VAdm AC Zuriyev: BEGIN SIM
LtTommySpark: <<chat logs confuse me>>
CounselorTempest: <<There was a dramatic ending note.>>
LtJGRuder: ::In his quarters at the console reading the memo from Starfleet::
TKirr: <<That's all that happened, you're good =P J/K>>
: <<"Consequences" Log if you didn't know>>
LtJGRuder: "Computer, transmit."
EnsJBellingham: ::Attends to the AMO duties on Delta shift::
VAdm AC Zuriyev
: ::on the bridge:: Commander Dolan, form an away team. I will be going along initially to meet the Chancellor.
Cdr Sullivan: :::sitting at her desk, drinking her normal bitter tea:::
LtJG Taryn: ::at helm::
LtJGRuder: ::To himself:: He died! We could have a helped and we didn't!
CmdrBrookeDolan: Aye, sir. Any recommendations?
TKirr: ::in Science Lab, where she always seems to be, picking at specimens::
: ::Punches bulkhead and grips his hand::
LtTommySpark: ::in quarters, depressed::
LtJGRuder: ::Thinks to himself:: What an idiot, you probably just broke you hand!
VAdm AC Zuriyev: Nyet. You decide.
CmdrBrookeDolan: No problem. ::thinks for a long moment::
TKirr: ::stops poking a jelly-like creature and cranes her neck, attempting to sigh away a headache::
: Science, I sent you and interesting Gamma 4 molecular specimen for your perusal. Highly mobile and exhibiting advanced nuro-molecular enzymatic traces.
: +Tempest+ Dolan to Counselor Rainbird, are you busy?
CounselorTempest: ::in sickbay::
TKirr: <<Belli, u badging me or Axe?>>
Lt Allen Zinthys
has entered the room.
CounselorTempest: +Dolan+ Well, er... let me ask teh doctor.
LtTommySpark: Computer> Mr. Spark. It is time for your duty shift. Please get out of bed.
CounselorTempest: Mr. Bellingham? Am I busy?
CounselorTempest: Or ... dismissed? With this news?
LtJGRuder: ::Stumbles from his quarters and down the hall, holding his painfully agonizing hand::
Doctor Caine: :: in Sickbay, in the CMO office ::
LtJGRuder: ::Enters the TL:: "Deck 15, Sickbay"
EnsJBellingham: You are most busy Counselor.
: ::Wakes up after having been under from the CMO::
Cdr Sullivan: Solitaire> :::checks in to make sure that all is well with her commander, noting that she is abnormally subdued:::
CSciAxelalexa: ::Scurries away quickly to his quarters::
LtTommySpark: <<FYI: Tommy is suspended, suspected of murder. Caine is interrim CMO. Will fill in the gaps in sim. Just watch>>
LtTommySpark: ::lifts pillow, flings it at wall.:: SHut up!
LtTommySpark: Shut the fuck up!
TKirr: +Belli+ I will look at it when I can.
Cdr Sullivan
: :::does not look up >from her reading::: Solitaire.
Doctor Caine: <<hey, Rocky! Watch me pull a rabbit outof my hat!>>
CounselorTempest: +Dolan+ I don't think I've been dismissed from sickbay yet.... but... is there anything I can do for you here? I'm feeling fine.
VAdm AC Zuriyev: Taryn, contact the surface and inform them that we have arrived.
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Sitting in the security office, doing PADDwork::
LtJGRuder: ::Walks out of the TL, almost falling into sickbay, still craddling his hand::
Cdr Sullivan: Solitaire> Yes, Sir?
CmdrBrookeDolan: +Tempest+ No thanks, just getting together an AT. Dolan out.
CmdrBrookeDolan: +T'Kirr+ Dolan to T'Kirr, are you busy?
Cdr Sullivan: :::still looking at the PADD::: You're hovering.
Doctor Caine: ::: steps out of the office to check on Axe :::
LtTommySpark: ::crawls out of bed:: Computer... I have no shift in sickbay. I have no future. Please discontinue all alarms and assist me in committing suicide.
TKirr: +Dolan+ Nothing that can't wait, Commander.
: Computer> Unable to comply.
CounselorTempest: So, Doctor Bellingham - what tests do you need to run?
LtTommySpark: ::growls::
CounselorTempest: That I'm still here for? I mean, no offense, I enjoy your hospitality, but I do have work, after all.
LtJGRuder: ::Pulls himself to his feet IN SICKBAY and walks to a biobed::
EnsJBellingham: ::Putters around the bay saving lost souls and the injured::
Doctor Caine
: ::: sees Ruder ::: May I help you?
Cdr Sullivan: Solitaire> :::looks at her boots::: I'm sorry, Commander. :::she still does not move:::
LtJGRuder: ::Stares at his hand:: I think I broke the damn thing!
CounselorTempest: Doctor Bellingham?
CSciAxelalexa: ::Shakes his head, trying to get the barrage of images out of it::
Cdr Sullivan: :::looks up finally::: Well, stop it. Go find something to do.
CmdrBrookeDolan: +T'KIrr+ Would you meet me in TR 1 for an away mission?
EnsJBellingham: ::Looks like a metatarsel Fracture of the 3rd and 4th appendage Doctor::
: ::anticipating Dolan's request, starts to put away the specimens, closing containers and throwing instruments into the sanitizer::
Doctor Caine
: :::places Ruder's hand in a traction field ::: How did you do this?
TKirr: +Dolan+ Aye, will be there shortly.
LtJG Taryn
: ::checks over his PADD::
LtJGRuder: I punched a bulkhead. ::Quivers away in embarrassment::
Cdr Sullivan: Solitaire> :::sighs::: Yes, ma'am. :::leaves the doorway, sits at her desk and sighs again:::
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<Zinthys, are you ont he bridge right now?>>
TKirr: ::darts almost eagerly out of the Lab and heads for TR1::
Lt Allen Zinthys
: <<no>>
CounselorTempest: ::stands up and walks over to Doctor Bellingham and puts her hand on his shoulder::
CounselorTempest: Ensign?
Cdr Sullivan: :::yells at the now closed door::: And quit your damn sighing!
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ::sits down in his chair and skims a PADD on this planet for the fourth time::
TKirr: ::enters lift:: Deck 6.
: ::Arrives in the science lab shortly after T Kirr leaves::
CmdrBrookeDolan: +Zinthys+ Dolan to Zinthys, can you participate in an away mission?
LtTommySpark: crawls out of bed, to replicator::
EnsJBellingham: +Counselor+ Yes Ma'am?
Doctor Caine
: ::: looks at Ruder ::: When striking a target harder than your fist, use a palm heel, or the edge of the hand. You are less likely to injure yourself.
TKirr: ::attempts to yawn, but cannot manage to::
Jack Cahalan
has entered the room.
LtTommySpark: Computer, one cup cyanide.
LtJGRuder: ::Smiles:: Thanks Doc.
LtTommySpark: Computer> Unable to comply
TKirr: <<Say what, Spark? Lol>>
LtJG Taryn
: ::starts a check over the engines::
CounselorTempest: <<I'm standing next to you, Bellingham.>>
Cdor N Weiss has left the room.
