VAdm AC Zuriyev: BEGIN SIM]
EnsignDuMont: ::assuming post::
EnsJBellingham: Mr Dumont, report to the bay for your required physical.
Cdr Sullivan
: <<<:::curses under her breath:::>>
LtJGRuder: ::In Chief Engineer's officer, in Engineering::
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ ::walking with Zinthys through the bad part of town::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ::on the bridge, reading a padd as he waits for the latest report from the AT::
EnsignDuMont: <maybe not>
CSciAxelalexa: <<...Damn, Sickbay is fast these days.>>
LtJGRuder: ::Yes, I am IN Engineering!::
EnsignDuMont: ::going to sickbay::
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<Suli, did you have a question?>>
CSciAxelalexa: ::Makes do with his current fix for his 'problem', goes about conducting experiments::
LtJGRuder: ::Goes over duty roster and Engineering evaluations::
Lt Allen Zinthys: @::Following Brooke, covering here with his phaser, tricorder scanning::
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ Alright, Lieutenant. Here we go.
EnsignDuMont: ::reporting in for physical::
EnsJBellingham: Mr Dumont, have a seat on biobed 12.
Cdr Sullivan
: <<No... nevermind... I'm used to being ignored by the Admiral. 8-)>>
LtJGRuder: ::P'Tel enters the room and hands him a PADD::
EnsignDuMont: Okay.
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::nods and follows::
LtJGRuder: Thank You, Ensign.
LtJGRuder: P'Tel> The antimatter tanks have been cycled and run through their cleaning cycles.
LtJGRuder: Good, any problems?
Cdr Sullivan: @:::approaches the building where an inordinate amount of armed personnel seem to be hanging out:::
CmdrBrookeDolan: Bum in Alley> ::approaching Zinthys and Brooke:: Hey ... spare change?
EnsJBellingham: ::Scans Mr Dumont:: Computer begin Medical log, Ensign Dumont.
Lt Allen Zinthys
: @::scans him::
LtJGRuder: P'Tel> Some minor glitches in starting the cycles, but nothing to serious.
LtJGRuder: Thank you, Ensign, dismissed.
LtJGRuder: P'Tel> Aye, sir. ::Turns and walks from the room::
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ Uh .. ::reaches into her pocket, pulls out some coins:: Here.
Lt Allen Zinthys: @No.
EnsignDuMont: ::feels pretty good::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ::waits impatiently as always::
Lt Allen Zinthys: @::Looks at Brooke and shrugs::
LtJGRuder: ::As P'Tel leaves Lathup enters, also handing Ruder a PADD::
CmdrBrookeDolan: Bum> Thanks. Got any food?
Cdr Sullivan: @:::with her phaser rifle, cool targetting shades from her past security days, and assorted goodies, she draws some appreciative looks::::
LtJGRuder: Thank you, Ensign, you guys are good today.
EnsJBellingham: ::Computer:: Mr Dumont shows an elevated aleolar-arterail oxygen grandient. Airway, breathing, circulation acceptable.
: @ I'm sorry, I don't. But can I ask you a few questions?
EnsignDuMont: That's good, right, Doctor?
CmdrBrookeDolan: Bum> Sorry, lady, I gotta eat. Haven't had a bite in days.
LtJGRuder: Lathup> Sir, the turbolift systems to the bridge are running harshly. Had we waited any longer, the Gravimetric Stabilizers could have given out. We need at least a half of an hour more to fix them.
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ ::whispers:: Zinthys, bite him.
LtJGRuder: What are you suggesting?
Cdr Sullivan: @::::making sure that Tempest is following at a reasonable distance:::
Lt Allen Zinthys: @::Looks at her really strangely::
LtJGRuder: Lathup> We should disable the turbolifts leading to the bridge, with the Admiral's consent of course.
LtJGRuder: +Zuriyev+ Ruder to Admiral Zuriyev.
VAdm AC Zuriyev: +Ruder+ Zuriyev here.
Jack Cahalan: ::watches the planet below through the window absently as 10F is rather empty::
LtJGRuder: +Zuriyev+ Admiral, my teams checked the turbolifts, and you were right. The Gravimetric Stabilizers are shot, they need replaced, I suggest we shut down the turbolifts leading to the bridge to replace the stabilizers.
VAdm AC Zuriyev: +Ruder+ Estimated downtime?
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ Well, maybe if you can give me a few minutes, we can go get you something to eat.
LtJGRuder: +Zuriyev+ One of my teams already finished I can assign them to help, twenty minutes or so, maybe a little more or less.
VAdm AC Zuriyev: +Ruder+ Get it done in ten. Zuriyev out.
Cdr Sullivan: @:::leans up against a building and watches for a few moments before shrugging to herself and moving towards one of the more isolated people::::
CmdrBrookeDolan: Bum> ::suspicious:: Are you with the cops? Come to clean me off the streets, huh?
EnsJBellingham: :Computer:: Mr Dumont shows signs of
: acromoiooclavicular damage due to a blunt
: instrument trauma to the right clavical. A fib
: is good. Some indication of atypical
: squamous cells of undetermined
: significance. Signs of acute tubular necrosis
: but I deem him fit to engage in his duties.
: @ No, no, not at all.
LtJGRuder: ::Tosses PADD back to Lathup:: You have ten minutes, take P'Tel's team, run!
EnsignDuMont: oh...
Cdr Sullivan: <<Acute tubular necrosis.... that sounds BAD.>>
LtJGRuder: Lathup> ::Sprints >from the room, followed by seven engineers::
CSciAxelalexa: <<Wow... real medical terms>>
CmdrBrookeDolan: Bum> ::getting edgy:: You just stay away from me, hear? I know what you did to the other ones, and you're not getting me! Get away!
