eared ... ::
CmdrBrookeDolan: And by "nothing" you mean ...
CSciAxelalexa: +Ruder+ What do you need help with?
LtJGRuder: +Miccal+ Understood, Ensign, you are in charge of Engineering until I get back.
EnsignDuMont: ::beating on two Ensigns with no good reason::
CounselorTempest: ::looks to Brookw::
miccal99: Yes sir, Rucinsky out.
CounselorTempest: ::looks back at Lait... waits for things to be revealed::
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::smiles:: Never mind, Lieutenant. I'm just giving you a hard time.
LtJGRuder: +Axe+ I have a presentation of the status of Engineering to the Admiral, I want to get it right. I figured, being head of Science, you might have an idea about where to start.
TKirr: ::still looking at Dolan, speaking flatly:: Nothing of importance.
: ::lounges in her chair running her heel against the chair::
LtJGRuder: ::Sips Pineapple juice::
CmdrBrookeDolan: Northan Lait> ::shifts position, reveals::
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::turns to Tempest:: And you, Counselor? What did you and Suli find?
EnsignDuMont: ::madness from creatures sucretions last week::
CounselorTempest: <<I don't know. Er. She wrote the log.>>
miccal99: ::gets back to engineering, replicates a cup of tea, and starts running scans on the batch of relays::
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<which I haven't read yet ... >>
CounselorTempest: <<or me.>>
TKirr: <<maybe I woulda come up with something if I wasn't absent for most of it :-X>>
: <<damn. Who has?>>
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::listens to Tempest attentively, nods:: Right, got it. Thanks.
CSciAxelalexa: +Ruder+ I recommend being comprehensive.
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<magic edit>>
EnsJBellingham: ::Slips into his brogue, Aye Jonny,
: ye should ha known better then
: ta be assignin up with this here
: Atlantis. She got inferior parts far
: a Star ship o the Fleet. Still, ye
: best be amakin the best o it as
: ::Thinks:: Well, duh!
EnsJBellingham: they do seem abit shart o medical
: typos me buckoo::
: +Axe+ Any idea on content or presentation order?
CounselorTempest: ::flickers her fingers almost unnoticeably over a panel on the table, sending messages to DuMont, Toreek, Bellingham and Rucinsky which express the fact taht she would be more than willing to meet with them to see how they're
EnsJBellingham: (COunselor really should talk to the Doc with the split personality)
: +Ruder+ I start with assigned goals that have yet to be finished, and work my way towards the rest of my department's shortcomings.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Well then, I guess that just leaves my end of things.
CmdrBrookeDolan: And that's where Mr. Lait here comes in.
CounselorTempest: adjusting whenever they have time. Puts in a quick apology that the away team duty has prevented her from keeping up with everything as she should, and signs:;
CounselorTempest: ::nods to Brooke::
LtJGRuder: +Axe+ Do you touch on anything beneficial to the department, or what you have accomplished?
EnsignDuMont: ::going into lockup::
LtJGRuder: ::Sips juice again::
CSciAxelalexa: +Ruder+ No, but then I believe what I have done should be obvious.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Northan Lait> ::straightens up, clears throat:: Yes, well, I've been granted -- what'd you call it? Asylum. Right. In exchange for giving testimony in a -- what was it? Deposition.
CounselorTempest: <<DuMont, Toreek, Bellingham and Rucinsky - you have mail>>
miccal99: ::while scanning relay number 47, as eyes get a bit hazy, recieves message::
CounselorTempest: Are you a prisoner, Mr. Lait?
LtJGRuder: +Axe+ Thank you, sir. Any other pointers, this is my first time after all?
LtJGRuder: ::Nods for Jack to bring him another Pineapple juice, nicely of course::
CmdrBrookeDolan: Northan Lait> Prisoner? No, not in so many words. Or word. Maybe you could call me a prisoner of society.
TKirr: ::looks back down at her PADD, then decides she'd better pay attention::
: Brooke> Why don't you start at the beginning?
CounselorTempest: ::nods to Lait::
CmdrBrookeDolan: Tell us about the police, and your friends.