CSciAxelalexa: Computer, please compare my current biological state to that of one from one month ago.
LtTommySpark: ::Door swishes open, Kina enters unnanouced::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: Taryn, contact the surface and inform them of our arrival.
CounselorTempest: I was wondering what is keeping me from being released from sickbay, Doctor. You haven't responded to me.
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Pulls out another >from the stack:: ::taps:: +Brooke+ Um... ::looks at stack of PADDs:: ::Sighs:: Sure.
LtTommySpark: Kina> Are you making suicide jokes again?
CmdrBrookeDolan: +Sullivan+Commander, are you available for an away mission?
Doctor Caine: ::: begins working with a couple of anabolic protoplasers to repair the damage in Ruder's hand :::
CmdrBrookeDolan: +Zinthys+ Meet me in TR 1. DOlan out.
EnsJBellingham: +Counselor+ Yes Ma'am. I see you standing here.
: ::closes her mouth quickly as the TL doors swish::
: Tommy> They're not jokes. This is serious, serious....
CSciAxelalexa: Computer> Regions marked 32A, 32B, 32C, and 32D have all gone from dormant to active.
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::exits bridge:: Mr. Taryn, you have the bridge.
CounselorTempest: ,<+ and + mean that you're using the comm badge, Ensign. :-)>>
LtTommySpark: Kina> Alright. Just step away from the replicator.
Jack Cahalan: :::starts polishing a table as he looks out the window at the planet below::
AdmiralGem has entered the room.
CounselorTempest: Doctor, why am I not being released from sickbay?
LtJG Taryn: Aye sir
Lt Allen Zinthys: +Brooke+ Yes, ma'am.
CounselorTempest: +Dolan+ I'd like to join you. Hold a minute, please?
Doctor Caine: Now what was it, Mr. Ruder, that made you punch the ship? :::smiles:::
LtTommySpark: Tommy> ::pouts, walks back to bed, sits::
EnsJBellingham: (You guys use different rules)
VAdm AC Zuriyev
: <<Hiya, Gem!>>
CSciAxelalexa: The 32 sections? That only is active in hive creatures.
LtJG Taryn: ::sends out message::
TKirr: ::walks the short distance from the TL to TR1::
: ::heads to TR 1::
AdmiralGem: >::smiles:: hiya!<
: A friend of mine, died recently.
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Grabs a random red-shirt and hauls him out of the chair::
Doctor Caine: <<We got rules????>>
EnsJBellingham: <AMO><CNS> How may I help you?
: <<Sorry. :-)>>
LtJGRuder: ::Glares at Tempest, standing next ot Bellinham::
CounselorTempest: <Cns><AMO> What is keeping me in sickbay, Doctor?
LtTommySpark: Kina> Your life is not over. You've merely been temporarily suspended.
LtJG Taryn: They have recieved that we are here...sir.
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<We probably do, John. You only need to preface your lines with someone's name if you're comming them or if it's unclear that you're now speaking to them.>>
TKirr: <<Who all is on AT?>>
Lt Allen Zinthys
: ::Drags red-shirt through the door:: Grab a phaser. We're going on an away mission.
CSciAxelalexa: <<The only rule is NO RULES! :-D>>
LtTommySpark: Tommy>Because I'm a murder suspect!
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<AT -- T'Kirr, Zinthys, and Suli, if she ever responds to my comm.>>
CSciAxelalexa: <<::throws watcher into the stands::>>
Cdr Sullivan: <<EEEK!>>
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<Hi Gem!!!!!!!!>>
LtTommySpark: Kina> Right. And did you murder anyone?
CSciAxelalexa: <<Wait, watcher isn't here. Damn.>>
VAdm AC Zuriyev: Excellent. Thank you, Mr.Taryn.
Cdr Sullivan: *Dolan* Sullivan here.
LtJGRuder: Any permanent damage Doc?>
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::Enters TL:: TR1.
LtTommySpark: Tommy> That's not the point.
CmdrBrookeDolan: +Suli+ Thank you for responding, Commander. Can you join an away mission?
TKirr: ::enters TR1 and stands at attention, clasping her hands behind her back::
Cdr Sullivan
: <<Man... just color me brain dead.>>
Doctor Caine: No, sir, but I'd prefer you not use that hand for at least 24 hours.
LtTommySpark: Kina> Isn't it? You're innocent. We'll prove it, and you'll be reinstated in no time.
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::enters TR1, nods to T'Kirr:: Thank you, Ensign.
LtJGRuder: Good, I don't have a shift in Engineering till' tomorrow.
TKirr: ::nods slightly in response::
: Tommy> Since when have you been such an optimist?
CounselorTempest: ::sighs:: Doctor Bellingham?
EnsJBellingham: There is a subhetomal infussion of the right occiptal lobe, fractured clavica, and a severly damaged tibia.
: +Dolan+ I would like to be included in the away mission. Can you hold please?
CounselorTempest: I do not have a fractured collar bone or a broken leg. I don't think.
EnsJBellingham: Yes Counselor? ::Looks up::
: :;checks:: Nope. Looks operational.
Cdr Sullivan: *Dolan* Yes, ma'am.... what transporter?
CounselorTempest: Doctor, for the hundredth time, why am I being held in sickbay? What's the medical reason?
LtJGRuder: Am I free to go Mr. Caine?
CmdrBrookeDolan: +Tempest+ As long as you are medically cleared. If you need a second opinion, you can always consult me. ::smiles wickedly::
CSciAxelalexa: Give me general biological information on TKirr, Tempest, and Caine.
LtTommySpark: Kina> I'm hopeful when I need to be.
CmdrBrookeDolan: +Suli+ TR 1. Dolan out.
Doctor Caine: You're free to go. Take it easy on the hand. Remember, I'm here if you need help.
TKirr: <<Oh no Axe, not my info! =P>>
VAdm AC Zuriyev
: Are we ready, Commander?
LtJGRuder: Thank you Doc. ::Heads for the door and stops::
LtTommySpark: Kina> ::sniffs air:: Look at you... when was the last time you showered?
LtJGRuder: ::Turns to the Doc:: Caine, where is Spark?
EnsJBellingham: UNless my readings are seriously off or I am delusional, you are a very sick lady. Could I be misinterpreting my readings? How very odd? Doctor Caine!
: <<you talking to me, Zuir?>>
Cdr Sullivan: :::stands and grabs her away team jacket from its peg leaves her office:::
CounselorTempest: ...
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<Zuir, even>>
Jack Cahalan: ::tries to gather some data on teh local cuisine::
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<CRAP! ZURI>>
VAdm AC Zuriyev: <ya.>>
CounselorTempest: I was in here for telepathic misfirings, which have subsided.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Yes, Admiral. Just waiting on the Counselor.
Cdr Sullivan: Solitaire, I'll be off ship for a while... hold all calls.
CounselorTempest: You diagnosed me as pregnant, which I believe, is not a medical condition.
CounselorTempest: I definitely don't have a broken leg. ::exercises her leg:: See?
TKirr: <<Lol poor Tempest>>
: Perhaps they have affected me counselor.