EnsJBellingham: ::Computer:: Mr Dumont id fit for duty with limnitations.
: ::Thinks:: Does Zuriyev think I am a miracle worker?
CmdrBrookeDolan: Bum> ::pushes Brooke and dashes away::
EnsignDuMont: I am having mild headaches the last few days
Lt Allen Zinthys: @To who?
EnsJBellingham: (I am a doctor, not a bricklayer!)
Lt Allen Zinthys
: @::makes sure Brooke doesn't fall::
EnsignDuMont: so what can't I do, Doctor?
LtJGRuder: Potter> ::Strolls in, tossing a PADD on the desk:: Sir, the power relays have been replaced, there were more burnt out on the decks then we had anticipated, suggest scouring the decks looking for others?
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ Whoa! ::steadies herself:: Thanks, Zinthys. Think it's worth chasing him?
LtJGRuder: ::nods:: Yes, your team is on that, report back to me by 2030, dismissed.
Cdor N Weiss has entered the room.
Lt Allen Zinthys: @He seems to know something
Cdr Sullivan: @:::does not smile, does not really acknowledge him, just leans up near him::: Hey, buddy... got a light?
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ Yeah, but I don't know if he's really in the mood to talk. That might have just answered our questions.
Lt Allen Zinthys: @I would, however, suggest having something to bribe him with before we chase him.
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ Well, got any sandwiches in your pockets?
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ::Drums his fingers on the chairarm as he waits for a report, doesn't want to comm Brooke in the middle of something dangerous::
LtJGRuder: ::Sees Logan climb down a ladder and walks into his office:: Sir, the dilithium matrix has been refitted, but we need to run scans on them. The bridge would be the best source to do so, allowing all changes to be official.
EnsJBellingham: Mr Dumont, you are to refrain from extrcurricular marital activity until we determine the naute of your activated partial thromboplastin. This will take about a week.
Lt Allen Zinthys
: @No, but there can be.
EnsignDuMont: WHAT?!!
EnsJBellingham: *nature
: @ ::grins:: Make it so.
LtJGRuder: Go ahead, Mr. Logan, make it fast please. ::Motions him out of his office::
LtJGRuder: Logan> ::Walks from the office and into the TL:: Deck One, Bridge.
EnsignDuMont: Okay, doc. Can I go?
Lt Allen Zinthys: @::taps:: +Atlantis+ Zinthys to the mess hall.
EnsJBellingham: Mr Dumont, I shall endeavor to expedite the lab work.
: ::looks at his latest experiment:: So, if this is working right, then...
EnsignDuMont: Thanks.
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ ::takes advantage of the pause to comm Suli:: +Suli+ Commander, how are you doing?
LtJGRuder: Logan> ::arrives on the bridge and walks out into it, heads to the Engineering console::
EnsJBellingham: Mr Dumont, you are free to resume normal activity on behalf of the USS Atlantis. ::Computer, let the record so state::
Cdr Sullivan
: @ :::looks at the guy who is rummaging through his various pockets with his four hands::: Pardon me a moment... I have to take this.
EnsignDuMont: ::reporting to Axelalexa::
Lt Allen Zinthys: @::grins at Brooke as some bologna sandwiches appear in his hands::
CSciAxelalexa: ::looks at the results:: It is! This should allow me to control my little outbursts... ::sticks a little metal dome over the new growth over the wound:: well, sort of.
LtJGRuder: Logan> ::Runs diagnostics on Dilithium Matrix::
Cdr Sullivan: @*Dolan* Things are fine, Commander.
CSciAxelalexa: ::Sees Dumont:: Welcome, Ensign, to Main Science.
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ ::wrinkles her nose:: Blech. Bologna? Treyf.
Cdr Sullivan: @*Dolan* You find any scum?
Lt Allen Zinthys: @Well, it's not like I was gonna get caviar
EnsignDuMont: Great ::hands med report to Axel::Some good news compared to this...
Cdr Sullivan: @:::says it loud enough so that the one she is talking to hears her:::
LtJGRuder: Lathup> ::Works feriously with seven other engineers to fix the TL::
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ +Suli+ We found a ... bum, I guess you could call him. Seemed pretty hungry, and scared. Ran away from us. Was afraid we were the police. Said something about others being taken away.
CSciAxelalexa: Your workbench is over there... ::points:: ... we don't really have anything pressing going on at the moment, but you're free to research anything you're interested in at the moment.
CSciAxelalexa: Otherwise, I can assign you one of a few on going projects.
Cdr Sullivan: @ *Dolan* Good hunting, Commander.
EnsJBellingham: ::Thinks to herself. Ach a fine y healthy lad. Twill be a gud compliment ta this crew. Surrin I be asertain oh this::
Cdr Sullivan
: @*Dolan* Sullivan out.
EnsignDuMont: I'll keep an eye out on our landing party with sensors.
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ Alright, Zinthys. Can you pick that guy up on your tricorder?
EnsJBellingham: *HImself
: Logan> ::On the bridge at Engineering console:: Damn it.
Lt Allen Zinthys: @::nods::
Cdr Sullivan: @Derf> :::finally finds a lighter and holds it up::: So.... you're with Fleet?
LtJGRuder: Logan> +Ruder+ Logan to Ruder.
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<Bellingham is having a sexual identity crisis.>>
LtJGRuder: +Logan+ Go ahead.
CSciAxelalexa: <<::Thought that was a question that might resolve itself::>>
EnsJBellingham: (AM NOT)
: @ Alright, let's approach cautiously, though. There may be others.
EnsignDuMont: ::scanning the party below::
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ ::follows him::
Cdr Sullivan: @:::nods and smiles::: Yeah.... we came down to have a look around. :::gestures to the lighter::: Have a cigarette as well?