CSciAxelalexa: +Ruder+ Make sure you have a lot of visual aids if you're going over incomprehensible material, so that he'
miccal99: ::composes reply:: Will do when I have a free minute counselor. Tell me when you are free, please.
CSciAxelalexa: ll have something to digest.
Jack Cahalan: ::Brings over another pineapple juice to Ruder::
EnsJBellingham: Now stop thinking like that Jonny, Ever since the fiasco on the USS Hope, I; John have been dominant.
: Northan Lait> ::takes a deep breath:: Well, it started several weeks ago, I think, if I can recall correctly. They came in and said they were "resettling" us. Called it "voluntary."
LtJGRuder: ::nods appreciation to Jack::
CmdrBrookeDolan: Brooke> Who's "us"?
LtJGRuder: ::Sips::
EnsJBellingham: Yah bethinking that Sahr? Muahhhhhhaaaa.
: +Axe+ I see. ::Taps PADD adding notes:: Thank you, sir.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Northan Lait> My kind. Homeless. Vagrants. Beggars. N'er-do-wells. You know, the dregs of society.
TKirr: ::listens and watches Lait intently, hands folded before her::
: ::Moves PADDs around, still confused about where to start::
CmdrBrookeDolan: Brooke> You don't seem like such a bad guy.
LtJGRuder: +Spark+ Ruder to Spark.
TKirr: <<Ruder, try alphabetizing them all lol>>
: <<LOL!>>
miccal99: ::finally gets done scanning ALL 100 of the relays, types up findings for presentation to CENG later::
CmdrBrookeDolan: Northan Lait> That's just it. I ain't. I was an educated man. Much of my intellectualism has gone down the pipes in the past few years, haven't had a home, job, been begging for food, living on the streets.
CounselorTempest: Please understand - homelessness has been proven to have a detrimental affect on sanity. Would you object to a few assessment tests?
CounselorTempest: Particularly, it can be a spur to certain types of schizophrenia. You can see why we might be concerned.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Northan Lait> Lots of us have. We've been pushed out by the upper class. Especially the merchants. The business district of the city used to be where me made our home, but the business people have said we're bad for business, been
LtJGRuder: ::Taps a PADD, formulating some sort of a presentation::
CmdrBrookeDolan: trying to get the government to "clean us up."
LtJGRuder: ::Downloads a bunch of images and diagrams for the presentation::
LtJGRuder: +Spark+ Ruder to Spark, please respond.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Northan Lait> ::ruffles somewhat:: I ... understand, Counselor. But I assure you, I am of sound mind, if not entirely sound body.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Northan Lait> If you'll let me continue ...
CounselorTempest: Please do.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Brooke> ::eyes Tempest::
CounselorTempest: ::makes a mental note to contact the medical bay about the man's health::
Cdor N Weiss has left the room.
LtJGRuder: ::Shuffles PADDs again::
LtJGRuder: Damn it! ::Downs his pineapple juice::
TKirr: ::to Lait:: How did you come across the knowledge about what the upper class was planning to do?
: Northan Lait> As I was saying, the homeless were bad for business. The cops came in a few weeks back. They'd been around lots in the past several months, just harrassing us mostly, pushing a few guys around.
TKirr: <<Hope I don't have to raise my hand :-P>>
: Northan Lait> ::turns to T'Kirr:: We didn't. We had no idea they were planning anything. We still can't be sure exactly who it was, but I have my ideas.
Cdor N Weiss has entered the room.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Northan Lait> Anyway, to sum up -- finally, the cops said they were resettling us. Voluntarily. Most people chose to go, figured they'd get a place to stay, food, clothing. I wasn't so sure, so I remained behind. Told my friends to
CmdrBrookeDolan: contact me.
miccal99: ::goes over report again, notices something that causes him to spit out his tea::
LtJGRuder: ::Walks out of Ten Forward::
EnsJBellingham: ::Wonders whats going on in the briefing room and why Medical is not present in an encounter with an alien race in clear violation of Star Fleet regulation 456.7.::
: ::Walks down the hallway to the Turbolift and presses the button::
CmdrBrookeDolan: Northan Lait> ::sighs:: Haven't heard from them since. And that was about a month ago already. I asked around, but no one is any help. The police and officials assure everyone they're doing fine, safely resettled, and content. Of
CmdrBrookeDolan: their own free will.