Cdr Sullivan
: :::leaves before she can answer::::
Lt Allen Zinthys has left the room.
EnsJBellingham: I see.
: Caine?
Cdr Sullivan: Solitaire> :::sighs:::
Doctor Caine: :: to Ruder :: I believe Dr. Sparks is confined to quarters.
CounselorTempest: Maybe. Can I be dismissed? They need me for an away team.
LtJGRuder: ::Nods:: Thanks Doc.
CounselorTempest: And we'll need to discuss scheduling that ... operation. But we can do that when I get back.
Cdr Sullivan: :::shouts as she walks down the corridor::: And quit your damn sighing!
LtJGRuder: ::Walks from sickbay and down the hallway::
LtTommySpark: <<Not confined to quarters. Just suspended from duity>>
CmdrBrookeDolan: +Sickbay+ This is Commander Dolan. Do I need to contribute my medical opinion to Counselor Rainbir'ds diagnosis?
EnsJBellingham: Oh course. You leg seems to be just fine. Hmmmm.
: ::still standing AA in TR1::
: ::looks over the information::
LtJGRuder: ::Enters the TL::
EnsJBellingham: ::Thinks a very nice leg indeed::
Doctor Caine
: :::steps over to Bellingham and Tempest -- looks at Tempest ::: And what seems to be the problem here?
LtJGRuder: Deck Eight
CounselorTempest: Thank you, Doctor. I'll come back for a check up after the away team is finished.
LtJGRuder: ::Rides the TL to deck eight and steps out::
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::taps her foot impatiently::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ::quirks an eyebrow at the commbadge exchange::
CounselorTempest: ::smiles at Bellingham:
CounselorTempest: No problem, Caine. THank you.
CounselorTempest: ::leaves sickbay and goes to TR1 where the impatient Dolan is waiting::
LtJGRuder: ::Walks down the hallway and approaches Spark's quarters::
LtJGRuder: ::Reaches up and presses the button, calling Spark that someone is there::
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::to Tempest:: Well, you got here fast. Everything okay?
EnsJBellingham: (Dramatic development as it were)
: Do I need to bring along a field medic?
LtTommySpark: ::Chime sounds before Tommy can answer Kina::
CSciAxelalexa: Hmmmmmm...
CounselorTempest: Aren't you a qualified field medic?
CounselorTempest: I'm fine, Commander, thank you.
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::smiles:: I meant another one.
LtTommySpark: Tommy> Fuck! No... I can't answer that... not like this.
Doctor Caine: :::looks at Bellingham::: You'll soon find this crew thinks they are immortal and indestructible.
CSciAxelalexa: So my reactions seemed triggered by telepathy and empathy.
LtJGRuder: ::presses button again::
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<ah, but we are ... >>
LtTommySpark: Kina> What if it's Zuriyev, or Dolan?
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ::walks to the transporter room and tries to memorize their greeting::
CounselorTempest: ::climbs on the padd::
Cdr Sullivan: :::enters the transporter room as she puts in her jacket and checks her assortment of weaponry::::
CmdrBrookeDolan: Anyway, are we all ready? ::looks around at the away team::
LtTommySpark: Tommy> Exactly. I look like shit. And I stink.
CSciAxelalexa: ::Realizes vaguely he skipped out on sickbay::
CmdrBrookeDolan: Ah, COmmander. Nice of you to join us.
LtJG Taryn: ::monitoring the planet::
LtJGRuder: ::Presses button again::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: Taryn, you have the bridge.
LtTommySpark: Kina> ::grumbles:: Fine... you jump in the sonic shower, I'll answer the door.
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ::enters the TL::
LtTommySpark: ::Tommy heads to bathroom::
LtTommySpark: Kina> :The things I put up with...
TKirr: ::steps onto pad::
: Kina>Enter!
CmdrBrookeDolan: We're just waiting on the Admiral then.
Cdr Sullivan: Sorry, Commander... I had to... I was... :::stops::: Well, I'm here now.
LtJGRuder: ::Walks through the open doors to see Kina::
CSciAxelalexa: Computer, reference all texts on Draknors, telepathy, and empathy.
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ::Enters the TR::
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::raises on eyebrow::
Doctor Caine: If the captain had an aortic aneurysm, he'd stick his finger in it, and insist on going to the bridge. :::smiles:::
LtJG Taryn: ::raises a brow::Aye sir
CmdrBrookeDolan: Admiral. ::nods::
LtJGRuder: Oh, sorry, am I interrupting anything?
VAdm AC Zuriyev: Excellent, I see everyone is here.
CmdrBrookeDolan: ::steps onto the transporter pad::
TKirr: ::nods to Zuri::
Cdr Sullivan
: :::steps onto the platform:::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ::steps on the pad::
LtTommySpark: Kina> ::chuckes:: In this room? I don't think so.
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ::waits for everyone to step up:: Energize.
LtJGRuder: Is Spark around?
LtJG Taryn: ::stands and walks over to the BIG CHAIR::
LtTommySpark: Kina> Dr. Spark's just cleaning up, he'll be out in a moment.
TKirr: <<lol Taryn>>
: Good
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<easy there, big guy>>
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ACTION> The AT is beamed to the capitol building of Tarsonis III.
LtJGRuder: How are you... ::Pauses to await her name::
CSciAxelalexa: Computer> One result found. Dr Simon Peters, "The Denizens of Hell: The Development of the Draknor species on an inhospitable world"
LtTommySpark: Kina> ::Looking Ruder up and down... extends hand:: I'm Dr. Kina by the way.
LtJGRuder: ::Shakes hand:: Nice to meet you.
CSciAxelalexa: Computer> Published 150 years ago.
TKirr: <<Are these aliens generally humanoid in appearance?>>
VAdm AC Zuriyev
: Chancellor> Welcome to Tarsonis III. ::walks up to Zuriyev and offers a handshake:
EnsJBellingham: Doctor> One will find that the belief that one is immortal aften ends in the realization that time is fleeting and we are but poor players who fret and strut upon a stage Sir.
VAdm AC Zuriyev
: <<Yep, but they're orange-skinned and have four arms.>>
TKirr: <<Ty>>
: ::assumes the position beside the Admiral::
Cdr Sullivan: :::reappears and immediately visually surveys the area:::
LtTommySpark: Kina> Lt. Ruder, is it?
CounselorTempest: ::murmurs to Brooke:: I think we shouldn't reveal I'm the Counselor..
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ::shakes the hand and replies with what he hopes is the right greeting::: Shazrkmahahar.
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<pretentious, party of 1, your table is ready>>
LtJGRuder: Yes, ma'am.
LtJG Taryn: ::sits down, and looks over his padd::
TKirr: ::takes her place beside and behind the other AT members::
: ::whispers:: Whatever you think is best.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Just let me know if you "get" anything.
LtJGRuder: You and Spark friends?
LtTommySpark: Kina> Friends and colleagues.
VAdm AC Zuriyev: Chancellor> Shazrkmahahar!
CounselorTempest: ;:murmurs to Brooke:: How does diplomatic relations appointee sound?
Doctor Caine: ::smiles:: I've seen the counselor wear an off-duty T-shirt. It says, "If all the world's a stage, I want better lighting!"