Lt Allen Zinthys: @::hands her the sandwhich:: My hands are kinda full
LtJGRuder: Logan> +Ruder+ Could you check the plasma flow into the matrix.
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ ::decides it's a good time to check in with the bridge::
LtJGRuder: +Logan+ Sure thing.
CSciAxelalexa: ::Leaves DuMont to his work::
LtJGRuder: ::Walks to a console::
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ +Zuriyev+ Dolan to Admiral Zuriyev.
VAdm AC Zuriyev: About time! +Dolan+ Zuriyev here, go.
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ ::absently takes the sandwich::
Cdr Sullivan: @Derf> And what if I didn't? :::looks suspicious::::
Lt Allen Zinthys: @::pulls his phaser back out and starts tracking the bum::
LtJGRuder: +Logan+ The plasma flow is at 42%
EnsJBellingham: ::Checks supplies, Calibrates all equipment, notes that a sensor cover is inoperative on 3 surgical support frames::
: Logan> +Ruder+ It is probably the plasma injectors, didn't you clean and fix the broken ones.
Cdr Sullivan: @:::shrugs::: Then you probably wouldn't have had a light in the first place... and so the second question would not have been asked.
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ +Zuri+ Just wanted to check in. We've found a few things that seem to confirm our suspicions, but I'm not drawing any conclusions yet. Nothing terribly dangerous yet, but I'll keep you posted.
VAdm AC Zuriyev: +Dolan+ Good. Watch your ass down there.
LtJGRuder: +Logan+ Yes, Michael, I did. I might have forgotten to reinitialize their startup and working protocals, give me a second.
EnsJBellingham: <AMO> Can I get an Eng up to the bay to address a sensor cover malfunction?
: +Logan+ ::Presses the console:: Try it now.
EnsignDuMont: I'm on it.
Cdr Sullivan: @Derf> :::snorts and digs out a cigarette:::: What brings you down here?
EnsignDuMont: ::reporting to bay::
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ +Zuri+ Aye, Sir. Dolan out.
Cdr Sullivan: @ ::::accepts it from him and allows him to light it for her, hoping that she manages not to choke::::
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<Bellingham, try +CEng+ instead of AMO.>>
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ::checks his crono to see if ten minutes are up yet::
LtJGRuder: Logan> +Ruder+ Working now, on my way back to Engineering.
LtJGRuder: +Logan+ Ruder out.
CSciAxelalexa: <<DuMont, there's a different group for engineering. We're science. We're engineers - practicality + more science>>
Cdr Sullivan: @ :::remembers days when she smoked much worse, so figures she'll be okay.... for now::::
EnsJBellingham: You again? I thought you were Science. Anyway see if you can correct that sensor cover malfunction on surgical support frames 4,5, and 8.
: (You style is still foriegn to me. I shall adapt)
Cdr Sullivan
: @ ::::inhales deeply dragging the smoke into her lungs before exhaling it out her nose:::
EnsignDuMont: I'm good with sensor operations.
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<no prob, but it just looked like you were talking to yourself. ;-) >>
Lt Allen Zinthys: @::gestures to a pile of papers:: That's him.
LtJGRuder: Potter> ::On deck three:: +Ruder+ Potter to Ruder.
Cdr Sullivan: @ :::thinks that the medical staff will probably kill her:::
LtJGRuder: +Potter+ Go ahead, ensign.
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ ::looks over Zinthys' shoulder:: Got him yet?
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ Great.
LtJGRuder: Potter> +Ruder+ My teams have checked all decks, no more power relays to be fixed, you can now reroute all power back through all systems.
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ::sees that eight minutes have passed::
EnsJBellingham: +ASCI+ Please do your best, seems our engineering staff had a wee to bit ALtarian brandy last night.
: @ You wanna give him the food?
Cdr Sullivan: @Derf> :::watches her::: Nice equipment.
LtJGRuder: +Potter+ Thank you, Ensign, will do. Ruder out.
LtJGRuder: +Lathup+ Ensign Lathup, report.
LtJGRuder: Lathup> +Ruder+ We need another ten minutes at least, sir.
LtJGRuder: +Lathup+ You have five, get working.
Lt Allen Zinthys: @you have it, and he knows you already.
EnsignDuMont: ::after inspection:: yea, this stuff is complicated...better get an engineer.
Cdr Sullivan: @ :::nods::: Thanks... it does the work.
LtJGRuder: ::Leans back in his chair and taps his PADD::
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ ::shrugs:: ::approaches the bum, offers the sandwich, gently:: Hey, man. I got some food.
LtJGRuder: ::Stares at PADD::
CmdrBrookeDolan: Bum> ::looks suspiciously at Brooke:: Poisoned. One more way to get rid of the trash.
Cdr Sullivan: @Derf> Now.... why did you say you were here?
EnsignDuMont: ::back to post::
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ ::sighs:: No, it's fine. I'll show you. ::takes a bite, tries not to gag on the bologna::
LtJGRuder: Refit of Dilithium Matrix (Logan): Check
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ ::holds the sandwich out once more:: Here. Take it. I have more.
LtJGRuder: Power Relays Fixed and Replaced (Potter): Check
CSciAxelalexa: <<You didn't get that bologna from the back of the ship fridge, right? I'm using that to grow fungus.>>
Cdr Sullivan: @ :::smiles silkily::: Let's just say that we're rather impressed with your low crime and indigent rate here.
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<This is fresh, thanks for checking.>>
LtJGRuder: Cycling and Clean of Antimatter Tanks (P'Tel): Check
CmdrBrookeDolan: Bum> ::cautiously takes the sandwich, then greedily wolfs it down::
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ ::looks at Zinthys:: Wow. He can out-eat you.
LtJGRuder: Turbolift Repairs (Lathup): Unfinished
Cdr Sullivan: @Derf> :::nods::: I got ya.....