Jack Cahalan: ::raises an eyebrow as Ruder storms out::
LtJGRuder: ::Goes over his PADDs while awaiting the TL come to his position::
EnsJBellingham: ::Wonders if proper decontamination protocols were followed::
: pages Lt. Ruder> Sir, do you have a second?
LtJGRuder: ::Doors open:: Deck 16, Main Engineering
EnsJBellingham: ::Make a log in the medical database to check::
: +Miccal+ On my way back to Engineering, Mr. Rucinsky, give me a second.
LtJGRuder: ::Rides the TL down six decks::
CmdrBrookeDolan: Northan Lait> Word got around that the police had taken some money to do the cleaning up. That's when I hightailed it outta there, been hiding ever since, barely scrounging a living.
LtJGRuder: ::Doors open and he storms into his office after entering Main Engineering::
LtJGRuder: ::nods for Rucinsky to come into his office::
CmdrBrookeDolan: Northan Lait> Of course, the government and the merchants deny everything. Everything's just fine as far as they're concerned. The streets are clean and commerce is up.
LtJGRuder: ::Takes a seat in his chair as he again spreads his PADDs about his desk::
CSciAxelalexa: <<::can see it now:: Temp> Can we keep it? Bell> No, I think it has fleas and mange. Temp> Pleaseeee! Bell> Take him to the vet first>>
CmdrBrookeDolan: Brooke> ::frowns:: Is that all?
CounselorTempest: ::shifts uncomfortably in her seat::
miccal99: ::walks into office, salutes:: Sir, I know you're busy with that stack of PADDs, but there is something odd about the last batch of relays we got from Supply
LtJGRuder: <<Salutes?>>
CounselorTempest: ::feels that uncomfortable sinking feeling, the nauseous tint in her stomach, that familiarly occurs to her when she hears stories of this nature::
CmdrBrookeDolan: Northan Lait> Well, there is one more thing ... I've heard some rumors. They're unsubstantiated, mind you, but ...
TKirr: ::watches Lait, calm::
: Northan Lait> ::pauses for dramatic effect::
EnsJBellingham: Oh dear, protocols were not followed. Violation of several STar Fleet regulations.
: <<lots of army in my family...drilled protocol into my head>>
LtJGRuder: ::raises a brow sounds mean:: Odd, would you like to be a bit more specific?
EnsJBellingham: ::Encypts a message to the computer::
: Northan Lait> Whispers going around that the "resettled" people have been ... well, possibly killed. And that the people who did it were paid off by the businesses, and spread hush money around.
LtTommySpark: <<Sorry, my hamster got out and my mom called>>
LtJGRuder: ::Eyes Rucinsky::
miccal99: Yes sir...this batch of relays we got...every one has a catastrophic fault built in tom them...they all should last a lot longer than one week sir..i'd like to run some more tests and contact the manufacurer
LtTommySpark: ::in corridor, approaching Simon Tarses's quarters::
TKirr: ::flinches at a sudden thought, then speaks to Lait:: Approximately how many people were relocated, and presumably killed?
: Brooke> ::takes a deep breath:: I must say, Mr. Lait. Those are just rumors, and frankly, I can't believe that citizens of the Federation would have engaged in such abhorrent activity.
LtJGRuder: A catastrophic fault?
miccal99: Yes sir. It looks like they were built to cut off after about one wek of use, they should last at least 6 months.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Northan Lait> ::shrugs:: I'm just repeating what I heard in shadows and alleys. ::turns to T'Kirr:: Well, in my section alone, there were 200 or so of us. We were small, and there are about eight such sections in the city total ...
LtJGRuder: How many are like this? We have 24 decks, how many?
CmdrBrookeDolan: Northan Lait> In my section ... I'm the only one left.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Northan Lait> And like I said, I haven't heard from a single one of my friends who left.