LtTommySpark: Kina> I don't find a lot of time to make it down to engineering...
Cdr Sullivan: :::leaves her phaser rifle strapped over her shoulder, she remains on her toes... a throw back to her days in security::::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: Chancellor> Thank you for coming. We would like to clear this up as soon as possible.
CmdrBrookeDolan: Great, congratulations, you're our new ambassador.
TKirr: ::raises her brows at the interesting greeting::
: I find plenty of opportunities to get to sickbay, just today I fractured my hand.
LtTommySpark: Kina> Not really my scene.
EnsJBellingham: (Touche')
: <<and better makeup!>>
LtJGRuder: The other day I burnt my hand with a plasma torch,
LtTommySpark: Kina> ::looks at Ruder:: Too bad... looks like I've been missing out.
LtJGRuder: <<Don't ATs use the @ symbol?>>
CSciAxelalexa: <<And an animatronic dinosaur!>>
CounselorTempest: <<Sometimes.>>
VAdm AC Zuriyev: <<Yes, AT use @, please.>>
Lt Allen Zinthys has entered the room.
LtJG Taryn: Ensign Sony...keep on eye on the away team.. and keep me informated.
Cdr Sullivan: <<Yes, sir. :::staples her @ on... and Zinthys to the floor while she is at it:::>>
LtJGRuder: Yeah, I make you guys in Sickbay work far to hard.
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<Thank you, Lieutenant Ruder, for pointing that out. ::sticks on her adhesive @:: >>
VAdm AC Zuriyev: @ I am sure. Might I introduce a few of my crew. Commander Dolan, my Executive Officer, Commander Sullivan, Lieutenant SG Zinthys, and Ensign T'Kirr.
CmdrBrookeDolan: @::looks around::
LtTommySpark: Kina> Well... you know what they say... all work and no play. ::smiles::
Cdr Sullivan: @:::nods politely:::
TKirr: @ ::nods to Chancellor::
Lt Allen Zinthys
: @::Looks around, hand hovering near phaser::
CmdrBrookeDolan: @::nudges him, whispers:: And our ambassador.
CSciAxelalexa: ::reads the text voraciously::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: @::nods:: And our Ambassador, Tempest Rainbird.
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ ::nods at the chancellor::
CounselorTempest: @ ::nods strictly, emulating a Vulcan-like countenance::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: @Chancellor> Again, welcome to Tarsonis III. A pleasure to meet you all. ::gurgles::
LtJGRuder: So...?
CmdrBrookeDolan: @::throws a mildly warning look toward Zinthys and Suli::
TKirr: <<Don't hurt yourself, Tempest =P>>
Lt Allen Zinthys
: @Red-Shirt> ::Looks around confused::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: @I will be turning this over to Commander Dolan, Chancellor.
CounselorTempest: @ ::pulls her undershirt straight, glad that the chancellor can't see its message that reads 'I'm the Diva.'::
LtTommySpark: Kina> Listen... come by sickbay if you ever want to grab a drink... or something....
LtTommySpark: ::Tommy exits shower::
Lt Allen Zinthys: @::ignores the look >from Brooke::
TKirr: ::mentally logs away the salutation Zuri and the Chancellor used::
: @::throws Zuli a "what the hell am I supposed to do with this guy?" look::
LtTommySpark: Tommy> Lt. Ruder. Hello. How may I help you?
AdmiralGem has left the room.
VAdm AC Zuriyev: @ ::Smiles at Brooke:: She will handle this investigation quite capably, I assure you.
Cdr Sullivan: <<Zuli? Is that a mix between me and the big guy??>>
CmdrBrookeDolan: @::smiles tightly at Zuri::
LtJGRuder: ::Gazes at Spark::
CSciAxelalexa: "I've found a few old texts that talk of an earlier time, when Draknors had a more hive mind. It talks of a symbiote that 'opened' the channel."
CmdrBrookeDolan: <dammit! I typed it so carefully that time!>>
LtJGRuder: Mr. Spark, I was hoping you would accompany me and the rest of the Engineering crew to drinks in Ten-Forward tonight.
LtJGRuder: It has been a long week for all of us, and I know you are having a hard time, would you be interested?
CSciAxelalexa: "Furthermore, it opened in each caste a different tool..."
CSciAxelalexa: ...a weapon?
VAdm AC Zuriyev: @ Chancellor> Excellent. We need an objective outsider to handle this properly.
LtJGRuder: Kina, of course is welcome to come too. ::Motions to Kina::
CounselorTempest: @ ::puts her mental energies toward probing the immaculately ... spherical... mind of the chancellor::
CounselorTempest: @ ::finding nothing, shakes her head just slightly to catch Brooke's attention::
LtTommySpark: ::extremely taken aback::
CSciAxelalexa: ::touches his head:: I have... a weapon... in my head? ::reads it again::
LtTommySpark: Tommy> Sure.... I don't see why not.
CmdrBrookeDolan: @::smiles graciously at the gurgling alien::
LtJGRuder: If it is a problem, perhaps another time...
EnsJBellingham: AMO>::Looks around::
: ::Notices the Taken Aback-ness::
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ Well then ...
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ How should we begin?
LtTommySpark: Tommy> No... not at all. I just...
CSciAxelalexa: "...the brain caste, generally not fighters, had an ability to sever the link, psychically assaulting its foes, when 'opened'..."
LtJGRuder: Just, what?
Cdr Sullivan: @ :::takes what she hopes is an unnoticed deep breath and holds it for a few, fighting a rise in her panic levels as she realizes that she has not been off the ship since... since.... focuses on what Dolan is saying::::
LtTommySpark: Tommy> Unexpected, that's all.
TKirr: @ ::looks around::
LtJG Taryn
: ::taps his side console, keeping an eye on teh away team::
LtTommySpark: Tommy> Don't really tend to think of myself as this crew's favorite person right now.
LtJGRuder: Oh, I apologize then. I just thought you could use a little socialism.
CSciAxelalexa: "...useful against the strong mental link soldier caste members had..."
VAdm AC Zuriyev: @ Chancellor> Our police records are available ::gurgle:: if you'd like them.
CmdrBrookeDolan: @We've read the reports, but they only tell one side of the story.
LtJGRuder: I don't think you did anything.
LtJGRuder: Most people are highly skeptical that you had anything to do with it.
LtTommySpark: Tommy> Well... thank you.
VAdm AC Zuriyev: @ Chancellor> And of course, you could interview our officers.
LtJGRuder: Don't feel guilty unless you are, let what people think roll off your back.
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<try communism.>>
CSciAxelalexa: ::Slams the padd harshly onto the table:: But there's no mention of how they "trained"!
VAdm AC Zuriyev: @ Chancellor> The merchants might be able to tell you something as well.
TKirr: ::becomes tense, realizing she hadn't been informed on the situation::
: <<Gah sorry about my @lessness>>
: @ I think interviews would be a good start. My team members and I will conduct them. I'd also like to have a look around, if you don't mind.
LtTommySpark: Tommy> Yeah... sure thing.