Lt Allen Zinthys: @::snorts::
Cdr Sullivan: @:::waves a hand around::: So how do you fit in here? Who can I talk to in order to get a tour and all the good stuff?
CSciAxelalexa: ::looks over at DuMont:: Where'd you go?
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ So, do you think you can take a couple of minutes to answer a few questions for me? I'm investigating some suspicious reports here. I'm from Starfleet. Commander Brooke Dolan, USS Atlantis.
Cdr Sullivan: @:::leans in and whispers::: and what do you guys do for fun around this joint?
CSciAxelalexa: ::Works with a few specimens, trying to place them in the correct biological kingdoms::
EnsignDuMont: thought i could help with a sensor repair.
CSciAxelalexa: Ah, ok.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Bum> Starfleet, huh? Then I'm sure you're completely fair and impartial. ::snorts::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ::sometimes wishes that he wasn't the CO so he could go do dangerous AT work without having to justify it with lots of paperwork::
EnsignDuMont: ::shrugs:: just a little over-eager on my first post, Ma'am.
CSciAxelalexa: Sir, actually.
LtJGRuder: ::Puts feet up on desk and casual scrolls through logs::
EnsignDuMont: I knew that...
LtJGRuder: ::Whistles to himself::
EnsJBellingham: Bellingham>+CENG+ Oh great, I have a low
: level forcefield inoperative on 2 bio
: overhead arrays, my biostatic barrier is down
: and I need to reclaibrate a biobed and 1
: inhibitor field is down. CO is gonna be pissed
: if we don't fix this.
Lt Allen Zinthys
: @Can we be worse than the locals?
LtJGRuder: Lathup> ::Finishes the TL work::
CSciAxelalexa: Don't worry about it, I know my people give mammals a difficult time in differentiating genders.
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ Look, I just want to know what's been going on around here. Allegedly, the police have been taking bribes to clean out the street people.
Lt Allen Zinthys: <<::Strikes AIM with the rod of de-lag-iness::>>
LtJGRuder: +Bellingham+ On my way Ensign.
LtJGRuder: ::Walks from his office into the TL:: Deck 15, Sickbay.
LtJGRuder: ::Rides TL up one deck and walks out and into Sickbay::
Cdr Sullivan: @Derf> You've come to the right place then.... come on.... let me show you around.
LtJGRuder: ::Looks around for Bellingham::
CmdrBrookeDolan: Bum> ::looks at Zinthys::
Cdr Sullivan: @Derf> :::notices Tempest::: Who's the shadow?
LtJGRuder: <<ADD: Ruder has his tools with him>>
EnsJBellingham: +CSEC+ I am over here working on the biobed.
Cdr Sullivan
: @:::winks and nods::: She
CmdrBrookeDolan: Bum> Worse than them? Maybe. Maybe not. I've heard some things about Starfleet. But ... ::hesitates::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ::enters the RR, leaving Taryn in charge of the bridge::
Cdr Sullivan: <<try that again without hitting the enter key at the wrong time.....>>
Lt Allen Zinthys: <<You mean CENG, right, Belli?>>
LtJGRuder: ::The CENG walks to Bellingham:: Let me take care of that, first off, what is wrong? Slowly, so I can comprehend.
CSciAxelalexa: ::making an amused chittering noise:: I think some crewmembers still refer to me as "it", since they have no clue.
EnsignDuMont: I'm a scientist. I know better, Sir.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Bum> But ...
Lt Allen Zinthys: @Go on.
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ But what? ::holds out another sandwich::
EnsignDuMont: ::smiles::
Cdr Sullivan: @:::winks and nods::: She may not look like much.... but she's one of the best in the business. :::Leaves it at that:::
LtJGRuder: I know about the low-level forcefields, that was caused by the power relays being inoperative, we had to reroute power.
LtJGRuder: ::Walks to a console and reinitializes them and checks:: Those are fixed now, what else did you need done?
CmdrBrookeDolan: Bum> ::takes it, eats:: Well ::between mouthfuls:: it's just that ... I guess you don't look like you're going to yank me out of here or anything. If you were, you'd come in like them, guns and everything, muscle.
CSciAxelalexa: But then I'm from a species obscure enough that we're one of the few species that wasn't 'seeded'...
LtJGRuder: I think I heard something about a biostatic barrier?
EnsJBellingham: +CENG+ Details details. Just wait till you need Medical attention. You will walk with a limp for life due to an inadvertant implant of a cross cervical tibia fusion.
Lt Allen Zinthys
: @::Looks hurt at the insinuation that he doesn't have muscle::
EnsignDuMont: interesting...
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ ::looks at Zinthys:: Guns?
LtJGRuder: <<I am right next to you, the COMM isn't needed>>
EnsJBellingham: +CENG+ Yes, can you fix it?
Lt Allen Zinthys
: @::gestures at the bum and shrugs::
LtJGRuder: I am sure it isn't anything, which biobed?
Cdr Sullivan: @ ::::they enter the facility and are given a wonderful and enthusiastic tour full of weapons, sharp shooting exhibitions (they even let Suli have a hand at it and are duly impressed even though she only has two arms::::
EnsJBellingham: 12
: Bum> Yeah. A few weeks ago, they came in here, threatened, pushed, took a bunch of people out, street people, you know, said they were bringing them to shelters.
VAdm AC Zuriyev: +Ruder+ Zuriyev to Ruder.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Bum> They said it was a ... what did they call it? Yeah, a "voluntary relocation."
LtJGRuder: ::Walks over to biobed 12 and starts running diagnostics::
CSciAxelalexa: Well, I have to get back to working on classifying these specimens. Let me know if you need anything.
LtJGRuder: +Zuriyev+ Go ahead, Admiral.