TKirr: ::nods, looking down at her PADD, searching through all her data::
: ::Taps a PADD, half-listening::
miccal99: Checking...about 500 sir...I'd like to test each of the ones we recieved at the last supply stop, it should only take me about 3 hours or so, and no major systems would be effected
LtTommySpark: ::straightens off-duty clothing... a grey, fitted t-shirt and black pants.::
LtJGRuder: Get on it... ::motions him from his office::
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<brb, 1 minute!!! talk amongst yourselves>>
miccal99: About 15 percent sir...I'm on it ::walks out of office::
LtJGRuder: ::thinks:: 500 faulty power relays? This is going to go over well with the Admiral.
LtJGRuder: +Spark+ Ruder to Spark.
TKirr: ::cocks her head slightly:: I may need a doctor's opinion, but my scans found large concentrations of biomatter that could correlate with several hundred dead lifeforms.
: ::Taps PADD, finishing the first part of his speech::
TKirr: ::hands the PADD to Dolan::
: ::check's ship scematics to find location of all relays, starts scanning them from the lowest deck up::
LtJGRuder: ::Yells from office:: Stephen, feel free to use repair squads if you need them!
LtTommySpark: ::signals Tarses's door::
TKirr: These scans are not of interest alone, but if they had been killed, they would suggest something to investigate.
: :: Yells back:: Yes sir, only need 3 or 4 people
LtTommySpark: ::shifts awkwardly::
CounselorTempest: Of course, T'Kirr... have we sent it to the medical labs yet?
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ::puts himself in contact with Admiral al-Mordja::
LtTommySpark: +Ruder+ Spark here. What is it? I'm kind of in the middle of... ::Tarses opens door::
TKirr: ::looks to Tempest:: No. There was no reason to until I heard Mr. Lait mention the possibility that the relocated people may have been killed.
: ::confused at the cut-off:: +Spark+ Spark? Are you there?
CounselorTempest: ::nods:: i think it would be the best idea. Spark has immaculate discretion.
TKirr: ::looks back to Dolan:: I do suggest we do so now, however.
VAdm AC Zuriyev
: al-Mordja> Zuriyev, greetings. How may I help you, old friend?
TKirr: <<..Brookey? :-P>>
VAdm AC Zuriyev
: Admiral. From the preliminary reports, our findings here have been somewhat disturbing. ::forwards him the report::
LtJGRuder: <<Reminder, Spark has been relieved of duties, right?>>
VAdm AC Zuriyev: al-Mordja> Interesting. The Council might have to intervene here.
LtTommySpark: <<Wait... does someone on suspension even have a comm-badge anyway?>>
LtTommySpark: <<Wouldn't that get turned in?>>
LtJGRuder: <<Yes, it is required by Starfleet Protocal>>
CounselorTempest: <<Oh, Tommy's on suspension>>
LtJGRuder: <<It is when you are under arrest you are stripped of it>>
EnsignDuMont: <<they take your cell-phone>>
CounselorTempest: Excuse me, T'Kirr, I just remembered Lieutenant Spark is on suspension.
CounselorTempest: Doctor Caine might be a more logical choice.
LtJGRuder: +Spark+ Spark? Ruder to Spark, please respond!
miccal99: ::Begins scanning other relays with help of three random Crewmen::
LtTommySpark: Tarses> Hello, Doctor. May I help you?
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<back, sorry!>>
TKirr: ::nods to Tempest:: I can bring him the data at any time.
: ::thinks::
LtTommySpark: ::fumbles:: Sorry... let me take care of this... first.. +Ruder+ What is it, Lt?
LtJGRuder: ::thinks:: Is it just me, or am I getting the short end of the stick today?
TKirr: <<Wondered if u entered a trance or something Brooke, hehe>>
VAdm AC Zuriyev
: ::nods to al-Mordja:: If our findings prove to be true, that may indeed be the case.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Let's keep this under wraps right now. I don't want to go raising any alarms. If there are bodies, whoever did this may remove them if they get tipped off.
LtJGRuder: +Spark+ Spark, I was hoping you could help me with a presentation I have to do for the Admiral. I am at a loss of what to do or where to go with it.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Check those scans with medical ... wait, I keep forgetting. I'm a damn doctor. Give it to me, I'll run it myself and meet with the Admiral.