Cdr Sullivan: @:::shifts agitatedly from one foot to the other as her eyes begin to see danger around every corner... in every moving shadow::::
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ Maybe talk to some witnesses who aren't directly involved.
LtTommySpark: Tommy> Thanks for stopping by.
VAdm AC Zuriyev: @Chancellor> Please! Feel free!
LtJGRuder: The shift ends in ten minutes, see you there?
CSciAxelalexa: Only that I'll need to train to control this. My people revolted against... against... the link, against the hive mentality, and began to eat those symbiotes as a sign that they'd moved beyond.
Lt Allen Zinthys: @::Sighs, imagining all the PADDwork he could be doing right now::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: @I will return to the Atlantis, then. A pleasure to meet you, Chancellor.
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ ::smiles:: Thank you, Chancellor.
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ I'll be in touch, Admiral.
Doctor Caine: Computer, report locaton of Commander Sullivan.
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ See you back onboard.
Cdr Sullivan: @:::focuses once more on the chancellor and swallows hard when she realizes that the Admiral is leaving:::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: @::nods to Brooke and the rest of the AT:: +Atlantis+ One to beam up.
CSciAxelalexa: I must apologize to them all.
TKirr: @ ::nods to Zuri::
: @ Now then, Chancellor, if I may just have a moment with my team?
Doctor Caine: Computer> Commnader Sullivan is on the planet's surface.
LtTommySpark: Tommy> Well... might not be the best. But next time... let me know.
CSciAxelalexa: But... if I go near them it'll trigger another reaction.
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ Is there some place where we could talk while we look over some more reports?
CounselorTempest: @ Brooke - do you want me to go with the interviews? To see if anyone's straighforwardness is sort of shadowed?
LtJGRuder: Sure thing. ::Walks >from the room and down the corridor, allowing the doors to swoosh behind him::
LtJGRuder: ::Enters the TL:: Bridge.
LtJGRuder: ::Rides the TL to the bridge::
CSciAxelalexa: But.. my studies demonstrate that most humanoids take direct apologies much more seriously than apologies over a less personal means of communication...
VAdm AC Zuriyev: @Chancellor> Come to my lounge.
LtJGRuder: ::Steps out onto the bridge, seeing Taryn in the command chair::
LtTommySpark: ::shrugs:: That was interesting.
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ ::whispers:: Actually, Tempest, I'd like you to be in two places at once. Think you can handle it?
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ::beams back to the Atlantis::
LtJGRuder: If Zuriyev knew you were sitting there, Taryn, he would skin you alive.
LtTommySpark: Kina> Why didn't you go.
LtTommySpark: TOmmy> I'm just not really up to being around people right now.
VAdm AC Zuriyev: @Chancellor> ::leads the AT through a few hallways to a sitting area, gurgling the whole way::
LtTommySpark: Kina> YOu're going to have to leave this room eventually.
LtJG Taryn: I know..but he is down their..and we are here
CounselorTempest: @ Sure. Sure. Just get me a dimensional relocator. I think Axelalexa is designing one.
LtTommySpark: Tommy> Eventually, sure.
Lt Allen Zinthys: @::follows, looking around suspiciously::
Jack Cahalan: ::admires the color of this planet as he prepares one of their dishes he found out about while interfacing with their computers::
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ Thank you, Chancellor. We'll be fine on our own from here.
LtJGRuder: Well, if you don't mind, I am technically second in command by rank here.
Lt Allen Zinthys: @Red-Shirt>::Follows Allen, not quite sure what to do::
LtJGRuder: ::Sits down in Dolan's chair::
TKirr: @ ::follows Dolan::
: Tommy> But on my own time. And I'd prefer not to have to deal with the pressure of socializing with an entirely new group of people.
CSciAxelalexa: ::Grumbles:: I'm not going to have time to work on my dimensional locator, now...
LtJGRuder: ::Strokes chair's arms::
LtJG Taryn: ::nods::aye..
LtJGRuder: Good feeling, powerful.
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ::enters the TL:: Deck eight!
Doctor Caine: :: steps back into the CMO office :::
CSciAxelalexa: Much less add the relocational capabilities.
Cdr Sullivan: @:::actually turns around as if covering her exit before she continues to follow:::
LtTommySpark: Kina> Socializing? Don't you mean equally distributing the universe's wealth?
LtTommySpark: Tommy> ::giggles::
CSciAxelalexa: ::looks at his timeshed:: And I won't have time to finish that, either.
LtJG Taryn: yeah it sure is....::leans back into the captains chair::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: @Chancellor> Oh, all right. You can contact me through your comm system if you need me. It will interface with ours.
LtJG Taryn: ::looks at his PADD::
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ Thank you.
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ::enters his quarters and gets a shower and fresh uniform::
TKirr: @ ::tears her eyes from a spiky plant and pays strict attention to Dolan::
: Tommy> Be nice. No one ever confused an engineer with a linguist.
CSciAxelalexa: So, I don't react to non-telepaths or empaths because they don't passively probe the people around them psychically.
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ ::makes sure the Chancellor is gone and turns to her team::
Doctor Caine: :::accesses Sullivan's medical records::: Just what I'd heard...Cardassia...
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ Zinthys, T'Kirr, are you detecting any surveillance devices?
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ::shaves his cheeks and head and walks back to the TL:: Bridge!
CounselorTempest: @ These people are psi-null, correct?
LtJG Taryn: I wonder if they will find anything helpful..
LtTommySpark: ::sits bed, shakes head, slams hand against bed::
LtJGRuder: ::Gets up and walks to an Engineering console::
LtTommySpark: Kina> Whoa... you okay there?
TKirr: @ ::pulls out her tricorder and taps it several times::
: @ Yes.
LtJGRuder: Engines and warp core seem to be functioning perfectly.
LtTommySpark: Tommy> What do you think!?
LtTommySpark: Kina> SOrry.... that was an idiotic question.
LtJGRuder: My people do do their jobs, don't they?
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ I'm not getting any weird vibes, as far as the non-telepathic kind go. What about you?
LtTommySpark: Kina> ::sits:: Listen...
CSciAxelalexa: ::begins looking up species that cannot be detected through empathy or telepathy::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ::enters the bridge:
LtTommySpark: Kina> It's not doing either of us any good to sit here feeling sorry for ourselves... yourself...
LtJG Taryn: Aye they do...every nicely.
LtJGRuder: ::Turns and stands:: Admiral on the BRIDGE!
TKirr: ::still staring at her readings:: None in the area, Commander.
Lt Allen Zinthys
: @::Whips out a tri and starts scanning:: Negative.
Doctor Caine: ::: sits behind the desk, and closes his eyes ::::
LtTommySpark: Kina> Especially when we know you're innocent.
CounselorTempest: @ Nothing. They have very spherical minds - at least the chancellor does. Like a steel ball that absorbs light. The thoughts don't escape, but reverberate in the structure. Interesting.
LtJG Taryn: ::stands up from The Chair::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: Ruder, the turbolifts seem to be getting slower.
LtJG Taryn: Sir
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ Good. Now, I'm afraid the Admiral had us come down here before I had time to brief you.
LtTommySpark: Tommy> What are you suggesting?