CSciAxelalexa: ::Heads back to some caged creatures::
EnsJBellingham: And the power is on so be careful!
: Bum> A couple of friends of mine went. They said they'd contact me, let me know what it was like there, if I should come. I haven't heard from them.
Lt Allen Zinthys: @Let me guess. You volunteer, or else?
LtJGRuder: ::Disengages power to Biobed 12::
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ ::looks at Zinthys, sighs::
LtJGRuder: ::Whispers:: Thanks for telling me sooner. ::Smiles as he works::
EnsignDuMont: ::scanning landing party::
CmdrBrookeDolan: Bum> Yeah, that was it. I took "or else." Ended up running for days.
Cdr Sullivan: @ :::they even include a little snack which Suli only picks at, since it seems to be high on the spice chart:::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: +Ruder+ Status of the turbolifts?
CmdrBrookeDolan: Bum> That's why I haven't eaten. Been hiding out from the cops.
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ Can't go out and beg in broad daylight, I'd be arrested.
TKirr has entered the room.
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<Bum, even>>
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<T'Kirr!!!>>
LtJGRuder: +Zuriyev+ Lathup is on it now, I will get back to you, if that is OK sir...
VAdm AC Zuriyev: <<Welcome, T'Kirr!>>
TKirr: << >_< >>
: <<::pictures Brooke begging for food in broad daylight::>>
EnsJBellingham: ::Wonders hoe disengaging power on bio bed 12 will affect the Lt with the massive cortosonial hematoma::
VAdm AC Zuriyev
: +Ruder+ You are over the ten minutes I gave you. How much more time do you need?
Cdr Sullivan: <<Look what the cat drug in!>>
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<It was the bum! The bum, I tell you!>>
CSciAxelalexa: <<I didn't think they paid command staff that little...>>
EnsJBellingham: ::MOve the Lt to bio bed 13::
Lt Allen Zinthys
: @::Looks at Brooke:: <w> Should we take him to the Atlantis? At least he'd be safe and could tell his story.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Bum> ::looks nervously around::
LtJGRuder: +Zuriyev+ Let me contact him.
Cdor N Weiss has left the room.
LtJGRuder: +Lathup+ Ruder to Lathup.
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ ::turns away from the bum to talk to Zinthys::
LtJGRuder: Lathup> +Ruder+ Go ahead.
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ ::whispers:: We can't take him unless he asks for asylum. Prime Directive.
LtJGRuder: +Lathup+ Are you finished with the Turbolifts.
EnsJBellingham: CENG> Can you fix it?
Cdr Sullivan
: @Derf> :::takes Suli to the side and a couple of his buddies approach:: You seem like good people, Commander.... appreciate people who work hard..... pay their dues.... are contributing members of society.
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ::waits impatiently, as always::
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ Although we can at least ask.
LtJGRuder: Lathup> +Ruder+ They are finished, sir, we are in engineering now running diagnostics.
LtJGRuder: +Lathup+ Thank you, Ruder out.
LtJGRuder: +Zuriyev+ Ruder to Zuriyev.
VAdm AC Zuriyev: +Ruder+ Zuriyev here.
LtJGRuder: ::Whispers to Bellingham:: Yes, give me a second.
Cdr Sullivan: @ :::nods noncommitaly:::
LtJGRuder: +Zuriyev+ Lathup finished it a couple of minutes ago, running last minutes diagnostics to make sure everything checks out.
Cdr Sullivan: @Derf> You still up for a little fun later tonight?
TKirr has left the room.
LtJGRuder: ::Runs tricorder of the console::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: +Ruder+ Good. Get it running ASAP.
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ :: gives the matter some serious thought::
Lt Allen Zinthys: @Commander, this is a Federation planet. The Prime Directive doesn't apply
CmdrBrookeDolan: Bum> hey -- you got any more of those sandwiches?
Cdr Sullivan: @:::hopes that it is not apparant that she definately is not comfortable with the idea of having *fun* with a bunch of guys.... with four arms a piece... at night::::
LtJGRuder: +Zuriyev+ Yes, Admial.
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ ::nods:: True. True. I had forgotten. How silly of me.
LtJGRuder: ::Runs hydrospanner over conduit::
CSciAxelalexa: Ok, I'll name this species Millenia Skyus.
Lt Allen Zinthys: @::nods:: So?
CSciAxelalexa: ::Goes to the next creature::
Cdr Sullivan: @ :::looks them over::: Count me in. What time?
TKirr has entered the room.
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ ::turns back to the bum:: Alright, how would you like to come aboard the Atlantis? We could give you a place to stay, get you cleaned up, fed, and keep you safe. In return, you testify for us.
LtJGRuder: ::Nods to Bellingham:: The positronic relays were fused, nothing that a hydrospanner can't take care of. I heard about recalibrating something, and another field that needed to be fixed, what EXACTLY were you talking about?
CmdrBrookeDolan: Bum> Sounds like a trap.
EnsignDuMont: ::walks to Csci:: need any help, sir? Not much going on at the sensor suite...
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ I assure you it's not. We're on the side of the law here. You are a Federation citizen, and it's our duty to protect you.
TKirr: @ +Dolan+ ::beep::
: Sure, Ensign, take the creatures in containment fields 12-20.
Lt Allen Zinthys: <<Hmmm... multiple guys, four arms... where's Tommy when you need him?>>
Cdr Sullivan: @ Derf> Best hunting is after sundown... we've got a little preserve nearby. We've got about 3 hours. :::he says as he checks the sun::::
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ Besides, we could always subpeona you.
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ Excuse me. ::taps:: +TKirr+ Dolan here.
TKirr: @ +Dolan+ Commander, I have found little of importance here.
: Sure...:looks at these things:: Wow...