LtJGRuder: +Spark+ You are the CMO, I figured you would have some insight.
TKirr: <<I did give it to u>>
: ::Taps PADDs some more, working on the second part of his presentation::
CmdrBrookeDolan: Everything discussed in this room remains in this room. Don't even talk to Zinthys and Suli about it.
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::looks at the padd in her hands:: Ah, yes.
TKirr: It's in front of you, Commander.
: ::nods once to Dolan in acknowledgement::
: But Commander Sullivan has won the trust of the planetary officials.
VAdm AC Zuriyev: al-Mordja> Continue your investigation and make sure Third Fleet is wary. The USS Ming has gone missing.
LtJGRuder: <<And the plot thickens! DA DA DAAA!>>
TKirr: <<lol>>
: ::after checking about 20 or 30 relays, correlates with the CPU and finds out that all the ones about to fail (about half) were made by the same manufacturer and delivered in the same batch, at the same supply station::
LtTommySpark: +Ruder+ Um... can I contact you later?
VAdm AC Zuriyev: Missing. Another ship.
LtTommySpark: +Ruder+ I have some business to take care of.
LtJGRuder: +Spark+ Yes, of course. Ruder out.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Or they may be onto her.
LtJGRuder: ::Cuts the Comm and continues with his work on the presentation::
CmdrBrookeDolan: I don't want her going back there.
VAdm AC Zuriyev: al-Mordja> Indeed. Have your captains keep their eyes open.
CmdrBrookeDolan: I'll handle any further communications with the authorities.
LtJGRuder: ::Walks out of the office, forgetting his work:: Mr. Rucinsky, report!
LtTommySpark: ::grumbles inwardly... this page is the very definition of poor timing.::
LtTommySpark: ::smiles:: Sorry about that, Mr. Tarses.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Is there anything else? ::looks around::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: I shall, Admiral. Is there anything else?
CmdrBrookeDolan: Northan Lait> Ah, yes. Could I get some food?
TKirr: ::looks at the shiny table, wondering what they'd have to be on to, but decides to let Dolan handle it::
: Of course.
VAdm AC Zuriyev: al-Mordja> Negative, Zuriyev. al-Mordja out.
CounselorTempest: Would you like me to take him to ten forward Commander?
LtTommySpark: Tarses> No problem. ::comfortable, infectious smile:: Would you like to come in?
CmdrBrookeDolan: Brooke> ::smiles wryly:: Tempest, you read my mind.
miccal99: Yes sir, an about 20 percent done right now. All of the relays that are faulty are from the same producer and picked up at the same supply point...looks like they sent us a bad batch.
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ::Frowns:: Another one.
LtTommySpark: Tarses> ::motions toward quarters::
miccal99: Am replacing all faulty relays with ones from a different batch, those ones check out
LtJGRuder: Get a team on replacing them, consolidate all the faulty ones in a storage container in Cargo Bay 2.
LtTommySpark: Tommy> ::gathers himself:: Sure... if you think that best.
TKirr: ::hears her stomach complain as she hears mention of food, and realizes she hasn't eaten since the night before::
: Will do, sir.
LtTommySpark: ::follows Tarses inside... takes a seat on the highest, hardest-backed chair he can find.::
LtTommySpark: Tarses> Would you like something to drink? Eat?
LtTommySpark: Tommy> No thank you.
CmdrBrookeDolan: If that is all, you are dismissed. I'll speak to Suli and Zinthys myself. And Admiral Zuriyev. Thank you all for your hard work. I'll be in contact with you.
LtJGRuder: We got other items >from this manufactuar. Check all of the plasma injectors if you could as well, they might be faulty, and then we would have bigger problem then power relays.
TKirr: ::nods and stands::
: Tarses> ::sits, looks at Tommy. Distracting. After a moment.:: We've missed you in sickbay.
miccal99: Yes sir, I'll be in Engineering in a monent sir.