LtJGRuder: Yes sir, I will have a crew on it sure thing.
LtJG Taryn: ::glad he didn't lite that cigar::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: Have a look at them, please.
VAdm AC Zuriyev: AS you were, Taryn.
LtJGRuder: +Logan+ Michael, get Gamma Squad on the turbolift systems, ASAP.
VAdm AC Zuriyev: And Mr. Ruder///
LtJG Taryn: ::walks back to Helm::
Cdr Sullivan: @:::turns from looking at the door and listens to Dolan:::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ...
TKirr: @ ::looks up from her beeping intrument::
: Logan> +Ruder+ Yes sir, sending now.
LtTommySpark: Kina> Well... I was just thinking... some amateur sleauthing....
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ Spherical minds, eh? Interesting ...
VAdm AC Zuriyev: Do you make a habit of lingering on the bridge when engineering is where you should spend most of your time?
LtTommySpark: Kina> Well, it couldn't hurt.
LtJGRuder: +Logan+ Mike, have them check for gravimetric failure.
Doctor Caine: :: knows he is out of practice for what he is about to attempt :::
LtJGRuder: Sir, Logan is on duty as Chief Engineer, I was up here to ask Taryn if he wanted to join the engineering crew in Ten-Forward after shift for some drinks.
TKirr: @ ::finds her eyes wandering back to the spiky plant::
: Technically, I am not on duty.
LtTommySpark: Kina> It's not like Zinthys has time to devote to an adquate investigation.
LtJG Taryn: ::turns around, and raises a brow::
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ Suli, T'Kirr, you seem to be ... distracted. Is everything alright?
LtJGRuder: Interested Taryn?
VAdm AC Zuriyev: If you are not on duty, then you should not be on the bridge at all.
TKirr: @ ::locks her eyes back on Dolan:: No, Commander. ...You had our briefing?
: @ For example, is there something interesting about that plant?
VAdm AC Zuriyev: And that is what commbadges are for.
LtJG Taryn: yes my shift ends.
LtJGRuder: Sorry Admiral, I felt it would be more personal to ask in person. I apologize for the interruption.
TKirr: @ Nothing unusual, just unique.
VAdm AC Zuriyev
: ::nods:: Dismissed, Lieutenant!
Doctor Caine: <<we don't need no stinkin' -- never mind...>>
LtJG Taryn: But sir we were going over some changes to the engines...I thoguth would help out production in them
Lt Allen Zinthys: <<lol!>>
LtJGRuder: ::Walks up and behind Zuriyev, heading to the TL, stops, and glares at Zuriyev behind his back, and then walks to the TL::
LtJGRuder: Deck 10, Ten Forward!
TKirr: @ ::masks a blush, burying her slight embarrassment at being caught::
VAdm AC Zuriyev
: Do not try to help him, Taryn.
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ Okay then. In brief, there have been allegations of police brutality, questionable activities, and even murder.
LtJGRuder: <<Nothing personal, Zuriyev, of course.>>
LtJG Taryn: ::puts his hands up::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ::makes a note to put a mark next to Ruder's name since he sensed that glare with his telepathy::
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<::dies!!!::>>
CounselorTempest: @ ::Shakes her head:: I don't know why, but I have no doubt they're true.
LtJGRuder: <<You can't do that!>>
LtJG Taryn: ::stands up as his shift ends::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: <<I just did. ::grins evilly:: >>
LtTommySpark: Tommy> So, what? We crawl around Jeffries Tubes looking for clues? Sorry, Velma... I don't think it's that simple...
LtJGRuder: <<That is cheap, I barely stopped at all>>
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ I'm afraid they may be. The allegations stem from the fact that many so-called "street people" have been disappearing from ... well, the streets.
Lt Allen Zinthys: <<Take it out of sim, Ruder.>>
LtTommySpark: Kina> Velma?
LtJGRuder: <<Breathe Zinthys, just commenting>>
Cdr Sullivan: @ :::arches a brow at the idea of questionable activities::::
LtTommySpark: Tommy> ::grumbles:: It's an ancient cartoon reference...
CmdrBrookeDolan: There have been rumors that the police have been taking payoffs to "clean up" these people, to make conditions more favorable for local merchants.
LtJGRuder: ::Walks out and into Ten Forward::
CounselorTempest: @ That's it.
Doctor Caine: :::calms, thinking of Sullivan down on the planet::::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ::sits in his chair, takes out The PADD, and makes a few notes in his private file on Ruder::
LtJGRuder: ::Sees Jack:: JACK!
CounselorTempest: @ That's why it feels true.
Jack Cahalan: Yeah, Brad? What can I get you?
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ I'm sure you're just as appalled as I am, and that's why we're here -- to find out what's really going on, and make sure it stops.
CounselorTempest: @ This city is clean. Spotless. THe photograph in the report on the planet...
CSciAxelalexa: ::takes the bandage off the hole in his skull::
LtTommySpark: Kina> Listen, I've been talking to Dr. Crawford....
CSciAxelalexa: ::notices a strange new structure on it::
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ I know. A little *too* clean.
TKirr: @ ::raises a brow at the information::
LtJG Taryn
: ::nods to the Zuriyev as he passes, then thinks where did he put that cigar::
CounselorTempest: @ ::shakes her head:: It's like a different city.
LtTommySpark: Tommy> You? Talking with Dr. Crawford...
LtJG Taryn: ::enters TL::
LtJGRuder: Something Alcoholic!
LtTommySpark: Kina> Well... she's not that obnoxious. You know... once you get to know her.
LtJGRuder: ::Members of the Delta Shift in Engineering walk in::
Jack Cahalan: ::pours him a tennessee whiskey:: There y'are.
Cdor N Weiss has entered the room.
LtTommySpark: Tommy> That's what I kept trying to tell you... she's just perky, not shallow...
LtTommySpark: Kina> Well... as much as I hate to admit it, you were right.
LtJGRuder: <<I apologize to everyone, Zuriyev, I was joking with you, not being serious or anything. :-P>>
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ Anyway, Tempest and Suli, I'd like you two to begin conducting interviews of the police and law enforcement personnel.
CSciAxelalexa: ::notices it seems to be showing something::
LtTommySpark: Kina> ANd she's very much on your side...
TKirr: @ Perhaps if we were to find where these people are now, we could find clues as to whom in particular had them done away with?
VAdm AC Zuriyev
: <<I know, but tangle with me IC and you'll lose. Every time. Guaranteed. :-) >>
LtTommySpark: Tommy> Yeah. Yeah, we were becoming pretty good friends...
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<Ruder, it's assumed that actions and comments in-character are in-character, you can reassure everyone you offend after the sim that you didn't mean it. I'm sure no one thinks you did.>>
LtJGRuder: <<What would you expect from a Betazoid?>>
CSciAxelalexa: <<C'mon, read Axe's mind! He's telepathilicious!>>
LtTommySpark: Kina> She wants to help us. Investigate.
LtTommySpark: Tommy> ::grumbles::
Cdr Sullivan: @::::nods and looks over at Tempest:::
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ That's a good idea, T'Kirr. You'll be in charge of locating the missing people. Hopefully, they have been ... relocated and not .. well ...