Cdr Sullivan: @ :::nods::: I'll have to go back to ship to get some supplies.... if you don't mind.
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ +TKirr+ That's alright, I think we may be onto something. Meet at the rendezvous point in ten minutes. Dolan out.
Cdr Sullivan: @Derf> Not at all.... I'd love to see your.... toys in action.
EnsignDuMont: ::grabbing chainmail gloves::
CSciAxelalexa: Put them in the correct biological classification. You're free to pick the species and genus name if none apply.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Bum> You can't subpeona me if you don't know my name.
Lt Allen Zinthys: @Look, we want to improve the situation here, but we need you're help
TKirr: @ ::shuts her smoking scanner and makes a U turn::
: Oh, and be careful, a few of those are rather dangerous.
EnsJBellingham: I have a low level forcefield that is inoperative on 2 overhead arrays.
: @ Don't push me. I gave you sandwiches. I mean you no harm. We need you, and you need us. Let's make a deal.
Cdr Sullivan: @ :::nods:::: Then I'll meet you.......????
EnsignDuMont: ::muttering to self:: if I survive, of course...
CmdrBrookeDolan: Bum> ::looks from Zinthys to Brooke and back again::
LtJGRuder: Fixed that already, the power relays were burnt out on a couple of decks, I reinitialized the startup protocals, they are OK now.
LtJGRuder: What else?
Cdr Sullivan: @Derf> There's a little bar on Sertil Street.... Joe's. Meet us there.
Lt Allen Zinthys: @Without you telling us there's a problem, we have no proof. Without proof, we can't do anything.
LtJGRuder: Lathup> +Ruder+ Lathup to Ruder
LtJGRuder: +Lathup+ Go ahead.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Bum> I could have food? And be safe?
Lt Allen Zinthys: Exactly.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Bum> And all I have to do is tell you what I know?
LtJGRuder: Lathup> +Ruder+ The Turbolift have been checked and they are up and running.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Bum> Will you find my friends?
LtJGRuder: +Lathup+ Thank you, Lathup, you are in charge of engineering until I get back.
Lt Allen Zinthys: @Yup. Just so we an help you.
LtJGRuder: +Lathup+ Ruder out.
Lt Allen Zinthys: @We'll try
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ We'll do our best. And we will protect you, I promise. You have nothing to fear from us.
LtJGRuder: +Zuriyev+ Ruder to Zuriyev.
EnsJBellingham: OK, how about the bacteriostaic barrier that is down in the surgical suite? I tell you, the USS Orion was in better shape that this ship!
VAdm AC Zuriyev
: +Ruder+ Zuriyev here.
Cdr Sullivan: @:::goes to leave::: Oh.... one more thing. Can I bring a friend? If not the Shadow :::gestures to Tempest::: There are one or two others who would appreciate some sport.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Bum> ::considers:: Alright. I'll go. But no tricks. You trick me, and I run.
LtJGRuder: +Zuriyev+ Admiral, Lathup has finished with everything pretaining to the turbolift, it is fully functional and free to be used at will.
CSciAxelalexa: ::looks at a writhing hairy snake-like creature::
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ No tricks. I promise.
VAdm AC Zuriyev: +Ruder+ Excellent work.
Lt Allen Zinthys: @::nods::
LtJGRuder: +Zuriyev+ Ruder out.
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ ::turns to Zinthys:: Contact Commander Sullivan and tell her to meet us at the rendez-vous points, unless she's pursuing something.
Cdr Sullivan: @Derf> ::::looks at his buddies, who all nod::: Sure... as long as they appreciate....
CSciAxelalexa: ::scans:: Produces milk, has fur, warm blooded, so it's a mammal. The lack of legs puts it...
LtJGRuder: ::Walks into the Surgical Suite::
Cdr Sullivan: @::::smiles:::: THe finer things in life.
EnsignDuMont: ::Examining an armored weiner-rat:: Hmmm...Rattus gundamis!
LtJGRuder: ::Runs tricorder over the conduit::
CSciAxelalexa: <<LOL!>>
TKirr: @ ::heads toward the rendezvous point, sighing slightly, yet wondering how the other teams are doing::
Lt Allen Zinthys
: ::taps:: +suli+ ::Suli's on standby, so as not to alert anybody else::
CounselorTempest has entered the room.
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ ::gives the bum another sandwich and heads back towards the beam-out point, leading::
EnsJBellingham: Good job CENG.
: <<Tempest! ::hugs:: Feeling okay?>>
CounselorTempest: @::takes the Tempest remote away from Suli::
Cdr Sullivan: @:::leaves the building:::
EnsJBellingham: Thanks for your help.
: I see your problem. The magnecite compositor is out of whack.
CSciAxelalexa: <<Weiner-rat... lol... I think Science officially is made up of people that rock>>
TKirr: <<lol>>
: <<lol>>
CounselorTempest: <<Yep. Still a bit foggy, but the headache left.>>
LtJGRuder: ::Walks to a replicator:: Computer, a Magnectic Compositer, Sickbay requirements, Engineering Authorization Pi Alpha 42.
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<Good.>>
Cdr Sullivan: @:::as soon as she clears the area, she taps:::: *Zinthys* Sullivan here.
LtJGRuder: Computer> Acknowledged. ::Replicator builds Magnecite compositor::
LtJGRuder: ::Grabs it and returns to the conduit, kneels down and yanks out the faulty one::
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ ::talking to the bum, reassuring him, offering more sandwiches:: What's your name, by the way?
Lt Allen Zinthys: +Suli+ Commander, Commander Dolan reports we are to meet at the rendevous point
LtJGRuder: ::Replaces it:: There you go, good as new. ::Walks over to the replicator and places old compositor on pad:: Computer, recycle.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Bum> Um ... Northan. Northan Lait.