TKirr: ::picks up her PADD and gives Lait one last look over her nose, then heads for the door::
VAdm AC Zuriyev
: ::stands up and paces for a while::
LtJGRuder: <<You aren't in Engineering?>>
LtTommySpark: Tommy> Thank you, Lt... ::fumbles, sits upright.:: I... I'm here to talk to you... about the investigation.
LtTommySpark: Tarses> I thought you might be.
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ::composes a directive to Third Fleet::
LtJGRuder: ::Walks to a console and checks the plasma injectors::
CmdrBrookeDolan: Northan Lait> ::stands up, letting the towel fall, casually picks it back up and wraps it around himself::
miccal99: <<No, checking relays on one deck personally, have a creeping idea about this>>
LtTommySpark: Tommy> You're the closest thing I have to an alibi... you told Zinthys you had no way of knowing what time you came by my office with those reports?
TKirr: ::hears the towel fall behind her and tenses, keeping herself from turning around::
: <<alibis, don't tell me no lies -- was that Martika?>>
CmdrBrookeDolan: Northan Lait> Shall we, Counselor?
TKirr: ::clears her throat as quietly as she can and exits the room::
: ::Runs diagnostic:: I just did this, I didn't find a problem.
LtJGRuder: ::Walks to another console::
LtJGRuder: Plasma injectors are working at 98% efficiency.
LtJGRuder: Screw this, I am sure that they are OK, and Rucinsky can handle it too.
LtJGRuder: ::Walks back into his office and sits down at the pile of PADDs::
LtJGRuder: +T'Kirr+ Ruder to T'Kirr.
TKirr: ::enters the TL:: +Ruder+ T'Kirr here.
: +T'Kirr+ Could you aid me in Engineering for a moment or two?
CmdrBrookeDolan: Northan Lait> ::waits to follow the counselor's lead::
CmdrBrookeDolan: Brooke> ::grimaces at Lait and exits::
CounselorTempest: ::leaves and travels out of the room::
CounselorTempest: +Miccal, DuMont+ Is either of you free at the moment?
AdmiralGem has entered the room.
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<Gem!>>
AdmiralGem: >Hiya!<
: ::raises her brows as her stomach squeezes again:: +Ruder+ I will be right down, Lieutenant.
: ::Sorts PADDs::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: <<Hey, Gem!>>
LtJGRuder: +T'Kirr+ Thank you.
LtJGRuder: <<Greetings Admiral>>
LtTommySpark: Tarses> ::sighs:: No. I wish I had.
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::makes her way to the bridge::
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<Who's on the bridge right now?>>
EnsignDuMont: <<I'm probably being bioscanned at this point>>
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ::walks out onto the bridge about the time that Brooke arrives::
TKirr: Deck 16, Main Engineering. ::TL complies with a whoosh::
: Tarses> ::after a moment:: If there's anyone in sickbay who's not a killer, it's you.
LtJGRuder: ::Thinks:: Where is Rucinsky?
LtTommySpark: Tommy> Really. Well... it's always the person you expect least, isn't it?
miccal99: to Counselor> I will be free in about 2 hours, Counselor-have to check a bunch of power relays. I'll give you a buzz when i'm done
miccal99: ::walks into engineering""
TKirr: ::in the short time before reaching the desired deck, closes her eyes in an attempt to think her hunger away::
: Tarses> I suppose...
CmdrBrookeDolan: Admiral. ::nods::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: Commander, how did your meeting go?
LtJGRuder: ::Replicates himself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, in halfs::
miccal99: ::goes to check the plasma injectors, they are ok::
CmdrBrookeDolan: Good news and bad news ... which do you want first?
LtJGRuder: ::Goes over the PADDs::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: The good.
miccal99: ::goes to CENG office and buzzes door::
LtTommySpark: Tommy> It's a shame I didn't have the chance to work with you more before my suspension. You seem like a very... stable, trustworthy person.
LtJGRuder: Enter!
TKirr: ::settles onto ME and steps out of the lift, looking about for Ruder::
: The good news is that we made a new friend.
LtTommySpark: Tarses> ::smiles:: One can hope.
miccal99: ::Enters::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ::nods:: And?