LtJGRuder: ::Takes a sip and almost spits it all over the place:: Jack, something tasteful!
LtJG Taryn: ::as the TL remembers he left a cigar on the side of The Chair::
CSciAxelalexa: <<Empathastic!>>
EnsJBellingham: (Work calls)
: Kina> Come on!? WHat happend to Tommy SPark the fearless adventurer!?
CounselorTempest: @ Yes, Commander.
LtJGRuder: Logan> So Ruder, what's up? ::Calls for a drink from Jack::
TKirr: @ ::nods understandingly::
: <<::Tries to think of more adjectives he can make up::>>
Jack Cahalan: ::delivers drinks all around::
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ Zinthys, you're with me. We're going to begin checking out the areas where these allegations occurred.
LtJGRuder: Nothing.
LtTommySpark: Tommy> THe world isn't one giant action/adventure flick. People die. Shit happens...
EnsJBellingham has left the room.
LtJGRuder: ::All Engineers get drinks::
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ See if we can talk to people, find anything out.
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::nods::
CounselorTempest: @ :;turns to Suli:: Commander, I want to stay silent and out of the way as much as possible. Lighting tricks if necessary. Not concealing me, but not... going to any effort to showing me, you know?
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ::finds the cigar, raises an eyebrow::
LtTommySpark: Tommy> Lives are ruined irrevocably beyond all repair...
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ We may need to do a little bribing of our own, in case witnesses are reticent.
LtTommySpark: Kina> ::glares:: There's the drama queen I know and love.
LtJG Taryn: ::Ten Forward::
TKirr: @ Commander, where shall we rendevous?
Lt Allen Zinthys
: @Aye.
LtTommySpark: Kina> Come on.... you know you want to do this.
LtJGRuder: ::Drinks::
LtJGRuder: Logan> So, Taryn, joining our party?
Cdr Sullivan: @:::gives a faint smile::: No problem, Ma'am. I'll do the talking.
CSciAxelalexa: ::Slowly realizes it feels like... seeing, but not quite::
Jack Cahalan: ::gets Taryn a G&T::
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ Let's meet at our original beam-down spot.
LtTommySpark: Tommy> ::grumbles:: Fine... fine... so where do we start?
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ In ... how much time?
LtJGRuder: ::Lathup, and Northan walk up and grab their drinks::
CounselorTempest: @ Let's see if we can work out a few hand signals as well... to guide the questioning? In case I sense anything?
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ Does three hours sound like enough? This is just preliminary investigating.
LtTommySpark: Kina> Why don't we start with Miguel... as in how much do you really know about him?
Doctor Caine: :::feels the oneness with the cosmos as long practice surpresses the activity of the parietal lobes:::
LtJG Taryn: ::exits teh TL and heads for Ten forward::
CSciAxelalexa: ::Walks towards something particularly distracting, looking around to find out what it is::
TKirr: @ It would suffice. ::nods::
: @ THis means lie. THis means truth. This means I'm getting nothing. Should we have any more?
Cdr Sullivan: @ What did you have in mind?
LtJGRuder: +Spark+ Ruder to Spark.
CounselorTempest: @ ::nods to Brooke:: Three hours. Yes.
CSciAxelalexa: ::notices an ensign... P'Vak or something like that, some Vulcan...::
Cdr Sullivan: @ How about a sign for lunch?
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ We don't need an open commlink, I don't think there are any overtly hostile threats here, but stay in touch, check in every thirty minutes.
CSciAxelalexa: ::Realizes that he isn't undergoing an attack::
LtTommySpark: Tommy> Not a lot... he was the kind of guy who liked to leave his past mysterious.... ::shakes his head:: It made the sex really hot...
CounselorTempest: <<Payless?>>
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ And be sure to diligently record everything.
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ::smells the cigar, sees it to be of fine make, and files it away for his own enjoyment later::
LtJG Taryn: ::::enters and looks for ruder and the rest of engineering::
TKirr: @ ::nods to Dolan::
: @ This means "get us the hell out of here." ::grins::
LtJGRuder: ::Waves hand to Taryn::
LtJG Taryn: <<better be a good one or a struan may die>>
VAdm AC Zuriyev: <<Of course. Struan only sends the best. :-) >>
LtJGRuder: +Spark+ Ruder to Spark, respond.
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ Alright team, you're on you're own. Good luck. Don't forget to check in with me. And at the first sign of trouble, get out. Beam back to the ship if you need to. I don't want us getting in over our heads here.
LtTommySpark: Tommy>:: grumbles:: Just a sec... +Ruder+ Yes, Lt?
Cdr Sullivan: @:::chuckles to herslef and adjusts the phaser rifle::: I think we can handle anything, Counsel... I mean... Ambassador.
TKirr: @ ::nods::
LtJG Taryn
: ::sees Ruder, and walks over::
CSciAxelalexa: <<Leave that poor Klingon drunken master out of this...>>
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ Oh yeah, and don't blow Tempest's cover. ::winks::
LtJGRuder: +Spark+ First, call me Brad. Second, we are having a great time in Ten Forward, pull youself out of your quarters, grab Kina, and get your ass up here.
LtJGRuder: Taryn, good to see you could make it.
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ Alright. See you in three hours. Zinthys? ::exits::
LtJG Taryn: Thanks for the invite...
Jack Cahalan: ::makes sure there's plenty of nice salty pretzels that make people thirstier:
LtJGRuder: No problems.
Doctor Caine: ::: whispers, in his mind ::: Sullivan, relax. Focus.
Lt Allen Zinthys: @ Do you need investigative work, or cover, Commander?
LtJGRuder: ::Grabs a handful of pretzels::
LtTommySpark: +Ruder+ I'll right... I'll see what I can do.
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<just realized I'm leaving T'Kirr all alone -- you okay with that?>>
TKirr: @ ::follows Dolan and Zinthys out and exits the building, busily studying her tricorder::
: @ Of course we can.
LtTommySpark: +Ruder+ Spark out.
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ I need you mostly to watch my back, Lieutenant.
CounselorTempest: <<Why? Because we are...>>
LtTommySpark: TOmmy> Persisten mother fucker...
Lt Allen Zinthys: ::nods::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ::makes a few more notes in his private files on the crew, then looks at the readouts on the AT::
LtTommySpark: Kina> Let's go.
LtTommySpark: Tommy> Huh?
CounselorTempest: <<...WOMEN WHO ROCK.>>
LtJGRuder: Jack, can we get some music going in here?
TKirr: <<Vulcans prefer not having pesky emotional people around =P>>
: @ We're going to be going into some shady sections of the city.
LtTommySpark: Kina> Let's go up there.
LtTommySpark: Tommy> Now... but we're in the middle of...
Cdor N Weiss has left the room.
CounselorTempest: @ OK, I'm followig you Commander. I'm your shadow.
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<true, true. and you're a big girl.>>
Jack Cahalan: Sure! Computer, music, progressive.
LtJG Taryn: ::takes a seat and orders a coors lite beer::
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<and Vulcans have NO FEAR.>>
CSciAxelalexa: <<Do you pilot giant robots?>>
LtJGRuder: ::Grabs the arm of a hot ensign and starts dancing::
LtJG Taryn: ::pulls out some cigars::Anybody want one?