CSciAxelalexa: ::Checks the structures for similarities::
LtJGRuder: Computer> ::Recycles old compositor::
EnsignDuMont: ::picks up a swelling, sickly looking hairball:: This seems to be in the Tribblis genum, but I've never seen it before, Sir.
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ Is that your real name?
Cdr Sullivan: <<Damn.... I'll need to update you, Woman Who Rocks. :D>>
LtJGRuder: Anything else, Mr. Bellingham?
CmdrBrookeDolan: Bum> Maybe. Maybe not.
EnsJBellingham: +CO+ Bay is fully functional thanks to the ecellent engineering staff.
: <<Please do. :-) Zinthys, you use papyrus as your font? How... surprising. ::just downloaded Papyrus::>>
Lt Allen Zinthys: <<I do when I'm on my notebook>>
VAdm AC Zuriyev: +Bellingham+ Thank you, Doctor. Zuriyev out.
Cdr Sullivan: @*Zinthys* We'll be there, Lieutenant.
CSciAxelalexa: ::looks over, scans:: I agree with your assessment. ::looks up where they found it::
LtJGRuder: ::Nods and smiles:: Just call me if you need me Mr. Bellingham, I will be in Engineering.
Lt Allen Zinthys: @+Suli+ excellent. Zinthys out.
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ Well, we will need your full name in order to depose you.
EnsignDuMont: ::scanning proto-tribble::
LtJGRuder: ::Walks out of the sickbay and heads to the TL, enters:: Deck 16, Main Engineering.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Bum> Depose me? Like throw me out? I knew it! ::turns::
EnsJBellingham: Very well LtJg Ruder.
: Something's not right with this one.
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ No, no, it means to take a statement from you. Please, come back.
LtJGRuder: ::Rides the TL down a deck and steps out:: I am back! Report, Mr. Lathup?
CSciAxelalexa: Not right?
CSciAxelalexa: As in it is ill?
LtJGRuder: Lathup> ::Smiles:: Everything is running within normal parameters.
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ ::reaches the rendezvous point, practically dragging Northan::
EnsignDuMont: Seems to have a toxic sac located in its throat. And it has a virus of some kind...
TKirr: @ ::approaches rendezvous point, seeing Dolan and bum::
: ::nods:: Good, good, carry on. I will be in my office if I am needed.
CSciAxelalexa: ::Wonders if sickbay doubles as a vetrinary clinic::'
Lt Allen Zinthys: @Commander, Sullivan reports that she will be there.
LtJGRuder: ::Walks into his office and taps his PADD::
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ ::sees T'Kirr:: Lieutenant. Glad you made it. Thank you, Zinthys.
TKirr: @ Commander. ::nods::
Lt Allen Zinthys
: @::nods::
CSciAxelalexa: +Sickbay+ Excuse me, but does this department handle illnesses in non-sentient lifeforms?
LtJGRuder: Turbolift Repairs (Lathup): Check
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::contacts the bridge again:: +Zuriyev+ Admiral, we're about ready to beam out. I have a gentleman with me who will give us testimony in return for sanctuary aboard the Atlantis.
EnsignDuMont: ::proto-tribble squits something in DuMont's eyes:: AAUURGGHH!!!
LtJGRuder: ::Tosses PADD across the table:: Now to prepare for my presentation to the Admiral.
EnsJBellingham: +CSCI+ I can give it a try.
VAdm AC Zuriyev
: +Dolan+ Excellent work, Commander.
Lt Allen Zinthys: <<Oh, God... not tribbles!>>
TKirr: @ ::raises a brow, looking the man over::
: ::drops lifeform::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: :::walks back out onto the Bridge and takes command back from Taryn::
LtJGRuder: ::Reaches down and grabs another PADD and begins planning his presentation on the Annual Engineering Report to the Senior Staff::
CSciAxelalexa: ::looks to DuMont:: I'm checking now. Oh, it spits venom. How interesting. +Bellingham+ Emergency transport of DuMont to sickbay.
EnsignDuMont: <<lol>>
CSciAxelalexa: ::transports DuMont to sickbay for treatment::
CSciAxelalexa: ::heads towards the prototribble with his phaser out::
CounselorTempest: <<Welcome, Ensign DuMont! It's good to have you with us this week!>>
TKirr: @ ::attempts to hide her smoking tricorder::
: +Transporter Room+ This is Commander Dolan. Prepare to beam out six.
EnsignDuMont: <<stomp it flat, Chief>>
EnsignDuMont: <<thanks!>>
Cdr Sullivan: @ :::walking towards the rendevous point:::
LtJGRuder: +AT+ Standing by, Commander.
CmdrBrookeDolan: TR Chief> I'm only reading four, Commander.
LtJGRuder: <<Sorry>>
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<Thanks, Ruder, I got it. You can concentrate on Engineering.>>
EnsignDuMont: ::arriving in sickbay clutching eyes::
EnsignDuMont: NNNNGGGGHHHH.....
CSciAxelalexa: ::Follows the prototribble at high speed out of main science and into the corridor, begins attempting to get a clear shot::
Cdr Sullivan: @::::does not look at Tempest, but spits in an attempt to get the awful nicotine taste from her mouth::: Are you in? Or are you out?
CSciAxelalexa: Computer, seal off this corridor!
EnsJBellingham: You again! ::Attend to his ocular orbs::
: @In. Of course. Would I miss a chance like this?
TKirr: @ ::stands at attention, hands behind her back, ready to beam::
: ::Outlines things::
CSciAxelalexa: ::Watches as the tribble slams full force into a force field::
Cdr Sullivan: @ Do you think I'm reading this wrong?
CounselorTempest: @Can we bring in our own weapons? There are certain things that one simply can not hunt without.