CmdrBrookeDolan: The bad news is that he's filthy and doesn't feel the need to wear clothing.
LtJGRuder: What can I do for you Rucinsky?
CmdrBrookeDolan: As for the more serious matters, we'd need to step into your ready room.
TKirr: ::sees Miccal enter Ruder's office, and follows, approaching door::
VAdm AC Zuriyev
: Indeed.
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ::enters the RR::
miccal99: Sir, on the seems like each batch that we are checking have been set to fail at a specific time perbatch
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::follows::
LtJGRuder: ::Doors close before T'Kirr can get in::
LtTommySpark: Tarses> If there's anything I can do to help you clear your name, Doctor...
LtJGRuder: What time?
miccal99: One btach was set for a week, another three weeks, another a month, and so on.
LtTommySpark: Tommy> ::quickly, trying new strategic track:: Call me Tommy.
CmdrBrookeDolan: We may have a serious problem here. ::relates to Zuriyev the whole story as told by Lait, ending with T'Kirr's scans of the possibility of a large quantity of corpses::
LtJGRuder: They are set specifically?
TKirr: ::frowns as the doors didn't reopen, and lifts a hand to buzz::
: Tarses> Tommy. Alright. Well, if there's anything I can do.
miccal99: Yes sir. And we picked up each batch from the samn supply point, as well
LtJGRuder: What supply point?
LtJGRuder: ::hears T'Kirr's buzz:: Enter!
VAdm AC Zuriyev: Large problem, indeed.
VAdm AC Zuriyev: This warrants further investigation.
LtTommySpark: Tommy> What do you have in mind, Lt?
miccal99: When we stopped at...Nillanda II Six weeks ago
CmdrBrookeDolan: Yes, but we can't tip off the officials or they may remove the bodies.
LtJGRuder: They are a suppler for half of the fleet!
TKirr: ::enters Ruder's office, clasping her hands behind her, watching the two men::
: Mr. Lait has agreed to provide us with sworn testimony in exchange for asylum.
VAdm AC Zuriyev: Have any experience in covert operations, commander?
CmdrBrookeDolan: Me? Actually ... no.
LtJGRuder: ::Nods to T'Kirr:: I'll be with you in a second, T'Kirr thanks again for coming.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Suli might be best for that.
CmdrBrookeDolan: I'm a doctor, not a spy.
CounselorTempest: <<OK, did anyone respond to me? I got severely distracted and I'm sorry.>>
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<sorry, couldn't resist>>
TKirr: ::lifts a brow, turning her head to look at the clutter on his desk::
: Give me a report on all relays replaced, where we got them, and what their time of shut down was.
miccal99: I know sir...I am replacing the faulty ones with relaysn >from another point and will fix the is a simplr fault, just looks real odd.
miccal99: Will do, sir
LtJGRuder: I want a report on my desk in an hour and half. Dismissed, Ensign.
TKirr: <<I just realized I picked up my PADD from the conference room when I had given it to Brooke... LOL>>
VAdm AC Zuriyev
: We will need more than just her.
miccal99: Yes sir ::walks out of office::
LtTommySpark: Tarses> Nothing in particular. Only.. if you need someone to talk to. Let me know. ::smiles::
LtJGRuder: ::Nods to T'Kirr:: Thank you for coming, I am having problems coming up with an approach for my presentation to the Admiral.
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<I thoughtfully made a copy of it before I left.>>
LtJGRuder: <<lol>>
TKirr: <<Aw, ty>>
: What about Smith?
CmdrBrookeDolan: Or Zinthys?
LtTommySpark: Tommy> ::Heart rate increases... crap crap crap. Fumbling, quickly:: Well... I... um.. I guess I'd better go.
TKirr: ::cocks her head:: Problems?
VAdm AC Zuriyev
: All of them would make a good team.
LtJGRuder: I don't know where to go, I figured you might have an idea.
LtTommySpark: Tommy> Have other things to take care of. Things. You know.
VAdm AC Zuriyev: PAUSE SIM
VAdm AC Zuriyev: PAUSE SIM
CounselorTempest: +Toreek+ Good evening, Ensign. Do you have time for an appointment?