Jack Cahalan: ::gives Taryn his beer in a frosty mug::
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ And we may be talking to some ... interesting people.
LtTommySpark: Kina> We'll think more clearly over drinks.... ::winks:: Besides... I kinda want to go talk to Sir ::rolls "r" playfully:: Brad.
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ I don't think this planet is as squeaky clean as it's tourist board would like people to believe.
LtJG Taryn: ::puts one in his mouth, and puffs it::
Lt Allen Zinthys: @::One hand on phaser, one on tricorder::
LtJGRuder: Calahan, I will tell you, I would adore your job!
Cdr Sullivan: @:::shakes her head as if clearing the cobwebs and whistles a tune as they head off to where they need to go::: Just me.. and my.....
CSciAxelalexa: ::Puts the bandage over the structure, drops to the ground in sudden pain, dropping the bandage::
Jack Cahalan: Cahalan, not Calahan... getting drunk already?
CSciAxelalexa: ::notices the ensign also seems to be having problems::
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ Just remember, ask questions first, shoot later, not the other way around. ::winks::
LtTommySpark: Tommy> ::realizes Kina's intentions, looks at her, scrutinizing:: Ruder!? Really!??
LtJGRuder: I am such a lightweight!
LtJGRuder: ::Braces himself on the Ensign::
LtJGRuder: Logan> ::Downs his beer:: Hit me again, Jack!
LtTommySpark: Kina> Granted I don't know him... but he seems Cute... easily manipulated. ::winks:: just my type.
Jack Cahalan: ::provides another beer for Logan::
LtJGRuder: <<Easily!?>>
Lt Allen Zinthys: <<LOL>>
LtJGRuder: Logan> ::Downs it in a hurry, passing the cup down the bar, and belching a stinky burp::
LtTommySpark: <<That line was more about Kina than it was about you. :-) >>
LtJGRuder: Logan> Another!
CSciAxelalexa: Hmmmmm... So... if I block this structure, I undergo some sort of an attack, and attack all empaths and telepaths around me.
LtJGRuder: <<I know?>>
LtJGRuder: <<no ?>>
Jack Cahalan: ::fills it again and slides it back up the perfectly polished bar:
LtJG Taryn: ::drinks his beers gets another one::Looks like I have some catching up to do..
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ ::walking toward a shady section of town, alert::
LtJGRuder: ::Dances with the Ensign and another female crewmen joins the dance, two girls with one guy::
TKirr: @ ::follows to "shady" area, where she wanders off, spending some personal time with her scanner::
Cdr Sullivan
: @:::exits the room, and leads the way back out to the street:::
CSciAxelalexa: P'Vak> ::looks at Axe:: What's this? What was that?
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ Hmph. Even the ghetto is clean.
CounselorTempest: @ :;follows Suli faithfully, noting the strange cleanliness::
LtTommySpark: Tommy> Wait! Something just occured to me!
LtTommySpark: Kina> What is it?
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ::comms Brooke on the standby mode, for her to answer when appropriate:: +Dolan+ Zuriyev to Commander Dolan.
TKirr: <<As long as his name isn't P'Tak I'm cool, Axe LOL>>
: That is right girls, there is enough Brad for everyone.
Lt Allen Zinthys: @::Looks to his subordinate and nods, they both draw their phasers::
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ +Zuriyev+ Go ahead, sir.
LtJG Taryn: ::downs his seond beer, and gets another one::
Cdr Sullivan: @:::wonders what would happen if she dropped a piece of paper:::
CmdrBrookeDolan: <<oh god>>
VAdm AC Zuriyev: +Brooke+ How are things down there?
Lt Allen Zinthys: <<::vomits::>>
Jack Cahalan: ::Rolls his eyes at Ruder, but serves up more alcohol::
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ +Zuri+ We've split into three teams to do some investigative work. Nothing yet, but I'll check in hourly.
LtTommySpark: Tommy> The reason I have no alibi is because the last... the only person to see me in sickbay was Lt. Simon Tarses. Zinthys said he interviewed him, and that Tarses couldn't accurately recall the time of our encounter...
Doctor Caine: <<You'll be caned, like in Singapore>>
Jack Cahalan: ::as his mind drifts to Brooke::
LtTommySpark: Kina> WHat are you saying?
CSciAxelalexa: <<Nani?>>
VAdm AC Zuriyev: +Brooke+ Thank you Commander. Watch your asses down there.
LtJGRuder: Logan> ::Downs his third beer, looking at the bar:: Another Jack!
Doctor Caine: ::: comes out of his meditation :::
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ +Zuri+ Not a problem, sir. Zinthys is watching mine.
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ Er ...
Cdr Sullivan: @:::sees an area where an group of obviously uniformed men and women are going in and out:::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: ::smirks::
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ +Zuri+ I mean ... DOlan out.
LtJGRuder: Logan> ::stares at Taryn, half drunkingly:: I bet I can out drink you...
LtJG Taryn: ::looks at logan::How many have you had?
Lt Allen Zinthys: @::Shakes head::
Jack Cahalan: ::slides another beer to Logan::
LtTommySpark: Tommy> Tarses's reason for coming to see me was vague. He was dropping off reports that anyone else could have dropped off... in fact, it made more sense for ENsign Natas to have done it herself.
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ ::clears her throat::
LtJG Taryn: ::gets another beer::
Cdr Sullivan: @::gestures::: Right to the hive, Tempest?
VAdm AC Zuriyev: +Brooke+ Understood, Commander.
LtTommySpark: Kina> You think he was somehow involved?
LtJGRuder: Logan> ::Almost misses beer:: This is number four. ::STarts chugging::
TKirr: @ ::enters stacking filters into her tricorder, attempting to scan for groups of different levels of lifesigns::
Lt Allen Zinthys
: @Ready, Commander?
LtJGRuder: ::Sees Logan:: Michael! Slow down buddy, the night is young!
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ Ready as I'll ever be. Let's head in there.
CounselorTempest: @ Of course. Best to address the center of the problem.
LtTommySpark: Tommy> I have no idea... but maybe before we start prying into Miguel's past... we should have a chat with Mr. Tarses...
Lt Allen Zinthys: @::nods::
LtJGRuder: ::Ensign and crewmen start 'dirty dancing'::
CSciAxelalexa: ::tests his theory again::
Lt Allen Zinthys: @::scans area ahead of them::
CSciAxelalexa: ::Notices the same reaction::
VAdm AC Zuriyev: PAUSE SIM
VAdm AC Zuriyev: PAUSE SIM
TKirr: @ ::raises a brow at her frustrated tricorder and looks up, taking a look around while her scans compute madly::
: That is right girls, let loose!
VAdm AC Zuriyev: PAUSE SIM
Doctor Caine: :: wonders if he should finagle getting transported to the planet, decides Sullivan would kill him if she found out he initiated it:::
CmdrBrookeDolan: @ Look, there's someone over there, in the shadows ...
CSciAxelalexa: ::does it a few more times before P'Vak has to leave, feeling ill::