EnsJBellingham: Very interesting.
: ::chemical from toxin has travelled along optic nerve to brain::
CounselorTempest: <<eep, aer we not being watched?>>
CmdrBrookeDolan: +TR+ Commander Sullivan and Counselor Tempest should be arriving shortly. Wait for my mark.
CSciAxelalexa: ::Shoots the proto tribble:: How interesting....
TKirr: <<lol yay, speedy tribble>>
: ::Picks up the speedy and unconscious proto-tribble::
Cdr Sullivan: <<We're on the road back to the Rendevous point... just you and me, kid.>>
CSciAxelalexa: Fascinating. Computer, unseal corridor.
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ ::wonders what the hold up is::
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ ::taps her foot:: Zinthys, you said they'd be right along?
EnsignDuMont: ::calming down::
CSciAxelalexa: ::Walks the furball back to its containment field, places a warning on the field "Spits Venom, Speedy"::
TKirr: @ ::squints in the sun::
Lt Allen Zinthys
: @She said she would be coming
CounselorTempest: @ I think you manipulated that well.
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ::Waits for the AT to return, wonders what's taking so long::
EnsJBellingham: ::Stabilizes Dumont with metrachlorozine and suspects some interesting side effects. Statistical probaility of x-ray vision is 21.6%.
: @And thanks for keeping me in the background.... I think there's still more than we suspect.
Cdr Sullivan: @:::looking grim as she turns the corner and sees the Commander and the one who makes her heart pound:::
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ ::doesn't want to contact Suli in case she's doing something very important::
Lt Allen Zinthys: @::nods to Temp and Suli::
Cdr Sullivan: @ :::looks to Tempest::: Thanks....
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ ::lets out a breath she didn't know she'd been holding:: Commander. Counselor.
TKirr: <<oo.. would that be me, Sulli? =P>>
: @ Allen,
EnsignDuMont: Actually, doctor, the pain seems to have subsided as quickly as it came...
Cdr Sullivan: <<Damn! Foiled again!>>
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ We're beaming out, I want to get our new friend here safe aboard. Report to me once we're on the ship.
EnsignDuMont: I think I feel...fine...
Cdr Sullivan: @ :::spits again before the beam takes them:::
LtJGRuder: ::Walks around Engineering::
Lt Allen Zinthys: @Counselor?
EnsJBellingham: Good Dumont. Don't let anyone know I am a miracle worker. I raises expectations you see.
: @Yes, Commander.
CSciAxelalexa: ::Scans the venom:: +Bellingham+ I've sent you a report on the venom that was sprayed into DuMont's eyes.
CmdrBrookeDolan: +TR 1+ Atlantis, six to beam out. Energize.
CounselorTempest: @Nothing specific, Lieutenant.
Cdr Sullivan: @:::stands as far away from the bum so as to not give any.... watchers a chance to think she likes him::::
EnsignDuMont: ::stares at Doctor blankly::...sure...doc...
Lt Allen Zinthys: <<I am not a bum!!>>
TKirr: <<lol!>>
Cdr Sullivan
: <<YIKES! Not YOU!>>
Lt Allen Zinthys: <<LOL!!>>
LtJGRuder: Random Ensign> Sir?
EnsJBellingham: They will come to expect this you see. I am just a poor country doctor trying to make a living in the fleet.
: Just passing through, checking everything out.
EnsignDuMont: ::walking off slowly, as if drunk or something:: Okay, doc...
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::materializes on the bridge::
TKirr: ::beams into TR::
: @::hands Suli some Paxil::
EnsJBellingham: (Got to go)
: <<hey, my guys country, too>>
LtJGRuder: ::Climbs to level 2::
EnsJBellingham has left the room.
LtJGRuder: ::Looks over all of engineering >from platform::
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Looks around and sees the familiar TR1::
CmdrBrookeDolan: Counselor, this man calls himself Northan Lait. Can you see that he is given comfortable quarters and shown how to use the replicator? ... And the sonice shower?
Cdr Sullivan: <<Man... she's got the inside scoop.... right to the bridge for her.>>
LtJGRuder: ::To himself:: God,I run a tight Engineering.
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<Actually, materializes in TR 1!>>
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<hee>>
CounselorTempest: @ Yes. Do you want me to take charge of him?
TKirr: ::stands by in TR1::
: @ ::walks to Lait and puts her hand gently on his shoulder after watching to make sure he will accept her touch::
EnsignDuMont: ::reporting to CSci::
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Looks around and steps off to the side::
CounselorTempest: @ Welcome, Mr. Lait... would you like a nice hot meal? Or a shower first?
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ::nods satisfactorily when he sees that the AT has returned::
CmdrBrookeDolan: I think you'd be a perfect liason. We'll be deposing -- ah, getting some testimony from him s=as soon as he's comfortable.
Cdr Sullivan: :::steps off from the other side of Zinthys and heads for the door::::
CounselorTempest: @::nods to Brooke::
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::makes to leave::
Cdr Sullivan: If you need me to find a replacement for you, Tempest.... let me know.
LtJGRuder: Lathup> Ruder! The away team is back, for your information.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Northan> Ah ... thanks. Whatever you think is best, Counselor.
LtJGRuder: Thank you Mr. Lathup!
EnsignDuMont: ::Blankly staring at CSci::
CmdrBrookeDolan: Away team, thank you for your work. You are dismissed. Report in the conference room in half an hour.
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::nods::
TKirr: ::bows her head and leaves TR1::
Cdr Sullivan
: :::steps away from the door to let Zinthys pass, holding her breath so as to not inhale his intoxicating scent:::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: PAUSE SIM
CSciAxelalexa: Are you sure you're fine? You sound different.
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::stops and motions for Suli to go ahead of her::